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Pl taaav litMrmi aalrwai.-, aid eowae,
W b7 ptMptaUMtiM IO bWBM. 101
wilt a otaiiuMBc of ikr favoia. laving :
tiaaa "XT"1 Ih'" l,uSelii upward of
tea y., o.r frWa w Wh ported "r-
rrd tower g,vwliRtioflS ( IB sawir hence
at wsoccseaary for nt US i0 egotism, w
uU fJ, however, jjiaa w Ml" eunsll
i Sat Wf kaat nothing aw o eiRawisRrr. i
y, oaf w th pleasus to haturn oar eaw- i
tuaer Mad uthet s that wa arc receiving our
rasa 4 eilie ol PhUadflphla, New York and
P h,.), Our DrJ2 department will be fai
and .laiil rompnatag ail aitlclea await;
l,euriUMdrug stars. W bar just
r . . i . 1 .iMini .nail
leeeswea aarj: -
I ol
yfkli paper.
JVaaa, Window shad, Gnu, Bui
kd Faict.
la tl. Hm we cannot fail to suit our i astom
bm both to quality, variety ol atTte and prieea.
T-'aaeomnKKiaU out frienda Iron tl country
w opaaa to take BUTTER EGOS to ex
change for wsll PPr- , . .
We b on hand a very nioe aetoitment ol
Jewelry aid Perfamery.
m .kJl.Ai aannot adorn and peifumc them
aelre bar tbv need not atop this aide of the
Kaatern eslablisnmeni, a we nuc pp.i
;ina to have thU deportment all right. Com
and replenish jour toi'.eta.
We r le rglar authorued gent for the
nl ih day We wa-reot them pur the real
aLrakse arttotoa, Cali at to Diug Store ol
i)r C A. Bosgel.
Oartoitow, Wb If, 1858. ly
tohoUjWfcfc Uctail.
Minerva Uhio
Wcu'd leffer fll iivi'e the attention o1
, a public i i ia Urge and
ExIrMirf Mork of Fumilnre!
coksistinu or
i)f a variety rl kind and snlea, whkhhe will
til at fowfifi re. Peiaons aiehhg anything
in the furnilute line will Bud it to 'heir edvau
age to call and examine bis large assortment
Minerva, O..Feb. -n
ALL -PAPER-Fron: 60 to 7 ditlereni
pattern and the late styie. m
j i- t v.nptr. anu wmuow cuv, w.
ereen blue nd fancy, from the well krowo
establishment o 1. B. Breed Co., New York.
Th papera cannot be rorpaeaed in qoalit),
attle or price, welt of the mountain. tH
!.. ...mine them-and doa'l forget, ladiea,
hat w tk butter aud egg iii J,cnn8 '
the drug ator of
HARDEN A'KEDS, tnm Brlgg k Bru., Ko
ll rhMter. N. Y. A Ireah aiti.le, done up
., rv.m. r and nackK. at C. A. B a
ifujfi mV of ail kiud. walchea, clocks,
J peciaclM, ailrer lea and tobtoapoona.but
wrknirea and a thouaaud other vtic'H in thin
line too tediou to meution at t. A. u
tOD LIVER OIL, aator oil, meet oil, taUd
V oil, Uid oil fith oil, Caiboo oil from Kier a,
Huabuigh-abolh agle Jluruing Fluid tu
be loundat thi. drug ouabliabment of
L. A. a.
COrAL, Japan and -oach body rarnUhea,
paint bruahea, ah io..l, marling biuabea,
camera bair pencila in grct ri iety t the
drug Here of ij- A-
D"RIJtid, . w HI Ityeaiun. A !
elected n..riit.ent .i beat n thi hc
lion ol the State, at 0. A B.
i"IILT MOULDINGS for picture frames alo
t l.r ! i'r ainip. ni
Tin cut.KnitATr.n iioi.i.and
And Ih rarioua affection consequent upon
The first hoeuital surgeon and medical pub
liciata of A'urope admit the unparalleled an'i
inflammatory nd healing propertie of thi-
OintmeM ; (iovernmentu aanction ita mt in
their naval tud military set vicee; and the mas
Mi in th!s country tnd throughout the worl-i
repose the utmoat confidence in ita curative
properties, It penetrates the sources of infia
nation and coiruption which underlie the ex
teinal evidences of disease, and neutralize tbt
very elements which exasperate the malady,
SIPELAS. Tbeae are among the most terrible and ago
nixing disearea of the muscles, the llrshy fibre
and the skiu: yet iu their woist forms, and
alien feeiniiigly ln urable, they invar Lably dis
appear under a persevering application of tbir
soothing, healing, antidote to pain ana iiiUa
In carea ol Halt Rheum, where medical wa
ters, lotions, and every re ;ipe of the pharma
copepahave proved useless, the Uintroent will
accomplUh a thorouch cure. Fever Sores heal
quickly under ita influence, snd its rlaxing
effect upon contracted sinews u truly wonder
A most remarkable and happy change it
produced in the appearance of malignant ui
cera after few application of this Ointment.
The surrounding redness vanishes, and gran
tiles of healthy flesh begin totske the place ol
the discharged matter. This process goes on
mote or lea rapidly until tha orifice H filled
up with sound material, aud the ulcer radical
ly curtul.
The young are the most frequent sufferers
from internal injuries, and therefore every
mother should have this healing preparatiol
constantly at hand. It is an absolute specific
(or sore breasts, and quickly removes the en
cruated nrc which eouiclimes disHguro the
head and laces of children.
This Ointment is universally used on board
Ih Atlantic (ml PaciB whaling fleet as a cure
for scorbutic affections, and as the best possi
IJe remedy Jor wounds and braise. Large
rupplhs of it have been ordered by the Sultan
fo I'm key for boppital purposes.
h y o ii a
Insurance Company of
lucorporoiea lSCktrUr PrruHml.
