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J. H. Tripp 4c M. C. Butter,
Ellttri and Fr.rl.trs, ;
A Oa DutlU and fikr 0BM Dr annum, in
teems or Aurrma&fQ
Owe o too, io sriliat, 1
Wori 44taw inaawtw, W
J -N J .. bo, .. Uaaa,a.0t)
t ..s0 " ..
.U4. f.M. ,
i'iii,Hr Two NhNRttipui wiibin
Ik TW.
Plain N Khw t Jok Prln log.
1 1 HAVE lirpr MMrtaal of j a iyp,
W a4 eta do aortia work aa VY 0
oataatUrtaiuiti. IT only ask trial. Mar
c'iobh u elfcev who want
Cads. CmciLiRt, Pamfhutc,
Blinks, Hawvmll, Hill Hxad.
Ticiiti, PaoonANkiaa. Cataloocm.
Will bo MMMmodotod n tbo iBortoel poi
bit tin idoroM Mrnu.
" - t,W 11,0. It.M
I " '11,00 " 14,00 U.to
IT Trr MnnorWwof tgiM aVerta wUt
bo onai4oro4 tSojooro. , ,n
OtrAflt Oftloert awl ho tarOWtr to BO'k
j iko oaakor of lonolliii oo oM afM.a
UuiUHMa or lav "Hi bo aikl soul
m. il.
vr AOvrrltaaoatat i
by TtWU waawa, io taoaie
1 J LIX-l - - JLl 1 11 , ,ii , 1 mi
iTIu (f 11 rr n 1 1 Wti Wtm
A 'iron, "r'J ' w,n
Bit loco oil mortally pal.
At ho sloly I b'lded kit homeward way,
Bolort the daniug of oorly day,
Uroko oui in a biwor wail.
Illl voic waa huoky and low,
A' t'aiuf'i bit lunga were gone.
Aid bo eongh'd and faap'd and cougb' l arai'
And bo preit'd bit hand to hio broaot in pai
Wbila ho thai bhj plalat ran ob:
"A world of toll it this!
Il hath no joyt for me:
Tla labor by day, and labor by uight,
Bj the light of tbo eun, and by candle-light-Labor
"Some men hare a day of re it,
But Sabbath for me la not;
It if toil all the week , and toil on the day
Thai God has given to rest and to pray
Lot this is the Printer's lotl
"Whoa I wax a boy," ho said,
"I play'd on the hills of green,
I ewaa in the atroam I Bab'd in the brook
And bloat was I to sit and to look
aVafcttar'a on nature's scene.
"Per twenty tad years and more,
My life has worn away
la ararky rooms of polaono-is air,
JKhoa I've yearn'd lor a sight of the valley:
Aai tbo light of open day.
"At innocent prisoner doom'd,
Ny heart is heavy within;
0h! why should a man untainted by guilt,
aVfco never the blood of a crearure Lath spilt
Ba pent like a felon for sin?"
I live for those who love me,
r or those I know are turn,
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And waits my spirit, too;
For those human ties which bind me,
For the task my God assigned me,
For the hopes that beam within me,
And the good that I can do.
I live to hail that season,
By gifted mind foretold,
When man shall Hm br rcaion,
And not alone for gold;
When man to man u-dted,
And every wronij th ag rlghtoi;
2'be world shall by truth be lighted,
As Eden wt3 of old.
live to hold communion
With all that is dWine,
To feel there is a union,
'Twiit Nature's heart and mine,
To profit by affliction,
Reap fruit from fields of fiction,
Crow wiser from conviction,
Anil fulfil each great design.
I live for those who love me,
For those who know me true,
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And awaits my spirit too;
For the ojro)W that need tcistance,
For the euse that lacks assistance,
For the future in the distance
And the gnod that I can do.
A gentleman from Svanipvi!le, State of
New Tork, was telling bow many differ
ent occupations he had attempted. Among
others be had tried school teaching.
How long did you teach?' asked a by
-aland .
'Well, I didn't teach long, tbat is, I on
iy went to teach .'
'Did you hireoutf
WM I didn't hire out, I only went to
Lire oM.
4W1. I Sve if up for some reason or
nuttier. You see I travelled into a die
itriot and inquired for the trustees . Some
(body said Mr. Snickers was the man I
wanted to see. So I found Mr. Stickiest
mmed my object introduced myself
and asked him what he thought about let
ting me try my luek with the big and un
ruly Hs and boys of the district. He
wan'ed to know if I really considered mv
relf capsble, and I told him I wouldn't
min I bis asking tne a few easy questions
in 'rithmetic and geography, or showing
my hand-writing. He said no. nevr
mind, be Could tell a good teacher by his
Bet me see yan wsllt off a liule wavf ;
aid be, ''I Cijn tell jist as well as if I had
beard you examined,' save he.
He sat in the door as he spoke, and I
thought he looked a little skitish, but I
-was considerably frustrated and didn't
mind it much, so I turned and walked on
as smart as I knowoxl how. He said he
would tell me when to atop so I walked till
I thrmght I'd gone far enough, then I
'spected snt! i in' was to pay, and looked
round. Wal, the door was shut, and Mr.
Snick lest was gone.'
Did you go back V
'Wal no, I didn't go back.'
