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fly ggrroll free Press
Jaaa H Twt
aad Fif 7 Ccits per
voteis til orer the State, who haft dV
to Wrd all aid party alliance, aad
ver lelUe0 battle for lbs right. 7iaf
oar ini tUrUH rn their c
where they hare beea eaeroa
ttft effort (kraaUpoL
IV Sieaaaci gallic btia a farther deleiU
Ike pogrm of the V ia th Criaaa ak4
.a .a . " bjb aw
until tay uhe reeewi tucaeet befcra Sevastopol. Sh la
m aavaaca
witftia aW yaw.
tea of As) veriieiaar.
or sua, thee laswrtinn, . .
1,00. 1
Joak 'fat awl .leek, fewdiag upon the public(-jTtrp-B, A. 6ik Ja M4
of the whole of the north ridge down
to la Caraeaiag Harbor, bat the Reiaa
croaaad iberaviae uh great steurtataajion aaa
eetalKebed iwo twwen on lha lover (lope of
It I
Xcui abotrtistmmts. TWO PREMIUMS
iWaaeto attai uncirnnriuu tuuaitio is
Tkaa nejoabfc, hate probably ere this falaa
in tha baaa of the Allie. for CreaaraJ Path
tefeea area the pablie crib, which ia,
saaeaily filled frsjp the people's pocket -And
in the fact of tacir ahowinr sivna of fo
T'wopouaaa.ifBot paid ( here enncaa a law degree of that iloicaJ ia-
difereaoe thaa we at f rat ascribed to them.
The barn ii enrelT oa fire, and whether tbe by the Raatiea amv fVon wownda aad ai.k. and alraot inlerceotiajr the tatu
raw win escape aeavectroo eepwaa aposx loa
coarif aad power of the wiad. Bat if they
do eaoape. it will be with great peril, ft "let
New fork oa th 28th,
Nothing atarUwg of a political oharacter the aier' dipatch of the 9ih of June aaja : -The
new received, being mainly a nnainaalioa of eaeaajr hae eompleuly abaadoaad the right
previous aditoea, Privala iettee foeaa kUeteh ahore of the Careeamg May." The ilea ire-
give tearful aoooaata ei the ufir Bg awdurvd porlaat poeiuon, a lading the ahipaia part
All accoaat agree that
nff Tea Bate er lea ef oUd Brevier will be oawaM
red a Square.
1 Advc-tisers must be particular to mark the nam
bee of has set iocs oa the face of their advertieetneola,
or they wOl be puKkbed aatMordored oat, aad charged
(" Advertisements (Lould be handed in by Tea
3iT awaaava, to insure insertion that week.
gas Jos Won neatly and sipowLou-.y ex ivtedal
f m swlre, on Ike sl.urlaet oiblt notice.
XW 1AT BROTHER, (1 8. fourth street, be
low Chcsuwt, Philadelphia, are oar authwiaed ageuts
f.eerysenu ;or ua m inat ctlj.
The I, aiw of Newspaper.
. Sobecribers who do not gira notice to the contra
rj, are awatUered as wlahing tb ooatioa their subscrip
t. If subscribers order the discontluua&ce of
papers, the publisher nisj continue to seod theu
an arrearagse are paid .
t. If swhecrlbers negJest or rsfuts to take their pc
riedieals (son the office to which they are directed, they
are held rfspou;lile till they bare settM the bill, and
ordered then discontinued.
4. If subscribers rensors to other place without in
orating the publisher, and ths pspers are sent to the
tornjer directum, they are held responsible.
The Courts have decided that, refusing to take
papers from the office, or removing and leaving them
uncalled for, is prima ado evidence of intentional fraud
t3f Postmasters who notify a publisher thsta nsws-
an Macu irum we on.ee, are required to give
wnj uiejr are not ipiieu out. (tiee rol of
toe Iusirruotlone and iws.
Independent Democracy.
vVe clip the following from the Ohio State
Journal, and mod cordially adopt the view of
the editors of that moat ably conducted paper,
aad aak for a cartful perusal of the same on
the part of all our reader.
If any enible man can be caaght by uob
chaff a w thrown to him by the disorganizing
spirit, who, undor the secret guidance of Sam
Medary and other Sag Nichta, wish to divide
tb boata of Uje 'fueion' or Republican party,
we pity hi want of ordinary lagacity.
Mas CoayasTiOH oa mi 13th. We have
received quite a number of letter tome from
Freaeoilei and mote from old Whig and Dem
ocrat, inquiring the objects and aim of the
Mas Convention called by a portion of the
Stale Central Committee of the 'Independent
The oall, taking the avowed object of the
mover in explanation, i most bunglingly
drawn, calculated to repej instead of inspiring
confidence. It (tart with tho declaration that
paly 'two political patties are now in active ex
istence in tliia country the Old Line Demo
cratic, aad the (now Nothing or American
partial.' By this it would seem, at lead in the
estimation of the caller of the Convention,
the Republican party bag no active existence
in this country. Nor i there any seeming re
cognition of a whig party, which might poi
bly claim a passive existence inasmuch a it
foiled for it candidate in 1862 over oat hun
drad and fifty thousand votes-provided the ac
tive pretence of the Republican organiration
wa not to be recogniaed.