Call the attention W itafbiasiaa, ptroMaad
he pubbe gaoaralty to tha toBwwmg aacta
or itj UATtxa
A Cash Capital of $500,000
II aa Transacted Business successfully 38 yrV
ind continues to progress in health,
Paid an Aggregate Loss of over $tO,
000,000. Is organized on a .National but with Wl
agenda iu all ptiuciplc places, un let a Her
esntih) ayatem; loondad on Cash Standard
ith an cnviatle reputaiioo alike I'm same
the hanks of the Hudson, or the kllssisplppi
ih Gulf of Mexico, or the Kartbem Lakes
presenting powerful organization as a con
' rvator of public good and Bond ol integrita.
equal to all emergencies it undertakes, worth
uf the
E'liinnU American Corporation.
ttafUcrit &lonc
A (folding superior facilities and iSecuiKy P
attara uf mtuiauce Commercial, Mecnann ai
Mercantile or A'ural, while ranking lor impoii-
taoce and public seivlce
Rates and Rules as Libeiakastb risks asu
med permit for Solvency and Fair FroBt. K-
pecial attention givei- to Hie lueuiancc 01
Dwellings aud contents, for a period of fr. ni
one to five year.
LOSSES f.yUl l AHLi AUJUaitu,
Win. n
R. . KNIOHT, . W. attSLVAAt,
CtRROl LTOaf. PaiLADkU'tllA
aUlt JtaiA-
tkvwFTix at:m' i.iu
rsliaata.1 to abrlrcare.
tlA 4 wajatof the Court flou-e two .loorj I
toakh at ArawbcH Clark, Oaarollioa. JgX
1, It: -.11.
tlTILX practice at tha proferaion u Carro '
TV and the adjoining counties. All bus
nee entrusted to him will receive prompt at
tenitoa. OFFICE opposite too weal door o
ihe court bouse, formerly occupied bv Van
ilrowu, Esq., f arrollton, Oliio. Aug 1, 'it
. aW.
Mfrmj aitl touescllvr at law,
Balsamic Cordial,
j worn tub irtUT cdrs or
Cotykt, C'o.'t. ii'fvxa,6ro7 Honrtt
men. Brockku, IHm of tkt Bom
tii armnp (rem OtU, Jtuf uut Com
nmjiUo. and for tkt rtlUund (if ml
all potnUt) cart of PatimtU in advau
etd $taget of tkt latter dittos.
Cuurra, or eoamoo Oaud, aa k U taaaitKirh
called, is worthy of rudy, and serioua enougl
to be avoided, if poosible. Dr. ell says: "1
will not sav that Cbtd are to our inhabitanU
what the I lagueacd Yellow lever are to thoae
cf other countries; but, 1 can aver confidently
that they u-her iu disease of greater ooinplici
ty e-d morality than those lattor."
f ilt. Amnmmr nl ftr, tnrh i f id mm TnnfTinn-
: Hoot Pill, has speottbe greater part of his life k whicn fuMow ja y,, trtin of , negle(.
i kaaBBU
Root h....
MW OAtrnOoT -ill ttasaia Mia bava tba av
lauaa aa laws., sa sask sax.
Traaara tillbiH tkaw aw aa
naoa kv a OsaatarMt af aVasse'a laoaua
araad A B Atari All fsasma la4iaa Hast IWa
hava tba aaaaa aoa ataaataaaaf A. Wkm at GV. as
" I Dr. Morae the inventor of Morse's Indian
Fever and A-gue,
vasaUbTTdeeav. This sxkiltttoj I wvulvaalW
nTZa oTtL heat on we, MLf "J
vasor froa k. wsssa -
1 aaBTeasj abater seat the orh a s-
s taken wlt u uraaa
. ThershacasMaalnltanag
iatarmal vuMara aad vzareUaa ortana
of the body. The liver beeataet tttrxtd aad taMa to
secrete not aaUvtMa viraa, but also th bUs freva
Beta the vara sad the at
taoa. and the
lujaja iute the
to th aircutottoa, ai
ttoaal disorder. The
in travr inc. ha vine vawun curvpc, o.-m ...
Africa, as wtll aa north America ha spent
thro year among the Indiana of oar western
countrv-it was in this way that the Indian
Root Filla wore fitat discovered. Dr. Morse
was th first mn to establish the fact that all
diseases arise from impurity of the blued that
our strength, health and life depended a poo
this vital fluid.
When th vaiious passages become clogged,
and do not act in nerfevt harmony with the
FFI E Cmeon' Bva'k Biilpinu, Main difiWent funcliona of ihe body, the blood lose
tieet, up alalia.
Cirnilllnn. April 1, 1 -53 t f.
ALL hininaa to hi profession will be atten
dod to with promptness.
(XEce, iu tha south corner of Stidger'a Block.
Aug. I. 1857-tf
ted cold, and in Phthisis .Pulinonati, the
tubercular irritation of which ia devoloped b .
lb same cause, we surely have proof and ar
gument auOcieot for attention, not only to the
preventive means, but also to th curative
ones of a disease, which however mild m it
inception, is d'rectly or indirectly productive
of such diversifiad and alarming result.
This lesson should be particularly impressed
00 those who have any constitution! tendency
Promptly Paid.
D. A. A it I I II , it. in-
D. Marker, Pjrojirieior.
(roautai.r "W'istirm Excrasoi Hotel.")
Tli is long and favorable known establishment
occupied formerly by R. H. Xoggett, Jhq.i
liMtM. rAirineii u.r the accaaimodation o1
to Pulmonary Consumption
Vh. nf h Fl.ltamie tnrrli.l .r.Mlklv
iUsction, becomes thh k, corrupted and disea totne directious accompanying each bottle,
ed; thus causing ail pains, sieaneas 1 sua auwrea retdU cjre tue moal d,iU.eMiug caM of
of every name; our strength is exhausted, our ft
health we are depiired of, and if nalere is not c?0 " h, .onetime proceed from a duwrder
assisted In throwirg off tbe stagnant humorshe ed or ijrptftSe iUW of ,he ,iomach,in which
blood will become choked and cease to act, and A German Bitter should be used. In
thua our light ol hie will forever oe uiown out. f we,kness or gencrai debiliiy of the
How important then that we shouui see)
th various nassazes of the body free and open.
