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fvwfs Department.
t rm, Pmttr'i X. F. Spirit ot tk$ Tmu.
One Idea Farming.
Did you crer obssrve a squirrel in ft lift
ztgt, with revolving wheel attached to it;
.at sparstai pfttftp in acoaniry by room, ths
,j -;t ailwari, wb in hit wheel, oa ft
jinsp, yet always Hi too bottom? Did
it ver oc:nr to jon, if squirrel would hoi I on
i .4.J bt part of the lima at tht top. tup-
Doame the cr ration to to onl
a ie ftftmas, tba soeiaJ, the agricultural
uurial cija, gyration always goes on.
Thar ara uoab uneasy fellow, who must
ftlwav- be on the jump, and always keep the
whiu! spiaoicg; "argai.', (aa our njoraliiiog
WHl'Ul'H stvs in Hamlot.i it one wi.tr
a -D3 . - -w
.Ban Lie iT!owt hold on. the rait will propel
him to iba vpptr tide, half tht tinu! Q- E. D.
Consider that point Bellied.
. riffs and rumors of tariffs speculations
and tdfflrn of speealations! foreign markets! a
avbwi c...;.ia, are aotftatlf ftlBfetftftf of
ay fur agricultural . mci i r ,
Vat n olt great stftflta, wflswftt, wool, eo
' uairy pioduets, all staples that con
V 11 I i, .asuoally reach the point of over
prowl t fa, iti nut eaty to chnte th em
M uf ire elocl in lade and fixtures in
jAomeat, and oo-siqueniU the uv rproduc
Ciftiiawea, and reachee a higher point.
in- jti.test itele.se oferioiie; prices cease
to ha N uu ucrituve, the accumulated turplu
On baud to keep dowc the markets.
j i.-. . .i.tu un ratably selsiu. Evtry wi ecre
is contrsftStw thai this particular brauch is not
only wtM up for the lime being, but done up
ton say. , 'for good " Every rat is
hi laafiag the .iuaiog tbjp on thd smallest
e'jif, he ftiio find to makft ft rait of.
.10 water runs toward the lowest place.
The aifi.tui.ur.il low place is toon discovered
ol at lea.t grs.pcd at. Every previout uverpro-
. vr m ik..s a pu-.li for tint. Ti e old tock
il '.ftcriL il.e u)l.l Gxvurt-s are tnrown away
If tht low-ftlftwl is dairying, every cow in lbs
kingJoui i. bought up at an exhorbitant price.
If it i. woo), tlie prlco of sheep instantly doub
let, liiit roitrk! Every one of those wlia hare
helped mtke ovtr-;iroduclion in one biancli,
(uud il. rea timet as many more,) rushing to
e in a I w pir ihey immsdiately make
it .lie Sl'ft ftwt. 'he spot where tbey bave
f , bftwwftMft the low place. The squirrel
(hi I eld on it at tht top; (he one that jumped
It tht bottom! U iding h m.elf at the bo. torn
L , s .'"iu, aud (like the
woman that
BSOks in me.iug) keept finding hirs.lf at ti e
bo : iu. Q E. D. Please lo consider that point
f . nijf r I know of always abandons
a I u alftl lifts or article of production, the
I irut it becouias tne ragt. He sells out hit
ttn .; and bx.urcs lo llu eger r cruitt who
ftre r idj ts j v uble their value, and buyt
ur . Wru al half or uu irter price. Their abau-
donmeat ioiuiediat ly produces under-pn duc
ticn, ftf s c a r c 1 1 v , in the deserted branch , it re
jjsini its equilibrium, or rises above it; and be
is a kb ready lostll out sain at double pries
. a new act cf reslluss advenlums. Thai's the
lewdest kind ot ft squirrel I lly some un
ezpiaiiiable physical auomsly , It keeps ,.;,
HM wh.'tl ail tk nW
J ks it for granted I am not ''rhyming
to dull else," who cannot catcit the moral ol
the foregoing without my makingthe "praeti
cu! application," iike a good old, puritan dora
in" Cutlou hi. '.. days, after reuching
jpifftf h inother kind of agricultural idesism
equhiiy deserving mention aud avoidance. 1
tcoii.li in setiinjr but one (owl out when
:.. t.iea are expelled t i nun hrksl Your
wholl fajm is duvcted to tobacco, the tobacco
ficiis a bud Maftwli or the market is poor
V m i aw m pcor show of talks!
iibcr is .i god theory in a shop. But a farm
is s little kiugdom. 1' mu t be to some de
gree fttlf supporting to bt independant, or to he
thefn It is by no means worthwhile to try
t force natur Bhe won't be forced, if you
U - , Canada can't grow oranges. Cuba is
Ml fftflr.ui 'or Krnibec talmoa. Each will
fi .u it eipedien!, iu the long run, to foll.iw the
bsot bf it lr"flo gitt." as Natty Bumpo
Ua it. lfor.slias vtl.at i!io other has nol,
then tvnp and pay the boot! That is the log
(c nature in a common a nte.
A farm is a kingdom. Every farm is pliyt
ica Ij . utleatt, ft fiat contradiction of ibo mmm
' t;m, thstthere ctn b-- no ' imprrhim in
imperio.', Yor farm kirjlon must aaL if you
wouldculithelsrks,be lihiited to on, two, -
OT '.Viree proruas.
I giant tlmt you must linve But two nr ihrce
.wiaiV. stsplss of piohieiion. There it mcli n
jmUft mtftUtlrimj- tpreadtftg out like n river
wJtlioBt ft ftfaftdftei ftftd then the itinty (.jrth
tlribk up "bat the tun d n't evnporai. In
hort, you set out T.uch tUtle bowls, that you
wouldn't catch Kiks if ti e? thouhj rain plump
apoathftoi. Xhty wo uo'. big enough tjf lfji
But in 'ha rough masonry of farming (H in
tha Cyclupean walls ol the tlrecian iihftca,)
tha stones ara now hewn into courses. There
are wiswwvisws, emnss, to re uneo. x our mam
wriOTitturftl staples are the b g MftftiM I prn-
i . . ( . . a
os aitcunurai enmsers - no u:u net my
Tt..u r nnr .ii. k-i. i:.,i- .-.
