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'fluence, who would Ire irp and doing some
thing for ihe cause of truth if the spell wero
broken 1 And when these young minds come
lo the door and look out, here stands a H. B.
Davis, wielding the "pen of a ready writer,"
to frighten them back into the pestilential at
mosphere of a pro-slavery and war-sustaining
If the brother thinks 1 bring' hard charges
against the friends Society, 1 will hern quote
testimony which may, to say the least, cost
him blush hefora ho can get it rrfutcd or
let aside. I hare now in my possession a
letter dated at Now Garden, Columbiana
county, Ohio, 8lli month, 23d, 1811, and
signed by . 13. 11. Davis, and addressed to
William II. Hillis, from which I select the
following extracts :
"Thy letter alludes to Non-resistance, and
thou seems to suppose that I should be in fa
vor of that doctrine. Why sol I suppose it
was not because I am o member of Friends.
Hut iit not a lamentabM truth that our So
ciety, as such, stands opposed to nnu-rexist-ii
nee. The doctrine is too peaceable for them,
they are strangely endeavoring to occupy a
middle ground between peace find war, be
tween the principles of universal love and
those of military tactics. There is just as
much ground to stand upon between the
States of Ohio and Indiana, between the
county of Mercer in the former, and Jay in
the latter, without treading on the land in
either, a there is between these preat anta?.
onistic principles. The Society ot Fiiends, I
consider, began upon the right principles, go
far as the light of their day enabled thorn to
see, and surrounding circumstances called
upon them to act. They espoused a new
cause, or established and maintained at the
hazard of life, property and reputation, cer
tain testimonies against evils which had, ere
that time, been looked upon with indifference
and apathy. While they continued to labor
not only to ndvance those righteous testimo-
nca, uui vj uivuic new iiiutius oi resisting
newly invented schemes of vice and wicked
ness, they prospered. But when they began
to imitate their ancestors for the take of ap
pearing like them, when they endeavored to
escape the obloquy and persecution which it
was their lot to encounter, and cleave to all
the outward ceremonial forms of their ances
try, truth began to recede from them, justice
- pined under a drab coat, and humanity leap
ed from under the broad brimmed beaver,
and the outside only stood as a monument of
a icient virtue and benevolence. When in New
York, I obtained Rome information relativo to
the obstacles which many, in hindi standinz
there, are in the habit of throwing in the way J
oi moral re i or in, ana l inougni ot the charge
brought against a certain class in old times
that they "were casting out devils through
Beelzebub." The Society of Friends, as
above stated, commenced certain labors of a
very benevolent character; they persevered
in them for a time, and when the people of
the world began to aid in the promotion of
these enterprises, the cry was raised
"They are doing it in their own will."
" They are the people of the world, keep
clear of them," tec.
My sheet is about full, and I have no more
room lo quote from this appropriate docu
. ment. Oh ! Benjamin, Benjamin, if I had
room to comment, I know not what I should
have to say to thee, but I have not, so I leave
those extracts for the consideration of thyself
and others, and subscribe myself the friend
of " Comeoutcrism, "
Harveysburg, 4th, month, 30th, 1846.
It was Saturday evening when we stopped
at a large and stately mansion, where we in
tended to spend the Sabbath. .Mr. A., the
proprietor of the establishment, received us
with all that hospitality by which the South
crners are generally characterized. My friend
having made known to him his mission, he
remarked that he would be pleased to hear
Titm preach to his slaves, for he found that
those among them who were already Chris
tians, were by far the most profitable. I have
said that we were received by this man,
with a spirit of kindness and hospitality.
Perhaps it may not be entirely amiss hero to
make a remark by way of explanation. I be
lieve that the argument so often used by Nor
therners, to prove that slaveholders are re
tpecluble men, viz., that they are very benevo
lent and generous in their dispositions, is
strictly true; but to their shame be it said
that this benevolence, this generosity, extends
only to a certain class of individuals. Should
a person there, who moves in the higher cir
cles of life, act the part of the good Samari
tan, by administering to the wants of the down
trodden slave, by binding up his broken heart,
and pouring the oil of consolation irto the
deep pashed wounds of bleeding humanity,
ho would bo immediately cast out of society;
treated as one utterly unworthy the notice of
those resectable, philanthropic, men-steal
ing slaveocrats. But I am digrtssing from
me main point, lhat evening, and the suc
ceeding day, brought with them scenes that
will ever bo remembered with unmingled sad
ness. A female slave, belonging to Mr. A., who
had been unwell, and unable to labor for sev
eral days, tame into the room w here we were
sitting, and said to her master that she need
ed assistance, or at least, a .heller, uni)er
which she might be protected, as her hut was
very open. With sullen wrath deeply depict
ed upon his brow, he said to her in a voice
which might have made the knees of terror
quake, " go to the devil, and make the best
of it." (Here let me say that profanity.
