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The Bible---Father Mathew.
SALEM, August 19, 1849.
Friend Johnson : I am on tha platform or
an A. S. Convention, in Hawley's grove, I
havs just offered and commented on the fol
lowing resolution :
Knotted , That if tha Bible Is not against
Slavery ae Father Mathew and the pro-slavery
priests of this nation say it is not then
it ia the duty of the friends of Justice and Hu
manity to go against the Bible.
Dy Bible I mean just what they mean who
thus quote that book to justify their iniquitous
support of a criminal and cruel indifference to
the outrages perpetrated upon the American
slaves. Twenty years ago, the American
Church and Clergy aid "the Bible inne
iiont slavery." They were met by the as
sertion, " if the Bible emotions slavery, the
Bible is opposed to self-evident truth, and is
therefore a self-evident falsehood." Now
(hey have lowered their tone, and say, "the
Jlible eays nothing against slavery." The
fibove resolution meets this in the only way
in which dt ought 4o be met. It is immaterial
what the Bible docs or does not say on the
uVrject, so far as the duty of all men is con
cerned respecting slavery. The voice of God,
speaking through every element of our phys
ical, social and spiritual natures, has settled
this question. I would as soon go to the Bi
ble to learn my duty to a starving .of drown
ing man, as to the slave.
And Father Mathew lias covered before
the demon of American Slavery !! it is sad !
ft is pitiful ! A man who, while in his own
dear green Isle, could so loudly and no ear
nestly .protest against oppression at home and
.abroad, and .especially against Ameiican Sla
very, declaring even neutrality or indifference
to it to be a heinous offence against justice-,
humanity, and Christianity j and then the mo
ment he lands on our shores, allying himself
lo the sjave-ure&ders and tslave-holde rs of the
land, justifying himself and them by quoting
tli Bible, and heading the millions of his
fellow-countrymen and sectarians in this
country in their hostility to the Anti-Slavery
cause, and to the oppressed American! It is
imean, it is cowardly; it is most unjust, and
iTecrea.nl to -the character he has so nobly earn
ed in the cause of Temperance. Better for
ihe American Slave, for the cause of Human
illy, and for Father Mallrew'a good name, had
he remained at home, or llit ho had been en
.gulplied in -the Ocean ere landing on these
la-very-cursed shores 'to tram incense to the
American Moloch. And is he going lo be
the guest of slave-breeders and slave-traders,
and to be waited on by slaves 1 Is he going
to 'be d umb respecting the horrors of slavery 1
lit is ; and will -ere long bitterly ruo Ihe day
hen lie gave bred to that counsel that has
caused -him--so bitterly to err.
fjr The friends in ieu Lyme always
true und hearty in the cause have voted
itinanitoously, we understand, in favor of tho
"Young People's Convention. This is just
what we expected. Now friends ! not only
in New Lyme, but in every part of the Slate!
go to work and make the Convention what
it should be in numbers and spirit.
07" The Liberator comes to us this week
'freighted with the noble utterances of Bur
leigh, Parker, llallou, Phillips and I.'inerson,
at the great Worcester Celebration. Such
speeches so full bf poetry, cloqnenco and
philanthropy so replete w ith high and en
nobling thought where else could they have
been heard save in a gathering of' the ever
faithful and devoted Abolitionists of the Old
Bay Stale? We must give extracts next
OrThe thanks of the Abolitionists of Sa
lem and vicinity are due lo Benjamin Haw
lev, Esq., for his kindness in permitting
them to occupy his splendid grove, without
fee or reward, lor the recent Convention and
Pic Nic. -In a place where all, or nearly all,
the meeting-houses of lb various sects are
closed' against -anti-slavery meetings, such
an act of kindness and liberality is too pre
cious to pass unnoticed. Thanks are also
due lo Mr. Craft Coast, who cheerfully
gave Ihe friends of Ihe cause access lo his
lumber-pile for Ihe supply of Ihe necessary
.eats. Neither of these gentlemen, we be
'lieve, is in sympathy with the Disunion move-
juent, but it is greatly lo their credit that they
did not therefore refuse to do us a favor w hich
Juarrow sectarians so often w ithhold.
DicnitV. When the President arrived
(Lancaster, Pa. a 'rough looking man'
ays the Tribune's correspondent climbed
.the side of the car in w hich he was silling,
.exclaiming at the top of his voice, as he ex
pended bis hand, "Here's 'Old Zach I
-the old coon!" Instantly a stampede was
.made for that point, and cries of "Old Zach
.give us your paw !" were oil lhat could
heard, A dignified reception, truly, for
second Washington.' Bah !
