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hmMMMHMR w.twA.i and fit reform ?
Jott I Tiff, -
& t'eOOT.
. WuiiuHeCor.
0m 4r and Fifty Cu pat an
' it ur,-lw DoiuJU,if BO paid
MmI AdircrtltlNT
Dartaf the feet week w bar had oefloM
raiaa that hart canted area tha neat faarfal to
rajoioa is tha preaaot proapacta of a moat bonn
tital huraat. A batur proepee hat not been
ten fe Oils county, at Ala aaaoa of tha year,
in ih. last tn rears. Numsroas fislos of
vhaat, that in aarlj spring thowad bat UttU
of Parts
of Jet Park.
g mma .
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t,M ma, $400. ltma
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Tha event caree
murderer of VQliam
Friday, tha lit bat., at practaeiy fcar
putoaa o'clock, P. M. H waa ixurtml
within tha daraland Jail. Wa eolleet tha fol
lowing feet rslatlv to hi xscatioa. from tha
Claraland Loader;
Tha scaffold-apon which ha vaa executed
waa In tha north-east corner of the corridor
which surrouait tbc tha eeJ.li of the priaoncra,
and coniiited of a piatform six feet by tight,
about eight feat from tha ground, bating two
tint of an? wheat remaining, an account of
- . - .i . ..... , , .
tha effect ol winter, her, ainca tb growing ; trap door with a joint support wnien couia o
sessoo aot io, o far recruited at to entirely I atly romorad by touching a lerar in tha rear
coror the ground, giriag acheeting appearaaoe I with a point of a cane,
of rather more than aa average crop A tew minute before h wm exieamd. he
Wbilat other flildt that retained a greea and repeated hit requait that thoae preaeat woald
fresh appearance through the winter, are now be kind to hi wife. It waa tuggaated thai a
eo wed with a moat luxuriant growth of wheat 1 collection be taken for her benefit. The cam
and rye that promis an abundant yield. Corn of C6 wm raited in a few minute. When
bar f awertteat a ike fce of laelr 4 uBiiwmw, t . wi,, do wM 0J, torM WMk the WM whispered to Parke, he aeeea-
tay wttleplia4wwrewpai,aiti L,,,;,,. OaU look well, and ,ed deeply affected, and said, in a broken voise. 'lneroby spending operation.
jr Ta naes wm el eoau Bret let will be eeeaM
mm of mek
I 1 i- 11 ! !
parate owe. The Ruttmnt attempted to take
the rifle p,u, and in- Freach farually prevent,
ed them W F roach wan pUeed kora-da-oocaaat.
Tha Premah maaaged to pejah th.tr
upper considerably forward, aad mounted
moral new gum
A dkpatcb of May let
progreatmgtlowly though turoly. Lord Kag-
W. ditpatoh of seme eaj the
Icooatruaiod a aaw battery on we earn
Mamaloft, and there fu erery appw-vw v.
the establishment of a very large camp on the
plateau abor fieelek, and oa the nortn aide
Xtendtag towardt Maekeatie. .
The Mutuant made a eru in u "
the 1 1th, on the advanced workt of the eft at
, . k mmr TtnaXfA with coniiderable lo!
A'ehort trace wa granted oa the erening of
the 10th. to allow the Kaeaiaa to ouij ianw
A.A lm frnnt nf the Alll' dnCe.
Oortchkoff telegraphi that (he AUiea oa
the 5th and 6th were engaged in augmenting
their batteriei and reinforcing their approach -...
..,.;! tha central batlion.
The Ottoman liorernmeat it andentood to
i bare received ditpatchee announcing neavy
Mk. nd the trenchei were full of water,
Xeu) 5VJt5crtiscmcnt5
riOMBINED with a awrtmparb ""JJJ
of th. War Orooud 4 i It incho. tboln4 Uo Ctty of
- ' -- faitttomtione benerlw uueraaa
coaloadiai lioo-tl worat, me., we., r
au ArUal wb bu Tioiiod tboUrouod. Aad ombraciD,
ipiondid lfp of the Crimea, Waca so. Maaataa
Fret iaoaa, Aaaata, Tatioi ia Aeia, a ptaa at vit-mtm,
Sa rotoraburtb, awl a Uroaao riauoi tae mag
mama laawa tutupoi
Tb ooir comproaaaetf aa rauaam atap pto-
Op AdTardaamwtatt ahpald b handed ia by em
BTawlu, tecum iaaeiltja tut ee.