! Aud how pleasant to ut that we have it in our
i power to puta medicine in your reach, namely,
! Morse's Indian Root Pills, manufactured from
1 p ant and roo which grow around tbe moun
taiooua cliffs to Nature's garden, lor the health
I and recovery of diseased man ne oi ine
1 roots (roan which these fills aie maae a a a 1
the public. This House hss been renovated, 1 j ,,jfjc wujuli opeiut the pores of tbe akin, and
tepaired and improved, tad now present all assists 'nature In throwing out the finer parts
the advantages which are desired In a ant rate 0f .re corruption within. The second is a plant
noiei. ine oesi tnai me maraei inorus is ae- 1 ahich ia an expectorant, tuai opens auu uu
lected for its gueitt. tVood cooks alone ca- j ci0g9 tne passage to the lungs, and thus in a
tor for its table. The arraugemcnt for ala-; aoolbing manner, peiforms its duty by throw
bling are perfect and extensive. A first rate jg 0jf phlegm, and other humors from the
barber is cuiivenieut. Every facility for com- j iuua8 u. copious spilling. The third Is a D
fort and pleasure ia realizable at tbe popular old uretic. which gives ease and double utrengih to
ana jaxm 1 Anu.i
Aug 1, 1867 tt
thus encouraged, thev draw large
amounta of impurity from tbe blood, which is
then thrown out bouutifully by the urinary or
water nasfago. and which could not have been
discharged in any other way. The fourth is
. atbartic, and accompanies the other proper
tie of the Pills while engiged in putifying the
blood; tbe coarse 1 particles of imourity which
cannot pass by tbe other outlets, are thus ta
ken un an 1 couveved off iu great quantities by
a disordered
Pueb a Indigestion, Acidity of the Stomach,
- - p.i... Heaitburn. oss ol Appetite,
liesoondencv. rostiveness. Blind snd Bleeding
Pilea. In all Nervous, Vheuroalic, and Neu
,altic Affectiona, it has in numoroua Hatances
pioved highly beneficial, and iu others elite
d a decided cure.
Thl Us purelv vegetablo compound, pre
paied on stricily scientific principles, after the
Inninsr ol the celediatcd Holland Professor,
toerbsve. flecsme of I's great success 111
most of the Kuropetn States, It introduction
into the United States wa Intended more es
pecially tor thee ol our fathcitood 1 Mattered
Lre and there over the face ol thi mighty
ouuttT. Afeeting with great success among
ahem. I now offer It to the American public,
knowing that lu'truly vnderful medical vtr
K.n.i K. .eknnnledgea.
. 1. n.rfti.nlul. recommended to those
oaaona whose eonatltuUon may have been
r-'" k. tha ennlinuous use 0- ardent
pfaito, or ortber formsol dissipation. U.ner
ally instantaneous In effect, it finds iu way u.
to the aeal of life, thrilling and quicken
ine (very nerve, raiaing up tbe d-ooping spir it,
and. in fact, Infusing new health and vigor
la the ystem. ' . .
MtmCE. Whoever expects to fiud this a
beverage will bedlaapp inled; but to the fiik
weak sod tow spirited, it will prowe a grealfu.
aroaaatle cordial, poaaetsed oi singular reme
dial properties.
Vk. m.1 .Wmuliritv of this delightful jiro-
ma ha induced uuuiy imitation, which tbe
public should guard purchasing. Be not per
,n k. .n.ihine eUe until jou have
given Boerhave'a Hollsod bHt era a lair trial
line bottle wa ill tonvlnce you how infinitely
au perior It at to sll ihca imil a' ion.
fjsr-Sold at $1,00 per bottle, or an bottles
for 3,00, by tha
Both the Oinlmtnt and Pits should be
used in the following eases :
Bullions Murcurial Swelled Sprains
Burns Eruption tJiantls TtifTJoints
Chopped Piles fore Legs Setter
II .11. da .rYheumatisra Sue Breast Ulcer
Chilblains A'lngworm Sore Heads Venereal
FlstnU SaH Hhoutna Sore Throat Sores
Gout Healds 'Bore of all Wounds
Luiiibseo okin Diseases kinds of all kinds
tM"CA IITHINt None are genuine un
ess the winds "Holloa kv. New York snd
London," are discernible as a water-mark in
every leaf of the book ofdirortionaeiouiid each
pot or box; the same my be plainly seen i
holding the lest to ihe light. A handsome re
ward will be given to any one rendering such
information as may lead to the detection of any
party or parties counterfeiting ihe medicine
or vending the same, knowing them to be
V Sold at the Manufactory of Professor
Uo'iowty, bl) Maiden Lane, New York, and by
all respectable Druggists and Dealers in fed
Iclne throughout tbe United States and tbe
civilised world, in pots at 25, cents, tiS) cents,
and f 1 each.
There is a considerable saving by ta
king the larger sizes.
N. B. Directions for the guidance of pa
tient in every disorder are atlixed to each pot
Sept. nth, 1H57.-Iy.
MAI ' A t Tl a ISO
A Btntvijltvt Imlit'.ition, established bj
special enddument for the relief of the
tick mid dislnstd, ojflicted with virulent
and Epi'eiMc diseases.
fi U all persons afflicted with Sexual Diseases
1 uch as Spermatorl.cea, Seminal H'eakness,
mpotenec,Coooriboea,Uleet, A'ypbild tba Vice
of Onanism, or Self Abuse, Ac.