' ' Pr iftti nil In lira nnn.1 i i i ...... -
- wv..ViUi,uiio, uBajjn, pre
cedents, which exalt one man and depress
nnll.a. t I AT V T' ' I
Ws submit to The Tribune that it is bound
iiy the principle here laid down lo orv. Per
jsb the Constitution of Ihe United Stales,'
for surely it exalts Ihe whiles and depresses
the blacks. Come, Mr. Tribune! eVpand
jour lungs and join the Abolitionists in shout
'ing, ''No union with slaveholders.'
Cleveland True Democrat.
' Perish all Laws and Constitutions which
would exalt the few and depress the many.
Down with any government of party in it,
that will say, lift up one man and tread down
another." True Democrat.
And yet Ihe Demnrral swears allegiance to
the U. S. Constitution, which, by the ac
knowledgment of its late Presidential candi
date and of almost the whole body of its par
ty, does, by a base 'compromise' wiih slave
holders, 'tread down' three millions of its
countrymen into theduil. Will Mr. Vanghan,
for w hom, though personally a stranger, we
have long fult a sincere respect, explain to us
the process by which he reconciles such a
course to his conscience 1 Does he believe
in tho Jesuitical maxim, ' Do evil that good
mny coino'I If nol, how can hn swear to
support the Constitution, ' compromises ' and
all, in order to obtain power lo prevent Ihe
farther extension of Slavery 1 Will he an
swer us these questions with his characteris
tic directness and manliness)
There is another point lo which we
would respectfully solicit Ihe attention of the
Dinmcral. Wo understand it to endorse the
sentiment of one of its correspondents and of
the old Liberty parly, that no slaveholder
should bo esteemed fit for office," How,
then, can it support a Constitution which
brings slavcliolding communities into full
partnership with Iree StateR, not only recog
nising ihijM as "fit for office,' but even al
lowing them lo lie represented in proportion
lo the number whom ihey enslave J Is it not
the very acme of self-slultificaiion to say, thai
slavehoUling Slates are fit for governmental
pai!nership, and yet that individual slave
holders ought not to have their share of the
offices 1
Senator Walker. It is staled on good
authority that the resolutions passed by the
Legislature of Wisconsin, instruciing the
Senators from that State to support tbo V i 1 -mot
Proviso, were introduced al ihe in&tiga-
lion of Walker h'uusulf, who expressed hi
fears that his colleago would nol bo trun to
Freedom without such instructions. Ii is a
singular comment upon this Senator's dis
trust of that colleague, that the latter left a
6 ic I; beJ to record his vote against the amend
ment, by which the former attempted to betray
his consiiiuents.
The Wisconsin Free Democrat slates thai
Walker's-friends- arc hard at work to secure
a majority in Ihe nexl Legislature, and a Gui
ernor that will sustain him.
Ysaiilv Mkgtiko. The Ohio Yearly
Mceafcgof Friends (not O-lhodox) will com
mence lo-day, (Saturday,) in this place.
We hope it will givo evidence of progress
on questions of Reform.
Diabolical Outrage.
(Warren Co.) filar, should cause the face of
every white man in Ohio lo tiny 1 0 wiih
slnme. It shows thr-t tho diabolical spirit
slavery and the murderous malignity of caste
are yet rife in at least one of the Counties of
ihe State.
A riot occurred at Morrow on Saturday
evening, whicn win probniily give some
trouble lo Iho parlies engaged in it, A theft
was committed by a colored man named
Henry Wadkins a convict formerly in the
Penitentiary who was immediately urresled
and commuted lo jail. I bis aroused the in
dignation of sundry persons in ihe villugtt,
who met on r riday and resolved 1l1.1t every
negro should leave Ihe place in one week
theroaller. IVotlce was accordingly iiven.
and on Saturday, as we understand, nil had
left with Iho exception of two, Charles Casey
and his wile, who hud been assurid thai
1 bey would be suffered lo remain. The ar
dor of the mob I'jr such we must character
ise every body of men who set the laws ol
the country at dt nance and meditate and cifin
u it violence on the persons and properly of
others was quickened by llieir wrath, and
on Saturday night they changed ihe lime ol
the exodus of tin) Casey family and demand
ed that they should gird up their loins, pul
on their sandals and march loriliwitli. Cas
ey refused lo obey. Al ten o'clock Ihey ap
proached the dwelling of tho latter, and com
menced an assault wiili stones and -clubs.