Jot aeas atadj ad apedUioaalj executed at
Ut , oc iba tboraiH ponml aotlca.
w I. AT A BKOTHXft. 1 8. Fourth ttroct, bo-
Is. OtMUot, ftilaoaipua, are oar aathoiUod agtuu
to ollo A4ertiemBW for ut in thai city.
note toe make a good appearance. 'you have done all X could at it. Stay Uod
Fruit are moit abundant ia quantity and bleea you all.'
kind. Applei will gir a full average yield. I About fifty peraoai were present at hi ex
ch hang in clutter, doubled, tripled, ecution. including the theriff end officer of the
quadrupled, and in a few intUncet, quintu- jail, hit eountel at hi late trial, reporter for
ThLaw ol Newtaetwere.
i aae do not xi colic u the oootr
i a aian t ocauau thetr totucrip-
If uibioribtrt order th cmoaUDaace thir
mm, m pekatber may ooaawa te teod thn uoul
H rraHt at paid .
I. 1 wbacribVrt atgUct or refute to take their p
rtOUftt! T0m U m w wuilu wiv mrw anm mi
re aam impwaf li lUI they bar aauled the Mtt, and
eilleftit 1htm dnoontinuad.
. f nbaorllnri runov to other plaeee witboet in-
lha PttMWbw, aud th ptpert aro taut to to
Mi tbv ar bald rwpoatibU.
a. Tb Court bav daoiotd toat, reiuting io (ate
tmam Aem the omae, or mroovisg and leaving tbm
uneaUed for.l prim fmtim evidapc ol iountiontl fraud.
maW PoatxauMr wbo ootifv publitber thai a &
put t not 4ko from Ih omc. ar rquired Io girt
tha ra why thy ar a4 tAo out. (,aa foil
Vm Irrtlani and Law.
pled, from a single bloasom and now bid fair ; the pres, and citixen who had been inriud. I new levy of 18 men in erery 1 ,0u0 in
to make aad haroc of the trees ere the fruit t There ws. a ttr.nge tcrioutnet. in erery coan-, We.tern Province., to he completed by
L j - .;i of July.
Count Cenoni. the Austrian uommanuer
nk..r hail nroelaimed martial law in the
in .-in- '. i
Prin finnlitiet.
The capitation taxe on Chritini in Turkey
. . " a a at
re .finally aboiunea.
A new manifesto from the Cm, orders
l.OuOm the 17
the end
i ;ir; tMrRIIT KAM1I-Y
urrw n VHbiK TBI wAAL. 8AHCTI0H kJD
ZZZLTimtnm. Aim for
jMe TVctT Plr e Cenu.
Publiied by
140 Namau Street, N. 1.
Deaten rupplied on liberal terme.
(jTAgeau anted to nil matt para of Ih Catted
Stale and the i
June 7 '65
kfo eaaaotor will not be tmplojtd, hv paraad
of th Long, , ladieci-
The U Divert ay reateaj ht -ir-i
BaW , . . . n,i.. HamA
Tbt Un vataHy't remeoy mi v .
Branch Aiapactary , or Mutt of ir. v, A. BoiX, t
rollton, Ohio.
May 17. lets. tat.
I hav caciaatly eajnaad aiuU mpsly of th-foflo.-h.rt1cl.ofthebatuualtlv.
which I will ala.JI'
low, Wnoleial or BaUil : j--
And t full irinnt of flroeerlee alwayt on hand.
teaanca. and a myateriou. eiU.ee ia every i reconnoiseance had atcertained that the
Plumb and cberrie of all rrietie. promite cell; for all the prisoner! were carefully locked RuMint had 25,000 men near Saki.
up. -Park lay on a pallet in the eorriuor, dispatch ttatet that Kuma will not con
ecurely handeuffed and mtnacled, preentiag .ider hereelf bound to abide by the two firtt
pOinlt, unie lue wuuie ui uciui muj it'i""
aa abundant yield. All the grains; rooU aud
fruit are at thi time clear from erery appa
rent dettroyer.
For the Free Pre.
Ancient Order of Buc a-Boos.
Afxs.R Editor ; About tix week ago I
drew your attention to the existence, in some
of th Eastern States, of a novel and peculiar
aeoret organisation which has assumed for it
self the designation of tha 'Axcixat oaoia or , Dr. strong, and Mr. Boswortb, the jail
Boo-A boos.' I then communicated to you I .iBjtled the sheriff to dies him, They
my suspicion of the existence in our 'd1 of Lut on him limply a fine linen shirt, a pair of
ATTLES OK Hit- CRUKA.-Ii.cluduig a complete
Ui.toricalSumiu.rjot tb KL3.MAM WAR!
from th ooinmeocemtnt to tb prrot ume. Uiviag
. ci ui- - - - fii.iui oi War: it
Blooay Aucouowr.; Thrilllug Iucidonu ; Uair-Bidth Cwtoin retpecttully toliclted
i- 1- fc 1 - , .( i Pr
mmTmZZ, Z". cUTmioVT TJfim ' OT Fre.h Lake fl. .or ml. every Tburvdty aywl.