'Did you applv for another school?'
Wal, no, I didn't apply for another
achoOl, said the gentleman from Swamp
ille, 'I rat'ier judge my appearance was
against me.' Spirit of the lima.
A bright frosty morning in Norwalier,
in tho year 18 i5. tempted me to int the
forest liiintinrr grounds. On tliis occasion
I waa followed by a Aim looking bound,
which had I evii prereoted to tne a few
days Wfire, by a follow tportaman. I
waa anxious to teat bis quahtiea, and
i . 'I, f.
Knowing mat a mean aog win oiten limit
wll ruh a goud one, I had tied up tbo
etc) Bi !", my old hound, and waa at-
viKM-d by the stranger dog alone. A
rk center of half an hour brought me
io the t'otest hills. Slackening the rein. I
lowly uuiid my y up a bushy slope.
Mine four hundred yards in length. I
had ascended to about half way, when
the bound U-in to exhibit evident signs
if UHW.-II.S, nnd at the same instant a
vtag sprang out from some underbrush
near by, MM rualii-d up the atope. A word,
ami tbe hound aK emvehing at ray feet,
and my t'aineil bor-e Cherokee, with ears
.rect and aMg ", watched tbe flight
of ilie kSVtgwted mmmI.
Oi the summit of the ridge, full one
huuilied arda distant, every limb stand -tag
out in b Id relief agiiinst the clear blue
sky, the x'ai: p:tu8'd, and holed proudly
down u mi us. After a moment of in
deciaieti, raised mv ri
and sent tb
""' K " ! "" A smgie
I : . I ew V i a i
tKuino, au i tne aiitteretl moiiHrch whs b I- neod in london:
den from my view. Hastily loading. I Mr Dkab 8ir: Hiving wm a Intle
asc.n ied the , I. pe, and saw the "gonts of peHCe and quietness, I sit down to inform
hh.od winch sli.,ed the withered leaves Iua)ei HM dereadful bule .ml MaMMMM
IMMM be bad I d One minute aMlU 8ro all in from these Wood Mra reh-
nndtbe exnted hound" was leaping breast most of whom irethank Oodl
UgB on h I trail, and ray horse bore me Kjpd 811C rJMMJMsi We are in a preitv
quickly alter them. t nolhj t()
For hours I I we thus hasten on, with
out t once being at fault, or checking
onr lie lUri i,- I. The chasa had led
Ho miles froai tfce "tnilng point, and now
ap enei to lie beanug up a creek, on iite
side of which athea a nveetpltoo) hill, s ene
two miles m lenjlh. which 1 knew the
u, 1...1 ..:. i .. ...ii i
w. run oui n,,Ui - ll'CI HM ril'I
tlfa mile furl her on, another lull rented
.1. . .. L ill
its bleak and barren head, on the opposite
aide of the rivulet. Once lairlv in the
gorge, there wns no exit shvc at the upper
ciel of the ravine. Tere then, I mut In-
I ...... .r rv.fr ffim.. in il. i I WIS 'ill' Ii I I O
. t i r i.i
""I,v "'j ""'v. i -
by taking a near cut over the ridge,
theioby saving at least a mile.
Giving one parting shout to cheer my
x ,o ,e io me pass, i i,mi scar, eiv ar-
iT , l" 8We,"' l"a SlHa:
uiuw inooiin iii iiie gorge, Heemillg to
tally reckl m of nur presence. Again I
fired at him as he passed by us. One
bound and tl ei'ttltle animal li.y prostrate
witbinfit yt ' i of whore I stool. , e,,-
ing Iron my liorae, and placing one knee
upon his inou lei and a baud upon bis
antlers, 1 draw my huntiug knife, but
vi'ii.'i. iv ii'iii it. ...tut nmnr tniii' h.til ita
, r
K w.ien, wu, a M iuen start, wo i irew
me iroui ins uot.y.an.i tny Kinio was m.rl-
ed Ironi my bund. In hunters parlance I
. ..I'll l t
ilia oniy "creasea into. 1 at once saw
my danger, but it was too late. Witli one
bound he waa upon me wounding and al
most disabling me with his sharp feet and
horns, 1 soized him by his well spread
anllers, and sought to gain pnvsession of
my knife, but in vain: each uew struggle
drew us further from it.
11.. 1
my noise,
frightened at this ungual scene, had fled
to the top of the ridge, where he stood,
looking down upon the combat, Irombling
and quivt ring in every limb.
The li le road I had taken had placed
me far in advance of the hound, whose bay
I c 'utd not now hear. The struggle of
the furious animal bad now Iwcome dread
iii, and every moment I could feel hi
-.liai p hoofs cutting deep into my flesh
my grusp upon his antlers was growing
esa and 'I hrm, and yet I relinquished
not ray bold. The struggle had brought
11 near a deep ditch, washed by the
eavv fall rains, and into this I endeav
red to force my axlverssry, but my
streugth was unequal to the effort. When
we approached the verv brink he leaped
over the dr un, and I relinquished my
hold an I ro'ler in, hoping thus to escape
him, But be returned to the attack, and
throning bin self upon me, inflicted nu
ner us cuts upon my face and breast be
f 'te 1 couhl again seize him. Locking
my ai ins around his antlers, I drew his:
head close to my breast, and was thus,
bv a great eft'o t, enabled to prevent his
doinLr iiw anv seri '118 injury, But I felt
that this could not last long. Every mns
cle and fib-e of my frame was called into
action, and human nature could not long
bear up under sn-m exertion.