Casey took a position ul the door, armed with
an axe, and his wifo guarded the window,
club 111 hand. noon llio window was
smashed in and a breach made through the
door by (he missiles 01 the assailants. Au
entry was llien attempted by one of ihe mob,
liul iho moment his head .protruded ll.rougli
Ihe door, Casey lapped him with Iho back of
Ihe axe, and he felt senseless to llie ground.
Instantly another mob-head was poked In and
met a similar blizzard. These repealed and
effectual rebuffs brought the mob to a parley.
Terms of uccuiumodaiion wero proposed,
w hich resulted in giving Casey and Ins wife
five minutes start, to make their escape.
They 'closed in the oveilures of mercy,' thus
graciously offered ! The waich was held
up. Ala singlo bound, Casey and his wife
leaped out of the house, followed by a show
er of stones. Fear gave suppleness lo their
limbs, and away they went up the road like
deer pursued by a pack of wolves. As soon
as ihe lime was out, the mob siarled in pur
suit, vengeful and eager for Ihe piey. Hut,
fortunately, Ihey were led on a false trail.
Instead of continuing on Ihe liopkintvilte
road, as it was supposed they would, llie
blacks left Ihe road, waded the Miami, and
found a sure refuge in the cornfields. The
fight lasted some three hours, during which,
Casey and wile defended themselves with a
bravery and nerve worthy the highest com
mendation. Their only sin, so far as we can
learn, was thal'Gud had given iheu a black
skin! They were Africans! What an of
fence lo justify a riol and expulsion from ihe
town! We are told lhat every article of fur
niture in the house was destroyed, and six
teen dollars in money stolen ! The mailer
will, of course, undergo a legal investigation,
and we therefore fotbear any further comments.
The 'Do-Nothing' Abolitionists.
Hon. John G, Palfrisy, member of the
last Congress from the Middlesex District,
Mass., was invited to attend the Celebration
at Worcester on the 3d inst. In a letter ex
plaining his' reasons for non-attendance, af
ter expressing his dissent from the doctrine
of Disunion, he says t
No difference, of opinion from your friends
on any question, however important, will, I
hope ever blind me lo ihe noble courage,
constancy nnd disinterestedness with which,
alter Ihe manner lhat seemed to them wisest,
ihey have struggled Bgainst the giant sin of
Ihe present day, or make me forget the great
value if their services in awakening the pub
lic mind Id the tnnrmUg nf He ceil. Few of
your Society, I suppose, are opulent i hul I
hive been recently told, on good authority,
that Ihere are those who expend for its ob
jects, year by year, as much as for the sup- j
port of themselves and their families. I
know of nothing in lbs history of philan
thropic action to parallel a pecuniary liberali
ty like this, w hile lite sacrifices w hich have
been made in other ways have been such as
perhaps lo manifest even more the sincerity
and force of the sentiment that has prompted
them. No right mind, however it may be
dissatisfied -with your methods of action, can
fail lo admire its vigor, fearlessness, and
generosity. In these qualities, you have
shone 'as lights lo the world.'
This is the tribute of a high-minded, hon
orable man, who, though a politician, is not
blind to llie importance of moral agitation as
as a means of abolishing Slavery. The tes
timony of such a man affords an honorable
contrast to the sneers at Disunionists as 'do
nothing' Abolitionists, so often put forlh by
ihe witlings of party. Fidelity to principle
under adverse circumstances must always
command the respect and admiration even of
those w ho occupy n lower plane of action in
llie field Of Reform. Friends of humanity!
lei us never bo tempted to swerve for one
moment from the path of strictest Rectitude.
Let Ihe faithless devotees of parly cry,
'There's a lion in tho way you can never
succeed;' do we not know that Truth is
mighty ibat what ought to be dono can be
done 1
Example of Hungary.
The Magyars of Hungary, whose struggle
with Iho combined powers of Austria and
Russia the 'vorld is now watching wiih
breathless interest, and for whose success the
most devoted 0 'lends cf peace hourly pray,
before taking up arms in their own defence,
decreed Ihe emancipation ami future equality
of all the subject races throughout their
country. They did nol dare lo sirike a blow
at their oppressors till (bey had solemnly
promised to unbind tho chains of llieir own
vassals. They have (hue given to the world
he highest evidence of their sincerity, and
hence, notwithstanding our strong disappro
bation of war, we cannot help feeling for
them the liveliest sympathy. - ll will be seen
from the latest intelligence lhat they are car
rying every thing before them, and we are
not without hope that Ihey will establish, in
the midst of tbo darkness and despotism
which surround them, a Republic on whose
altar may bu kindled the flame of a purer
liberty than has ever yet been embodied in
any governmental organisation.
