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Carroll free press. [volume] (Carrollton [Ohio]) 1834-1861, March 04, 1858, Image 4

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Tel h. ! iiWt 1 a publ'ie dcmaitd fur an
. n pnrvr.tirc pUl which roul
and iterf.-cfiy aJc u; tU open
pf cprrd In race! that deni in
trial f it thtus ha MM
iuw it atvinpuaha tin' p
eay to aiale pnrsiral
thv brt ..f til yM one wl
vf the obosrtion. but ll thi
other. Tti ha been auci:
what mice rc would rrspci
ivh' .1 on a.
t. 'I kit haj
nd an ctten
I sho-rn wth
: not ear to I
. I l ive
IratiUge, of i
;d here, and
l!y snlnnit to
public decision. It bu been unfor
th patient hithrrto that almost escry
the bow-1
medi'ii.c . . : tnoninu ana lrr.t.itr .: t the bow- j
:. TUia i no. Many uf tlitm produce so much I
aTiaaaijI pain an J reslnon hi the atm as to more ,
fV...:i raui t -t' a'jm. th" "il to he d,rvid in. in
thrm. tVae ;w7.' prodnce no irritation or pain,
moos, ,t ,L,.e from a previously exUtinR oiartruc
Itam t WfapMaaal i:i Ur bowels. MMg purely
teiftati!-: no h ,r i can air from their use in ant
cuantity ; but it i la-iter thai any medicine should
be taken judiciously. Minute directions for tl.f J
use in ILc unM di aca to uu th. are ap
pln.tl4 wo anven on the box. Amonr the com
plaint whh h ave been apeediljr cured by them, we
n,av mentio tivcr Complaint, in ita rarinua forma
uf Jaundice, lud potion, lamiruor and 1-ns-a of Ap
petit. Litleiie, Irritability, llilioua Headache,
piliou Fever, Frier and Airue, Vain in the Side
ami loin : for, in truth, all thee arc but the co.n
aetjuence of diaeaacd ai tion in the liver. At an
inetient, ther afford prompt and sure relief in Coa
t.vtnr, Vile. Colic, Dyaentery, Humors, Scrof
ula and Scurry, Cold with aorene of the body,
Vlcera and impurity of the blood ; in short, any
and cyerv rase where a purgative it required.
Tin v Kire alao pnwuccl aomc aiiigulurly ine
eeaaful MM in Rheuniatum, Gout, Drupay, f iravd,
Rrwipcla. F.dpit ation of the Heart, Pains in the
Back. Stomach, and Side. They ahnuld be fn clv
taken in the prinn; of the year, to purify the Mood
aiui jatvyart the yttm for the change of acaaona.
An ocatinnal do'ae timula,tri the stomach and
boiicij mlo healthy action, and restore tlie apps
t.'.c and rigor. They patifl the hlnod, and, by OM ir
stimulant aetion on the circulatory ajatcm, R no
rate the atrength of the body, and restore the
wanted or diaeased energies of the whole organism.
Hence au occaaionaj dose ia advantageous, even
though no aoiou RSSRRgaRMRl exists; but un
necessary dosing should never lie carried too far,
aa every purgative medicine reduces the strength,
when taken to extra. The thousand cases in which
a physic ia rfl)ltR . cannot be i nuim rat d iierc, but
they auggcst tLcuat Ues to luc icaaon of evirv
bodyt uid it ia confidently 1mv vd this pill will
answer a better BanN)i (MM Mt thing whi h has
hithrrto baSM MWaMt to mankind. When their
till J arc once known, the public will no longer
doubt what remedy to employ when in need of a
cathartic Medicine.
.1 A MES C. AYE B,
rrartioil inn! An:il) iil Ik hiIM,
U)tFKU mass.
Priea 86 Cent per Box. Fivo Boxm for $1.
For (tie rapid t ine or
fortus. routs, ikhksi:m:ss,
Kito.i inns, h mritc-soriiH,
t roi r, Asthma, a
Ttlta remr.tv has won for itself such notoriety
Jroin ita cures of every variety of pulmonarv disease,
thai it is entirely MaMMMary to rei oui.t the evi
dences uf its virtues in any community where it
haa been employed. So wide is the Held of its nsc
fulness. Rod so' numcroui the cases of its cures,
that almost i viry 'eetion of the country abounds
in ptMOM publielv known, who have lie n restored
from alarming and oven despernte diseases of the
lung bv its use. When One) tried its superiority
orer every other moclii me of its kind ia too appar
ent to escape observation, and where ill virliics aro
known, the public no longer hesitate what antulotn
to emplov for the distressing and dangerous ulfce
tiona of the pulmonary organs which are incident
to our climate. And not only in formidable at
tacks upon the lungs, but for the milder vain In
f Coins, CWMMi HoaMBXSM, c; and for
Chii.uuks it is the nleasanteht and safest mcilicina
that can be obtained.
Aa it has lung Wen in constant use throughout
this section, we need nut do more than assure tho
people its iju alitv is kept up to the best that it evef
ha been, ajid that the genuine article is aold by
SjUUi If
Oct. Will, I s.i7. 1 v. I'liriollinti, O.,
Vol i.i ii VH or THI
C 0 6 M 0 I' 0 I. I T A y
1 11 K fAMOtTt
OUtEIillONF M 1,1 II V
PtlROUaliMCn at
I fIST Or slMl.hfO i
Ami I uWi
World Renowned ot
UK p'li. ha ed lor sii iliousand dollars, wiih
cvei.l h'iniliid Oll.cr vvoiks of Ait, ill I
Tjiii.Ings, rlRRlRiura and Thoiuos, c piise j
the rrtRURRN to be awaidod to Ihe IRBM ribcis
of the Cosmopolitan
A R T A SS 0 C I AT 10 x,
who aubicrihc hclore the isth of JttHUJ,
tr. at phlch lime the awards will taku pi ice.
Tr. lists oi- ItlBSCtlPTIUlli
Krery suliscribei ol llneu dollars is entitled
A ''opf of the large and splendid Steel Kn -yravmg,
aDliUad "duiulest Desiinv," ulso to
A copy of the Cusiuopolilan Ail Journal one
yaar, al-o Ut
X Certificate iu the .award of Tremiums,
A tree adniisdnn to the 'usseldoi l and Cos.
mopohlali Cal.ciicS.
