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QTlje tCatroll Xiec pices.
Carrolltosu Thnrkdty. April It. 1MB
flees good Job Mnwr, wware Btweassa
cole aJT erdr i In thtt department wWM MMw end
deaiaub. TTf would reeatcrlirrry tea MNkiN tod
all ututi i wbo Beet
CaBDS, CldH. riMPBUTi.
Blames, Habubills. Bill Hs us,
To rln ui n. Our Job
tW Mm William 6 Arslasr. tametjy V.
V Ssaator frusa Virginia, aiaes ririmi
in A lit roaaty. ia Dial Hut, us tha ttUk
all . : tad the Hob Tfcaaaaa PWaMMU, for
Ins Utti Iiacticms The pliiJ tm
paiara of 1 16a op ad with the memorable con
Wat m the old Graatte tw, Um Jffajaft, aa.l
heretofore, invincible supporter of Lucofueoim,
and the DMie of Kranktio here. Every el-
i rate' appeared to ba in favor of ill training tnerh Untied Stat at Senator from Michigan,
an alojfriarUoo Stale. All tha irflueore of aj ,t M
the OVaeral Government was broagbl lo bar j
pu bar people lo beep tb m ialiae. But, . w .. . .. - . - .
the fraadalw. aed ootraow art of repealing I Th w Tork ,,m Po "
the JfUvWri Compromise, tad tb mdrnut) of iBt of a worn. a and bar foaf daafkurs,
jibs AdaMautratioa with tbia aet, paralysed all o Franklin county .Vatae, who shoveled snow
the aforta of iu frieadi. Jtew Hampshire U,rea foe daarp frutn a path masts rods 1 Jag,
.woag fro Its old muring., and took poiu.on ,0 elwW the dMirhUrl bae.
I Hat aanbt nt ilatua aaaaVa.k laae, aal Ina.nrUi.n "
mv inuaa VI --. W HIV II linTC BVt HII Kir Bar II .t M , I'll'-.
.v i Fiat ai rain tarty aaa a n um nvji aaflaaaraaBaaaF.
Tan a rrt sf ftta ! VW in IM fUl
tjuv - w. .... . W h - - - tea. Ika .U.n.tl n
. A -' H .a.- ,.t ik.. ia at TV- J.f-.l .L lbl mku ih va unjviava an
fL aalM CaluUUl IB! W Iralnm mil wuw mmj kuaa mvi iar ea wi aaa. a HC ucisaia vi inr 111 -
iOitiitir nauowje. braeka. pro-laTrT Demorraer vaa loUl and ,he h"to otr of tbie fumity
Iv af tibe Deal
m re-
terrible. Evrrytliinn u kit l to them. 6"or- tided taenia one rear. Us didn't wink the
Mr. T. K Laird. foreserH ( tbe Uta
troor. bulb bianclue of ibe LL'ilature, all the labor worth the rrward but bit wire did.
oeraiCoipnioDin this place. bt rrrriw! immbere of Coogren, and two United .Sialee 0
orntiur i w-ro niu trcmeu 10 ill uppotiMon. - . ,
Mfeaa thi. blow, upon ik. .Iread re.linf -U ' mnttw of aoaaa awportaaaa ta
and inc mprient adminittration, fleet ioai bae Jri taiur. mJ witnrtiei, wbo hare btirlneaa
lakva place in Connecticut and Rhode 1 al and in tbe Cireait and Dietriet Ouaria oi the I m
tbe appoiataiewt ot Mail Agent, aa the Tatea
rawaaExtanaion of the riereland and Pitia
bnrgh Railroad, from Bayard loNew PbiUdl
pbta lh will enter upon bit aVfeenexf week.
Oood apeaintraent tbia Wa are eon fid ( nt
that all thingi will be transuded lo the eetitfat
tioa of all pert ice.
Hanr . .
Wheal . .
Tiaaotby ered
natter - .
Beaawax -
fub - - -
Clover ated
lined ppl
Dned Peaehea
Ban - - -
BT. . .
Hasan -
p. ? Srhttl
-I" --U
fM - l.l - - - 1 t
' o.w ifiltwaitaf twnatti
15 laa ea um ak Wifc t lei
l 74 'Htiubm. The nanaaaai
' i ,j ie CrnMn.
. Baa. n 'an. a.
f feaehr
Attbktiok Horn. The Frre Engine eom-
Boih of iheie 3taten cut loose from the admin
ietration a year ago, and elected opposition
Legiilature. There was a faint hope that he
tide, haring leftthe Blare Demoe aoy without
a tinsle free State, would now return, and Iber
would again ba greeted with their old familiar
eboutof victory. But thii privilege it not yet
led State for Ohio, to remember that all the
eaaet nre traaafarred from (Vluaabot to Judge
Learitt'e I'oart in Cincinnati. The term of
bit court will commence on tbe I7ih inst .
- The Cincinnati Enquirer, the organ of tbe
Sag Nichu ot Hamilton county, has made tbe
pany Hope No. 1. of this place, will parade on vowcheafed them. I'he truiis of tbe rife brUr
J ...... kakfaaaaiaa At ncAtlavorw in La-r.nl.a tt lt Stltllh.
Satarday, laa h af May neat. fnH aaiiorm. rrf f iaiporlant discovery thai Ned Bnntline was not
Succeas boys. Artveriiseroent receivea w
late for innertion this week, all rifchl nest.
tbe trafflemcr, unDnncinied men
North, who told themselves for a price, are yet the original foander of tbe Know Nothing or-
' too palpable to be overlooked or fortfoUen.
. - Connecticut tende an undiviaea anii neoras-
IfAlr,,l 6toi.-; rPeron wiihing to Ka anti- .dministratioa delegatian to Congress
. . , m art deserip- The Nebraska candidate for Gorernor is in a
pnrcbase Hardwar. of any and . .w, minority of near ten thousand . Of the twenty -
lion eatt be aceommocated by calling ai Senators. eighteen or twenty ate opposition
der. It Bow claimt lo k ow thai a Mr S.
