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&tc tWeiofsre wuh iiBpanity. n4 Maid to
hit rt'ijj ih-.r clini'X viler tb draaaty
hia'i u ofjrtivJa ia 1C55. Seja of '.Item
va !h( ii.:oeJa' ia Bastveria.
0 i the paSbe WaiJiajs, uwiet fipenJi
tares, fraad ad overcharges amoant to ware
ta a aartar i a jo ol dUlars. Lrf
bom of ids public moiibj war !oaed to vri-
uu Mrsoia, baak and butlers, and ara alill
uaavatlabU. An J ia la 4 m attar of can coo
tract oad-r coosideraiioo, there i aaoiher loat
to th Slate of 21,U(Jo. Tbi it lb specta-
ela tbat greet oar eyes the retail of imauoi-
tr hrtofr njoed by these who bar be
inyji rhiir traits. It the time hai oot yil
arrive 1, tnl ihi it nil lh occasion for Lg
tslstiv action, through, energetic, decisive,
can any on tell when the time will com, and
vshat seheae, fraagbt with d.oger and dis
grace to the Slat, will be luQcient to juaiifj
i'T In my ju Jjremeat, if weVill not now act
and act efficiently, if we hare not the powr
) to act. then t'ae legi.tUtiar u but lb shad
i r of a namf. i powerless for good.and should
be abolished, as a useless appendage to tha
Bnrdf Public Works.
,3o much upon (an subject, lir. And 1
woald resume my at w is (here not one oth
er topic wiili respect to which I ought to say
a word. It it claimed that w are running
the Republican p my upan the breakers, aad
that unless we stay oar haa 1 it war t il be ruin
V- 1 admit that (he Republican party it re-
tfjasibi for the action of the leglal.tlu.re, and
thi ia an additional reason, with me, why we
should laks such action in the preuiitei at
will receire the sanction of the people of the
Bt'te. but I believe they will most likely ap
pro our course if we do jutlice.
I would do nothing which will demoralise
or disorganise the republican parly, unless
impelled bv a sense of duly to the Stale, for,
in subordination to that, do I hull my allegi
ance to any ana every pany, l relieve not
only that iho Republican party hat accomplish
ed much of good in the part, but that in the
future, the welfare, the honor and the true
glory of the country are indentified with ita
perpetuation and its liiumpk. If there waa
cause for its original organizttion, that oause
til 1 exitis in undiminished force. It had itt
origin in a new devttopement of democracy,
at is cropped out in the Kansas-Nebraska
Bill, Thit waa not pra-slavery Democracy
run mud, at tome supposed, but pro-slarery
in full flower, or rather, 1 should say, bear
ing legitimate frait. And the aud.ioiiy, the
falsehood and treachery in which that bill waa
coaeeived, and which triumphed in ils passage
is about to culmiuate in tlt establishing of
slavery in that region which our fathers
thought they had secured as a heritage of .free
dom. Every indication points to this result,
with unerring aim. And Ibis question seUled
and that region secured to alavery, the incom
ing aduiicislratiou will be disembarrassed and
free to engage in its career of slave halting
aggression in another quarter, 'a caieer fully
foreshadowed in that brigand document, the
"Ostend Litter." Its only check iu its pro
slavery aggressir- policy, is the Uepublican
party. And I deprtcale any action on our part
which will divest this party, whose great ele
mental priceiples are truth, justice, honesty,
right, of half its power, which bv lowering ils
standard, will weaken it boll! on the publio
confidence and ti e public heart. If it would
avoid this, it must avoid all collusion with
public plunder, and all sympathy with public
fuunaerern, and preserve itself intact from po
itical corruption, in no other way can it be
trus to iu mission and fulfil the hopes and
redeem the promises of its fi lends and foun
ders If it now, in the gristle of its youth, shall
fall into the embraces of its avowed enemies
and folse friends, and be guided by their
'treacherous counsel, its history will soon
nave been written, its decay will us more
rapid than its growth. But on its ruins some
other organization will arise, which uill b true
to the demands ot tho age, and will illustrate
ita living ideas af justice, of pi ogress and o
DstBRviD Libkkalitt. A correspondent of
the Herald saya thai "at tho annual meeting of
the Second Presbyterian Church, last Tuesday,
the salaiy of their Pastor, the Rev. Mr. Eells.
which had been V100U was raised to 2000
In the evening of ihe same d-iy a purse was
presented him of 9860, made up, not by the
Society, but by a few individuals. This added
lo tha I25U contributed last winter at a sapial
party, makes up the handaou.e sum of 91100
ovtr and above the regular salary of last year.',
W tbink this liberality 00 the part of the so
ciety is well deserved, Mr. Eells is a fearless,
rm -sinilr ttn Lrrrvman anil rlncu mil rtsaitnfa .
, .. i
vaia hiM vmrn ftftiriiinat Lh oiant evvu of tltn
a tit., tiii i , .,
flay in spite of ihe cry of "political pnacliinjj'
. , . ., . . . T !
raiaeil hv a rmr l.un nrtfll it nhnwa tbr.1 tllA
. ft . ii ., .i , ,
chnroh sppreciate hlra hiuhlf. Clev. Leadir
Offtl 'irli
- "
W AtiiiNOTOH, March 7,
Dboisiok or Jiines McLbab. n tha U. 8. 1
8upreme court this morning, Judge McLean 1
delivered bis view, srguing that slavery is
hmited to the range of States where established
by Municipal .ay. If Congress deem slaves
or free colortd persons injurious to the lerriio.
ry they have the power to prohibit them from
liaenminir artth ra therein. The ROWer lo nr.
