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tfut lV .-N I" I l'" t''
In Uii gaakkng jjsaie "''' fom
rnuu't ke mm r prtvliiiteil.
Some levote their time u It. tithce ray
day, I rMmlr, 1 "lie enavern to
have Uikal four tunc it fi!- lotlnv. io
it feat to-muf mw, in a i?.- -J rej.uw at. ev
or. For when the huMncaa it a fnmI, and
ike eastern at it mm .Mi.-!, it -lima
not lake a man long to repair any litlla
crack 1a b't it pulation.
Men-teat aia forsakioj their logttiimte
bucinaxs aiul dabbling in thu pool. Their
clerks follow ing tlirir exam; ! , gamUe to
Sintate mm, wm tkcaa martial uf atK
Cevlare their lianl earuius and l'" !
(rainidintf hecwiae. Ilia l;i.r I IIw
Miit: an I thai there may be no want of
moral aanrliuu. minister of the i ;'l are
foiiinl, not t' I am infurine.I, aaerttlj
bin tug and selling Mocks.
Horn, when llir cuiii.any thein-elvot are
lii'antic (peculator by fraudulent and
iludamieal iuc:. and alien Uio xtork of
the axinpaifV g Hr fid donn tho street,
carrying in it hand a bowl jruggel win
cam I dine, and crowd rgsh to drink it in
toaication. it i trange that at length, the
hel n) sick, the wliob Ih)v taint, and Ui
cenmoniveMllh hee at Ictitrtli upon the
jrnuiinl, wallowing like one poeeed
foaming and leouing He.l?
It is biippo&eJ lliat ib-re are oewMon
mnd million dollars rnvotod in railway
prpierly. Can thi mountain of ewer be
usel against commercial prtwroco, and tho
Country not reel and stagger! Can this
prodigious weight bo cast rodely hither
and tliitl.'-r knot t lie deck, and the keel
iu Ipi-elT There is not an honest man in
the lanil, patiently conducting legitimate
bgaineas, who is not in tha power of these
irregular forces. There can bo no perron
naul eecurity, if financier can, at pleasure
draw up bwct euormous element of jiow
t.t, and hold them su-pernled, like water
spoilt, Id hui-t Mini IVkhI down MMMkMl
the liniment they ure UMMtoad with misfor
(line. And if C'liitmeri isl men will not
dfaw tfgbi lb'' reins of nmrnls upan these
miprinciplcil men, the iv will have their own
nejilet'l to thank fi.r tho mischiefs which
will Iimmi come upon them in aotno MM
ly liner connivance
)U Tow, yhal It siw do (kese times
teach r
I. Wo arc t' Ictrn that cotnmereial
n'roeueiitp btands ihillssoluhly cmiicld
it)iDibic morufs. In their hent, man
ca.t si.h nioml RCratilea, as one would
tfirowrotTth. il irifiH.rtrta-tn n rae'. Whew
ranrbod sins logtiihtr, men fondly think
ftiat thia'rrnudtK'l is a In of Mlunv
Little br Irttlo nieeesa ihrniuuiers over con
adenc". Tl-f peritttsaion of auatow, the
0 bunditlrm of aocoinplHtliinir, the fact of
acctulnw wealth HI it praise, and inllH
enc n. and power, lheo overrule moral
poirsidft;ilt riH, nnil men do not hesitate to
violate t-' ! by ranks and iniiltiludu.
They sptrtnizo aelflahneH and organize
But nil weds ilnm.'ind lime between
nowing MM n iping. When first sown,
ttilstie are aa good as cni. Ilut when
the renpinc; time enini's, limy that how
grain sliail enrry their bo.m lull of
kIiP!Vc sui! thev that sow lliihthw nlinll
Ii:iih their skins I'ieie.'l full of (.(linen NkI
imImhoiis priekiiw. Ai tMMIMltW inl'p.v
Iciiiioii il w iih in iliunkeiinoss by hlroug
drink lirsi Ihii pltwwHg nkwaprioa, but
al't"iwari's Utabwrawn hendacho.
No ! ,., of men MM inuiii interested ill H
liii'h leiiu of public i uls than business
men. Then life (tntiiU in credit Ml iiiikIi
a their bodily life iUihU in air lit to
Creilit MMMMMsi the solid rock of integ
rity, it will not stand upon the shifting
wi ids ol custom. Tho imichaul should
b" a I'u man. Whoever else may pwmit
the puhlkr contcianoe to lie tampered with
ilia inerthaiil is jiiliiriiatrd by the whole
fnieeol' self ilitinst, lluit lliu CoiUKWlices
of men MNWl Cod, MMjl mi' li'M there be
yond the leach of templ.ilioii, ''o Ininp
er with the sancity ol me bMriM law, to
admit mi) thing to be higher ill human af
fairs llinn MMbjHM MMMMMrtJ is pieparatioii
fur uiifailli MM MRtruM uf liuili to l)iin.
The merchant that dust my good mor
al phn'ks nil I hit planks from llie bottom
of the ship which L'ives to him all his
givxls. lie will Miinder. He will be
carried down, sounor or later, ny liHiVitaU'c
t Public indillurencu to iinmoraltietso
common, ns in other thing, will ba aven
ged aa if it sme participation. Tho bills
which the wicked men draw against the
publio linn-Hi to pay for tlieir unities and
view, are always indorsed by the virtuous
men ol'tho community ; and in (ha end,
the sober hIwu pay for the iaUinparale;
the MM) pay the uunetf the debiuu h
j; tho honest man para for the knee's
detrts; the working and frugal man pay'H
for the indolent mid ipandthrift; mid in
audi time n these it isaeea that the head
long and swindling spectator run tho
Cflinmciriftl ml. I into desperala straits,
and llren the criminal etep aside, and the
sound men take tho bunion and entry it.