Allen, of New York, was the hippy man
hardware store of Messrs. A. K Robioon d?
Co., Waynesburgh, Stark co., Ohio. They
are accommodating 'gentlemen and delight to
serve tbe public inlare salea from their splen
did assortment. Read their advertisement
and give them a call.
The New York Police are engaged in ar
resting street walkers in tbat city. During
at least tbe night of the 28ih ult., some sixty persons
ame character. Oonn-e- mtre arrested and locked no some 33 of whom
Music-Miss Wbitcomb will commence ber
second course of lessons on the Piano and
Melodeon, on next Monday. Rooms at Mrs.
Harbaagh's, near tbe Court House. There
is room for two more scholars yet. Any per
son t'esiriag to obtain a situation will do well
to caU immediately. Terms as heretofore.
qj i nouse oi itepretaniauTes,
t mn. tlitr.'t ipji I. tut:
ticut stands fast by her inu6nl' na "8a,n wir? girls, wbo were sent to the J euiteutiaiy
refuses to bow to tho pro Slarery 0o"nft n Blackwell's Island, next day. from one to
Douglas & Co h as raKrants. What a
unoae isiana uas aiso spogen, ana in no un- v . -
certain tone. Like Connecticut, it took ground human depravu" m
against tbe Nebraska swindle in the spring ot
lU)Ct, Bs4Mraat,acr
r.ii, " .
R4, "
tl.iiVE&oKlO " .
IIMUlin "
hi i IKK, frlBM
lAKU, )w .
Eti(8, per dot.,
I LSH, While, per bbl ,
" Harksfel In. 1, "
M " j .
' S '
Jfolasan, , "
Bbonldera - - - f
CLsvsLtia, AarBt. UM.
I, 11
II, 00
FIOL'R. -uptrfinf.
" eilra, "
WHEAT, white, per ba.
" g M
CORS, per bu.
OAT8, "...
i'OKK., country mett, per bbl
prime " "
IIKKK. eewntry aet, "
" Cltv " "
BUTTER, Sttte, per lb. .
" Ohio, " .
Ssw Teas, April 1833.
. ,
- 1,M
. 10S
alaara, M7.
to be mU at ia
Ay araW ibe AarJ.
V n HrklEAT tee.
ftrtaa Mitswa -f T- ,,.
mm for Nw year IIMv-Ot ih. m At ih- tteawti j lad itawtMSs trwaaiai
tnti M enaesw m iwtr cm
", uMtl wWlcA are Aias4
eat h
ttw Boitw or limn It-
taitaaar t .Mm Coeeu. ft. Um, tats.
I. Avery aypiieMt uiwt fwi t citlbcti.- of food
'.t.-fKr, o! alt atlr, tfil M.to :; OBtlMe
2. aacb tppuaawt asaat eaae ftriiaaee with twaar
wswtkeaaat twledsaew. aaa wrshpea atd taft ,
asd waS artieswy t f.hh AWtt
3. Etch tooWttl will be required lo faraiah aspect
aaaa ef pe'iatnthip, tkiTI in pui-iattion, ajtSMatttoa,
and the v of espial leuen, oiition in tbaaweteoee wf
ifce Hoard.
4. Toaaeh aaafcatS a taaarMad Mat asat
Uom aa Ayiaatltf. E'tf lath Uraaiwarud (eeegrasay,
la be am eared in wruiaf
5. ? tppbetnt wHI be regtrded t qrulMH to tesrh
nor entiiMst a iHileMi, www dwa wet tm i eatly aw-
a C'eruAoaiat ads) noihs rawed oa the day ofeita
isaliua, b ji, ba remitted by mail or ataarwaa aa town
7. AppMeents eoaint; in tfter the rttat Is foraed end
fbe euaaarfen baa eommnrti oillba . speeieda
wall aaiil the neaS refi.hu day ot iaaaiiaha
t. A'oeentf?aia wait be famed to tay person wbo
a knewa to ibe Board to be babhaaud lo Ae use el
proftLe Ui g .t; , lo be icteaperste, a Ji4un.
H nrder M tbe Bard,
F s KalMaV ecy.
Feb. a if.
d fn
BRUCE'8 MEW-YORK type foundry,
etuUmhad at 1U, kaa now on baud, ready for an
What a picture of
Sklect School Mr. R K. Williams, pnr
poses lo open a Seiecl School in the basement
of the M. Bi Church, to commence on
tbe 7ih of May next. Read his card.
rar)MN!.Hir. Head the advertisement of 1.
Ulnun "Wnting School.'' Ike is a success
ful teacher in this fine art. We haxird noth
ing in sayiog that be can't be beat in these
diggings. Send in your names, ye soribblers,
go and learn to write in good style and with
lightning ?peed.
1864, and like Conneeticnt.it has confirmed that
record by a similar verdict in 1865. There is
scaroely a semblance of pro-Slavery Deuiocrcy
bfr Rnl Ian small towns in the stain have
ffiven maioritii s in favor of the administration.- registration of votes
Th Governor, both branebes of the Legislature, from the people, and may safely be congratu
.... .. t : - .... ... . ... . t i .
ani Do:n tne memoersei congress are me lated on lakii.u the rijni moue id me rigiii
trT Dim itim r l.i v
I The proprietors itke greai pletsare in anuouncing lo
he en lb Caioa, ibai ia in.f .en. . i ibe
The legislature is fresh j great adftsetlo: oaMirtiaa M ,K'" ""f"J
s 7t . . iu '.mini, tod the man v ihomanes
The Legislature bf Ksjjf bWW4 "
passed a law providing for the extends th
ri?hl of suffrage, the vote by ballot, and i!;.
way. The registration of
votes is essential to
be a-
fraits of the anti Nebraska Iriumptt of 1865
. j . i i i . .