The Howard Association, In viewtbf the de
Dliona practised upon the unfortunate vic
tim ol aucb diseases by Qi tcka, several years
ago directed their Consulting surgeon, as a
(hariut.le Act worthy of their name, to open
a Dispensary for tbe treatment of this elu-s of
diaaase. in all their forn; and to give Medical
Advice U-aws, to all who apply by letter, with
a description of their condition, (age, occupa
tion. habit of life, ate.) aud in case of ex
llama trerae poverty, to lurniah medicine tree 01
1 harmafc iM and HicniiMs
... r. ,. a - x iuJ.lr.Ki. Han
T- "lT"L.i: n A.w nmelnna.lcharse. it ia...edletodd that the sso
l 1 .... 11.-- V,i'h. n. i elation commands the bigh.-st Medical skill
!L...aKitarRlW throughout the I of the sge, aud will lurniah lb. most .ppro
, ...1.. ..- 1 ..A.Modarn treatmenL
Tba Directors, on a review of the past, feel
asssared that their labors l'i this sphere ol be
uevoleot short, have been of great benefit to
the afflicted, apscilly.to the young, and they
have icsohed to devote themselve", with re
newod teal, to this very iuiportaul but much
fi iied Stale and Canada.
Feb. Si, 'M-ly
TobaccwH'wt aad ConlctLjoiipr
rmmmu Llk.. ...... iteathw to his friends deanised cause
1 (or the liberal pattouaga which they have Just publislied by the AwoeUtion a re
iieatowed on him, and would respectfully stk a j port on Spermatorboes, r seminal Weakness
aui.lH.uanee ol the same. J AMEStiORUON. the Mo ol OnanUm, Masturbation or Sel
april 7 $-l. Ahuse, and ether diseases of the Sexual Or
' 1 us, bythe oonsuliing Surgeon, which a ill
1SI18. 7. J. PEARCE, be sent bv mail, (in a ee. led letter envelope.)
Having recently qualified herself to repair free ol charge, on tbe receipt of two atamp
flMH a wmi lilt VVttflRlll (ur potag. dtlroaa, for report or tresimeiif
eiiliili Jl.UWB4;
OJ every dmciipiion, 00 the HioaTtaT soticx
and to auperior style; she iuvilea the public
teoerally to give her the opportunity of pro
tog by actual demonst'Stlon that her confi.
oe.ee in her own abilities ia 1 ot overrated,
aad that sb well merit the conl.dence ol'otli
era. . .
. Gesttoaaso'i Hats, also, ot Vi ry del ription
ol the straw nature, lenovated in a manner
I,, t to he aurpsssed.
Carroilton, may 19th, 'it.
Zmx IQaRS Mane 'ac tired andforaile ho 0
Vsw awd reui y cuKV'.VK
Faftus in a healthy place, z.r) miles Irani Phil
sdeluhia.ou theCamdeu A Atlantic Aailroad,
New Jeisey. Aa old estate has recently oeen
opened tor sale, and tbe ti ret division ol l'J,
00(1 acres divided up iuto larms of 20 acres
and upward. Tbe sod is of the best quality
lor tbe production of fruit, grains, Ac. Tbe
price is (1I to $20 per acre, payable in easy
quarter jeatly instalments, within a term ol 4
years, with interest. The lei ins are made easy
iu order to iusuie the rapid improvement ol
the tund, by enabling every industrious man to
buy a farm. Ilia now being extensively iu
Proved by good roads, and some ol the beat
citizens hum New England aud the UidUlo
.Mates are erecliug large improvements. It is
a scene ot the greatest improvement out o
Philadelphia. Beveuty -Ova house have been
built iu tour months. Practical farmers aud
business men trout the leugtn auu breutli ol
tbe Co on are Dealing there It is au import
ant business place, 011 account ol its being iu
tbe midst ol a gi cut inaiket. fcvery article
isised upon this laud finds au immediate sale,
l'bl water is excellent aud no aucb thing as le
ve- is known.
The soil la sandy or clay loan with a clav
bottom aud retentive ol manures. It is Iree
of stones snd easilj worked. It abounds large
ly id the phosphates, aud such is its fertility
that train the crops produced buth upou this
land and the large area adjoining under culti
vation, it will be found not to be excelled any
where iu the production of crops most adapt
ed to its market.
Tne reader may bo well aware that the ear
liest and Ibe beat fiuits auii vegetables come
bom New Jersey, which are annually export'
ed to the amount ol millions of dollars, The
land, besides being accessible in every way
lor fertilizers, baa au abuudant supply of the
beat quality of muck mauure.
Lumber and building material can be bad
011 the spot at a cheap price, freiu tbe mills.
Oilier mills are now being opened, and brick
yards beiug started ou tbe giouud. A person
cau put up a frame leucine 111 lor present con
venience lor one hundred dollars. Un account
ot the exleusive emigration, this is the best
course to pursue in order to get a place to live
in at first. Carpenters aad builders are 011 band
to pui up bouses 011 the best tonus.
Iu setiliug here the emigrant has many ad
vantage, ne is within a lew Hours nde ol
ihe great cities in the Middle Plates and New
England, be is near hi owu friends and asso
ciaies, be is in a seitied countty, where every
improvement aud comlorl of civilization is at
hand, he is in u healthy place, and is not sub
ject 10 tbe Cat taint) ol losing thu greater part
ol Ma laiuily aud bis own health by those uia
lignaul levers whicn make the graves of so
many llttssll of tbo young and hardy iu far
off reuiou, away iroiu homo and irieuds. Be
sides he bus a umd climate and an open ui-ter.
There are three trains daily to Philadelphia,
and to all those who improve the railroad
company givea a free ticket.