But on the face of the tall there it a ccntra
diciioa. The meeting is to tuemble under
the autpicet of a party wbioh ha claimed an I
,txitence under a separate organization a the
Mitt Nightlagal t oa ber way to Kaglaod.
aad dt- i tower! Tb next rtdf it that oa which
HenM ef Reforms fir 1S5.
rvoTts W HTsioaoeT, aToaorirar, aaa ra
or Lira.
lltalakofl tawar ttaad,. aad op ptpatta to k, at a JSaSLS.
mat great
a nam
aciioti ol
of our being,
This want tads its
saw toas to ra
POCMtAT IK Amf.il A.
by BHwy a fruaildsi. b :7H, oa tb
base of Raw sal's Qaswaaasawa fawasVp ef 17a.
THt loan staarieoce of the sevaral aswaettear of
tb 07atata4ih ia Type Foaadry eaabtss L. Johosoa
aTV, todffcr the largest viristy of PriMirtg T.ip.
and all the sppurt.nai.ee. of a y'llalma OfBea, to ha
found la any iitshliabaun in tbs I'nhed States, aad of
a uuaiuj, too, waich is dssawl to be waiiealsad. Tba
cosiposftton of lbs metal used a talculstt d to saTsad
the graataat davabiaty ; while tb scrupulous ear ea
li I Still tat tiling up of lbs Tjps is sue a to katata
aaewracy aad ifarCTSsa of body, Ac Oar facilitiM
are so sateosiv as to sasbli as to 811 orders of any t
AstiWtMaeo in detail (with lift! ol si)
SJU Aaditor.
It willioubilett be raaoilwstad that onje
Urn ago we, ia connection with the tubject of
Lieatenaat Qovernorahip used the name of
Gen. Eckley unauthorised. Bat referred to
the office and uaed his nam, becaaaa it had
been a sd at an unpropitiou time. Biaac that,
however, some of hi friend hay been urging
bis cjm for Slate Authior. We stave our-
stive, never bad any conversation with th
Gen. upon that subject. But wa do think that
'Little Carroll' can produce as good a man as
'Old Columbiana' did in W. D. Morgan, and
a much WlUr on) ia the person of Gem. Eck
ley. lie is a good lawyer, rmd entirely com
petent. Too good a lawyer to be caught leg
islating against the honeat tax payer of Ohio. J.
a did the notorious Morgan. With the Oen,
in the field we tbould rout in Eastern Ohio
Morgan And hi Sag Nicbt cohort, horse, foot
and drag oop.
' 3& e ia asjBjswjBJtVIMHwji her !!wk of frvr but
distance of about a mile and a half, the Viclo- taeXaws of Ufa, or a true Pbvatetocr ; the BWSnt
TtMtmt been erected by the Affie. ?V
i rarasamstaaasj ap roaruit her Mreagtt) at hoar Th V ictori attack earned oa by the Prenoh t Medic .1 Practice. These and kindred subjects.
tor a Maeon. directed from th., point against the tower an.! u" "W of
. ... ... . r 1 1 of 1 bvsical Moral au.
sBBpawweii memwat or vteiary to the allies adjointsg works. Deaeendmg nearer the tow
i that the French army, from its new position, er. and a boat 600 yardt ia front of it. it the
dasaaod lu supply in kaewledsj ! the eaaUrials required far a NtdifMpw'Me.
aud Intellectual Develoocaaewt,
are the especial pbere of the Water Care Journal , but
aU that sen proas the gswa deign wf aeaaa bappi
u k- ;..i...t ..i s " it I la
can rwaeh the ship ia th harbor of fsVvaato- Msmeloa, which is detertbed a commanding Reforms.
pot. further ccese have been achieved in the tower itself. The content and occupation
the sea af A toff, where the combined teeta at-i of this hill bj the French is the retail of the
tasked and destroyed the dore at Lagattrogau ' contest of June 7. The Malakoff tower itself,
and atanaepo.
evacuated the
Our pletft i a broad owe, aad our Pisa uf Opera. 1
tioos coraprabsusiva allsubjects counseled wi'h XKat,
Aiercise, CleaoRness, Ventilation, dwellings, Clothing.
Kdueatioa, acaoaOons, A'aaeaneo, aad doeiaJ Re a
tioas ail tbc eieroei.w nbicb com bias to make up that
The Riasiaae, it i, dated. 1 beine one of the few work, id ma aery o. the i .3
Circassian poueetton. The lad de ot Sevastopol, was long toee reduced Hydropathy win be runy uatoMed, abd explained the coentry. and oilglnai in itiei.ncepuon si,u retm
flaia or Fancy Tipes, Music i edhaaoty,
cast m this foundrv or.lv, Fer.pf. FTowers, Iteiiler,
l ata, Brass at .Vet el Aules, la'e-eajg tak Brass
acts, Ar .retes ss Ov, a.