coma noi nave oeen mure k.v.ow. . . . . . , .
i nus opens tne grann ponucai aream oi me
current year. The sober second-thought of the dopted everywhere.
people everywhere confirms the acts and the ! "
votes of last year in opposition to the admin The Tuscarawas Advocate aays : The
istiation paH7. Virginia will be the next State citizens of this place (New Philadelphia) have
. A-I j!.. tr-i l r .-...I.. .. ... . .j3Jm .
torecoru ner vermci. "riwt i n iu.mi.u ihinen .in,, red do art to
their nrtt great Oisin"1
liciwlkiiw from all parts o.
whether they intend getting
yediala .then, b fitt In toit purrhttert
10),isi0 tb A'lailTTrErdnsWeW
0,1 a " JTAKCY TYPE,
10,00 aC'RIlTSof varaesatylea,
ft.uuo " GERM ASH,
1,000 " OfTS AUtSJi in great variety,
5,fm " DOKUE
'."0feet Brats and Type Jetal Bales, tod ail (be so-
Hi. a in tbe bWMceM.
All Uie ai or Types era cut by ateaa power, ol W
utm compuritkui ot aiettl pceai.tr to ikw foundr r, asd
wbicl. If cerlahJl tape.UK lo any ever ated Uelure ill
any part ol the world. The uneqwaHed rapidrtr in (be
pmeen of etttine, enalle me lo aril irtert toora durable
typea at the priers ol erdlaary type, eitaer au etedit or
lot caah.
Tbe Ui.tt Spvcunti. Book of tl.e Foundry ia freely
given to aJ! p.ii.ui. offcet, ou tl.e receipt f fitly cento
to prepay tie po.tage.
fJJ" PihHeiM of aewspapeet wbo ebaeaeto paMM
tha adrovr.straenr, inaludii.f this note, three lima be
fore Itw grit day of Jaly, IBii, and
W kWir oB-t t.
af fj'Hf bsnb a '
toweti. at s feet ewd bwaaw niideiKua 1
bat the rigta a ska kaowWaJT
thai n ph'toafasaataaf ka peraa kasM nv.
ttbbold Iri aaaead aw pane'
edgs. Tbesa.'awe. a ibe n.t A ,
u. fiia toal tfc,aa wfco.rd b
fetiractlotta, wfrie wtt ewwM. aav .,mi r, prw to
cwwe-ptww wfetaal tbe a aa1 , la. m .
TV raiaaar bt wbk Bart,, ivaateMa flmwrw
ed Iwtagau eleaary oaaa VUd siU alr the td.tuM
Bienl or retrr.greaaion of . i bgm rtcr, it ,,!1o
l ateral teoeuee tha ia pi ip" rewekidne tad oam&fA,
ft a Bitterer twe Ma rrW m fraaii
A kii a " " ataae atwd
bf too Irerrocnt rSM 1.,-arw.f . fi.tt SI lh lfhjbib.1
aoexeewf law ealy oa. tr aw (tea 'X14 U woaitu
of the preaeat tje.
N'o women ran besr t rhil 1 rfiiwe 'lite wee it three
yeas wdtbeat great hjaty lo ba-v-H tad askptif.
Moteoveetbaewa assay II :aaaB. la as aan4 pereont
wbo art in tack iadigcKt cirewasteswaa tbat it ia la
poaaMe ia tbaa a propaiy edraatB Bad provide fur
a ii.tne'roos eCeJiiinj iBaloo wuaisu nee tbe right in
beat's ehild, If be ran troM it, unleas tbe Ibhika (h
caaaatt'Ms UreMraMe.
At it it tbe Oed arrea ngwt af ceaey beallhf wenrtn
(and none ether J h bare s cbtkf. aw n a bar aet.wrl j
y to prevent BSAtroajr, wbwn tbe auiUM ef aba ' -iton
would be prvxluetfre of t rH.
I believe one of tbe grestea wsnrt qf our ririliratlorf
riheaeteew caireoi ibeUlbfitt. ted asWaidperr
latapieveuliva of conception. Tbia 1 am aula tafia.
It wit sot oa leader coneeptioa iiuptteribto, bat it
, wi'i not Itilw pi event, and even cut. wu, feaale dua
I eatea. I wilt 'o give the best known p'roeeteea to ens
: hie those wbo have not betu ebia W b.ve cb.ljtee.tobe-
lecuue inulb rtby
i twenty
tbe country, m relation to papers, will be allowed their bill- at Ibe Lime ol par
tp another iielribuUou ot jehatrngfife limes iba tmounl of n.y intnuftcturas.
Oift-i for (he people, ihey bare, ,tt.-sn lamenae out- Addrra, WBUi.-iE flllll,
lav. been enabled to offer to their tbt;usa.',os of petion 11 Chaab;ra Ale, New York.
the lollowingvtlstble. maenificent. and ODf.;ceden,!;d i March 8 '46 Sw
HlULLlAN7'H6'UEttE,to be d.auiboied as Boon
Woniea wbabava beat.
yean, lme tieea enabled to
AH tbe ase.iw usedln eiili'r care are entirety barn
lea, coosudiog of no poisonous d-ng whatever Wfs
thir iDionutliaa say woaes wheae duty aed moHoaion
it a M have t hitdrru, can regalatw she period! el her
p.egnaacy teas 10 avoid all tbe wctluaa aid prears
lion, caosed by being pregnant wbile nnrtinz SB alanl
tt the breaa. I wit impoaaihle for any woman to bo
healthy under raetr nrnatural conditions, and sower
qneotly impaaibta (or her cli.Mren to be bialsby aad
happy'. laaaaa aane woaea are uwBttrbear chil
dren, it doea not by any mean netataarily follow that
tbey aie unfit to lava, and lo be loved, lor if this were
true, man Use would be a ciimc in all women wbo were
not healtbfiilly cowtiilule-l, anil wbo were incapablv ol
' ,rfhri .in' lliln aWlaaaatsa ba'.d.v -kilJ,, It aru.M I..