The power to ac-1
quire Uriitory brings with it the powtr to gov-
The matter doet not carry with him lo Ihe
territorv the law f the State from w.nch he
removes. Ki , cc. the Missouri Compromise is
constitutional, and the presumplioB is in favor
r . r j r r..i e.,,i, .....I I,, f..m,1v
sTs f undeoT decitian. f
. . r ,
JB.fc VWrUftV -Clftjiii jr;iii.
New Ohlbans, March 7
A Dm. W Mob.,.. - A duel ws. fought ls-l
at Mobi'w between Nixon, editor of the
Preaefnt. nnd Breckenridge, editor of the Cou
rier. At the second shot Breckeniidie was
wounded in both thigli. his left thigh broken.
Nixon is uohnrt. 13 reck n ridge is the tame
xwraoD that fought i eaves worth,
dp SlarjroU rcc press
CuTolltou, jharsday Maroh 10. 18M
Jax U. Tairr. .Wiu.ua McCov.
)oe Z)oUirand Fifty l.'inti per annum, in aovabcb,
Two Dollat i (not paid within the year.
Oo 4; Ma, or lass, three insertion, Ii 00
Ktch aJJi-ional inaerti
l. 00. llsso, S,00
,10. " 8,Q0
l oo. " " ,Jo
1.B0. " 10,00
H.00. " ' 14,00
1S.00. " " 15,00
I Steer, 1 mo. 11.50. s
" " S.00. "
001000 M 6,00."
j " i,oo. "
i " " 11,00. "
tW Ttn Unci or leas of solid Brevier will be consid
'red t Square.
fW .Yivertisers mint bs particular to msr'i the ium
r of insertioa J oa b fare of their advertisement",
N tbeyvil be pub! iabed until ordered out, sod charged
tJT Adeertiicnients should be handed In bv Tew
av aoasiso, to insure iuaertioii that weik.
UT Jo Woaa neaUv and eipeditioutly eiccuted at
uiaolllee.oii theabortes powiible noiice.
0fM 0 MmC ROFUT, 7 3 South Fourth .tree, a
3ts Walnut, Philadelphia, ia our aut honied agent to
ibtain AdrertitemeiitB tor ui in tbat city.
Wo-im Qns, PutilUheraol the "Commercial
M . W. ft. - ' fUi.. 1 MIX V.. I
Resiatir," are our Kw-York Agents. Office 140 1'ul
1 Street, $t m York.
.JJT. M. I'ltrraauu - kCx, are our authorized A
euu, lor procuriug adVerliaeiueut iu lb city ol 7A.
iuu auJ claewber.
jyj . T, a , Witonr, ia our only authorised agent fo
procuring dierii- !!ticiil in the c;ty of 'itaturgt,
J. Ht til Arwiiipn.
1. 8ubscribcie wbo do not give notice to tba contra
ry, are cousidert J aa viabiu to contiuue thcii aubkcrip
i. ' II tubicribera order lie discontinuance of their J debauchery and a disregard both of the laws
psers.eaubluher niay continue to aeud tLein until of Go I and roan. It is contrary to the laws
' '.""' acrbePr.'dneglect or refus to tJte U,eir pc of nature,' of justice, and to the principle of
riodicalu frru ibe office to which they are directed, thev humanity, and a curse that every law of soci
ara hel.t reaponait.Ie -ill they have nettled the bill, and . . . ,,
oiderodtheia diacoLueued.
4. If .absentee remove to other places wjt'.out in
lormiug the puli inliem, anu tnc papcrn arc aent to
former ujenion, they ir. held renaible.
5. The OoJrta have decided that, relusiiig to take
oapen (tain the ollie, or removing and leaving them
iicalled for, i -1 ir'mafacia evidence ol intentional fraud.
MT Poatinaatnrs wbouotify apubliubcr thai a news-
papa i not tiikei. frum the office, are reipiiied to give
the rta.an why Ihel are not taken out. (See Poat Oi-
fl:t '.tistrraetiont and Laws.
New Hampsliire.
Have our South Americjin. Know Nothing
hating, Locofoco friends heard from the Granite
Blale? Have you not heard that Eastern thun-
dfi! Thnt Ri publican thunder from the na
tive State of Arnold 7'ierce ? Republican Gov
ernor! Republican House!! Republican Senate!!!
Republican State!!!! Entire Republican dele
gation to Congress!
Stale Senate all Uepublican. Hu?e more
than two to one. Tiat is repudiating the mag
niflcetf. seiTic sof Gen. Frank n fainting Pierce,
is'nt it T What say you bouih America lii
cofoco ? Poor Frank hnd better go south nd
cullivate that suaar -re seed, thul he purchas
ed at such cost to the Government for the ben
efit of hit Negro ttock dealers. New Hamp
shire is no longer a congenial climate, lor such
a faiulmg traitor. Awny ! Awny 11
Tiicks upon Travelers.
