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and lo slump upou Liberty party that patriotism who-3e
creed mty be written in the language of one of its lea
ders, Alvan Stewart, of New-York, "Slavery in, 01
slavery out, Tejs in, or Taxis out: thvi li i, th i
union forever !" We are however satisfied that the in
telligent anJ the refljctin;; part of the community wil I
not bo trapped by it, for although they nny not at
tempt to calculalo the valuo of saltation, or the ex
tent of infinity, yet they hate calculated the value of
the American union, and moasured tho extent of its
blessing, and the result may bo stated as follows ; to
the slavo claimant power, to oppress and despoil to
the slave of '.ho south, cruelly indescribable, suffering
end wo inconcievable, crushed hopes, blighted affec
tions, intellect destroyed and a fettered soul to the
North.insult and degradation, tha right to be plunder
ed, and the right to be whipped.
Should these results be rcgardod as a cause for
thanksgiving and glorification? Goi grant that the
entire American people may never becooie as conten
ted and happy in their chains as we are told are some
of the southern slaves, dancing and singing in the hour
of thoir deepest degradation, and kissing the hand that
despoiled them of ther manhood! God grant that in
stend of regarding (he American Union as "the Isaac
of the race in which all nations should be blessed,"
they may know of a surety that it is an Esau, who has
sold his birthright fur a mesa of pottage.
First of August.
We hope the friends of Freedom will turn out en
masse to our meeting at Marlboro'. Let there be
such a gathering as will do honor to ihe day, and
give evidence of the sincerity of our p-.ofessed love
of liberty. Let the Laboring man come there, to
celebrate the emancipation of the S00,000 In borers in
the British West Indies, let tho Philanthropist on that
occasion rejoice in the enfranchisement of his brother
man, nnd let the christian then and there return
thanks to that Being who hath triumphed gloriously,
and tho horse and bis rider has cast into the sea.
Gather in, friends! for ilia meet that on that day
wo should asssmblo oursolves together, and while re
joicing in the emancipation of hundreds of thousands,
remember the millions who still drag the chaia. Let
it be an occasion that ehtll not soen be forgotten a
day of smiles and tears, of sunshine and of shade,
for we should ever rejoice with them that do rejoice,
and mourn with those that mourn.
The agents of the American Anti-slavery Society,
whe are now laboring in this state, will all of them
probably be in attendance. This will be h good op
portunity for sending in names, and subscription mo
ney for tho Bugle, nnd also donations to the society.
Don't, neglect the opening thus afforded.
Steven S. Foster.
We have received information from a private letter
that our friend Foster is in Obio, and will labor for
soino lime in this state. Welcome to the Gold.
Anti-Slavery Sale.
About three weeks before tbe annual meeting in
June, a few of the friends uf the slave resolved to pre
pare some articles for sale on that occasion the pro
ceeds to be applied lo the promotion of the cause. Al
though their number was small, and the time for pre
paration limited, yet they furnished a handsome table,
and realized more from the sale than was expected ur.
der the circumstances. They have been preparing in
like manner for the Marlboro' meeting on tbe first of
August. It b to be hoped, and may we not confident
ly expect, that those who have any sympathy for the
slave, and who are not already engaged in this work,
will join those who are preparing for that occasion?
The cause of emancipation must be carried forward
our brethren are yet in bonds American women are
dragging chains and wearing yokes, therefore do we
earnestly solicit your aid, one and all, in their behalf.
Donations of every description will be acceptable. The
products of the farm, the loom, the spindle or tho work
shop will all be in place and doubtless find a ready
aale. Probably not a single person whose eye rests
upon this, but could spare something for the cause apd
never feel the poorer. Giving does oot always impov
erish, or withholding enrich us. Just in proportion
to the efforts we make, in that same proportion will
the time of the slave's redemption draw near and the
curse of the oppressor be removed from our own souls.
Come, then, with your gifts lo the Marlboro' meet
ing; let us hasten on the glorious jubilee when "Lib
erty shall be proclaimed throughout the land unto all
he inhabitants thereof.''