At this moment of despair I heaid the
faint baying of thv hound. Tbe stag, too,
heard '.lie Hind, and springing from the
ditch, drew me with him. His efforts
were fow redoubled, and I could scarcely
clino; to Win, Yet the sound came nearer
md nearer. 0 how vividly beat mv
heait as laiw the hound emerga lrorr the
ravine, and snripg forward with a short,
quick baik, as his eve rested upon the
game. I r I a-.ed my hold of the sti
who turned upon bis new enemv, Ex-hatiste-f'aiiil
unable to rise, I cheered tbe
dog, that, dastard like, fled before the in
furiated tiniraal, who, seemingly despising
such an enemy, agaiti threw himself upon
ma. Again am i succeed, in throwing
around his antlers, but not nreceived the strops aud passed over the six-
mv arms
ha had infiiced saveral depp and danger
ous wounds u'inn my head and face,
euttingto the very bone
Blir.detl by the flowing blood, exhaiis
toi and t'es miring, I cursed the cowardly
hound, who stood near, baying fiiti nsly
vet vefosintr tn sia .,0..,,, Al, l.ntu
J " ' " '"" .WV KHHir, w ' ' . 1 -
I prayed for bravo. The thoughts f
death weie lntter. To die thus, in the
wiltl hrMM, alone, with none to help.
Al tlurt moment of desperation, when
hope had Bed, deep and clear, over the
neighboring hill, came tho bay of mv
gall.ir.t Bravo! I should hare Itnowo bis
voice ansottg a thoaoaad . I pealed fortle
iu one faint ehoajl, On, Biavo. onl" The
next moment, with tiger bounds the no
ble dog c roe leaping down the declivity,
scattering the dried autumnal leaves in
hia path. '-No pause he knew," but
fixing bis fangs in the stag's throat at
once commenced the fijht.
I fell back, completely exhausted .
Blinded with Mood. 1 only knew that a
terribc struggle was going on. In a fw
momenta all was still, and I fell the warm
breath of my faithful dog as he lick-l mv
wounds. Clearing my eyes from gore, 1
eaw my laU adveraarv dexd at my (et.
ami IJravo stiB'ling over me. He ret
bore around Ins neck a fragmonl of it
rope with which I had tied him. H a I
kuaed il in I wo, anl following his mooter
through all I he witidng, had arrived in
time to reafue him from a terrible death
The following lettor may lie backed
against anything ever prooiicj. It was
written half a century sg bv Sir Bo ;.
Koche, a member of the 1m- Pailiament.
in "The Troublous Times of '98." w hen
a handful of men from the cnuntv of Was
ford, sent terror into the heiria nf niu
flikfl flf M trs AH WmII u. fla urrilat
1 " m
UnajaJt The letter waa add MMftj to
wine to drink, except whiakv; ml when
we set down to dinner, we are utilised io
keep both hands armed. While I write
tu;d a nword m ec i hand oid
ptoto in the uthcT. J conciudel from the
begiunioa that this would be the end 4
I . ll I 1 I tvM riirht for it ia I. IT
' " a-"' " '."'
.I""" r"
jti pruseni are sucn iroinflai on
that everything is at a sUnd-still. I sb u d
I have HU8wetod your letter a fourtmght sgo,
but I did not receive it until this morning
Indeed scarcely a mail arrives safe without
being robbed, No longer ago than ves
. I , 1. I i .1 ,i ,
uii lay iub coacn, witu me mailt, trom Uv
, hn, was robbed near this town. Theb
had judiciously ueeu left behind, for t'ear
0I" nident ati.i bj good luck there was
11()1()(,V M) ,t omida fmea
SW. who had nothing for tho tbiVM to
take. Last Thursday notice was given
thut a gang ,,f rebels was advancing here
ll.nl. T lin. lVuii,li ulun. lor 1 ,1. ... LJ
Iimne,iev eierv ,,,, j0 U.
tho pi 'Co. in
eluding women and children, ran out to
meet tbum. We, noon foun t our foici
much too small I we were too near t Lliink
. . .,
oi reit'uating. ueatn was in every race:
but U W(J wei, HnJ . . .. .
Pur liue ,r W(jre ki!ej we tQ
i, n .1:.. p...,, .,.., .i .. ...
v" "v "St,'". I "lllll ill'' I t IHIIHK
had no guns except pistols and pikes, and
as we had plenty of ruusketa and ammu
nition, we put them all to the sword. Not
aaoul 01 them escaped, except some that
were drowned in an adjacent bog; and in
a very short time nothing was to be huard
hut silence. Their unitcrms were all dif-
1 rnmni. m.in, i.llt ni,ti ir.