.I-". . y...i..ww l.-.. w..-- l.-l 11 I 1'IIK-l
"sciftll hulvs for kittens,
n ? Me!
I am juis v.m ot l
1 am .ura you gy
I will drrjerd or atc-nd stciC'aiiins. !
XS'nwieen- iwi'iiiit-i... . inn uairy li.cr. 01 Jew,
Ttik do buin:t about ic t: is wisn. Mach
t . . .:.... t' . .
.has fromfiftfsn to twenty -ow. Hahssone
spat, of horses to no the small amount of plow
Jug or vteami.ig' of a dairy farm
H 1...
ne uae .
jftjp eoujf- 'o ' .ns'ims whn miy be lerwd
the vfal of the dairy. He has bsra-ysrdd
fowls a loaeeoase ftbaep to tarn the cbarairg
aeh'ae. Betide these (and a cur and rati and
fee) there is not another brute animal oa
three huodrad aeretl The uleabla prodicf,
as well as the human fodder) year in and yesr
out) of t.f establishment are dairy and poul
try products, an occasional baaf or real and
pork pork pork (and potatoes ) Bewl No
lis the dairy prudaci; bowl No t is the pork;
all tl a rest are pio and needles. Yet you look
round that fsrn and your eye at once discover
chinks. Yooder steep, biiary hill does not
-u,.port cowt. Il would carry theep Yonder
boggy "swampy pasture." where the wild
grasses admit do intruder but the half civilised
red lop, d:es not produce the sweet golden
butler, or the ruli soubd cheese. Two or
three great hulking cults to supply the farm
and civa the fa-mer a serviceable cob to ride
round whep ' shanks" mare," jeta old and stiff
would nip the better of the sedgs. mix it with
an occ tMonal lock of red top, and "pronounce
too good " These colts aforesaid, would bulk
round the straw-yard in winler.and eat a werll
of rough iitufl very nearly wasted by your
genuine dairy man. Tom would have hi. colt
'0 break Mid ride, an I, -mi his. By and-by
when Sam and Tom went atparking o'Sunday j
nights, ihey would rule like cavaliers, and not
go puking cheaply ou foot! Tho lad that goes'
a sparking ou a .panking boise of his own, is
ihc man that "brings down the persimmon!"
l.'e gels to be a boy, at it a hog, that bestride, 1
a galhnl four-year-old tf hit own.
loiiiur is a dowinigbt awamp. Cut awsy
a bit of its for. si belt and force in some clo
ver. Surround il with a ifoose and a duck-
pioof fence. JJity half a fccore of geese and
ditto of ducks, an 1 there enipoundllio.ro. See
how those durks, will -tielt out'' pretty de-
ont eggs, (where those of th hen and pintv
do are not to be had ) but only think of roas
ted ducks done to a turn, and fat young Christ
mas geese in royal abundance (my mouth
hall aaiera, albeit I ate supper but an hour
since )!
U. Let the ducks have fanciful top-knots
n their heft Is, and the geose be of the most'
enutiful varietii.., provided th y are no worss1
lor it. J be reason 1 will tell you io -i n I
Yoriiler fnot far from the house Ha tskst
not ftpprepriitted, because cowt, or horses, or
V . . - r "
sv.'ino placed there, would be mixiilaced. in
the way, and some of intra would come "be
tween the wind" and ibo woman lolkt' "no
bility," now and then. In short that spot
tnti'l be devoted to the attainment of filthy
lucre, unless il couaus from sooo' articbi or or
nament of luxury. Hun a trench round it
three fe.H deep, of only the width of aditch
in spade. Fill thii with the pebbles of the
farm ui.fii for wails, Clap a low fencn on-
1.... - c u I : t : r.. i . i . i
I "'P ' ".' t""a lancnui, n me coo it s re
cips say. 'acconiing to your Uate.' Stock
this with the I rge lop eared rabbits,
i. ,
will weigh ten or x.teen pounjji on the table
that are us tweet as a chicken, and that you
can have for the table without dJsproporUon
ate loss (as iu the case of chukeaa) at all
periods ol the year. Mind ihey be marked,;
wita thegenuiuu 'butler (ly smut' on their
nottt, etc.
If your firm it dry uphill, ha aura you iai a (it
im kct- per tiiinn. Ilavs t bttullful yard ol tl u he.'i
and mo.-t beaii'ilul pnnhiy. Let it be the silsiucratic
Pirktag, tha i nicy tia'uie, the flossy Spaniard aiiT
thing, in a word, but but tha great I s y Atii:
io Shannhai ( variegate into varieties by iniDorting ica
captain , afi. r the nam. of eory Aistie seaport wlieic
the luherible li jSSSS w.r.itakuti on boird i
TfceM "re but examples. More bowls, or
ditleient hi-wis, could be set oat accoriimr ta
circtimslanccs of climate or position.
low, let's sun up' Oh'p firmif, who I ved
on hreud and milk and pork, 'by chinking ap,'
as I have proposed, adds to his 1 aider (and
market wagon) mutton, lamb, geese, ducks, rah
yits, etc.. eii. i ne goo j wile Das wool to
ma'ia into those even, soft wipier stuckiogi,
under-fi tnnels. and pin saoiiHy. Evry boy
has a colt to ,) sparking on, anal 'dad' can
ride when he geig tired. Tubbs it twics as
uvea to ujri . at. Axa twics as men ro stut
raoM tiii Fa km
These are weighty cotiii' alioni. but tl.ere
are o:hen q iue as weighty. The bay with
his coll si J bii skipping rabbits, bis beauti
ful poal.ry ftaVfttV Sa reaou wbv I wanted
cresis en the head of llie duckt !) and pelt
Ol ftil kioit to -china up bis spare
with, ..: J occupy lut ihoughlt and aIec
lijiis.grows up thinking ths,: house is about
as pic itant a plaoe as the streets of ibft vil-'
luge, the bir-room, thi; store, the grocer.-, j
wi pis'ie. in ion .inni-i men;, HKr--lji no
I won't specify, where there are to many,
'each idle, tail il; and all th,a tame.'