Thus It is seen that for every three d.illus
paid, the subsciiber not only reee ives a splen
Lat.ftUo, tin1 tH'ttutifu Iv illiHtni'i'tl twit ilnlUr
Ksch sutisciibe' is also presented WitliuCcr
JfficRM iii the Award- of Pramiilin, by which
avahiibl wotkolArl, in Tainliug oi Sculp,
luif, may be received in addition, llius giving
to every subscriber au cipiivalent 'o the value
ol li ire dol. ai s, and a Certificate gratis.
Any one ol the leading fil Magazine isfur
nisbed, iustead of Kngraviug a. J All .ournal,
if domed.
N'opcroii is resit ictcd to a single share,
Those taking live iiieinlieeships, reuniting H-1.
aie eulitled to au exlia A'ngiaving, and sll
tickets. Full particulars of the Assnciaiioii are
aireRi n the Ai JoRtntl which ontaini ovct
n 1 1 splendid Ingnrhaga, puce Ut cents pei
number, Spceiinen copies Rill be -enl lo al,
prrtona a lio desire lo subset iue, on receipt ol
lira postage stamps, (li cents J Addicss
C. L. DCHBT, Aeiuiry 0. A. A ,
fsU llionlway, New Yolk.
VHIifll I TON nil ID
Off the 1st of October next, the andei signed
will hare the abpve House ready (or ihe en- I
. v . . , . . . .
.trrUmini ut ol the kraTWRRg pub.ic 1 be lama
,1 undergoing thorough rem oval ion lioui eel
Jiro gai ret, and will bo in o.'.ci ilont condition
lor the reception of pilosis, ROWt iheir every
wun' tils'! bo fully a Jministeieil In. Ihe sla
b'a shall aloysbo well supplied wiih hay
ai d srorender for hone, (live ine a cull
nd your bills shsil be reasonable,
dept. 10 h, '57,-tf .SAMUA'L M A'R(Y,
AN AOitTatr.VT ol lank eeds, neat
ly rjn ed on gaod piper, lor talc. Call at ihi-
'kfi V 77 A HOOP,
B Thiol's I arsapa ri 1 1 a-
a mi AN Oltl'kAL OV -VF.R TWEXT1
" jears, H.it pint -ri:r. u-indr, f om
1, r.u nicroua ili-a of imitations hare
, k.,1 .. .1 .
" -'- . 'r'"" -ri-"-
' ,"''':'aet',-d by the pre"iit p-n
pin lor-. It, 1'. Lai. iii. ii ti Co., ni'.h unproved
iiacl.'.t crv, tioui llio yh rhrt
and M tVAWAIIU k v r u TO FKKMK s.T,
it undergo n; chemical ehanje in the wriiieft
liillall s.
;,' OOF J' OS IT J V K!
I i.sallowci by the men. ion us opinion o
the rhy-ii i'ins, by , i erlmei tal proof, and
en j loini ofc-ridoncc which can vivo antheti
iWlJ to public iUtcltelil,to be the ti-o.-l po
01 fill
scrofula. Consumption,
inn an inrTi.u-, cniuu.r, rii.ninuir ,ns uie
ous diseas.is, etin diree'lv upon the
It iii iii r 1 1 e the virus, which go lesHte. i
raueous and v.l mdiilar lTectioii, imparts new
.ilalitv to the stri am ol I re, and restores the
itiaied secretions to a besl'hr condition.
BMSTULI sausapakii.i.a is IbmIhUi
toe the turn ol tho fnllovin diseases:
Asthma, I'ropsy, vieneral Debility, Rarren
nccv, Dry Krunli ma, lndiie-iion, Howel Cou
ulaint Krysipelas, A'eural rii, On isumpiion,
!ver and l;iie, 3-Tolnla, rancor, Keual; Com
ildinta Sail A'ue nn.
soi.n ht
D. T. Lamn I Ki Mf, WnoissnUi
L H ft;, J 1 e I !-,'-'. WATrR .!'., NKW Vol! K,
Atfl by l lruv-i-i-, at l,ml per llolilo.
Miv 7. I-.VJ. !
M tiik
WE 8 T E .' X II E M 1S1JER E
s ' mfM
rprllS rare pei-fun i and i os iieiic p prep-irc i
Irani iropu al Tiowi-rs of suv, .a -si g irRCraneo
wilhout ia 1 1 v a bnixlure ol coar e en'ial oils,
kleh birin Ihe stiple ofminy "Kseuc,is" and
"k xlracls RM the FoHRt, Its A mm i iJ us In
cihaiwtahu as that of the ' 'I'm inu Cologne,'
and us Im ,i and deli, ale as h Ineath ol U
ill HblSsoi.iS.
Kor twen'v Mats it bus maiu'iiinod its as
cendeney over ull other perliiines ihioiighoul
(hiba, S.uilli Aineiica and the West llillkrl.
It has been introduced into ihe United .Stales,
in response tu the eainesl demand gfRVlRg uul
of ils Souibern tepUlatioR A cure for
1 1 p. -ul at-hp and FtlllNeM !
Asiliiolo lorthe h nnlleic'iiiil, it is as do-
lici ins as the "Olto ol Ho es." It lends Mesh
Man ami Irausoati'iiey to tne "Oinplex ion, and1
removes he. . I n be iindlaiiitnesi.
Heivare of IntiuUoM onk for the Ram) M i
Mi ..I i i K LasmsN on the bottle, wrapper ami
orname I label, Sold I v 0, T. I, annum A
Co.. wholesil' drUB L'lslS. No, Water si reel,
New Voik, and by all drujiatl, ut III cents per
K h M I s
Vcse table W orm Past I
Thry art InuiHibM for tin curti
Ol'1 I NT K It N AL wo It MR f!
1'IIK peculiar p roper tl el which belong to
''Kemp's l.o.eiijes," hive never belon
been coinbiiied in any piepaialion. They mo
alliactivot the eye, m a
rapid, vet harmless in Iheir operation, coinpu oil
solely ol I
and reipiiie to mercury lo be taken before
or nt let iheiti. The do their woik more ihor- I
oughly 'bun any of the nausous Vermilugcs ol
ihe dVI
is considered by the inosl dislinnuishcd hys
icians, to be worms among children. It is
sea'cely necessary, therelore. lo put mothers
on their ntftfd ngii.ist this insidious coiuplaint,
ur to rROOHiniend them to take prompt steps
to remove it by the use of the only tl in' i , til
eilv, Kemp's T.islilhs, iiiesented ill such a
pul .tumble form, that Child ran take them
aaaarlf RltkoRl noaiirg. .Sold by p.T. Lan
MD A Kemp BU, Walat li., Sew York, nnd by
Diucalata. i '-' eanU per bHta,
Apiil lilt. IS..".
i i,oici:m i:, a. t.
uro. sim i.air, 1'itrs'r. n. viKnrn, cash'ii.