among the Southern religious professors, is
no uncommon thing, though in justice to those
who make very great pretensions, I would
say, that they generally refrain from this prac
tice on the Stibhmt.) This poor victim of
Christian cupidity then turned and left the
room, while the scalding tear drops coursing
rapidly down her sad and despairing face, re
vealed the deep anguish of the sorrow-stricken
heart. A few moments silence followed
her departure, when this God-dishonering
man, taking down tho family Bibl, remark
ed, that as it was getting late, we would have
worship and retire.
My friend begged leave to bo excused from
attending worship with the family, as he pre
ferred having his devotion in his room.
Weary with travelling, we retired, but not to
rest. As for myself, my very dreams wero
haunted with the frightful ghost of this mise
rable, deluded mortal. My friend, not being
able to sleep, spent the roost of the night in
prayer to Almighty God, that he would in
tender mercy, visit that poor soul, and snatch
him as a brand from the eternal burning. In
the morning, while we were sitting at the
breakfast-table, a little half clad slave came
running in, and said that aunt Agnes lay dead
in her hut. We quickly repaired to the spot
to learn the truth of tho statement. "Hung
be tho Heavens in sackcloth, and let the sun
hide his face as he did when the Infatuated
Jews nailed the Son of God to the cropl
and let there be a jubilee in Hell!" What
a spectacle was presented to our view ! On
the bare ground lay the injured mother, cold
and lifeless. The consequences were before
us. A hog, which had access to her hut, had
torn her new-bern babe into a hundred frag
ments, which lay scattered all around the
Tell it not in Gath ; publish it not in the
streets of Askalon, lhat deeds which even the
cruel Turk would blush to own, have been
perpetrated in Christian (?) America. My
friend inquired of the master if he did not, in
view of the aggravated circumstances of the
case, feel condemned : to which ha replied,
that he did not, from the fact that he had
brought himself into such a relation to God
as perfectly to acquiesce in all his providen
ces. Mr. A., having commanded some of
the slaves to gather up the fragments of the
mangled infant, and bury them with its mo
ther, we returned to tho house. Again my
friend feelingly reminded him of her claims
upon the generous sympathy of his host, and
strove to convince him of the moral turpitude
of such inhuman and cruol neglect. But alas!
his admonition proved only a savour of death
unto death. For not wishing (as is tho case
with most reprobates,) to have his sins set in
order before him, he turned to his reprover,
and in a spirit, which, to say the least, sa
vored little of kindness, and in a tone, which
only made more palpable his already suffi
ciently demonstrated guilt, said, that he had
given him leave to preach to his slaves, but
as for himself, h wished none of his instruc
tion. W'e retired to our room and spent the time
inrcading until ten o'clock, when Mr. A. gave
us an invitation to accompany him to the
house of God, (a Baptist Church) remarking
that as it was communion day, it would be
one of unusual interest. We accepted his
" For to see the worst, a wish arose."
After a hypocritical, cradle-plundering choir
had sung a spiritual song, and a God-dishonoring,
womi.n-whipping deacon had made a
solemn prayer.t licentious, man-stealingWe
descended from the sacred desk, which his
unholy presence had polluted, and with his
blood-stained hands, began to break the bread
and pour tho wine into silver vessels, pur
chased with the price of the souls and bodies
of his own Church members; and all this
was done "r the glory of God, and the good
of souls." He then tried to put on a sancti
fied countenance, and with a trembling voice
said, " the white members w ill now come for- j
j. , , oati cni, out. the
nigga wiJ1 wait the rest are through."