,1 bold it a ptirt of good husbandry to
grew up a good breed of aaeo. He is not
the best farmer win raises good pigs, nd
xcruhs of thil lren ! The moral and ratteri
nl ftf the bi fci farmer, work iand in hand.
lluro eiiJcth 1 lebson,
Cortland Vdlige X. V.. Dec. lf!o6
lloo CnoinRx. l b,, ratal iliii'amonrr
bogl is thus accounted for by the Dayton Em-
It is IsW, by ihose who cliim to taow. that
cnuse of ihe d. -ath ofhogs Hi (i,e dittili ries in
this vail y, is the strychuine which is put in the
mush, in ordi i lo pioduce more whiskey thaB
the si I Byatea of opriitions. This process not
ft) killt the hngi that feed upon Ihe tlop, but
poitioftt those who eat the meat, and also lhoPe
who d; ink the wluk-T IftJJM msnufactured
ivaiaoicaniempiaiion mat, for sT sick mm I
The .inter her aftn for sale on reasonable term the
following real BD B ft
CaWiU SBWBly, i into, in wii-on. I. 22 "0n'
rected iltrgo two sUfj brick Riding, well (1,,H
suitable for a dwelling , Hotelc also, . ,m. ,, ' , ,.
ing Hit above on which i, g,Uttll4 , , "
.bout (rime kuWc
H-.,-alio iwi, oi her lots i on. enclosure with . UaZ
dwell.ng hirn there, n The tbovc prop,,,,
sold saaaratelv tw Lduib lLJ!T J ".
PUlltllC hi 1 SIA bi if.,t.l., .. L..
i.mtu -;im.. f-'-oie,-atia if
i Z ' .'III.
i woaaanerstftltoSH of land In Wood.
&mj Uwaj aba, oft. qiuwtar section n(
i m i.. ..il .
. . intwraw onoa whiehw 1 bo told
separately or jointly to. nit pureiiatem,
For Terms upi ly to LV. a .,'.... u B. n n-
rik, . - ........ . i., n
P. F. I'KitE,
DA.N'IKI. HASmAN'.H K.SVAI K iVotieo II heraby
KiTrii that tb.i ub-otlber la- been apon nt.d and
uj alitied aaa.ioiiiistratur On tlia euta of )ai.i..l ru.
deceased, late of Carroll ceunly.Okin.
cittii or . v.-S . ... .
i u i. Auuiinittrator.
Business (farbs.l
At weci.1 rrtn;f ment, ths erioe of Jenos Bil
mi of Uaotsn, no b.ratftined, hi sU cans wbso d.
Ornct In tht ro -m oppotite the wttt front of the
Ooun HoaM, hcrelofore occupied b J. II. 7Vipp E.
iKet. J4 M
A t I 0 r a jf a a i Caunflltr m t Law
w'M practice at the piofenion j l .rrolUnd the ed-
oipiog counties. All bwriaeft entru.ted to him ail
raeei.e prompt atuotioii. OFFICE .Sajall fraa
hftMag one door South ol the "Blidfer Uoute, Car
rvdlon.Ohro. lU .
OBc e, In the ret-i'lci.ce of Mr., 'ierce, up stabs direct
It oppotite tht Auo-iiean Moure.
QIA UftviiK pf riBaof nlly Urate d in
IHULihe above named place, the undcrt-ipu'C
UJUJotfvn hi BMSStWtatMH service, to pemonr
req'iiring oper.tioun. in lii proli.iou. His former f t
cihli.t have eiittiled him to become full acqgaintec
ith every branch of tht dental ftft and he is prepare.
to treat every case, whether it may involve a ini;l
tooth or an entire nil, in the latent and moal approve.,
aimer. All operations warranted to Rive IftSjMftetlssi.
fff Tersons eaite l on at their residences il Je-m-1
F. b. Jt. IH.V. tf.
(roaa iu.! "WftBSWfti Ei.ciii.sut II ui l ")
1 in- loug and fiTorahle kuuwn establishment, occu
pled tormeilybTlt.il. ZegRett, ..-i , hat In en re
oiieue.1 for the accommodation ol the public. Tui
House hat been rcnoTatcd, repaired and Improved, ano
now pro.eiit! all ths advantages which arcdoaired in
nrtt rata Hotel. The besllhal the market ftpftSSM Iste
lected for iu eue.is. (j mil cooks alone calor for it-
table. The arrangement for stabling ire peifeet an.'
HiatUs A hr-t rale barber is ewnvenleal. fcvcri
Ituilitv for comfort and pleaauio i. realisable at ihe pop
ular old atind. JAaES I'AV'ION.
May 1, 18 jo tf.
CARROLL! OX, : ! I i : : t t : OHIO
TllKS HOI Si'., Iitely occupied by JS. (i. Ictll,
lias been lately relit ted Vr the tubciibcr and now pre
eenta all the ailrantages that art desired in u Urst-iaic
Motel. The best tint the market affords is ftftftftSlW
for it's c i'-'-. (rood Cooks are in the emplovinen
St litis Ma and erery l.ciliy for nnnifo.t and plea
iure in liirni-hed at th is popular aland.
January i, I8..7. tf. F. U. SWA RTZKI.L
mills OOnim tIAf I nevkii f iiAiit;: ii
1 Mr. Elkek fT, wit'i having my cow or Hint si
., i..i..;i. ;;,u,i I,;,.
any other perrons unlawfully in or about his premise-,
and that said Fry eve lie 1 1 in his pttaftsftltj l - a I enw,
but btilieve him to he an Bftftswl man, reorning la en in
aiii any act ol the kin I. VALF.ATINE LA'ITNKI!.
The time has MBM when evciy man will hut
his Groceries where lliey can be bt ught cheapest anil
in nf the best quality;
Hi L. U0US1L has the cheapest and best
lot of Grnceties iu town; Call sad see what esaeHenl
, (.'.iffoe, Tea, Kiijiar, llnlasses, 'liee.-e, mhIb; Siaieh,
Siiler .tus, Tobaeeu, Clftftte, 4c, iu lact a-iv Ihinji
.. . . . I I n . m n ' .. . !.
inai it. cninpii.-eu iu . wcu sspoiicu Sloe., ol urucerw.,
A I -'i a gnod titicle . I Ireih tish.
Uo will alfO pay the hlghssSCftsIl price for Wheal,
Kye, Com, Ott.-, tattftv and nil kinds ol nub en-
Cairnllten, Nov. 27 IMfifi -tf H f. mr ir.