The reader will at onco be itruck with the
advantage here preseuled, and ask biiusell
ahy thu property baa uot been taken up be
lore. Th reason is. it never waa thrown in
the market; aud unless these statements were
eon eel 1.0 one would be invited to examine
the land before purchasing. This all ure ex
peeled to do. They will see the laud und.r
cultivation; they will meet persons, no doubt,
bum their own ncuhbuiliood; they will wit-
1 est the imprcvemeuts, and can judge of the
tharaclT of the population. Person should
coma prepared to purchase, as many are loca
ting, and locations aie not held 011 retusal.
Toe HaiDuiouton Farmer, a monthly Litera
ry aud Agricultural (beet, containing lull in
formation ol Hammoiuon, will be tent to each
ibqu'.rer, aud can be obtained at '26 els per
Title indisputable. Warrantee deeds given
clear of all viicuiubraniw, when purchase
money ts paiu. noute 10 sWB uuo: Leave
Vine street wha'f. Philadelphia, lor Hammon
ton by railroad ai 1 3, a. m., and 0 1 H p. m.
when there inquire lor Mr. Briuea. Hoarding
conveniences will be found, letters and ap
plications can be addressed to S. B. Coughlin,
i0'2 bouth Finn Kf eel below Walnut, l'mlada.
Maps and inlorniatiou cheerfully furniebed.
Office up stairs In the "McCook Suilding,
south west corner ol Lisbon and Canal streets.
Avsaav Having- permanently lo-
fTwhRRRMfaBk rated in thn .hove named nlariv
-UiLLT ne (",, nU, professional services I From the above it is shown that Dr. Morse's
to persons requiring operatious iu his proles Indian Root Pills not only enter tbe stomach,
sion. His former facilities have enabled him to but become united with tbe blood for they find
become full acquainted with every branch of i way to every part, and completely root out and
ihe dental art; and he is prepared to treat ev- Iclesnse the system from ail Imparity, and the
ery case, whether it may involve a single tooth I life of the body, which is the blocd, becomes
or an entire sett, in the latest and most approv-1 perfectly healthy; consequently all sickness and
ed manner. All operations warranted to give I pain is driven Irom the system, for tbey can
satisfaction. I not remain when the body became so pure
I" Persons waited on at their residences if , and clear.
w . mi 1 ... ,,.,.!.. ... ,lut,.u...
1110 reason wot ucuo.e ... t-v a......
system, resultiug from protracted cough, the '
German Hitter will be louud ol great beuent.
In case of acute Innaination of tbe Luugs, 1
the prominent symptom generally are burri
ed and pa uful respiration, imperfect arteria
lization of the blood, cough aud expectora
tion; attended with excitement of the heart, 1
fever, various derangements of the digestive
and urinary systems, prostration of strength,
Ac. 7110 lungs may be diseased without any
of these symptoms being prominent, but the
murmur prc iuced duriug inspiration nd res
piration, and the alternate contraction and ex
pansion of th cht,evident to both sight and
feeling, sll furnish most important physical
signs in ease of disease, and should receive
prompt attention.
This disease Is usually caused by s cold
settling on tbe lungs, and the use of the Bal
samic Coidial soot performs s cure.
Tbe terrible fatality of diseases resulting
Irom a ''common cold" may be seen by a
glance at the follow. ng statistics, taken from
tbe records oltheSoard of Health ol Philadel
phia confessedly one of the most healthy lo
calities in the Uuiou:
1052. Total deaths in Phil a. 10,261
Died of Consumption, 1,91'i
m i. ,JUiss(2oO in nn't),i l3
1S83. Total deaths, S.74J
Died of Consumption,
all diseases,
Aug. 1, lR67.-tf.
. at theii ses ion, resolved lo hold monthly
meetings horeaftar for the benefit of School
Teachers. (The months of December '5H snd
Jauuary 'all excopted.) Said sessions will be
held upon tbe nrst Wednesday ot cacti month
ol the third as neretolore, and
when sick, and why so many die, is because
they do not get a medicine ' Inch will pass to
the afflicted parts, and which will open the nat
ural pass-ages for the disease to be cast ou ;
hence, a large quantity of food aud other mat
ter is lodged, and the stomach and intestines
arc literally overflowing with the corrupted
mass, thus undergoing d.sagieeablo ferinrnta
tion, constantly mixing with the blood, which
throws theconupled mattoi through every
intad o the third as hereto ore. And com
nience in August 185d, at half past 9 o'clock, ' vein aud arteiy, until life is taken from the body
. r.t.-c. 1 In .t- . ! . m n u ... mil .. .1 . .... I t,
in. lit one m me ocnooi nouses 111 ine iowii oy unease
ol Carrollton, Ohio.
Thu standing rules of the Coard regulating
examinations are the following;
1, Each applicant not personally known to
the Hoard, must produce a certificate of good
moral character, ol late date, and signed by
one or more responsible persons.
Dr. Morse s Pills have added to
themselves victory upon victory, by restoring
millions of the sick to blooming health and
happiness, Yss, thousands who have been rack
ed or tormented with sickness, pain and an
guish.and wbo.-e feeblo frames have been scor
ched bv the burning elements ol raging fever,
and who have been bronchi, as it were, wirhiu
i. .ach app licant must come
with pen, ink and paper, and also with Mc
GuTey's Filth Reader.