Sebaitopol, 11 by it inch, howmg tb t;ity oi oeowi-1 nu rnm; m..i...B.
wpol, il FortihvatioQ., battel ie, position of contend- i-StaERI FiO-"VEBV.
itig t oroe aud Siege Wurkt dr.wu uy an arui, w .Tfit.. ir.c pwcvivrn VROM TV H
S.ttsfom C,T.. .taweafo ca-t. UA as
liable vi.w of ih. bail e l.iuuna puowuau. ,. , -'' ,..,, ,w.nu
Superb Map of in. Seal of War, including the Cruuea, 1 SFKirju aiih
BISc,P Danube PM, .A-, JJ
A.ia, and a plan ol Urou.,adl, IH. rewrwrnrgn, w,u a , r or . ... .--- - - - . d- , WoML,d Dlu!8
one afmjTuiicii. u- i . .
a ghastly picture to the spectators.
At tea minutes after eleven o'clock, the
theriff asked him whether he wa ready. He
replied in the affirmative, and hit limbs wire
unbound, not, however, before he made a most
solemn promise that he would attempt no vio
lence upon himself, a promise which, it is but
histice to Bav. he faithfully kept. Marshal
Wa bar this week furnished our readers
with the 'Paaee' in a aaw dree and in doing
so bare incurred some lib!litiee beside what
haad money we were able to pay. Our -jmaaaa
by tha way of refitting tha 'Pax' du
ring the paat year, bare exceeded two hun
dred dollars. We think we can now present a
neat, and reapeoubl paper, to our patroai,--oaa
that will compare favorably in appearance
with oar ootemporaxiet. And hating been
Amnmm tha time that we have been connected
nith the napei . liberally supported by the old
patrons of lb Press, aud matekialli comfort
ad, by the aid of two hundred new ones since
that time; we have therefore incurred tb ad
ditional expenses, with confident hope of
further aaautanoe from out friends, wbo exceed
fire hundred in number, who should still take
thjr only county paper. And notwithstand
ing th fact that it costs us nearly double to
live now, at it did at tha time the subscription
prio for the Proas wm lowered from two dol
lars, to One Dollar and Fifty Cents, by one of
our predecessor. We still do not purpose re
instating the old mice, as many of our colem
porari have, including our predecessor ; but
we intend to kohl out still turther inducements
to oar friends, so as to exactly suit their ret
peotiv aaaea these hard times.
First, m pro pott to furnish any peison with
a copy of our paper for one year, gratis, wbo
will sand u the names of ten new subscribers
fat one year, accompanied with fifteen dollars.
Second.to send a copy for six months, gratis,
to any parson who will send us tha namet of
taa aubteribert for six months, accompanied
with seven dollars and fifty cents. All moneys
teat by mail at our ritk. The odd fifty oenls
an be seat in postage stamps.
dan.' ofthese extraordinary personages. Since
. m .
that time, I hare peeped into one of their
'dene' here in Carrolltoo. and, by a little arti
fice, which is sometimes allowable, I bave ob
tained a oopy of their Platform, which sets out
the nature and object! of the order. Here it it:
1st. Tbe Ancient Order of Bur a-boot, is
predicated on the spirit and patriotism of 1776.
tnd, The objects of this order are to stim
ulate and keep in perpetual remembrance the
noble enthutiatm and liberal sentiments of
tbat neriod. and to cherish and to foottef the
spirit of Independence.
3rd. It is tbe peculiar mission of the A. 0
B. B. to oelebrate io a national manner the
annual returns of our nation's birth-day, by
tbe usual demonstration of anniversary ser
mons, appropriate orations, prooessians. din
ners, dto. ; and by other civic and military
4th, All citiiens of good standing are eli
gible to membership, and no obligations except
honorary pledges, are imposed; nor are the
members prohibited from arowing their con
nection with tbe order, though prohibited from
disclosing tbe membership of others.
It will be observed from the perusal of this
platform tbat the order, in no way interferes
with religion or with politics. The objects of
the order, so far as I am able to ascertain, t.re
wholly and purely patriotic ; such, I believe,
as evrry true lover of bis country and of lib
erty ean most heartily approve.
Pxxpiso Tom.
Tha election in Virginia, for Oovernor aad
members of Congress, earns off in tbat State
oa the 24th ult., which resulted in the success
of Henry A. Wise, the Locofoco, Administra
tion, Pro-Slavery candidate for Governor, orer
Fferareoy, the Enow Nothing eandidate.
At to how many of (he Congressmen each
of the partial hare gained, we hare not learn
ed. But we are well eatiefied that eo far at
the ret queition of Human Slavery it con
cerned, it makei little or no differenee-for both
partial through their organ tbe press made
their most obifQuioui bows, at the shrine of
It is, however, rather amusing to observe
the numerous csutei asiigned by various pa
pars in this State as to th result. But for
oar own part, the result of the Virginia Elec
tion is just such as a could hare desired. It
is decidedly to tha advantage of tbe Repub
lican party of Ohio ia the coming oonteit.