Tresses Of all descriptkin, and all sorts af Pilnl'ng
MateHat. (most of which ste made by us,) will be
furnished at manufacturer' price. Printi Ink , af
all varieties snd iule, Varasajes, Broaaa. a We
are agenu far the lake, It., of ibeasast tatebtated A
n.erican and Aug'ish manufacturers, which w tell at
be lowest terms.
&erot)piug or Atectretypiag of Hooks, Matte, Wor d
Cuts, Jobs, Ac. Tjpe uaed ia sieirotypii.g fw rale at
reduced prices, Wood Cuts designed and engraved in
tb finest style 3f ail.
(Air "Minor specimen Bock," lb first ot its elan in
following are the official accounts of the opera
lions of the Allies on the 7th of Juae, against
the Rwssiaa Works before Sevastopol.
Oen. PaHirr' dispatches aa fottowi,
Jv fl "To-dny, with our Alliea, we
opened fire againd the exwrnil works.
to ruin.; but it i. now en.lo.ed by a very high . " '7X
en'-clrcular parapet of earth piereed with t ' eqnalied by any other
embrasure, and surrounded by a ditch.
the tower to the Careening Bay there run a
long line of parapet, broken at a half way by a
battery of 16 gunron two face nrnt thus flank
ibat all may apply it u various diseaaaa, eveu those not up, will be sent to all printer, that have net reeeivtd
meeue. 1 ho Water-Cn re is not
Mde of treatment hi those pecn-
From ' l'w ouuipiaints cosaojao only to woman. The Water
Cure J jurnal ill contain such ad vies and practical in-
strucuon si may be considered moat important In all
oritbal yet uiwrosdaaie
Preaerv.tion of Health. Without Health, even life mooat
it, who will direct how it may be transmitted to them.
jf Newrpsper Printers who publish ibis advertise
ment entire, (including thie notice,) three timee before
September 1st, 1B6D, snd sod to us a copt e the
paper eoatainlng it, will be sltowed their bill on par-
ahasii.e articles of our nurufielwre to four times its
Juax 78,30 P. M Our signal were given iog th curtain between this point and the tow-
and one hour afterward our flags floated over er. Another battery ef 12 guns on the hill
Mamelon Vert, aad over two redouble com-' above Careeaiog By is connected with this
Heads Orr -The Administration has been
recently trying it hand at removing officers
who are suspected to bold views antagonistic
to Pierce, Douglas & Co. Five clerks and one
messenger were removed a few day ago from
the Treasury Department on political grounds.
We are informed that the Postmaster at
Lamarline, (F errysville) in this county har
been removed because he was suspected to en
tertain American sentiments.
Let her rip. Oen. Pierco and his syco
phants can't show their band at a better time
Let the ball roll. The hard writing baa ap
peared upon the wall.
For the Free Press.
Mbs8rs. EDiToas : In perusing an article
under the heading, 'Freaks of Lightning,' in
the columns of your paper, of last week, I was advantageous for us than at first
msnding the bsy. The artillery of the enemy
fell into our hand. We have taken 400 pris
oners. Our legions occupy the conquered
works on this tide. Our Abie with theit equal
revolution carried the work on the Quarrv
and established themselves there. All the
troops bhowed the most admirable devotion
and intrepidity.
Jurta 8--Last evening we took possession of
62 guns in the captured redoubts. Thirteen
officers were made prisoner. Our loss is con
Juax 9 -The situation is the same as y ester
J a it .1 j m .a
aay. au me aemocstrations of the enemy
against the captured works have proved fruit
less. They have abandoned tbe so-called bat
tery of the 2 id of May: they bavo also aban
doned to us the right shore ol Careening Bsy.
The vessels in port have sought refuge in Ar
tillery Bay, where our large mortars can reach
them. We are watching them attentively.
June 10 The combat of June 7th was more
work by a further parapet, wbieh extendi to'
tbe sea. We spprehtDd that the works taken 1
oa June 7th are outside this line. The Redan
i i not desirable, unless a remedy can be found. It will
be a part . f our duly So teaoh the world bow to preserve
health, as well as oure disetss.
Reforms In our Individual habit, in all our mode of
life, and ia our social institutions, wHI be pointed oat,
and made so plain that "bo who runs may read." We
believe fully, that man may prolong his life much be
yf.nd Ibenuaiber of year usually attained. We propose
to show how.
Home Treatment. Particular directions will be riven
il separated from the Malakoff tower bv what ' for the treatment of ordinary cases at Home, which will 000. maiily for the purpose of arresting the evils o'
i t it u in p , enable all who hve occasion, to apply it without tbe aid Spurous Nostrum!. Also lor sappljlng the cammui.i-
ifiermea ice Jiuaie navine, ana Hand Cpon j , ?i,T!(jei,.n. Let it be borne in mind, that the Wa- Uy with reliable remedies wherever a Competent Pliy
the ridge between the Woronioff Ravine and Ur-C'ure Journal is a thoroughly Popular Work, de-1 rkran cannot or will not be employed, have purchased
(u. if; i jiA n n ... , ... 1 aigned for 'the people, 'and not tbe organ of a Profes- ifreni Dr- John R. towand; his celebrated Kowikh's
this Middle Ravine. On thi ridge dands the or Sect) rr' " ToKIC Mure., known for up.id ot tw.ary five
allied Crown Battery, fronting the appex of
the Redan, which wa further defined by an
abattii, and by a strong party of riflemen lodg.
