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WRIGLEY'S gives us a
wholesome, antiseptic,
refreshing confection to
take the place of the cave
man's pebble.
We help teeth, breath, appetite,
digestion and deliriously soothe
mouth and throat with this
welcome sweetmeat.
The Wrlgley Spearmen want to send you
their Book of Gum-ption. Send a postal
for it today. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
1327 Kesner Building, Chicago.
The Flavor
Quite Wet.
That was a fine dry parade yester
day, wasn't ltr
"Well, not when it finished."
Ninety-three per cent of the floor of
the ocean Is devoid of vegetation.
Kidney Disorder
The most simple methods are tun
fcLTy the most effective ones when
treating any disorder of the human
system. The mere drinking a cup of
hot water each morning, plenty
of pure water all day, and a little
Anuric before every meal has been
found the most effective means of
overcoming kidney trouble. Death
would occur If the kidneys did not
work day and night In separating
poisons and uric acid from the blood.
The danger signals are backache,
depressions, pains, heaviness, drowsi
ness, irritability, headaches, chilliness,
rheumatic twinges, swollen Joints or
oiuce it is bucu a nmpie matter to
step into your favorite drug store and
obtain Anuric, anyone who earnestly
desires to regain health and new life
will waste no time in beginning this
m a. v . . i . . .
Electric Chair.
He might object to the use of his
name, but his Initials are F. O. Z. Be
cause he is a salesman he contends he
has the right to loaf In various down
town business houses. That is, he
thought so until a visit in an electrical
shop several days ago. He sat In the
accustomed chair for a good rest when
a stinging sensation caused him to
rise. The clerks had become tired of
their visitor and had wired the chair
so that the pressure of a button be
hind the counter would shock the per
son in the chair. F. O. Z. Is careful
where he loafs now, especially where
he sits.
His Magnificent Memory.
"Children," squeaked the ancient
man, "I can remember just as well as
If it was yesterday, when I was a boy.
and beefsteak and potatoes were so
cheap that we had 'em at our house
'most every day, and were always per
mitted to eat all we .wanted of 'em.
Oh, I tell ye, I've got a wonderful
ee-hee 1 hee I memory !"
Later the children said among them
selves: "Truly, Uncle Gulliver has an
amazing memory he can recollect
things that could not possibly have
happened." Kansas City Star.
The Chinese government Is about to
open its first aviation school.
"Sympathy Is two hearts tugging at
one load." Selected.
The Flavor Lasts
In the making of Grape-Nuts there is added to die
sweet; rich nutriment of whole wheat, the rare flavor
of malted barley, a combination creating a most un
usually delicious taste. The palate never tires of it
People everywhere have found that
is the most nutritious and delicious cereal food known.
Every table should have its daily ration of Grape-Nuts.
"There's a Reason"
He used a pebble
in his day. to keep
his mouth moist
War has seriously affected the pea
nut trade of Madras, India.
Granulated Eyelids, Stlaa, Inflamed Eyes
relieved over night by Roman Ey. Balaam.
On. trial prove. It merit. Av.
The Swiss president serves one year.
Parkersburg, West Va. "I have re
ceived so much benefit from 'Favorite
Prescription' and
'Golden Medical
Discovery that 1
am glad to tell
others how good
they are. I used
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescrip
tion to carry me
through when In
a delicate way. It
gave me strength
and made me bet
ter every way. I was so pleased that
I used It later (three times) for the
same purpose. It Is the best medicine
I know of for women." MRS. VIC
Send Dr. V. M. Pierce, Buffalo, N.T.,
10 cents for trial package of the tab
lets. Adv.
"Oh, He Almost Did I"
He is a candy salesman, and I ves
on the Ea6t Tenth street car line.
He was heading for town, and every
seat on the car was taken. None was
standing, however.
He heard the cry of a newsboy and
rushed to the car door to get a paper.
A woman got on the car, sighted the
vacant seat, and, of course, occupied it
The traveling man, glancing over the
headlines as he returned down the
aisle, fortunately looked over his
glasses at the opportune time, and
but the crowd laughed anyway. In
dianapolis News.