I., .. .i wr b wwuM.
owo. i . . Worbl it c .ilifr. n irrr aarMa
of ihe Locofoco party there, which will only
find its equal in New-Hampshire. Let people,
ponder upoB these things. 0. 8. Journal.
Canton Paper Miil. -Tbe attention of pub
lishers of newspapers, merchants and grocer-
ers is solicited to the card of Fisher & Ander
sou, Paper Manufacturers, Canton, Ohio.--Thai,
work will recommend them.
W On Monday of last week, Mr. Thom
as Thompson and family, of this place, left for
Iowa, intending to locate in Washington coun- Lj,a g.jrj
.i,. 3ito Our wishes iur their success i application ot
Liiav i-nv" ...
Stats ov Maikk. In the year of our Lord,
one thousand eis?h hundred and fifty live.
An Act, annulling the naturalization powr of
Courts in this State
Be it enacted by Ihe Senate and Hons, of Rep-
reeentatives, in Legislature assembled as
chase ground, and put up the necessary build
ings m whiclt to hold our county Fairs- Col.
Janes is presL'ent of the Associativa.
Everybody should remember to send a
Postoffice stamp, when the wiite about their
own business, and require an answer. The j
new law requiring pre payment has gone into I
effect, and unless this precaution is observed, ,
... ... iAl.1 i l .: .Jl. i
Section I. No court created by the author- mere win uououess oe muco vei .wuu u..H-
itv of this State, however extended its junsdic- pointment, if not material loss.
tion, or by whatever name designated, nor any q
tunctionmy pertaining to said Court.shall here- Pkbry Coontv. Tiie American party has
after, hold or execute any jurisdiction in the g t a,mo8t ever lown8hip in thRt former
administration of the laws of Congress com- stron hold of l,OCofocoism. The majority in
monly known as tne naturalisation Law, nor ,, f j Somerset was 100. This for
Court take eoirmaance of any , i100 Kun i,n..fnrn Prnhahlv in
. , - -s.
iv m
go with our neighbors to their new home.
pg- q'he Salem Democrat, Edited by Messrs.
Batton and Dillon has been discontinued, and
its subscription and good will transfered to the
Homestead Journal. The Democrat was con
ducted with ability, and always presented n
handsome appearance.
Labo Warrant. Attention is called to
the advertisement of John Livingston, Esq.,
of New York, agent for all tbe States for the
purpose of obtaining bounty land warrants.
Putnam's Monthly. The April number of
this well conducted periodical has found its
way to our table. It contains the usual am i
of interesting, literary miscellany.
On the 1st of Mav. Putnam's monthly will,
be issued by Messrs Dix k Edwards, the fu
ture publishers and proprietors of the Maga
... , ii- 1 us. 1 1, a I i . will ho
line, ine puonsners assure iii "... wm
their sim to attain greater excellenoe in the di
rection hitherto pursued. All communications
should be addresred to Dix & Edwaids, pub
lishers of Putnam's Monthly, 10 Park Place,
New York.
jETEcleotic Medical Journal for April has
been received. This valuable publication is
conducted by Joseph R. Buchanan and R. S.
Newton, Professors in the Eclectic Medical In-
any alien to be sdinitted
to become a citizen lo maki any recottl or
grant, or issue any certiheate or other docu
mentor paper, whereby any alien shall be nat
uralized or made a ci:izen of the United States;
provided that all cases where application has
already been made and filed in any Court.shall
be saved from the operation of the foregoing
Section 2. This Act shall Uke effect from
and after its approval by the Governor, Ap
proved March 1 7th. 1856.
From the above act it would seem that the
Slate of Maine is disposed to confine ihe exer
cise of the power of naturalization where the
Constitution has placed it, to wit: the Courts ol
the United Stetes. It is proiidcd that Con-
.i,-i e , 1 1
eres8 may 'esatoiis'J a uniform rule of naiurn-
no county in Ohio it ihe Catholic and foreign
influence more potent. But hundreds have
broken away from them, and have arrayed
themselves under the American bannei.
; ibe
aiMj,m0 Beautilul Kngravingt of tbe Cantol or Ohk
are distributed tmong their 'airont. Tbe price of
Engraving it but One Dollar, and a a parlor ornament
b cannot be surpassed.
Bead attentively the following list of beautiful and
eoatly titfa, wbiok eill ia satisfactorily distributed by
a cow art Use ol fee, selected one from each (Hate where
ihe largest number uf subscriber! are obtained :
1 Farm in the State ot Indiana, ? in, mi"
1 do in y hi j
1 do do
1 four-story iteck Dwelling and. iot, in
Columbus, Ohio,
1 do do do
1 Beautiful residence in the town of ML,
1 T '-.S.nry Ifiick Building in Chillieotbe
1 Brick Cottage and Let In Coluuibua
1 do do do
1 Fiaine do do do
1 Handsome Country residence in Sego,
Perry county, Ch.io,
4 Splendid building Iota in Columbus, at
10 do do do $1,600
4 do do do Cleveland
1 Grand Action Piano (Chickering's)
1 Oold Widen, set with Diamond
6 Gold Watches, at ?600 each
lo Rosewood Pianos, at ?600
10 do do ai 400
10 do do at 300
60 Gold Watches, at I50
Special Notices.