Dealers in Land Warrants
'ILL give their pt ranflal altciition to bRlR
ami selling .'eal E -tale, entering I mils,
loauins money, paying tine.-, iu A'ehtasha, Iowa
and Kansas,
Hi MiKM'is. Kid ni go Tank, CO, BtH
ey a. Co., It. Patrick .1 Co , Banker, .-liwil
Lee ,V I'o., Meich.lllls, Tilts'lllrgh, T:l.; A'. K.
Ivavlev, H inker, Thd'a; W iudow, .anierA Co.,
New Voik; Aucas '.-iinninls. Hankers, .Vlloiv I
i ''" ,1cnbanis St. .oms; Hunk ol Cum;
meree, .1. t
April ia,
. tf aaaay, Clevelainh o
U.ri7. Iv
' A T K X T
M UT II T. II ' s
,S' A VE Y O VR (' II 1 1. lJi i: A
Cleveland, 0lii, cYgtrnta,
sold by FAIRBANKS ii CO.,
No !! ISr n livaj, New York.
July 2, 1S57. Iv.
Tin INbin uf i In- Million!
rilll.OSOI'll V .SD FACT
THE nettnfa CAI sK or ITIVEst,
Tie blood - the life sustaii ing agitit It j
fiiTi bJiea the conipot ei.ta ol licsh, bvt.e, miH
ee, m i re and inli guuu nt. The Mi in ah i-'
- ii- 1'iu'acrnrr, the reins it ilirtilbu'cts, and '
' e ii ie-tii.es the chariiel tliron&h nl.itli the
waste tnaiter njetieil in its pn uuction i ex-i
tiled. I'pon the sfrmath, the ciictila'ioii J
and the bowels, tin se Tills s, t in.u't meou-lv ,
i . g ii. hit-in n, purifjirg the fluids, and ;
reul tt.'ig ll.e i leicliol'.a.
fvspep,!,is theiiiosl comnirn disease among
all di'c ises in this country. It assumes a tiioiis
and shapes, and Is tne priuury souiue of in
nuineranle danc-riiiis noil nlies; but whaterer
ita type or symptoms, however obstinate; i'l
resistance t orliniry preparations, it yields
1 readily and tapiill) to this searching r.nd un
ci ling tcmeily.
Theipiantity nnd quality of the bile are of
v in initiortaiice to be.i lb. non t i iver.
t,e HI,,I which pecretcs tl is fluid. thce Tills
opcraM wiellwllt. bMIbb raetlrybc its
irieguUtiiies and eflcctiial!v curing Jaundice
Til on- A'tinittanfs, nnd ull the varietiei of
dl-cai-es geiicialtd by au unnaluial condition
of the uigaii,
lnle-s ti c liovrels perfotni their lunctinna
propei Iv, ihe wlinhv body sufTeif. Tens of
thou-ni ,ds ili annually of Ilysentery, I'iar
iluei, Tiirnnic f on-. ipaiion, and other t!is-et-es
of thevc wue tiipc of the system.
Ti e cnVet of llio Tills upon all intesiii.al di.s-
1 ordcis, whether casual or epidi inic, i a phe
nomenon in medicine, lis li.llovvini? the ptint-
1 ed iliiections, ihe inot alarming cisaa ol bow
el complaint are promptly controlled.
. The 1 ical debility ami irrcgulatilies ahicli
arc the especial annoyances of I he weaker
set, an 1 which, alien neglected, olnayssnorton
iife, u:e relieved for the lime being, and pie
tabled for ihe time to i oiuo, by a course of
this in. I I bill ll.oro'igli : Iteialive.
ffullotNtjft Jilt ore the he4 remnl'i
MRaVN W tht afOfM fvrlln johuwimj
ilinen.ii a:
AslhlDI Iliarrln-a
Indigestion Stonn and
InfawRM (iiavcl
la! iniaiioil Secnii lurr
Livvuid Weak RvRBp oms
nn.-s Veneieil
Howel llrop-v
Compl'l ! li'JT
ftiiiglis L etrer and
Uolda Ague
1 1 he.-i His I iii a I e
.iver Com- Affections
Ml 1 iIrU pi lillls
V'urriis of
ell kinds
Ilea laches Low l ess of
hiss Dyspepsia ipiiits
Z'ji'i' IliTII) ! None arc pi tiiilne mi
I'ss the words "lli Towav, New Vork and
I, ..nil n. ' ill" ili-cernibbi lis a Wu'er m il It in
uve.y I al of the bo. k of iliiections MO ltd
each pot or bon; ibo nme mav bo pliinly
seel, by holding tbe le.il lo the light. A
hands. ine reward will be "ive'i to any one
rcndS'li'lt IUCh hlfoCRWlltlR as may Kail 10 the
ile'niion of aiiv party or parlies counle. feiiing
ibo niclicirrsor rfRtttog the Baine, knowing
llii'in to he spuriou.i.
.SoM al li e Manufactoiy of P ofeiaur
Ilollovvnv, Ml HlMWI .'ine, New I oik, am!
bv all reiprvtal HrucL'b'U and Healers in
Medicines Ihioilghoul the I nileil .States and the
civ I ed Wot hi, in boxes nt 8 MBit, b- J cents,
mid l each.
JJ" Tliete Is a considerable savin;; by ta-
I king the larger size.
i N, H lireclioiis for ihe (rui laiiec of pa-
ticnls in evei v disorib r aie atlixeil lo each I o ,
.September Hbh, I sfi7. If,
?&m u: .nit,.
(OdM in and see the nice new goods, and
'get some InUrRta Rargaial Wo have re
ceived our slock of
and wish lo favor our cu l iiueis with an op-
uortnnitjf to profltbj purchaaiag tbaw,
I We have a line Us.soitiuciil ol
! Si' "is,
Piitils, etc.
,'eady Made Clothing, fco.