Some of the Ohio Pre, hare sounded an a
larm. from tbe terror they have of tha Know
Nothings, and seemingly desire to sow the
seede of distention, in the great Republican
party of tbe State.which w oootider unjutt and
unwite; for to far aa tb Slav queition it oon
cerntd, w have not yet learned that the Know
Nothings of this State are any more pro Sla
in their antecedents than are the adop-
i of the State. For we hold, that
a - ,i a WW
to mearar tbat order in unio, oy weir v ir-
ginia confederates,!! a rule.no lets unjust.tban
to contend that, because tbe far-famed lush
John Mitchell, i in favor of Negro Slavery,
therefore, all Irishmen and foreigners are in
favor of slavery. An& in feet, thee tame pa
per woald find it a severe task to prove tbat
foreiirners weie opposed to Negro slavery,
whilst tbe friends of Know Hoihinglsm. can
bow the ction of tbeir order, by tbe passage
of aati-Blaverr resolutions. And w think,
with some others of our ootemporaries, that it
i ueelee. yea THTwite to agitate a question that
ean in no erent strengthen tbe rtablican
party, bat will necessarily greatly weaken It.
What matters it to U as voters, wneiner io
JE7" Capt, 1 hioson has written a letter to
the editor of the New-York Times wherein he
denies that he abandoned the prosecution of I
hit Calorio engine icheme ai a motive power
in tbe place of steam. He yet has entire faith
in the principle, ana Hopes to overcome tb?
mechanical difficulties that thus far liAve inter
doted to render it inefficient.
Jair Tbe Warren Chronicle pronounces the
statement going the rounds that 5,000 cow
have died tbe put winter in Trumbull county
for want of food, too high by at least 4,600.
Quite a letting down, and a similar one we
presume should be nwle touching tbe report
ed figures on the Reeerve generally.
tW Frederick Brown of Hudson, Summit
county, has just imported two Hungarian cat
tle, a cow and a bull. They are of a dark
Mouse color, whitish about the nose and legs,
of rather small size, short slender horns, slen
der tail, and trim built, laid to be good for
work cattle, good milkeri, excellent for beef,
and very docile,
Th Steamer Baltic lailed from New-
York for Liverpool, on the SOth of May, ta
king out U pauengen and ft, 600,000 in
specie. This taking off so much of our coin
we hope will be checked after our harvests are
gathered. We ought to buy no more than we
can pay for with our surplus productions.
coarse woolen stockings. He then called for a
oigar, lit it, and smoked dimly for about fif
teen minutes, during which time be was evi
dently trying to quiet his nerves. Perhaps no
idea connected with the tragedy waa half so
painful as that of tbe pale faced man staying
up his nerves in order to be choked to death
according to law,
About half-past eleven, he inquired for a
clergyman, but was told that there was none
. . a n a a ,1 I
present. He men eauea ior nis Drotner-in-iaw,
John Dickinson, and gave him directions as to
the disposition of bis body, lie wiebed that
the public might not be allowed to gaze upon
him suspended from the gallows, but wished
that he might be taken down, decently shaved,
dressed and deposited in hit coffin, and that
those wbo had a curiosity might be allowed to
look upon him. He also requested him to re
frain from writing anything to his friends and
parents in England which would Inform them
of his true fate on the scaffold.
At fifteen minutes before trelre, he finish
ed his cigar, swallowed a mouthful of brandy
and water, and told the sheriff he was ready.
He mounted the scaffold with a feeble step, but
with an undaunted air, and after resting a few
minutes called for some brandy and water, and
made a spaeoh to the spectators, which, though
desultory in its character, contained some ex
qui.ite touchet of pathos and eloquenoe.
The following is the conclusion of hit re
mar. :
You observe that I am not attended by any
clergymen. I bave tried through life to ascer
tain the right way by the study of morals and
ethics ; but I have not always done right. I
have read the Bible thoroughly, and had I
conformed to the preoepts ot Jesus Christ 1
should not now be here ; but we cannot undo
what has been done. Would to God that I
could ; but I am not guilty of this murder.
(Stattinp: suddenly from his teat and stepping
on the drop.) 1 am reaay to meet my uoa.
1 am not guilty ot murder, eitner prumeditaleu
or otherwise.