Wh cue the following from the Phil. Iuquirei:
'The Great Reiterative. v hen a medicine ia well
recntnineudeil by substantial, respectable citizens, as
arc Dr. Uoofland's Herman Bitters, sold by their sole
pioprietor, Or. C. M. Jackson, Arch st. below Sixth,
no oue need be afraid to use them, VYo uuhesilstingly
recommend them ourself, because we have seen em h
certificates ot their erHcucy, both in A'nropc aud here, as
to convince us on the point. Thote Biiters are partic
ularly excellcnt.we would add, at this season. A ptiri-
ficiiltoii of tho system, by medicines like the one in no- j Engraving,
lice, atihis time, may make it belter able to resist the
prevailing epidemic, Ihe cholera, should it visit our
100 do
100 do
100 do
300 Silver
600 do
1000 Ladies' Gold Breast Pins, at4
200 " Brocha Shawls, at $25
-..'.( o
I. AMI FOB S.tl.E.
will all, on reasonable term, the foltownig deacri-
f . . i I I ,u. ... ,k. SSHSAI. rvl I Mm I I
. , trt- - VI Win. Hi . imh -' w .wot y v. , vw , v.,
wis - a r, .rlrif tl.,- annl b .srr-s. fr rnfr if In.
count), -aaa, - T7.-.T.-Z
north wea "
. . ,, i...., eootaiiiuur raalvn sfres ol land :
twelve ol aange , 7. e. 'i. n'.T. .
deeded by liuy iVuCeon, '
eered. Termi made kno.'n vv apT.he.tam
dersigned, at .Vew Maiket, Har. Jwaj
A. perfect, uue can ana win oe gi
Apply toon as it muat ne imo
to Sinn DtrU, now de
to the un
Co., Uajo.
m by all tbe lieirs
March I, "65. 6w.
NEW AM1II m m mi
I - -, - - ' . . vu.
I t I ,. - I 1 I 1 . L 1 , .
iroui ucanj paieuit, uu un-jer ucaiia T anu nsrraosnu'
I condi'.ioot lor life.inttead of l ing a b!e..inp to a diteu
ea and Useordant emifl a rs a euie,ine such tulfdrra
arc a curve to tbefr parena, and lo society.
1 dear thai woman baa Ihe light to de- (Toy ber life ia
bearing children . neither has she the rlgbl to havedii
eaaed asd ditcordaut ones, with wbiob to tflbet Lamaa
ity. Any women wbo wiebes to nbfsin Ibe abnvc tpeCifuc
iiforroalioti.ean, by rending tee BadUndgnad gr dollar?
bare it sent ber securely et.cloaed ia a pre paid- sealed
envelope, to violate which to aid be a biooy. At many
women have been sadly deceived by mercenary quacks
and iu,j...si- r., whose tUming adtertisemcnU bit tlio
nrwsppen, I will as a guacanty return tbe innney iu
all cases where it fails.
One dollar will cover alt additional expenses wtich
I will buy enough materials to prevent conception for
.weial yean.
A!.' communications will be held strictly eon6atotial.
Jr..ney ffcutety enclosed sad properly directed can
be sent at our risk.
Address, ZR. D. F. JSLAfJKBntJf,
Usury Cottotr, Teuoeaee.
March 8-'56. If. J
.Votice is hereby given, that tbe undersigned baj
been daly appointed and quaK6ed ai Admraislrator on
ibe etaie ot Aatbooy Zangler, dee'd. late of Carroll
couuiy, Uhk.. JOSKPU ZkSOLZK
March 8--'55. 3w
Third Volume of tbe series ; l-niurpassed iu beauty,
En.belli.hments, and Literature, by any Periodical la
the VTett : to be published hereafttr ea an Illustrated
Literary Annual, in monthly pari of ti4 paget each,
near NO pages to tbe volume EmbelKsbed with M.ic
niflcent Steel A'ngraviugsaud Wood Cut illustrat'ona :
to be accompanied to each subscriber with an -fc'it ra B
lu.trated Title Page and an Elegant Embossed Cover
for binding tbe Volume ; at only t per year in ad
vance. 1 elivereu mommy oy .s.gein, ;u tcuio per
The publi-bcr of the SEW AMERICAX .enow ready WATCH MAKING,
to announce a rorth coming NEW YOLl'MK of hie StSl) vS YOLK AATClfES.
work. The changes and ImprovemenU spoken of here- j woujd ilj(orm tbe' c;liKu ol Carro'.lion and Cartoli
tolore, as in rroepect, erenow matured, and will ap- counlv ,Ul (j.ye jheir W.tcb-s repaired in the
pear in connection with the issues for the coming year r mtktft u.vice, try seeding tbca to
Oneariking feeluie el tbe workm its new form, wiU ,tultMt,j i
with the ttionlhiy recurrence eddaes, ine bead "-'. tZ
oigt, BM H lip reaomg - uu- , . , , Je.c
n.isiiipGs ts k witn BBDaennora. ae.. iea.ii.it - . o .....
gold Pens
1b a Jewe?
Hy shop in tbe centre block immediately as
izatio i; but it is not provided that the Slate the present season
may do so, nor may Congress require ihe htate
Sold by Dr. C. A,
April 5 2w.
Beogel Carrolltuu, Obio-
Coartg to act under a law of Oonrress. Nat-
raliBation can properly only be granted by
the Federal power, acting through its own
accountable agents. This is a new doctrine
Maine is declining the exercise of a power
which does not of right belong to her.
The New York Tribune calls this a bad kind
of legislation on the pari of Maine, 'an abdica
tion of the proper functions of ihe State in re
gard to a most important subject, the right of
voting.' Has not tbe Tribune mistaken the
question ? Naturalization does net confer the
unqualified power of voting. The State may
impose conditions in spite of naturalization, and lJ'e af?etSf'
may confer the right without naturalization, as '..i,
more than one of the States have already done.