Alas! that we should he compelled to hang
our heads in shatuo at llie contrast between
our ow n country and semi-barbarous Hunga
ry. Severily-three years have elapsed since
the bloody Revolution which separated us
from the mother country, and yet, so far from
decreasing the emancipation of our slaves,
their number has increased from 400,000 to
3,000,000, nnd the combined influence of
Church und Stalo has been devoted lo Ihe
maintenance of Iho system w hich is crushing
them to the earth. Our very Constitution is
a Bulwark of Slavery the charter to which
menslealers point with exultation as authori
ty for their deeds of villany !
" () how humbling ihe thought, that the Oltl world
befure us
To the trmple of freedom U l-adiii ihe way ;
V hik- the cloud ot'oppivs.ioutKtill Mthei'iu oe'r in,
Obscure tlie lull brightness of Libert) ' duy."
from the subscriber on Ihe MJ of June last,
a bright mulatto woman named JIM A,
about 25 years of age. She is of common
size, nearly white, and very likely. She is
a good seamstress andean read a little. She
may attempt to pass for while, dresses fine.
She took wiili her, ANNA, her child, eilit
or nine years old, and considerable darker
than her mother. Her husband is black,
and known as Charles Hough the fiddler,
and belongs to Ihe Messrs. Sloans, of this
place. Julia and child are probably lurking
about town or vicinity, or she may attempt
lo eel lo a freeSlale. She once belnnircd to
a Mr. Helm ol Columbia, Tennessee.
1 will give a reward of $.50'for said Neoro
and child, if delivered lo me or confined in
any jail in this Slate, so I can get . them. $100
if caught in any other Slavu Stale, iird con
fined in a jail so that J gel Idem, end &00 if
caught in any Iree Mate and put in any good
jiil in Kentucky or Tennessee, so I can get
llietn. A. W. JOHNSON.
Nashville, July 9, 1619. Aasheille Hen
ncr. The signer of ihe above is a cousin of ours,
whom we have not seen since 1810. He is
a leading member of ihe Methodist Church,
and his house is often tbo houie of its JJish.
ps atd ministers. Ua was a member of Ibe
Committee appointed by the citizens of
Nashville lo flog Amos Dresser in 1835
We hope lhat Julia, the very likely, bright
mulatto woman,' wiih her daughter 'Anna,'
were never recovered by their master, but
w iih ' Charles Hough, die fiddler,' are now
p the full enjoyment of their liberty.
The Fair.
It is expected, we believe, that Ihe articles
made for the Fair of the Western Ami-Slavery
Society, or al least such of them as are
not previously disposed of, will be offered
for sale at tho Young Men's snd Women's
j Convention at Berlin. We trust Ihe market
will be good and the supply abundant.
To Correspondents.
W. M. Next werrk.
J. W. N. Do.
J. E. Under consideration.
Several letters responding to Ihe proposi
tion for Ihe Young People's Convention wrre
received loo late for Ibis number s and now
thai Ihe question is settled, nnd Ihe Call is
sued, their publication will hardly be neces
sary. "
News of the Week.
Latest from Europe.
IIi'Noary ano Austria. The Hungarians
continue successful. Again Ihey have de
feated and outmaneuvered the enemy placed
the Austrian in peril and cut off the Rus
sians from Iheir base of operalions. The
three great generals are now in communica
tion with each other, and ready to act togeth
er if necessary. Their respective positions
are rendered secure by the nature of the
country, while ihere is nothing to prevent
Iheir emerging from their fastnesses when
occasion presents itself. The whole popula
tion serve them with heart and hand, bring
them food, horses, and intelligence of ihe
enemy s movements.
A letter from Ihe seal of war says ; "The
attack of Ihe Hungarians upon Paskiewitch's
division was tremendous, and the Russians
were borne down and compelled to yield be
fore the terrible onslaught of the Magyars,
who fought with unexampled courage and
The Cabinet of Vienna are obviously in a
state of alarm. A peremptory order has been
issued prohibiting llie purchase of foreign
stock, shares, &c. the object being, it is sup
posed, lo prevent money being sent out of
Hie country.
Turkky. Advices from Constantinople
stale that an army of 80,000 men is ordered
lo assemble on the Hungarian frontier lo pro
tect the Turkish territory and lo disarm any
who may be driven across Ihe frontier.
