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publishing committee in whose hauthiit now
is, ntT ihe deep interest of it friends in its
behalf, cla hardly f.iil Ui place itrn a perma
rwnt b.mU, ond give it that circulation which
lh intcsM of the cause demand.
Upon the wholo wc rail lint feci cncovr
ngcd, 'considering that the Disunion doctrine
is comparatively new lien:, and that tho
flighting influences of church power and
political organization have so long benumb
ed nil the better feelings, and absorbed most
of the anti-slavery sentiment of the people,
the success of our principles is truly cheer
ing. Wo believe, we know that Ohio Will
yet be free; and it would not surprise us if
the should bo among the first to cut loose
from the Federal compact, and establish that
bnaven-born principle, the inalienable right
of all men to Liberty.
" We would like to give a full account of our
meetings at that place, for wc know that
many 01 our readers leel interested to hear
whether anti-slavery has made, or can make
.... 1
... ...... .....u -mm- iwn, mil me
state of our columns forbid any thing
more than a brief notice. The Protestant
Methodist Cure,, winch we occupied, was
tilled to overflowing, and many wero unable
to obtain admittance. It is well known that
our devoted friend Marina Kobinson was most
shamefully treated at that place a few years
aince, and wc understand that some arrange-
ments were mado to get up a mob for a aim-
ilar purpose on this occasion, but their plans
were not executed, as nothing very serious
Al.-l :.!.!.. .1-- I
invuucrwj was eviuuiuiy me pre-
Vailing spirit tho first day; we wore threaten-
ed with tar, and feathers, an 1 eggs, hut none
Were used. Returning trom the meeting, our
wajr was hedged up by a parcel of rowdies,
both al and female, who completely block-
aded ihe sad, and lorced the carnages to turn
..... ...
into the ditch, and get along as best tlicy
might. We have never seen women thus cn-
gaged belore, it nas remained tor uurnn to
act the example of female mobocracy.
The second day there was quite as much I
. rowdyism, perhaps, but it was overruled by
a stronger, and a better spirit. It was cvt-
. dent that many had eeme to hear, and were I
deeply interested. Near the close of our last I
mdctlnw. thn minister who officiates in the.
house we occupied, commenced asking soma
impertinent questions, and finally came on to
tho platform in quite a rare, declaring that
our doctrine was like that of the Jacobins of
France, which spread terror and bloodshed
throughout Europe, a atory which ho had
probably learned from the Hev. Elisha Bates.
He made as strong an appeal as possible to
the prejudices of the people, spoke in terrt
bly solemn tones gagged B. S. Jones once
during the discussion, and attempted to gag
Elizabeth Hitchcock commandediher to stop
talking and when she persisted,attempted to
put her down by force, taking hold of her arm
for that purpose. A more tmpuiant and
shainelesj fellow wo have seldom seen.
Search the country over, and you can scarce
ly find such consummate meanness, such Jes
uitism, and downright villany as is found
among tho clergy.
He then attempted to prolong thn discuss
ion, it was very evident that he desired to
keep us there until dark, when he knew that
in all probability, some overt act of volenio
would be committed. We defeated his plan.
however, by leaving; whether ho talked after
we left, is more than we c in to'.l lie hid
but little sympathy the more sensible peo
ple seemed to regard hi:n with contempt, and
ho was not quite deep enough to answ er the
numoses of the moWr.tey. Thus endn.l our
1 1 -
visit, at Berlin. Wc do not despair, but be
lieve the place may be regenerated; indeed
we considered our mieling a sig.ial coirucst
in favor of freedom.
We intended to give soma account of oth
ar inertinirs we have held ere this. Those
at New Castle, Canfield and Unionville would
each furnish a chapter of themselves, but we
have had neither leisure to write, or sp-ce to
publish them. If the work is only done,
matters but little whether a report ho render
The jibune Informs us that tl.o silver
. . .
rmith tit Vork hive been maw ng
Tim UiiLreiXun,M a new title i f Henry
Cla' tUnVRf- f handsome service ol
t.l.ite the cost of sWh wa flOOO. Metier
by (if hive iwcsru-.4 jt to 'Tlic Forgotten"
e.r lii r,ia:i!ation. k though they may he
".raJ iii eWI." t(a-ir master declares,
otlipr thn American laborers are chained and
fettered, denies them the possession of their
. inanhood, and declares thry are prrq erty be
jvvpt; the i s r'-'H thvp. ? vMX Out
Iiavp lid he hirp of many ymf kept back
1.. fr;)j.j!