In prosjierous time n.en nltend to their
own tusiiiis, mid will not o troiiliied
with public interests. This is a Mltish-
noss which (iud will never forget, n tbeir
liour of dii.tM.ss they will liud out tbnt in
difference to public iiioiiiIh is iUeif a crime,
Hlid n at I'rowi!' in e, in tuo miiMiii, pun
iatiea houMaiid good men for the inis-
conduiMPMked mult, which the) Could
Ls revelited, but would ill t.
3 Tlieae are the limes for men (o de
tect onnenji l vices and i rim., mkI givo
(hem their rt4he hiuI pio or duMigmtlum
on flte Hst nf evil.
In all ligoroiu eoiiiiiiuuitic, wheru an
tltprbe itiieii is new thinav, by ncn
rticnsiiii. we mv ItesUKi (lint sclllshliisi
rill lioner-r oni .science. Many lhiBa will
be done, add w et cleat ly they hnve
been done, which are wmug to the iu de
gree, lint la-cause mli Innl not yet an
NjrM.il Hi in. or ant ia jmlgniil tijion
t em by nuirnlriihss, they were permitted
to go on it if ti-'lii mid ptninissibkl.
(i. t i.ivnlem o judges bimiAti pon
duct, la'!. .ie ncn' ci.-,i i.v dt . -Aul
we tirul mi wh.t is tiroitt W the punih
inenl wi I. which v e me siopiise.l, intler
ihnn byil'.e rs-e of on rliioraljBdgnwij.
(l is n slum e the! (iod's whipshotiLi have
iota! n lull i judge irtel in(etneter of
nciitude tl.Mi p t hdktiaui limit's c ti
'''pcirlcef '
4 Tloe IrtOH nnglitteglDHai out the
Irfielitwili f lnn to ho SWC puiiishit'.enl
of '.rte&vf'i lluslP'to the rkh i.eniis
llliiit ,M-dily ibroiigb ihesl.igo in which
j i cue Mju'iali hi , of kj)l or bcuclit,
I into Mm always i
IgsMaui wbi.ii
I'll Kl KCTF.I).
asivitained ikat fialnvn
ected GoTeirMrr, by from
and majorit over II, U.
mm iii'ii'.iniiirii up i:i wi in, i
Jeaire to enter uitbaut giving fair eMii'ira- It M now
lent for earns. Thai nppetita lias uo.l'. Clu
boands when once plMrted. It is a raginjone to
ieer oi a'nce, H is me peculiar .li t .
of tpe-nUtons of at '; garni !cn, and all This truly a triumph .nd r aM the
other gamblers. icireumsUtoai. Tb entire Republican
A man who ile'iberat.-lv purpose to State ticket u dnubtlca eleelel. save JJIitk-
gaia weaHh wrtaoat earma m, by aoma ensilerfer.
Miltetanti'd eiiuivalciil rendered to commii
nitv, is a thief. IU m.iv be call
l'NK Kimw' bstil, lliidio
Tliere i a groat Jecreaso in the vote of.
low,, the State; I'robably Fifty thousand, sine.! rf VfiW York
It'. RK
I Other W
Be'iwwe present our leader with a, All Pa.,
list of IrvltH or tii.ierttlilfd Danlus the bills If arylan
of arLicl aranof lunkahlt in Cleveland, i ear, Rh
and the moat ol' them are MuWstr.
Some of the Eaalern banks named are
(till redeeming at tlieir counters, but are
discredited at N? York and Co-ton.
bank, Uel
I. Wis
sbargh.) )
N. .
Not ree'd.
I,i.., Kr. .-A 1 . .1 l(L. Li I.I .LI . .- U L
uor, ij iiiuei, niin iihttt,-!. isii mimre, . tut t iiiuiwui Luuieu ol wuicu uuiuo.r , A i.t,
. :. i , m.j .i- mm ..i.. i lm , . . , . . . ' Atlisn s i lana
s iMQvaelnsv fawie4! uue ,
0d 1 'itueo tileiit er motionless
theed men are riitening, the sickle ia pa
tn-Dt; but that is all that it waiU for.
Where aia thoaa inflated speculator that
iiso Uol'a great ronrsl of time aa l provi
dence a a gambler's box to throw their
dico with, who venture a penny, and riets
nomine table with uncounted go'.dT
Where are these greedy men and tlieir
greedy associalea, and wher ro their
gaina rwvwf "H thnt h-.Heth to ht wk
kutK uh mil eye and mntidrrrtA not Hal
orrty hall tomt upon him." fod haa
written these word so high up that all fi
nanciering B,nj,, tn,t rtretcb ronnd the
orW greedily, caunot reach lo rub them
out. And every generation of men, wheth
er they like the ritual or not, are compell
ed to say Amen. By this time, men are af
firming this truth with deep ami bitter
The ship that was stinck by this mghtv
gale and wdl nigh oveitnrncd, rs already
righting. May we not hope lhnt the
worst fspast? Aleadf streaks of light
are appearing. There will yet be a at nig
gle, bat the fierceness of it ia orer. Some
will yet go di wn, Put tuose who are
strong will stand ; and how, if there be
Christians among these thousand mer
chants, who can rise a little above Iheir
own selfishness, and, though in ditress go
Nor is 1 tho Republican bave W at leaal. two to
While , ona. An in eomv.iueuce of this anpino
nesa of the voters who compoeo the great
UcpuPPcan party of Ohio, ttie ever vigi
lant Vandal have obtained a temporary
ascendency in tbo Obk) Legislature By
what majority wo are not fully advised, but
sufiicient to control tbo Legislation of tho
It 1$ with the greatest satisfaction that
wo announce tho victory of Salmon P.
CiiAbK over his unscrupulous antagonist,
Hknut B. Paws. This triumph is the
more gratifying because the nomocracy
has made the robbery of tbo Ohio State
Treasury of three quarter of a million of
dollars an issue against the Republicans,
on tbj ground that tho discovery of this
robbery occurred during the administra
tion of Gov. CitAsal The people have
responded to tho charge and docided that
the robliery was committed by the Loco
loco party of Obip, in the porsou of it
ccieditod agent, ioun G. Brf.slik, now
a fugitive from justice in Canada.