II and axamlaa our atcek and Judge lor
An.;. 1, le.'.7.-ly.
mHKRR same to town, on the lull day S
I ol Rapteinbar, A. Ii , IS67, via., li. II., j,
the largest nnd most, appiovod slock of
Unadv made Clothing, ll a has ever been
exhibited ill Ibis place.
f l T C r,v,'r ' "'
f J M 1 O th r, Siutout,
Truck, Sack and iAcss coats in abun
dance, V A saYff KM Satlitndls,
A fia JH A $9 m Corduroy,
Ciisiuieie, ,eaus, and baned of every va D
ricty. tTs
W mzmtimmmim siik
Vilvot, I I van, Sal in, t assiniere, Sittinelts
nnd others of every stvle and ialtern.
Hnnvs:w Muslin, HickotyH
Wltili I Hi Stiipes, Calico, amiS
'lima iu abundance. pi-
llantlkereliiefs. m
ions, lor Ihe neck and pocket, tiny amount
oi th am.
yORlg, the middle agfd, and the ha bra,
tv VV have
gaal and best selected slock of trunks in
this vicinity, we have the target t fi.c, the
nadilMR, ai d Ihe inlaulilc.
Lots of Mots' elo
thing, to lit the
I uvcuiles, frnn II to 12 years old. Cj
This heavy stock of Clothing, An., WILL
I I,. , atwjl na I want nanaiara al I I1WVI! Hit.
lire i, than any of my coinpeliliirs. All
! you that waul a suit, or any pait thereof, N"
1 Come to S. I. .'loch's Ampin iuin, nheie SB
can ho fiiund a loor slock, abetter aril'
elo of goods, and the very latest styles, at
pi ices which can't be heat. I shall be m 9
ready and willing sho.v you, at No. 1, O
above the exchange, myelinic stock, with- "J
out charge. One and all come, and jou
will save moncv thereby. f
Sept, 17, 1867, S. I. T!LOf!II.
1)1 N
i Nov
' T A Ii , a good article sold by
10, -t RAXTKR& rTKMilN'O.
AVALI, Taper of of varioas stvlea aold
al UaXTKR ii OO.'I New ),ug iteie
Cuoincss (FarDs.
A t I u r ii c v at ttai
U'lLt, promptly attend lu all ru-ines en-tio-led
to bis c ue. Uuici one dour
south ol .Siidgei store.
Aug. 1 , liT. U.
A. W
T r 0 A
, ioiti:iMi.
.v g y a 7 .1 if,
C tBItOLLTUN, (illlO.
arrangement, t lie sei vice., ol
SPF.i'IJI, irransremeut, the sei vices ol
: si In I'lS of t aulou, can be retained, ;
in all cases wlrn desired. wiih the eapeiienee and tacilitlei coinhined in
MM In the ro ru opposite tlie ieesf its jrgauir.it im are prepared to furnish ma
fruhtot the t'ouit House, heretofore occupie rhiocry of all kioda al more liberal rates than
uy J. H. 7'npp Kq. h is eTcr Ikcu olfeied al any other etlblih-
ylug. I Ii7. latent,
I The combination ML fM pitcnted
E. K. KMUIIT. o. V. McJiv v, Om1, IsMi.and is now generally ackno.l-
CAKUOl LTOV. I II : I ' li K I 111 I A J to l, the cheapest, inont piaetical, and
KNIGHT rf'M'ILV AM ' ' ' ''i t li mber man laetuiii.g midline in ihe
' a. lid. 4 large number of them ate ill auc-
A TJOltSF. YS t(- V O I X ti . ' i-,-,,!!,! opeiaiiun , uiff rent sections of the
ii ia v i iCif
sua svVs JJ
liu-ii M mil ., d to tin ir caie.
f.3f H i, M c.-t M li e t'ouit llou-e two iloois
south ol a ,i,i.,. id li Clark, CmiuMiw Ji.1
Au. I, 1 t-i7-.ll.
r T O II N F Y A T 1 A w
'II. practice at tbe profession ij Carrof
and the adioimng countiea. All bu.-i
less entrusted to him will receive piompt at
iitioii. Or I lit opposite the west dooro
ine couri nnuse, loriner.v occupieu oy , no
Hrowti, Ks.il., Carrolllon, Ohio. Aug. I, '57.
Attorney and tlHWllll at Law,
1 LI. business in his profession will be atten
ildeil to with promptness.
tIIicc, in the south coiner olEtidgcr'i Block.
Aug. i, lNi"-if
D K. 0 KO. SCOT T,
Office up stairs in thc"Mct'ook A'uihling,-south-weal
coiner of Lisbon atid t'aiuil stieets-
limine prrmaiicntlr lo
cated in the above named place,
he offer his urofes.-iouul sei vices
to persons reiiu'uing opei at ions in his prutcs
His brRMf f n ililies have enabled bim to
bcconio hadl acquainted with eveiy blanch of
ti c dental ait; anil lie is prepared lo Ireat ev
ery (RfR wh.'ther it may involve a single tooth
or an entire sett, in the latest and inns! npprov
ed maimer. All opciutioiia aariautcd to ".ive
slili. I.ICliell.
FwMRI auitoil on at iheir resiliences ii
Aug. l, ml. -at
Teal it a to B okor,
s&tti, Aaaa.
March N, lbj7. lv
Done on res ninnblc terms. Salisfaclion giveu
or no charge inade.
Cards wiiitcn in Copper plaio slylo such
us RaddhlC cards, visiiing cards, Ac, Jin.
Plain k Ornnmenlal IVninanshipj
Copies rarrnahed at leason.iblc MrRM, vvilh
nealness and dispa'cli.
Kmn i sin-1 mi shoiic-t in ncc; gotten up in ac
conlauce with ihe laws of tihio.
All orders addressed to mo l Currollloii, Cur
roll co , Ohio, will nccive prompt attention
Aug. 1, IS.,7.11. I. II I.MAN.
Carrollton Warblo Works!
A. (i. .SMITH k BR0
Ur till I. II raapactluply inloiui the public that
ihev are I'epied lo maniilaclilio
i'lllllllslllll R,
.11 o Hinniila,
and everything in their line ol business, villi
neatness nnd dispatch. Their work needs no
recommend. ilion as it will -how fur itself. Call
and sec their specimens and judge lor y -ur-selves.
