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Delaware gazette. [volume] (Delaware, Ohio) 1855-1886, September 24, 1858, Image 3

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Fatal Ascidmt. -The eea of Joesra
D ati. about tvo reira pod aix monthe of
-agey weeeceldeiL, OB Wednesday evening, ee
badly ee to cease hie death on the following
Saturday We subjoin the following settle-
alara from the Standard of jeaterdajf - : ; -,
-""Tiie mother had been rahing, and bar
Jng finished, lifted the boiler, which waabowl
half full of hot water, on we ere, ana pourea
in acme eold water intending to tue it ia
wuhiuir the floor. She atarted out of the
Soot with the boiler, but bad hardly got -out
when abejheard the ecreame of the cbild, abe
' hastened back, and found her child badly
. eaidd.,; When he took the boiler off, ahe
- think he wee some three feet from it, but
I UjioW aAehe " going out, he had got near
(BDUvbta have it epili upon him. Hi sut-
erlega were greet, but they are er pw'
The Ladies of the First Preabyterin Church
. will give a Supper eextToeaday eyenieg at
Union Hall far the benefit of their church.
AM- ere invited to attend,; Admieaion for
. VJentleman and Lady, 1,00 the aame .fur
'Geotleman'aBd two Ladies. Children, 25
eentsi- lee Cream and Oysters extra.
, Th Coanty rFaie commenced on Ved
eadayiThe number of entries ia larger
'than any at the preceeiling ones; the alten
efaoce ie also very large. T ''.';;"':
Mi. Thomsox--Fleas announce tha naraa ot
BOiSiKT fc. jlOKES, aa a suitable candidate for
. Ajaaaao:,' . A X .. tXltMV.
M. Toatso: riesse annoone tn .nam
af N ATliANlEL KVJN8, aa a cantlitlata for
. Auium. '.'-lie ia in every way qualified or tin
flitia' . Mul ".
Ma. TaoMaox rieue a jfanounct Che name
f JOUX A. CELL tlCS, -of iaua townahip,
-aa au indeiwadent eaadidate tot bharilf. -
l'iMrtaa m Blotch ic an the raault of 1m i
4r blood. TIM Oleud Dacomoa mica ana siug
' gaJJ The kini ia not' abla to eat off the hn
pnrlt:aa aa important to- llow. many
" jobb( men and woman wa aed with thair laeaa
aovartd a-iik implaa and blotcliea. who are an
- lrinf to ratuova them bj ;th na of aoepa
ad bra of arioaa kinda. X'liia i vary dao
Mrouaaad ahuald aavar ba practiced by paraone
5airouauf tov-J haatlh. Mjtuari wHo hr chil
da afflicted with aoraa and eruptiona ahe a Id
awTar-dry tham afby irxtcTnat appiioationa, for
1 -im tUia wt tkav w illdiiva in the hamora and
craduc ill iwaHfa for the child during- ita whula 1
4iC tinKi- There ia no ruotiier lliat kike to caa I
Aar cLildran atliicted with fcebla hoallb. ;
iloKi.' !mdi4.h Koot 1'iLLa ate prepared ex
5ra.!j - f t tli enra ot eruptions of the akin,
uvfc aalUraplca Blotehe, S..re, Ulcer, &o.
hy cieanaa tha blood of all impuritiea, produc
- in( a WautifuU viaar and healthy akin, to much
.uiuirdby all iopl ol taate: aad raiincmeut.
. iei.a-in-1. i " ' ;
3jr-To nit JIit-Lio. Dr, Mann, of Gallon
Ohio, haa; after year of doap atudy and uulir
' r in rmarcha aac tcedad in. vaentir.g to tha
aa liublie an article auparior ta hut h, In u,
i . .t t. wtanlv vnndi-rf'ill Hiwnvw, .