Elisha Bates.
This once celebrated Orthodox Quaker Preacher,
but now Methodist Episcopal Divine, held forth in
New Lisbon on the evening of tbe 21st inst. We
never heard him preach Antislavery from tbeaZfery,
and suppose he is no more of an abolitionist in the
pulpit a. change of skin does not alter the charge-
ter of the animal. We were not ourselves present to
hear him, but are in lebteJ to a friend for an abstract
of his sermon.
Ilia text was from that passago in Paul's epistlo to
tho Corinthians in which they are enjoined to "be
not unequally yoked together with unbelievers," but
to "come out from among them and bo separate."
Ho expressed his conviction that peculiar circumstan
ces and the general state of society indicated that the
latter days were at hnnd; tho Church was in dangei
and ho felt it to be his duty to warn them that tht
prophecies were about being fulfilled. The evidence
of this, was, firstly, the movement of the c hurch ol
Rome,- secondly. the gradual rise nnd progress of
infidelity throughout tho christianized world, especial
ly the United States, and which was propagated under
the guise of moral reform. This, be asserted, was
especially the object of two organizations in this
country, and he wished it to be distinctly understood
what they were: one, was the Am. A. S. Society
organized about twelve years ago in the city of Bos
ton by Wn.. Lloyd Garrison; what the other was, our
friend did not distinctly understand, but it was either
the Skencatlas Community, or Associations and Com
munities generally. He asserted that the object ol
each was to destroy our beloved institutions, our
churches; and our civil and religious liberty. The
reasons which he gave, for his opposition to the Anti-
slavery society were, its connection with Infidels
of whom ho named but one, John A. Collins, its
opposition to the American Churches, introducing
strife, contention, and schisms which were calculated
to undermine the veiy citadel of Christianity; its op
position to tho American Union, which if successful
would result in the destruction of the pence and har
mony of our beloved country. The propogation ol
its doctrines was not confined to the male sex, but del
icate females were exerting themselves to establish its
destructive principles. Hence ho warned his hearers
in the language of the text to "come out from among
them, and be separate;" ar.d he exhorted Ihem to re
main in the church notwithstanding its imperfection,
and contend earnestly foi the faith once delivered to
the saints, and his earnest and sincere prayer was.
that peace and harmony should prevail throughout
the church and society.
Ohio Anti-Slavery Society.
We notice a call for a Mass Meeting to be held on
the 5th and Gth of August, at Mt. Pleasant. This call
emanates from the "Ohio Anti-Slavery Society,"
alias, the Ohio Liberty Party Association.
We wish that this society would sail under true
colors so that its character might not be mistaken.
Its agents are Liberty Pa-ty Lecturers, its measures
Liberty Party measures, and its design to strive for
the abolition of slavery by building up the Liberty
Party. Then lt them hoist the Liberty Party colors,
and suit under their true flag the flag of Birney, and
of the bloody Union to which they stand pledged.
The people are beginning to understand that their
calls for anti slavery meetings, should read Liberty
Party gatherings, and they cannot porsuade them that
theirs is a moral movemeot.
A Disappointment.
We have net yet got matters fixed to our liking, but
being unwilling to absent ourselves longer from the
field, we have coma with such armor as we could get.
Samuel Brooke.
By request of Samuel Brooke we give a place to
the following letter which was first published in the
"Village Register." We cannot see that be attempts
to disprove any of the statements contained in the
report of the Executive Committee; if however, he
wishes to define his position, let him do it. We have
appended a few notes to his communication.
Friend Painter: The following communication
was hnnded me by Samuel Brooke, with the request
that I wonld offer it for publication in such papers as
have published the report of the executive committee
of the O. A. A. S. S. His statements are, so far as 1
am acquainted with the facte, substantially correct.
Yours, &c. J. Babxabt, jr.