If?" Shop in the building formeilv OOCBf d
by lit, lluiiler as an ollict opposilo Karn's
Chair Faciorv, Aug. 1 '.r7 If
Cane Sell Chnlrs-
l I', Maple and Kosewooii imii.iiion.
larae arm cane s"at and cano back rockera,
ladies' and in i -.es' Cine seal and cane back
rockcis, Alsoevcry v uicly ol Wind irchuirs,
rocking chairs and Mtteaa OR hand nl uiy shop,
opposite RRlllb'a M.ublo shop, loitueilv OOCUpi
ed bv Dr. J. B, Hunter, Main stieet, Canoll
ton, Ohio, AllsA.OM KAUX.
Aug. 1, '.i7.-ly
(roiiMnti.y "VVirtim RaoHanRi Horn.")
cakroIjLton, oiiio.
Thislong and favorable known csiablishiiient,
occupied ionnoily bv It. II. V.cgKelt, Asip,
has been reopened fur the accommodation oi
the public. This House has been renovated,
icpaircd and improved, Hid now presents ull
ihe adraatagoa whtcb are desired in a first rule
bold. The best Unit the luuikct iillonls is se
lected for its MMRtl, 6'ood cooks alone Tu
tor for its table. The arrangement tor ata
hlinj; ate peilcct and cxlcn.-ive. A first rate
barber is convenient. Kvcry lacilily fur com
fort and ptaaaura is i e al the popular old
Aug 1, 1857 tf.
.1. W. (iOL'I.D'S
I P0STI1VK.V warrant all my work, and will
I let no picture leave inv Kooms unless per- j
led tatlataCllOB ll given. I ask no reeomuicn-
iluiion. Mvpicluios willshua for ihemselves.
The Anilirotvpe is truly bea.nililiil. Citiitens
and people ftORI lar and near, are kindly solid-
ted tocallaud exumine specimens, and gel a
putuieol tliein.-elvcs, and MWkla,
Hay -jstli, i-r,7.-lv. J. W. COULD.
N. II. New Ky la of 'iotures taken on Tal
ent leather. All who wish good pictures, now;
is your lime; these pictures are far superior to :
any kind now iu n.ve, especially I.) scud ill let-
lets Ac. TI.OuC who have blue eyes, conic; tor j
now the color ol your eyes can be taken by
this DMOaaa Ri b a decree ol perfection that;
excels alloll.cn. Come one, come all.
Trices range from tilt v cents up, to suit pur
chasers. Kuiire saii-lactiou given or no sale, j
Aug. 1, 1867 I. J. IT. .
I iKf! H AVK'S llolliitul Hitters , Lojock's
J 1 'ul iiiomo Wafers, A'.iliack's Scuidinaviau
Kcmodios, lloolland's flermar BltlRra, f 'link's
Stomach Bitters, .Oyer's Cherry Tectoral, and
McLean's, (iuysott's, SalVtT', .lavnes, Tiiebe's,
SloaRa and nearly eveiy valuable Talent Med.
cine in use ul the New Plug Sioro ol
Ea:t xnd or Main St.,
Be, sii), HjSfi. Iv.
Cakhuli.ton Ohio.
WllUiVa HAIR I KslTOAMTlVIO, for sale
So- IH.-lf.
K w Drig Sioie.
T II K N I W 0 I K
itlad)inc Compann.
V A I I T A I, - A o . 0
rillilS ( nip inv has hren organized wnh the
ii - cariul lor tho puipose ol supplying
the ii, mand tor the Coinhmttioii Tonal 1.
iciu San Mill, and olbcr improved alachin
The hare p'.rchased the entire mehinery
businta heieioloic carried on by J. M. Am
,rsoii ' Co.. also the Juiitgomerv Works nt
Voii'ici. on the Hudson, mar thi city, and
outcry, l auaila, v-Utis;, aim rxnitti AUiorics,
si d nbercver their merits nave been tested
I hey are being adopted by lumber inauulniitu- i
reis in relrrciici to all other lui.l-.
The fallowing letter capi BSaaM NM general I
opinion of '.ho.se who are using the Combina
tion Mill:
Messrs. Fmcrson k Co. ticntkmen: I have
. . . n - -' s l r I :m
tried the t-aw JI.Il purcna en oi you, aim wiui - . -s
say that it pel tonus well, and more than meets I Thus each mey read the same III bis
inv cxcectatioiis. I am well pleas 'd with its own A'ative Tongue. HH
pJrformsnce. 1 set it up on a small stieain MRU $mMMfkW ,''5
that sjh ds constant water about as thick as Also s.iat of all the J'i ivute Hankers in Jjg
thnn nff.i'.rl. j4lUl'tiCa. ' 1
to supply the Mb. We are able to cut
llilo bet of beautiful lumberiu lihoiirs. with
si.ineihioL' Kas than one cord of wood. It is ;
the rerv thing we have M much needeJ in our ,
........... . E i RMln trool.l.1
i,d esnense. we arc able to move it from five
to len miles per day, and set it up iu the heait
of the timber, which saves the great buidcn
f hauling the logs along nitance to the null.
Yours Resnocilully, JIWC UKB Jit.,
I.ouistillo, Tennessee.
The Co-.npany hsvo purchasoJ I.uno'.- 7'at
ent Ki ud Ariangeme.it, which is illu.-tiutcjand
intribed in the Scientific Ameri. an tor io
tubcr Jsl. This adds greatly lo the efficiency '
j .1 JR
u, ice mm.
'ibo Coiobinatlotl Mill, with allthtrtaMM
niprovcinents, and steam power ol IA hor-cs
ia cuabie ot saning Iroin IjM to i.M I
I'. ct iu twelve hours, and is sold lor I.IM dob
Is luanulactuieil only by this Company.
It is
construction, and sold for II per
cent loss than any other mill ol M greater ca
pacity. A mill h itb ltd to ;i4 inch saw can be
sold let tM oM6 dollats, and with a W horse
Oiigiitv and hoilor is sold for Ijfcjfl d illais.
Steam ERgRiaa and boilers; RR(hal uf from
one to lllll horse power; uicoii.oiive, TiHi'ilar,
Klu and Cylinder Bullets lurnished at greally
reduced pines Irum loriuer i)Uotaiioiis.
DfRRrRga with plain aud spce hc alions for
butldiogl and inacliinciy, luiniahtd gratis to
our cu-tomcra.
Coinpeteul mechanics aro sent nut to put
up aud scl in operation olir inadiiucry, when
U'o also mauufictuie Shigle aVanhlosM VI i
ninc .l.ichiucd, baigar Mills, and Machinery in
Special altciition paid to getting up shafiing
ami Tullies fir ni.inuhu toiies, und all kind.--ol
mill vvright woik.