W a advert to hi a. Jit. ann't Aju MuUam,
. the onlv remedy that haa aver beau- lound that
'' ' wiil alfwtually drive from, the aytm, without
r:; "ay bad ku1m,' Chill,, Fevei and Ague. It
aatdom oCcurr that wa notice, under any eir
unatanee,pateit or propriutory ruedieinea.rea
:t",iir: -tarativo or-ythini of the kind, for wa have
; a-Brajudica aaini.t moat f them, bat oandor
' aiuel a id invitaatteattion to -the ailvartiaa-
I " mtu ot thi M'.'m-m found in anehrluwii
t thi pa ltaaaat 'taba a laot adtuittad
y alj aiaaae af in.lividoala that hav laaled
;" : it-and foand immediate-relief there! rom tunur
,u . lMia aaytliing- af tU kind ever, ufferad ta tha
. t!1U -Try it. boid by ail good drug-i.U.
" lm-i '".'"v"
. -' .... igeaiaa- -aa... A ' i' :i ' - -
M pAAfcrn TO iKTALIDe. ?rKt tlillt
XK Kobck'dvariienint in auathcr coltiion,
..' taill n6t eaeape the notice of the vick and aulf
r ' ;auiBf.;': It ia aa i. earncat and convicting doeu
' ' auaat end we ar credibly informed, that tbe
s aVrea eceorapliahed by hi celabratad Scandina
.. a jrian Kuiediea the it'.uod l'iilaand blood fu-riaar-Iully
bear out the atateinent (it containa.
the f mat Vegetable curative, ara imioanaoly
, pal'aiar in tha W eat. The aettler n nw
lauila, th planter and farmere" in tbe valley
ot 'theUkio and the Mioaiaaippi, th ague' and
a:: fever ridden raaidanta on tha buka of the.. Ked
, Jtivar, and m fact, the aich in all looalitiea weat
-"'f tha Alleg'hatuea have great faith in lit. Ho-.:-ek'
pieparationa . , r , Sep..M.ii-lm-
-" e.,"-i.i to..'
riTSt PITS trFIT3 J. .
- --'KPtUtPTIG 'PILLS. . -:
' "F tb Car of Kite, Spam, Cramp, "and all
iCervou and Cuhaututional Diocaaea. : ..t
T-RUNl waa ara laboring, endar tirla diea-euiae mala
' X J irtU aud U.t'ca'a VblCI'Aui.K Kfil.tbl'i Ite
uxa ta ba tha auly raiaoJy aaar ducus.reu lr arin
- Salpy ar KalliBK Vita. " . ..'
" .-. aAa ail! pui.oi a apecllie aettoa oa. tk aarrona aya
' aai; tnt, ailhuuxlt they ara prepared aapavially lor lb
warpOfa aT aurinn Kit, uiay wiil ba I'oaud vlcapaclal'bett.
' wnttvr aU'perarma alirt?d-Willi; weaX nrraw, or "Whoa
. .aryaaa ayatem aaa barn prwa-.raled ar abattr red Iraui any
- n-batavar. ,;la Ceroaie ; t-antpialnta,' t ai.ea.aa ai
rl - x Maadtaa. aHprrwidacad by auiwaiwu, tha ara at-
aaadiaaly baiwjucli. ; . ' .
.- - rrie pr fcaa, ar rwa boxea lur S. .-PerMnOQtortr.c
akty. eactwamg a rvaUauce. will ItaTe tho illl ent laew
, WMtu t.Ar- bf-tii, 1'frr ol lwt..'xi:- f or 1 b at.'l.ii a .
AJn.K, Ko.-LVO bahimwra- otrc-r.1-; i-ltallinml', hid., l
ia ardara truta u tarts J. w- v uiw.-
. J . s 4 . i". . - aiiiyiij, iSib. -iy
. Delaware Markets. ,:
ireM X Uitta 4 Son, H'A-ie
'aaiae'OMal A.tatl (aryvara.ile, (i'lttURM Jilucl
T 'v ;r- r-.-'- m e.t J
jtpi. svr.
'da Jri i.r lb... ...i.?
,J(ulaa..M O.....
tiolabyrup... .. 751,'J0
'FeacLejt, drml, per lb j j
lork. irci -Jfeft
t'utmwr til
.'i-..L.. Nrt.
irata. ......
da driad......'
...j 1
..... li
....... 2V
OJra hjaatii.
Caa. Kte ....
da Java ....
kaialaa.... ....... ..'JUjtti
Klce ...
;aalt,Hackiua.r.. .... 4)
ObKk.aa.f ..
am 1..K... . sou
ts bach.....4.,..;...s -
laur. . ff. .