The following a clip from the 0. S. Jour
nal, which was taken by that paper from the
New-York limes. Wo are not further advised
of the truth or falsity of the tlatement, other
thaa we to know that Michael Ouyer sr.d
Mist J. Thomas, did start for New York city,
in cjmDanv with his sister, with the view of
a v
sending the ladies to California. From this
statement we learn that notwithstanding Mich
ael might be able to icorst his competitor in a
Western dicker, yet when he came to deal in
California tickets with a ttev? Yorker, it was
Unite another business.
Two Ohio Ladies pay w400or Steerage 7icv
(. Catharine Thomas and Elizabeth Guyer
arrived in iho city from Harlem Spiings, Car
roll cnun'y, fylno. Miss Thomas had received
COO from ber brother William, now in Cali
fornia, an invitation to go out. taking witn
her Elisabeth, to whom he is engaged to be
married. Alias Guyer'a brother, Michael, ac-
eomoanied them hi.her to see them off. Mi-!
ehael is met, as usua1, a! the depol, by a run
ner, who shows him the ticke' office where he
s relieved 9400. for which he is promised
second cabin tickets for th two, the Compa
ny's price foi which is 1 75 each. Not con
lent with the moderate swindle of $50 on the
two tickets, instead of second cabin, they
get steerage tickets, for which tOO each is
paid, being 76bonus on each ticket. The grief
and mortification of these ladies on discover
ing the imposition, was excessive. They did
not care for the coney extorted from ihem,
hut the idea of being compelled to triv! a
tourney to California in the steerage
J ' ....
United Stale troops, was horrible.
with 300
and they
'nave vent to their leelings in tears sr.d sobs
.... ?
1 .1. Ui.hLft Ininftfl villi oil l.iu
WIICI1 KI '"ii"i J'v-
might. Catharine declared mat ner nrotner
would come all the way from Cak.ornia and
sboot the wretch who Lad so imposed upon
tn,m. They had hut little money left, and
4ichaJ, tp avince his tinceri'.y, gave the la-
ajel every red cent he had, trusting to Provi
dence lo get back to Ohio.
Washinuto- Towji-ii'i'. It will be seen by
reference to another cojumn that our Wash-
jioglon township friids are on the alert, alive,
vigoroui, and if postible more determined than
uPun " bsoi bing quesiidn of Liber
ty to the souls and badiet of mea and women,
and ought lo be gloriout publio domain, a
patrimony intended for free Stats and free
'i W.l0
moon ui iu1 uuitutrunii, wrrncneu
blood of the bonderoan, wrenched from
vein, by accursed chains and slavery.
Our friend have pasted a deserved compli
ment upon our worthy (.ongressmas, Hon.
k- u,0Ua
Mb. BucunaM CiniNST. The following
genllemen compose Mr. Uuchannn s ( atmu t :
OtXritarv ul ftltaic, Lrewia Vjiftoi . ui mniue
Secretary of Treaspry. Howell Ctbb, of
Stcury of W.r.JotB i. o,d of V,r-
' '
Secretary of lb Navy, Isaac Toaeey, of
Sturatay cj Interior, Jacob TLompson, of
Pbstmat'.er General, Asron Vail Brown, of
tlorney General. Jeremiah 8. Black, of
n 1 - 1
for ths Frtt Prtti.
Reiolutivnt of the Wathington Totrntkip Repul
lira Club, pasted at a recent Meeting:
In view of the xiraordinary exertions made
to extend slavery into our western Territo
ries, we, the flepubJicaos of Washington town
ship, form a society and bind ourselves ia ons
common brotherhood lor the purpose of oppo
sing thit bligl i ng enns.
1. JRetolved, Thst this Society be called
the Washington Freedom Club.
2. RetolitU. That the osncers of ibis club
ill consist of a President, a Vice-President
Secretary and Irefciuree .1 .11 k..l.l ..
, , . .
I fur lU6 Wrm m months,
3. Resolved. That our motto shall ever 1
Freedcm, Freedom of Thought, of Conscience,
. .
0" Speech, of Press, of Religion, ot every
principle that tends lo elsvale, ennoble or re-
'1 f
fine the humau mind.
4. Resolved, That alavery as it exis's in
the United States shakes the foundation of our
Republic, subverts the wjll of tho Almighty,
by the absolute control of both the body and
mind of His creatures, leads it votaries thro'b
a degraded life ol'idlene-s, theft and murder,
intemperance, gambling, Sabbath breaking.
' ft"" f f
- 1 soil. Il is despotic in its nature. Degrades
uei ....., t. , ,.
Uoclety anJ majtes percbandixeot men, Wotpeo
and cllllilr.-n .
a Ti . - j a ti,...
jenerson in nm mousnis 011 tne sutnect w:ien
Tar.,- .1 1. ..
he says. that (he Almighty had not an attribute
which could take part with slavery. And that
he trembled for his country ben he reflected
that God waa just. And we also admire John
A Bingham, our noble statesman, wiien he
declarea that 'One hour of liberty is worth an
eternity of bondage."
6' Retoli'id, That we will uot vote to ele
vate any man to any office of honor, trust or
prefit who supports the administration of James
, , . , . , ,
Buchanan. based upon the Cincinnati piriform
' r
IH any Way.