Tp be sure, wo have not a largo a ma
jority a we bail Inst yiiir or the year be
fore, but when we take into consideration
the fact lhat Mr. Pavnk has not receives!
as largo a vote as Buchanan's by over
to belp their fellows, how true and dovout 00' ,l leam U0':Tm v,,me
a gospel shall such disinterested and ho
roic conduct bo. There is many and many
n friend whom we may cheer, encourage
and help; and your coming to such in this
stormy hour, will be to them Jike Christ
walking on the sea in the night and turep
est, prorsing down the tho waves to tran
quility with his feet, mid casting serenity
into the storm from tha poucc uf J,i own
divine face.
Not n iraip in a mnn'a lifetimo ma it
lie permitted him to ilo so much good Un
(Jod and Chiist, by heroic eiulurimco, by
. In i i fulness amid danger, bv helpfulneii.s
when tho iiisiinctsof men would make
them selfish.
Good men, trno mtn, Christian man,
all! take hold of hanls,a boulder to shoul
der, stand, and make nlhes slnml ! After
n ititie more trml, you shall come lorlli M
Ne'sons ship's came from t ho smoke of
battle, pirciued and crippled i) may he liut
filiating still , and able to oetj and after
wards, every shot, every wound and every
loss, shitll ho healod by victorv, and they
become ensigns of glory 1 " The nijltl it
lav x(itt, the duj i liuud.
Si. Nicholas bank.
Chatham bapk.
Ocean bank.
Market I. m's.
Butcher's Drover' bank.
Merchant's Exchange bank.
Irving bank.
Citiaen's bank.
Tradesman's bank.
Bull' Head bauk.
Kxchango bank.
North Uivorand Marino bank.
Broadwar bank.
Leather M anufacture' bank.
People' bank.
Oswego River bank, Goslien
Merchant's bank, Syracuse.
Briggs bank, Clyde.
Hank of Com me t ee, Carmcl
Ragle bank, Rochester.
Hank of Newburg.
Hudson County bauk.
Pouzhkeepsia bank.
Ulster County bank.
Sussex bank.
Farmer's and Drover's bank.
Bank State of New York.
Iloboken City bank.
Jersey City bank.
Farmer's Bank of Montague.
Mechanic' Banking Aswciati Now
York City.
Island City Bank, Now York City, N. Y.
Farmer's Bank of Saratoga County, N. I.
Hollisler Hank, Butlalo, N. Y.
Reciprocity or Sacketl's Harbor Bank, Buf
falo.N. Y.
Oliver Lao k Go's Bank, Buffalo, N. Y.
Hank of Corning, Corning, N. Y.
Bauk of Uomo, Rome, N. Y.
Dairyman' Bank, Herkimer Co., N. Y.
Agricultural Bank, " "
Rocbetor Bank, R..eliester, N. Y.
Leonardsvillo Bank, Loonardsville, N, Y,
Bank of Lima. Limn, N. Y.
lllion Bank, lllion, N. Y.
Chemung County Bauk, iIorohead, N. Y.
Outaiio Countv Hank, Phelps, N. Y.
Slate Hank. S.ckett's Harbor, N. Y.
N'ini'Hia River Bank, Touawnnda, N
-Noleaof the TOuhuiwh banks re ! Will, TriU ScILs ()f Criishpffl lllll H(Ih!iU HfiliaMM "mmWm
cetre.1 at par, or other eurreat fund girwal r 5 .
in exchange. Th unprllled snereM of (h I.iltl (tlaat dnflna; mmrm iaaa Urn vrar , tkna, H"in
- ina m ii'piii oirn wi-o,ii.icr it no singer n r iperini -m. aai a rii wn mri moM ilruiiicd
rMMMHHII Tail Hill Dr. Avers '1UT, 'u w rarraer ami reoi I..-0,.. uut .,, ,rT rri,i ol its
lu vaiu le Kirniers sua Vtmamtt bsei
aanaaaa Aoenm area uleiwent annual Ion. ' V r " w" cm'"" wlln . Uk. m other ariicaw,
Msineaa Agenl are a meaw.nl anuuai ion, of ,u,icit.ut m;t u, WWct lMcnti,n K wU soon i.eet with on., ol eumaeaa
coming about a surely a tho year. We jtrclor ua iutiutor, all aaajai to no themeWe ia tha waililua of i rtuUUcn aui
can ay of them what we aie sorry wa Utun on iu banl-earueu Umm. Met uJ VMiquulied at one point, ther "ptan up ia noibcr
cannot of ail uch visitor Uiat Uiey are , n",r" "'T, iprvuur, a u poMcmcd witn me nine nvan oi ir.c cat. There Ut not
uniformly n,nll,raam. Tbav ara known P" of the UxXa (iUn''" ''n'1" i k not bten, whenever nd whererer a fair In I
9 I ana trial ia bcun uLtliiiMl: ami niht Mia Ilia, ,Ur., moat It lair and ,n,ar in l.Ll a m-.;, .
this prevent time.
At the State Fair of the following Bute, tha put tauon, the Tint fremlum was award-
cJ ID Li the liiant, vt:
to us of the press, as able and reliable, ac
complished business msn of a character
well worthy the benevolent calling in which
they aro engaged, of promulgating tho
I "'( remedies for the sick, this age ad'orda.
Succes to you, gentlemen, and to your
cause, for both deserve, tucceu. llartfmrd
Appended is tn extract from a Report o( the (rial at the Iowa SttoF!r, at afuicauoe,
on the loth of October last:
"The Coriand Cob Mill wore represented by the Little Giant, Ficelslor Tonrrjr Amtticm,
and Star JftUa, and a animated couleat look pUr for th of lilver plates whioh bad been
Mr. J. H. RicRARDSON, who bu lately t disuustl of tha Society by Jm II. Ol.adwick, o fit. Loois. In fifteen revolu
- - m J u . i:IT"T.t . . I :.-. ,l... U.tl.. I aa f.,M .