Mo. 6 Ssnsom street, nesr tbe Hall ol Inde
pendence, yiiiUdelphi..
Jne It, W&S. w.
Eft a:
Authority of the rclvsislty of Free Medicine snd
popular Knowledge. Chartered by tbe State of
Pennsylvania, April , 1853, with a capital of $100,.
much entertained and not a little amased by Tl placed in our hands 502 prisoner of which
the remark of 'A layman who seem not to number 200 were officer and 73 cannon pieces
like choir 'pretty well.' Though not a du-
dent of 'fashionable theology,' I shall endeav
or to consider the question relative to the phe
nomena, and then I shall propose a question
or two which I hope the gentleman or any ad
vocate of his position will deign to answer.
I mud tay that it i my opinion this phe
nomena should be looked upon a an exhibition
of Divine approbation, beoauae it is certainly
Jvhk 11. We are coneratulatini ourselves
. w a
on the new work. He have been able to fire
with the Russian mortars on the ships, which
have gone still further over. The fortress of
Anapa was abandoned by its garrison June
6ih. It is now occupied by the Circassians.
The heat was excessive in tbe camp. We
have been forming a depot on the Tt hern
y' Accounts from Varana mention the ru-
a 'providence' that they were not all killed, or mor llat propositions for an expedition against
at least if the Almighty doe not approve of Perekop were being made,
choir meeting and practicing music, and light, j Lord Ragln's dispatches dated before Se
lling ia ono of bis agents for removing that vtopol, a follows:
which is not pleasing in his sight, he does
approve of It or be would have
The Future.
the beet promise of tbe Future, we may iuliuiate, that
it is our intention to give iu our own works an example
of the ProrreM, A'eforin, aid Improvement whioh wo
ed in a etone-qusrry In front of tbe work, and j "ouW ProBOte m tD9 mon crests ol men and ot
4 ' ' societv.
While the achievement of the Past are years as the only sure snd safe cure Rr Kivm and A-
uiK, Sit., and his mestimsble remedy to. Kowil Com
plaints. Bowand's Compound Syrup of iflsckberry
which quarry wa carried by (be Britiih on the
7th of June. Sevastopol, it is to be remember
ed, is not a fortress, but a town defended by a
chain of forts and field fortifications.
To Our Friends. Be ievinr the health reform to be
tbe needed basis of all A'vlonns, and that no agency can
be more efficieut io promoting it thau the Water Cure
Journal, we rely upon the friends of the cause of Uurntn
Meration to continue their good efforts and eiertions,
until a copy is within the reach of every family in tbe
United States.
The ourval will be published in beautiful Quarto,
for binding, on tbe first of each mouth.
Horace Greeley In Prison.
Mr. Greeley ha met with a chapter in hi
fereiun travels liardlv anticipated by him. and TERMS, 1
not nuite aa-reeable. He has had an inside view SI"6' fopy.une year,$: 00
of the debtor's prison in Pans, and indeed was
furnished quarters there for two days. He
give a long amuiisg- account of the affair in
'Independent Democracy,' and by its oall on
ins present occasion, believe itself to pouess
a separate, and by its conduct demonstrates,
a active existence. And while failing to re
cognize th Republican party a a tubiUnlive
thing-speaking of the Delegate Convention
which is to assemble on the I3ih of July, as
(rooably to Ijs oomposed uf mon who have
eretoforo acted (not with the Whig party or
vu jvepuottcan pariv, oui with 'Hie Old Line
Pemooratic and Know Nothing or Republican
parties,' we fail to discover by what right, as
an independent political party, the persons to
assemble under this oall for a mass meeting
can offer in any form to interfere with tbs do
jngiofthe Delegate Convention, either bv
sy of 'encoursr.ement to tbe Delegate Con
vention,' or by indorsement of its action.'
Tbe Republican part) is a 'fusion' party
Any party that maintains iu separate organi-
luuoo is not oi it, ana can have nothing to do
legitimately, as a party, with tho doings of its
Delegates. As individuals, whether Whig,
Democrat. Independent Democrat, Know
Nothing, or the more humble Preetoiler, they
will of coure be welcome to tbe great Repub
lican family, and their aid and ympatby.
whetbar io the form of 'encouragement' or'eu
dorsament,' will alway be rood welcome to
tboaa who are honedly struggling to arrest tbe
march of the Slav Power.