Haatinr , par iaart..
..., 2a
Ibbot. ......... ...... . .. lj
.ar..-.s... .. fall
lea wii
Wood, aer card...;...a.Jb
WIOltllLtt .
AaaUa.creaa.'.. ..... W 1 . Oaia .. .... a
ea dried aarba-....,. 1,1 jOuiona,. .................. be
a.r.. .t..,. . w4 , liork,'par luu. . ..a.uu
J.IWr... ... Ilil2 J oiaio... .......... eb
awl-r. -A
tndlea taliear v-4....l
Tb.aa.sW.w. ..
OoreMaal, parba... . ...Mr
Bjtr.. i.. ......... ......'.ma
. iW...... ..., (fttjj
Saatauay .par bu..
Lard (
Malaina bat...
da ball bui.
Rica ....
....... l.w
...... ..i.w
. Il3.it
bait, Hocktn.i.
aa uaaa..
da Saek
Sagar, ti.. .
oocea, itmpuij
da Clo.ar...
Tubaeco.a plaa
Soiaaeae, IT. 0.........4
do etarial.
3orae arraa..
..a 'Wbeat.. ........... . 0MS0
v-'Has bow on gala a large, varied and slock of ;
Ataarr tow price, als: . '
Printa of all popular brands; Black and Fan
cy bilk Dress Goods; French Merisoa, Cash'
mere, and De Laina; Irish Poplins, Foulard,
ad Alpacas; Cloth, Cassi mores. Satinet, and
Vesting; Tweeds, Jeans, Linaey, nrjd Flan
nel; Krown and Blched Muslin,-Ticking,,
eke.; Bd, Saddle and Coating Blankets; Chen
ille, Brocbe, Tbibit. nnd Wool6bwll; Indies'
Cloaks, White Good, Laces, and Embroideri;
Irhih unena, Table 'Diapojs, aud Napkin;
Boiery, Gloves, Shirt, and Drawer: Millucry
Cooda, an3 Tailor' Trimminga. Haadkercbiefa,
Cravata, Ties, anc Searf. ...
A larg stock of American and German fan-.
sf Woolen Good' a eorapiete etock ' of Clueen.
war and Boot and Shoe. .lie' ask especial
attention to bis stock of Dry GoodLoonnnriaioc
all that ia rich in material, new in iiylee ana
.Assign. Supplying a deficiency heretofore com
plained of in thia market. . . "
u.Ua '. '
..'- Oa JE3TTT iT S ,
- eBrepenif a larg stock of ' -
At VreaeorrTel!ra with any market in this
eenwty. ii friend and all tUsat Bvr ar
iavstad a call. r -
Who bny Goods,
It Kmow hTttt yhiwirf ofcrttc loitoMri
V V Ad- aUi Kbars wbo toa favor u wlU v caUa lb
l-rCe, eaeafjt i ttMfM, TaVTaorA BQgtMeM.t erf ftM a ta
Blmcfc avotj ruwy 8 iHt m wret Tarety; rreBet. Meiiattt"
sbUa h4 PaHbcr nrtorev' Pla,ia. cro harre) oa iiam
Pontine; mil WMri ItewlM, i hd; PvraVaBttaa. J.auvc
, HtMa. fcMtxioe, fatf.ey cwihm!r. Muslin iMiataa, K-bff
M. XlMSr Uud" pisltt AnoervraUt tubal ktmmijmk jtaegha.ro.
ABwribu B4 Knurltatb prlfeiau 3eVae 9 WtU piS-4ar A c't
yaaamaT 14 mw prinu nr v tlMi iv KBHa -
. '-".,'i. - TX jfK",!7yy' a ' "" '
I ana beautiful Sulla na!x. aalt. ......Kl
Jauzea S:f. i Sltawla J, 5a
aaxca aU ailkand moeL Btftoeaa. itewala-. ......... .13.4
la km ..MefeD'e
ioia tT wot offtHc alM
mi blesck silk !
1 4eaCB akaaWlal aaaJM hakretaaM
.... ... .erp
: je
Itloxen Ciorfcs tea TaOiau Crotm
Baaaafa. KibaeiM. raekaa, Vrcaeh plsarrra. Braia, KeM.