testimony 01 "III ' i-
fjiMpt -hampionsbip of the protection of A
ar.f-fipilP Industry," llenrj ; Clay a ohaiupl
fca (it Ama b'an indue" y, v. h n he daily robs
arrlv Alltwieail hthorers pf every farthing
" ... .
thry earp, chains mid letters llieut aa none
upon mien Ic-lery: ,cn will men learn to
ui-piay a nine more common sene, and mam-
fest a great deal less to tin spirit of man wor-
-ii .1 i .... I
iui non win wey learn lo call things
by their right names, and treat a tyrant as a
Ivmnl al.m.l.l I.- . ' ' i
tyrant should be treated.
e have received a communication on
Slander from a correspondent. Although it
contains nothing personal, yet wo do not feci
ourselves at liberty to publish it, especially
while wo have so much nnti-slavcry matter on
hand which calls for insertion. We do not
think it worth while to notice the many slan
derous reports which are in circulation about
ourselves, unless tho interests of the anti
slavery cause seem to demand il; so far as
we are personally concerned, we feel willing
for the Truth's sake to bo mado of no repu
tation. There is a class of persons in soci
ety to whom slanderous talcs, and lying gos
sip serin about as needful as is the poison
ous alcohol to the bloated drunkard. It is
the stimulant to which thev have been ac-
- 1
customed, ana without it, they leel as spirit-
less as the inebriate without his dram. If
thoy find one whoso notions are not in con-
formity with the popular opinion, whose ae-
tions are not squared by the etiquette of so-
cietv. tliev seize unon bis character and
- ' 1
gloat over it, as does the cannibal over his
human barbecue. The fact that he doe no1
think as others think, or do as others do, is
his condemnation; and every thought which
he dares express, and every aotinn he dares
perform, are viewed by them through their
1 . t . 1 .1 I
own pervcrieu vision, anil juagea oy weir
own corrupt imaginings. It has been our
lot to meet with many such, and these slan-
der-guzzlers are to be found in all classes of
society; priest and lawyer, infidel and pro-
lessor, high and low, rich and poor are in
the ranks. Some are moderate drinkers, and
some confirmed drunkards. Some are found
in the lowest haunts of vice, others in fash'
lonablo and gentpel society. It t:ie victim
Ihe helpless without wealth ami without
friends, the slanderers have a glorious feast, I
and reputation is destroyed as easily as wine
bottles mo broken at a drunken revel,
u is better, as a general thing, to let slan- I
der die out of itself. It is proud of notice
and cannot lorn- rxUt without it. Those
who drink of the poisonous draught, injun
themselves more than they possibly can otlv
Wo are much obliged for the many excel
lent communications which have been fur
nished for our paper from time to time, and
we hope to hear from our correspondents in
future, quite as oflcn as we have heretofore.
We would suggest however that they have
an eye to brevity. They will please remem
ber that our sheet is comparatively small,
that the fourth pae is dcvot.id to miscella
neous mutter, that there is an amount of an
ti-slavery intelligence that must be publish
ed every week, and that there are various
topics which always demand our editorial
notice, consequently there is but little space
left for communications; and as wc luve nu
merous correspondents, this space should be
shared by all, and not monopolised by on r
'tides. Wc cannot insert all the commu
nications wc receive, snino are too long
some unimportant some unsuited to our
columns, and in their publication or suppres
sion we always endeavor to consult the in
terests of thn cause in which we are engaged.
Our friend Frost uf the Aurora takes ex
ception to our article in relation to tho Lib'
erty party vote in Columbiana Co. and tries
in a very shuffling way to make out that our
statements were incorrect. We spoke of the
avenge vote on their ticket of last full as
being 351; this fact we gathered from one of
the county papers of last year. In order to
show what a misstatement we made, he tells
his readers that Birney received but 217
votes. This would have been in point if
we had spoken of the vote for President, but
when we talk ot the average vote ot a party
of one year as compared with another,
the introduction 01 suon lact is entirely 0111
of place. 1 Ins year, be says, our highest
. 1 100 i'..-.. 1. 1.... i. n
canuiuaie rm-mo uu. , . . , u, ......
avtra;r, which wo learned irom the returns
published in the Aurora, was lib or a little
It 111 . : C 1 : : 1
less. nav a pruiiiiuii 01 pumirai man-
agcnient in the editor to slur over the matter
as he has done. e wish he would tell Ins
readers whether our average was wrong. If
not, don t let him cnargo us with misstate-
ments, and endeavor 10 prove 11 ny snowing
mm nnm no . uo
of another.