When shall it be conceded that, naturalization
confers the unqualified right of suffrage, in view
of the constitutional provision centering on
STA5LEWG00.D MED1C1S S', are recommen
ded to the public, with tbe assuram e tbat nothing Is
claimed for them, but what they really possess. The
curative properties ol SrABI.KR'S ANODYNE CHER
KV EXPECTORANT have been certified to in hundreds
of cases, whe.e il has been beneficial In Coughs, Colds,
Sore T.iroat, Asthma, Bronchitis, and diseases of ihe
lungs and throat generally. The DARiH0EA COR
yjl AL trt also known to have cured hundreds of cases
of those serious diseases of the bowels, which so ollcn
prove tatai. Indeed, in regard to both medicines, a
trial of their merits, by the afflicted, ts confidently tidi
ed, as we ically believe there re no better medicines
in use. See descriptive pamphlets, to be had gratis of
Price lor each, only 60 cents, or six bot-
600 " Silk Dress Patterns, at 120 10,000 ci,.galiee f jts Literature. Mans of the ablest pens of
6000 Gold Pencils, at 3 1 5,000 ; the counlrv are enlirted to furnish original ankles, lo
10000 Gold'P'ns.witb Siiv'rCas's.Rt $2 20,000 i which will be added, occasionally, selections from a
ommn fJ.slY Hi at HI At) each sooOO rnong the most rare tnd interesting productmne of the
20000 Gold I Rings, at 1 10 each 30.000 f The UUet.pn!at 8Ik1
12084 do at 1,00 each 12,084 lo 0fthe highest order tlie latter alone,
P K.. -Sk. 0l,li,l l.o (ill,., rai.l,,,- I. a. B m , .. .1 : I .1.. , . .1
r..er jju.t,is"c, v. mg .,,,. ...v...,. 0r vear, win ne woriu inc jn.ee. n i
till receive a i.ertihcau; ot Jleuibersnip rinr volume onensiironerlv with Januarv ; bsit nti
eutuliug ibem to a chance in the above list ol valuable 1 lner it, matter nor appendage of dates will confine
and costlv Gills lor the People. The Engiavings can L-m.,wmw,i t0 anv oarticular monlh. Pnrrscribers
be sent by mail(,without bemg damaged,) to any pari ot ,her(.orei commencing at an; time during the year.raav
the country. receive each ol the numbers maStng tbe Annual 101
y FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. jSg ,8i5 rhe first number, nr Par f I, answering to Jan
Persous wishing to act as Agents for us will please, it slreadv published. Part II will also be read
seuu a lecommeuuaiiou hi:ii. " .uc . . ujuhmio. '
some other influential and well known person, in the
,swl iinma
. . . ........ n v. ......,,, .,,.( mti . il tas- i rv store.
me entire .w. ..-r- v............ ., , rt . L-,..-.
cuaractcr ; j"'"'"s i . . . . ,
ii a ,i sin silver .11,11-1 ii, , i.fiLsnae mr wort i-i
goods. Watches can be left st tW fetid acta ol Mr
Wa-'.i. lluUet, uarrcnton, onio.arifJ win oe prempujswi.
dim. nisiier ot the meat select aid enduring
Another will be the nign rone, mirruig cutiss.irr,i.u
and returned when repaired
us a r rial
A'evr I . ladelpbia, July Zl
All work warranted. Give
166B. y i
ulace where thev leside.
To those persons who have been acting as Agents for
us in our former Distribution, Ibis is not required.
All orders with the money enclosed, free of postage,
will meet with prompt attention.
Iu order to prevent mistakes, agents and other trans
mitting money to us will please have it sealed in the
presence of the Postmaster, and (he amount entered ou
the way bill.
We "orenav all our letters, circulars, Ac, to our
before the cUe of December. Subscribers, Afent.-
and persons desiring fpecimens, mar therefore be fur
...hed with Part 1 imtiifdittclv. We will send singh
iimidr. .,,.-,-itnei.!i u. anv una remitting us 5 P. 0
stamps. Address,
Ci.iVLLi.su, Ohio,
March 29, 165.
Dr. Ttaakt Mijuclic Ointiueni, will afford positive re
ef in casts ol the Pile's, ErTtfpelts, RheumafisBi, and
il cases oi an Iuuimmatorv nature, also, a s nnd em-
c'tous remedy lor Female Complaints. Fur ilit Utt
.ears ii ha given universal -ttv-ftcttar . Headers try it,
,nd I wi'd risk ihe Hum of these remarks without.
C. A. BsBgel, Agent, drrolllou, 0. J. L. Bunt, Lses
urg, James Willet, Lcavilv die, Hull A Bust, Oneida
Unis.andby Druggists generally. Price i5 ell. per
'roltle.wilL dirt-cfions.
Traveling Agent for i iao and Kentucky .
Xov. ?0 ,'i4. '".m.
stitute of Cincinnati, and abounds in useful
information, published monthly at 82 00 per j Congress the sole power of regulating natural
Address Dr. R. S. Newton, corner ization, it will be time to raise the question ol
'dignity and independence ana Estate rights.
0. S. Journal.
of College and Seventh streets, Cincinnati, 0.
jrjr The Canadian papers say : There has
lately been put in circulation a quantity of spu
rious coin in the shape of English shillings and
and Ameiican dimes. Merchants look out.
Keep a bottle of acid ; such aa any chemist
eaa prepare, for the test ot silver, when you
dooht it, eat the edge of the coin and apply
the lioaid. If it boil green, it is bad -if how
ever it becomes Mask, it is pure,
JSP t ii asserted on apparently good au
thority, that there are fifty-two thousand Know
Nothings in Eastern Virginia. In Western
Virginia they are numerous, and increasing ra
pidly. When it is remembered that the State
gave less than 150,000 voles at the last Presi
dential election, it can be seen where Wise
will land.
It is said th liquor makeis and venders of
Chicago have rained a fund of ifS.OOO to be
used in tha effort to defeat the proposed new
liquor law of Illinois. It is to be submitted to
the voters of the State this sppog.
The Mayor ot New York has been notifi
ed by the United States Consul at Zurich, that
tha Swiss Government has forwatded 320 pas-
Bangers to New York', via Havre, They are
probably paupers. Let them be watched.- -This
game has been played long enough.
K H stabler & Uo., f nipneiors, ana wnoicsaie lie
lail Druggists, Baltimore, Md. Agents R. E. Sellers
Pittsburg', Pa., J; H- Patterson k Co., Wheeling, Va
J D. Park, Cincinnati, 0.