7. Resolved, That wc adopt the resolutions
of the Republican parly, which were adopted
by their delegation in convention at Philadel
phia, June 1 8, 1 C&G.
0. Resolred, That we tender onr thanks
to the Hon. John A. Bingham, our Represen
taive in Congress, f. r his able, clear, calm
and thorough exposure of th sophistry of
Franklin Piirce (the Democratic demagog
ue) in his lato message.
Colimdus, 0. March I Oth '57.
Mbsfr. Editors: On Saturday, the 7th inst,
the bill to provide for the establishment of a
Reform School in the State of Ohio, presenud
by Mr. Monroe of Loram Co., was read and
considered in committee of the whole, at which
time Monroe made a brief explanatory speech
in favdr of the hill. His sneech contained
speech contnined
some very appropiiate appeals to the honor cat-;
culated and intended to induce the house to !
pass the bill. The probability it that the bill
will pass; some of the more prominent features 1
of the bill there shall he a board of j
commi6sioneis who shall exercise a general su
pervi ion over the Institution, that said institu
tion shall be located in th country ronne place
near the centre of the Stale as theio may he
land enough got to make a farm sufficiently
Urge to give iaoor at any time to all the in-
mate tllat nay iir way there accordinir
Ii - 1 Ti.. l lift .1
to law, The bill also provides that the land so
bought shall not cost over twelve dollars per
acre, it is desirable lo get such land as have
but little improvements in the form uf buildings.
This institution is designed as a place for juve
nil offenders, and a place where they may be
taught better things than to offend against the
law. It is not with the young offender as il s
with the 0I4 and hardened criminal. Whilst
it is exceeding difficult to work a reformation
upon the individual who say have indulged
in any vice for the grester part of their life, the
young and nea beginner in error may bs
taught and restrained with comparatively little
labor 01 exertion, and wherever we can do the
most good there we should labor.
A bill has been introduced in the hours
to sell out the entire interests of the State in
all the public works of the State a very good
proposition in the opinion of many g00d men,
It will be opposed no doubt by many, and par
ticularly tluie who desire to have the manage
ment and control in some way or other of the
publio works, and who as a general thing here-
loforehaye defrauded and cheated the State ;
and the probability is that it will ueverbe much j
bt(er, man is but man, and it is too true that !
men are too nearly alike upon a certain prin
ciple, (I presume I will be understood.)
The house had passed a bill prohibiting the use
of the county jails within the State for the im.
prisoning or confining of any person qf ihe Uni-!
ted Statet who it aoi charged with the
mittion of crime; this law will apply 10 fuiri-
... , . 8
live slaves, I suppose so. therefore tbe slavehol-
I . Blt fl. l Al 1
uer win oe uname nereaner in unio, wnen he
may succeed in taking up a oo'orad person
(whether they be free or slave) under pretenee
., , , , ,,'
that they are slaves from plunging them into
uy 01 uui jin.ui nm oi.wa mr .mo aeeping,
for a longer or shorter lime at the slaveholder
, may determine which is virtually on trituiing ,
I slavery, therefore the act abev re erred to
is vary proper a iadeed. Tke l're.ident
Elect, has Catered .pea d.tie. of that el
1- ' .. , i a.-. 1 a
I nd m Insgursl u before the people.-
it is eot what saaay sipected lo aee, ( I aaean
oftbose whosoaported him ) Bui it is abuvt
what the Kaasaa 'freedom sliriekerl' expected
it would bs, a good Southern pro-aUvery doc
ument. The deoiason of the Supreme Coarl
of the United States in the Dred Scott case,
will do to be plaeed bv the aide of Mr. Bu-
hanaa'a Inaugural. It ia due to say howev-
. h i ali. j: . J
m mm rmmjs mmmm m mm. -..-- .
otiinioo irom inai uenvereu uy a maiuiuy wi
I . .- ... K..e.M
the Dencn ia we aoove case.
v-w J t . A.
A WOru IC JjORlotatOrS-
In the natural atate of mankind, his oa
self-interest and rolection ara bis only law.
i!e acknowledges no allegiance to any earthly
powtr, and the only limit to the gratification of
hit desires, is bis power to indulge them.