Mr. A. was one of tho first to go forward
It may bo said by some, that it was un
reasonable to suppose that this man would
have acted in a manner so wicked and base
from the fact that it would tm r,inci i,;. i
tcrcot. In answer to this objection, I would
say that men, when iu a fit nf nr.r A
KHuiuuv consult inicrcst. J lie iact is, that
nine tenths of all the cruellies practised upon
the slavcs.are inflicted while the masters and
overseers are mini ir- tail uiii.
iou(it h was
tact Willi rerrard In tlm fn CO In liln.l
Those who know any thing about tho slavo
system, must acknowlcd VP. lh:it fnvi iinnl I
slaves are so abused as utterly to unfit
ihem for labor for davs and
gether, during which time, of course, they
of no use to their masters. Another con
sideration is, they not only vent their spleen
upon tho poor victim of their rage, but lerrily
rest inlo submission.
partake of the holy emblems. Oh ! how nell
must hare exulted and rejoiced! Aye, nie
thinks in that sparkling cup the images of
devils must have danced iu hellish glee, as
ho raised it to his polluted lips. But I fur
bear, and leave my readers to draw their own
I cannot close without adding one word to
the mothers and daughters of the north, who
aro surrounded not only by tho comforts hut
the luxuries of life whose homes and chil
dren are their own, and from whom no unhal
lowed hand may snatch them.
Christian Mothers, when you gather your
little ones around you, and call them yours
when you teach them the lessons of purity
and love, which none so well as yourselves
can teach then think if the wretched slave
mother. Iter child is not hcrsi she is robbed
of all the endearments of domestic lifo in
ignorance and darkness she toils, alio suf
fers, she dies with none to pity, none toaid.
Will God hold you guiltless if you do not
lift up your voices in behalf of those, your
crushed and injured sisters.
Daughters of tho north, whofe honor and
safety am carefully guarded by faithful and
affectionate brothers remember the degraded
slave daughter, who is subject to every insult
and outrage which any pale-faced lihertinc
may choose to indict, and whose brother must
be made the unwilling witness of her ruin
Can you hold your peace in viow of such out
rage, and be guiltless 1
Will it avail anything in the great day of
account, in the ears of Jehovah, for you to
coino forward and say, " Ah ! public senti
mem was sucli llial 1 dared not open my
mouth 1" Christ has said, " unless we love
our neighbors as ourselves, we are none of
Would you, Christian Mothers, sen your
babe torn from your bosom by the ruthless
hand of the slave driver, and not lift your
voice for aid 1 Would you, Christian daugh
ter, seo your sister placed upon the auction
block and sold for a domestic Seraglio, and
not raise your voice in her behalf? If you
have not the heart of a fiend, there can be
but one answer. Then if you love the slave
mother and sister at the south as you love
yourselves, yon must act accordingly , a cor
rupt public sentiment to the contrary notwithstanding.
Friends Editors :
I wish to communicate a
few facts for publication, that the friends of
universal freedom may be encouraged to press
forward, wielding the mighty sword of truth,
which is destined to brcik every yoke, and
lo sever overy band, that the oppressed may
go free.
On Thursday evening the 23rd ult., our
friends S, S. Foster and his wifu commenc
ed a series of lectures in this place, (West
Middleton, V aslnngton county, Pennsylva
nia,) which resulted in great good, as I be
lieve. Having attended the first, and every
succeeding appointment, numbering ten in
all, I think I am prepared to give a fair state
ment as to the effects produced.
But before I make any further statements,
with reference to the meetings, I wish to say
a few words about the people of this place.
I hey are intelligent aa a general thing, and
many of them are abolitionists of the new
school I mean political Abolitionists. But
alas! the majority of them are awfully pro-
slavery in their church relations, they being
Unionists, Disciples, Presbyterians, Seccd
ers, hnisconal Methodists ami WosWan
Methodists, all of whom are giving strength
to the bands of slavery, in their several de
grees according to Iheirstrength ami influence
lint honor to truth ; it will cut its way
through the flinty shell of eduoation, and
more Leviathan like scales of prejudice to
the hearts and consciences of the people.
So it was here, whilo our friends Foster pre
sented the truth; we all felt its force and
power, acknowledging thereto Guilty
v-iiliy:; uui.iy!!! tome in a sroatet
and some in a less decree. It is true, when
tlio speakers were proving (which they did
to a demonstration) that the priests of this
country aro liars, thioves, adulterers, man-
stealers, pirates and murderers, many of the
hearers were seen to squirm and writhe like
serpents, on a bed of embers ; indeed 'some
of the members of the churches of this re
gion w ere so shocked that they have not yet
recovered. Their hearts are full of anguish,
and their actions declare, " hast thou found
me, O mine enemy." Yea, light and hones
ty, their most inveterate enemies, have found
them out, and are exposing their deeds of
uarkuess to the gaze of an unsuspecting com
uiunity, which causes them much to ftarthal
their craft will sutler loss.