This Company are selling iu treat numbers
.1 patent OaRtsal Burr Stone Mill, lor flour, coin
meal, and all kindnof Iced, which is pionoun
ccd.bv expeilenced millers, both in this coun
try "uud Kutope.the borliuill ever constructed
(t will i mi more grata in the IRRM lime and
with ball the power, ot any mill ol tho saint
price in the nurkct.
We al-o lurnish other Sty Ul ot Crist Mills,
when itiiiirud.
The undersigned arc also publishers of
Tlie United Stntcs
A large and maonitieeut illustrated monthly
newspaper, d -yoled lo Mechanics, AgiiciiLure,
I.iienilure and Ainusciiicnt.
Iu addition to its usual attractions, which
have already gtraa it a circulation of nearly
IOll,bWI Copies per moiiih, it will hereafter
contain u'comple'e icconl ol all new and val
uable .Mechanical and Agi icltural, Improve
aiaala, ambraelog a larger amount ol practi
eal luloraaalion iroRi cxpeiienccd Rritara ta
these si'oc.i.ilf.ci than nnv oiliet nuhliciition IR
the aortd. Trice only Till cents a year. Spe
cimen o pies soot gratia,
.1. M. KHERSON A CO., rabllshara,
And Agents for lh N. V. Sleam Saw .Will and
Maehino Company. No 1171 Broadway, N. V,
Dec. SI. lf.
$500 Dollam worth of Gift.
JEiVELRV, feo.
Will he DittmBUTio triTH kvlkv
looo Books,
rYsjUE attention ol the public is respectfully
j, solicited to the citensivu assuriinent ol
valiinble Slandaid and Jisccllaiieous Rooks,
rt h iili ara offered lor sale ut the lowest Re
tail Trices. A GIFT WORTH FROM .,
WITH KVT.KV Until'. A cuinplcto Cula
logua gWilil lull inl' i nun. on, wnh a list ol
Prtaaa, will be (brwataWd on application.
FGRED. Tersons R lab Rig lo order at once can onlei
any Hook published in Chiladclphia, New
(ilk, or .'oslon, and it will bo lurnished al
the publisher's price, wiih tilll. Any person
ordariRg lo Uooks will receive lor comuiis
sum an exira Rook wiih (iili. For Tostanc
.-end stamps, It! cento, lor 1,00 oIm, Ad-
DUAH2 LULISOW, Publisher,
No. II Soulh Ihuu St., Thil'a.
Feb. 4, 18.r)S din.
at Aaf. O. W I liSil .
01' !.. InfOTRI the public that he has loca
ted in CarrrotltOn where lie will be happy
lo receive a share of public patTOOaga. He is
determined to get up woik iu a style not to be
surpassed here or elsewhere, Shop burnetii
alely oppoaita Cummlogl Couch's stoic and
a few doOfa Wast of ihe "'atton House," wheic
he Baa be found at all lime".
CaiTollton, 0, Aug. I , '57.4f.
I) I'RNINtf Fl.TKl. The place lo buy your
ll Huminc Fluid, Fluid lamps, Ac, ia at
Hauler .V; Sierling's Brag Store. They sell the
best, at tic la ol Fluid at s,o cents a gallon.
January M, Is.'.S.-tf
NE O.bARpcr haadred giren lor ohi
metal, si the sleam foundry on Lisbon at,,
niav21, '.r7ll
OhiiSliteiBil Uiiti UwCollegf
fl'HIS laatstalioa has been removed to ilevc
I land, Ohio, degrees are legally confer
red, and Students upon Orad eating maybe
on 'oi'cu in practice, ror Llrealari
. address
at Cleveland. J,
Jun 7, lti8. ly.
NTIi.-ITKn I.YE, 1 box makes 1
vMons good sosp, sold by
Nov, li. tf. W.IXTKU iSTl'Itl.IXC-
2i VV TsM SS.Oa VI u
U'MO h,had H real earM-iieiiee aaafj
Hanker and Tublisher, ami Author s
of .1 -criea of Lectines at Ihe liroa ll 5C
Tabernacle, nheii.lor In i uccos.-ive nihls, a
orer .Vl.nbi People greelej bim r.ha
Hounds d AppUn-e, wlilo he elhihi ed
the manner in which Couiilerfeivcrs eie-w
cule Ihekr Frauds, and the Surest and Sbor-a
test means ol ikiccting tlum!
. m . . as
ihe An' W JlH-jrunri '." mm
thul it i thryratttt jml'jt
1,1 M.
Puitr Money now lnu i;!.
Create-l Dircovery ol Ihe present ceu
( ci h',r Cniinierfoit 1 5
lleseti ,ing Krery (ienuuie Hill iu Kii
.once, a. d A'lhibiting u! glauce ttaktM
loiiniciicit in OmMMl
Arranged ea admirably , that reference
Is ia I -v '
JtmDtktUm hutantm'out. C
Jf.N'o Mil to el l nine! No ptS9S
to In. nt uii! Tut so simplified an i
i -ianged, thai Ihe Jcrehai'.t, Hanker ami
Uusiness llau can see all at a glance. W
Fnijlih, frtnih and (j ruta.
si complete summary of the Jmance of
Europe and Air., ilea will he published kj
ediiion. tocethei with ill the impor
-ta" news of the ilnr. AUn a seriesof
From n old manuscript found in the Fat
It luruishes tin oosl complete History otm,
M JL WF MC m ml
Hesciibing the most peiplcaing pn-i-
lions in which the ladies and gentleman
ct that country have
been u ollen tounii. .
stories will continue thratfbaMt.
Ihe whole year, ami will noe the inuat
enleiuinm ever oIKrcd to the public. "-h
in iii-hed Weekly to liMIHMH
orI. Mil avear
All letters must be au
di eased lo
JO UK S. DTI . Hroker.
I'ublisher anil Tropiiotur, 70 Wall bireet, jj
New Voik.
Af" . ll-tt. I
KTAK subscribing tor the "Carroll fRII
Kk-s," as in duty hound to keep up with
,a News and p ilitics ot the times, you wil
want another paper, more exclusively acvoln.
to your biesiin ;. , mh Ii us
PAMfnta, iSlUCK lUlsINO, fiAKDENtxa
VV U I i TS , V a , A. r.