We have noticed remark by some of our
cotemporane that conf.iund us more than the
lai.gui.gs of th oall itself. They spenk of a
failure of the Republicans to nominate Repub
lican candidate' at the delegate convention
as a thing to be remedied by the Mass Con
vention. we art led to ask. in all simplicity
,r wuranwi ii ivcpu oiican 7
r" - "'ujuci ui any or ins old oroan ia
tlOBS amounts to disnualirtralinn -ui J
to determine where he sorudeV .ball K.L ' I Allhogh elected a a Democrat, and
' B,. VI I
W thm't it extremely unfortunate, if in
tended solely as a ratification Convention, that
it was called on the same day as the Delegate
Convention. The action of one body, without
time for examination or deliberation; paste in
review bnfore th other, aad it will be fortu
nate if wisdom and moderdion rule the action
of both.
Juaa 7. Tbc formidable fire yederday wa
killed all of kePl UP o-day, and soon sfter 6 o clock this
evening tbe French attacked and carried tbe
Suppose that a minister of the Oospel in the While (fork and the Mamelon. The whole
Second PrpshvU'rian Church nf Htenh.i,nu ODOratlon was mnal. hrilliunt ft
or elsewhere,, were, during a thunder dorm wa displayed on both aidea
discbargic,' the dutie of hit office-'prenching yet known.
Cbristand him crucified,' and the home should j J tf n x C The success of last night was very
be struck by lightning snd tbe pastor killed, j complete and the gallantry and steadiness of
would we come to the conclusion that the Al- h troop cannot be too highly spoken of. The
mighty did not approve of thi? No. But we French succeeded in securing the works of tbe
would rather come to the conclusion that the ! Mamelon and tboie on its riirht, called tbe
members of the church had not availed them
the Tribune
The Albanv Artrus gives the following ex-
w 0
pi anal ion of the affair :
A sculptor, who had sent some articles for
exhibition to the New York Orvstal Palace,
which had been injured rr nor returned, find
ing out that Mr. ti. was one of tbe Directors of
the Crystal Palace Association, sued him, lay
ing hi claim at S 2,000. Mr. G. proposed to
give bail for bis appearance and offered a bit
surety the United States Secretary of Legation,
but he was, after a parley, relused. It being
Saturday afternorn. he wa unable to get a
bearing till Monday, when, having employed
two French lawyers to present hi case, the
sntt wan dismissed, and he came forth from
jail .
Mr. G. gives an amusing account of bis pri
son experience. He thought the quarters safer
than any hotel in Patis. Being surrounded
with a wall, guarded by armed sentinels, and
the windows iron grated, be saw no danger
from thieves and burglars.
The whole affair was a very pretty adven
ture; and the account of it will make one of
the most interesting chapters in Mr. Greelv's
Casualties no' '.Europe revisited.'
Ten copies.one yenr,7 00
Twenty copies for - lu 00
Five Copies, r ne year. 4 00
Please sddress all letters, rorr paw, to
S08 Bkoaowav ,Nkw YofiX.
July 6 -'65.
Rihcval. It ia announced that Mr. Wilson,
the Commissioner of the general Land Office
at Washington, was, on Wednesday, removed
by the lirect act of tbe President. It is ru
mored that Gov. Shannon of Ohio, will be bis
THE undersigned take pleasure in announcing to tbe
public that they have located for the hot season at
the "Hat Ism Springs, "and are prepared at all times. and
in a II kinds of weather, to take Daguerreotypes in the
la'Ast and uiost approved style, lleing prepared with
'be best of material, and the most approved arrangement
of side and sky light ; and fnm their former experience
in the business, they flatter themselves that they will be
able to please all. All w ork warranted not to fade.
No charges will be made unless the work is satisfac
tory. Terms reasonable so come along.
(' . ne young, come old, come all,
Come every one of yoa
To J. B Gilson's hall,
And have your likeness true;
Thst generations all
May know bow you did look,
ICheu we your pictures took.
N. B. Dark dresses preferable. J. B. GILOV,
July 5-'65. tf
TO til creditors of Anderson R. Dc.npster, dee'd.
On the 27th day of June, A. D. 18J5, the Probate
Court of Carroll county, Ohio, declared the A.state of
Anderson K. Dempster, deo'd. probably insolvent:
creditors are therefore required to present their claims
against the Mtate, to the uudei signed for allowance,
witnin fix inonins trom me time above mentioned, or
they will not be entitled to payment.
Leesburgh, July 5 -1855.
7?oot, which highly approved snd popular Rome lies,
together with tbs University's Remedy for complaints,
of tbe Lungs,
The University's remedy for 2?jfpepria or indiges
tion, lie University's an.edv for Costive i?owe!.
Also the Uuivcibih'e Almanac, may be bad at the
Branch 7'ifipnesry , r fctwe of Dr. C. A. Boegel, Car
rollUm, Ohio.
A 1m. at Ihr Dry Good store of B. Latimer, New Da
geistown, Oarmll comity, Ohio.
Hay 17. 1865 . Sat.
Ho I. !;." Lli At l I 'I .til-.
I have coiiMantlv on band a full supply ot tl.e follow,
ing ait cles of the besrqnahty, which I will alwsy, .ell
low, W uolesale or rtetuil ;
white Fisrr,
And a full atsoiin.ent ol Groceries
Custom respectfully solicited.
t9 Fresh Lake 6sh for sale every Tbuwday evening,
and Friday morning. J. H. B.