The Episcopal Mcthodlstsare wonderfully
beset with the doctrines taught, and well
they may be, for llicy were made out the most
wicked church in the country the most di
abolical of all the associations of our nation.
But the priesthood are most wise in wicked
ness, and one McCrce hath already found an
anodyne for the M. E. Church of this place,
by stoutly arguing that Ihe church is not pro
slavery, and that no member can bo ex
pelled from it till it is proved that he is a
slaveholder in heart. O, consistency ! The
Presbyterians aro not all pleased ; some of
them are quita eick ; it being clearly shown
that they are guilty of all the above named
crimes. The Disciples were not all pleased
as well as they would like to hare been, and
why t Because it was shown lhat t'nei' lead
er is tho worst man in the wholo country ;
as a professor of religion, his influence is
greater than that of any other man. I mean
Alexander Campbell.
I might mention how quite a number of
tho members of other churches received the
truth, but shall close this part of my commu
nication by stating how the Weslcyans stood
the fire. They were a litlle disturbed and
most of them acknowledged they were some
what guilty by inviting pro-slavery persons
to commune with them, and by voting under
the Constitution ; but, though they are thus
guilty, the speakers allowed they were hon
est in part, and would walk in the light, and
that all they (the speakers) had to do with
thein was to present the truth and give them
time to reform.
Tho next thing that startled the people was
the dissolving of the Union. Hands off,
hands oft", was the cry. And though it was
clearly shown that the North's share of the
Union is tar and feathers, and eggs, and im
prisonment and Death, if they speak in be
half of the poor biped ing slave, yea for acts
of mercy and benevolence, northern men aro
seized, dragged from their homes, from their
wives, mothers and children, and northern
women are mide widows ; shame! and north
ern children orphans, to glut the rage of
southern demon'; though these things were
clearly shown, yet the cry was, and is " don't
dissolve the Union ; O, give us Union, though
the South has murdered our men, and wid
owed our women, and meets us with the con.
vineing argument, of tar and feathers, pistol
and bowie knife, yet let us have blessed L'ni
on. And thongh ihe black baby of the South
has sucked eight hundred millions of dollars
from the breasts of the North, still tho cry is,
give us union, sweci L nion. Hut to con
clude. After all the whining for the Union,
the lectures resulted in making about twenty
Disunionists, in selling quiio a number of
books, and in getting a number of subscrib
ers for the Bugle and other Anti-Slavery pa
pers. Yours for no union with slaveholders,
"I lovo agitation when there is cause for it
the alarm bell which startles tho inhabi
tant'? of a city, saves them from boin- burn
ed in their beds." Edmund Hurke.
OT-Persons having business connected
with the paper, will please call on James
Barnaby, corner of Main and Chesuut sts.
The Ohio Am. A. S. Society will hold its
Annual Mooting at New Garden, Col. Co.,
commencing on the 17th of Juna, at 10
o'clock, A. M.
Arrangements are being made for tho at
tendance of prominent advocates of tho op
pressed, not only of our own, but other stales;
the result of which, with other particulars,
will be made known previous to the meeting.
From tho increasing interest in this slate
we anticipate a oexebai. rai.lv. We also
invite our friends of Western Pennsylvania,
and Eastern Indiana to bo with us on that
occasion, and aid in devising efficient plans
of operation for the coming year.
By order of the Ex. (join, of the O. A. A.
S. Society. LOT HOLMES,
Ree. Scerclury.
Have you read tho Anniversary Notice I "
and have you arranged your business with a
view to be present at the Annual meeting ef
the Slate Society 1 Wo hope it will be a
great gathering, and that abolitionists from
all parts of ihe State, and from the States ad
joining will be in attendance. Let every one
who has it in his heart to feel for the slave,
and who would see his country redeemed
Irom her thraldom, and the fetters stricken
from the captives limbs, embrace that oppor
tunily to bear his testimony in favor of Free
dom and of Right. Let them come from the
South, where homes have been invaded and
hresidcs made desolate, where the husband
has been stolen from the wife and the father
from the child ; and where the waters of il,
Ohio form no barrier to the arnr,.;,. r
the slave power. Let them come from tb.