Our Iricnd has lulicn into a mistake, wtiicn
is not uncommon with those who glorify the
Constitution, and sing the praisjea of the
, i i . . : iiA e,,Ani,A r :. ll .1. ..
1 American vmou. no ,'-"" - nim
aospcraiciy nunru 1. 10. iicnt, nniuii guar-
Biitccs liberty to every mouth and every
press the Bugle net excepted in the court-
t-." .
Now tho fact IS the Constitution dn. nnt
and never did guarantee the liberty of thn
press, but merely declares that "Conm-M
. .. o
shall make no law abridging" its freedom,
leaving it optional with tho States to pass
s . i.: .. .
laws in relation w u as tney Uiought proper,
V ero it otherwise, it would have been a work
of supererogation for the Constitution of
Ohio to provide, as it has done, for the free
dom of the press. - It would not be contrary
to the Constitution of the United States, for
Ohio to pass a law restricting its freedom,
however much it might he a violation of the
State Constitution
The fling at the Disunion Abolitionists eon
tained in the following extract will be un
derstood, and properly appreciated by our
"We, too, believe in the Dowerful
efficiency of moral suasion but we don't do
as some who are so selfishly pious that they
fear te "mix with the world" for fear they
will do a little good. We arc not of that
class who, if there were a fire to break out
will be so much like the Pharisees that we
would be alrald 19 work by the side of those
" " " ' " ouniu y ' " ' i'J uie
who may not come up to our standard ex
crowded actly, lest we should be contaminated by
lhc'r touch wo do not profess to be so holy.
ad so a to Md Z " Vl
and say, very consequentially, we can do
every thing by means of our moral power
11. . : 1 '
but we b-lieve in adapting means to ends,
noi wickco means, out ellcctual agencies,
and such as we are not ashamed of. but ran
commend to tho favorable consideration of
03-The Aurora of 1. 1st week seems to be
in a bad humor. Is it because son I.il.ertv
men are no lonrcr Liberty vartu men! It
contains an article upon "Pcaco talkintr
quarrelers" in w hich are some inuendocs
(,d mineral charges, that we think: but little
accords with our knowlcdgo of friend Frost,
Why does he not speak out plainly, specify
the items in his bill of indictment, and say
unconquerable proclivity for ciuarrelling with
""very one who will not, Rlave like, bow
and dictiti ms."
"The meekness of these eensnrrrs we have
found to be irrascibilitv, their toleration arbi
trnry and narrow minded, and their non-re
to the criminal whoever he is, "Thou art
the manl" Here is a sample of the article
"Rut there are certain would-be leaders,
ambitious of a little renown, who possess an
distance consists in quarrelling with every
body who does not come up to the strokes o
their t s and 1 lie dots ot their 1 s.
UNIONVILLE, Oct. 29th 1845.
To thr Editors of tub Bcolk:
I am ready to go all lengths in the Anti-Sla
very movement; and to admit the corruption
of the church so 1'ir as proven. But because
901111) of its members are corrupt, I am not
willing that its Leader or tho name Christian
should be branded with contempt. In Xo.
13 under tho head "Blood Blood," the word
Christian is used with such unmeasured em
phasis as seems to throw reproach upon the
author of tho name and many expressions at
other times of doubtful import seeming to
throw contempt upon the Christian religion;
and nUo tho attack upon the Sabbath in the
Xo above alluded to, all of which make me
anxious to know whether you are for Christ
or against him; whether your object is to tear
down the whole of Sata '.- Kingdom or to tear
away a decaying part, that you may build the
wall more stronjly. I shall expect an ex
pression upon this subject, your silence will
strengthen my worst fears. In that case the
Bugle is a Paper I don't want in my family
Most of tho paper I like very well but it
lakes but little poison to pollute the fountain,
and if a subject should bo more filthy after
being cleansed, the cleansing will be of little
Yours &e.