,llt, ,,,ion wa .n. ' Mt ,
camp, whicn they had left behind them-
AU we found was a fe.w pikes without
heads, a parcel of empty bottles full of wa
ter, and a bundle of French commissions
tilled with Irish names. Troops are now
stationed all around the eotintry, whwb
exactly squares with my ideas. I have
only time to add that I am in great haste.
r. S. If you do not receive this, of
course it must have miscarried; therefore,
I beg you will write to let me know
I reckon I couldn't drive a trade with
you to- ay, squire!" sail a 'ginooine'
specimen of a Yankee pettier, as he stood
at the door of a merchant in St. Louis.
'I reckon you calculate about rieut, for
you can't,' was the sneering reply.
'Well, guess yon needn t get huffv
'bout it. Now, here's a dozen ginooine
razor straps worth two dollats and a
half; you may have 'em for two dollars.'
'I tell you I don't want any of vour
4iaps so you may as well be a goiug
'rVal, now, look here, squire, I'll bet
you five dollars, that if you make me an
offer for them 'ere straps, we'll have a trade
'Doner replied tne merchant, placing
the money in the hands of a bystander.
ilie i aukee deposited a like sum,
'Now,' 8aidthe merchant, -I'll give you
a picayune for the strops.'
'They re your n, said tbe Yankee, as
ho quietly pocketed the stakes.
'But,' said he, after a little reflection,
and with great apparent honeatv, 'I'll trade
The merchant's countenance brighten
You are not so bad a chap, after all,'
said he. Here are your strops give me
the money.'
There it is,' said the Yankee, as lie
'A trade is a trade; and. r.ow you are
wide awak-, the uvxt time you trade with
that 'ere sixpence you'll do a little hotter
than to buy raz r straps.'
Ami aw av walked (he pe Her with - bis
strops anil his wager, amidst the shouts of
- , .
hj Jwghuig erowd
At rest beneath this churchy srd stone
Lier stingy Jimmy Wyatt;
.I died one morning just at ten,
And saved a dinner by it.
James A 1 , was a young man, who
commenced life with vety flattering proa
poets, and a wife and lovely children soon
bleated him. Unhappily ho became by
slow degree attached to strong drink, and
soon became, to make loag story short
a drunkard. One evening, be left Io
wife in tears, as waa too common, repair r 1
tn the bouoe of the man who soil him the
deadly poi-oo ; and drank so much t't ; a
a 11, k down into a kind of a tuofct.ori
easily mistaken for sleep. .11 his com
panions had deserted him. About mid
night, the landlord's wife came into the
barroom, and said:
I wih t at man would go home, if bo's
git on- to go to.
Hush! hush!' says the loo 1 lord in a
low w'n-p. r, 'he'll call for something els
directly !'
'I wish he w ail I make hte alout it
then, for it's time all honest persoua wer-ab-d,'
she reiiliel.
'Hush, I sav ! he's taking h nglea off
of hit hoiiso, and putting them on our-,
sai'l the landlord.
At this time, Jam bet; to come to
his ridit senses, and commenced ifralnal
ly rubbing his eyes an ! stretching house f
as if he had just then awoke, saying, 'I
believe I'll go.'
'D in't be in a hurrv, James,' said th
la dlor l.
0 res. I must go,' SV. 8 James, and off
he started.
liter an ahsence of a long time, the
landlord met J ones one d,ty, an 1 famil
iarly accos'ed him
It1". Jim, why aiut you been down
to -a us?'
'Wiv.'jamns romarke I, T had taken
shi g'es enoug i ':( tir 'muse, an I it he
gan fo leik pi'ttv tuV an I thought it was
tune to ' 'p 'he Ii A, ud I believe that I
have '.n it '
'te tavern kee ,et a-t a; Uhed. W'Pnt
home t Mil hu T ui ait H, a'i'l oioj
tweraUMV hs Wl ru n ahriso tad
attend'-1 in lilt ovn 1 1- t-,. H- is now
1 happv mm and his wife and chil ir-n re
hartn'm I 1:111 p e1.
A verv MMMI superatitiin, by no
uoaaoeoulne 1 to t'. vn gar and ignorant.
relates to wnai is oiten called the "death
watcli." In geiKWaA. superstitious notions
Hra u.)l emiielv wit out .foundation, but
have MM i"-i in tiit observation of na
lure or in coii ci vi ces uf facts, upon which
tbe fears, or imagination of mar.kiud baHda
iarger conclusions than the premises j isnfv
Accurate examination and scientific re
search It.' i to tho dissipatiou of such tie
lusioiiB, and exhibit at once their cause and
tbeir folly. Hen for example, is a min
ute insect, almost imperceptible to the na
ked eye, and yet its ticking has disturbed
ti e quiet and rest of many a couch, and
film 1 many a baiu with dark forebodings,
healing with regularity and precision, like
a fine, well timed watch, in the stillness
of the night, its sound strikes the ear with
clearness, and the attention is aroused an, I
strakeil to discover the cause. It ceases
and then with regular measure resumes its
pulsation cl ck, click, click andthe af
frighted listener begins to imagine (hose
warnings which he has beard recorded in
table and idle story, until by an l-bv his
vigils tire, and he passes away into dream
laud, where his terrors soon find shape in
some horrid phantasy. Atropot pu'satoe
tout, such isthe name of the little creature,
the origin of all this mischief an, insect
quite as ugly looking aa its name. It has
a white soft shell, (there are soft shells as
well as hard shells among insect,) its body
is covered with short hairs, bristling hor
ribly, seen with the microscope; its six
legs, long antennae and fierce etes, com
plete the foreboding appeaiance. Now it
jerks its beao suddenly up-vard- and back
wards, and strikes it against a horny ring
or collar about the shoulders, and tick, t ck,
click, click, the rvthtn begins ami is pro
lonced through the still hours of the night.