Lauaga. Uaad-aoxca, a. MlUlaan aappua at low raata.
Good aaaortinent of Woolen and Cotton Heeiery
i ' "V ' and tiloT. -; r , . -
Yankee Notion SO per cent leas than regu-
i . !ar pricea. - ...
9aaca Baaailaa a Skrrwood'B palial ajimatila aalrta;
ouafia w aarioaa aiyMa,
Olotha, aimrea, 8at ti natta, Jaana, Tweed,
Flannela, eke., enosgh for alt at voir low
' 1 . . r -price. -
3000 y'de Brown ilualin.at 6, 9 and 9 cenu.
Ww aik eapaeial attaotioa ta eoy larea atock of
: ' .jLaete&oaacteJUaJMlaMioee? . ,
' Plenty wior of that good Carpet of
35 CiTe 'ft. Yaib. .
ehaala am ar iu mTn at.' .... .TS
Kka 8wlra CaC at.- ' P.iP
1 a'aa ausar. . .-. . ... . ...... .a, 13
a bbia t.Jialaaaa. ...... U.i
taklaaaw Ualaaa Trap..... .a,ia
f ar cao fallow IMlar aa4 fraaa Kceai ln pri aiaf
aa xpeM4. all ara lavUa a call aa aaaaalaa mht Ikam-aalaa-
aaataaabar U. Uat. . . - - t . BTATT a CO.
THK ankaenaar aMradlat; W aall at imalie Taaaua. at
raaktaaca, twa aiilM treat a IWJaarara.aai laa Marja-.
aula read aa SalaraVur, Odaaar 2d. lt. all Ua aaraaaalBraa
arir aoaatsluir ar
t bead of Uoraaa, 10 head of Cattle, 1 Cow and
Heifer, thrce-fowrtha Durham, S head of
ttapi tO ha ad of iiogtof dilferentaiaa,
1 two-boraa 'Waa;on,.I act of food
Uaraaaat, : Plowa, 1 CaitiTatwa,
- " 1 tiarraw. and ether Is- .
plementa. Aiaoilay br the ton. -
A eradii n1 niaa mnhllt.. arinbaairva oa aftmtavpr a
uoiiar. irm purenaafr cir:ne a ao-.ee wi.a Hpratau aa
cu. ik woiaaMMCM ivanwt. A. M;
api. 16. ua. ' .aA-vti iuavae.
AUrrrX ixtelligexce i t
fR. Tie Ottatf. the aleic tftian. aetnallr refunre t git-
aiTX uieputtucaay aenulle m:rra '- m r-gavrei ;7
AiLAN flC CAl.X. av.4uw tl J alJi'rta e. su( 4eo-
fidt-uUia.1 ( ctrCne.) nt our rcjoici.tiM rre5 ii4
preniutjr:. Uut tnie rtwV i aeoUn vuberpijaSMS
''VTI&rtqt pable has parUdt .
BfH what is tbis fu cofun'.rlfrou in tha xcitrt creatd
Hea Oaa-la aaary wak darlata faatlac aaaaaa.
Wa mkii tac- public that aur and of tba .able
aaaad aud aU,l raauuaa am rrae Exaibliiaa!
xtotrsv rorfvv,
rttll tm Tawta.Ua.a Mat h.A.a fauaaia AKlah, . 1L.1T
JukMuIuii. IfukAj h roliwtnx order anil entsi-
4h MBit A Uar JwlMlaavl. MaTlt: i ' -
Ik our knee ejf tei tet Axn,ad aa act. tat-aSseat Anrtl
IStn. i&t. entitlnd aa m fW Ciie auiaiaw-a,i a,-i4 tjcei'leka. mf
ail rpv-r'.j mi im mauj ani lor tsryinf - tatxa ttaraMa, ac
roruiii k m ii 'a-aiaj e-auaiai n bttobm-v. rjim itsru tz. t-sae
Ika C'mufavlait-rswf DaUwaTr CountT. ta4e !. nu4r.UM
wwvnit aJtaaiei eji fiajiij' u. . 2iairris Iter im ftari-
aveeaa, mm utenaBa vy - hi
rtetH ha-vtrict ta V1U t.-mbi; f..;,w... nVklM
rt . . " . :..a, t'etieurd
uta.-- i ........... .. I)eiawre
StxtU . ....,;,... tJsnon.
tatt sM f. ... . " a... ..Liberty.
tea "- - - '" luaribaai-nurk.
webta, s a Urevnre
aaincesaftaa e ! ' .:. PoTtcT
utneUk ' l."" -.11.:' ..r:.. kv-iote.
oereaiwnu. " . . ........... . . r . I rt-UlxU .
