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fcsteTffei to the fence with -email eail.
TsoeeareaJea benefited byrbortcoing k
iBr. Ttiree-fourth ol toe mature rt F'
'dueeS apoe email part of the vine; nearest
Hejthe i?JKW.aay ojW'thW or one-fourth efiu
length. jj&fe feeomoaeeded to atop the fur
ther development ot vine After a fair aupply
fruit Waet iy'CpfSa off the Vittea rw
tesH? -.4Th 'WWf houlC not ,be
ISW.t."1-WW-1 uS21lreBor steeple, its present on-as thea
rthfrJd tro;he aw, of 3 ja proces3 of erection, and was Completed
P-alpiccsrul tsult.vat0Ta , ofcr.ac-j u Jbe ,, of lhirt ,ear. "There were thir
ancjmadej iJel u,, pjus-ou for each Bute fired from
eii4SJfoJee tula 4t root---rerW ijtterry. A company composed of lor
mHAfr&ti(fSlfo mjd&i. i x-' . 4 ty or fifty of the old veterans, paraded the
Ajl-MiATjiiCiTtoi or tm fJetu Scott
ItodSA-i-Tbe ipreme torl,.f Virginia, la
tw ease t-ade4 ly it, haa declared
1hatilte-trhrti-.Mre tilths slaves the shoice
to coetiWee lavea v not to be emancipated,,
efly MMBlt and- void r,. The daeis
oaffeK -.aaad upon tie nw dogma pf the
t3i4 acot'.ase, that slaves have legi
kigiliot citing. I m both case the Wilis bad
; bevat declared vatitt by Xhe inlerior couru but
tboir dccisioiM were reversed by the supreme
40H The S bry of nearly 1 50 negroes
Ls aifected ey tkeac decisions, and probably
of4taa asm A af others,: emaocipaled under
vMtfttfitiaM It ts one of the darkest
'fee Kites f ainvery. tbal tbe tleatbbed repenr
'laflCS cf ae many slaveholders is defeated o!
' itobe ilei avaricious beirs, who a ad
towtts toeady to eo-operate b tbe.
- ' -SwfSlS 'rt.it .i .- .i u r i .';' -' V-
Tueada tst tottr e w boy
kscended tbsbathe(THaa-to col
lielrJP-M'acarstfng-oa wieage, 4Viiw
- wftbM-fewS'ltrcliv -wT'theopi pi aa
wblcU tb cage rest when it reaches the top
- 'mitd palled dwr-o-aooti, -and the ar w
Itl nil i 'level with the; -plalforuv autticieotlf
Wpermitif W be-'twled off the cae,- il
tbi 'pMitioifr wo-of-the -wheel ot the car
were rolled ott tire cag, mut was -wuiw
hubosstble to ste A-whe wheel eff. A
figntf waa Hied given to tli etH'iueer, wboj
eould hot aee poSfo?-i -i'caae,
hoist kk Bttle?2--Ucfrttately h was ho:
J too' higli? ear tile,was4ree4 ewtkehr
'th CageVand''-th fnrfHwC wub
tei i!reM ot precioua lives, consisting vt
foumea and two1 boy, -were dashed down j
lb abalt, a perpendicular depth of wo to-.4
dred and fortfeeT. Tbe remain ol the h
' ortonatt men and boys were, alter the oc
currence, removed lo the turlsee in a shock;
aagly aautifated condition.- Two of the men
billed,' named Sul-va ad Kcnwicb, leave
ifatwHea". - Tbe olhur two, joae was named
tBrennsn, were unmarried. PoiUviHe(P,)
JaUtmfest sss &' i'.,'i' i-inAs jf-:,
?it, sA -'' -r '-
Tea iitiff Rafflor l858 The arooont
of rain thai has TaHever larjje.portion f
the United States in -six weeks, running from
. Ih 3st -tit May'VWthe vMatliwf June, ha
acafcely "paratlel.-The- Pittsburg Journal
ha given-tilts itnbjsct Cousiderable al teat ion
and aav'' that the average of obsertations
wilt git about ten iucUea in May, and five
rinchesto the IJih ol June, otr S teei inches
ia ferfweted-iyis Tse rains do riot ap
spear to bv been: local; but extend east and
west at least ono -tbouBsnd a.ilee, and nevth
and south one-half that distance. - ft' o wait
der tha newspiper are. full ot Bceonts. ol
rains, Boods, and disasters. Fully ofte-i bird
of the average of the rains of this year have
-bees crowded into six weeksr Tbe Missis.
'Sippi tod its tributaries might well, appear
tof'ltoraaten vouno- Noncbian de-hnre. ; No
-aucl) rains have heen. experienced since tbe
. vt-so t' May, 1855, and -then they
"werettot condensed into so small a space ul
time. - It ia said that some rain. gage sbow-s
ed -foor--and a ba-tf inches ol rain utt the
8 Uh and I2tb of June aloaet ' Wbal t
cae of these tremendous raius hava been
w" aro able to airi- "Ther bp hardly .
-doibt but tiist we will either bave an equiv
alent amount of dry weather,, or else some,
iher district of the globe m parched for Want
wf wattr.-'.Th. rwnarkable fact that the an
Wat fall of rain is ao nearly equally balanced
eta at defiance all-, our -- notions of wet and
dry aessoRS, though portion of the yrar aru
Ktremely wetsr dry; .t-f- j-i--t--v.-. i -.-
Coisitrollee or the Treasurt Judge
Thrall has filed his bond of $50,000 as
Comptroller of the Treasury, and entered
pon tha duties of the office. His assistants
. ar Mutthew Gooding1 and Gsorje C Beo-
bam, gentlemen well qualified for their posts. 1
The office of Comptroller was created by
tha legislature of last session, and the du
ties ofthe bffifie are defined ;nthree several
laws then passed. They are as follows, ac
cording to the Columbus Gazelle t V
The. "act ltd ' establish the independent
treasury of the Stste-f Ohio, wbich' pre
cribes die manner in which money shall
be paid io and drawn out from the Stnte
treasury, a detailed account of which is kept
by the Comptroller; the "act to pikivide for
the semiannual collectian of taxes,"; which
squires of the' Comptroller to settle' with
county treasBrersahd-'certiry to - tbe" treas
: iirer of State the exiefaraoimt of each spe
cific fuaddue to the treasury and the act
to further provide for the better regu laiion -f
the receipt, disbursement and safe keep
ing of the public revenue," which' requires
a account of U- approp-rratlons-" and pay
aaents, and examination of all claims lor
payments, and a great variety of other duties.
Besides these duties the last named act Irans
fers from the auditor's office to thir of the'
Comptroller, the charge of t ho banking de-partraj&irtvTind-
requires periodical examina
tions, comparisons and Settlements with the
Auditor and treasure! ol Slate. From this it
will be seen than not only important but ac
tive duties ire devolved -upon the - new" de
parlmenl which require care, industry and
if - ? t - ' '
Bseslir's Disciosctses It Ts said- that
Mr". Breslin is about to" publish a eleur ' and
candid statement of his ooerations from min
ute books io bis possession; showing names,
: locality, date and amount of the transactions
- with each; the character and amount of the'
ureilies, the pledges of honor upon which he
relied, the frequent renewal of those-' assur-
ances and consequent disappoint men ts, &c,
doring the time that be was Treasurer ol
State. We do not believe thai Mr.. Breslin
is a thoroughly bad man, and hope he will
make the disclosure "contemplated. IT Mr.