I), 0. A. Bgel, Carrollton, and Messrs. Brown 6
Barnuoaee, Xew Hagerswwn. Agents Uif Carroll C'o.,0
Ipril. 6 la
THE Partnership heretofore Existing be
- f iS,mtiTiiru A' fS-kif1 tl&S this dtV bee 1
agents and correspondents, aud expect them to do the j , b mutual consent tliose indebted to us wi
game with us. . i nleafe call at the old Stand aud seitle their accounts.
ss A (.niL- wstilmf in every town, whom We Will L . " . , - Ml . .1. ...( ,
19 S'" . J -- I'nOi'e baVlllg Ctail'.lS against US "111 (irereni uie r.iucj
posters, circulars, aciicuuirar, n.si. unions, j j', (;i jiMI.NOS,
Ication at our office, or by mail, post paid. P ' . JOHS M. BRACKIX.
furni.-h with
kc. on aDuli
For further nut tieulars see descriptive billt, Jtc , or en
quire at olfice, No. 2, Walcutt's Block, Town Street
Columbus, Ohio. BURN ELL k CO.,
March 16, 1855.3m.
CarroHton, March 22d 1855. if.
) Bv virtue of a writ of S. fa.
I lev. fa. issued from the Court o f
Tub Overland Mail to the Pacific, A
misapprehension exists in the public mind on
this subject, arising 'rom Col. Benton's letter,
lately appearing in the newgpapeBV?The
route has merely been made a mail route.
No direction has been given by Congress to es
tablish service upon it. It is the custom of the
Department to adverti e for service on all new
routes, and to let them, if, in the judgment of
the Postmaster General, the lowest bid is not
too high. That is, if it is not so high as to ex
ceed the probable benefit to accrue lo the pub
lic interest from running the mails over the par
ticular route. Our hope is that in this case it
may turn out that pr ties wi'l perform the ser
vice at a rate which the Postmaster General
will feel at liberty to pay, inasmxeh as we Be
lieve tbat a service upon that route will speed
ily result in settlements of frontiermen every
twenty or thirty miles along the gieat line of
fitniirration, which will in tarn lessen the cost
iB.ia.i ..r JTJ if .
ot its protection one bait, atieast. nasmngton
j-AsaSPtUiiG and SUM MBit lfEDIC'INE, Car
ter's Spanish Mixture stands pre-eminent above all oth
ers Us singular! efficacious action oa the Aiver; ia
tendeucy (o drive all humors to tbe surface, thereby
cleansing the svstem according to Nature's own pro
sciiption, its harmless, aud at tbe same time extraordi.
nary good effects, and tbe number of cures testified to
hy many of the most respectable citbsens of Richmond,
Va., and elsewnere, must be concbtaive evidence that
there is no humbug.aboHt it.
Tbe trial of a single bottle will satisfy the most skep
tical of ivs benefits.
See advertisement in another column.
April 5, lin .
March 27th, by 8ev. Israel Archbold, Mr.
Henry Brook, Jr., to Miss Rabecca Long, all
of Carroll CO.
April i?t.,by the same, Mr. Nicholas Harsh,
to Mist Jemima .Leslie, all of Carroll co.
Morel- Mnd. hv James HveU. Esq., Mr.
Notice is hereby given, that tbe undersigned has been
duly appointed aud qualified aa Administrator, with the
Will annexed, on the estate ot Jobn An-nart, dee a ,
late of Carroll county, Ohio. J OSEPU ZANULSB.
March 8 '65. 3w
Dr. J.
The Subscriber is desirons of having a eeenl in eacl
county aid town ol the Unien. A capital of from 5 to
g-lu only all' be required aud anything likean efficient,
energetic man can make fiom tbiee to 6vc dollars per
day, indeed some of the Agents now employed are
realzing twice that sura. Every information will be given
by addling (postage paid )wm a
Box 1228, Philadelphia, Pa. .Post Office.
March 22 '55. 3t. .
Hardware !
Hardware 1 1
Tbo subscribers take this method ol infbrmiogthe pub
lie that thev ha e opened a Hardware Store inWaynes
S. Hm,ghton" Pepsin, the true Digestive Flu-! burgh, where they keep consrant .'X.
u ts T..: .nl kz-LL Knil n .ra Bmnnv. I'stllM. UIIS. arillMt, ..is--", , , i
iu, ur irastne uikc, .hi. uwipr d : . ; a ; ,. nura
the various
and no sufferer from Indigestion and Zy8pepl; should
lail to try it.
Sold by Dr. C A. .BtJfge! Carrollton Ohio.
Feb. 22, 1855. ly.
"mfurdc H-ila fcdI
,ints. It isNatme's own -pecific for an unhealthy thing usuaHy kept iu sueh 8tore. I e sol.c.t a shal
h. No art of man can equal its curalive powers : j oflbe pubbc PuonW J 1
Canton, Ohio,
Our Mills are now In lull operation, and we are pi t
pared lo fiH all orders in our line of basines. Editor
and Merchants are respectfully invited to give us a call,
Joseph K Vance
John McClyinoBds, Coenuoo Pleas, of Colewbiariii
supiiiig paitner ol JUounly.U. ana lome uituk.!,
the late firm of . W. I 1 will offer for sale al the rtoV
Snod grass k Co. Joftl.eCouii Hei.rin Carroll
ton, Carroll conntv, Ohio, on Monday tbe iW. day ot
April, 1865. the following de cribed ptopeity, tusale in
Carrollton, Carroll county , O. aa foih.wt :
Lot. sVo. oue (I) ,iwo li),and Unee (S), in Boimrt t
original plat of flic Wwn ol Cenuevide (now ChoIhmi I,
appraised at f-75, each : Zot No. ten (10) I r Ebon at d
y.eslie's addhion o the town of Csrrollton apprtln tf at
eiin - l.nt Vn. thirtv-one (SI 1 in AtkinKm's ad.j.ion lo
tbe town of OentervHie (now CtrioUiee), apswiid e
tt.OOO ; also, out Xot. iconlaining ouc acre tsnbj No.
lo(i)lbree(3), four (ik five fi), twenty live
tweety six I2(ijtwu,iy -even 127, twfnty-rjbt
twenty-three (2S), and twenty lciu.(?4), hi httlerV ad
dition to the town of Carrollton, eecb -rr'"iae af0.