Russia. A Republican Conspiracy has
been discovered in Russia numerous arrests
have been made, and the whole affair wag
divulged by a Secretary of Count Orloff
2ri0 persons had been arrested. Officers have
been sent to Moscow und to other cities lo
arrest Ihe members nf the conspiracy, which
was intended lo overthrow the reigning dy
nasty aad establish a Republic.
Ital. Although the French have restor
ed the Government of the Pope in Koine,
they have nol persuaded the Pontiff to return
lo Hie Vatican. Gen. Oudinol has been him
self at Gaeta, in llie hope of modifying the
intentions of his Holiness, by I with what
fleet has not been announced. The fact isr
Ihe Pope insists on the unconditional restora
tion of his temporal powers, and this the
French government is unwilling to allow, be
cause it (ears to eixite. the indignation ol' ihe
French people.
A spirit-stirring proclamation has been ad
dressed to the Romans by Mazzini, in w hich
he recommends them lo endure, w ith 0011
slarjcy and firmness, Iho calamity of foreign
intervention which smiles them at present,
and not to give way lo discouragement. He
calls upon the municipalities to repeal, with
lirmnes-, that Ihey a lbere voluntarily to Hie
Republican form and lo the abolition of he
temporal power of the Pope, and lhat they
consider every Government illegal which has
not been Ireely approved hy tho people, and
he reminds Ihem that it is impossible la im
prison a whole nation.
The Milan Gazelle of the C2Jf stales that
a rumor is current at Ihe Neapolitan frontier,
that Garibaldi had embarked for America,
under favor of a disguse.
Francis. Louis Napoleon is suspected of
a design to found a monarchy, but Ihe mon
archists themselves are so much divided that
no scheme of tho sort-is likely to succeed at
It has been positively staled in the lobbies
of ihe Assembly, thai the ex-King Louis
Philippe h id the intention, for the most pious
object, lo demand of the French'iioveiuinent
10 make a pilgrimage In Dreux, where Ihe
bodies of lbs Duke of Orleans And oilier
members of Ihe ex-royal family are deposi
ted. The ex-King would only remain two
days, and would return again to .England.
He would assume Ihe title of Count du-Pon-thieu,
and would only be -accompanied by a
Turkey. The'Bosnian insurrection is -assuming
a serious character. The number of
the rebels has been rapidly swelled to i 4,009
It is not a Christian movement, nor, although
headed by a Turk, exclusively a Turkish one;
but a fraternization between the Moslems
and Rayahs for the overthrow of a Govern
ment which oppresses both.
L'rmi.ANn and I Rsi.AND. The Queen hav
ing quilted Osborne House for Ireland on Ihe
1st insl. the Parliament was prorogued by
commission. The inhabitants of Cork, Dub
lin and 'Belfast are making the ino.U aolive
preparations lo give a loyal nnd enthusiastic
reception -to -Iho Queen. The repealers are
indiguaiit-in view of these preparations, and
call Ihem the "wake of Ireland." The
Irishman newspaper, speaking of the illumi
nation of 'Dublin in honor of her Majesty
says :
It wodld ebeer Ibe royal heart nf our visi
ter lo see beyond the surface, and lo learn ihe
real condition of her Irish subjects. The
blackened feature of lha corpse which lies
in yonder corner once a wifa snd a mother
1 weuld slaad eut in bold -relief if dexter
ously lighted. Thai young savage, called a
child, w ith its thin, pinched face, and iis
swollen body, would appear sublime in the
glare. That gaunt figure, stretched on yon
der ft I thy--traw, with the half-eaten cabbage
stalk in its baud, and .the grain of bran be
side it for a dessejl, would look .comical
enough. iu ilea show. And that idiot wooian,
bending listlessly ovejr llie tinpiy fire-place,
holding her hands, which are transparent
from emaciation, above an imaginary blaze,
would complete the piolure. 1
Fourteen hundred tailors aro now in Lon
don lotally unemployed, hundreds daily ap
plying for relief to the houses 0 call; Ibe
funds are, however, exhausted. Nie hundred
shoemakers out of work hare iheir names on
Ihe books, and 1,700 are working for half
wages. The curriers and leather dressers
are in tin same situation. There were nev
er known so many working Jeweler ut of
employ, and meetings or the trades are nw
holding lo petition Parliament for protection
against the competition of foreign l.dor.
Domestic Items.
has broken out a1 ihe SmI
Si. M irip, causing great consternation. Vis
itors left and ihe Indians fled lo the woods.
One-half of the businros portion of the vil
lage of PlaltsburL'h, N. V., was rccenl'y de
stroyed hy fire. Loss $300,000.