"Gertainlv," says one, "certainly there
can be nothing more melancholy than this
tune piece; so measured, so distinct, and as
now we write, among the small hours of
the night, our imagination makes upmse
to count, as it recedes fainter and (ai a
bke the very echo cf old Time's f iois 1 p.
as he treads the minutea down; then again
advancing almost to our ear, be ting out
tbe warning, ' Time is flying away, away
Iiaik am 1 not telling thee how ffwi the
moments fly," and if our heurt aaddens at
this certain knowledge, reason, and faith,
and tiust in God, will not allow us to pause
for an instant to peer into the dark future,
to seek out what evi. ihisinig' ificant link
in creation can foretell 10 terrify ibose who
wait upon the L ad; knowing he perfoims
his intention without the intervention of
message or word, if ye believe not the
S iiptutis, nen her will ye believe even
should one rise from the deal. Mr
Thomas Brown, in hia ' vulgar Errors,''
lavs great tres upon lb s superstition; he
adds ' wbo could oradica e this te rot
from th minds of the people, wOwMVI
from nianv a co d sweat the meticulous
heads of niitaes and i'ranilmoit,ei8," and
we may add trriii lfathers, for we haie
sen 111 ill V a SloUl mall turn pale when the
mimic stroke would ttke upon his ear.
Science has be u preaehwig the folly of
this soperstiti in foi m itr a ye ir, but the
cliaru.er will n t I hee ed, oh trin sho ev
er so wisely, -J'rU. 0 u thman.
Caustic "Somebody .will take that
chicken," id a gentleman to a rough
looking customer wbo had laid a fine look
ing be 1 Hess pullet on a door-tep; "don'i
la it lay there."
8ir," said the rough customer, with a
dignified loolj, "tho chicken is dead ; it can
not ly there br anywhere e!e,"
The followine narrative io from the Den
of John Daie,a young Welchman, who j views oa say subj t aiasewabie, practical,
emigrated to Salt Lake with his famiH "'i worth Iroaou-m, thus aaU Mfc the
about two yaais ago Mm Mm- eg, South "f newnpaiiar:
Wnlei. It m taken from a p-nate le ter. I 'Sauall the wit that ia required to
tatH Council Ubiff, City, Ijaa'Juoa .pMaiieaiiawtrapwr. and m- amply re
id. 1857: maacrold is the pwtrow. 1 are nor how
-I gn- vou are anxious to know tha!t",m,,, "' U"I"W"'J" " l "
rwna-m why le t ?4dt like. I shall try.
in the fir-i 1 1 ' inf inn ou wint a
man inu-t 0 to bo a M inn-m. He must
giv bimoeir, his fan ily, ami all hia poa
MM Over to Br.gham Y.mng, and then
he'll have to gite the tealli of all his in
come the teniii day's oat', an I be
WMiot keep fryiu two to tea wi.ea. If lie
don't agree to thee thing-, he ml bet
ter Quit: but bv oa. 1 an he ta 111 ioa imr
a . b
Cliy. I he nrsl waa a yming roan Called
iV ilham Pansn ; he receivetf several shoU
m the b-aly. Tne second w.is bis fsther
and the third wa a man called Pullet,
whose body received as many as fifteen
bails, Tim old man was piorced in the
back, and his ihroal cut iu three different
placet. ! siw th-in lyi' gdown, and I
cotilJ nameihe pom m- who killed Ii
Biigham TiMlng h s .t men f ir all Iftla
purpose. T ir uumbor lour liUlldi.-il.
Cbaj tM called "Irwaf 1 miaaj An 'eb,"
The C ipt mi's llaiile is Wiiim cna
i .d 1 he auo id iu com 11 m l is Por'i
it t 'awell.
'7ho w lib SMI "1 the city are 15 B
H uh. and tliey aie ir ountU I bv a deot
a. ..I wide in tat 7' n- city is enteiel bv
oU g 1 which aie watchotl iulhe nig
lime. The gates are narrow that ad
ue eliicle con pas tliMugh at otic-
The "Destroying A ngels'' go out on tn
plains iu th spring, in order to eiit'-ic." 1
1 n. ise who may es ape fum the cuv
Many left mi toot on 1ft January. The
sleep by day and travel by night. 1
know of ui"ii tad womtn who have trav
eled tbis way the men dressed as women
md the wo nen as MM, came acrim
Mine win, were vrv short of fn I; the lit
le they ha I they ge to the women, an I
i lie men were priutipally s istainel by tho
women's milk.