I t A,
alwavii on hand.
selves of the means which the Almighty has 'Kn including 8 columns and 400 prisoners.
successor. We do not know what is the nature
"Ouvrases blanes." and in thoan iLaw tivb co of the obanr against Wilson. He has been in
. -. J .1 i i . a; i .:
placed in (heir reach, to avort such a calamity;
or that lightning was governed by natural
laws, which were instituted by tbe Deity him
self, and which it always obeys.
Now I wish to propose a few questions for
the sdvocates of this gentleman's theory for
his or their consideration, and in regard to
which I should be glad to be enlighted.
Is there any more harm in praising
wilh fiddle' or iolin, than an organ or any
olher musical instrument, if so, why f Are
psalmi detecrated when the tunet are played
on an instrument that hat lecn used to play a
German wain ? Would the case have been
bettered if that choir had met in one of the
dancing halls of Steubenville ? Might not
Providence have sent the l'gblning there as
well at to ths church? And last but not
leatt. what is the meaning of this : 'Sing with
the spirit and the understanding.'
Prow kid, Mr. Henry Biihop, of Hancock
county, Ohio. We regret the loss of such a
If having ! mn t this lima Mr. Bishop was a member
of the last session under the 'Old Constitution.'
bslng a
practical prin'ar.he detected with eaie the over
liargat of th famous quasi Sam Medary, in
his attempt to get the advantage of the House
in the printing bills, presented by him under
the contract of that session, and having detec
ted Sam he had the honttty and boldness to
expose him until even 8am' friend i caved,
greatly to tbe advantage of the treasury. He
conducted the Hancock 'Courier' for several
He came to hit melancholy fate whilst enga
ged in cutting loose tome drift wood, which
Old Slavery Locofocolsm.
It it evident the wormert in this old, rotten
cere party, have become desperately alarmed
at the 'sign of the time.' Tbe Chairman ' the high water in Katrle Creek had rnll.,i-J
and Secretary, of the State Executive Commit- Jd when in the middle of the stream; which
tee, have called meeting of this Sag Nich , "a crossing upon bis return home, he was
commit! to be held in Columbu on the I3ih(n to throw himaelfon hit bapk and heard to
of Ibis month. Why is this committee called at j " for assistance. He floated some distance,
that place on that day ? Doubtless they have nd then tank to rise no mere with life Thi
We have loit 400 men killed and wounded,
Prince Gortwhakoff telegraphs to St. Petert
burg on the afternoon of June 8tb, thus :
After two dayt of heavy bombardment tbe
French divitiont detached the redoubt No. 6
at 6 o'clock last night and occupied tbe re
doubts of Karasohatka, Sehnghengaiki, and
Bastion No. 1. Our troops took tbe Kams
ebatka reserve and retook it once more. We
finally regained mastery of that battery, the
the land office a long lime, and il is said mi
Washington, that he is more familiar with tin
details of its business than any olher man in
. the country. The papers a short time tinu
j announced that Mr. McLelland, of the Interior
' Department, had declared if Wilson wat re
moved he would resign, but of course be will
I do nothing of that kind.
It I in the order of event that Shannon
should receive an appointment from the Presi
dent, He wa one of the four d o g s of Ohio
in tne House ol representative, who turned
traitor to their constituents and to freedom, by
voting lor tiie inlamous nebratka swindle, lie
diacovered ibat tbe doings of tbe eigth of Janu- depth and rapidity of the wild, rushin stream
ryiaai nave not given sausiaction to their prevented a rescue, and bis body was not found rl.: tin
kr!l,rWd m h l. tr, A. t tin caw ! I, ft I. I "
wwm v vv vw i avwH-ao aaaswosjT.3 vi UU rM uuvis9 aaiii rrai IJ.
French holding a lodgnent, where we hope to prj-IUtsd and forever banished from public life
drive them. Our soldiers fought admirably, in 'at borne, it is proper that he should be reward-
proof of which I may say that the enttny's loss I ed for M Perfid)' by 'he Ad ministration, Green,
exceeds oars. He has lest t,600 men. snd we 1 ! g0 h gf . PPoint'1
w i.t 7i - a . I of the new U. Is. Court Olds has a son ap-
haye taked 876 men (8 officer.) pr.tonert, a. pointed to a fat office. Shannon goe, into the
wen as two Trench cannon. Lund Office at Washington. Disney is vet un-
The British Admiralty also makes public the provided lor. But we yet have eentdeno that
following : ' n lu duo tlme. receive his reward 0
n t i .t.. a. . o. journal
uupv. uyuu, oi uie nsiranaa, ana uaptatn
Sedagea, report that the naval operations a
gainst Tsganrogx, Manapoul and (think, which
took place on the 3rd,5ih and 6th day of June
have perfeetly succeeded.