Youth the Loser.
J. P. Morgan, tsie, famous financier,
was talking at a dinner in New York
about a young banker who had failed.
"It was his youth that made him
fall," he said. "Youth is always failing
falling In business, falling in love.
"Remy de Gourmont tells us truly
that in the game of life youth has all
the trumps all of them but plays
recklessly, and invariably loses."
Making It Personal.
Some people grieve over the cost of
the European war as if It were their
own gas bill. Toledo Blade.
One of the worst stings of defeat is
the sympathy that goes with It
Switzerland produces more than
8.000 pianos a year.
Well That They Should Be Given Re
sponsibilities Suitable to Their
Age and Physical Strength.
at home that Is a home is the result
of the combined efforts and good will
of those who dwell together within
the house. In this co-operative enter
prise none should be deprived of the
benefit which comes from carrying re
sponsibility and contributing to the
general good. Hence, every child
should be given duties to perform in
that home as well as privileges to en
joy. It is doubtful If a child should
be paid for performing his share of
the home duties. Each child should
care for his own room and should do
this properly at the right time. Cer
tain other household or farm tasks
should be allotted to him not tasks
that will delay him In starting to
school, not those that will exhaust
him at night, or those too I 'uvy for
his Immature body, but such work as
is reasonable In kind and quantity
should be given to him from his earli
est years. More boys and girls are in
danger of having too little to do in
the modern home than too much.
Setting tables, washing dishes, car
ing for the "sitting room," feeding
chickens, sweeping porches and walks
are all tasks within the strength of
the little school girl, and a boy who
always sees that the woodbox is filled,
the kindling split, the snow shoveled
from the puth and certain barn duties
are done will be a more trustworthy
citizen In later years than the boy for
whom all things are done and who
does for no one. From the Federal
Bureau of Education.
A California Farmer Has His Phono
graph Play When He Is Train
ing Them.
The Colorado farmer who gets more
milk from his cows by giving them a
dash of grand opera and a bit of rag
time on his phonograph Is not a pio
neer in this novel field of farm efii
clency. George A. Gage of Sutter county,
California, claims to be the first "mu
sical farmer."
Gage raises mules and horses. He
has a big music box on his farm and
he plays band pieces, preferably sooth
ing melodies and waltzes, when he is
breaking his mule colts.
"Mules love music," said Gage. "I
discovered that ten years ago when I
drove Benjamin Harrison the orneri
est old mule you ever saw to Tuba
City when a brass band was -playing.
"The mule had one of his balky, con
trary spells that day, and I could hard
ly do a thing with Benjamin until we
got to Yuba City. You'd never believe
it if I told you the change just a few
band selections made in that animal.
From that day until Benjamin's death
he was the gentlest, lovingest old mule
you ever would want to see.
"That gave me an idea. When I
break my mule colts now I always have
the phonograph play. It seems to at
tract the mule's attention from the
harness and wagon.
"Horses don't seem to be affected
much. But mules are nearer human
than horses anyway."
Gage also avers his chickens like
phonograph music, but would not go
on record as saying ragtime made the
hens lay any more eggs.
Development of Opera.
Opera has made extensive strides
during the last century, although Its
origin Is very remote. It came through
a gradual course of development from
almost the beginning of the Christian
era ; earliest librettists were such emi
nent men as Aeschylus and Sophocles,
who accompanied their spoken drama
with a band of lyres and flutes.
But grand opera, as we understand
it today, originated about the end of
the sixteenth century, when Jacopo
Perl's opera, "Dafne," was first pre
sented. It originated through the
gathering of a small party of music
lovers at the home of a Florentine no
bleman. Theories grew into actuali
ties when a performance of "Dafne"
was celebrated in the palace of Corsl
in 1595. This opera was successfully
performed several times, but always in
private, and now the score is not dis
coverable. Disgusted Author.
There sometimes seems reason for a
complaint common among writers of
this day that artists do not read the
text they are to Illustrate. In one of
the leading magazines recently the
writer mentioned the fact that her
heroine was entirely bald a circum
stance, indeed, that might have been
deduced from the fact that she was
nearly one hundred years old.