Plastering ! IMaist m !
7'ue nu.lerij!ned would respectfully infirin the pub
iu that he i mill ungated in the ab'ive BattneSS, and II
prepared to exi cute wink to the laney ol any. Ftsis
and ornamental phiKtering dune to order on the IBOIt
est BftftsM) notice. My long eipoiienee in the husi
nets, tiul my i-ucccss as a inechanio, euables me til as
sm the public that all work will bo cx.-cuicd to entire
satisfactinn. All oidera will be attended to promptly,
A d.lrcss the undoiolgnod, tl Carrollion, Carroll county,
Onio. VM 0. BUNION.
uiie I'J, I S5tl. tf.
I. W. i; ot i.o
NKW Sty-light O.iRTierreau (iallery, ju.-t beluw Hus
ton's store, Vain 6'treet, (VaiTolltbn Ohio.
I ponitively warrant all my work, ami will let no pic
luro leave my Rouius unless perfect SftlbfarllSn is giv
en. I sjk no reeiiiiiiiiendali.iu. My pictures will show
or themselves. Tho Ambrnlvpn is truly BMdSliAll,
MftftM and people from lar and near, are kindly solici
ted to call and examine nictstSwS uud got a piclurc ol
the iiselves, and triends.
Jane lv, '5C.-1t. J. V. C.ort.n.
i.ikbon Mtrefti - - t .i 1 1 hih, n. iihin
rpHE subscriber would rec-pectfully inlorin faitseit,
a wecnanicv, wo., mat nu ne naa uken back aud Ita
now in fulloieratlmi the Carrnlltn new
And Is amply prepared to furnish to order all kinds ol
Houghs, Atftfh rotate, Stoves, & Castings ol all des
ciiptions, at tho thurtett notice, and at reasonable
A good t-d citeiiMve iloek of I'longlis, l'nint.
Stovet, Castings Ac, eOwftftfttl kept m. hand aud of
alo tl low prices, lor Cash. K. McOLT E
Nov. lolh 1856, tf.
i has -it i iv ir
Plain and Oruneital Pnimansliip.
OnJfei snd CAf7S furiiiahcd at reasonable pi ices
J cieeuted with neatness and dispalch. '
I will he amid at all UsSSft, during bus nasi btfttl in
the Uecon er's office, Ctrrollton, Ohio. '
Feb. 21, 185s. ly,
Insurance Company of Hartford, Coihi.
CASH CAPITAL, : : $503,000
Ks .d ial attention g: en to Insurance ol Farm Proper
ty, Dwellingi & out-buildings. Insures tueli buildings
or can Stall, in a very favorable niannci.lia ,"or o .ir
Lottet Equitably Adjusted and Promptly Paid.
Stores, Warehouses, Buildings or Contents
and Personal Property generally in town or
country, l rates as low aa consistent wjth the
hazards taken- nnd
Inland Insurance against the Perils of
I.UIiMAM, Aam, t Ai'UU..T0N OHIO
Oet. a:t, 185s -in.
IjlUTATI HOWOiT. Sotice isherchv given tint the
i unilerslgiied has been appointed an ! duly qaaMwl
as sdministrttor on tht estate of llen-v Sii.wti r lu-
Kib. If, IHSn.
El h STAT K N'OTIOK. Notice Is hereby given that the
Ll undersigned has been ippnlntcd and qu litied a
Administrator of the F.s.tte of Cathirin Uigga deccal
"VlP.W. 0.XBII0MK.4.B,.
I IV W Oastor Oil, Sweet Oil, (Aal-lii-ei ril, ind ijrd
I" WI, as iiAi.-T7iT!'S
tttlina anri li.j III rood Col.dllion hiK (''! Mine"
a Union iGsnahio. and i. BrepareJ to I I til order-
ui hit inn uni. the .aoeisorii v of the coal iurnibd
.an I hew tmtnr wall etSablwhed and K U uot n-
nui) to comatDd the WJ la tbtae Uo Imtc WR
iin. it, iu ue ft JUiuhe. inen.iacier.
Iht.em mT employ Inm Jonn u. ana a.orr
VT- ll.iu.i.c, ahoare .etoud to uou. in Ilia Mai, mr
oal n.inrt. JODN FAW I Err.
Jauotr; 1,UM, a
miss. m. ANSHUTZ,
ka.T kiD or Jsaia siiui, c.aauLLioa vMiu.
ec. to, IS6S, ly.
(.' K I. E B H A T E D
M JAKSON, Phllad'a, Pa.
Dr. (
WILL tn l i H All I Cl'Bft.
Liver Coiniilaini. bryphi hmiitt
Chronic or Xtrnmi Vebihty, Diteattt of tht
KUlntyt, aud all diteatet arising from
a ditordertd Liver or tunuch.
as 6'jnstipa
tion, luw.rd files.
Fulhiewt or lilood lo tha
Head, Acidity of the Stomach,
Nausci, Heartburn, Hisgu'lloi Food, Ful
ne nr ll'e . .1 iii the Stomach, our Kruc
BMBSfta, Sinking or Fluttcrini at the Fit ol 1 e
IftBMftw, Swimiiiinit ol the Head, lull ind
dirScull llrealhing. Flulteiiag st the Ilcirt.Choaking
ir suffocatiiig sensations when iu t lying posture, Diniiic.-s
ol Vision, Dott ol webt belore ihc Sight, eer tnd
Hull I'aiu in the Held, .l.tk'ici.cy ol P er
miration, Yellowness of th Skin and
' Eyei, Ptin in the Side, Hack, Chest,
nibs, Ac, Sudden Flushes of
JJeiit, Burning in the Flesh,
Constant Imigiiiins
ol Kvil, and great,
Depression of
The nroprietor in calling the attcniion oi the public
'o this preparation, doea o with a lei ling of the ut
n 11 aawJUewOS in iu virtues and adaptation to the bV
.csesf.ir which it i-i recommended.
It is no new tnd unuied iriiele, but one that la-
itojd the teit of a ten yens' ttM Bfthwft th ftavatSBBS
people, aud its reputation and isle is umivilled by my
liaSMf preparations extant. Ihe test imony in its fa
vor given bv the most proniinentnid well known l'liy--icians
and MdVWwfth in a I parti of the country is MB
uieiise, and a caielnl peru-ial ol the Almanac, publisl
ud annually by the proprietor, and to bo had gratis ot
iny of his Agents, cannot hut saii-.fi the most Ifteflioal
tint this remedy is really deseiviug the great cel.biity
it has obtained.