The operations were conducted with very
great rapidity, and tbe eeig throughout wat
conducted to the advantage of the Allies. La
ter account state thai 1 1 Britiih officers were
killed ; 160 private men were killed, 510 woun
ked, and 16 mining. It i singular that Lo'd
Raglan omit to mention how the British were
engaged, or if they were i ngaged at all Gen.
Pelliwier's dispatch say that his English Al
lies carried the rifle works in the quarry.
That oar reader may form a correct idea of
the operations of the Allies againit the Russian
work at Sevastopol on the 7th June, we subjoin
th followtug condensed description of these
worki which we clip from the Cleveland Lea
der: Every one knows that tie ground before Se
vastopol is intersected by ravines descending to
the Ma these ravines being divided from eaeb
other by ridges, upon which both the Russian
work and the principal batteries are erected.
The ravine farthest to the northeast hi front of
what is bow called the Inkerman attack ia that
It was
at one time intended by tbe Allies to take pos-
wtHO. J. K. urumbacker, writing to his father
at Laporte, Indiana, from Quebec, Iowa, gives
the following description of a scene on tbe prai
rie : . gaii
'I write to inform you of the death of mv
partner, Mr. David Bennett, and also bis neph
ew, Joseph Dennett, who were struck by light
aing wbtla hreaking prairie on my place, and
together with four oxen out of three yoke, were
killed. I waa within 40 or 60 rod of them at
the fatal instant, and was somewhat stunned,
(hough not badly. James Austin, who was
chopping near me, made some motions tbst I
did not understand. I started toward him on
the run, and ha towards me. I saw he was
not hurt, and asked if the otbers were struck.
He tnid tbey were. I sent Auatin for water
and ran toward them myself, and there saw the
awfulleat sight I ever witnessed the whole
team down, struggling and kicking, four of
them dying, and the driver aad holder both of
them dead. They were stripped partly of their
clothing, and what a as on them was on fire.
The lightning parted as it ran down each of
them, following eaeb leg, and tare their boots
entirely off one and nearly so off the other, pas
sing into the ground at each foot,'
S-The Mississippi paper state aa a fact
that shower of brimstone have fallen in that
State within the last two week. It has been
tried and proved to be genuine. Kx.
Not very far from the place that where it
will burn more than "nigger."
Inventors, and Manufacturers,
American commenced on the 16lh of September.
It is an Illustritkii firiudicsi., devoted chiefly to the
piouiulgHtion of infi rmalion relating to the various Me
Ottawa and Ohenic Arts, Industrial Manufactured, Agri
culture, V'alenta, Inventions, A'nginceriug, Mdlwork,
md all interests which the light of Piactical Science is
.'ulculaied to advance.
Its geneial contents embrace notices of the latest and
'lest Scientific, Mechanical, Chemical, and Agricultural
cihi, lor Buitt r, E'ntr, and all tiuds of Produce.
1 duiing the seapon. I have tented Mr. K. H, Leg
gett's store-rooai, opposite il Vidian Quiui Hibsr,'
where I will he alaayscu hard to see ruv liienuV
Come along, tLcrefoie, and get money tor jour extra
Those who are indebted tome can now have an op
portunity of rartKO their act'ouiits lih pro rci.
Carrollton, P., May 17, '66. tf.
Simeon Jennings. 1 By virtue of two slias vend's
VS. eip'a. iitued from the 6inil of
Jsmes Mean, A'ob- ) Common 1'lese, Cairoll county,
ert Heed, and Matson 5 Ohio, and to me diicctcd, I
Ayres. AIsj, same vs. will of er for sale at the door of
James Mears, el. als. ihe Court House, in Carrollton.
Carroll county, Ohio, on
Saturday the ib day of July, 1866,
the follcwing described piopcrty, situsta in the lows of
Malvern, (late Tro ) Carroll county, 0., ashillows:
Lots numbered sixty two, (02,) and five, (5), in said
Appraised -at t Tern s cash,
May 31, '65-5w. pr fee 83
Mscoveries, with A'ditorial comments explaining their Blred into oil the 16th day of April 1864, by
spplication; notices of New Processes ia all branches of ,ei,te witn Jaco SBer, for tbe sale of the "i
Notice is hereby given to Henry Muckley, and John
Mnckley, of Stark county, Obio.snd Adam Jucklty, of
Tuscarawas county, Ohio, Susan Ithinebart, and V.
Khiuehart ber husband, Catharine Trusse.l. and her hus
band Jacob Trussed, of Stark county, Ohio, Hannah
Zaucbey, and her butband H. J. JJauchv, of Portage
county, Ohio, and to George Muckley, whose residence
is unknown, that Joseph Uanne, Adunnislrutor of Jacob
Juckley, laic of Canal' county, deceased, has filed his
Petition iu the Probate Court of Carroll count j , Ohio.