Picture the author's disgust when
the old woman was represented vith
a head of hair that might have served
for the advertisement of some wonder
ful "restorative I"
Even worse seems the fate of an un
happy writer who wrote a story about
a boy named "Patsy." The artist met
amorphosed him into a girt.
The Perfect Motor.
Willis Too bad about BumD. He
has had his new car only a week and
In that time it hasn't broken down or
back-fired once, has run like a clock
and hasn't used any more gasoline than
the catalogue said it would.
Giills Why too bad, then?
Willis The company, has started
suit to get it away from him.
Glllls On what grounds?
Willis They claim they gave him s
demonstrator's car by mistake. Judge.
Then the Bounce.
"You can't order me around," de
clared the new salesman. "I take or
ders from nobody."
"You demonstrated that on your last
trl" said the boss, coming in at thli
Mr.Sprlnky My friend Jones, who
was operated on last month, has at
last thrown up the sponge.
Mrs. Sprinky My goodness! It's
awful how careless these surgeons art
nowadays ! Town, Topics.
There are thousands of farmers at
this time who are planning to set ap
ple trees next spring, encouraged by
the bountiful crops or fruit of last
summer. And this is a work which
ought not to be undertaken hastily,
but to avoid costly errors there should
be some knowledge of varieties, their
season and quality.
First of all, earnestly resolve that
you will not plant any of the early
varieties, like Duchess and Yellow
Transparent In a good fruit year you
may get all you need of these sorts
Just for picking them up of your neigh
bors. Why should you grow more of
the unsalable kinds? This Is said
under the supposition that you are
planting an orchard for home use
chiefly, says Iowa Homestead.
Of course, If you are planting a
commercial orchard, or have facilities
for shipping to a big city market, that
alters the case, and you may make
good profit from the early varieties.
But as matters stand In our rural com
munities it would be better if two-
thirds of our early apple trees were
cut out for firewood.
The Wealthy is a standard apple for
early fall, but unless you have facili
ties for cold storage do not plant it
largely south of the latitude of south
ern Wisconsin, central Iowa and cen
tral Nebraska. North of that it has
some keeping quality and the farther
north it can be grown the better it
keeps. Even in central Iowa if picked
in early maturity just as the seeds
turn brown it will keep until mid
winter. Plant Ben Davis, N. W. Greening,
Salome, Minkler or Black Annette and
you will have fruit which will keep
until you have time to sell it. But
take another hint do not take the
Destroy Trash and Litter When
ever It Has Accumulated
Cut Out Dead Limbs.
(By T. J. TALBERT. Missouri Agricul
tural Experiment Station.)
Take advantage of the bugs In their
winter quarters, the remnants of old
plants, the trash and litter about the
garden and orchard. Burn out the
feuce rows, destroy the trash and litter
wherever it has accumulated by burn
ing it or plowing it under. Cut out
the dead trees and limbs in the orchard
and make them into firewood.
This cleaning up about the orchard
and garden will destroy a dozen or
more of our most destructive pests.
For example, the plum curcullo Is now
wintering as a full-grown beetle in the
trash and litter along the fence rows or
about the trees ; the codling moth will
be found in the worm stage within a
silken cocoon tucked away under the
shelly bark of dead trees and dead
limbs; and the fruit tree bark beetles
or shot hole borers will also be found
wintering mostly as adult beetles in
deud or dying trees. -
Under the old stalks and rubbish in
the garden and abodt the borders will
be found the adult asparagus beetle,
bean-leaf beetle, harlequin cabbage bug,
flea beetles, the striped cucumber bee
tle and the chrysalis of the cabbage
worm. If you want to kill these pests,
pile and burn deud tomato and pea
vines and other remains of vegetation
in the garden and along the border.
Deep fall or early winter plowing
will also destroy many insects. This
Is especially true of the cutworms, po
tato beetles, white grubs and wire
worms which are now hibernating iu
the soil. Late fall or early winter
plowing will turn these Insects up near
the surface and expose them to an at
tack of birds, poultry and other ani
mals. At this season of the year the
Insects are in a dormant or semldor
mant condition, and when brought up
"Dry Farming."