STatroll free )m
brriOtAX PAPH oir Tim cOUMV.
T K IP P .v I X I' B K .
for taking credit to himself for tho reduced
iiiHjoiit)' of (iovernor Chase.
Uuder nil tho unparalielcd discourag
ing circumstances which tho Republican
party of Ohio has labored under, if Mr.
Pavkk had happened to havobcen elected
by tho tamo majority that Governor Cbaaa
now ha.-, it wotld still havd been n triunih
for the latter, on tho samo principle that
tho light of Ijuonidas against a horilo of
countless Pfraiaui redounded lo the hon
or of the immortal Greek ; or that tho bat
tie of Bunker llili wa au 'American vic
tory, allhouh-the Britit-h obtained po ses
sion of the battle Ikld.
The Republican paity entoiud the pras
-a ' a. lllll 'ltlll Hl' I JHH"I V
eilt cauvasj under tbo greatest ilisailvan- ,, 7 Orleans. Albion, N, Y.
tugoa that an lionost party can possibly la- . . , i.RB. vow pih- N. Y.
Uor uinlcr. . iney nave nan in comeuu
with the elpmcnt-,, which kept thousands
away from tho polls in dill'erent parts of
tho Slate, owing to tho almost inipassille
condition of iho roada. 1 hey have had
to contend with tho feeling of discouifige
meul which tho financial NjNtMMI kad
cast over tho spirits of over 2U,000 busi-
MMl men in thi.i State, four-lift lis of whom aVj
aro Ibtpiiblicaiis. Tboy havo had lo con-
lend witn tho aewMwia power ol tho 1 ope ' (if-(,, asalfjga, Sclui) lervillo, New
of Rome, as evicised by his Bishops and v ,.
Oneida Cenlial Hawk, ' rt U-r, N. Y.
Bank of f7ontrnl New York, (hies, N. Y.
Wprtbingtoh llank, CVxrpetstOWWi N. Y,
Aoalian, N. Y.
Yalus County Bank, Pen Yan, N. Y.
Western Bank, Lockport, N. Y.
Farmers' P.auk, Q.DondWnai N. Y.
Bank of Canaiulaigua, Caiiamlaigua, N. Y
Medina Bank, Medina, N. Y.
Hudson ltivor Bank, N. Y.
Farmers' Bank. Hudson, N. Y.
Powell Bank, Nuwburgli, If, I.
inn,. is' A Gitizotio" Danrr, wimanw
burgh, L
favored us with a call, does ample credit
to our brother's views, and -we commend
him to the cordial reception of our frater
nity long may be wave.
Who is is skd or mokey f We seo
by one of our exchnngo pap en, that the
grand and princely fortune of 25,000 Dol
lars, was drawn at Iho far famed and lucky
Lottery f micaof M. SAVOY A Co, Wash
ington D. C, on the 20th of September,
by a worthy old rarmcr in Upper Kails,
Windsor County, Vermont, named James
S. Ransom. This was indeed a lucky hit,
but M. SAVOY & Co's., is truly a fortu
nate ofiico in which to draw handsome pri
zes, and wo cau't help advising our read
ers lo look at tho splendcd mi l popular
lotteries advertised in our pniier by these
great Prize Seller", and to those who mailt
money, we say order, by i ll nwitiu icith
olddivj few of M. SAVOYjJc Co's,
lucky tickets.
Oct. 15,-31.
WORTH KN0VY1N0. Prof. Wood,
has dieoercd a remedy for tho gray and
bald, which is at onco practicabio and
cbenp. It reouires no dyeing, no wig, nor
extraordinary trouble. There can bo nn
doubt whatever of its efficacy. Wo have
seen testimonials almost almost without
unmber, ami from men of great intelli
gence, high standing mid moralworth.
IhoKowlio havo been ulda for yenrs
are now wearing their own hair, nnd np
poar ten years younger than they did six
months ago. As in most cases gray hairs
and bald heads nrc both premature nnd
unnatural, it is a duty to remedy thorn by
tho natural and undoubted means which
Puf. Wood has invontod, and now kindly
ofiurj to tho afflicted, try his
wondorful reinody, nnd give tho Professor
a now testimonial. Memphis Whig.
2 w.
J . :h aame team and nualitT of Corn, the Mill crmind foil wj:
. 11. n n,,..n,l ,1, i ,il, Kmlmlj Cnm rniil Pnk UmI
1U0 I''1 ' ' O" S wub mil Miitc-iuuii"." - v- WWBM,,
"Exeehiior Tonnf America," Seven-eight of one buhe I M
"Str Mill." Five-eighths of on bashei' " "
The Committee unauiaoody awarded th premium to lb " '-m' tosnt.
1 Iocrsedcapcity, with diminished dimter, by the nse of double cones, thus econo
muting the power employed, nd pending the wearover so great a surface that It ia hardly
perceptible; even after grinding many thousand bushels.
t. No oil or p-caso is reouired on any part of tho machine, thus avotdinc; Uio possibility
of damaec by carelcs aUemlanco.
s rnt ver is attaelwd lo a wparat piece ov "driver," tha rcIicvinR tho Mill from
Irritation caused by tho weight ol loner, nd U regular strains when thsy ro atuchel directly
to Uierrinding shell, as in other Mills. ' . .... ,
4 The SHiwtitiition of a swonir hnx hi ptaeeof les, thiwremorimr tlioliabilHy of breakage
of legp,nd, at the same traio, Umishiag a safo rescrvtar for meat, without additional expense or
trouble. jnpfiority of the cob breaklag and crusking arrangement, enabling us to do a largo
portion Of tho work near tho centre ol the Mill, thereby saving power.
li The great strength which Is (Beared by tbe peculiar ohpo and rrangement ol the
whole' together with freedom from nreekare or dinag to the grinding parU, whon nsiU,
tick s 'brieks pebbles, or other Iiard ublanec liable to be foand among com, accidentally
find their wy mlo the niu a pcriocuun arnvcu ai irum ivii ri.v.ivu ...
of rectal for this particular uso,
i Aaat, but ny no means least, u is imi lnjureu ny imnr.-, -' i i ""KM
To give the farincisf nine idea of the dnraliilily of tl is 4ill wo givo one certificate from
amongst the ihonstudi which wo receive ol aajaal uieiit and from weaol lite Inglicst sUndinj ;.