I. To each applicant will be submitted r
list of questions ou Arithmetic, English Oram
mar, andUeoiriphy, to be answered in wri
ting. 4. No applicant will be regarded as quali
fied to, nor entitled lo a certificate, who does
not correctly answer one half of tbe questions
submitted in each brauch
furnished I a step of the silent g'ave, now stand ready to
testily that thev would have been numbered
with the dead, had it not been for ibis great
snd wonderful medicine, Mor-e'a Indian Root
Pills. After one or iwo do?es had been taken,
they were astonished, and absolutely surprised
in witnessinR their charming effects. Not on
ly do ihey give immediate ease and strength
snd take sway all sicklies , pain and anguish
but thev at once go to work at the foundation
of the disea-.e. which is the blood Therefore
saiisw, th kidney. 1
with aha Uvar. and
disordered also. Finally, th toattoet of our or
ganism, as If to aa attempt to ax pal th no new
iStahw, concentrate tha whole blood of th body
to th internal Memorise to tore thaw to east it
oat Th stood toawsn J ssjdhss. astd rvassea to
th central organs with eongastiv vietonea. That
1. taailTlBut to rhislato It fails. Than the
Ferns follows, to which th blood leave th cen
tral organ and rush to the nrfe. a if to
another effort to eipel the ImUthur poison thlSM
that other great excretory -the kin- In m
also it toils, and the aTass "J"g
exhausted, and waits for the recovery strength
"npaVth. hopeless effort another day. These
Such oonabtattoaal disorder will of court unnsr
nin th health if iti not removed.
W hv labored to find, snd have found, an
Ayer'B Ague Cure,
which neutralises this malarious poison to th
blood, and stimulates the liver to expel It from tbe
body. Aa it should, so H doss cava this afflicting
duordar with perfoet cartauty. And it does mora,
or rather does what is of more aarvic to those sub
ject to this infection. If taken to season it expels
U from th system as It is absorbed, aad thus keep
thoae who us it free from its attacks ; keep the
system in health although exposed to the disease.
Consequently It not only cures, but protects from,
the great variety of affections which are induced
by this malignant influence, aucb a Remittent
Fern. CWFever. Dumb, or Masked Ague,
Periodical Headache, or Bilious Headache, Bilious
Fevers, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Blindness,
Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Aathma, Palpita
tiona, Painful Affections of the Spleen, Hysterics,
Colic, Paralysis, and Painful A faction of th
Stomach ana Bowel, all of which, when arising
from thi cans, will be found to assume more or
less the intermittent type. This " Aora Coas
removes the cause of these derangement, aad cure
the disease. ...
This it accomplishes by stimulating the excre
tories to expel the virus from the system; and
these organa by degree become habited to do this
their office of their own accord. Hence arises what
we term acclimatation. Time may accompliah the
same end, but often Ufc is not long enough, or is
sacrificed in the attempt, while this " Aove Ctr&a
does it at once, and with ssfety. We hv great
reason to believe thi is a surer as well aa safer
remedy for the whole clas of disease which are
caused by the miasmatic infection, than any other
which has been discovered ; and it baa at ill another
important advantage to the public, which is, thu
it is cheap as weU a good.
18S4. Total deaths,
Died of Consumption,
all diseases,
From these ficures, it will be seen that near
ly one fourth ol the total deaths in the coun
ti y are caused by consumption, to ssy hom
ing of the numerous other diseases springing
Irom a "slight cold."
The proprietor are in the possession 01 cer
ificates showing that the Balsamic Cordial hat
fTected cures where all other remedial means
have failed. Give it a trial.
These invaluable medicines are prepared on
ly by Dr. C. M. Jackson, 418 Arch Street
I'hilad.lphia, and are lor sale oy druggists anu
storekeepers in every town and village in th
United States, lanadas, snd West indies.
Price 75 cents per bottle,
april 7, 18iS-ly
OEcrmau Bitter
6. Certificates will not be issued on tne day 1 ji will be shown, especially oy luoee wno use
of examination, but they will be remitted by I ihete Pills, that they will so cleanse and puri
mail or otherwise as soon as piacticable. And ' f that disease that deadly enemy will take
when an anolicant is deemed unuualined 11 its ll:trht. and 1
note stating that fact will be sent him. will again return, and the prospect of a lung
6. Applicants co'ning iu slier the class is I and happy life will cherish and brighten your
for . ed and the examn a 1011 has commence., days,
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Chronic or Nervous Debility, Diseas
es of the Kidneys, and all diseases arts
ing from a disorderly Liver or Stom
ach .
Such as Conatipathn, Inwsrd Piles Fulners
of Blood to the head, Acidity on the stomach,
Nausea, Heartburn, .Disgust for Food Pal
iieis r weight in the Stomach, Sour fructs
tlmia. Sinkine or Fluttering at the Pit ol the
and the Hush of youth and beauty I stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and
Fluttering at tne Heart,
will be expected to wait until the next regu
lar day ol examination.
7. No certificate will be giamed lo any
nerson who is known to the Hoard to be ha
bituated to ihe use of profane language to be
intemperate or dishonest.
8. Each applicant must lurnish nimsen wiin
a stamped envelope, and himself indorse it
with his own name and auuress, and in sucn
envelope his certificate will bo forwarded.
By order of tbe Hoard.
D. A. ARTERSec'y.
January, 21, 1'ioB-iy.
For sale by 0. A. Beogel and Baxter A Ster
ling, Carroll:on, Ohio; aud by our agent, 10
each town in the county.
Wm. Mudge A Co., Proprietors of Dr. A.
Track's Magnetic Ointment.
Nov. Sd. lSS8.-ly.
A. 0. df R. M. SMITH,
Manufacturers of monuments, tomb stouet,
table tops, Ac,, in the McCook House, corner
0 1 Lisbon and Canal Sti., Carrollton, Ohio,
would respectfully invite those wishing to
purchase snything 1l their line cl business, to
to call sod see Ibeir stock and work before
deali.ie elsewhere, a they nre determined to
do work ua neatly, and ouas lair terms
can be done elsewhere.
Aug. Il.in58.tf.
"II . m
ditr.cult Breathing,
Choking or Sulfocaliug Kon'ations when in a
lying posture, AMinness of Vision, Dots of weba
before the sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the
Head, deficiency of PerBplration, Yallowness
of the ikin, and Ayes, rain in tbe side, nacs
Chest, Limbs, Ac, Sudden Flushes of Heat
Ruining in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of
A'vil and gteat Depression ot Spirits.