These ate the rights tint pertain U his hu-
inanity, wiih whib his creator has endowed
him and are perpetual and unconditional. As
notiulation increases, the neural rghts of man Slavery intht TerrUoi its: hence the Missouri ; tion of a work presenting, thr gh th "sedfutu ol a
poou ' 0 ... jalap th. Slat., with it Geogt. '"cl Xnvinoue into
conflicting with each other creates a necessity Ues'.ru uon w is unconstitutional. 1 Cmiitiea aud Jowna, with the lta.lri.tds id oeraH., a
for his relinauiahment some o.' lboe nhU for 1 rfus'.ice NclsOC we nre happy to say, does not ' weU as thoin proces.of conatructioN n4 Wtev uv
f ... 1 ' . . 1.1 1 . lottnaiion u-uallr uiveuin that way; a fca,"ter oll
the pr. lection and good of the forming fu.ly concur in Ibis abominable judgment. , ci,i ofticeraol the St.t, iucla.lingth. memte-rsof ib
an arliticial ttate of toeiety called Government, Ju-lice McLean of course disaeots in loto; to Senate and Houne of Jiepreseutstivee, th. priacipal Ot
, ,. ; 1 . 1 n : .1 ' ticera of each C'ouuty ud Oily, separately arraagad, a
the Democratic or Republican principle of we presume, does Justice Curlu in the main. 1 mm9t reco.d of L;gi,.ti;e AcU0, ths
which ia. thai the people while delegating cer- despite his eniinecce in Union spying. Justice sMtaWatts, the organiiwtlon of theSut Jadiekry; a
mm .11 ,L. ' r-. . 11 i - - - - ,1,. list of names of Juaticts ol Ilia Peace llirougboat tba
tain power to agenta or officers, are still ibe &rler ,e preme, went all lengths with the lhteeufJ or 733 PM,
source of that power and by the magic of the 1 five slaveholders who compose a majority 0 Offices within the State; a Church directory, or lia of
, . . , , , r, ,1 - .. l, ...; -.1,. . ,1,. Lm ! the Churches, wi h their loeatton.', Paators, Be, Milita-
ballot can affirm or reject unw.se. unsafe or Is Court, leaving but four ninths, to the tm- fi 0rgtnlin-'oas Incorpor.lcd JZm, Con.-
corrupt laws, and place the ban of their dia-1 men 'e preponderance of population in the Free 1 aaaaas, Railroad Officers, Ga Light C-otaaaaies, New.
pleasure upon those who. II 1 1 1 III" J upon the 'states. This decision, we need bard-y say. is P nJ '"'. Cul0 j4
brief authority to which the partiality of the
people-have elevated them, prove recieant to
trust, and barter rights of the people fur per
sonal aggrandisement. Any assumption of
power by legislators or incorporated bodies,
which is inimical to the woll-being ol the mass,
I. , . , . -n 1 (jhitrtei' of tin
" l WHh "e fc ' .. , ,
man Rights. It weji becomes the Republic . n
legislator to remember the source from which
a derives hit authority, to recur 10 first prin-
I oiplea ar.a enquire lor vim purue wm wtmmm
, tin, trrvant ol the SOVerelL'n rjeoul . II It Was
simply for the purpose of subserving his own
individual interests, his election is nothing but
a mockery. If for the purpose of perpetuating
systems of stupendous villiany, entrenched be
hind l.'gal forms and technicalities, sircng'.h
eoing the hooks and chains that capital bis
hmiml in, mm Hit' limbs of honest nroduclive 1 1-
lljor, then his election is worse thiin a farce,
u L .. nnf.irl 11 n l,I it (tT tliu I I i V , , I CflO at i t II L. O
, .. , ., .. ",, . ,
cy, and dishonorable to himself; but if anima-
, , ,
I led by the ster ing purposp ot honesty am!
!,n.,r,llo I ,1mm tir ilia rrr.ul.ol 101.nl t
Ml III IJ I y ICIPIDIIIIg ,U. . 1. 1 1....... , V.
ihe gieatest number, then his eleotiou is no
less 11 lofty tribu'e to his own integrity th in 10
the sagacity and discriminatii n of those whose
Keprsseula'ive ho is.
History shovs all the way dgwn its stream
that no public man under a Uepublican form
of governn.piit, who has cut himself loose from
the sympathies of the people and refuted to -x-
, eit himself for 'heir benefit, could long retain
jhia hold upon the popular mind. There ia a
mighty power in the whirlwind and in the pent
up vnlcano; but in tho still and silent b illot of
aa outraged people, there is an irresistablu and
majestic force compared Willi w Lich nil other
is a spider's web,
Representatives rjJ Senators of Ohio, when w ih a s-t'itemcni of my reasons lor not com
yoti convened at the Capitol, one year ago, j missioning William T. Sberra Esq., a Sher
while vet fresh fiom the people, vot might iff of Douglas county, 1 have the honor o state
,,jry have been supposed to have r:fltcted .
lheir 8enliinents. You were indignant at the
bare suspicion of ih frauds which had been
practiced by ihe hitherto dominant party: you
.1 once withheld aonroDria.ijns for work al-
reBdy completed, and appointed committees to ;
J '
investigate the alleged fraudulent contracts , ,lj(n ont;re!y unfit for the proper perform
with a unanimity and honesty ol purpose, nTlre of the duties of t'lat olli :e.
which was above the suspicion of insinceiity. j There was no inteniioo, however, on my
How stands the matter to-day? A change ; P"'' to "Uhhold his commission; but in Coose
, ... i ; uuence of the abtaBM of ihe S icret irv of the
has come over the spirit of your dream; and ,. , . . . . f i .
notwithstanding your suspicions are more than
confirmed bv the report of your Committee,
you are sitting supinely bv, apparently frighten -
. , , , . , it . i 1 :
etl oy tne gnoai o. repuouou, w ,0 conjo-
red up by n treacherous and suosniiz-d press,
sustained by fraudulent contractors or their
ao-ents, who nre moving heaven and earth to
manufacture public opinion at the capitol, and
, ,.,
bnnga pressure to Dear upon your uenoeraiion
which is nol less insulting 10 you man noei
lious upon a republican form of Government.