"Art thou he that should como or look mo
for another? And in the same hour he cured
many of thoir infirmities, and plagues, an of
evil spirits, and unto many that were blind ho
rrave sin-lit. Then Jesus answering said unto
them. "Go your way and tell John what
things ye have seen and heard; how that tho
j,jjnd B0t the lame walk, the lepers arc cleans
lickct ejf tle jf i,e3r the dead are raised, to the
pooj tle 08pCi ,8 preached."
jesug elitist did not consider it necessary
1 .. . ... , . , ,
on all occasions to aeciarernai ne(was tne
Messiah, but ho says judge mo by my fruits
Neither is it necessary for us on all occasions
I ... a a. .a m .
te proclaim that we are believers in Hie innsi
jan religion, we are willing to be judged by
our work8. Let the writer of the abovo com-
go tell his family that deliverance
;3 preached to the captive, and tho opening
0f ti,e prison doors to them that are bound, the
wounusot Hint WHO lias lauen among uno"
have been bound up, they that are spoilod
are being delivered trom the hands ol the
spoiler. Go toll this, that on the subject of
slavery, the blind see, the lame walk, the lep-
. , j p 1 j 1
era are cieansea, me uewi nrar, mo uru 01c
raised, ana to me poor me gospel preacneu
without money, and without price. Go tell
th.it the ereat brotherhood principle is rocog.
rtiicd: tat the Pile si! tiling vhatEoevpr re
would that others should do onto you, do ye
even so to them, is adopted, and enforced;
and that love to God, and love to man is the
paramount law of the Anti-Slavery enter
prise. The article on our fourth page in regard to
capital punishment was probably misunder
stood. Far be it from us to publish any thing
that shall throw contempt upon the name o
Christ, or the high and holy principles he la
bored to establish. We understood tho au
thor to say, (although ho spoke satirically) i
Christianity .requires the strangling our broth
er to death, instead of forgiving him as we
hope to bo furgiven, who would be a Christ
ian? Ho saw nothing lovely in such a relig
ion, nothing to recommend iUo the better and
kinder feelings of our nature. He does not
believe that is true Christianity, which is
thus exemplified, but that it is a wicked and
revengeful spirit. Had ho said who would
embrace a religion that requires this thing?
the misunderstanding would have been obvia
ted, for we doubt not our friend recognizes the
widest possible difference between Christiani
ty and religion, tho latter being a term which
applies not only to the worship of CJod, but to
the adoration, of idols, and indeed to every
system of faith and worship however mon
strous aud revolting.
In regard to tho attack upon tho Sabbath
we know not whether the Chapter of Judg
ments or the petition was referred to perhaps
both. The former shows that different nations
regard different days of the week as holy time;
anil that this nation must bo deemed trinity
in their estimation for violating that holy time:
tho latter prays the Ohio Legislature to re
peal the Sabbath law. Perhaps our friend
believes in keeping the first day of the week,
but we ask him if he is so intolerant that he
would force all others at the point of the bay
onet to adopt his opinions Would he com
pel the Quaker who believes all time equally
holy, tho Baptist who keeps the seventh day,
and tlio New Englander who regards the eve
ning and the morning rather than the morning
and the evening as the first day,to conform to
his views, his particular opinions! We hope
not. If hi; thinks they arc wrong, let him
convince their understanding by argument;
niul not resort to brute force to establish his
ideas of riirht.
Bv the Sloanier Great Western, ue learn
that III" crops 111 k.ngiana aro sun 111 a paitially
depressvu stale. I liu hurvesl lias burn consider
ably leluril.'d, owing to the u nrll lud condition
ol the weather, l.ale rains have aided in spread
ins Ihe Potato discnre, which dories all attempts
at orud.cniiun. Great damage has nlfo arcur
ed lo llio Cum crops all over the country and i
is hjired that irocli ol it will no: ue ill readiness
for gulliorins in before the advent of cold wealb
er. A steady iie in tho vukio of bread-aluff'
will be the coiiKcnueuce.
At Liverpool, Gmin of all k'nds baa receded in
value, and hour has lilietvisu declined.
In Sco'irind the aamo unstiible weather ha
been lullowrd bv like disasleroua rlVeela.