Tbe proprietor, in calling the attention of
the publio to this preparation, does so with s
feeling of the utmost confidence in its virtues
snd adaptation to the diseases for which it it
It is no new snd untried article, but one,
that has stood the test of s ten years' trial be
fore the American people, and Its reputation
snd sale are unrivalled by any similar prepara
tions extent The testimony in its favor given
bv the most prominent and well known Phy
sicians and individuals In sll parts of the coun
Important to Farmers.
nR&KCIS WESTON of August, Chrroi'icn, jt has obtained
r Ohio, ia now prepsied to fumbb Fsrmers 1 marohSl, '68 ly.
DR. J. C. AYER & CO.
Pbicb Orb Dollar per Bom.
Ayefs Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown for the cure of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it ia entirely unnecessary for us to recount th
evidence of it virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. As it haa long been in constant use
throughout this section, we need not do more than
assure the people its quality is kept up to the bast
It ever ha been, and that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has aver been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills
For Costtvrnbbs;
For thb Curb or Dtsfbhia ;
For Jaundice ;
For thb Curb of Indiobstiox ;
For 11 bad a cue;
For thb Cure or Dysentbrt;
For a Fool Stomach ;
Foa thb Curb or Erysipelas ;
For trr Piles ;
For thr Curb or Scrofula ;
For all Scrofulous Complaints ;
For thr Cuke of Rheumatism ;
For Diseases of thb Srin ;
Fob thb Cure of Liver Complaixt ;
For Dropst;
Foa thb Curb of Tetter, Tumors ard Sal
Rheum ;
For Worms;
For the Curr or Gout ;
For a Dinner Pill ;
For thr Curb of Niuraloia ;
For Purifvino thr Blood.
They are sugar-coated, so that the most sensi
tive can take them pleasantly, and being purely
vegetable, no harm caa arise from their use In any
Fries 86 cent per Box ; Six Borm for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, States
men, and eminent personages, have lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit th
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish gratis our American Almanac in which they
are given ; with also full descriptions of the above
complaints, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Atrr's, and take no others. The sick
want the best aid there is for them, and they should
have it.
All our Remedies are for sals by
0. A. Boegel, Baxter & Sterling, Car
rollton, and by r11 dealers in medicine.
Geo'l AgeutSuire, Eckstein & Co. Cin.
Octobers 27, 1858,-lyalt
Cor. 3d and Market Streets, PiUsbu: g
trv is immense, and a careful perusal ot the riSTABLISHED in 1840, Incorporated by the
al a. - '-!-- - a av,lww ka, la nVATlSlA. . wi . . n l
Almanac, published annually by the proprie
tor, and to be had gratis of any ol hia Agents,
cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this
remedy is really deserving the great celebrity
It and stock feeders with the late Improved Lit-
t'e Giant Corn and Cob milt also Hedge's Ag
I rleulturi.l Steam Boiler for cooking feed for
hogs, together with Hyde s improved Chinese
Sugar Csne n.l'.l and cresent grain mill and
hand rrrn mill Orders lent to Fisncis Wes
ton, Xugust", Catri.ll co., Ohio, will meet
with prompt attention.
April 8, 1858 tf;
l,n, .--UI anion o 1 naivi, vuo . aaaaSv' ARBS
rtf-Thcsc Machines are how justly admit, DCATTY HOUSt
1...1 i.t hn iho lip-t in 'ise for raiiiuv Sewinr. evaxwe - - - '
. - - . n
Imf orttrs 4b Wholesale Dealers in
Hardware and Cutlery.
iVo 50 Wiod-St. Sdoort above lite St.
Charles Betel.
a. nnw i i PAf A.nt of their Full Stock of
v.- IVi tauan j i'tniiij;i f II as 1 alc " w w "BJ - -
making a new , etrong, mid elss'ic stich, which ; I twTs-r Forthrtt & Dom.StiO Eftriware!!
1 vers visitine Carrollton , that he baa leased I to whieh thev respectfully call the attention of
C . . " . . 1 . 1 I. . , m. u L. .
will not rip. even if every fourth stitch be cut
Circulars sent on application by letter.
niaicb, 4, 5p 13w.
Dr. George It. Calhoun, Consulting Surgeon.
Howard Association, A'o. 9 South Ninth St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. y order of the Directors.
aVeciaury. President.
Dee. 24, IStt.
Ohio Slate and Union Law College
THUS Institution has been removed to i7leve
landk Ohio. .Degrees are legally confer
led, and Student upon Graduating may be
adi.ltted to practice. For Circulars address
st t leveland. Bt. A. KING,
Jar. 7, 18.8. ty. Broretary.
J. A. Wll.bi N. WM. t'AYHR J, W. CABR
Wilson, Piiriic A Co.,
Wholesale Dealer t in foreign and L oints
No 94 Wood bt, abuvb Diamond Allky
Will be prepared caily hi September and
throughout the season to offer to th trad,
sn unusually varied aud attractive stock ol
I), y tioods and Notions, In which they wih
compete ith and market in the Cuited States.
AH good mercharts are invited to rail,
PilUbutgh, 2.' tb 1 i5r. 6 w.
kLER in every vaiitty ol Cane-seat and
insor chairs, repaitiug done 00 short no
lie Kc". on Slain si, varruiuvu, vrnu
Jul) 7, '48.
prices UeiuccD
J.W.Goulds New Skylight
Main St., Carrollton.
THR undersigneu begs leave to retuin his
most humble thanks to all his fiiends and
osirom; lor all favors bestowed ou him in by
gone days, and kindly solicits a conlinuence
nl th came. I have reduced my prices toV
ilo special benefit of my customers. I lake
warranted pictures on all occasions, st from
twenty -fine cents to sny price desired by euo
tomera. Mv lone practice, my good success,
my large sky-light, my quick working Instru
ments, all warrant me in sayiug that my es
tablishment far excels all others in tne couo
try, and in spite of all opposition 1 am deter
mined to stand at the head of my business in
little Carroll and will always be found st my
post to secure r od pictures, for my ma; y
liicnds and customer. JVbw court along, sll
who will come I will sstwfy with good work,
or pay tbeni for time and trouble. Come one
come all. J. W. GOULD.