The least that can be expected of you in this
crisis is, lo vindicate your own honor and in
dependence, if you have no regard for the in
terests of the people. Your labors are draw
ing to a close; your overwhelming majority bus
thus far denied Ihe opportuuity ot testing the
ring of your metal in contests where every
thing might be lost or won by a single arm;
but that time is now approaching. You are
not only lo meet foes without, but traitors with
in; let ihe last crowning acts of your official
life be such as will never cause the blush of
shame to linger upon lout cheek, when you
once mora mingle with your constituents at
Will you go back, and tell them that you
had not principle enough lo resist the npplian-
Ce that were brought to hear upon your hon-
etty ? Will you tell them you bad not firm
ness enough to withstand the persuasion of cun
ning and specious arguments directed to your
sympathies rather than your understanding ?
or, will you vindicate your title to the name qf
com-,ciward y lellmg them that you had oot the
eour,Ke t0 wilh8Und .lhe 'hreats and bullyings
of hired assassins in the shape of corrupt and
, prees, whose very life-blood yeu knew
! . . a. a
was drawn from the pocltets ot contractors 7
Will vou sT to them, that when the whip and
snur was appli-d, you kiitlt, like a "bastinado-
led elepliant,' to receiTe the burden that was ui-
mA ;,ftred not do your dutv ? Wj,
j yyj excuse yourselve by saying, that when the
'conspirators shook iu your face the fraud u-1
lent contacts, made with you? sbonest a-
grets, and ihreatrn nuW pointed you 19 the
fd rharaetrr if l-KJ forma, that you treas-
5rd,ik.,l,,'',r: J4 "
e Lord aiwoBitl T It o. the people will
ri L , curM ,lon ypM wlU UlMf
coapUtr the noralhl. wuh the ijteritioa, that
yoar banihi,'Bt will l jt ipnu.il and irrevj.
abje - Cay., ( iw Vtrf.
The Decisis a of th Supremo Court it tkt
Dred Sc)tctse.
The long trumpeted de.iion of the Suprem
Court in the Dred Km it cas as prenounced
bv Judie Tanev usU;dv. havin-r been held
ffw- jft u0 flaffrRnty
, , ..too ,l.
to alarm and exasperate the brer Stat.e on the
1 of m im Unl irejoli electiow-
1- 1 .
cardtnaloinl are reported a follow:
a . aft a . a, at
1. A negro, because of lilt color, is denteu
ih. rights of a citixea of the United State e
TrD t,e right to sue in our court for the r
dress of the most flagrant wronga.
.'A alave being taken by his master into a
Free Slste r.nd thence reluming unde; hia mas
ur'a sway , is not therefore entitled to his free
,1, Congress has no rigldfid power to prohibit
be th iud vment of a majority of those congre-
, J . t. j-
gated in nny V aslnnton bar -room. It a) k-
turn oreccrlLi'd y the s'.ump to the bench the
B0 jt..k.rijfe tticki. V. M the slump ready for in
BV nt use il : needed. It is of ft piece with the
, 1, , .
voice of Benton. Dix au1 liagby for the tBttft- J
ation of Texas with the bo'tnditry of the Rio I
t,.:. :..... Jl.iUi... .II fJ
avtwwwwa saw jwBpwwwavi.. - r
promises and brings us face to iee with Hie
h'reat issue in the right shape. Jvavery implies
-l.ive I tws lh.it is, law sustxining' nJ enfor
cing the cUim of one man vo own and sell an
other. In the absence of such laws, Slavery
cannot exist; and a Republican nscendedey in
1 he nation, insuring l publican rule over the
l'i ri i'ories, will prove a shield against the en-
11 Intent of any such hws
uiiuer any o.ner
aa -.a..
ille, all our Territories ara hencef.irth
lVrn'.ories, 01. the w ay in be ripened into Slsve
We postpone further comments antil the
opinions pronounced yesterday le fully before
us. Let nol SI ivery exult over this as a second
and separate liiump.i frorq the inauguration
and inaugural ol' Huchanao. They are parts
uf oije whole, nn 1 as such will be regarded SB J
met in the sp rit of Freemen. ,y. Tri'.une.
Tlia iiisult ta (iov. Gaary-His Objections
to Sherrad
The following is the mssa';" jontnining the
Cioverncr'a objections to Sherrad,
Lecompton, K. T , Jan. 1st. 1857. j
To he House of RiprtSinJntiMt, Kansas 'Jerri-
Uk.vtLEMKN: In replv (0 your resolution Of
, ill
U;e lU.h instant, winch wus received late on
the SO lb, requesting me to furnish your body
lliat while I ara disposed 10 accede tq any rea-
,0n;'T., 7. . T 1" T;!' .T . , T '
lliut matter at a subj.-ct of inquiry only Irom
the territorial Courts
Prior to its announcem ntto m. the appoint.
meotofMr. bhsirad wis orotrtsted ngainst by
many ood cili?,'D18 fL 'compton and of Doug
aa n.i'iniv 114 his hum I s ml 1 new). 1114 rci .r.