From Ireland lliero are more fuvnriblo accounts
Rood weaihcr li.wiiij prevailed up to within
tvuek of the Wesiern'e deiia Mure.
Unlets from Holland aud llelgium have bee
too limited to meet with a supply.
Strange diseases, ul a similar character to
thai which infect the potatoes, aro coinnnUui.
Brent ravages amuiig 'iish. Ilnsh, fowl rnd vegO'
tables.' Il may be canned by some pocuiiar
emanation from llio earth.
The operations oflho French in Aljreira bav
met with several serious checks of late, and il
bcffina to appear doubtful, afier all, whether
their airgros.ive mcssurea will much longer be
tolerated. Abd-ol Kader, whose ingenuiiy 111
ballling his pcrsecutora renders them only the
more cajor lo secure their prey, y,n sueneeds in
eluding their uliiiol vigileuce. The Emperor
still declines lu risk bis own CroKii by aiding
the Fiouch, ailliougli hoti!e lo the vanquished
A renewal of the war with Morocco was ex
pected. The Einib-h psprs dnprecito llio sevnrily
used by the Gdlhc Powers toward their aavege
O'Connell, the wonder of hia has, as we
announced, emerged f'" the aoliiude of the
lids of Kerry, and oucu more enUrediho are
na of political aoitalion. He jjruce!. with bis
presence. Hie plall'urin of repbal meelinjs, and
aa buoyantly, as forcibly, and aa determinedly
aa ever, does ho Imiantfuo and rally his follow,
era on behalfof ihe repeal project. Willi that
parly, repeal banquets and monster meetings
are I lie order ol the day.
Mr. O'Counull, speaking upon the Oregon
question at Kerry, recently, said, "SVInle A
meriua baa the canker-worm of negro alavory
working at her heart's core while a remnant
of slavery exists in America, she never can be
alrong or protperil g ill war, 01 able lo hold her
own eaiut a hostile nation. There ia wilhin
her the pl.iaue apot of alavory, and God forbid
thai auv couniry should ever be permanently
powerful, thai ia lainiea wuu uiai loiumai aya-
Arrnnnta from Frankfort announces iba arriv
al ol M, Runue in that town on the isl. instant
ml.ara be had bueii lecr-ived Willi L'reat enlhusi
asm by the ieople. He had celebrated divine
amvice, and bkvwiae preached in the German
Catholic Church in uiai ciiy.
i aeeesHoa of their -outturn conrrjuat,
Ths Pciiism in the Baftist Church We
learn lioui the Journal of Commerce, that III'
llautisl Vlianiona y Hoard have dte.ded tnce'l a
special ineeiiuir of the Gimrrkl Convention lo
ha held iii that ei'v on the I7lh cf nsit month.
with a view lo adopt measures required by Ibe
Johh 0. Gouou A Utter in lb WorvMM
(Mum.) Cataract, dated Oct. S3, eayt:
"In rnfftrd to triend W nt-aliii, I will my that
it in a very dangerous slate Jul .,.
Thursday, Friday cud teturdny. a did nut ot
peel he would live f rom one moment to another!
tVe thought that eoou 1st a epiril would take its
dighl. Hut an All-wir I'roviduiice baa in lU
feat mercy ordered a otherwise tie i note
on the gaining order His phjaician any a that
I lie r.vrua alill lor a lew day, he will rat a-
long- Mb alilt it confined lu Ilia bed, and doe!
not ait up lunger limn to h ive hi bed made."
Eakthhiiakk at .V i lbs Kaw York
Journal of Cuiumciee uu Munday evening,
aay: ' on haturtlay rvtiiiinif a rumbling ut.iae
aa havy carnage, laitiug a bo 11 1 hall' a ililnule,
waa nraiu ai iirniriy the aama lime (alwut a
quarter past six u'cluvk.) oyer Urge diatnct af
country, including Una ciiy, the weal end of
L.ong laiana, aim v emclie-iur count y, and per
liapt larlher. In some place Hie bounea are
aaid tu havt aUaken autlicienlly to atartle Ibe in
More DcLctioN A Miliums doctor viaited
Paclu.k'ue, K. I., and dvclamd that Ina fmnale
hear' ra must "comb p ihe dtrit." So be pro
ceeded tu ai'minnter u each audi duse ul epi
cac ami tartar einelic. Iliai the whule town waa
at his hceli to tar aud leallier him, and be Bad.