North, from the shores of those inland
which mark the boundary line bfttwoe,. il,.
men-calcher's huntinjr rrronnd and the soil
where breathe no slave. Let them come
from that Capital, alike disgraced by the en
actment of Ohio Black Laws, and by thu
Irack of Kentucky k'dnappers. Let them
come from the east, to seek for and worship
the truth, even as the wise men of olden time
sought the manger-cradle of tho Babe of
Bethlehem. Let Ihe pioneer Bpirits whono
habitations are in the west, turn back for a
little while that the y may renew their strength,
and be belter prepared to be pioneers in a
great and glorious enterprise, prepared to he
down the forests nf pro-slavery opposition,
and make clear the way ol the Lord. Let
the mechanic and the farmer, the merchant
and the doctor, the lawyer and the priest all
be there. Let all come who have freedom,
all who can give freedom, all who desire
There has perhaps been no time in the pro
gress of the anti-slavery reform when action
was more needed than now. Since the last
meeting of the State Society, Ohio has prov"
ed, beyond a doubt, her utter inability to pro
tect her citizens from outrage and aggressions
We have seen them both white and color.tj
kidnapped from her own soil, one torn
away from within the very shadow of her
Capitol, and her attempts to protect them,
but betrays her impolcncy. The demand
made by her Executive upon Virginia and
Kentucky, have been refused or evaded
However powerful she may be to oppress
we have seen she has no might to protect.
And, as it is with Ohio, so is it with her
northern sister Stales to a greater or losser
extent. They must submit to the dictation
of the South, even though it be to annex ter
ritory upon which slavery may feed and in
crease in strength. Texas, with a millstone
weight of infamy about her neck ready to
sink her to destruction, must be greeted as
one of the sisterhood, as a member of the
" Glorious Union."
These and other facts which the pon of
history has recorded within the last year, de
clare in a language not to be misunderstood,
that if we would secure our own rights, and re
store to the slave tho possession of his, we
must not depend upon a State government
that is powerless to protect, nor a National
government which is controlled by the op
pressor. We must depend upon our own
strength of purpose, upon our own mo
ral principle. And it is in order to devise
ways and means most successfully lo carry
out our opposition to slaveiy, to make it till
upon the cause of human rights, and to heat
hack the surging waves of tyranny so they
shall not dare to wet even the feet of Human
ity, that we urge you lo give your attendance,
to encourage with your presence, and assist
by your counsel.
A great work must be done. Public opin
ion must be regenerated, the people of Ohio
must be converted to practical abolitionism :
and before this can be effected, the corruptions
of Church and Slate muif be exposed. The
probe must be thrust lo the bottom of Ihe
wound, before society can be cured of the
horrible disease whose cancerous power is
destroying its very vitals. Thin mighty work
is to be accomplished by individual labor, hy
individual faithfulness; and it is desirable to
know in what channel our efforts shall be di
rected, in what manner our labors will prove
most effective. We expect these matters
will be investigated at the Annual mietinff.
and we hope some plan of action for Ihe So
ciety and its members will be decided upon,
that in the coming year shall produce a more
mighty revolution in public sentiment than
Ohio has ever known, and do much to hasten
the slave's deliverance.
fXT We did not request ami slavery and
other papers, which were willing to notice
me can lor the annual meeeting of the State
Society, to do so; for we considered its pub
lication would be a sufficient request. In this
we were mistaken; and we hereby request
all papers that have not noticed it, and nre
willing so to do, to copy the call of the Sec
retary, or inform their readers in some other
way of the appointed time, place, &c.
Democracv and Christianity in Africa.
By the last advices from the French colo
ny in Algiers where 80,000 men are required
to protect 50,000 settlors, it appears that Ah
del Kader, the chief of ihe Mussolman forces
is strongly spiced with American Democracy
and Christianity. He manifests a warm de
sire to support that institution which Govern
or McDuffie declares to be the corner-etono
of Republicanism 5 and which Bishop Wed
ding contends is based upon the golden rule
of Christianity. In a proclamation he has
issued he thus speaks of the Commander of
the French forces. " He has enfranchised
the slaves which God l as given."
Georoi McDurcic, Ex-Governor of Suth
Carolina. Abdel Kader, Mussulman Chief in. Africa,
Elijah Hcodiko, Bishop of kite 1. .
- "Lo what an entertaining sight
Are brethren who agree
OT The General Coufereuae of the Tro
lestant Methodist Church, convened at fin
cinnati on the (ith inst.

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