It Was fat ardrtd In Kuriaer irmrauanec f the a bore rm
el 14 set, lua ttbilc avueet be XtyB ta ttoa raeKSpauers of
lialavyart eotuat , eiiuj lorttt lit bnuitdaneit vt U:e aav-r
al priataint dtavirtcas, aUJisk-ti uoe, evt. 1 arclavuiu
ihv clwetuut Appr.uatri at lac w-xi tieuab.r iee:tke,"
- Tk wusliiied mlKuf ofMidr Jar eoiiuij arj. tltere-
re, ftaii-cby Nii.eU m ieo4, at tbe ui taauai Octubvr
le-c-ion iu eacli 1 utvnavuiu. eui iaaMti a--tr . ler Ute re-
pptaMUnt tat the Javud aud to- u-.Ks tacrann. in- tnn j-oar
iaMML. 1 V tM'tiej- W4 UM t -maVia ISSt WUOfat.
. - -; -x 1. W. KIIOOLS,
Sf t. 17, .i.J-t. : f Awdttr i. J,
Just received new supply of - ,
Gold anil lSilvrVtchi, and dilver ""
Chains and Keys, tJeoU. Gald Mceva ttuttotsa
au.18tti.la, Hreiia. liu'infftir Krifar 1U-
-r dr-sf fcar-'itiffs. Fine. " Hair-pins, . verjr .
retty etyum el" VVotk-bcxeje, Cal, .
I teuiniee Wnileta, r -
- J-Mtty and eaeap. ' "
'CeHle Charms" mad epeoi mtne of tte 'AttJi
tio xt,KmAru ABt.m t9 Bmli mud no-
bepVi lSSS.;" ' C. rieATT.
GOOD Chfappers ar now wnttU on -4n pr.ft3M Ml;
cAbeaaad Pi4wrfh ttatlrv4, 1 will ta a god
brace muy havtidBuf tkii tiia(r4tWi.; "
, IS tt. KODlNftON', Cbafrarter.
HAVING eitrefvillr exsmlm-4. the Bn.Beriptlaes a-tea to
dTnaet fbe. etMdUlaiu. f tta prueMt.iua erf tf Mary
Muattf "vdSfate l ins OMie) tf uutik fiHiLi tJetivc,
thai SH'tt ui Tea Taouvnd lvllars. i, Utai Treair -r f H
eileige. daM-riby ceriiiy. and tfirej i-a ie le ihweet havinf
subiertbed Ifi'.ilbatbi5um ort-ii ihvtiaand dollatra k.s
b3 secured by aubarripiiaau, tbrrebx erfmlyiitii Wtih tha
ftrt ftondhtoli.ur aa-iet prtafxivHiirtt, at.d furtberMae-rv. thk first
lustaltmenion bcrtMt k hj 4uet aatt,iiuidLt pay
nai expected fc.y.- , :'""- - J. Mi KTaSH. ...
1 -' - TreiiuferatO. W, r.UalWfS.
! Deraxt-ares 0. pVptamWr i;, "
William Vjtrin, pi ti.
BMPllKKOaa. U. PiirJ. JnMlaa
of rh. r-.rt.. of Uatawara ta
Lit. Moore deft. )li'atawara t.,.s " '
Oa ltra4nth dr of gaBtaatber. A. 1). 1S9, aald !u.:lca. at
atr latace, la.uVd all rd vf-attachntbut la tha abava
aciioM ror the aatot'af fioj ' '
Vpl. I!, D-ia, it . W, CABSOX. rUlatUT.
: .-Settlement of Estates, . AC: - '
rpni; Mlawln Atlialnj,-.lor.ad elaaouaa aaaa filed
-AilrpaperaXoraaal aautnlaht-, .