Vermont Mutter. 'Ihe Dunion Traveller
ays a Vermont muicliri.t canii to Ihe city last
woes 10 ran ma laii supply 01 butler tuncfw
tans.' I'ltlty well, lor a single tradur, iu a small
town among Ihe inouiiiaiua.
tt-Tbe large jt het of papar ever used ia
that uianul'uclur. d at Hartford, by Mr M. Hud
on, lor the drawing ol a profile ot Hie Harllord
ud Uunbury Kailroad. U is 25 leet long, and
three yards wide!
A French surgeon laloly removed the cornea
from the eye of a female who bad been blinded
by the small-pox, and, replacing il with thai of
young dog, enabled the gill to dialiuguiah be
tween night and day.
A Remarkable cave, once the refuge of the
early Christiana of Alrica, aa appears I rum in
scripliona, has been discovered near Oueuna.
Ibe Araba never dared to emer, leal luer
should be seized by its guardian angel."
Pursuant to public notice, there was a
meeting held in the district school house
one half mile South of Damascus, on Sa
turday the 1st ol November. Jonas Cattell
was appointed President, and J. W. CattelU
On mention, Jonathan Crew, J. W. Cat.
tell, Shcidlock Negus and Miller Hains,
were appointed to draw up a memorial to
the Legislature for the abolition of the Mili
tary Law, or at least so much of it as in
fliets penalties on those who do not join vol
untccr companies, and report to the next
On motion, Solomon Stanley, Jonathan
Walton and Jonas Cattell, were appointed
to draft a petition to tho Legislature for the
abolition of Capital Punishment.
On motion, John II. Stanley, Evan War
rington, Joshua Jones, Jonathan Walton,
Samuel McGrew, Sheidlock Negus, J. W.
Cattell of Butler, Jonathan Crew of Knox,
Joshua Warrington, Benj. R. Shreve, John
Crew, Evan Cope jof G'oshen. Isaac Tres
cott of Perry, and William Thompson of
Smith, were appointed, to endeavor as far as
possible, to agitate these subjects in the
other parts of the state, that similar ineas
ures may be there adopted.
On motion, lirjmhtu, That the proceed
ings of this meeting be signed by the offi
cers, and offered for publication in all the
papers in this county, and that other papers
be requested to copy.
On motion, adjourned to meet again on
Saturday, the 15lh of November.
J. W. Cattell, Sec'y.
S. S. Foster and Abby Kelley will com
mence a series of meetings at Cincinnati, on
the 13th of November, at which the Ameri
can Union as the bond of the slave, and the
American Churches as forming; the founda
tion of that bloody bond, will be duly considered.
On consultation with several of the dis
tinguished friends of the slave in Southern
Ohio and South-eastern Indiana, it is thought
best to organize a Society to be called the
South-western Anti-slavery Society, auxilia
ry to the Am. A. S. Society, the seat ot who
operations shall bo at Cincinnati. All per
sons friendly to the object are earnestly re
quested to meet in Convention at Cincinna
ti n. 1 X" lu.l. IA '-l
II, on lucHuay, io. io.ui o w wwf
A. M. to ortranize such a society, and trans
act such other business as the interest of
the cause may require.
Will the Irtendsot the oppressed, one ana
all, come to this gathering!
Stephen S. Foster, Abby Kelley and oth
ers will be present to address the meeting.
BA.Mti. UltUUHb
S. S. Foster and Abby Kelley will atten
Anti-slavery Conventions at the following
Aenia, urecn .o.t rriuay. nurrmiwi
Yankeetown, Warren Co., Sunday, Mou
ay, Tuesday, November 9lh, 10th, 11th.
Thn first dav's mectinr at Antioch and at
Yankeetown, will commence at 3 o'clock
P. M. Those at Jamestown, Green rials
and Xenia at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Gen. Agent.
Benj. S. Jones and J. Elizabeth Hitch
cock will hold meetings at New-Garden, Col
Co., on Saturday, and Sunday the 8th. ant
Oth, of Nov. commencing at 3 o'clock on
Saturday afternoon. Will the friends is)
that neigborhood see to wajtinc; tip) KWefcr!

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