Steamboat AcnnxnT. The fine slfnmer
Miiuirn Stale was Icrst on Lake Huron a few
days ago. She sprung a leak in a storm, and
became unmanageable before she could be
brought lo land. The passengers were all la
ken off in safety.
Oregon. Hon. S. R. Thurston, formerly
of Maine, has been chosen Delegate lo Con
gress by a majority of "0 votes.
Minnesota. Henry II. Sibley is elected
Delegate lo Congress.
The Cuba Expamo.T-The Philadel
phia North Amoiican makes ihe foil wing
statement in relation to this affair
Intelligence has reached ua from a scliabhs
source lhat a force numbering between too
and 800 men, has recently been assembled at
Round Island, opposite Pascagoula, under
Ihe command of a Colonel While, who fig
ured not long ago at Yucatan.
Ii is also stated lhat the sum of (f50,000
has been depositpd in Mobile, to promote Ihe
object 9 of Ibis nefarious movement, Ihe par
ticular direction of which is not yet disunclhy
ascertained; though from facts Jatejy come
lo light through authentic channels, its desti
nation is supposed lo be Cuba, where a land
ing is contemplated at the south side of the
island. It is understood lhat rendezvous,
with a view of enlisting men, have been
opened at Baltimore, New-York and Dcston,
as well as at Mobile and New-Orleans. We
have not been able lo discover that any at
tempt has been made in Philadelphia to col
lect a force or to supply arms .and ammuni
tion, j
Slate Kmeits. A senions affray occurred
near Helena, Arkansas, on the 14th ult., be
tween an overseer and negro man. Mr. Mur
phy, the overseer, was chastising the slave's
wile, when the slave interfered, dealing ibe
overseer a blow with an nxo. A desperate
struggle ensued, but Murphy escaped lo a
neighboring plantation the nejjro remaining.
W hen t)ie Sheriff, accompanied by two olhr
ers, attempted to a'rest tbo slave, heflrnngly
resisted, exchanging pilol shots with the
posse. He escaped to lhe wooU9, mortally
wounded, it is supposed.
CoNc.nEssioNAL Ej.KCTioNe. By the re
turns which have come in of Ihe recent Con
gressional elections in Indiana, .ICntuoky,
Tennesse and North Carolina, -it appears to
be settled beyond controversy lhat the present
administration will not have a working ma
jority -in Ijie nexl Congress. In lnlur!iv
the Deioacrais have gained one Member of
In Indiana Ihey-hnvo gained two, and the
Free Sailers have elected Geo. W. Jalian in
the district represented 'in hs last Conrres
by Caleb I. Smith.
In Teqnessee, Anr!rew'J0wing.(Rem.')'ha9
heen elected in the 8th district over William
Cullom, (Taylor) whiuh is a igain for the
In N. Carolina, tho relative strength of.par
lies is unchanged.
The gain ol these five votes by the Demo
.cralicand if'Vee Soil parlies will make a change
often voles against the administration in the
lower House of Congress, and the parlies
will then be so nearly divided as lo givo the
f ree toilers llie balance ot (tower.
Ellwoob Fisiir.in Glover! The:Union
of Sunday says : " A sumptuous and crowd
ed supper came off en Monday nighl, al ibe
Warrenlon Springs, (Va.) in honor of Ell
wood Fisher, Ksq., the author of the celebra
ted letters on Ihe Sonih. 'It was given 'by
the members of th Legislature (now in ses
sion al that place) and the visiters at the
Sprinjrit, and the citizens of the vicinity.
Col. Hopkins, Speaker o-f the House of )el
1 etratea, presided. Mr. Hopkins, called out
Mr. Fisher with a least -and a few remarks,
u ho responded in a very impressive manner.
'lie was followed, in like manner, hy Gen.
Foote, Ihe Senior from Mississippi, by ex
Guv. Win. Snimi, by Mr. Conway Robin
son, of Richmond, and by other gentlemen."
'Wanted to Vote. A negro, or muUtto.,
presented himself before the 'Judges of .the
Seventh Ward preoimt, on Wednesday af
ternoon, and offered his vvote. He oon
found out lhat .Joe Jeans, one nf Ihe oily
watch, nil on Jiand, .and that be --believed
were not puiUi entjlled to lhat privi
lege yet. lie knocked Ihe fellow over for
his impudence. Verdictof lh.e-orowd tej-ved
light. 'Lou. Democrat.