aa riftvtftlv. ns his hn'iiis nn t nnsi.ins ra l.-r-
I tua which time I was informed by many re
! sped tbln gentlemen, amon whom were thos
! f county tribunal from which he desired
' his app.'intmeni, that Mr. Sherrad had been
broiIjQ ,ui ,, hoot
)D,r at pt.rsona wiln pi8t0l, and threatening oth-
, era. I have since been informed that these
fads are notorious lo the citizens of the place,
" e suostan. aiea oy proo,.-
hliould the contriry O t made cieariy to up
pe(iri 1)0 0Q0 will rfjioe more hearti!y lhaB
(Jul it is my desire to be distinctly under
stood, tbat I rill commission no one laboring
under such charges as would impair, 1 f not en
tirely deslioy, his usel'u'neis, or whose pass
iona and habits would render unfit for the
proper discharge of his duties, or which might
in any manner endanger Ihe peace of the Ter
ritory. I am instructed from the source from whence
I derive ray appointment, to pursue this course
of policy. The true interest of the people ol'
the Teriitory require il, and il is sanctioned and
approved by my. own judgement.
Governor ol Kansas Territory.
The Missouri Republican ( Pro-slavery )
It was this message that Sherrad made a
personal matter, and resented by cursing Gov
ernor Geary and spitting upon him, with the
supposed intention of killing himi if hd gave
him the chance bv resentinz the insult. The
coolnes and self-possession of ihe Governor un
doubtedly saved his Ufa. He passed on witL
oiat deigning to notice his assailant.
-7 An increase of one dollar per acre in
the value of land in Missouri, as ihi Cincinna
ti GqMette shows, would pay for all the slaves
in the State, at 60Q each. No doubt if the
slaves were all free (he land would rise im
mensely in value probably five or ten times
the value of the slaves,
NBARrSjGHTKn, Persons living in cities be-
gin to wear classes ear ur than country peo
e from u.ont of ofportuniiies of looL,
at things a a distance, t hose who
put far off the evil day of ''spectacles.
wish to
accustom themselves to long views.
Xcoj CUiucrligcmcntSa
0UI0 WAT!! HKfilSTEIt.
FOR 1 847.
As pablUber of th Onria aatl Wrertrrr, the aob
rikter h been eery ct'an ii quired of m rraard Sntw
iMinen and addrewa of civil and Judicial HBcrra, Tub-
,te Uaia..!. ... P.cfeaaioBal .. d ,c ,
111 oiuer pane w mr iuu. 1 ia ir iji- 'ie. in opr ei
wkh hj own ..
"J"1 ""ia oi it eme kind-haa coTiael
I hMB lb I very large portion ot til ejthttn, Uaslawtua
.,a tb ant.r. IVut!, llaaaaaiU aad Man.-
I m a .a.a I. ..a W-.
lieiu mg part ot mo community, together wiw rere
,onaidiabl numher of lhoa aSMBsM 1" Mechanlci I
ah I Agiicultural purauita, t.n'Jbi great)' baoatUed
' tr tft pablicUin ol a work suitable for general rata
ioce ii. regard to rublic Ollicei a and aaatMawSSM whtlh
erj'taie, fSswaf , City a Town, and which afaoeld at
lb aaru'a tiu' preaatil 10 Protaaaional and Ai loai Kan
. in evarv City, Town and Yillige throughout th 8ia ,
; th opportunity (af makiiiglbiaelv gnilly known,
'jar BS other words, niedium through waves the; may
torm an aeqaaintanca with eaeli oilier.
or (be aee jmpliahmaft.'' o( e"jct, ha prope.
under the above title, to co.'""rc taw anaaol BtM a-
J sonic, and jII other benevolent and benefieial Sock.
liee and institution.-; and a large amount of oihsr sta.
tUti(.ai information of Public importance; lo whiph will
be added a ushesa Mirror, in which every Trd.,oc-
I . ! . . naiftfAauirftii aal I ha iiinaala m ara,. h.I
- L.,;, a, (UT represented aa any individual .imaged iu
t'em can ccnstantly dcsle, aa it will include all ho
aid, in any way, to sustain the work other cannot
j, esawrt ta reap the full advantages which
may i deiive l from such a publication
A work of this kind, if properly sustained and faith.
j ally executed, ai lo trom its great prj? ioal utility
far a U ok c' Reference in respect to facts as they 1 : f
1st at the titna of publication of each issue, must i
crease in value from year to year, m from being pub
lished annually, it will evidently become a record 1 f
th 0 most important eventi in the order ia whiah th.)
oeecur, and will consequently form, I'oliiicjlly, .ud'
ciitlly, Socially and Connuercially, tho uaost pcrfe t
bh'ory ot the Slate which could pasaioly bo futui.h ;
The Subscriber is the pr prLetor of the CinciiiBjt,,
CTractOrv, Which work, as an .Snnuil, was first i;ab
liSod by Lira- It has bn succasfull; continued for
aeveu vear. etmstaullr iucreasini? in its cireulit'nn an 1
... . . . .. . . 7. . 7
ut, itt -it nmiy ewioii ia, wii a iowr aal .nen-
1 tlvel ' ' ' pruop-ti C-
laaaaaal u.wiis I1 ruuzbool IticSiatn. a-T well in all
the principal aMe in the Uoiin ,n addi 1..11 in ihi.
ho has, Sarins t. 0 w year, published IMruoioiies of
the Cities of Davio'i. Ooluiibu.Steiibeiivi.lrtand Kmc
ville iu this S'ate, 01" Wheeling, in Virginia; aad of Cj
vinton mid N'ewport, in Kentucky, lie keepa cori
sunily employed a number of men thoroughly acquaint
ed with the B4a Ot oali saltan amileirah fiy such,
works, and will ap ire no p.tiiH in culltci ni aad eo upif.