Bleslin has been made the scape' goat for
the sins of others, as many believe, such a
revelation is necessary. Let us have "ihe
contemplated statement. State Journal. "
The Boston correspondent "of , the New
' York Evening post says:, ' ''.,... . T
i'A private letter received in this cily from
one of the. most distinguished physicians in
France eaye that upon consult uion by the
leading doctors in that empire relative to Xhe
. case ol Senator Sumner, who is now in Par
is, it baa been decided to perform an opera
tion upon the back, lor tbe purpose of pro
ducing a counter-irritation. Tbe operation
I that of cauterizalioD -the burning ot the
flask and muscle to the spinal column.
While this operation is very severe usually
it is -said that it -can be performed by the
id afHher without producing the slightest
aam. ft ia believed that the operation will
prove f the greatest advantage to tha pa
lieiit. - - k f-n '."t-tr--.::.! - a -.
i . ' : . r-r r tas ..--.-'..-Mr
Patrick P. Hull, formerly;? of. Rieh
Istti county, Ohio, died at Marysville, Cali
luioia,iB the 21slf May. . Mr. Hull was
aa of tbe proprietor of the San Francisco
Cswaaereial Advertiser . to 1853, and theu
became aooe what noted by marrying the
dotomaiM L.ola,Montex. - lie waa subsequent
ry .divotcad. - ;-:;t -s .
ffaory A- IVise. Jr.. son of Governor
Wise, a,ys Ilia Virginia Herald, waa ordain
ed a ,niniater at k Protestant Episcopal
',Theologieal.SenUiary( sear Alexandria, on
.riday, ejie 3d tost.
Fcum Of Krw Turk Bone Journal.
Feartk of Jalir, IT4-
I arrived in New York, for ihe first Uiee,
on the sixteenth of Jane, in the year 1794-
I hd ao acquaintances io the city then, so
I resolved to spend the anniversary in a way
V please myself. AlsunrUethe bells reng
oarl a merry peal from the eteep'e ol the
old Triuity, Middle Dutch, and St. George's
"Churches. St. Paul had then neither eel!
streets iih muskets, and Sired a salute at
12 31. They wore old cocked hats and tat
tered uuiiorm in which they Jiad fought by
the aide of Washington. There was 'now
auj then one with only;' a eingle arm. In
1802 f a number of these aged and noble
Soldiers' ol the ' Revolution were removed
from ili Cwtout H8e and other offices,
and tbeifc places filled by beardless and
bloodless. mtrM! At two P. twelve
or iourteai-o Bit pushed tl' in a boat from
fthe loot w the W Fiy .Market: A passen
ger tuuh the helievwhile tw bostmeu coui-
ineeoed W rowtMoVt-r the fiver to Brooklyn.
A Mrvax twe ftMiuiojr. in,- which carried
w irait bark aa b'gh as the? W allabout be-
ivt wa wde the L. tug island shore. Being
now kt- slack water we reached Brooklyn in
tea ntinutesv having made th parage in one
hour and a quarter thing which otten oc-
turred. iu -Xbjfej-$ T.ti,,we the farst
time 4 ever was on JUog island, i stood . a
lew Moravnu wt.llta wuafl Jtukiug in all
directtwosrauow. 4e, jind tdo .Hotillunk
I could bvuuuMai thirty hue- I walk
ed fofwurd in kbe mutate ol llWiStrVet, ua
til i cme u the old Dutch Church., about a
HaU uiila IroJu the terry A tbunoef sHowdt
cujuiug up, J sought .lielttr m a cuVag-e b;
lho.wayaKlt;.3 A Ui'4i oegreca simJ lw& or
tlirec biif- breeds . were -in poaaUjo ol
the but. A be cuuld, speak noilbe)!ivoteii
uorvl Dulcb W ay-e-tcn(, out- word were
'lew itoii iiw uelwe-n." 1 he gttniu passed
ovw ia a bU hoor jBiid.I toofc.to the street
again..., tier iawlor lae first tuu.a held
ol lndiau corn. It .-. eiiji : lieet high,
full ol leaf and iasset, .and tbe rain-drops
sparkled ovet l , Jiket dwuwmls, ouder Ue
glaMg cayssat tbe Meitioy smu.. I utouiii-
i-ed upon tlte raibtxatf Hbs luce to see this
beattttful sijrhl--it;j:bjubed.lik; a .field that
Ihe iefd-, Iwd blessed It, was 0 iol tide
wheii ws returned so we crossed. J n twenty
luinotes.- I tbink it. was iu 1311 tbal ri
ou coutmeused rituuitig bis steamboat from
Sew York to IVrooklyn, ? JoW- the passage
is.. iiiatle , nb ait uulfnuled quiniuy ol
freight and passengers,, iu from 6ve to ten
tniuiHes. . i ultoji ied. iu needy c rcomsiau
ctu..;. From tbe lerry stairs! walked ep the
market on the fcurutr of. Waler slreet. and,
heariuga sboul coibing from uie eouttt, I
tolloweu tbe auenW ,1V prseeeded froov a
-multitude; assembled in irout of the old iix-
ehnge JUufiVeiiou, on the corner of
VVU andt;iiValr4rlfeKU. t The ofttiiy i
llie Ciuciniiali were drinking, tossia, and at
every toast a salute was. tired -trout a
pouuder in the street, and all the people
stiooted wilh joy . . 1 think it was io 17118,
wben General (afterwards Governor Lewis
dwell iu Libeny-!ree, opposite the Middle
Putcb hurcb. ,. Biifc-trj n bous? was ;ar by
so we were on sufulitim. . Ou the Fourth
of. July .in that yejr, the Cincinnati bociely
dineti u Waahnigi.w H-ill, wdith then stood
on tho pot-wbereSit;wrt's nable store
now staudb. -ibvovlive V. Jia leuer.was
lelt at the Ucueral's house, which the fami
ly thought, required an immediate answer.
ft bting ludepetiiu uqn .day, tbe aerVanta
had. a' (faun vuff dun so his daughter
staled the case .Iu.mk-, autl I carried the let
ter, aiyselt ubia being glad of me oppor-
tuniyr seeing. so tnauy, of Washington-
oncers asenb.k-d tpgeiher.. .- An orderly
sergeant stood by iii: iwm door iu tle pas
sage, dretaeJ iu fiiKjUubtineulal nnilorm.
The GetJjral anwrvd the call, met me in
die passage, opened the letter,! glanced al
fate siguature, placed it in bis pocket, and in
vited uie to the hotnr of entering the room.
I shook Lauds with a dozen of those hoary
headed veterans, drank to die, health -ot
WaEhirigtoh made my best bow, and re
tired. 1 think there were about one hun
dred and fifty setting around the tables.
Among Ihem" were Generals Hamilton,
Giles, Gates, Lewis,' Ktevens, Van Court
tandt, SchOy ler, etc. "In the room were al
so, Colonels Varit-k, Daer, Turnbull, Mc
Coiub," Majors Fairly,' Limb, and ' others
whuui'j did not know. All of that compa
ny never met together again. iwo weeks
alter that date, the yellow lever came in Up
on the city like a flood, and thinned their
ranks most woefully T It has been many
years since the last of ibem died, aud we
will never look upon their like again.
Yours truly, " ' Ghaut Tuorbckh.
la Lexlustan- Diabolical Marder-Mur
Scrcr tluns hy Ibe Ml.
- V CorrelHaulc vi Uf JjmjriHe tMUCTt.
-. - LtxiSexo, July 10, J858...
Messrs. Eoitoks: An event has hap.
pened iu our usually quiet citywhich, I feel
assured, w4tf berof inierest "to ysnr readers.