And IROttM inimediatf ly j 'in with your attg
burs in a club, or tyiid by yoc.isell, lur th
good old
Publi.-liel at Columbus Twicca uu.nl li, bo
ghiRlgg wiih January each year.
Brimlull of na and Ibipinal jVudlngl
The Chan. pion ol Labor and Fanners' light-!
Term-: Sitiele copy, $1 a year V'h ice cop
ies lorjii Six copies for f 4 Nine copies NM
; and a copy ealra to the gctt. r up ol evei y
Club of '..
It ijiiire nt your post oCct, or pcml for
I specimen, and t up a club aRlORg om
neighbors. AmrIrmri sent li ce, Addraaa
S. li, UAA'HIci,
F.Htor an ! iiubHtlar, Colnmbux, Ohio.
Uec. 'J. lit.
rnilB iRbacrlbai would is.-pocifnllv iuloin,
1 Kaiiners, Mechmics, Ac, thai ho ho hat
taken back and bM now- in full ce cialioii the
Cariullt'ii new
And is amply piepaied to futiiish to order all
kinds ol Ploughs, Plough 'oints, Stoves, and
Castings id all desciiptions, ul the shortest no
lice, uud at reasonable pi ices.
A guild a. d extensive stock of Plottgh,
Points Stoves, OaaliRga Ale, consunily kept on
hand and lor as'.u al low pine.', for Cash.
Aug. l, W.-U X. McQUlKJ;
. C. BAITIR, H. I.. s: LLINf
Uim & STERUNi),
AVE on hand ft pood supply of 'Ntg,
Ucdiclnea, Taints, Oil-, Varnitbaa, l.e-
-lull'-, WllidoR Gns, Teiluinciy, Wall i'apei,
Bordera, Bnnhaa-BaiBlng Fluid, Fluid ".amps,
Turnenl'ne, Alcohol, etc., ate., and iirarh uv-
atytbing uauall) found in i Dmg Arir,
Rum ci Sleiling sell
A ei's f.lieny Veto ml and Tills
Boarbava'i Holland Hitlers
lloolla:.d's Uennaii Hitlers
Towiisend's Satsaparilla
Rhodds' Fevei and Ague Cure
Pale thorp' Atf1'1' u (" eera no pay)
AfarebantV (largting oil
MeLana'a Varulfuga aud Urw Tills
Falnie-lock's Veituiluge
Sellers' Veiniifugc ('ongli Syiup and Tills
BarraH'i li dlan Vermifuge
Uarrell'l Indian Liniment
Housh's Womi Canily
Rnback's Scandinavian Remedies
Mustang Lln.reent R. R. Relief
Jayne's Medicines Louden's Medicines
vjuysotl's Yelloy Dock and .S'arsjparilla
Marshall's Uterine f.'athol:an
Sloan's Medicines I'avis'Pain Killer
Dr Hanea'a KpUeptk Pills
Petroleum Sand re Sarsapaii'h
Fitch's Medicines
Costar'a At, A'oaeh, and Bed Bug Extei mi
Tnisk's Magnetic Ointniont
I'etil's A'yoSaUe (no cure no pay )
John 0, Baker's Cod Liver Oil
(trntlenliorg Family Medicines
Hollowsy'i Ointment and Tills
(Chum's QoMaa Ointment
Hiigg's Cosmetic
Balm nl a thousand Flowers
Jayne's and Hatchelor's Hair Dye
Wistar's Val.-ani of H'ild Chcny
mid many oilier Talent Medicines
Kcnieniber the place, in tho "Tattnn 'fTome ,
Canollton, Ohio BAXTER AST A'RLLVO.
September Hlih, ls57 . tf .
flihe best lane'.y ever bicught lo this place
1 and will be sold at prices tosuit tbe han.
times. Candy Toti lor ihe Hollodays, with
, .
tie l:SUl raiiatrnf Inntsand Confeclinnnries.
A huge stock of Ciaara on hand at Whole
'ile unii tatail Tobai co. Sm.IV, P ii 1 1, io..
Oup door west of Paster ,; Sterling's Prug
-loie, Main S'reet. JAMKS GOilSON.
Carrollton, Dec. 1 7th, lb.r)7 II
Brick Layer aud Brick Waker,
c rrolilun, Ohio
PRtSONS living iii townor country, RaRtioa
a kiln ot brick ma.ie, or a job of brick lav
ing done can be ecomniodated on the shoitest
not'ee. , All woik warrstited.
I aiB7'5T.
MlliinX .
I i ri
Putnam's lltontl)ln.
TWO 1'tBAT w v i - IN ONI.
HlHWriC I PkoiiKAklatB rod 1858.
$20,000 In 8p!eudid Worxs of Art.
7o kvkkv kVMOtlMK.
Tin- t.t, in i.iiirmt Olfr.
AOKNT8 (lETii N t; N 10 nil
risni; u ion of A.'mera.n'- M. -.,!. ,H n.
sIlK in ion of Ainersin's Ma caine and Put-
na n'.- Monthly has giren to the eoosoHda-
ted work a circulation sreond lo but one simi
lar publication iu the counliy, and ha rc tired
lor it a combinaiion o( literary and articilc ul-
ent probably uniivaled by any other magaiioa
in the world. . the fbsi monib, tba
s lie iu the tiade and demand from subeciibeta
exceeded ' copies, and the number al
ready issued ol the cun-chdated work are uni
veiaally conceded to have surpassed, iu the
richness it ll.eir literary contents, and tie
beauir and prvlasenes of their picluiial n us.
ti alions, ar.r luacazine ever befoie issued from
Ihe Aineiican press. Ansouraged by these er
idencea ol lavor, ihe pub.isbera hare deter
mined to commence the new volume iu Janua
ry with sdll additional attracti na, ai d to offer
audi inducements to sunaciiberi as cannot fall
lo place it, in circiilalivn, al the head of A i... r
ican mgax:ne. With alii- view tt.ey now an
nounce Hie following splendid programme.
I in v have putehased that superb and coally
steel-p ale engraving,
and w ill present a copy cf it to erery threo
dollar subscriber for the year lUiri. Ii wa
angiaved i a cist of over IffjM dollars, by
the late celelirated A. L. Mtfci from the ori
ginal of Raphael Moighen, alter I'a Vinci, and)
is the largest steel plate ( ngraring ever exe
cuted iu this country, being three times tb
size of the ordinary three dollar engravings.