,efi B( Ltka Ciiy ou tl.o 7'h
kprr, 111 tiNHpany th tw Woi, 1 e
an AfiCii.. T e few M'lrm .ia
knew of mi 1 te tl'ous sit'lthat We 1 tl
never r.-adi t'.e Si ids alo.., but hi
them w s tleleruiiuetl to r, wh iL V
would ' C'ur. O i mtuHiy, ( the diyal
ter we lelt,) we had MvaM thirty miles
from the cm , when we anw tbre.' men
lollowing un. They were sent by the au
thorities to calt-li us. The name of one
was Pattii k Liatk, an Z'shinan by birth,
Mild Secretary t 1 Brtghain Xoaito, This
man fi ed h s revolver at me, but the hall
went by with ail hurting me. They then
came near usun their burs a and i-quired
air names, and when we refused to tell
them, they swoie that thev wou'd blow
our damned brains out." With that,
one of them raised his revolver as if he was
ifoing to use it he had one on each side
of thewtldle. 7 then took out my tevol
ver and told him to fire if he liked.
T had six revolvers wit Ii me, and a ri
flo, coutainins iu all thirty seven bills.
Another ball was then fiie.1 at me, which
whistled bv mv lefi cheek. I then fired
at him, anil one ball hit him on 1 he leg ami
another un the shoulder. ( My friends bv
this time had run into the woiwla, ami I
was left to fight it out myself ) I then
lost my footing, and one of the men run
at me with a knife and cut tnv Ml an I
took four of mv revolvers, I had the
ther two hid in mv boots. I got hold of
one of them -nd fired, an I succeeded in
keeping them off for soinu time, till I had
a chance to 11111 to the woods, where I got
the assistance of my friends.
"We continued to travel tbat day and
the following night, an I succeeded in
reaching a place caded Fort Bridger,which
is 1 13 miles from the Valley. The num
ber o Jour pursuers had now increased to
twenty, and we had to put to the woods
gain. We travelled till night, and were
so fortunate as to meet a host of friendly
ndians, who give us Buffalo meat to eat.
I'he next day ye overtook a number of
wagons, knowu as Mr. Babbit's train, in
number twtnh -eight. was hire I to
Irive one wagon, w' io!i was d'awn b
s:x mnies. "6 IUN Koine trouoie with n
lot o" udians called the "C-Viw Tribe."
Thev were well arms I an I about a thon--
and strong W kill-d about thirty T
, lions, and they kilted five of our men."
tW K Cincinnati gentleman tells how
Nicholas Longwartb liecame rich:
He waa slioe maker by trade, but
practiced law in ha pork city between
181)4 and 182U. He one received as 1
legal fee, fur defending a batOt thief, two
second hau l copper still. The geatle
man who had them iu posse-tion refused
to give them up, but proposed to Mr.
Laagwqrth to Uj hi u a lot of tlmt
three acreon Vl Row, so oallei, in liei
nf them proposal which the lattet
whose smgii'iie opinions of the value 0
such property were ahead of his time,
gladly accepted. This trantaetioa forme
the basis of an immense tortune, the na
lied ground being woiih over two mjuitn
of dollars.
of losing his hC. ve.y .,uto, f.r ItieV T M TWfm
would rather kill him than let him be the m " I '"' boy bove ftitwaoaW 1 .4 aM
means 01 letting toe w.. Mm bow f"c"- Y"u""' "" -pwr with te
things are in their midst, hi my hae ''g'' -n t ey will md n.lhing oka.''
been ahot down in trying to escape. I'
have see 1 dozens shot d .wn ,111 tlie street;1 Gomo Thkocoh iu . Mutuss. Au
and thine days before I left I saw three exchange pajior say-:
poisons kilid merely liecsuse they intend-! '"It not long since we laughed over
ed to e-C'Pe they weie shot down in gllMobl story of the iugeni ua c r..iuftoi
place calle Siiringfleid. while they were'"f n orcheotra, who, being p ,it by a
,Mpaniig their trunk V leave. Tbis tnok ( gn"t eiuan to supply a I. ami of Hve mo
nlace ab.iu. tight o'bhaA ou Sunday mor- iriat, lor a aereti d, ws unable to oh
mug, within fifty yardaof the gates of the '"'0 mote than four B it a lucky thought
-N.. A - ,' M'r.US.
I Judge Ixwgstreet of Ge.rgta. whose
taken, il i next to irnHitili to fid a sheet
filly two tiin a tear Wt'ht.ot palling in
something that la worth t - mi --t pt, ,
p ioa. Every parent wh ,,i. i- it If" 11
Inline obould auppK hi o Willi a psjiwr, I
WeH reineni''er oliat 'Ittf nue- tbero Ml
betwoavi tlioooof my oclHJoeoalea aim h i
nd tbooe h no I not i.-i e. to aewapa
pnrs. O'ltor tilings bo ug o.pial the fi-si
were leci-ledly auitorior to ttie lat in d -
. 1 ...
!-'ulu 10 his all, an I he 0 1 toe vcatic
"H" barber, who bora a fl lie. Into the
lilOUli' of tin he put a Cork, and On it he
went through the motions. N"t I amg
bairaSord will, the d.ffi'ullies of lilowjpC
lie loutld It an eosv 11. .', t . l,.tl mmmm
with bis liuirer. and thia lir.H ! aoakillfuL
iy a. to bt highly p-a..;i,Jrh-.e ... k-
hat toftea of fa una mn W e ,,.