The laws have been "again "grossly violated.
and again. arr: avenging mob have wrought a
swift retribution bn the murderer. BJr- Jo
seph Beard, theCKy Marshal, a-gentleman
esteemed,' aud deservedly-" so,' by all parties,
was in-the -market this" morntug in the dis
charge of" his duties, when a man of the
name of -Win.-' B.irfeer, a notorious tuffiin,
bul!y,Snd thief, torced-Mr." John SJcChes
tvey into tt difficulty.' Mr.- Beard interiered
tid Told Barker thai be niust goto the watch
'hutle.,'ir Barker- walked off some- "twenty
paces with him, then drawing a small bowie
kinifeJ stabbed. hiro fn1heide, ilirowitig bin
off the HtWrb. As; fce struggled lo rise bis
murderer took his" hand and assisted hint
partly to Ins feet, and then struck him again
in tbe side with the ktirle; fuming it around
in-the wound until it nude a gash into which
a man's fist riight be ifnust. Barker was-
immediately arreated and conveyed lo-jafl. -
In the raorse of half au hour tbe city was in
a.-ferineftt.'-'" .i.-ii, '''--'.-:-i..;
At about aeven o'cl jck, two hours and a
half alter the murder, the court-house belly
and art the bells in the eityf rang, Tbia
eeemtd to be- the signal, kin n incredible
short space o.' time the court house and yard
were filled whir people. A motion was made
and seconded to bang tbt- murderer immediately.-
The i-enpoust: was a rush to the jail.
Tbe jailor, Mr. Blinrue, was seized, and the
keys forced from- him and-- Earlier taken to
the court-house. Here au eifort was made
by Blr-Jas, O. HurrUon, Judge Tbumas,
and Mr. Roger ILiusou, to induce the inpb
to, wait and let tbe prisoner be tried ami bung
by llit action of the law,- but their voices
were drowned in tbe. shouts uf ''Hang him!
hang him:" A beam was tlirovvn out ol the
second story window, and a - rope being
placed around their victim's Beck, he was
asked if be did not wish to pray. IJe replied
with an oath, asking what be was to pray
for, uttering threats at the time, as to what
he would do with the questioner if released.
The rope being attached lo the beam outside,
be was tovsvd troro the window, falling some
six feel. t'The rope breaking, be fell upon
the pavement, fracturing bi-i skull.
. He was egain-takva up on B ladder apd
thrown "over. Tbis lime the rope held and
lie was left swinging for two hours in- the
broad bright light ol a July Bun, in full view
of the must populous street, crowded, with
men women and. children, it was the in
tention of the rioters to leave him until six
o'clock, P. M but he was cut down at the
end af the tiaie I have mentioned aud car,
ricd away. .;Vv,w
The crowd generally dispersed as soon as
the hanging waa finished. Io an hour eve
rything was as quiet as usual; ae quiet as if
two gross violations of tbevlaw of God apd
man had not occurred within a tew hours.
Very many of those who ere considered
Mir beat citizens are said to have been en
gage in this. It waa quietly and quickly
tteSei Immediately a nnaiber of citizens en
gaged fh getting tip a Nibseription for the
beaefltef the widow and children of Mr.
fieartj IfiStShly fartlSf the" proceeding thai
one can cordially and-heartily, approve. I
forbear id toftnieht UjSoU these tircuiasUn
ces and iedeed it is tranetessary. '
- ;. Respectfully tours, X.
Prabafeli iBdlaa War la tVaahlastoa an
I Special dispatch to tbe K. T. Tribune J
WiSHisetoii, July 7, 1858.
The news from "Utah is by no means satis
factory; Although official dispatches make
no mention ol any disagreement between
Governor Cummin aud ihe army officers,
the lact is notorious, aiidfjrms the staple of
most of the private eorrej-pondence from
Camp Scot. Gov. Comming was not satis
fied with the course indicated by the Peace
Commissioners, nor altogether with ihe pol
icy of sending them at all. He thought the
President's proclamation should have been
sent to him direct. -'' l-
Tbe Peace Commissioners hsve bo auth
ority lo supersede Cuauming's power as Gov
ernor, or to control the movements of the
army. They were appointed witb the ex
pectation of-tiuding Ihe Mormons in rebellion
aud taking their submission on certain con
ditions, and with no belief that Gov; Cum
niing would be established at Salt Like in
the administering ol civil functions. Hence,
tu such extent, so inuoli of their task is al
ready tultilled. Ho v far they may deem it
uecessary to proceed beyond this point has
y et to-be developed;-'-- ' " ; .
Geo. Johnston's command, numbering in
oil about 3,000 men, was t have started on
tbe'liflli of June foT the military reservation
beyond" Salf 'Lake. Ne new orders have
been issaed, and bis inarcb is now directed to
the deetToacioB marked out before the trains
were burnt and aaimals stampeded tact fall.
So "be is only obeying bis original nstrc-lions.-
' " " ''' ' ; : 4
Private letters to officials here state tint
there is irery probability of a serious Indian
war in Oregoii and VashinIJton,, and ibe Ad
minisiraiioir is much exercised al the pros
pect which presents itself. '
. 1---- r M.jms
By the oimnissiou erf words,- two or three
thviiglite in the last articlo wera rather ob
scurer Want. of time is the apology.
fi tin essay on clasi&ed schools, Mr.
White, of Portsmouth cowteirded that iu
uott places tbe ratio between adVamsefl and
primary scholars is not well miderstetod.
Tom much room is assigned la the former
land to' little to ihe latter j hence they are
crowded HiHr advaiced classes before" ibey
are prepared., -- Boards-, of Educaliafn have
not yet learned to adapt the sofaoris to the
different eeasows -of - tl- yev. Al certain
tiwfes the primsry wdibs receive great a
cessioos, they are ) filled tfeat the fceallli is
injured ai?d pnly hall instruction received--
These afe Selects which- experience aud
judgement ooglrt lo correct
In discossiug the relatiorfs whicb Hih
Schools abstain lo Academies and Colleges,
he depreciated ile eSorl, tcj, Iretiuen-tl
made, to make all College, when they cad
be no Iring but High Schoolsj eaeh should do
ils appropriate work
Aftebnooh Ses.-ioh. Bir. Coggesflaf? had
previously presented, and asked tbe opinion
of tlVe Association ou" Senator CantieW's
Bill, the passage of which Would provide for
tbe AppoiutiBeiit cf CotMity C jminissionere
to co-jperate with the State Co.nmissionar.
The eoiuiuittee Reported that al preserfl tlrey
could "uot approve of tbe ' bill;' J.be Associa
tion! agreed, and' appointed a committee to
confer With Senator Canfield and, the Legis
lative ConfcnitteeV .The propriety of haviirg'
only annual sessions Was discussed,' many
were ill TaVor of Seirtt atlnUal, but die ninj.jr
hy voted fof tbtresolutioa.
Tlie eotnittee appointei tsr inquire into
the history of ihe State l?nivefitU and the
propriety of connecting a Normal School with
each, if their charters will allow, repwrteit
that from the'invligations thus far no con
conclusions could be drawn. Tuey were in
structed to proceed and "report at iiext ses
sion. . . . . . .
Mr. Ogden presented the Journal pf EJu
cajiou and urged teachers to take it ana
make au effort to iucrease its circulation.
Manv counties take verv few copies. The
citizens and the otficers of the University
for their kindness aud hospitality received a
hearty vole of thanks, the Railroads wbich
bad reduced the fare received the sime.
- Previous to this there was a general call
for Drl . Thomson., tie bow came forward
and made an admirable closing speech. lie
bad enjoyed the Association much; he was
glad tu meet his fellow teachers from various
parts of the State. ,Tb.ey wpre wejaomo to
the balls of the University, to iw caul, re
freshing, health giving Spring. Tbe citi.
Zens are ge(jefous ajjtf fiosplvar; fendoabtediy"
ibe ladies were welcome to their homes.
He bpped the stay of all bad. been pleasant
and profitable. He alluded to our want of
public buildings and especially pur Sch'iul
Houses, and trusted that the ineetiHg would
haye something to d" ia increasing acprrect
public senliment; apd that if they would fa
vor us with a visit few years Ijetice.we my
then be able to poiut to oir School Houses
willioul,4)lsliing.:. The JJoxoIogy was sung,
aud tbe , Benediction . proijonnced by. Jr.