Head the following: -
Bi'rntorcRSiC, OaxicNrrCo, Ktmvcvt, reh II, imi.
Hedaes, Freoi Cq. (sucoessor to Pcott & II edges,) Olnelnnati, ""io;.'1 . .,,
GkNis riiasc Fend ns by .Sieamer Mclnta. one ol your (y dolkir mule Ownt Miltaand
charee lo our account. We got e pieces ef fig Iron into U,c mdl r-urtliased from Messrs ScoM
k Hedges last year aid broke it. it had ground 'J2.UU0 lawlujs of com aim coo raoai, ann
whan we broke jt, it wes doing jusl as good work as ever
Please send iinmediatety, snil
n r rV IV II U 1, i
oblige your '
TbU Mill U also furnished with an extra set of grinders for eriniMnglt corn. Auy pernoa
wishitiL' a Coru an'l Dob Mid will please addreis their order lo Francis Ucstou Augusta, t ar
rroll cSunlv, Ohio; who will Inrslsh them witli mill at the sliorte.il notice, adll ho im.l dec ,
not grind a well as Urcprconled in UtU notice the buyer ia not wkciT to keep W- V
ask the peop le to try OW mill belorc.bujing elsewhere. i KAN 0" f
Oct. H 1 If, 1 ,V4 V
Priests over tluiii congrogalions til voliu
cattle, who turned out MtMMMMMrMI voted
tho democratic ticket in a Solid phalauK.
Thev have hie I lo contend with thu Know I
Nothing iiuty, who, iu OtMUfMawW of a
noition ol the democrnlio lickul being com
posed of men belonging to the Older, voted
almost unanimously in favor of rt. They
have hud ioc'oiitot:d with the most unscru
pulous and lying part)' that wnsever known
llnmilton Bxciunige Bmik , Or, N.
JelTereon, ,!:,"'; -"rwinawt, Cashier,
WaleiMwii, N. Y.
OmoasSO, Oct. IP.
Tho most destnictivo ismllagrntion that
ever visited this city, occurred this morn
ing; the los by which is estimated nt
Tho principal roMlft urn: Curmick &
Co- hardware, QI,O00 Titsworth & Co.,
clot hftff, f tO.OOO; J. II. Dunbaii, M,
Y.IOOOi Shav. di'V nod, mO,HIO; Cooke
llopkinton batik, Westerly, R.
After the lapse of a week, wo are ena.
bled to givo the official vole nf the counly.
It will be i-een that this yenr there were
polled for the ofiico of flovernor of Ohio,
'272:1 vole, whilst for President, in lfii6'
thorn were, SOO'2. showing n decrease in
tho voto since last year of D07. Of the
212i vote for flovernor, Payne has 1221,
whiUofthe 31,92 roles cast for Presi
dent, there were but lAfiA for liuehauaic
Showing a decrenne of the Democratic
vote of tho counly of 31 only! What a
Inctiire this I'acl contains! Republicans o'
Carroll, only think of it! You sleepy,
careless, unsuspecting ouoa, who are proud
to slylo yourselves Republicans, yet bo
MMMJ the ijay was wet or for some othor
leas trivial eauso, you oxeusod your"
elves from alleudiui; Uio polls on thj 8tli
inst. Look nt the votn of ymir opponents
and learn wisdom. The "piieo of Liberty
is eternal vigilance,' ' And upon th;.. prin
ciple, tbe Locofocos of Ohio, hnvo on nl'
occaaiona practised their piofem,ion, and in
nocontoat have they practised inoreWo7v
Ihan in tlio ono just closed In Carroll coun
ty. Mow Mauds the case with the friends
of free territory, free schools, and a free
eoitnfryl 17A0 votoa wore polled for
Fietnotit, In this enunfy Inst yenr; this yoar
thuro aro but Hflfl votes polled fcr Gov
ernor Chase! A loss from !a-t yoar of 2C2
Pepnbiioatis who failed to attend tho olec
tion, from amno trii'iid caiisu 1 I it nny
wondor, oentloinorhat wo complain of your
supmoiiesit ? Every one of you who re
irtaiiiad at home, eoaeouccd snugly At your
flresiwo on elcethaday should havo fslt
R. I.
. . i . . e ...1 , i ,.i.t.f.i 1, r
in nisiory, almost every man 01 rrrw'i 1 f rtnera nanK, rvMmiuru iv. .
from its leader, II. B. Payne, down lo his I Mount Vernon bank, Provi.louoi
s iterate, , W, iJiay, has been Migafatl In 1 RarA of the liepulie, " "
thudiity business ol trying to hoodwink Rliodu Island Central Hank, East Qreeii-
llie people with the idea that Gov. Chase which, K. I.
was resp"-iWn the Uefalentioii of tho Rank of .South County, Wakefield, R. I,
XrMWUry, foi-oolh, bccane Gov. Medili Wanvlck Imiik, Warwick, B. I.
did not 'discover it beforo ho retired from Tiverton bank, Kail River, formorly Tiv-
office. In order to havo this work done crton, R. I.
most thoroughly, the would-be G vornor, MAINE.
necordil-g to hi own ndmission, traveled AffJt Sanford, Maine.
over 4303 miles since ho was nominated .., t. My, tt.nnmmU Mr.
u;iio 01 1 inn""' "1 "i
retxiling his ronrhiicks to the people of
Ohio with what effect, the result of tho
o'c'tion now tells the story.