He sat down, wiped tbe cold sweat off his
face, and bis limbs were piaioned ; be then
rose up and the rope was adjusted round his
neck. He requasted tbe sheriff to permit him
to give the signal, and a liandkercniet was
handtd to him. tust before the white cap was
drawn down over his face, he exclaimed, in an
audable voice, "I m aihkoont man." He
trave the signal, and at precisely four minutet
patt one o'clock, the drop tell, precipitating
him about six feet, and breaking bis neck at
tbe first joint. The weight ooming so sudden
ly upon the rope caused it to stretch, and his
body rebounded five or six inohes, and swung
rapidly from side to side till one of those in at
tendance slopped it. lie made no porceptible
struggle, and seemed to die without pain, tho'
one or two pertons wbo stood close by, taw in
the contortion! of hi face, which, on a close
inipsction could be seen through the thin cov
ering, unmistakable evidences that be did not
immediately lose his consciousness. His pulse
became very feeble at the end of three min
ute, in eight minutes it ceased to beat, nod
in twelve minutes he was pronounoed dead.
Thus died Jambs Parks died as he had
lived a stranger to fear, a mischief to him
self, an incomprehensible mysler to others, a
contradiction to the laws of human nature.
part ol a
Barnura publithei a Utter io the Tri"
bune, in which be iayt he never made uie of
Mr. E. Oakei Smith's name in connection
with his Baby Show. He hints tbat the lady
hae used the show a an occasion to train a
little needed notoriety,
tW A street preacher recently appeared in
the Park at New York, end commenced opera
tion!. He wai requeited wdosiit by the po
lice, and, upon his proving
marched him off to the tombs
iW A young man named Kilgore, employ
ed in the Lowell mills, committed mkide a
few days since by shooting himself with a re
volver. He wa refused by a young lady to
whom be had been paying hi addresses.
temporary retarhe an Odd Fellow, a Fre Ma. JW 0f gr.
Mr. Jamea Madison Wm, recently elected
Professor of Mathematios
rys College, Virginia, it scarcely twenty one
Nxw York, May 30.
Tbe iteamihip Pacific arrived about 7 o'
clock, A. M , unannounced, owing to a dense
focr. She brines 136 passengers, among them
the Hon. R- McLean ; U. S. Commissioner to
The seige of Sevastopol makes but tittle, if
any progress, and the latest dates by mail are
to April 30th. and by telegraph, bo far as pub
lished, to the 12th oi May.
Gen. Canrobert reviewed the entire French
army, and assured tbem they would soon enter
tory, they ' Sevastopol either by the door or window.
Symptoms nave vrauspircu ui unnuw up-
tions being about to commence on the part of
the Allies.
A force of 15,000, Turks, .French and .En
glish, hastily embarked on board of all the
available ships near Sevastopol, and stood
away in the direction of the Bea of Aoff.
Tbey returned in a day or two and as hastily
Omer Pasha and his troops were making all
Indications of a more intimate relationship
between Austria and Ruttia are appareat, and
an armed neutrality ii becoming more and
more rjrobable.
An important conference between the repre
sentatives of the two powers have been held.
The Allies are understood to have sent an
ultimatum to the Swedish Government, and
as an indication that it will be accepted. Swe
den is said to have ordered an immediate en
rollment of militia.
The French Baltic fleet had arrived out, and
tbe allied fleet was pushing forward.
Gen Canrobert has resigned, and is suc
ceeded by Gen. Peliiier.
The Monitieur publishes the following
Canrobert's resignation dispatch.
My shattered health no longer allows me to
a a a aT l.a
continue in tbe oniei command. My amy to
wards my sovereign and my country compels
me to ask vou to transfer the command to
Gen. Peliiior, a skillful and experienced lea
der. The army to which I leave him is full of
war. ardor and confidence. 1 beseech the lira
peror to leave me a soldier's place, as Uener
!) of Division."
The Mininer of War replies in terms of ac
ceptance andgi'es Canrobert command of tbe
oorpt of Gen. Peletier,
. . f n l . i iaiL .
A aispaicn irom vanrooeri, may ioih nsjsi
"We continue our works before the place.
Various attempts to smoke out the enemy by
stink pots, have perfectly succeeded. Our
troops continue in excellent condition."
Grxat Britain. The Democratic move
ment is gaining ground.
The Queen had condescended to leilow
medals upon private soldiers who had returned
wounded from tbe Crimea. The disbursement
took plsce at the llorae Guards, where a
throne was erected on purpose. A fine military
spectacle was presented. Victoria handed
over 500 medals in the space of an hour, com
mencing with the Duke of Cambridge, Lords
Cardigan and Luctn, Sir de Laoy Evans, and
ending with the private men. Great enthusi
asm prevailed in the evening. The Queen
gave a grand banquet in the Riding School of
Bncliinirliam Palace to a party of 450, com
promising all the non-commissioned officers,
soldiers, 9eamen and marines, who had been
decorated with medals. The Queen and
Prinoe Albert visited tbe Riding School during
the repast.
The bill to abolish church ratei had been
carried to a second reading in the Commons
against tbe Government by 28 majority.
Mr. Roebuck had suomiueu a report
his committee on enquiry.
A notice of inquiry has been given s to
whether Russia and the United States enjoy
any private privileees with Japan.