Thomson, aqd the Association adjourned lu
meet at Jjayton in July, J859,
The teachers .orefBiil. rnade a good up?
pearagce; nearly all were thoughtful, intelli
gent men and women. ; Still a very few gaye
evidences by the eolor around their mouths,
dial ibey ussed tobacco. Persons so unfortu
nate should ((ever seek a prominent place
and speak amoijg so many ladies and gentle
uu'U. Iu maisy instances the reading aqd
speaking were not such as ought be ex
pected from teacherF, Allowance ought to be
made fur the fact that many' were in a larger
room than usual, but teachers ought to speak
distinctly evreywhere. . respectfully sug
gest, that good ; readiiij a d eppafcing are
worthy and ought to receive the special at
ten! ion of the Association. Teachers may
be excused lor. repeating, tley must often do
this in order that pupils may remember, if
Miy beooiue habit, but they should never
speak without having something to say.
Every sentence should clearly express a
thouglil. .Their discussions should be brief,
clear and pointed. In some of these things
a few ol Ihe members might improve.
. . WM- SMITH'.
Mrs. Weed, the. esteemed wile of Tbur
low Weed, of die Albany Evening Journal,
died in that city on Saturday.
A letter from Gibson county, Ind., says
that not only are the hogs dying from chol
era, but it has made its appearance among
horses and cattle, among which it is very
fatal. Y
Chicago, July 12. Mr. Lincoln addressed-
a large concourse of people on Saturday
night,, in reply to Senator Douglas's speech
of tbe night before. The number in alien-
dance is estimated at about five thousand.
There was considerable enthusiasm mani
fested. - . ... . .. . - .
1 A rich widow,' who moved in the first cir
cles of Chicago, was on Tuesday caught ju
the act of stealing at a dry : goods store.
She confessed her former pilleringa, and
compromised the matter by paying $300.
On Tuesday laat Mr. James McAdams,
residing near Cadiz, Ohio, hitched up bis
horses to take a load of wood to town.
Leaving his horses standing he went into his
barn. While be was gone into the barn bis
borses started.. . He started after them, aud
while trying to stop them, struck hia bead
against something, which killed him insunt-ry.
Deware, Jtay48r 1858.
'This body, which assembled at Columbus
Tuesday last, pursuant to a call ot the State
Central Committee, was largely attended
every section being well represented by
wide-awake earnest and active Republicans,
embracing many of tbe most distinguished
members of the parly in the Slate. Tbe
proceedings were entirely ' harmonious, and
a degree ot ardent enthusiasm and devoted
net, s to the cause prevaded the entire as
semblage, both delegates and spectators,
which afforded satisfactory assurance of a
successful issue of tbe campaign of '53. -The
Couveulioo was temporarily organ
ized by calling Gen. J; M. Ashley-, : of
L-icas, to the Chair, and appointing Messrs.
Benedict, Ilullister and Granger, Secretaries.
On taking die chair Gen. Ashley addressed
the Convention as follows: V;
. Gentlemen of the Convention for thi cthn
pliuieut, i pray you lo accept my sincere
tbanks. 1 r.'-'-
The "occasion wbich brings us together to-
ly one of great importance to as as a
Stale aud people. It is the anniversary o.
a day that should ever be held" iBeesnem
brance by tHe Nation, but more especially
by Ihe people of Ohio a day that aesared
the priceless boon of freedom to all ber chil
dren, and to all who should thereafter inherit
any portion ot the almost uninhabited Ter
ritories of what is" to-day tbe great - marth
western Empire of free States. We come
together to-day not only to commemorate
this glorious anniversary, but we come to re
new to each other our vows of devotion to
freedom and the principles of a true Democracy.-
We eome to do all we ear, as indi
viduals and as a party, to keep alive and ever
active tbe great principles ol the Ordinance
ot 1787, and to reinaugurate the policy o'f
simplicity and strict economy that character
ized alike the Slate and National governments
during the" AdininUtratious of Washington
and Jefferson.
Genilcmerfj'weTrre here to-day represen
ting nearly 200,000 freemen a brave, uni
ted and well disiphned army of electors, who
believe thai Hberty is the birthright of the
hmrrair race, and that ma if as Brant, no matter
what h.s nativity, eagle or religions belief,
has right which majorities afe boSnd to" re
speet; This is the army which achieved our
great victory in Ia55, aud planted the banner
freedom ii trhnnph ifpoTf tire" dcffe Of atfr
Slate Capital, arrd have Sept it there from
that "day to' this, oird wil! continue lo freep it
thn're1, rf weare bin. trft'e to- prirfciyJre.-
1a;1 rr3 then preserve tMf high stand as a
p!riy,"ctiliivatingirarnrony, inviting eo-p-eratin,
in.:iking no compromises with any
iBscrihing' upon oar banner that trtrc Repub-Irea-rt
rWotttf " Liberty and Union "-everything
lor principles, froihiiig for men, unless
Shey are ihfe represew latives of those prifrc?
plea." r -' '-' '
If we Jo- thro, otfr a'ClioW io-tiitf- will1 m'e'ef
b intkrrsi meht at "the hands of our eousti
teerfis al the' ballot box in October next, arid
we will receive on our return to onrseverj!
homes, the commendation of "'wettdctfe good
and fa'riWrrl servant' ' - .
1 am Art fead.-geatrffffreA, to enWrtalSany'
proper motion you be may pleased to make
and wilhout liM-tber delay proceed wilb you
lor the performance .he N?lieT!T wheh
we are convened. . .
"Cotwm'iftees of Jl.cosieK tf tlte ffoin
each Ceitgiressional district, were -afffe4
oti Credentials Permanent -OYganiMtionr,-Rules
and Order of Business liesolfitlonsj'
and to select a State Central Committee.
These -committee retired iiHnyedJately after
appointfje!tt( anl tbe Convention .waa err
tertaiifed tifr the hour ot" recess fey able aud
eloquent speeches from Hon. Joiii ' A.
Bikgham, of Harrison, and Hon. Caleb B.
Smitu", of Hamilton both of whom were
listened to with marked attention, and their
remarks' elicited frequent and rapturous
outbursts of applausfi.
Tbe Convention re-assembled at 2 o'-
clock p. in. when the following reports from
the several committees were made:
.. ' President.
Sunuel Craighead, of Mon'gomery.
- Vice Presidents.
lsiDist. F. Hassurek of Hamilton.
Francir Jobson Au. "
Thomas Brown, Montgomery
.Phillip, llerzing, Auglaize.
James Murray, WoimI.
D- Hv Stevens, Clermont,
j. Hay worth. Clinton,
Jloduey Mason, Clark.
S. 8-. Harris, Crawford,
M-Bartletl, Rosg.
y. E. Shaw, Fairgejd, "
Hon. Jj. Humphery, Licking,
Pjvid Anderson, Bjichland.
iVm, VV. Orr, Wayqe, '
S iuiuej Fostjc, Tuscarawas.
Jarloii Cbapin, Washington.
Jjaac Jlorion", Guernsey .
Win. Halcher, Stark.
W- 8- Caslje, Cuya)oga,
IJ. W. Taylor, Mabonnjg.
Cyrus Weiidenhall, Jefferson..
- .' Secretaries . .
G.'A. Benedict, Cnyahoga.
Moses A. Granger Muokinguru,
Geo. P.. Holi'Sler, Hapilton. . -
John S- Jlerrick, I'ortago.
Isaac M.' JCeeler, Sandusky.
Sampel M. Mathews, Shelby. - - v.
. Qrder of Business,
Unsolved. That .the Convcrttiou shall
proceed lo make nominations in'tbe follow
ing order; .