"Immediately after the close of our last annlversa
ry your committee met and organized, and appointed
Samuel Brooke our general agent, hoping through his
devotion to the cause, and his untiring and efficient
co-operation, to be enabled to scatter truth with a lib
eral band throughout the length and breadth of our
state. But his sympathies not being enlisted in the
position of our society in maintaining our auxiliary
ship, with the American Antislavery oociety, neprov
ed merely a nominal agent. Being then without an
efficient general agent (he having been dismissed from
the agency) they have not been enabled to carry on
that efficient plan of operation contemplated at the
commencement of tbe year."
The above reference to me in the report o) the 1.x.
Com. of tht O. Am. Antislavery Society is calculated
to lead the public somewhat astray in regard to my
course as the agent of that committee.
At the time of the anniversary of the O. A. A. S.
last year, I took an active part in favor of withdraw
ing the auxiliaryship then existing from tbe Ameri
can society. But during the recess befere tha last
session, I being warmly urged to withdraw my oppo
sition lo the auxiliaryship, and one individual, Dan
iel Bonsai, in the presence of James Rjrnnby, aifrio
tile J to me kufiicieot influence to carry the moasure.or
arrest it if I chose, (!) and discovering llio exireme
anxiety of some to maintain tbe connectioo, and be-
coma satisfied that such would feel themselves ag
grieved, 1 concluded to withdraw my opposition, and
accordingly when the meeting again convened I re
commended a different course from that proposed by
the resolutions under discussion and advised the con
vention to leave the subject open until the present
My position was thus understood by all, as all will
know thnl I was opposed to the society maintaining
its connection wiih the American society, and all fur-
thrr know thai the reasons for my opposition orii;ina
led in iho course of the anniversary meetings uf the
American society immediately preceding this one. (2)
After the meeting adjourned I was invited to be pres
eni at me meeting ol the executive committee. It was
there proposed that I pboold be appointed as their gen
eral aent, and befere the committee decided upon
this proposition 1 mutinied them that l had been a p
poinied financial agent of the Ohio state Antislavery
society. I had during the Anniversary meeting as
sorted and re asserted my convictions, that the socie
ty would be paralysed by mainiaining its connection
with the American societv. (3) 1 now told the com
mittee, that I hod little hopes of being able to effect
any thing for the society, (4) but as it had been de
cided to hold a series of conventions in conjunction
with the Ohio society if the last no mud society as
sented to the nggreement, I would if it was desired,
do what I could, but gave the committee no encour
agement to believe that 1 could effect anvihing; under
these circumstances the appointment way made with
tbe understanding that it was but a temporary ap
pointment. A few weeks subsequent to this I met T. B. Hudson
and asked his advice on the subject of writing to the
committee requesting lo be released from acting any
further for the society; ho advised me to deter this un-
il I could personally meet with the committee.
From Clinton county I wrote in the month of August
to tbe corresponding secretary, stating that I had been
enabled to do but little for them. And on my wav up
north tow ards the location of the committee, holding
meetings on the route, a report reached me that I had
been dismissed, but of this I knew nothing officially
until I reached Snlom I learned the fact from Jas.
Barnaby. the recording secretary. I afterwards set
tled with the treasurer, met the committee, made a ver
bal report, exhibited my accounts, heard no expression
of disapprobation, but on the contrary there was an
expression of the committee of entire approbation. (5)
Respectfully, SAM'L BROOKE.
(1) Is it possible that this was the character of the
O. Am. Antislavery Society t could a single individ
ual control its action, and by his fiat cause it to ro
minor dissolve its connection with the Am. Society f
Samuel Brooke does nut in so many words say this,
but we do not see that any other inference can be
drawn from what he has written, than that he thought
(2) Why does he net inform his readers what was
the objectionable course of the Society f was it be
cause it adopted for its motto "No union with slave
holders?" (3) Strange conduct for a man who professes to
be governed by principle. He thought "the Society
would be paralyzed by maintaining its connection
with the American Socicty,"and yet because some
of his friends "would feel themselves aggrieved" it
the connection were dissolved; he says "I withdrew
my opposition and recommended a different course,"
or in other words, consented that the society should
be paralyzed, rather than himself receive the censure
of those whom he might offend by advocating the
only course of action which in his estimation would
make it an efficient organization! Commend us to
a man who has a different idea of moral obligation.