Lord Ellenboroiu-'h's motion of want of
ooafidence in Ministers came up in tbe House
of Lords on the 14th. His Lordships opened
the debate with a bitter speech against Minis
ters and ooened admission of the formidable
. r. All- : J
nower beinir wieldeu oy puonc opinion miu
. . . - - . . - . L t
denunciation of making appointments oy ia
vor instead of merit.
Lord Dei by and others oontinued the de
bate, when on a division there were 71 for
the resolutions and 181 against them.
Administration Reform meetings had been
held at Norwich and other towns, but the
Mayors of London and Liverpool refused to
acceed to the negotiations of citiiens.
The King of Sardinia is rumored to be nego
tiating a marriage with Susan, Victoria's eldest
France. The Universal Exposition was
opened in Paris, May 15th, mth much form
and ceremony, although the arrangements
were anything but complete. The Fmperor
and Empress was present with all tbe great
officers of the State, and some 8,000 persons.
Pianori, tbe would be as assin of the Empe
ror Napeleoa, was executed at five o'clock in
the norning, in the prison. He admitted hi.
guilt, but refued to make any developements,
exclaiming "Vive la Republic," jutt at the
knife fell.
An extraordinary story was rumored io the
Faaburg, vis : that the pretended attack on
the Emperor was a sham that the real Pian
ori was a Police Agent, who is sent out of the
country, and a figure executed in his stead.
The roles in l ans presented a congratula
tory address to the Emperor.
It is said that the Emperor is about to issue a
manifesto to the army in the East, stating his
reasons for not proceeding to tbe teal of war.
Paris papers assume a tone of outspoken
policy to Austria,
grooud plao of the Siege operation, befor 8el)..lwl
Alao, KmbelHahtd with HpJenCia isngrTwga, imim.
tire ol th ttirriu acea io tb Crimea.
Ociaro, 112 pager, raics rim c.
Published by
i.U Aaawu Ofc, nei i ma.
Wholesale nd retail dealer, io llooki, Music, Sta
tionary and Fancy Geodi.
jf- Dealer tuJ ageut suppnea on me muat
June 7 '55.
a .1. i ..... (iinrham. rata.
Alw Men'. ar alaaest derrtB, Hata,
dw . .a Ri. . fr Sue aaunu-iilBienlJ tju.eni-
alacnuu ol tnBJare, aau au um-
aiu. lor cajui uola
' raja'-irii
U5&. "PJh
THF, End of Controvert;, Controverted, by Bilhop
Hopkins, ol Vermont. This is now universally ac
knnl,lod to be the autwer to M ilner's End of Ova-
troversy, the molt popular protecting book ever circu
lated by the .Komanists. .Bishop Hopkin'e work It in
tensely interenUn((, contains a complete epitome
(Ihiirrli History, ihowine the caases ai'd tb acni
of the Refoiniatiou ; and exposes the fraud and refutes
lent stock of Groceries,
Carrollton, 0., Jfay U
announce to the citirensof CWrolllon and vicinity
that he bis opened a shop ot Main stract, Car
rollion, Ohio, Immediately opposite be 'Indian Queen
Houe' and one door east of CaoieronV ttor when be
intends carrying on the Tailobino Brsisit H it
branches. Gents who desire to .ppear in
get 'flu' of th latest agony, by calling on the sabocrib
scriber. Bring on your broadcloth md you eau b
All work warranted, and perf id satisfaction rendered.
May 24, 1S55, 6w
of 11
Mil. I. IM.lt.
HE UNDERSIGNED takel pleasure In announcing
to the ladies of Carrollton ar.d vicinity, Utat Hi
hai iuit returned to Ih residenc of hr mml.er
F.ast end of town, on Main itreet, where ihe will be
the arrogant Clums oi Jtome in .o any a a r, , Qf w iu ,atet ,t j
tiiauuaiu who au i ry : . , " . ..
that his Book cannot but become a
true Protastanta, , .
The Presbyterian Clergyman looking TOr tne Ltiurcn.
The leading work in tbe controversy between Epis-
copscy and Kresbyterianism. It is conclusive in argu
ment ; brilliant, glowing and eloquent in style ; and
has never bn answered.
KiaimiAii'a Wctiouarr of the Church. A lull expla
nation ol all Church utages.and technical Church terms,
arranged alphabetically. It is indispensable for cverv
intelligent Churchman.
n i It. t i . i , ,
Th Sacrament oi nesnonsionnj. uem.m..ui,j
ii L imla nf timiiit.fl worn hv ladies.
Carrollton, O.May U, 1866.
casH, lor Butter, 'ggs, and all kinds of Produie.
during the aeason. fhave rented Mr. R. II, Leg
gett's store-room, opposite th 7ndian Queen Ilouse,'
where I will be always on nauu to see inj meuu.
to see
of the doct. ine ol Scripture and th Church in regard to j Come along, therefore, tnd get money lor your extra.