Principal fVtUce on J Vfanufactoty, No, 8 ARCH .St
'hilad'u. Pa.
Sell try 0, A. Ttocgcl, Carrolltnn. A RUM An
usta. H'atc Jt King, N'oriijtown uud by all 0ftsioa
ui Med eines.
April 11, 185ft. 1 T.
Sall and Winter (J soils!!!
are Be hand t ain with a de-irable -Ooclt si BOW
mil la-l.i nahle goods, BOtBftvitktg all the VftriawSttykW
I goods that can be luw.a anywlnre. And WS tsk"
hi ineihod ol iiifotming our friends and iho BftUhl
hat Tiirv in. ior laLB, and at piices that will u-tnn
i ll and please. Uniting our I mds can be found ail Ihe
me i iisot Iawsbs' presa Qsefta. essttt ittBM ol -i'.k.
ool plaid', ineiiniw, paianieln, del.iii.c-", piints, -ShftWls
and Die-ii Tiiinniings t tllllic lalea styles.
Mrx ami HjI w taa Cloths, BBtswasfM, BMintUf
L weed! s, Jeans, Ac.
liKAKV-SlAinil'LiiTinsn, In IhftS ftsBftiwlSIlt we def
, ouipeliiw.n. Wo have evi rvthing in that srav HSBV
nvcr. dress, and tiiislftSwSBOBtB, Also boys eloihing.
Hoots ami' RwoBS. AVerVlblBI belonging to this
anch of trade.
Hats ano ' am. All that is de.-'nalilc fordics
comlurt. Clock'. Y. u who win' tweilml lujaa, call wiih
OatatoM, 106.
AUrSra, I'loor and 1'ablo
Oil cl ilth, a jjotiil a--oit
c. k a
11 AWLS.
Now is the lime lui a nice Shawl.
C. A- C.
a few doors we.-t of the P itt on llou.i?,
Main Street, Currollton, Ohio,
Has j ut received mi unusually lai jjo and complete
ii-'orlmeot of
It is needless lor me to attempt to enumerate or If
eiibe the quality orquaniiiy ol my goods; but wnuM
ay that my slnek cun.-ists in pail of Dty OoOSxS, (irn
cries, llurdwaie, QueeOSWsrt, Ac, all of which wili be
in my BBHtM Is sasall Broftts and qaiak returns. Flattered
Sy Bfttt saaoaaa, 1 bbbq by Brssspt stlsswtiB snd Rati
dealing to merit a continuance ot put I'm painmage
line word to all, call and BftMBUrS my nock and .ati.-f.
yourselves both as regards quality and pice of goud
belore piucliasing elsewhere.
Oct. tX IMC-tf. I, W. AK1X.
j pBBM fjoods all ol the ttyjet at
J. W. A.
good as.-oilni.nt of Clotns
CftaahsMNi ssiioeti
J. W. A.
Tweed Jerns 4c. Ac. at
litgeand ecinplete astoriiueitl
Il.iols and shoe- at
ol Hals: Capt
J. W. A,
Come in nnd see the nice, now floods and gel some
t'nst rate bargain. We are just receiving a inland id
stock ol goods, and wish tohtvor our customcm with an
opportunity to prolit by BfttOBftSlftg them.
tict. 'j:i. i860. ii. ARCH BOLD & BLAJHC.
Aline assortment of LaiHwt' dress gnoils, sillis, me.
riSMMftj eoburgs del dus tiiiglianis, prints, 4e
A. & 0.
I very fine assortiiK'iit ol boots and shoo, of all sott?
and riBSa. A ii C.
Do nut loiget to examine our line nock otihawls, bon
nets, Ac. A- C.
Llirst rate sole leatll'er, salt and groceries,
Come on.
A. & 0.
BSW BBS) eaevweft! varieiiol roadj-niado llothing,
A Bsttar sew tftaas, A. AO.
en.' and flaw' wear, tweeds, jeaus, satinets, cas
lincres and broad cloths. A.Si G.
The uudersigued announces ftwftftaUaa Oswaral A
gent for tho procurement ol U oks, Maps, Chart.-.
Newspapers, A'., and will dcrore hiusolf to that busi
ness, tnd lurnish applicant! with any bi ok now publish
ed iu th, I'uiied Stated, by having reasonable notice,
and will also, praeftrs newspapers or Magaxiuea for any
person applying lo him, also, Charts ai d Maps nf ev
ery variety from jJte BIwM P pul ir publijtilng liouaea iu
Now York, furnished on shntt notice.
Ho, iiNo. lenders kis fttftftftl as Auctiorujpr and
chic, of .'ilea
Reincmber His "oi l TimotliT," the Patriarch Agent,
who greets yi'., and who lake, pleasure in returniug hi?
incerc thanks lor ihe liberal patronage be io rcd aud
Kuiuits s osutinuauos of ths sume.
all orders pronipily atlo ded to, on restonthl. rerun
Address, Tintbihy Slevtus, "Ameiioatt Uoute," IV
Nnlton, ' hi"
Nov, to. '.to. TIM TIIY-Try
nSTATE NO I ICE Niiiiei' is .ereni giv.n ti.t i ,
I1, undersigned have been appointed and qua Mad S)
executors a the last w ill and ISftttBStttt ol Elias Hirsk
dectased. la'e of C'artcll count v, 0h;o.
Feb IS, 1867.
t MM If
ratcitfw Jwie h, iHit.
THIS Rake is intended for raking hiy and gltaninf
wheat Selds. A will work well on tough stony
groand; ths teeth being the common nietillic spring
iimi. .tl opemioti i." the most umpie nil rtsy 01 any
Horse A'akr in use. The oprrttor tides tnd cpertte
th. Kaka with hltleet, Ihe teeth fw-ing atttehed lo the
txletrte, which it Ihe brad of the Rake, with hinges on
tha frcnt tide attached to the shilts; the head vibntei
on Ihe lies ai it requirad br the operator lo lesre thr
load when ntDiniry. The Kike it well adapted lo ill
clastet of men. This it the cheapen, ilmplcit ind best
Horse Rake now in aie; at all V atrt where sshibKtd it
has taken tut premium.
ne have purchased the light lorCuroll counlv.lrt.ni
the Pnenlee, ind offer Mid Hafct to the firmerof Lit
tl. Carroll' at reasonable Ittait.