Itif tba raaUMiai. a aack a wibbw s 10 ukt ihit
wants o' OBSSJBlity,
The a'tentinn of citi.-'iis thr,)Uliou' 1 h St'e, p.i
Ileal 1 ily of Praia blwad a d llusiness men, is respect
fiidv lavlted 10 this Ureular, and with their eo opeia
tion the PuMbaW li'ipen lo uiako it meet their Biaav
a id lo receive, in re nin, 1 fa r eonipema'i m for iba
very great o itlay, ii. lab r and money, wliicil D h a
ark must njcessiuily reiiiie.
The ti st number ol theseiies, (10 195',) will he i
sued .is aaoa as I lie aasatMrv InfbttWA'l 111 CB1 be giltaa
ted, prob.ibly abMttk 1st of duly. The stile uf tho
w.iik unl baslaHlattataa t7haiaatl Ibructoiy It nit
be h iiid.'ii ni ! v printed, w. Ii b tu id i 1 el lh, and fur
nished to I abail Slt at two Col trt a. d M y cents.
S ibserlpttoat to the work, and inlm uiation in reg.'irdl
to sVnilallas, faatllBlluna aa are reapectlull) solicited
Iras ihoso iuunelialely inltresUd inihtm ai d all
eoiuinuiiicat,ons ,ii respect 10 the wink, whether eon-
... in ., tucn iniiiiniaiion 01 n. iM-i enqmneii, will ie
SiVB lui'iicdiute alleutiun; Address.
0, S. WlU'IaW4.
DlrretSfV Otlet, 191 Vfalnnt ftaet.
P. S. Cijinmnnicati ini cnnUinini; onleia or M i-orip.
waa fa lhe work i . he eapected to lio itccuinuan u l
with Ihe amount Iractional parts of a dollar m.iy bo
sent in Postage Stamps, ) a id the work will he Iu, -warded
by nt til. f ee at PsaBB
Eo ! Farmers and Qaidjnira 1 !
Pifi'SUMINO that you have anblSilbsl fr yourcoun
tt payer, as everv eol eiti.en slum d. ti"ar
and the farm work coining on, you will ucd the farm
own paper,
4-i.l yon cannot attrd to do without it. 24 pages, twloa
:veiy mocth. and always up to th ti hk
Uii y One li(l lr is Vc r.
Three copies lor 11. Send for it right off.
S. D HARRIS, Eoitob,
Vol ambus, 0.
March 19 W1.
Singer's Sewing Machines.
Tho great reputation ol S-ngar'a Sowing Machines I
founded on the fact, tbat they are perfectly adapted,
to every vaiiely of work, and that each one of iteui,
kept employed, wilt earn not less than
One thousand Pollers a Year.
411 persons desiring lull and ret abl information (
bout these machinas-sijjs, prices, moea id urohta
ing, 4c. can obtain it b; applying, 'by latter or other
wise, for a copy of I. M. Binger k Oo.'i Qstl,a beau
tilul pictorial paper, entirely davoteJ to i'swing Jtf.
chine interests. It will ba aent gratis.
Local Agents
II 'anted in i very town In the 6iti;4 States, to wiiom
libei al inducements srenffered
N. It:- Ho have made antngements with many edj.
tors and publishers highly profitable tal satisfactory
them, and wih to make similar contracts with eveiv
newspaper and magazine in lh country. For full
particulars address I. U, 8IKHER. Co,
March i, lCi, am' JaJ Mrodaj, mew-Y a
Jonathan Long )
4dm nitrator of Order of Sale.
John McAllister J
I In pursuance ot an order ol bale is -
John F. LUdsoy j sued fom the Court of Common
Pleas ol Uarroii county unio anu to me irecieu. f.
will offer tor ale at the door of the Couit IIous in
Carrollton, Carroll County, Ohio.
On Saturday the ISth day of April 1867.
Between the hours of ten o'clock A. M.tnd fur o'chek
P M ofaaid day the following; real eelate "Th North
half of the South Wes' quarter of section twanly.eiibt
(2H) in township thirteen (13) of Rang four (4) con
taining eighty teres ol land In Fox Township OajrioU
County Ohio Terms Cash.
Utrch 19. 1857. J. II. WniCRAFT.
Pr. fee 3t)iJ- Sheriff.
Chariej B: Leech, ) Before Jacob delfrich a
v., .uttica al the Peace ofCintte
Fry k Walk ) townabip, CarioH county Ohi'-.
On the 27th dav of February, A, P, 1857, said Juatic
issued an order of 4ttachment in th above action for
the sum of two hundred and aixty nine dollars ana . Illy
fiv. cents, CH.IRLB5B,LEiPCIJ, 1
CVrolhon, March ,9, 18i7, 3w.
If -ou want a l'mt Urush, Cloth Bru.8, Hair Brush;
Tooth Bruahor Flesh Brush, call at

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