I Supreme Judge. '
9 Attorney Genera).
, ! 3 Comptroller. ; .
4 .Member ol Board ofguhlicVVorks.
: : M11UEE of voTiaq.i. -" A
Resolved, That the delegates present from
apy coiwiy beautborized lo cast the full vote
tu which said county is entitled, and that thp
vole be called by counties in alphabetical or
der, and the. vote announced viva voce, and
that a -majority f si voles cast, be necessa
ry to constitute a nomination
- Resolved, That the Convanlion be goyerp
ed by the ordinary . parliamenUiry rules gov
erning such bodies.. . ' , K .. .
Resolved, That aJJ rpsolytions offered to
ihe Convention, be referred to the Commitr
tee on resolutions without debate. ,
Tbe committee on resolutions, through
ibeir Chairman, Hon. p. F. Wade, presen
ted Ihe folloW'ing which were unan imously
adopted, the Convention giving a tremens
dous ay e :
1. Resolved, That ' the Republicans of
Ohio, in Convention assembled, entertain
ing an abiding ppnfidence in the cardinal
doctrines of the partyheretofore inscribed
upon its banner, and t'u the defense of wbich
it haB never failed to secure from the irttslli-.
gent and patriotic freeman ot the State an
ardent and triumphant support, hereby re
affirm the same, and again commend them
to the favorable consideration or the people.
2. Resolved, Thar the President of the
United States, and his servile partisans in
Congress, aided by their emissaries in Kansas j
IP their persistent efforts to enforce by vio
lence, fraud, bribery and intimidation upon
the people of that territory a Cgnsti tution
2d "
3d. "
.. 4'h , "
5di "
6th "
7th "
Bill ' '
J3ih .
Hth '?
15 th U
I7th . "
lih.. '
21st '
in opposition to their will, and in fraud of
their rights, deserve and ought to receive the
unqualified condemnation of all the American
Jt. Resolved, That the hBtobbHlrig disclo
suffes cf the fyinoCT and corrupt prodTgalily
61 the National Administration, whlchj in
Ihe brief period of eighteeti; months of pto
fobnd peace, ties exhausted aa overfiowibg
beashryj and atHed to tbe public tfSbt forty
millions bf dollars, without any visible indi
cations of ft proposed remedy, or a cessation
of the evil, submits to the people to choose
between the alter native of National Bank
ruptcy or Nadonal Reform. - .
4.. llei&ftfedy That we invite ail nten of
ail parties, to join witb us in restoring the
G overmen t to its original purity and princi
ples, and preserving it as an inheritance for
loose who may come after us. . ,
The Convention then proceeded to ballot
for a candidate' for Judge of the Supreme
Court, with the following ' result r W. V.
Peck, of Scioto, received 104 votes ; John
Welch, of Athens, 17; J. L. Green, of Ross,
20; O. T. Fallback, of C'lefmont, &$; 0:
B. Goildard, of Muskingum, 70; C. K. Wat
son, ol Seneca, 16; R. M. Corwine,of Ham
ilton, 38; J. Y. Caldftelli of Hamilton, 3;
Wm. Lawrence oflogan17. There being
Co choice another ballot was bad,- when Wi
V. Pec having received: 16 1 totes, a major,
all cast, was declared the nominee.
W. B. TufcALi. was elected Comptrtf Her on
the first ballot tbe tote statJdibg Thrall 251;
Claypool 48, Hamilton 23i. - -
V- P. Waxcot. the pfeSeht able ahd
efficient iocarnbent, was nominated for At
torney Ciefieral by acclamation.
. The nomination of Member of tbe Board
of Public Works cattle next ia- orders A
number of gentlemen were proposed but
the balloting ' proclaimed JoSH L. MAti, of
Butler, the choice ot ibe majority and con
sequently the nominee.
Tbe committee appointed to select a State
Cetrtfal Corrfmfttee made a report, which
was adopted.- The committee consists of
eeten members resident - at Columbus
Messrs.- W- D'en Bison, L. Buules, W. T.
Bascom, R. N. Barr, H. Swayne, J. H.
Coulter,' and Geo. M." ParsoiiB two (or the
State at large Hon. J. R. Giddfngs and
Hon. C B. Smith and one for each Con
gressional district, Hon. J. ft. HubbeH being
the mem-ber for orr district. - '
tn itie etehing a large and spirited ratifi
cation : meeting was held; wbich was ad
dressed by Hon. B. F.-. WaIe and lion. B'.
StAKfoH. We reft . the cily before these
gentlemen s poke,-and consequently had Aot
iite peBSW9". of hear ift them btrt tb'eif
wefl-eafrft.'d rep'itatio'i in that liiie is a
sufficient assurance that the audience were
both interested and instructed.
The ticket is an excellent orre W 11 he
parts, and that A Will be triumphantly elcct
eJ in October next may beregatded as a fix
ed fact if the Republican voters of the State
' come bp to the Worfc with a proper spirit and
give' .the-erecifcnr ih"at ffttemioif which
ils impoftarrce merits and demands'.
ye are Onder obligations to RW. W. (!.
FitEircir, Secretary, for a copy of the Jour
hat of the Annual ConVentiuntion of the
Protestant Episcopal Church in Oliio,- hehl
at Newark, Juue 9 5. We gaftrer" :.-o(W
K the fokwrrrg item's' of ge-VeraHnterestr
Tistere afe 90 parishes in : tTniotY wilir
the Crnveutioo; 40 report 633 infaiVt,- ami
)70 adult baptisms'.' :.; .. :
To MMHbef of biraiicants is
SiAiy-twcr 8nday Schools are reported,
witb 6,51 member
Sixty-eight , parisfreS repfoi1! . e'ertrifib-"
lions for. missions aid to other churches,
and minrsterrar edacatioti, $S3?.892,37.'
Ami eighty parishes report for al) objetis
in addition lo the support of .their ori pirbKc
worship, the sora of $66,916,95 of which,
however, nearly $19,000 was from the sin
gle parish of Christ Church, Cincinnati,
CRev. Br. Butler's.) . . .
NEwsPAFoftiAi. C. S. Hjt!iiroif has re
tired from ihe editorial control of the Marys
ville Tribune, having disposed of his inter
est i.6 Mn S. McBkatset, who succeeds
him as editor.
Mr. A. VV. Steveiis, for the last two
years editor of the Newark Nortb American,
bas disposed of his establishment to Mr. S.
C. Arnold, 'ate of the Toledo Blade. -Ourold
friend and namesake, A. Thomsuk
late of the Meigs County Telegraph, has lo
cated in Pacific City, Mills county Iowa, from
which place he issues an interesting paper
entitled Pacific City Herald.
. -
The publisher of the American Agricul
turist has commenced the issue of a GernTr'u
edition of his paper an enterprise which
deserves success, fur we believe there is no
exclusively agricultural journal iu the Ger
man language published in the United Slates,
though a considerable portion of the tamers
of many uf the States can read no other
language, '
Cobgbessioj-al Cob VEfTIOB.A consul
tation among tbe delegates and pther Re
publican? from Ibe spyeral counties oompos
ing this Congressional District, in attend,
a nee st the State ponyenijop, resulted in
agreeing pppn Springfield as the pjape, and
the third Thursday In August as the time,
for the hojding of a Congressioqa Conven
lo nominate a caridjdRje to represent the 8th
district in the ae--:t Congress, ' '
At the cefebration oi tlie 4th ia Cleveland
twenty-three soldiers "of die war of 1.812
were piesept, the age of each of whom is
givrR-3-the youngest being 62, the ojdest 78.