Terma cath Taken ia execution as ihe ptopcrfy ef II e
said John McClymondi, mivivirg paitntre., ar.d to b
301,1 by JVME H. l HIU.KAI- I,
anauu oi "iron
March 82--'4Jty 5ar prfee4.60
Circamstances eve r which I have no cwiliol render i
necessary to close my bufiue-s; 1 have, thcrelore, deU-i"
mined to sell my entire Ml. k of Goods
Al VI H H T V QS 'J'.
And I hereby inform mv old Fi ion Js and the Public
generallv, tbat now is the i!me to bny. My Eteck ebn
sists ol a general asssortnicnt of Dry tio jds, Vaiimts ,
Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Ac.
...... i . - i -.. i , . Tii',, . -. , ,i rT i i . s-i
KJiril ui.uu iAiii.u neawaiii-lire 7 - v fl nprfectlvaat
Il ..... ..i.hn. .t,st fnr th rsn..l i and examine our Stock of I aper. Weteel perltciiysai
aud cure of p'jyii.-l prostration, enital debility, ner j
sons afieiljoiis. ('... c, are tuff' described in anoine
No come alone. I moan v. but 1 ax
-a ,rif
Msrch 166. tf.
column of this pe?er, to which the reader Is referred f
ner bottle, a 0 Ues far 16, six bottles tor IH ; gis pa
James Watson, to Mis. Palina Stockman, all
Carroll CO. Pine Street, below Eighth, Philadelphia, pa., to whom
(RDtBS most st ii.BBSBB. For Sale by Dr. C. A, Boe-
Importaht from Orkoon The government
has information that the legislature of Oregon
have passed an act to change (heir seat of gov
ernment to Corvailis, a flourishing town about
thirty-five miles south of Salem, the present
Mat of their territorial government. As the
government has already expended some $40,
000 on public buildings at Sslem.ae take it for
granted tbat Congress will be likely to put its
veto on the proposed removal Star.
k March 29th., by Rev. R. Merrill, Mr. Adam
Fishel to Miss Sarah Ellen Morehead, all of
Carroll co.
April 1st., by Rev. S. Vf. Day, Mr, Joshua
J. Rollin, to Miss Anna JS. wuson, 01 utguava,
Carroll 00
April 3rd , by Rev. G. Gaumer, pastor of
tbe Evan. Lutb. Church. Rev. Wm. Albaugh,
and Miss Anna Houk, both of this place.
gel, Druggist, C rollton, Ohio, and by all respectable
Druggists and Merchants throughout the oountri .
April to. itaw. ij-
Notice a hereby given to ail persons interested, that
at mv instance 1 writ of etlaahratttt was baaed oa the
isBed thai after a thorough examination, they will give
us their patronage, aa our Paper will compare favorably
with any manufactured in the Western ftountry and
our Prices cannot fail to give satisfaction: All Ordeis
sent by Mail will be promptly attended to.
Tbe High eat Cash Price will bt paid for Hags. Mefc
chants are requested to send on4heir flags and get their
Cash. For samples of Paper, list of Piices, c , addreas,
nottaee Da d.l Klfc-HErt, Anumwu.'',
Alg. 4S, 1864- If
Canton, Ohio-
You can do that and your csbdit too, by purctaaing
your Goods at I. vtrctbohfs Cheap Read? i'ay Store
where you
will find an excellent assortment of Dry
6rst day of March, 1856. by Henry Crettui Esq., a jus. t floods, Groceries, Hardware, vraeensware, wonnets, tiata
.: n( ihP, naacn n .Lee To.. UarroU countv. Ohio, a- Uaos. Boots, snoes, a.c. u. 11 01 which win oe muu
aaiustthe good, chatties, rights, credits, moneys and jest as low as they oughl to be sold, for cash or arsduce
m T it.t .kj,....r,n a- J.U.. I". n .AM Bill llOV.l 1IA A i aft It f ai . Is-. t tit- 111 C.U ti
The undersigned deems ilbiailutt tb ii.lwmtl.e i-i.i-xens
of the Union that a ceita'm .'ut. m piii Up!'l '"
dividual has posted np notices si ".-lous f !iy
roll county Ohio, eattae that , , ,j! u.,i rrtke a deed U 1
the term which lloore Q. buc edvert'xed in ttn r
"12,000 Gifts Reprise," bU.4i sftb aer.l It ulieily
false, and -a circulated lor no tlbtr 1 inpote ihau il at
I of ini ry to the taid Macro k Cs.- Ai d I Usmkue
I icem it my duty to inform ali perern 1 that til kth u-
nort arc pofitivt ly isnwae, as 1 toteasi h nvirg
them an indisputable iWa for laid preeri. bJoia the
lime appointed for tbe Dletribuih n tf litti Cttt, aLivh
kbae a the 4th la, of J-n. Jf
Dec. 4, 84. tf. J
'. S T ... "I.. I . . an .K.iw,n.Un.
e tree ts oi juuu vo.uisu, ww." vcim. .
March IS '55. Sw.
Pay us as you go aud have no disagreeable settlements
Fhort settlements; long menus.
Carrollton, Jpril 20, 1854. I. -4RCHE0LD
If vou want to build cheap. ctHnt 10 W ayiatba . I. ,
and buv vour Kiils . L-iets. Ulebet rattia,
asb. A K
i Cs

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