against them, and Catharine Muckley, widow of aaid
Jacob Muckley, for leave to complete a real contrsct,
' the iii
Xasl half
of the South West quarter, of secliuu sixteen, (16) In
Township seventeen, (If) of TJsnge seven, (7 ) lonu.in-
anufactuies; Practical Hints on Machinery; informa
tion as to Steam, and all nrocesaea In which it ia udt
nable; alto Mining, Millwiigbting, Dyeing, snd all arte i in8 ei8ht.T crea n10" or les, situate in Stark county,
tuc liens mt. ma iu iiimkc
involving Chemical Science; Engineering, rthilecture- 0h,' nd ,or le,f " on Prt ol tD heirf ,l ,,w M
coaiDtehenaive Scientific Memoranda- IW,Hi,,. nt deed to the purchaser of said land, and the said-'
Scientific tidies; Account of Exhibitions, together '"ohu Adam, and George Muckley, who are urolhas of
with news and information upon thoussuds of other sub iute8tte' a"d.said Suauii, Cathaiine, and Hannah, who
ir latere u. micsiave, niiu .uvii uu.u.u.o rwi. iimmi-
Reports of U, S. Patents granted are also published
every week, Including Official Copies of all the Patent
Claims; these Claims are published in the Scientific
finwiean in advance of all other papers.
The Contributors to the Scientific American an
among the most eminent scientific snd practical men of
the limes. The Editorial Department is universally
acknowledged to be conducted with Griat bilitt,
and to be distinguished, notonl; for the cicellenee and
truthfulncsa of the discussions, but for the fesrlessnesa
with which trior is combated aud lalse theories are ex
ploded. Mechanic, Inventors, Engineer, Chemists, Manu
facturers, Agriculturists, aud people in every profession
iu life, will find the Scientific American to be of great
value la their reaped ive callinga, Its counsel and sug
gestions will save the hundreds of do lars annually, be
side affording them a continual source of knowledge,
the experience of which Is beyond pecuniary estimate.
Tbe Scientific American is published once a week',
every number contains eight large quarto pages, form
ing annually a complete and splendid volume, illustrated
wilh several hundred original engravings.
ed, and said Catharine, widow of Intestate, ais notified
that the Petition will stand for hearing In said Probate
Caurt of Carroll county, on the 2Srd. day of June, A. D.
I860, where tbe.v may attend, aud if they have any ob
jections to the granting of the prayer thereof, make the
same known, 4c. VAN BltoW A',
Att'y, for Petitioner.
May 31, 66 3w. pr fee 3.
Oue copy, for
TERMS ! 1 1
One Year J
Six Months tl
Five copie, for Six Month (1
Ten Copies for Sit Month, $&
Tan Copies, for Twelve Month. $1
Fitteeu Copies for Twelve Month, $22
Twenty Copies for Twelve Month, ftfi
Southern, Western, and Canada Money taken at par
for Subscriptions, or Post Office Stamp taken at their
par value. Letters should be directed (postpaid) to
june 2H, 188 pulton street, New Tor k.
T their regular March section, the Commissioners of
Carroll County, Ohio, levied a tax for Road purposes.
five-tenths ol one mile on each dollar of valuation of
the taxable property of said ooitotj, (5 cents oa tlOO,)
which tax may be discharged bj labor oa public high
ways, at the rate of one dollar per day, (between the
first day of April, and th first of October,) under the
direction of tbe supervisors of tbe several road districts
Ooanty Aaittot
Carrollton, una 19, 1 1 85. ,;w
Notice Is hereby giveu to John McAlliatcr, of Owen
county, Indiana, Susan McAllister, Samuel Zucas aud
Hannah, hi wife, Adaline McAllister, Lucy McAllister
and Rebecca an McAllister, ot' Carroll county, Ohfoi
and Mary Mc A Ulster, widow ol Georg A. McAlliatcr
deceased, late of Cairoll co'iuty, Ohio, that a Petition
was filed against them on the 26th day of May A, 1).
1886, In the Court of Common Pleas of Carroll county'
Ohio, by George AfcAllieter, aad Jacksot) Hagair.au'
and Temperance, his wife, and is now pending, wherein
the said George McAllister, and Jackson Hagainan and
Temperance, his wife, demands partition ol the east
half of the north-west quarter, of section six, (6) in
Township thirteen, (18) of Range six, (6) in Carroll
county, Ohio, (74, SiMoO acres). Tbe said Petition fur
ther ask that the dower of Mary Ms Ulster, widow of
George A. McAllister, my be assigned her in said pre
mise. And, also, set out that the naked legal title to said land
was In James McAllister an infant son of said Qeorre
A. McAllister, deceased ; that ssid James never had any
interest in (aid laud, and that lb same was held in trust
by him for the use of hi fatber, George A. McAllister
that said George A. had uninterrupted aud advene
possession of said laud more than twenty one years
that said James has been absent for sixteen or more
years, and Is believed to be dead, &c.
Application will be sssafo at the next term oi tie
Court by tbe Petitioners tnr n p..,i,i
(and an sssignmeut of dower) of said premise.
w Att'y. for Petitioners,
May 31, 56-6w. pr fee t4,60
Notice is hereby siren that the undersigned have been
appointed and qualified a executors of the last will and
testament of Michael Abrnhims, deceased, late of Centre
township, Carroll count v, Ohio.
Jane SI, 1856. 3w. UICKAF.L ABRAHlMfl

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