Dry farming is the science of agri
culture as applied to farm operations
In regions of limited or uncertain rain-'fall-
Next Year's Garden.
Now Is a good time to make up the
list of vegetables and the quantity of
each wanted for next year's garden.
Tomato and Bean Seed.
Practice seed selection for tomatoes
and beans as you do for corn.
01jmM &&yfegai J
opinion of any writer as gospel, but
visit some orchardist who is near to
your place und has similar soil condi
tions and ask him about his experi
ence. He can give hints of very great
And do not plant any crabs. Forty
years ago It was the fashion to plant
various kinds of crabs and before ap
ples were plentiful they did have some
value. But we have passed by the
crab age. There are still some house
keepers who want a few crabs to Jell,
pickle, etc. If your wife Is one of that
class and you want to Indulge her do
not plant more than one tree.
The question is often asked: How
many trees should be planted for a
family orchard? That is one of those
general questions which requires a va
riety of answers. Some families uso
roanf more apples than others. It may
be K X ten good trees, when they
com? ) full fruitage, will supply an
ord ..y family In all good fruit years.
Some would say that five trees were
enough and others would Increase the
number to twenty. Get good, thrifty
two-year-old trees and set them 25
feet apart The ground may be plant
ed with corn or potatoes or some
other hoed crop for the first five
If you are planting simply for home
use, not intending to market, one tree
of the Wealthy is enough. If the Jon
athan and Delicious succeed In your
neighborhood by all means include
them in your list. Black Annette and
Salome are good keepers and are
hardy in tree in the north middle sec
tions of apple growing; and they are
also very good apples in quality. Then,
with the N. W. Greening and the old
reliable Ben, you will be sure to have
fruit, if anybody has fruit.
near the surface of the ground they are
unable to go deeper in the soil or to
construct new cases or cocoons and
they are killed by being subjected to
excessive weather conditions and to the
alternate freezing and thawing.
Fall plowing and cultivation will
also enable you to have vegetables a
week or ten days earlier next spring,
because you will be able to plant
earlier on fall-plowed ground.
Never Safe to Permit Hogs or
Cattle Among Fruit Trees Un
less Grass Is Plentiful.
The question is often asked, "Is it
safe to let hogs run In an orchard?"
It will be safe If you will watch two
or three important points. One Is to
be sure and see that the hogs do not
get to rubbing the trees hard, as In
the process of scratching themselves.
Sometimes when hogs have lice they
will rub against the trees and thus
cause considerable damage or injury
to the tree. This damage may finally
end in collar blight of the apple, and
by this means the hogs also aid. In
spreading the collar blight or rot which
is far the most serious disease of the
apple tree.
Another point to watch is that hogs
do not root out the roots of the young
trees. If there are white grubs in the
ground close to the roots the hogs may
root there to obtain them and by tear
ing out the roots they would of course
do considerable damage.
The last point is the possible dam
age to the lower branches or low-hanging
fruit, but if sucft injury is observed
at the beginning it is easy to prevent
it from going further by removing the
hogs from- the orchard.
In general, it may be said that it is
never safe to let hogs or cattle run In
any kind of orchard young or old, un
less there is plenty of pasture or food
therein. When the food supply runs
low, look out
Arrange Crop Rotation.
In farming lands that are inclined to
wash, the crop rotation should be so
arranged as to keep the land in some
growing crop practically the year
Broken Gate Is Inviting.
A broken gate invites the- stock to.
enter the field.
Farm Cleanliness Program.
Don't let up on your farm cleanlti
ness program.
Have You Rheumatism, Kidney, Liver or
Bladder Trouble ?
Pain or dull ache in the back is often
tvidence of kidney trouble. It is Naturc'i
timely warning to ihow you that the track
f health is not clear.
Danger 8lgnals.
If these danger signal are unheeded
more serious results may be expected;
kidney trouble in its worst form may steal
upon you.
Thousands of people have testified that
the mild and immediate effect of Swamp
Root, the great kidney, liver and bladder
remedy, is soon realized that it stands
the highest for its remarkable curative
effect in the most distressing cases. If
you need a medicine, you should have the
Lame Back.