Ilolv Bantiam. esueciully in the case ol liuanw. Appro- produce.
ved by more than twenty of the Bishops. Those who are indebted to me can now have an op.
Steps to the Alter. an aumuaoie manual ui ucvu- poriuuny ot faiiku tueir kvuii ...i .nu
tion, preparatorj to the receiving of the Holy Coram u-
nion, aud a companion uunng me ceieuianuu ui
same. ,
Things lo be (temembtred . A capital nine supple
ment to the Catechism, very conveniently arranged so
as to help the youthful memory.
Adams' Allegories. too anaaow oi tne uross ine
Carrollton, 0., May 17, '66. tf.
therewith, situate at Wattsville, tox Tewnehip,
Hurrnll pnnntv. Ohio. The mill is newlv built.
lw.nt Hllla 7"he Old Mau's Horn The King's Ales- Th. are more than two hundred saw Ions now in the
senger and the Cherry Slones.Thee are delightful j yd Xhe premises will be sold on very moderste
stories for children and Sunday SchcoPs tbe deepest i wrnlaa mii paymoat iu hand, and the balance in
truth of Religion adorned with tbe most charming I nnuai instalments. If not sold soon, they will be for
stvla and play of fancy, (Rn fine illustrations.) inquire of the subscriber, or Thomas Moore ou
Mmim'u Allegories. The Dark rtiver ine oomDat-
aut The 7evellers The Midnight Sea The Wander
erand the Way through the insert. Another cap
tivating series of instructive and touching allegories for
Children and Sunday .Schools. (Embellished with outs.)
Th Holiday Week Norton Hargrav The Prbw
Dij. 7hree volumes of sprightly sketches, illustrating,
in a religious spirit, all the vicissitudes and varieties of
the lileoi children during their school days.
The War in the East, by Bishop Southgat, especial,
ly devoted to th consideration of the religious interests
involved in the issue. The author's long residence in
the c'.ant makos big views peculiarly valuable
the premises.
May 17, '65. tf.
Simeon Jennings. ) By virtue of two alias vend'a
VS. Y elp's. issued from the Court ot
James Means, Rob- ) Oorr,rn Pleas, Carroll county,
art Reed, an4 Matson l Ohio, and to me direetoa, i
Ayres. Also, same vs. will ofler for sale at the door of
James Meart, et. als. J the Court House, in Carrollton,
Carroll county, Ohio, on
Saturday tbe 7th day ol JOiy, iboo,
raj" Several good Agents wanted to circulate the ' the following described property, situate iu the Tows, of
. ... i . ... ; w . ..- 1. II i.n r O ucl.illntta
above Workt, to whom
June 7, '55 6t,
very liberal terms will be al-
Notice is hereby given that tb un dersigned have
been appointed and qualified as Executor of the last
will and testament of William Knott, deceased, late of
Carroll county, Ohio. WILLIAM KNOT18,
June 7, '56 3w.
Malvern, (late Troy) Carroll couuty, 0., as billows :
Lots numbered aity two, (63,) and five, (5), In said
Appraised at $ Terms cash,
May 31, '66-5w.pr fee $3
Notice is hereby given to Henrj Muokley, and John
Muckley, of Stark couuty, Ohio.and Adam Jfuckley, ol
Tuscarawas couuty, Ohio, Susan Ubiuebart, and V.
Rhinehart her husband, Catharine Truss el, and her hus
band Jacob Trussell, of Stark oounty, Ohio, Hannah
)inhv and her husband H. J. Dauehv. of I'ortaee
most respeetlully iufrrsns county, Ohio, and to George Muckley, wbose residence
Carrollton and vicinity, that owing ; j unknown, that Joseph Ramie, Administrator of Jacob
to tho hardness of the times be has reduced his prices, I ifuckley, late of Carrol! county, deceased, has Bled his
to place in tbe reach ol all au opportunity ot secu.iug a 'utitioc in tbe Probate lourt oi Unroll county, unto,
good Likeness for themselves or Iricuds. Afy prices against them, ami Oathario Muckley, widow at said
AT II Wl SOU ITi.1) ! I
HE undersigned
the citizens of Carr
range from the small sum of 874 cents upwards; and
you may rest assured that no opposition nor establish
ment in the vicinity shall undersell me. Lockets, Pius,
aud V.'iug filled ou th shortest notice, and ill business
entrusted to my care shall be promptly attended to ;
and all work honestly put up and warranted not lo fade.
Having th only established Gallery in the ounty, and
m) long experience ia tbe business warranto me in Bay
ing that I am competent to please the most tasty, aud
give entire satisfaction lo ill. As disease and death Is
abroad hi our laud, I kindly solicit one and all to call
aud examine specimen! and tv ail themselves of tbe
erliat opportunity of securing a gooi Likeness ere tbe
substance lades.