Outrage in Cincix-mati. The 'Glohe
says: On Friday last, Ihe Colored Ameri
can Association (a benevolent sootnty, form
ed only of llie upright members of our color
ed population, w ith the design of elevating
and improving the condition of tlhtir Taoe)
was following lo Ihe fjrave, in orderly pro
fession, one uf lhir fraieruily, w ho had fal
len a victim 10 Ibe Cholera. They -passed
through many ufnor streets, we are thankful
in staling, without molestation or inlerrup.
linn. As they passed 'the corner of Sixth
and Sycamore, however, on their way to ilus
grave, ihey were asvailed hy a parcel of row
dios and rurTians, stationed in the third story
of the engine house a -lhat location called,
wa believe, Ihe Rough and Ready 'Wall.
Several large stones wera burled at the pro
cession, some of which look effect, without
producing any seiiio injuries. One very
narrowly escaping ihe head of a person walk
ing in 'the procession, burst upon 'the um
brella of his neighbor, behind him, making a
hole as large as a -marl's .head. Anotksr
struek a very worthy and f psotable inaa
full in lbs back.
Sancity or the S is AfcED 'Letter. Refer
ring 'lo 'the recent .developments in South
Carolina in the case of Mr. Barrett and to
the demand of the Post ofljeo agents to via
ble Iheir oaths of office, the Washington
Republic says :
Clearly enouch. tha power dees not exist
jo any magistrate, Stale 0; federal, to viojale
- ..-.' ii p Or1
tha sanctiiy of a sealed letter, under, ana.
pretence n halerer. 'I 'lie ides, therefore, lb -4
the opposition papers are sedulously circijldi.
ling at the South that the Postoia trt
GencraJ or any other officer of lb t,orrn
merit, has or ran have an control over a nr.
thing lhat goes into the mails or eorqei ptg
of ihem, or lhat he is ia snywise responstJa.
for the contents of liia mailsifi nnlv nno tJt
llinM MlmurdllieS wllU-h mi lnmilimti.it.i
ipon hy stultified noliliciaus tor base pa'f
FtiA W DcKEWEe. The shnlleres;
rcmnani of the SeujiuoJcs left jo Florida ars.
again visiling vengeance en the border white,
lor iheir old wrongs, sod the prospect now is
that we are lo hare auu Lb or Flojida war.-
Several incursions hav-e already been. tpaJs
uiuii vuiie aeureme-nis ny Hie ngjRDS. SU4
it is supposed thai thoroughly coneerJekt
plan has been formed for a oe-ueral rifuiir no
on the whiles. 'J'hfi trrnntoar alarm .ivtoay'Ls
and measures am tafcen to raise irsJs for de
fence and to pursue their assailants. Whelh
er this results from recent outrages and frauds,
on -the port of the .whites, as is very proJsaJbjle,
oris ihe burning out of long smothered ri .
yea nee for former injuries, we. do not ltvnl
So, we have not seen the end J" ihe woe
.which Ihe Governmental negro-bunt in Viet-
is upuu uup iing, mnoean. count
ihe ultimate evils of any one doed, of waog
L'a. i'rtcman, "
Death or Aostrer "G aijlatin. Ia, hip.
89lb vear. ollhe rasiduneA nf hi in.in.l..'
in Astocirt, died, last Sunday nwnint, on
nf 1 1, n 1 L..I I. . . 1 . , -
. ...u-. iciii.rmum men wijg flwa MKen
a part in ihe public affairs of the Unipnajnea
the Revolutissi.
Albert Gallatin was torn at Geneva In
Switzerland, on the 2Vth of January, ltd.
-Me arrived in America Jnlv A tian. ..
French Professor 4n old Harvard during hp,
lasl'vear of the 'levnli,iii,ns,r U'1,1 i
Ihe Lm'islalnre of Psnnsvl
was elected to the I'niied Stales Snnaiajn
1793; married ihe daughlor of Com. Kicked-,
son in 1794.; took Uis se.it In Congress Uac."
1795 : led .the oonnsilion In lha Paduralina
at the close of llie last century; acted as Saci
.rclar.y of the Treasury during Ihe -two terms
of 'FtlOmaa JefTHrsnn slrnnrTlw ailvnaalaJ jl.
"Protective policy accompanied Messrs. &dt
"is ana isy -to Kiurope, ana.asslsieu in eon-,
eluding the Treaty of Ghent; was Ambassa
dor to France, (SJQ to J823; twipe miniates
lo Fnglend, and once lo (he Netherlands
and held iu'bieh estimation abroad. &inc
his return lo America in 1827 he has belt! .no,
puunc oiuce i. x. j rwunc.
linn. II. KwiniT. lata Senator from Hum.