Catharuw Hum Siecnlor of Wtd. B. Bteaa. dec atbd.
a. il: UoraauUM hteeulor or alunuar a. llitritat. dae'd.
; Jeerpk' i'oner andV Wai, Blair Adatiuir'xaUira,! Aidjak
LecaarJ, deeeaatd. V- . '. .:.: .' '
.dvbn a tenKn. Adatlnlalratdr of Kllxabetli Mutter." '
Itaubca J wave ..vaardiaa af dae -biiaor ht-ir. Wf Aatoa
' i. ae Cnrrao: Guardian bff'iae- tiltatir aefca- if Jantea:
flrt.wu.'Irwijrt:. . ... .....
Ju,aia tltrr.d tuarltairnT CIJM'TWW.
! Tliere T.-ill be a K.urlTii; nn iiaid cas'Sat mamn;c. it Del
tt urc, un StuiUay, u&Lubvr ilUi, 1.-6S.
bap ti. U4. 1. KANSKY. Tmb. Judge.
; ; v: Guardian'r Sale, . . '
Br order of Court. T, HSIttardlan of Grace L. Ttcknor,
-will offer ai luDlic V tinlua) tm tilt prt-tiilut-, in lirrk
aiir towB-hip. Uel-awiu'e; cuuuiy, tJlt.o,, be iwtseu the i(otirv
nl uiie aJtU Jo Of o'cittCk.-p-. t. ou-tht; lo dr-y Ol OC ltrtt:at
tlie uiitiiridcat Jlf o t a tract l lat.l tuttiav d.tnlt viiiage
ut mtuburyn iuw4i.kip -irKVeauBtj- ntwrkUd. it isiig i
tt Nt yj:. and ft rt u:U ui lul ts ta, 3tf ah 1 f cfni
tainm. C-t ol an rv, n.or V la-;, kiiwu as iLt proper
ty loriutirly-ot cupied by tl'Mu. W- ChamtierJcaia, as a rjf
iieace. fcUbjccl 10 ilei.rtuwktr utie ot liie widow.
1vkb ai atj: Ouc-ibird af ike purtsiw; a.uiery in buid
uutr-tikii-d iu ttaie y4r. Mat I'lUd-L'ura tn iwg yer wuu iu-
terit- Tite payments 10 oj s.cureA by xwurtgaf ou vne
Ir-BliMf at, v"v." " "
ctAuOury, Sep. 17, 1S8
V - A s i ... , 5
"All aall acre the aam,
thought chilia atu cable tubl.
K are now happy to inform oar frienda
and cwtomei that w have . secured a genuine
GBAPII CABLE. Tbe ktkst or noaaa
vowsuoicia, for. , "- , r
"With lis peaeafol trkka,
.. Itataaeaof atuahau aaadisuchs.1
- Accompanying it ia the certificate of CTRtTS
W. FIELD, Esq-, to whoaa energy and perse
verance To owe iu'aueeaaa and completion,
hawing that this is a piaoaof what baa actual
ly once me susiinasB, and through which
the electric current has been transmitted. . It
can beacen in our SHOW" 'WINDOW, omtiaii
sights rasa aaaTis rok hothiko".! Large dis
counts to school' and' families! Whor alao
may be aeen aamplea our '
which, for extent and variety, has never been
equaled in Delaware, upon tk mum tiborml
arflta, and tb invitation is extended to th
vjMe of CremtUm. Respectfully,
. 6ept,!0j'68. --.' -; : ; t :
icai. curb or gPKRMATannmiA. ... wita-
" J S -3,. . CAJ. Ar-J-LIANCBS.
JrtT resttaasu. the sth adttloo, ta sealed: ewreVv. era
Uaas auadtoar addraas, port-paat, oa raealBt of
tweatamp. . " ' ,
fHISilttle work. aauaatln( from s eelaoiated atltr
a f Uaa utaiueal prole., too, -laa lb uvet Imnoriebt In
fonaatkn aaar palibad ta allparaoBs sniartatolue daiibia
af ihair pbaaleal eobdltkn, or wa are eoaaefcnt of aalbi
haiardad taelr health and happiness eoaiaioise the parif-
eulara ot aa aBiirary new aaa. panect raaacdy lor bperwi
imu aa aaraioaf Waaknaat. llehUltv. K.n.. i.n. I .