. ugh at the idea, but tne tfafl , ,
.liiileclraelyinioa.a'ietv.a.cl ,,., -u.
MM, Will MM tMarWtMt the bai
,r in KptMl is ,,t thia.ll in li.idual
extant who has d riie-l much praise and
-olid pudJitiafro.ii "going through the ino -
tun " Evert w ,e. . .ml iu eerv walk of
fh do we I eL,. 1 me amhm. lUmbu
. their fwargka to inowthiag aad
ug. and , , i.ug out "hoa not to do it,"
V irsi at rfctbuat d-liowi who bar.
.a, a on ratdlv, aad put on ucb
rso c.ii,.iis:i'.i .uiraclas, wheulhey
mnoi no 1st ufttM o much at mere
.low lug, artUM very ones wUo get the
. .v. 1 .. ,r .,1 iht 1...1 ,.,.
V SiORVOi'' i'Hc: IAi
-ce.j lueaoruHUJ iu rianoo.
A soltlier wis Wah'4t1 iti j.m of the ;o:
' lilies of the C'liinei and. a 11 earned out i Resijoatioii or Saw. juto. Th
if tbt fiell; he f'lt Hut u s w 1 n 1 w 1- run, .r m -l.aed in the oao yliijjuMin i,'a
11 trial that me m juhjitly ebbing W Teton, that (ien. Sam. Hiiaton bB
iwa) indite snllibis comra les who deioiuiuwa to resign bi aaal in the Uortod
lotw ttrr) ing hini - BtaM seiiata, the retignalioa to lake 04.
t a i a ; I 1 n it t ike the troqble lect ou the Ul ol March next. Tbe TaX
o carry me any furtlier, I'.n lyog." au aioo expiooaeo a doubt another u will
I'M) l ieu list htm OilM 01 I return - I reium to tue Senate thit wiuter, Oao.
it- ti ; I v ew 1111 nuiwi altar an off- Hou oui'i term expires on the 4th OT
.-. siw tiia lata weliring ia bi blood. . March lbosr.
atkad in u it btic-iuld do anything
t ' iim.
" Nothing, thank vou."
"Snail I got "J a little water I'' siiJ
the kiud hearted tirfiger.
"No, thank you; I'm dying.'
"I there autiting 1 Ban do for you?
Shall 1 writi to roar frieT-lsT '
. 1
"1 bve no trie els you c n write to;
but there M one thing tor whien 1 woula
be mucli obliged; in my knapsack you
will tinl a MstaOiaat itrill you open it al
tbe 1 I'll of Jab a, and near the end of the
chapter you will fin.l a verso that begins
Willi 'Peace. Will you read it.'
The officer did so, ami rea l the word.
'Peaco I leave with you, my P-art I
give unto you. Let not your heart be
troubled, neiiher let ii be afraid."
" I'h u,k you sir," said the dying man;
"I Ii ive that peace; 1 am goiag to lint
Baaier j ti al awith me; I waut uo uuie,''
aud insiautlv expire I.
faDruakuuiiaaa wa liuunng devil; a
sweel isilS 'li, a tileasant sin, which who-
SUWtt halli, halh not himself; which who
soevei hath, doth not commit (in, butt
himself wholly tin.
Those who Uave haa uiucii intercourse
with children Cauuol fail to bato rum nkd
with what simplicity they frequently pui
,iiestions, winch eeii t o of mature
au 1 extensive knowledge are puzzled to
answer. 2he following is one of those
questions, with an admirable answer. A
child said to his parent "Fathir, where
does God get the color to make cherries so
beautiful ami red?" "My child," tajf
the father, "t will tell y 0.1 as soon as 1
ate been informed how ue tinged all the
leaves so beautiful a greeu."
It i assarted that uiugiusU lose almost
their entire power iu the viciuity of grave
vard, and electric machines ate siimlaily
iLteClcd und:r tue m,e CllC imsUUCuii.
When a feller has reached a certain pint
io dr liking," sa d an old amoker, ''1 thit.
ie oiler slop. "IV all, 1 ti ink, snh
wag, "he had belter ..top befort ho reach
sa pint."
Xi4t atountry l or tune two t ais
go, m lel ow engaged tne atieclimt of a
oUug g.tl; straightway a S&piirt
-ought out. "Do y. 11," said the SquM
take thi won: an to bo your 1'ivftil mar
led wife, and" " Certaiulv," interrupt
- I the. fellow, "or what the bluao did we
cine here for P It was MM)tMll dis
orere l that thi worthy had lefi ono wile,
vnfirtn Uitttiinore and ano.her 01 Min
eaola, aud stalled f.r Cebfornta with this!
third oue. Uuess they regular.) DMttan
littlo bettor in Mcrmou-land.