(4) His anticipations were realized! Owing to
his disaffection, he teas not "able to effect anything
for the society;" he expected to be merely a nominal
agent, and that is what tho committee say he pioved
to be.
(5) Would he have us infer from this that the
Committee were satisfied with him. We have heard
of an Irishman's hint, and we think dismissal from
office was something like one; and are truly sorry,
that friend Brooke was not satisfied with the amount
:)f disapprobation expressed in the language of that
act. We should not have asked for further expies
siun, njr complained because other was not given.
Liberty Party Slang.
From the Ohio American.
Geneva, Ashtabula county, j
Sabbath eve, July 6, 1843. j
Messbs. Editors: If Reuben don't look out, and
keep wide awake, Joshua will outgeneral him in the
congressional election for '40. Abby Kelly, that
sweet sister of "the man whose reputation is world
wide," is now canvassing Ihe Reserve, in hotpemliar
manner, to cheer ou the "Indomitables," to make ano
ther bold push for power. She is so wholly given up
to the good cause, ihat a quiet grove, near the centre
of Ihe town, has been listening in mute astonishment,
with "the gaping multitude," (poor things,) who hurg
upon her lips, aud upon the lips of her two maleasso
ciatee, through the livelong day, (Sunday as it was,)
fascinated by the matchless power of her womanly (?)
eloquence. The Presbyterian, Methodist, and Bap
list who turned bis feet to the house of God, or this
memorable day of Abby's glory, mourned most bitter
ly that so few were in attendance there.
Our quondam friends, "Ihe Law and Order Parly,"
who grieved so sincerely, but a little while ago, over
the awful and deliberate desecration of God's holy day,
by our estimable co laborer, Gerrit Sm.'n, have, lo
usy, gone down by hundreds, into the very ditch,
w hii h, in ilujir zol for the purity of the Sibbatl-, thcV
dug to lueolpli ihnt good num. May their fall, 14m, t
as it indisputably is. leach itiein In look less sternly
upon ilia fancied imperleclions ofothcrs. Members of
the different churches, parents and children, forsook
their respective houses of worship, and went to hear n
boid woman, and her male adjuncts, who all hold that
the Sabbaili has no more sunnily attached to it than
any cither day of the week. Miss Abby makes it her
butiness lo execrate all church organizations with
which we are acquainted, 88 well as the constitution
of the United States, and ine wiso fend venerable fra
mers of it. She preaches, uniformly, discmoh. mid n,
cutting loose from all known forms of national, stain
and purental government. It seems to be the chief
end of "inn woman's rights, No Government Party. '
of which Miss Abby ig a bright examplar, "to mnkH
uoniusion worse conlounded.1' "Consistency, thou art
a jewel."
By sending abroad this woman, a certain class of
short sighted politicians hope to may, if not turn bark,
the gunning tide of Liberty which is rising up in lhi
heart of this nation, nnd which threatens lo whelm
their duughfaceism, the trade by which they live and
thrive, in hopeless ruin. Vain mon.on loaves and fish
es bent, ynur good Lady, powerful as some of you
think her lo be, is yet too wnak lo save you. Thcio
is no hope for you, but in speedy repentance nnd thor
ough reformation. Bo persuaded, then, all you who
are as much of an Abolitionist as others, but to adopt
this course, for your own good, and the good of our
common country. Discard these female linkers, ami
moderate your itch for oflice,&all may yet be well wuli
you. l-ove your country more, witcA more: and your
selves less. Your countrymen of all hues and condi
lions, will ihank you for it. Coming generation,
should your names find a lodgment on tha page of his
lory, will thank you; especially ihe children of llio
once long neglected and oppressed sons of Africa.
.Miss Abby, it not too much used up, (she complai
ned of bavins been over-worked today. ) will declaim
in Unionville, to "the Lords of Creation," at the Pres
byterian church to-morrow and next day. From thero
she goes south, to Windsor, in this county, where sho
win end the week in her vocation. She then works
southward lo Portage county, beyond which I am una
ble to sneak of hei line of march. We hope for good
Liberty conventions in "Old Ashtabula." at Conneaut
and Austinburgh this week.
m haste, OMICRON.