' Tho gallant Republicans of Ohio will
feel the mom encouraged to continue tho
contest until the Southern nmHlgamation
slaveholders shall bo compelled lo keep
slavery within its present limit, and (heir
Northern tools, the Douglasos, the Buch
anans, tho Cusses, tho Pnynos nnd tho Mo
lar)s shall be buried in the gulf ol lnlamy
so deep that llie hand of decency will nov
el lift thum up again. Clev . Leader,
Wo are again called on to clironiclo an
other of those terrible railroad accidents
which brings n dark cloud over the domes
tic circle. George Wliitford, an omployeo
on tho New Bedford and Taunton Rail-
toad, au American twonly-two yoars of
ge, met with an accident nbout 60 clock,
P. M., on Saturday, near Ilebronville, sov
en miles fiotn this city, from which ho
died nt twenty minutes past oven, P, M.,
iu less than mi hour and a half afterwards
Ho was riding 011 1 he baggage car of tho
Bodou and Provtdenco. Railroad, coming
homo a usual once a fortuhrht, to visit his
parents, and as tho Irain was crossing ono
ol thu linages near Hie nuove ullage, Mr
LHford ut out hn head to look for the
just nslrtid, and as lroeidy the dtftat of coining of iinoUicr train, when lie struck
Hon. Salmon P. Cham Ohio' host ! "gainst the bridge, tearing off bis scalp
flovernor. ns any of us, who toiled tho en-1 ui1 wouuding him kdvcioIv otherwise.
liro day for tho ue:fs of tho entire Re- Ho wad carried to Dr. Miller's ofiico, whore
publican ticket; nnd probablv mure so, be bo was attended by Drs, Miller, p.eekwith
cana your canseieneos would have brought M, and died ns abovo in theoflice.
homo lo your own judafemetrts a nenss of, llu wits carried to his home noar Indian
bagf, that those who did their whole duty 1oi,,t 'fidgj, b bis father mid brother
(r.uld it have felt. Reiuiblieaiis of f?ar. ; soon aflerwurds.
roll thoieof you who have stood up iiwn. i-he most diaj,rcluD pari of all was to
fully for thu right, deserrs, and doubtless , wiluess. the dispsir of the fathor as ho look
MM receive the thanks of every lover of, 1 "po" tbe body of his spu, but two hours
tenuico Demoeraay now ctiibrnced by the 1 ut0 ( oflife, and uow dead.-IVov.
Republienn faith I 7 here were 87 volos 1 Tiuiiscrit.
cast for Kilmore and ti for Vsntiuinp
& Co., booksellers, 1:10,000; BMwarU
Ileiiipstead, grocer, (MOtjQOO; Lewis o;
Page, oil store, $70,0110. Tho iiisuranoo
amounU to about ;ton,000.
I'ho fiio originated at l o3 South Writer
street, between ( dark nnd Dcnrlihorn, nnd
burned through tho square to Lake street.
Seventeen counties in Minnesota hosnl
from; Sibley, Democrat, for Governor,
900 ahead.
New 0pcctal Notices.
Bnisiou'e Sarsapaiiilla. Many 'Sar
aparillaa" havo eqduded (in moro ways
than one) since this famous anti-bilious,
iinti scorbutic and pulmonic racdicino first
saw tho light, tweuty odd year ago. Yot
it baa maintained its original reputation,
and iu the hftfida of its present pioprie
tors, Lannmn & Co (hoextensivo Wlmle
salo DruggiMs, New York, hiu acquired
(from the groat care and superior ingre
dient employed in its manufacture) a wi
der celebrity than over. Tho t.amu firm
havo recently introduced u vegetable prep
aration for worms, under tlio liamo of
Kemp's Pastilles, which, to use a hnekcyed
phrase, will prove a gioat blessing to motli
ors. Children need no entreaties to lake
this ruinod v iu disguise. They devour the
Pastilles cagoily, and tho uniform result
is Iho extermination of intestinal worms
where any exist, and tho communication of
n healthy tone to the stomach and bow-
he I'ne tilnt.i 11. en I il.vn I hi-
ittTThe Atlantic Telegraph Gompaujr
hate made arrangeinents for the landing
and storing ul the ,'sble in the goveinnient
dock t a rdi at Plvnioth, RnrrtarM. A
1 ,1 , 11. ...1. .
holt their Deh.'.. Cm.tjr.-a by over i,M0 'W8 l.oi....ig me ponton
. . . , , . ., , , . on itoam iiotii me iNitiLiara anil ''atii.'iu-
iii.'joiiv. jiii'i incj iuiiio'i iiieii 1'i.iuen
eej of the Tjcgislatute by small miiiyritits
leKitu the liaudlileiit xolesof Missourians
,ii Joliusoii Hud other couniiea of tho tern
lory niljnctifit fo tl e Mi's, uri line.
Il is said tt.it lhci.,t"vcri re ,.',,
,oUed by the Mi. . uuiam. ; Joliuron ro.
MM tiutff- Eere inhabitants!
nun, 1 . to Ikj constructed, ntvi ns it win tie
perfectly wilier tight, the electricians will
liave 1111 excellent opportunity of eK'jierl
ineutiieg upou tho whole leilgTti .hiring
the time 1l1.it will Intervene before the,
slatting,.! tb ivext cxiivdiriflfi. H will
t.tkiruotVul (bice weeks to dtinstiod this'
1. ink and II. lee ilioreR ifTsehalje flic Cble
li 111 the Niagara.
Hanoock bank, Ellsworth, Me.
Sanford bank, Sanford, Me.
Canton bauk, South China, Mn.
Ellsworth bank, Ellsworth, Mo.
Exclmngo bank, Bangor, Me.
South Royal ton bank, South Royalton,
Danbv bank, Dauby, Vt.
Stark bauk, Bonninglon , Vt.
Monsonbauk, Monsoti, Mass.
Bass river bank, Beverly, Mass.
Io bank, Leo, Mass. ,
Springfield bank, Springdold, Mass
Western bank,
Bergen County bank, Haekensack, N. J.
Bunk of New Jersey, New Brunswick, N.J.
Americn bank, Trenlnn, N. ,T.
Cora menial bank, Perth Ambny, N.J.