We shall commence striking oil' the engra
vings iinuieiiiatcly, yet it can hardly be ex
pected that impressions of solaige a plate call
be taken a fast as they will be called for by
subscribers We shall, therelore, furnish them
in the or'er in which subscriptions arc receiv
ed. Those who de-ire lo obtin their engra
vings early, and I'iotii the first impressions,
should send lu their subscriptions without de
lay. The engraving can be sent on rulleis by
mail, or iu any other manner as subscriber
mav order.
30,000 IX WORM OF ART.
1 Iu addition to the superb engraving of "The
Last Supper," which will be presented to cvc
ry three dollar subsciiber for IM ihe publish
ci's have completed arrangt inenis for the dis
tribution on the iolh day of iVccember, lf5fc,
a scries of splendid woiks of net, consisting of
onehiind.ed i ii li and rare UN Tannines, valu
ed at from 11 0 lo LuOO Wafl each. Also,
8,000 MagalBoanl Waal Time rWigraaaaf,
n ul 1 1, fi inn I to o dollars each, slid 1 .(II I) choicei
Rolktaj R okt, worth from 1 to .r dollais each,
RlllH.lll all, over Three ''notisa id (I'll woilli
Twenty Thousami Hollais.
Iuclo.-e three dollars to the rird'shers and
vou Rill r RsasaerrCc reetlvliig tba aYagaalRt uy
return mail. Vou will sax-lvR wiih Ilia
Srat copy RRvanbatad subavlp i ui receipt in
ti'ling yoc to ihe eugratli ( "I
ami a cloiiice lodi'avv one el Li.c C f btaf Thou
sand Tlizes.
laaarta wry tvaj micir rrRacviai inn
bm i; hox r. n v.i s n
lur ih.".
First; Hocause i'sli'uiarv (nRIRRla will, du
ring the year, embrace couir'fu i,u,s Iroin RfRf
ove hundred different wiiuy and Ihlubwia,
Dunibetina aRNRg I hem the taoat diatkagol li
ed oi An. i oi -uti aRt hare.
Second: Heeame ils adlterbtl drpaitinetiis,
"Our ca'iudio,'' ''(Air Window, ' nnd "Out OlR,
will each be conducted by an Sble edttot ' Rfld
il will surpass, in the vaiiely and iteRRfRS 1 1
ils editorial content-', nnv othei HRIgslllMV
7'binl: BerRRM it will coii'iiin, .in, h g the
year, ncai lv -l hundred original pk'Ull tai Mar'
frallaRa ftcM daaigi by tbe lost ARWara au
thors. Fouilh: jeraiisc tor the sum of f.S you
will receive this Splendid inomiil v, mora
richly woith that Sii n limn any otiii r IRRKV
sJrr, and the supeib MarRt Ir ol "V'l.e
Last Supper," woith 5.
Fillh: Hecause jou will very likely draw
one of the il.no thousand priaM to be dia
tnbuied on the 25th of Tecember, U&8
pcrliaps oiu that is woith ',,' (I,
NotwltbsURdlng that these extraordinai y
InducasMRtS can baldly fail to seeOMIpltlfc th$
object! of I lie publishers without farther el
Ions, yet they have determined to com into
through the year
To any person who will RI t up I club of
twenty-lour subscribers, either at one or more
post ollices, wc will present a splendid I ibia
i f, contlatlng tl Rear Foity .urge Bound Vol-
uii.es, embracing the ba t win hi in the mar
ket. Tho club mav be formed a! the club
pi tee, M a year, wlUtoRtthe mgiaving, or
at the full pi ice, with it. ngrav!n M the
last upper to each aubaoribar, .itt and fa
icilption of the Llbraty, and specimen ctpy
ol the aVagaalna will be lorn -aided on receipt
Of tt cents. Over 2"H I.ibnnies, or 8.1 Oil
vuluincs, have already been distributed in no-
caraauoa wnii tins oner, aioi we anouiu dr
glad of BR opportunity lo turni.-li a Library lo
every clergyman, to every schoo! teacher, or
to some one ul every pott ollice iu thocoun-
Tlie aiiccess which our sgenls are mecling
with is almost astonishing. Among the ma
ny evidences of this fact, we present the lot
lowing from one of our agents already iu tli-l
"1 have now been at work canvassing on
your Magaanc one week, and am relighted
will, the husiness. It is different from cau
vesting for anything ctae lever tried, lam
sure to get a subscriber in every family where
they can rake together three dollars, I am
never received wit i indifference anywhere,
tor the first thing I do is to unicll my engra
ving before 1 let anybody know what I am af
ter, and thus 1 get them interested before they
know what a splendid offer I am going to
make them. Sometimes theynsk my price for
the engraving and I tell them 5 dollars, and
when I offer them the eugiaving and Maga
zine one year tor three dollars they are per
fectly astonished. I did not get to going well
for the hrst two or three day-
The 1st day I got
2 subscribers.
The 2d day I got
The 3d day I got
The 41b day I got
Tho 5th day I got
The tith day 1 got
7 subscriber.
6 subscribers.
YA subscribers.
9 subscribers.
17 subscribers.
First week. 54 subscribers.
I shall do much better next week. It is
the engraving that does the business. Every
body wants the engraving. You may Calcu
late upon from one to two thousand subscribers
from me this winter. I am going to make
enough out of tbe buiiuess to buy me a farm
in the spiing."
With such inducements as wc offer, any
body can objain 9ub?ciibers. We invite eve
ry gentlcmau out of employment, and evctv
lady who dosires a plcasan .ie n siting oc
cupation, to apply at once tor an agencv. An-
r,l;, lu ibn-M nnt.. fIS L.
r""'w r..vu... v.. ......... tcois no- a sptct-
r .u. n. ...... . . ,r
, I .' " " -?' v, ",,.!, III 11 A HI 1
be forwarded with answer to application vf
return mail.
As we desire to place in tbe hands of every
peison who proposes to get up a club, and also
ol every agent, a copy of the engraving at
"The Last Supper," as a specimen, each ap
plicant inclosing us 3 dollars will uceire the
eugiaving post paid by return mail; specimen s
of our publications sud w e of the niimharcti
subscription receipts, ei. tilling the hulder to
ll e jUVgSI ne u e yeai i e in r cl .ince in th
distribution, This oiler is mi le . il to those
who desire to att us ugenls oi lo hum clubs
Address, OAKSMITIl 4 CO.,'
Ko. t"l Hmadwar, ,w YuiL.
Pec. 31 .U7'

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