Lame back is only one of many symp
toms of kidney trouble. Other symp
toms showing that you may need Swamp
Root are, being subject to embarrassing
and frequent bladder troubles day and
SPECIAL NOTE Yon may obtain a cample size bottle of Swamp-Root by enclosing
ten cents to Dr. Kilmer k Co., Binghamton, N. Y. This gives you the opportunity
to prove the remarkable merit of this medicine. They will also send you a book of
valuable information, containing many of the thousands of grateful letters received
from men and women who say thev found Swamp-Root to be just the remedy needed
in kidney, liver and bladder troubles. The value and success of Swamp-Root are so
well known that our readers are advived to send for a sample size bottle. Address Dr.
Kilmer ft Co., Bingnamton, N. Y. When writing be sure and mention this paper.
$3.00 $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 & $5.00 AND? WOMEN
Save Money by Wearing W. L Douglas
shoes. For sale by over 9000 shoe dealers.
The Best Known Shoes in the World.
W. L. Douglas name and the retail price is stamped on the bot
tom of all (hoes at the factory. The value is guaranteed and
the wearer protected against high prices for inferior shoes. The
retail prices are the same everywhere. They cost no more in San
Francisco than they do in New York. They are always worth the
price paid for them.
T1) quality of W. L. Douglas product is guaranteed by more
A than 40 years experience in making fine shoes. The smart
styles ate the leaders in the Fashion Centres of America.
Thev are made in a weil-Muinriivi factntro ar Rmrlrtnn. Mat. .
by the highest paid, skilled anoemakers, under the direction and fit
supervision or ejrperienced men, all working with an honest
determination to make the best shoes for the price that money
can Day.
Ask yonr sho dealer for W. I Donglsta
not sopply yon with the kind you want, take no other
make. Write for Interesting booklet explaining bow to
ret shoe, of the highest standard of quality for the price,
by return mail, postage free.
LOOK FOR W. L. Douglas
name and the retail pries
tamped on the bottom.
Losing Venture.
"Do you know anything about the
milieu of this play?" usked the man
with the horn-rlnuned spectacles.
"If you mean the chap who's backing
this show," answered the amiable low
brow, "I guess he's off somewhere
wishing he could kick himself." Bir
mingham Age-Herald.
Prevent It by Using Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Trial Free.
If your scalp is irritated, itching and
burning and your hair dry and falling
out in handfuls try the following treat
ment: touch spots of dandruff and
Itching with Cuticura Ointment and
follow with hot shampoo of Cuticura
Soap. Absolutely nothing better.
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, DepL It,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
"So Maude is a charming girl, eh?"
"Charming? I should say so. 1
never saw but one man hard-hearted
enough to resist her."
"Who was that?"
"The marble statue in the park."
Florida Times-Union.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOKIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
In Use for Over 30 Years
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Happy Effort
"Truly a felicitous speech! He has
a style er all his own."
"Hum! Just where does the fe
licity come In?"
"The felicity is like his style all his
Constipation generally Indicates disordered
stomach, liver and bowels. Wrlarht's Indian
Vegetable Pills restores regularity without
griping. Adv.
His Ailment.
"I found your son whs suffering from
nostalgia, my dear madam."
'-Mercy tne. doctor! I never dreamed
it was so serious as all that. I thought
the boy was only a little homesick."
The cost of food today is a serious
matter to all of you. To cut down
your food bills and at the same time
improve the health of your family,
serve them Skinner's Macaroni and
Spaghetti two or three times per week.
Children love it and thrive on it. It
is the best possible food for adults.
Write the Skinner Mfg. Co., Omaha,
Nebr for beautiful cook book telling
how to serve It in a hundred ways.
It's free to every mother. Adv.
Bugs Shucks, here we have to
freeze while Mr. Caterpillar has a nice
fur overcoat
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription makes
weak women strong, sick women well, no
alcohol. Kolrl in tablets or liquid. Adv.
Those Wedding Bells.
Abe Did you get the opera score?