The day was aso celebrated at Ml Ver7
Hon by a conveptjprj of the surviving soldiers
pf that struggle,' nearly4 one hundred being
present. After other appropriate cerehio
Dies the following resolutions were reporf.ef)
apd unanimously adopted : - ,
. Rcsolvid, That ihe Soldiers pf the War gf
18 12 performed services as iiiipqrUflt as
those of apy other war and are quite as meri
torious a class of citizens as any other, and
haye r.8 good a right tj. tP fayqritlle ponsid-
ernlu-jof the government as apy olheri. ip
clqding, also, the widqws ijqd "nl'ior J-ejrs of
deceased soldiers.
Resolved, Ths-t the Jl10Ve tfiat has been made
ill Cop-jress fqr pjacipg the sqldiers of 1812
oq the pejisjon list, (neeta or unqualified ap
prubaijpn, and we feel especially grateful to
the committee w)ip!) iptrorfyped tbe bill for
that purpose.
Resolved, That our Senators and Repreg
entatiyea in Congress are hereby requested
io use their best efforts to pass that, or some
similar bill, and frown upon every attempt to
defeat the same by unnecessary amendments
or otherwise.
There js nothing yet been heard of the
telegraphic fleet, except that a vessel or two
has reported having encountered it on the
passage from Liverpool to New Y oik.
The Presbyterian Church in Mt. V ernon,
valuer at $6,000, and tha beat house of wor
ship in the town, was destroyed by fire Sat
urday ast. The firs originated in the cupalo
which workmen were engaged at the time in
Covering with tin. '
California dales to the 20th ult. have been
received. There was a regular stampede
among the miners; who are leaVihg in large
h habere for the faewly discovered inines in
Fttu:er'sriveri itl the BriUsh possessions;--his
estimatfed that 8,0Sb hate already left
California, ahd others are preparing to fol
low. '.7 ' " ..; -
The report ol the defeat of Col. Steptoe
by the Indians in Oregon is confirmed. His
loss was seven killed and fifteen wounded.
The Indians were also becoming troubles
soane in northern California.
Horrors of the Middle Passage. A
correspondent of tbe New York Journal of
Commerce, writing on bord the Uoited Stales
frigate Powhatan, at St. Helena, Feb. 1st,
gives an interesting - account of a visit to
a slave vessel which bad been captured by
-the British cruisers, and taken to St. Hele
na;. 'The slaver was a brigatuine; built a
uobt four years ago, at New London, Cohn.,
and admirably T-onstructed for speed. She
measured about 820 tons, and ber slave deck
was . only four and a half feet high, yet no
less than six hundred and fifty Africans had
been crowded into this, small vessel. The
utmost compression compatible with life
was resorted to, and, had not a large portion
been mere children, they could not bave beeti
stowed away. The writer says the follow -ia
gmeihod was employed to economise
space: ' see- ..) (. -
'"The Africans were placed in rows, face
to face; lengthwise of tbe deck, and each
one rtfnuiwgobe leg between the legs of the
one siltiftg opposite. Another row was plac
ed back to back against the etefiotfow first
Seated) and thus the whole deck was a solid
raas3 of living human flesh. To keep them
still and powerless," anJ prevent insurrection,
a ring was put on one ancle, to which an
iron bar was attached, which reached up to
the body, and to which ihe manacles were
fastened, which were put on thier wrists.--Thua
situated, row facing row, and legs in
terlaced with legs, a long ircn bar ran oVer
the line of ancles, to which iron'3 were at
tached Which rastefceif (He feet. Thu's near
ly all motion cf the body and exercise bf
the Minis as iiupossibfe, men in' slocks ha'
ing as much liberty as they had, with the ad
vantages of light and air. Even for a day
such a position would be painful and a'nioS:
intolerable and what, flieb, a pssSagS rom
continent to eofttinefc'f,- of er the broad At
lantic, amidst storm-s, and calm's,- and suffo-eutfo.-T,-
sMt fttcftpyiryg often sixty Says and
more ? ' '
"Occasionally, the slaves' are ttfken on
deck in gangs, where'lhey may breathe the
rWe air a short lime, and where they are
washed fcy having buckets of salt water
thrown upon them, their fetters and mana'cles
remarning on them, and the salt wdfter Vash
ifrg the tutes and raw ftesh whyih threir sit
ting position tin the hard planks, tlteir pres"
sing against each other, together with the
galling irons, have made. Both men and
women are either utterly naked, or else have
hardly the eaual of a leaf apron for thferr
protection. The STen'ch and filth are ne
cessarily horrible and indescribable, which a
stable or stye cafr hardly exceed, and seldom
equal. It is not stfange that a frightful mor
tality soon broke out, which ended the woes
of many, and would have done of all, bin
for the Providential capture.-"
Geit'. L'AlE AC'ii'fED'. The ei'arn'inHn
Court in the case of Gen. Liiue for die mur
dar of Col. Jenkins, consisting of three Jus
tices, after a paiieut and full investigation
of twelve days, rendered an unanimous ver
dict of acquittal. The (Jecisroir of the Coart
was to this effect r
In making out a case against itm defefidafrt
it was necessary,' first, to prove that a mur
der had been committed;, and secondly by
Gfcn. Lane. The prosecution h'ad failed to
establish ihe first. They Were unanimously
of the crrnion that no mtfrder hud been' com
mitted; end as the Territory bad failed lo
eabhsh this primary lact, the ouly charge
cowtahredin the affidavit,-the defendantyQerr.
Lane, was accordingly discharged .
This annooncement caused loud aiW gen
eral stamVing ef feet among the crowd and
other deeion-s'raiions of approval,- which
lasted erntil checked by the Court. .
Gen. Lane rose, and Said that he felt it
daejiand be demanded tt as right t$' himself
irnd famrly, Iff be allowei to1 enter i.-no1 re
Ougnizance for his appearance at the U. S.
District Court, in the event of an indictment
by tbe Grand Jury, to answer any charge
connected with the homicide, that might be
preferred against him.. Their Honors were
Free State men, and this fact, however un
justly, would be charged to have influenced
his acquittal. He desired tube tried by a
Pro Slavery Judge,' and a Pro-Slavery Jury;
and he, therefore, hoped the Court would ac
cept his recognizance
The Court declined acceding to his re
quest, owing to a doubt as to their power so
to do alter their decision.
Gen. Lane then retired and was warmly
received by his friends outside.
Wasbeh Cochit The Republicans of
this county iSl in Convention at Lebanon
on Saturday, at whfrh. the Tollwing resolu
tion was adopted:
Resolved, That Wifl.'H. P. Djnn.who
has devoted the best energies ot his life to
die cause, and for the triumph of die prttlc'
pies we advocate; who bas been in the fore
Iront of the battle for a quarter of a century,
8nd long and favorably known as tbe veteran
editor of the District, is worthy of the fullest
confidence of hjs fellow citizens, and eminent
ly deserving to become our standard bearer
iu tbe coming Congressional canvass; and
haying the fullest evidence of his fidelity lo
(he pause, we heartily rep ommend biui to
die people of the Seyen lb Congressional
District as eyery way worthy of their support
-r that in his bands aqd keeping wa feel as
sured our principles wi!) -never suffer-his
ponsljttjefils peyer be betrayed, . "
Late ash Ibteresixni; fr.om Utah
Mopemen of Troops. Further Utah news
lis received by' jbe arrival of the Salt Lake
majl to the J2th uju, al St. Joseph's, M0..7
General Johnston "was to start lor Salt Lake
City, ou the 13th of June, wjth three fhop
saqil men in cotnmp. Col. Huffman and
Capt. Marcy had both arrived at Camp Scotl.
). diversity ol opinion existed at the Camp as
to the course the Jjlorrnons would pursue in
regard to (he troops entering tbe valley.
They have not gone either to Sonora or Jo
tne Russian possessions, but have (l is now
ascertained, with certainty, merejy removed
fheir families to Provo. It is nut knon
whether Brigham Yoqng accompanied thein
or remained iq the cjty.