If tho A merican wishes to have a correspondent in
Goneva, it is to be regretted that it does not select a
decent ono. We expect lhat Liberty party in the east
will sneer, and sneer, and sneer at what it can neither
comprehend nor appreciate; but in Ohio, the party did
bear a different character, and we expected better
things of its adherets we looked for candor, fairness,
and gentlemanly treatment, but so far at least as "Oin-
icroo" is concerned our expectations have been disap
pointed. Do you endorse your correspondent's letter,
Mr. American? and is it the province of Ohio Liberty
partyism to sneer at the efforts of woman, to dispar
age her labors in the cause of humanity, and to strive
to crush the efforts she is making for tbe redemption
of her enslaved sisters?
Fugitive slaves are no w'coming in organized bodies.
Two companies with about thirty in each recently
started. One was recaptured as will be seen by (ho
following letter from Baltimore, dated July 12th:
1 learn from a cenlleman who' was' nresent nt tha
o II -
arrest of ihe can? of runaway nporrwe near T?nrk.
o o J o - -
ville, Maryland, that they were treated in the most
brutal manner by their captors. When; surrounded
by the Rockviile volunteers they were commanded
to surrender, and because one outtof the forty chnworl
a determination to resist, a whole volley of balls from
rifles and pistols was poured indiscriminately among
then). Those wounded are Ferdinand, a 'slave nf
Wm. Browner a ball in tho left side of hia mrlr
which will probably prove fatal; James, slave of
niT n 11 . ...
uawin j ones, rule nail in nis back, which will cripple
bim for life; David, a slave of John Hamot, his right
arm completely shattered with a musket ball; .lames,
a slave of Barnes' estate, perfectly riddled with ball
in his side and ueck, and part of his cheek torn away ;
Mark, do., s pistol ball in the back of his neck; Jas.
Gray, beionsine to Chas. Rva. savnmlv
ihe side of his face; Lewis Dey, slave of Colonol
muter, struck with a ball on tbe side of his fare;
Henry, slave to General Chapman, a bali in his back.
Had their arms been loaded with fine shot.
little coarse salt, it would have answered every pur
pose; uui instead 01 that tbe deadly bullot inust,bo
used, and aim taken in everv inatnnm. oa u,-ll i,
seen by the direction of the shot, at the head and
shoulder, instead of the extremities. They could r.01,
however, have fallen in with a more brutal and aw
ardly set of people in the world than the citizens of
Rockviile. Unless ihev hava irrooilo ..c
J - .VH..j ....J'lu.cu ll
late, there are but two or three sober men in the whole
town, and ihey are tavern keepers. It used to bo
sii id that more whiskey was drank daily in little Rock
viile than in any other town in the state, and from
the valor displayed by ihem on this occasion, it is ev
idenl lhat Ihey must have beon aroused to the baltlo
from their Bacchanalian orgies. What a noble debt
of gratitudo is due to them, for giving to our stato
such a character for brutality. Some of them, on
tueir return, even regretted that they "could not make
the dame niceers resist, so that ihev minhi ,,. h..i
the pleasure of .hooting them all down." They wero
all marched with tx chains, handculfs, &,c., and
driven through Washington yesterday, on their way
lo their homes, more like a droe of hogs than hu
man beings. In less than a week those that escaped
the balls of their captors will beon their way to ihe
cotton fields of Louisiana, while some at least or tha
wounded will die of iir-nlir.i. Alihnnnk .1.... u.u
-o fe" 'C., wiidii
they behave well, are not budly treated in Maryland.
fnm am ... l . I J f
luunwny slavo mere is no compassiou. Al
though no abolitionist, I detest brutality in every
shape, and think lhat there am whi m... k,.:w : .1..-
. - - - WBII WUIU I,, J
city and Washington, who are more deserving of pun-
ouiucm 101 ussiainig ana encouraging item in tactr
foolish attempt to escape.

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