A model of tht Rikeoanbe s. rn it fhe 'Anirriein
rtrrolltoo, Ohio. WOOCBOKNE RCUDEEl gH.
July 12, 1856, if.
To School Tfarlifw.
Caroll county, will bold Six Bistiaes lor the ftft
nation ol School tcachr during the year 1867, on
'he billowing dtyt, namely: On the third Wednes
day in February, April, une, Aoguit, i 'i 1 1 . l . it, and
December. Ike .meeting, a dl be held in one of tha
public school hturcs iu Canolltcu, commencing at iu
o'clock, forenoon.
The standing iule- of the Eend irgulaling rxan,i
uatioi.s sre the following:
1. F.aeh ipphcai t Bftl rrriorally krrwn tr
to Boaid, uiu-l pn.di.ee a certificate ol tibial noitl
chiiac'.cr, ol Ifttft dale, ti.d tlftftHwl by nee or more re
sponsible pcrsom.
a. Each applicant niui-t come fun i-l ed with pen,
ink md piper; and tl.-o wiih McGuU'ey'i Fifth Reader.
S. 7o each applicant will be rubmittcd a list ol
.pjfstioiis on Aiilhmrllo, Euglirb Uramuitr, and tieog
raphy, to be an.-wiud ill wiilirg.
4. No tpplicatit will be repirdcd is quaiified to
tach, nor entitled lo a certificate, who dott not cor
redly inswer out bull oi the questions eubu itteJ in
etch branch.
5. CritiGcstei will ret be Urucd rn ibe diy of ex-
iu ii i'ii. but they . ill be remitted BJ mail or othei
wise it IBM is piirlical le. And whin in appli- ai I
is deemed unqualified, a note italing that lact will be
.-cut Bias,
t. Am licant comii g in ifter the c'is formcti
and i)e examination ht ceaimcuced, will be .- xprctec
to wait until the next regular day ftf BBBSBM irn.
7. No ccrihcaie will be granted to sny ptBJM w!m
L-known to the Boaid to be habitnaied to le me o
I ii.h.ne language, tu le inteuipeiaie ordi : (reft.
8 Jack BBpfteftBl Sftftt luinish hi., elf wih a
s'tmped eiivilojie, uni i.iin re II It St ft SB with i-.
owa name and addrens, and in such (iiv. t pe hit r
tiheate or note will be forwutded.
lv o d- r nf the Roard,
J.inuiy I . 1 867. Iv. ' Wll. McCi V", See'y.
Fill! THE
past yntr ptftSSirfw in BBBBtwtkM wiih lit. J
rtttBler, UftS IIBMJVBa Bit aftsBI and resilience to the
dwelling house tui merly occupied by Capt. (ieo- F.
Kenedy, mar the Ci un liiiuse. con er el Lisbon and
UtBftl streets, wheie he will hetrallcr he linind at all
nne- un hand- to pioinpily attend to all call; that re
quire hi- puf ssienal services. Flutteied by past IBB.
BBSS, Ba hopes bv prompt addition tomeiit a con
niuaiice ol public patrounge.
Dr. Lee cliiuu to bt entirely mnl rn i.i the tn nat
BMftl of disease I lielher nl nugicil or other SBBIBft.
ier. He has also paid s fecial ulieniii n to the new
i real BUMMbI lung and tin oat allot tions, v!r; by ' Iffel
ICS IlikaltttoV . Patients stifl-. ting liom any lorin ot
i linse alfecii nis, whether nl acute or chr mic chuae
tar. are esptcially invited lp call at his i llice, BftBVfe he
will be happy le render all InftWBtaltoB with lecnrd If
he IISBBSe, Biaaftwl Ol tieatnient, Ac,, tree ol tharcr,
I). .-oases of wonieti uud Bftttdrtl receive pti B)Bt at
I'H-.i.'ltnn. . Haftf 1 . IS (i tf.
' the aMlft S of Cariod, Sink ainl "dj iiiii gco'in
'ies, that, we have now ou han a IftSn and well ic
lected slicknl lljidwure ol all descriptions, such is
Iron, Nails, (Has. Sash, C 'peuter's Joiners i
'iioper's luols of all kinds, usually kept by the dadi!
We invite lariii T' and Imil lcrs '0 Sail and ot iiitiir
our uss irliastli b. f.ire purcluting SisfWhCVt.
nnd CSrr Trimniiu
OSBfttSS ly on hand.
Paints, Varnishes, Oils, Ac, of the bc3t qtiiVty
. i iistantly on hand, a;l of w iich wo w'!l sell at ipe
owatt ettft BtfeBB. Cad and See.
I Sept. 18, lH'.6.-tf. MAT BOHYftOiv,
i .vii iioi.i! coiA'fy
31 .IsV BE
Time Table for the Mail Trains
To take effect on and alter Mond iy ibc 2'2J
tlay of October 18o.
licm Cairelltorj lo Cleveland, ri'lsburgh, OresTlflie
fJalfttftfts, t lei.benvillc tr PoBth Mall 1'iabi, will v v.'
CarrbltlOB Dtpot daily at 7 A. M. stepping at nil wn
stations and connection with the Mail 1Mb, coint
Sorth on C. A P. K, R. IV? ngers going A'oilh.wlU
inlvs at Pittsburgh at !M P. M-
fsftla will leave Cleveland at I P, M. and BftlfBfl
pi rs ill uliiieai Canollton 8 ftO P. M. Thll arriif;e
mint will en c, puisengersto reiniin in Cleveland 1
Hour o tianuei u.siuess, and will enable passsngen
ihat may wi.-ii to reach Ihc S. k I. !. H. IraveJtna
-ouih to Columbus, or A'ast to Stcubenville, or Wheel
ing Va., without much time .oat.
Tho rrwtgftt tiuins will tun nsustnl.
Ftom Oneida to Ntm Mnikct, on P. A- I. J?. R, 0.