. Commissioners McCulloch and Powell had
started for the city in company with Goy.
Cuiniqing and Postmaster Morrell. Col.
Hartpett, Secretary of the Territory, left
Caipp Scott on tbe 10th inat., tor Salt Iake
The mail party passed about three hundred
Mormons, with horses and mules, well arm
ed, but lliey would giveno information where
they were going or what they intended doing.
Fifty Mormons bad escaped Irom Ihe Valley,
but were met at Platte Bridge, wending their
way towards the States. ' ,
Twelve companies of cavalry or dragoons
were met near Fort Laramie. The mail party
passed General Harney aud Col. May'a com
mands, encamped on the Pawnee Fors pf
the Little Blue. . large number of troops
were encamped on the Big Blue. Col. Mor
rison and his command were epeamped pn
the Little Blue." '
New Orleans, July 12. Gen. Quitman
is seriously ill at Natchez. There are doubts
of hia recovery. i -s - -'
A Flying Machine. Lord Caliiigford,
who bas fqr a number of years been enga
ged in constructing a flying machine, has
announced the success of tbe undertaking
in a letter to tbe Kilkenny Moderator, in
wbich he says:
"Although I have not taken flight in the
achreden which name I have given to my
aerial chariot I may with confidence and
truth announce to you and the world the
success of its principle" from results I ob
tained by an experiment three days ago.
Having made some little improvement in
the plan, of starting the acbredeni which
consisted in applying a crook to the tcp of
It; and then hooking it to a Cord supported
between two poles, in the manner df a swing
and hating raised it about two feel from the
k'roilrid, and then drawing it back about two
yards and giving it a slight pull forward, it
started off, then elevated itself in the air;
and after going a short distance alighted ih
the most gentle rtaniler. It acted la this
way in consequence of tbe tail not having
feed fastened down. By this experiment it
must be considered that the principle is ful
ly established, as well as the perfect man
ner of starting it. When I bave made a few
more experiments and found out the weight
the present extent Of wihg Will be able tli
bear, and if found sufficient to carry a per
son without being put to ariy geat speed.
wbich I consider most likely to be tbe case;
it shall be taiten to Dubliu, without delay,
and there exhibited for charitable purposes
auJ inflicted to the criticisms of all.
Fxplosioh and Loss of Lii'E On Wednes
day afternoon last, (30th) the store house of
T. H, Vernon &. Co.", at Burgh HiU, in this
county, was partially destroyed by the explo
a'on of gnnpowdef.
It sec 111 S that sorie boys were playing
with powder ih the loft of the store, when
some thirty-five pounds exploded, producing
a shock which was distinctly felt fur some
two miles, and "the report was heard eume
five or six miles further. The roof was
blown off, the gable end tofh ofit, the floor
broken through; add so'lfd beams of timber
and joists torn Into" Splinters. The clerk
Mr. Cook, and a customer Were in the store
at the tune. They were blown down, but
hot injured. One of the boys escaped ffcm?
the boildingiust before the explosion, the o'th
er' two being a son ot Mr. Vernon about 12
years old, and a boy by the name of Adams
sbobt 10 were in the loft when the explo
sion took place and killed. Warren (Trum
bull Co0 Chronicle.-
Terrible Accident tRoM a- BioiNo
Machine. -A young man named Healy,
residing in Falsington, Bucks county. Pa.,
was almost immediately killed a (lay or two
since by a irrowhig iffticliiire,' which he v;is
operating. It appears that something bad
got wrong with the knives, in attempting to
fix which, Mr. Healy sat dovn in front of
them. The machine was in gear at the
time, and something occuring which started
the horses,Alie onforiflttate man wa literally
cut to pieces in' an instant. Both ot b is
legs were cut off above the knees. After
the machine had passed over 'him. he cried
ont twic,-:ricb Called the attention of a
boy working in another part of tbe fel4.
The boy ran for help, but before any had
arrived the -unlortunate mali' was dpad
The machine was one that had been in use
for the last three years. Philadelphia Hul
tetinV "
TpTe Ikx-J President. The following
Jenllemeu bave already been named in con
nection with the nexl Presidency: Howell
Cobb, Senator Bright, Senator Hunter, of
Virginia, Senator Cameron, of Pennfyl-Ta-fiiav
Speaker Orr, John Slidel, Sefl'a"or
iroWfl, of Mississippi, Postmaster General
A. V. Brown, Jacob Thomson, C. S, Dicfr
son, John Letcher, Vice President Breckin
ridge, S. A. Douglas. R. C". ytiA'Oiriy, Si.
J. Walker.Gov. Wise, CrUterrcU?,Ptell', and
Fillmore.-Wm. L. Yancy, Seward, Banirs,
Chase, Senator Trumbtl,-of Illinois, G. A.
Srow, of PennsyKin-'rav Judge McLean,
Mayor Swan, of Baltimore, George CadWal
lader, Huinphery J?aT3lial'r and Siirnticl
X m'iru'erous affeaf 6'ccured in Anderson
county last Friday.- Two young men by
the name of MTIIer, residents of Washington-county,
weut to Lawrencebur'g, and
there came in contact with1 others" by the
name of Lurcyy resT&ms" of Anderson.-
Td'6f rlre ture'ey's" were sfctot uea'uY and
another mortally woAided- cy iiVe fillers.
A third man whose name wo did rib? te&frt;
was alStoshotdead by the Millers. The Mil
lers are not in jtirl nt Lawrenceburg, and
the yiil rs gdarded by a large iHidy of rin.
Intense ercitenveH-t prevails. There was
fear of art attae rrpoW the jnft. JLcnfev'ilre
Courier, 12th. , .
Tbe Maine (Kennebec) Journal gives' t'ft'e
official vote of the people of Maine on the
liquor laws, in the several couutien in the
State. It appears lb at i very county has de
cided in favor of the Prohibitory law of 1858
except Aroostook, here there is a email ma
jority in favor of the License law. The
lootings are for LioeRse, 5,912; for Prohibi
Uon, 28,864.
The Republicans of the St. Lours Con
gressional district nominated Hon- Frank F.
Blair, Jr., for re-election to Congress by ac
r'auiation. Resolutions were passed re-af
firming ibd doctrine ot Thomas Jefferson,
denouueing- tbe ndmiistration, opposing ne
gro cqualify, advocating Che extinction ot
slavery in Missouri, and the remove! cf the
negroes from the State. Three full tickets'
are now in the field American, Djtfjocratic
., j it 1. 1: - 1
. 11 1 J (it .IUJIl.ail.
The Pay ton Gazelle says that no city in
the Union can compete with Dayton in the
manufacture of Linseed Oil. There are
three large manufactories. They consume
200,000 bushels of flax seed, annually. Ma
king 7,500 tuns of oil cake each, and yield
315,000 dollars yearly. The oil is shipped lo
every part of the United States, and the oil.
cake pearly all sept to England.
Slubenville, Ohio, stands upon a coo) bed.
The fjerald, of that plape, say a shall lias
been sunk in Idarket St., and coal reached
at the depth of 230 feet. The vein ja fo or
feet thick, and the coal js of a superior qual
ity for household, rnechnipl, qianufaoluring
and gaa purposes. Acut ,000 bushels are
taised daily, and the ainouut will soon be in
creased to 3,000 bushel. The Herald very
aptly winds pp ils account by hoping that the
coal bed Ifill never take fire; if it should,
Steubenville will have a hot lime of it.
The Utica Herald mentions the death of
Patrick Riley on Monday last. On the 5th
inst., while plowing, his hand came in con
tact with pojsoned uy, and the swelling be.
jng neglected increased for four or live days
before- he consulted a physician. At that
ti (Tip his arms were swolen to an immense
size. Medical aid did him no good, and his
limbs and body continued to swell and mor
tify till death ensued.