.ilton-Co., died in Columbus on ihe 13lh iiuslt
'Wm. Stokcsbury, Kist Fuirfield, (l,00-a
on., in..., -- 4 ,aot I
Austin MoOoonoll. II 1.00-25Q
Ann -Cone, Clumbiaaa, 4,00-23!l
Tho's-Uishop, " 3,50-28$
AV. Meredith. Ir.. 'Meredith's Mill. l.nf)9Ml
rt.. i. nmllli. Sa em.
J. 00-83?
i, 00-35
a 00-27)1
J, 00-497
J QO-98u5
ii .eo-ssfj
il, 00-9.19
1, 00-35l
1 ,00-23 A
Ann Pierson,
J.orenxo Carter,
:Ftra Morton, Limavllla,
-C D. Klson. Ulimfield.
S. M. 'Hassan, Randolph,
tR. -L . Alelleaon. Moffatlnra
'Gilbert Kelly, Mahoning,
.1). .IJ. Millard,
ilt. II. Allen, iKnoxville. lll.,
-J. AL Monti, Newberry,
S. "H. Case, Jtandolph,,
L. Sperm, '
C. Starifoid, "
VV'islry Stanford, "
.!. H. Ward,
Geo. Gosharl, Marlboro',,
Kd. Briggs, .Waterford,
Wm. W. Pulard.iColumhus,
Rach. Lukens.SShort Dtenfe,
Adarn Fnss, 'Uarry ville,
Mary 'Whitini'. Caniun.
:avid Davis, Kdinburir.
James Slot!, Randolph,
Sam'l Austin,
'Mary A. 'Uiwley, Salem,
John Holmes Leesburg,
Khz. J. ukens, Marlboro',
Abiie Taylor, 'New Iialtifrore,
Win. Thompson Marlboro',
Nelson Gaskill, Alwater,
S. S. Ward, -Randolph,
Levi K. Taylor,
Peter (juier, Limaville,
-II. M. Ce.se, Rooletown,
Joseph "Heighlon, 'Kdinburg,
Jno. Webber, prerlield,
.Pidfcs-Garrelson. Ml. ITninn.
Ch as. Uroslus, Jr., Wsslvillq,
o. Uard, IJenton,
Jas. D. lleaeock. Ledlevs.
J90. I". Sash. Prev.
John Pontius, Petersburg,
Win. Norton, Georrrnville,
Manlda Bachelor, iPainesvllle, '
John Jiffrev, "Savannah.
K. Lewis. 'Nlalaoo.
John Slater, Noblestown,
Alfred While, Orange,
K. W. Newton. Le Roy,
M. M uhlsnd, Fort Waype,
Orro Drown, Canheld,
Miodj-ib T. Johnson, Short .Creek,' ,1,00-200
Isaac Miller, Mahoning, J.OO-OGQ
Alonzo'Hnsmer, Parkman, 1,00-237
O. & A. .Baldwin. 1,00-35
Tho's Williams. Morgaoville, J,0fiVS5
Wm. Cope, Malta, . 00-3 6 Q
A. Melcalf, 1,00-87$
Gen. .P-uckney, 'Jamestown, 1,00-19J
Dben lloadlev. Ilentnn. 2 !H-1JI
John Cox, Harrisville, .,&0V23
II. JJambleUin, ' ,t0-S3
Julius Wooduff, Polan4, 1,00-211
Lhz. Norris, La Moille,, iJ,00-S4
Moses Teagarden, . J,00V27j
A-!- Plenaa.tirku nnt'uA. -tlmi in iLa -
. ------ - -
kiiowledgement of subscription money for the
iingle, not only is the amount reeeivsj plaj
oed oppoaile-lhe subscriber's name, but also,
die number of tha Dinar lo tiKinh ha haa
paid, and which will be found jn the mteidj
column of figures.
Nn auhacrihir nail ivntnl lt,al a rAiliiAlina
from the price of will be mads,, unless
mo money is lorwarueo ar me (imo SpSCIuef
in the published (arms'.
TIIK BuUlcribera wta nrnnrar1 in A .1J
a- T r rr .a -aa ayaa a) v v 1 1)
kinds of Sawing a,nd Turning, for Cahinel,
'vf-M imv aKviii i'iow,, m 4nev nop.
peaily opposite , the Sale.n Hotel.
Salem, Aug. 95, 1819.-D53. ' 1 T "

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