PtoriOKKCI. A father wa out off
in tlit midat of hio days
fit was a tiaefi.'
and daaingokthttl cittcer,
twd tmmant in
ins prof mm on
every si le. "What t striking
deuce!" Tbt mtuhas bato in the habit
of studying half tbt Bight, 01 patting his
days in his office, in tbt courts; ofaat ng
luxurious dinners, and drmktng vtrirxit
k.ndo of MM Ho has ovovy da; tMBed
Hit law 00 wbith health aopaad. Aid
Pro ideoce cut him off! It has boos tuo
Umijkj in s iiim of oar citie fur young la-lie-
to Walk in thit shoes nl dooCato
siokciug 1 a mi'l-wiiiMr. A haaHtiy
Il "mug yotag girt, thut droaaosi M ato
iliou of uaaoaii's laws, paid tha paoaJly ,
checked ciicaiatHin, eolds, fevtc Md
death. "What a Provideoctl" exclaimtd
irr friends. Was it Piovidtoot ar bar
.ii I0..J? Loak at lot mat tfaVaoaaat
h t are Incurred by tatinp and dm. king,
u study or Lnisiaoa; by aagltct of oxr
oioo, e.eanhne-s. or part air; by hsdiscratt
'iresoing, light ioetng.dk'.; and all iaquioa.
ly i'itj'..i I Io I'l.ivMlencel I thota Bo
imp ety aa aali aa ignorance ia thit? JMat
Tne STaaitoc Comt The Comet,
first sen al the Cambridge Uuivoraitt to
ine 23 I of An ut, bat mcmaatd in bright
iis till it is now msi I. Is 1 1 th naktd aft
m con el'nt on B" i'-. Mr. Bond, th
a-ttoti .ii.or, says it at ita least distanc
trom tut earth on the lint of tsaptember,
an I wa iittml (rom u about fitly RMtf
tws uf into-; it will reach it peribrli
m tla aM ii -iUiiiber, aad will than ha
' l-v
miiiious of mile irom tbt
1 . .1 .
" ?' T'kT i-"T
0 -".et ah.c'. inadeMwh a bnlliral dMiday
1 ' -H'i -hoa. .atura bat
V '7;"VT
tM -d fcej-bt n elomt.t.
iM!to lmm4mm.
1 B'' "-V atatsaWtti
1 Z , j
C"p u-Tbe pecultort who
l'tU'""t 4" -I' lLe ' art
Mm " Tu"r,'rt' ' pTO
rl J Ur P " and ahrowi.
?'!Sll,? " JH A" 1
lu Tll y Y, Jwmlof Cnirtt,y.
":,u-'rw fall'hg;tle beet root factonfl.
"'il'"PPl5 tbieA. 2t0.00j.000 pound.
!' .. I.i . ..1 H l. . . .... 1..... fork
' ' T J L ISiZ Z'
tv'.wk lou.i.ia; ine rreorn
West tV
"die will probitay
eud ioo,ooo,eoo
'r'""5- A'.tog&bw the supply will tt-
Dltiss or a MoTHta. The mother
ha grave and respouibltdutiea devolving
on her and bow few art qualified to dia
chargo tbam properly ! The great difiei
ence that we see in children m tbtir bo
haviour and deportment ud also in thair
mental advancement is mainly owing M
the traiuiog they have receivad trout tha
Ai exchange paper, speaking of a moth'
er, ays:
vSue should be firm geutla kind-
always ready to (land to her child. Slat
snould never, laugu at bua al what at
does that is cunning never allow him la
think of his looks, exrept ho bt neat and
dean in all bis habits. She should taacb
him to obey a look, to respect ihott oidtt
than himself; never auk a coutuiattd
without seeing it ptrforuaad ia a right
maimer. Never speak of a child' fault
r tollies, or repeat hia remark before him
It is a sure way to spoil a child. Ntvti
rc1 r ve a child"wtm excited, nor let yoi t
loue of voice be raised when corrtctirg."
Mrs. Partington 0 StixoiiiEat.--
"If there is ui. thing uitder the canister of
heaven that I have in u iter excrescence,"
say ttie amiable Mrs. Partington, "it ia a
laafflervr, L;uitig about bke a vile boy con
ttructo ciiculatiug his calomel about hoif
est folks. 1 always knew ou by hit
physiiiabogauy. It seems aa though litl
ztbub had titauiped him with hit private
siguaf, and every ih.ng he look at aeours
.0 turn ytlluw."
7Tbt following Uconic epitaph, car
ved upon a Sp.tuish tombstone, sliwiiiU ha
iemeiiita;red : "1 was well tried to faai
belter iuk pliysic, and here I am."
HW lie Uw may be compared to t
tree, tight, at tue eud of which it li
floverod that the coals ' tha cotohaMaatn
re WWHag, i'be tacl W, the lawyers,
Ntbllat their clients are pommeling una
Mwtawa, have quietly wulkad utt witu
dBTul Wig of you to understand, sir,"
said a philosophic beggar, "that though
l ask lor a penny, I am not iu the leas!
Irani of it." i'tie penny was inttautlt
I VtO, And this la the way of tbe worlJ,
iiuleeU! Lull wueuce l 117 Why, luat
.nia those wbo carry 11101 brass puati oa
toward luo front seats; ahiwt utodeot lueiW
tauds Uttik, that a all J
XarWui'is that are often used togatl
:r hecoine associated in tbe oi nd; and ul
ess we resist the force of verbal attooiation,
e shall often say sitiuethrng different Trwo
vhat wa mean.
JfsjrSolomoBstook an inventory at tha
wild and all the best tiling iu it ; bo
tasl up tli ) account, (tn! the sum tntad
imoutitad tn "vnita;.''

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