Pandora Yeah; they were tied In
tbe Inst minute of tbe play.
One-fifth of Pennsylvania factory
workers are women and girls.
sraw m
night, irritation, sediment, etc.
Lack of control, smarting, nrie acid,
dizziness, indigestion, sleeplessness, nerv
ousness, sometimes the heart acts badly,
rheumatism, bloating, lack of ambition,
may be loss of flesh, sallow complexion.
Prevaleney of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not realize the alarm
ing increase and remarkable prevaleney
of kidney disease. While kidney dis
orders are among the most common
diseases that prevail, they are sometimes
the last recognized by patients, who
very often content themselves with doctor
ing the effects, while the original dittos
may constantly undermine the system.
Regular fifty-cent and one-dollar size
bottles at all drug stores.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and
the address. Binghamton, N. Y., which
you will find on every bottle.
shoes. If ha can
Boys' Shoes
Jhf ft
' vrZrT $3.00 $2.60 1 $2.00
Bast In the World
W. I- Dniiglas Shoe Cn., Brwkton, Man,
lift '-i;;' lauasTmnzswC
r it it v
Or Distemper In tatltons, brood marei, colts and all others 1
most destructive. The germ causing the disease must be re
moved from the body of tH animal. To prevent the trouble
the same must be dune.
Will do both cure the sick and prevent those "expoaed" from
having the disease, 50 cents and $1 a buttle; $5 and $10 th
docen. All druggists, harness houses, or manufacturers,
8POHN MEDICAL CO., Cbcmists, Goshen. lad.. U. 8. A
154-156 W. 27th St., New York
We pay highest price on a good grade.
Write for free price list A, and get posted.
"Have you given up dancing?"
"Yes. High cost of leather. Can't
nfTord to wear my shoes out."
Children Who Are Sickly
When your child cries at ninbt, tosses
restlessly in its sleep, is constipated, fev
erish or has symptoms of worms, you feel
worried. Mothers who value their own
comfort and the welfare of their children,
should never be without a box of
Mother Cray's Sweet
Powders for Children
for use throughout the sea
son. Thar tend to Break
up Colds, relieve Feverish
ness, Constipation, Teeth
ing Disorders, move and
regulate the Bowels and
destroy Worms. These
powders are pleasant to
take and easy for parents
to give. The? cleanse the
stomach, act on the Liver
and give healthful sleep
br regulating tbe child's
Trade Mark.
Don't accept
any substitute.
Used by mother! for 29 year;. Sold hy all
druggists, 25 cts. Sample mailed FREK.
Address, Mother Cray Co.. Le Roy, N. Y.
Be sure you ask for and obtain
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Cure
fail. Purely vegeto
ble act surely
out gently on
the liver.
Stop after
j dinner dis-
tress cure
! improve the complexion, brighten theej'es.
Genuine must bear Signature
Reduces bursal Enlargements,
Thickened, Swollen Tissues,
Curbs, Filled Tendons, Sore
ness from Bruises or Strains;
stops Spavin Lameness, allays pain.
Does not blister, remove the hair ot
lay up the horse. 82.00 a bottle
at druggists or delivered. Book 1 M free.
ABSORBINE, JR., for mankind an
antiseptic liniment for bruises, cuts, wounds,
strains, painful, swollen veins or glands. It
heals and soothes. $1.00 a bottle at drug
gists or postpaid. Will tell you more if you
write. Made in the U. S. A. by
W. F.YOUNG, P. 0. F.. 310 lenjli St., Springfield. Mass.
" t say. Ussjor, vhni food for a mM bfutW wkyt"
"That my. ikmr hoy. Most urthiag lUr (or
aM ttwa whuliv, r ny other ataoboltt atisnaiAaL. tl
W rv bf-A thing poatll for colti r twotsCfcttB) that
M kntma Wnetl our fat art mm! to m
German Syrup
Has for the last 51 years been steadily
used In all parts of the civilized world
for the rapki relief of colds, coughs, bron
chitis, throat and lung- irritation. No
other remedy has such a remarkable
record of widespread distribution. 25c
and 75c sizes at druggists everywhere.

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