Bordentown Banking Co., N. J.
vYarron County bank, Warren, Pa.
Farmers' ds Droveia' bauk, Wayneburgh,
Ilonesdalo bank, Ilonesdalo, Pa.
Bank of Middhibm, Middloton, Pa.
All Banks In PhiUdolphia atisponde.l spe
cie payment;
Trans Allegheny Bank, Va.
Wnosler Rank. Daubury, Conn.
Merchants' Exchange bauk, Bridgopoit,
Conn .
Colchester bank, Colchester, Conn,
Hartford County bank, Hartfoid, Conn.
North American bauk, Seymour, Conn.
Thompson bank, Thompson, Conn.
Bii.lgcport City bank, Conn.
Charter OA bank, Hartford, Conn.
Mercantile bank, " "
Kichamje bank, "
Windham County bank, Windham, Conu,
City bank, Cincinnati, Ohio,
VVaie bank, Ware, Now 1 lainpshiie.
Parmer' ni.d MecbrttlTcT bank, Detroit,
Penins.dii bank, Detroit, suspended.
Other Michigan not taken.
'Macomb County bnak, failed, Mich.
Bsnk (if Commerce, Georgetown, U. C,
Ziiiim. Titian bank, Canada.
Tennossee, N. rt B! Carolina, ) j . Mi 1
Georgia, Louisiana and Neb. lcc u'
Castlfll bank: tn.Hanapulis, dnd .
'Rsnk of thu Capitol 0 -
Other IndiiTth Kri a bsnk.
Dank of Ebjlnffd,
Other Illinois.
TirETtK cumo to town, on the l .tajr Z I
of Pepteinber, A. I)., If7, via., M rWjpa
the lurpost auJ mosl upprured stuck of
Ready made OkrthiiiR, it at has ever been -exhibited
iu tbi place. W
COATS, rjer; Barloe,
Crock, Sack and yiess coats iu Mm0 U,
fcaee. ci
s .V V W SnUiiivlt,
ircl. ak' . I' ,..,l,.,v
tin,, iww aj """"'";i
Cajlmere, cans, au8 barred fif every va r-
lidy. ; n
ilyMffiM JL mm silk -3
Velvet. Plash. Satin, Cim. re, il.ittlnettH
ami olhers ol every si) Is ;unl puHern.
Muslin, I Ih kory rV3
Snipes, c'lioo, Bjil jgp
'rint in ahiimUnuC. prj
r,f all
fssli -
radii sr. Louis.
St. Louis, Oct. li).
Tensor ifc Danglou, b.tnkorf, cloeed this
The weeklv bank statement shows a re
duction of 50 per cent iu coin.
The circulation and dcositsof the State
Bank have decreased nearly 70 per cent.
The decrease in coin is iu slill greater ratio.
Tho steamer Tropin was sunk at waver
lv, on the Missouri river, on Thursday Inst.
It is reported lliut 8 or 10 livos were lost.
Wo have no pnitieulais.
Cincinnati, Oct. 19,
Exchango on New York scarce nnd lit
tle better than nominal nt r:l premium.
Tho latter for currency. The currency
question continues .piiet nnd unsettled.
'I'ho notes of tho Ohio, Indiana, Missouri
and Louisiana Rauks, and Stock Banks,
with tho exception of New Orleans, aro
taken by the merchants and bankers nt par.
Thev also oll'ur to U.ko tho notes of all the
banks of Baltimore, Philadelphia, N. York,
Boatou and likewise the paper tmcen at par
by those banks, but there is very little, ns
yet, in circulation. R is uaderstOQd. here
that tho banks of this State, Kentucky and
Indiana keep up specie pa) iucnt for the
name, but that it is not tbeir intention, uor
is it piai.siblc (or litem lo do so in feet, and
with ibis view of lliocaso our brokers have,
to a grout extent, ceased sending home
Nkw Yohk, 0 t. 20.
Money continues stringent. Business,
howovor, is gradually reviving. The a
mounts held by our city banks U not less
Ihan ten millions, nnd compared with their
liabilities, they are in a stionger position
than they havo been for years.
It is rumored thnt sew nil of our bnuks
are preparim; lor au early resumption of
specie payment.
Married on the C1I1 of Oct., aa Conduc
tor S. R. Swain' train waa passing from
Salinevillo to Hanover, on iheC.it P. Rail,
road Rev, John Orrsman, of the J' .itsbur 01
Conference, to Miss Guclma J. Thompson,
of Malvern, Cai rol! eeunty, Ohio.
We hope Uio run of tho young 'Itiner
ant" and bis Lady from thoir present
'station" to the grand final "depot," may
be ns smooth as was tint between Salinvill6
uud lluno'.er, that thero may be no "eol-
1 '' on thai i- way, mid that they u; ,) j
grtffe ..foly aloti on a nitnjl track having
ueilhci 'V. itehe.," Hoi "side track?' ,
llollvvunfs Pdln.--S'A tho gc title
. 1 ..!.!.. : ! ..K -
aperient principle 01 una uieaiiinnura vujjw
table remedy, are tiientieu uismieciani anq
renovating properties of a most remarkable
kind. Tho omaeiated victim of dyspepsia
or liver CMMpkjjint V slrengihoned and re
vived bv the tome intleonce 01 itio meui-
cino, while his internal organization is be
ing regulated and UM biocsi purgci 01 us
itnpuritios by its collective nnd antiseptic
ngeney. 1110 ortuoijox prnvvwo r k""
ktrMI or four medicines in suMoasidn b
nrmlaee the 0 eflects. The Pills prm.1 110.0
them simultaneously, ami never fall shors
of tho full accomplishment of thoir object
a complete and radical euro.
'rint in MMMdW
ionn, for the neck ami pocket, nny amount
of tlicm.
Kor llie h
olj, tlio "
1.. KlJL. 1 1 1
HIS ITIUUIti UK'-'I, U'l'l i'lU l.ii)S.