'eida to Carrollion by 11. R Cairollioi. lo ii'ew Mu lct
by Stage.
' Tickets through 11.111 to be had of Treasurer James
C.iineion, and at the Western Exchange, Geo K
There are regular lines of Stages running to ihr
IftSt, Irom Cai rollton, yailcm Springs, Auistculuin,
Sptiuglield, bichmond mid Stcuhi nvillc. Alsoadaib'
line running South lictn Canollion, Lnnierl ne, Perrys
ville to New Market on the S. & 1. ii. R. by WMcl
means tho traveler wi!! be OOSTeytd without lots of
Jan. 10 185B. E. McfiriRE.
Sup't., C. C. R. R.
Palcnl Tel. graphic Walcr Can1
TTAVING purchased the right tothe saidapparatus.in
11 the townships of I'nion, Rose, Browa, Augus'ia.
Washington and East in Cirrollcounty.Ohio Wc would
lafeferp lliecitizensof thatpartol tliecouutrliat wc arc
prepaid! to set up said apptiatus on short notice and
reasonahleteruia. Saul apparatus being for the purpose
of raising and conveying water from the spring to ili
limine, which is iioiuitteii to ne one ol the best annum.
tc' for labor saving in the female department, now in
use. ivanantcii to give satislactiou.
-. H. Any coniniunicatious for us cau bo left at the
A'uciicau House Cartollton, Ohio,
July!'? 18 . U.
A Colledion of Xewxpaper Facts and Statistics
A roiJJPIiETK lil.i ol BWtftFAPBIIt
In th United Stares, Cftlltlatand Great Britain,
fha oily reliable work nf the kind in the wnrd, An
uivslu'ible assistant In the Editor, Hook 1'ublL-he'r nnd
gi neral adTeiiiser. 8 vo. 2i'tl pp..
On tho receipt of $2, it will be pre pM per to
ny part of the eountrv.
iAYi BfiOfQER, Publl bcr.,
No P3 Dock if tool, Plii'ad-lphia.
tW EJifors inseiting the above three months, with
J'litoiial reference, and sending copies of pap r, pre
mill, tothe above address, wl :I receive n copy of the
.mu ii v 8, 1S.17. 3m.
mam m imam
April 5th IS, 'C.
The Most lliorotigli and Practical 1W.
tutioninthe West. ni
rir ruiiiourse, iiiciuouig in uepirimantt of J,ni
Keeping, Lictuici A I (ba.aniLip, u.iaiiaLly in
adsanee. 744
For lull court In Lsdiet Dt trtment. .
THE Proprietor! takt grett pleuurt in r x r rt i-
their thinks for the giatilyit g ml li pi tjIllt
ftBJBJ wliK'h BBSS mailed Iba cam r of Itieii lijuilii
tion since ilierliblisbmeut at the C.pu.l, aaft mum',.
lues in. in to renewed i xeila oa lo u.lti, in the Blt,
eflcier.t Bitnner, the tipldly incrcisirg d n m o ,
practical ind etBipreheniva m, ,i n,ri ,
triiring. ft e gtnl pitctieal expei nice ol lb pt,
eipal, in heavy Un king tnd Ci u u ircwi MeLiew,
Muni I y-. ci... un nd acctaipliilitd g. m en rn'
enabled him lo bring to s de; tee ol Mtlsttlrft ana.
BBS ot count ii g in. n, IftBftWtfetBSB, ly BSftl j)H,',K
uot attained by any oiher iritituian. I .,, ; fl,., ,
it I hi.-new procest, i drilled at the dek, n Bhh i.-l-ly,
ttep by Hip, ui til he bit Btrirird tl . w'lo
n unlit e of an Accoui snl't duliet n fh(.r, ni I U n
though he hid rervcdintipreiilicejl.ip in ,lh j tf
Commcriial Hcnre : ird ihut all t.ioi tr l.ltei
ii g ind eiigicgicua blunder! in, n i cn.i , .
In addition to onr engigf Birnt of trccmrlirlird As
siitcnls, wc Live also muitle reMitc. al M
ihe n:ort rmirent lctturet i Ohio lo lectui. ,.
inertlal topics.
Our iturteof u-tlructita lo i, I(l .ir,;c.
ularixe have, Bat It iu.bri.cri cvtry iLii.g rui'iertid
ithdiufle entry Ink li ' it g, Vhh tic n d u
HfeCttfls el in Sciti.t.hc 1 1 ii ti lir 1 1 cinn. ,,.
icssbmicIbI History, md Ukicrj ot Eaiptiti Ccu
; nen-ial Men, Cinmeuii'. Ovcgtirliv, (inneicia
1'iodiicts, Commeicial Cafe alatftfefta, 1 bMbbI En non.y
Mi rcanlile, Liw, Ethics ol Trade, p.i, cr, ),in At
Is bow open lor the ifctplimi ol I.idiw. Ko iostiiu
lion in the I'rii n in iris note ihirct.i.h oi kuiiit.
ing course in this DcMHftM nl.
In coiiclusinn, we weu'd tdd, tl il wr , , r.'f0,,h
our best iflbrts to B uit in t slid fen inin,,c r'tric. ,
ihe IftttariBI reaeMiaa with whjfh our m ii ! i UJ
n.el, nnd pledge ourFtlves to in fit 1 a u etc il oiouch
piaciical course ol Mi rciintile lawtSMIiwa tl an ttn be
pjlWH o ai .-ii on ei miliar .m hi. nine 1 1 Hi gc.
yln ong the many ieccn.mid.Ut nr, wc give tl.e tof
Inwing :
"We, the undersigned, tike plcisnre in triiifiiig
ihtt wc are peisot illy sritiiinted with Mr. Giincusi
ability is in Accent. ta t, ai. d leuthrr uf iv, ,
ii g. which is ol Ihe highest Older. Rftka. ,, JM .riAt
SSperktaeS as in Annul, lint; in liciry C( n u , lnj '
Hanking Houses, which give. Lift! t Ufdiur ftiBli,a in
iuipaiuiig a piactical tm wlidge ol Look kctping ud
a thorough Commeicial .A'ducilion.
riChident nl Fai men' CiJ nl
l rcpiuent ol Kcj0I1 ro.