N. B. Ladies will remember that I keep
constantly on hand an assortment of fine Jew
elry, they will do well to call and examine
Every article warranted. I know I can please
iou all in Drice and quality. 1. W. 0.
Instructions given in all my lineot business
on moat favoraole terms, and aetnalaciion war-
ranted. ' w-
aprlltl , A8 I.
Ihe Hotel hereto! ore known as the American
House, and opened the same tor me accom
,tnlion of the 1 ubllc.
Thai house bos been repaired ano renovated
throughout with refertne 1 to the convenience
ana comfort of guests.
The proprietor flatters himself that bis long
experience In this business justifies him in th
belief that he knows the wants of guests, and
that he will be able to gratify them.
Tbe table will contain the best that town or
country can afford and will be prepared by
those only who have for years given their at
tention to this part of tbe business.
The s.abling connected with this house hss
also undergone rei.airs, snd is such as to sat-
their customers ami Western Merchants gen
erally, their facilities for obtaining erods direo t
i from mannlacturers, anu mo suvauutge ui
Warrant them in asserting that they wilt se 1
as low as the allantic cities, saving the purchas
er transportation and exchange.
Western dealers who sre not informed as to
the extent of Domestic Hardware manufactur
ed here, would do well to lako Pittsburgh in
their route east and examine our stock, we
shall be happy to show them samples snd give
them prices. Our assortment contains in point
isfy the most careful ho.se muter I 7G. ."n '17.
Kvery effort wut oe maue .or mm umrnrnn o. , J fo, tnd iron Tea and Jable Spoons,
the public, and iu proprietor will atMbto tucotts A W. W. Doleo celebrated
make his guests feel dunng their stsy with lPmoodti Hammonds, Oariisle A Co.
him, that they " at bomb. fii J 'tg'grtZS Edge Tools, Distons, Spear
patrons, who have known and p.tronixeJ his SJJJJK W. DoicVi, Hand Panel,
heretofore, he especially recommends himself CroMeat .nd Circul Saw. Saw
nr) rnlir.lia the r CUStOm. J"'"l"?mT.' Un7.-. r, II . .J flih
ihe-price. will b. aa low they csn possl- Tm 2 iCST
blv be made. GKOKUE BUTTI. yo n,,,.. Hard-
maylll, "68-tf.
Mrs. Begins Kerns snd sons hsve purchased
the Tannery lately owned by Mr. John W.
1 Implements, Carpenter's Tols,Saddlery, Hud-
ward sc.
Youtg, and are prepared to pay the highest W0 carrrollton where he will be happy
nnm in niuh for 1 ve . e ...ill. T3 i.
nrice in cash for
The; are prepared to do whatever tanning may
be desired on the shares. Good ork and
entire satisfaction w ill ba given. The pair on
age of tbe public is respectfully solicited,
carrollton Ohio Aug 18lh. 1868.
tn va a shsre of public patronage. He ia
determined to get up work In a style not to be
nmajised here or elsewhere. Shop immedi-
.tir nnnosite Oummlngs it Conch's 1
ately opposite Oummlngs A Couch's store and
a few doors west of tbe "Pstton House," where
he can be found at all times.
ftrroIRon, 0. Aug. l,87.-tf.
l'i I.pirisktnre of Penasvlvania.
His Excellency the non. JAMES BUCUAN
AN, President of the United States.
Hon. Judje Wilkins, Hon. Cbsrlea Sailor,
Hon. Judge Hampton, uen. J. caxercuei u,
Hon. Judge Lowrie.
P. Duf, (author of Duff's Book keeping
President, with a superintendent and five A
eistsnt teachers and lecturers,
J. S. Duncan, one of the best penmen in j
country, (author of the gems of busines ind
ornamental penmanship,) Professor r Peu-mnnahin.
.Duff's system of Book keeping in jctloned
by the American Institute and C amber of
Commerce of ATew York, and many of the'
leading business men ol tbe East and Weat,aa
the most comprehensive snd practical systems
of accounts now in use, and after from ten to.
filteen years practical application of its prin
ciples to business, over four hundred student-,
have attested ita superiority, (circular 19.) 1
All the arrangements for teaching being per
fected by near twenty years' experience of the
nrinr.inle. students graduate in abont half the
time required in other colleges, saving 15 or
$20 in board.
Upwards of 4000 students have entered the
institution since lounded. To obtain full par
ticulars of tha collegiate training for business
and the character of the institution, send for
its pamphlet circular of fifty pages, with sani
pies of Aft. Duncan's writing which are mailed
'DUFF'S B00K-KEPING, ifarper's new
enlarged edition. Price 1,S0, posAag tOcti
-Price 1 postage 9 conto.
Duncan's .Business snd Ornamental Pen
msnship. Crown quarto, S.OO, mailed pes?
paid. This splendid work and Duff's Book -keeping,
have recently been awarded FIF
AND DIPLOMAS, attesting the fact that tbeir
being tbe best treatises upon these subject
now in use.
An elegantly bound copy of Duncan a Pen
manship is presented to ereiy student wbo
hereafter gtsduates in tbe inrtitutron.
Duncan a Copy Books, complete in six nnm -bers,
24 quarto pages each, on fine Demy pa
per, with the author's directions for teaching,
the most thorongh system for school inetruc
tion published, lBie. per number, with a lib.
eral discount to the trade, pottage nets., on
application to tbs publishers, W. G. Johnston
A Co., Pittaburgh.
3T"Ca)l and se Mr. Duicsn perform with
the pen.
February, 25, l8s8-ly.

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