. Hon. John M. Berphisel, delegate to Con
greas from Utah, piifhes so appeal to the
public, in relation to me ninrcn ot the army
towards SJalt k City. He declares that
the Morpions profession qf a desire for peace
is honest, and. expresses 9 fear that the miu
atatemenU which be charges upon ihe press
of the country will bave the effect of prejudi
cing the public nijnd against the Sainta.
If e adds a threat that was will yet ensue il
the army persist in the pursuit of the Mor
mons. , , . , ,
moug the cattle of East Florida, by which
tliotraands have receatly died. J
Public Expenditujikj Tutat Is
sue. Iq our paper of thi 2d inst., we
commented upon the attempt which
the JJemocratjc papers ire making to
delend the Administration against th
charge of extravagance; by showing
that tlie appropriations made by Con
gress at the late session, for tha fiscal
year commencing on the first of the present
month, are not aa large as eome Republi.
can members predicted they would
be. in t,at article we endeavored' ta.,
?how thal thi 3 a mere evasion of
the trueisue-ihat U10 apprepriaUoni
made by Cdng. adan fo th.8
fiscal Vear to,come, alord no evi
dence of What'the expenditures of that
year will aclually amount lo, because ,,
ihtsy may . be indefinitely increased
by deficiency bills, ot tbe next ses-.
sidn: '- "' "' ' ' "''-': - :' '
The true issue fe, vv'ia aTe bn
the expenditures for the year which
has just passed the first fiscal year !
of Mr. Buchanan's Administration? "
It Is Tor these expenditures that, we
hoiJ ihfe Administration: respohsible1
rtoi. It will be time enough to corn- .
ment uton trie expenliture f the M
year upon whitih We have just enter
ed, when we shall have some nieans i
of judging as to what they w& nn
mount to.
The appropriation ifJa'cie fef "
third session of: llie'. hlr-fou'rth'
Congress; fhf the fkoaf year endinl? i
the 30th of Jufie; 185S, amotinted ta ,
$72,ii2i29'S. Accofdtiig to the table
published in th(; Uni'ortjaud Incoypof'
ated into Mh Letcher, speech -furjw
ther appropriations, to supply fidefi-' ,
ciencies in that year' expenditure
were made by Congress nt the late '
session, amonnung to $10,896,131.
Add these ttvtf surtJs together, ftd vr '
have a grefnd total ol SSS.OOS.j
apfffofii Idted for the first fiscal yeaf
ol Ml. But'hrffiuri's Adminislration i-"'J
a sum exceeding by aft'out fighteetl
mtllionsv tlie , UDpreceutud expends i:.
turts ul the year ending Jlhe 30th of
Junre IS57. . ;. .
It is for these encmrious cxpetidi-'.
tures that we arraign the Admimstra-
tiorr, afnd not for nnV fJl?cipate'd ex''
peiidiiures during tha&"ye'tff 6p6r
wh'rt'ff ve hare just cntortd The at
tempt lo- wiihdrsf ptfblld aftfenti6rt 1
From the expenditures of the past
jerrr, by pointing to-the oppropria-"
lions made for the coming year is lof ,
shallow an artifice to -deceive the te"
tclligent people f this s ttftittirf. i
Washington Republic, ' -' .-'' ' -
: .- : J' -..Tl ;! r.i
riitEK, Tiif StNiiAFSciiOdC tt-
FA L' I.TEH 1 lis CoNriSSIsf-IIov
His Crime CoMNEMctp. A corres
pottdem of the iioston "Journal saysi,
Mr. fred. Iirter, the default,,.
ing agent ol the Amejican Sunday 1
School L'nion, whose tall made suclt
a sensation a short tiwft since baa l9,?
length mffde a fAr antf ciffnplete Coif.
lessioit (if the great wrong he has"
done. He stood very hgh in the So'
ciety and in the church,-and he Was
almost the last man wJio would hafe
beeir suswected to be guilly of so' four1
;i dseA iff aflffttrr recii fry laid be
fore fh lartf of th'e' StiridXy Schoof
Varan he h'Jis nYnde' a complete coi
len&'totu , He began his wrong-doin
ninefeerr yfrrtf ago .The planf wa
the strrne thdt he pursued to r'e last!. .
His temptation - began - with, the niul-'
berry ami' silkworm apecnfalioo nine
teerr ye.iVs n'go,-and under the garb of
religion he has for that Ion tlryr ear'
ried oh his dishonest pla'tisl':r He at-
lows that at the sta"rf ht knew It was4'
wrotTgr bilrf lie n-opecf (6 be able' tr
ni'ecf 1I16 n6':e's as they ma'tureif. '
I'ut ns he was unable to do so, he wat
compelled' lo renew !M iiotejs a'nil futf
a heavy bonus. Thus. lor, nineteen
years, he has been treading tbe thor
ny path of srrry praised for virtues h
kneV h6 did not possess,1 amr tiikirrg!
of the sacrament, Yh;h,a'6'c'6r?ng'o
his own professed faith, was adding
I damnation to' himself with each Un
worthy reception. He d'efra'n'ifed the'
society itei of 6ver f 50XK); but the'
Pbi'tet?,el-Hlra, 'tf-oker aided liftn' t&
fh tfisrvorresffgain, pr6fly fai4 a'!
the ryott's trtl his a-ame wtfj W,1 arirf
th'e lss wss fessetted'tyearly $A),000'.
xMr. P&fttf c'ftrfefst? thttt far the nine-"
teen years of Iru'df, rS'dS' &st4 tMt
name of the sorrtery fo" lair a1-
mount of fGOO.OOO, by rerreia.Vn
re-issues. JVo wonder he h tf sitlP
man one whom, if the law does nolf
reach, hi grave will soon cover up
Nineteen years of fraud and Crime,
and perpetrated io the name of relig-"
ion with despair looking him in the-'
face exposure wa-ilrnglor him at the'
corners of each street whh remorse1
gnawing at his heart and1 the worn
that dies not, hastening to hrs repast?1
Mr. Porter's confession writ soon
made public. ' '
The Tiffin Tribune says that the
Connrussionors of Seneca county nav
made arrangements for the te keep
ing of the pubiftijunds, under the new
law, at a cost of about iA0Q. Thi
amount must necessarily be explod
er! in procuring a burglar-proof safe
and constructing a fire-pioof vault.
The Tribune also remarks;
On Wednesday, of last week, Geo.
II. Ileniing, Esq., tendered his resig
nation to the Commissioners, . as
Treasurer of Seneca .county; this e
vent was owing partly to the (act that
he did not wish to serve under the
new law, which took effect" July 1st,
and partly because he wishes to en
gage iii" other pursuits, in which the
profits are not so disproportioned to
the labor and risk incurred.' Mr. Hem
ing bas all along declared that he
would not serve as Treasurer, under
the new law, and his resignation,
which seems so surprising to some, ia
merely the carrying into effect of this
determination. " '" -
Tub Losses. Some of the larger
pecuniary losses, says the Washing
ton Republic, which have resulted to
to the country from 'e present mal
administration of ihfljHjblic affairs by
the Buchanan administration, may be
roughly stated as follows;
That (so called) sale of
Jirt knelling - - - - .$1,000,000
Mr. Cobb's lb per cent.
premium for the public
stocks . .. - s ... - 500,000
The army in Kansas to
control the elections 3,000,000
- . $4,500,000.
The Rev. Dr. Fishen of Cincinnati eaa
accepted the post of President of Ilamiltoe
College, N. Y. Dr. Fisher will be tease.
terian Genural Assembly, at iu MMio.g in
thjs ciiy.ia 1856 Cleve. Utrl4. ,

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