; virtue of a writ of Ti fa ct lav facia issn
c.1 out of tlio (Join t ol Common pleas, for Wayao
niniv, Ohio, and lo mo dlrecteM, I will ollVrfor
Sle at Uio door 01 me ' un rnuar, 111 ui-
illton. between the hours of ten o'clock A.
,lf. ami fosr o'clock P. M. on Hatiinlay the
an th day of November 4. 1). ts.w, thn
ulU ina real estate to wit: a part of tbo S. ,
quarter of section 1 1, in Tp. 13, aflfl Hatry t,
conUiinitiK one hundred and tweaty acres, tt-
kun n- tbe property of Kesia 4I)i.n at the .nit
Ol J. ' Reed. Teruiea-ib.
Out. 32, 1851. SJierlrT dl Cafrqll connty,
Drric or in Jcnd ovfaortATK )
Carrollton, October S&; 1W7. j
m UK felloirhnr ceon ta of Kx ecutors. Ad
I min1trators and (insrdvms have been lifcd
In lliis.olno.-, ad are set for lieanii" nn
Monday, tbo Uidi 'lay of November A. I). 137,
at 1 0 clock r. W- 01 raid uy, ann win uu
continued from day to day until all are dispo
sed of. 2'he lig and pendency of which Ac
countautnd liois interested will tuke uotico,
i'iaal accouut of James Right, (Vuardinn of
Samuil Rutter'an Iu3no per
son. Kiaul Aroount of .nathaa .ng Adtninis
triitor iWbonis now wkb the Will annexed of
lelm Mc.llli.-tcr de..iased.
First " iRiiatns tetter AdminiBtrator
of Joha Ueitcr deceased.
!' " J, U. Long A'xocutor of Will
of estate of t&muel Alston
. deceased.
" ' Martin Wnjerlcr Admlui
trtor with Will anuxed of
GeeoKO Iluenor dice.-.-ed.
" " Joeevl. collar Guardian of
heirs ef IPUliauiru Logan de
ceased. " " Joshua Ohaney Guardian of
ixia iS'touonniu's hks.
Jlim Ml iciuma .1. ', u,.. ,.. . ' . a
(rest nnd best selected stock of trunk iii "
t'lis vicinity, wo have the largest &ia, tlio
indium, and thu uiUiiUlc.
rf li MPg Lots of Knvn' di)-
Ufl I CO a llnn, to (it tlie
iiiveniloa, from y lo IU voars old. CT3
J . . , .i.ii '.i- . itrrr r
Tins Heavy hhjck onaoiniug, ii., n 11,1,
bo sold, as 1 want money, at LOWKR fii;
uio., than any of my competitors. All
you thnt want a suit, or any part tlieraof, h-
come to S. I. Mooli's ,'nipoiiuni, where Sf,
can bo found a larger stock, a belter arti
cle ol good-., and tho very IntPBt styles, nt
prices which can't be boat. I shall be t3
ready and willing sho M)aj at No. l.O
abovo the exchange, my entire toek,with-
out charge. One and ill conic, nnd you 1
will save monoy thereby. t,
Sept. 17, 185.. 3. f. BL001T. -
fllllS uudcrbiried offers for sale r)n'-ryiloni-I
bte terms-, Hie fnllewfn renl etltnto Oft
l.i-bon strcoi, Carrollton, Oanelli raonty, O.,
Ip wit: One lot, on which is ewseteda (ratite
dwelling house, one and a half story biglj, !i.b
by 2li feet, with a good cellar under it A good
well close lo Uio Kitchen door with vpjy pod
water. Ahd n good frnrflC Stable, 8T ty 15 cm
Said lot. ..
Per terms oi- any other information applf W
the uudcrned, Carpollton, Ohio.- 1 ,
Sept. mill, 1F57. tf, C, II. .EllTiTt.
Ui iLjj Ilium ukai uiij get i; exchango nice,
wiioap v " v x.
' W A LTJ taper
t l'.AJkJKK ii CM a .Sw Dauo StMs.'
mllR UNDEiSlON'.') feeling rjlaposed for
1 01100 to take tho advico so often given by
editors of news papers, vlx: thatftf aihrcMlse
ing their business in the papers; lie therefore
ior tbo first time through this . mcdUnu,-would
any tv the public that (je now has on band, and
ss.atill receiving, a good and well scleotcd
flock of
ftm aV k. k i !
mi vsa s i st- ostj
fcVnsliting of orery article that is usually kept
iu a country or village dry goods sioio; an 01
which ho will sell witn smauu riturua,
upon. ' J "
Ho is thankful t the public for rtast , favors
oonferrtd upon bin', and rospoeUully sokcilH
a coutinanjice of ylicir liberal patronage, nt
tho samo time Haltering hlrosetf! that 'He can
give gcnernl satisfaction le'allMnomay fsvm
him with a call. Oomo right along.everybody,
aud buy cheap good.
MmbmmmwUvps May M m
. ' ' I ' 1 ra fnf
TY- ?oy-liiia-,Fruit.6,naU(t.t con
UuUv on hand t U'O Tin Shop of
fin-roll ton, Ohio.
rhoeeaaix64r designed fed
tho wanU of those who, resWiog in the ceuntry
at a, ditancc treaitho t9 shop, nnd It linprajv
ticahlc for them to solder theft cans la the old
way Th'e 'are -W rioriMricM aslo raj lastly
cbsed 'or unlo4 try any perao wtnout tno
isrSpHer or Qdig u":;
A urderalr cons iuoiiuiiij n"
TivrirM is hrfht w,ir
iheni aBKOiated a"efMdiul sAhinis
trator of the .e'''. f!W. 1
oTICfl fs rffc'REB'lr'-4t.-I,Vv(!
?3y r- SL ii jJ fc.JMawaa.1wl.ert
Oct 8i 1 8 ,r7. f IrJklitrylrl i BAA'jMm
Ai AaSOUTMA.VT nl .lank ci.lp, et
h printed 0V1 Rood r.itHk,'l.Wi'ffil1 at th!
unite. - - M V
X .

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