To yftftM rren who wish to itt,uire "bufinsiii Fd
icitinn," wc Ihii k it tillnids raciliiirs ff Id, , tqwlcd
ir. Orsagtt ftaa tht lata qnalilican'tn of thtxliilittl
i.owlnlge snd tplfteffe in tenhiig, mY, i l Bttrilcfl I
'AiBBINig RuOfti ex nipt ce, s:d ( del cm Idfi ,.
; adunus lion, l is College will fee ftdh Bftftpaitk u
...... (vii ,i.nii.i Ml I I 1 .01 IS.
r. Bl "N f; Wtalsth aiid Ket.il Men lis nt.
I..I.INM-,y, 6ee'j ll'rd ol UiBiMit Utmin i.'l n
f YAM II, f L It ,1-1 ur 11 tl T U . .. Ji .'
ryinDlKK, Bool Keeptrn nihlon Bttli.
. A' ILLS, Paft'i f'o'un.bni b. f ai ri t' k I n
1 MASOM, Baal Ktipc.it J, Ji.lt Ikyatl iVa
iuii 'ui ueuiiiis si ni' fur t 1. 1 tl ir.
I t. ISA, is m.
lienlC!NI I' A IN KS, OILS.
DYE MTUfF. d-c d-,
JOHN" C BAXTER would ino-t tcspetifully in'orm
Il B BSUBSrCBI fik Bdl ind CB-UBtrS, that I e Im ,u.
p i l.ished his (! ck ol III i i:s-, J. knit mm, I .t- Oils
ilvtsit !'-, Ac,, fee., si it bus l ew i n Liiid .i , (,', ,,1 i
i goml BSsortB i nt t f the .'ii n c. Ilril tltei tl.e 1 hiib
iun, llu Fjim.i r, Ihu Alei hanic, in,,! ll Mfeatt to rtlj
with I, mi, sid iis'sui cs 'Inm tlut he tftft Hid will icll
i s low as the suii.c can be -old.
Carrollion, Sot., SI, IBK
CltBtSf Od, Can l.ivsi Oil, .S . ei Oi , S cim "0u t sli
' Oil, la il OU, iVeatf loot Oil, Hid Linn en Oil It
HX I EUS M. L ii yjon E.
t)trfetl wtshiig to buy Paints, (hi,, Vattiithet, Tu7o
psulkiS, xfurulftg F.uid, Ac , l!l Hi tl i good irticla
at HAM All's LI l (i sTnllE.
Willi ls. I M .Hi In s :
goec sstortaient oi i.oiii ins tanrri Watwtet, Coll
PCBS. Ear i'vops, Hi east Pin, Ac , at
cn I un, the teletiiutcu l.liii.e.e Skin 1 w I, r
lluliu 1 1 iTbostsi d Floweii, Extincts jbilikft
ilair t ils, Colognes, Ac, st
haxtfr'.s Diiro aroFK,
1 you nul , iii. .so hi the iAug rfiie. caii at
BiXfAR'd DM ti MORE.
jll.u k llluc, unit i td Inks; Ink Mai.d ; J'npcr; l.luw
Il BsoksOUriati Port VloniiM. Purtas fe , at
llAXTI 7.'S Iil.t'l! MM K.
If you -vhiii u Paint liru-h, Cloth Mr i h, Hair Uiush;
Tnoih Hiurh or Flesh lirush, ta I ut
B-AXTElt'S Il!l"(l :-3(iRE
Kin ile'n Fuci and Afpu Cuie. Palcin irrf i ague
liue, Iyer's Chcity Pectotal and Fills, U(llowii'.
Oft) mcnl li d Pills, II en lantV (iSJftlil.L OU, hlid , c
line's, fiellei t, J.ynet, Guyrott's, .S'lian's, ui.d nearly
.i.l... -1 1.. ...... ,
aniiie , ,. , . . i uiiiii mi oien en oi me anv at
A K vrtE OHAiXCi; COft AtUENTti i I
Bick!f)'8 New fifiMtM
TBXtr.VDiUflGrlEi) WILL ri'RLHH, on Balm,
day, January .'ilsi, 1H6 A'o;l ol a new ami Intcn
icly ititiiesting Aouiunce, from the pen ol C. '. Hick
ley. A-1 1 , lU'hor o' the 'Mysteties of li e Quceii Ciiy. '.
dfttutlll,' 'Tat Utti Kfti Ins,' etc. etc, eniithd
This work is destined to create a greatei sensation
than ai y woikof fiction ever published In Amciica
Inskilllnl dtvelopcircnt of p'ot and vnidne,s of des
cription, it is fully equal to the gicateat ifl'oi t of G.
Reynolds or Alexander Pumas.
7'he scene is lain in the gieat Imeiicnn Metrpolis
-NewYoik; and the characters in troducid are diawn
1.0 il real life.
The work w ill be published in monthly BUB) ben .f
.12 pages each, and when completed will form a volume
of Iv; pages.
fJT Tsrhs. Single subscribers. One Dollar; clubs
"I Five, 3, or C; cents each; Clnbsof ten, 5; or f,(f
cents each. Reuiittsncea may be made by in ml at out
and enterprising agents can realize a hant'soma
commis ion by canvassing for subset ibeis.
Be psrtieulsr to write the nume ol IVt OIBce coun
ty and State plainly. This will save tiouble an I mis
lakes. Adtbcss ill ordeis to
30ii Broadway, New York,
ty Editors of Newspapers giving tho above tlnr o
i mure insertions: including this notice, and nestling a
marked copy containing the same to "Richaidson's
Journal, SbM Bioadway, New Yoik," will receive a
opy of the work aud the papet in exchange.
Travels of the most Celebrated Travelers in
all parts of the World-Life and Death
ott tha Ocean ; The eidorged
edition of Utt Great
West- and
other Family Works Illustrated by large and
beautifully colored plates.
Yon, whomsoever you may be, are particulaiy ad
dressed, lor il you want now, or may waut at any fu
l in e time, a pleasant employn cut, which not oi It 'ben
fi's the public, but pays wpll to indUlgent, rer.-eve-ting
industry; please first send for one olmy circulars,
which will give lull pariiculais. Addiest
HEN'IIV HOWE, 111 Main street,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Or, il you live Eait, to the ssme , 102 iV,uatu Street,
New York.
F b. 5 18lf.

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