N. B. I will have my sky-light rooms completed in
tbe shortest possible time. I have just received a new
supply ol slock, call and examine.
May 81, '65-tf.
j i - .: : !,
m w ljuata and Ma- .5IL
The combat on the night of the 24th, be
tween the Russians and tbe French was a des
AW The negro barber at Dunkirk, who
robbed Mr. P. Field, of 91,400 and a gold
watch, by administering chloroform, was con
victed at Dunkirk, a few days since, and
sentenced to the penitentiary for fifteen years.
AW Up to the evening of the 16th alt, the
total number of applications at Washington for
land under the bounty land law of the least
session of Congreswa 157,100,
trjr France and Enurland have about 5
American ships under charter, in conveying
troops and munitions of war to the Crimea.
East. I am nrooared to offer to the rublio, at low
prices for cash, or approved couu try prodaee,
selection ol
consisting of jUwus, Bges, Prints, Silks, Ginghams,
Bouuets, Shoes, aj.l aewcHuu auuimc.
CVps, Summer Goods for ment' wear, Ac, Ac. Also,
Cloths and Oawimerea, Groceries, Queeuawam, Hard
ware, Ac. . . i .v L
I embrtoe this opportunity of returning my thanks
for past favors ; and would retpcotfully solicit a share
of public patronage in future, feeling confident that
persons will find it advanlagous to purchase of my
N. B. All persons having unsettled accounts with
me. wKl please call immediately aud make settlement.
May 3, '5o-6 .
On the seventh day of May A. 0., 1865, at th inst
ance of the undersigned plai-tifljan order of attachment
wa issued by Eteaaar Andrews, Esq., a Justine of the
Peace within aad for, Pox township Carroll county,
Ohio, against the goods, chatties, moneys, credits, and
effect, oi John Whitla, a non resident of laid County,
Amount claimed Is eighty-one dollars A sixty-three
cents, (81,68.) TUOJrAS C'EOKGE.
May 31 1855. 3w.
Jacob Muckley, for lesve to completes real contract,
entered into on tbe 16tb day ol April 186a, by tbe in
testate with Jacob 6tonr, fur th sal of the ."East half
ol the (South West quarter, of saetiou sateen, (16) in
Township seventeeu, (17) ofVtange seveu, (7) eontuu
ing eighty acres more or test, situste in Stark county,
Ohio, aud for leave on part ot tbe heirs at law to make
a deed to the purchaser of said land.and the said Henry,
John, Adam, aud George Muckley, who ar brothers of
intestate, and said Susan, Uatbariue, and Hannah, wbo
are sisters of intestate, and their husbands above nam
ed, and said Catharine, widow of intestate, ars notified
that the Petition will stand for hearing ia said Probate
Csurt of Carroll county, on the 23rd. day of June, A, D.
1868, where they may attend, and if hy have any ob
jections to tbe granting of tbe prayer thereof, rnake the
time known, . v " " ,
Att"y, for Petitioner.
May 31, 65 3w. pr fee 3.
Notice is hereby given to John McAllister, of Owen
county, Indiana, Susan McAllister, Samuel aoae, and
Hannah, bis wife, vtdaliue McAllister, Laoy McAllister,
and ttabecot Ji.De McAllister, of Carroll county, Ohio,
and Mary Me jUrhrleT, wWOw of Gsorge A. iej4Hriter,
Annul!, kite of Carroll county, Ohio, that a Petition
was filed against them on the SMh day of May A, It.
1865, In the Court of Common Pleas of CaTroH county,
Ohio, by George AfeAlhBier, aud Jickaou Magaman,
and Temperanco, his wife, aud is now pending, wherein
the said George McAHlster, and Ja: kson Hagaman.and
Temperance, his wile, demands partition ot tha east
half of the north-west quarter, ol section lii, (t) in
Township thirteen, (18) of Range six, (fl) iDjJBnll
county, Ohio, (74, 89-10' acres). Tb said PsflHk
ther asks that the dower of Mary McAllister,Bjof
George A. McAllister, may "be assigned her in sTrpre
mises. Aud, also, sets out tbat the naked legal title to said land
was in James McAllister an infant son of said George
A. MoAIlister, deceased ; that said Janu never had any
interest in said land, and that the same was held in trust
by him for the use of his faths. George A. McAllister ;
that said George A, bad u"uptod aad advert
possession of said laud more than twenty one years ;
that said James has been absent lor sixteen or more
years, and is believed to dead, As.,
Application will be aad at the next term of the
Court by the Bt'itioueri, lor an order of Partitiou,
(and an atslgument ol dower) of sard premise.
Jtt'y. for Petitioners,
May 31, 55-6w. pr fee 4,60

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