eulars of an eDtlrtilT now ao4 parfoet rawedy
tnrrBrtsnor oJtaniai tt aawHa ibuh'
praaalo of spirite, Leaa of Enarcj. La..itadQ, TuadhT!
javonratary oenunar pnm.ry,t inpaw ai;aiap3 .ri
ory. Bk-iciosand Pimples oa Uie face, PUe, fadigtloo.
palpitation of toe Heart, and Bodily Prostrauon of tb
wbotwayseVBtB. todoctof Impotooey nod -taeDia aad pbytl
oed ineapafMty.-vtry mtaoi f vblan every pno my esiro
buasslf prlvatoly.nnd at a trifling-Mpexiaj: , -
ftst Xddrosa.ilr. CM. J. C. KLIN 3. let Avon, oor
9tb treat. New Tort. Po Bom, Wo, Satttft. "' -
UK 18-lns. -
- wprannslaAtfe 1 - - . A, axit-A Liy.
For Fall and Winter of 1853-9,
u Franks!
We xkk itow orEiinra ax exiessitx lot
or -- --'" - - - . .
IZcitly-.lJUle te F
- Broad Cloths & Cassimere3,
Vestlngs, Tailors' Trimmings,
Hats 6c Caps, Furnishing Goods,
- . Trunks, Carpet Bags, etc etc.
Whkh are te be diapoaod of at
Hack Reduced Prices!!
All w want la for roa ta call in and leak at
ear aeoda.-and voa will Daren of aa for w
ar atill determined to -. . .
Sell Cheaper than. any other Estab
lishment la Central Ohio!
We hare
Of all deaeriptirm, Doable and Single, of Pur,
Viola, Deavar, niut, retranauL, Mohair,
BatuoeU, and all -other grade. Alao,
Drext, Frock, Sad, Busincn and .Box
. , . COATS .. .
Of all t,aaliUea, deacrlptiona, colara aad priooa.
Slack and fancy loa Skin, Cacxiraarei. .
fine Plain and fancy French Caaaimerea,. ..
Harria Caaaiuteea of .11 color and grade, -Union
C'asaiaerea, flain and fancy battineu,
Tweed, Jean, Cvrduroy,c o.
Plain and Fane Silk Velvet and Ptaabea. -
Flain anil Fancy Black Urenadin , Silka and
' eatina, .
aaaimerea; Cotton Velvet, ;aud Plushee, '
lUfnl New Stile Caasiioere Vc8tiy.
And in fact all and a very description of Vesting
kaown. , UaLL ana h Ta. . , .
. . TAILOS'8 TEMillNaS in absndanoe.
Fall atylea et Silk Hate of all price,
Ulack and Drab Caaaimare liata,
Soft Hate of all ahape and color.
Wool itaU of every daaeripUon a larga lot for
: Mon and atoya. .- -
Cloth, Pluab, Velvet, Black Silk and Llnnan
Ulazcd, and in fact all kinda worn by Mou or
- itoy.
Trunks and pfrpetUagt.&at tMortment.
4' ' :" FTJiNIsillSS GOODS, ' i
Shirta and Under Shirti, Drawer. Stock. Cra-
: rati, Scarff 'evk Tie, bock, tfuapender,
Collars, CSmforlH, Ulov, c. ac. w havj
' a aplendid collection. rw t. j . - f
more emciena--cnan atrer.-Tcraoti -wraninjr tzie
ri-hi kind of filtiux Clothiug, wHi call at our
lutabUahmcut,, wfesre J-hcv will get thorn, and
no miatake. -..-.5 ,
Firat door Kortn of Soot a shoe store.
DaUwara. Sept. 10, lhS. - -
Darid ft. Lrwis . j 1 V virtlia af an erntloa to ma
v.. JU'ttrerlivt Irotn tha Cattrt ot Com
HiMa mmzW.. ' S ujoi. f m, oi l.iwnr eattutr
OhlA. 1 artil ouarloraaiaat lite duor r laa warthftUNt mi
tluMa&ir oeiewara. tat aaidaotiaxr. on Mua4y,-Ur.tober
PJ. law. bt-lwaan ibo: houra ot Ht o'clock a. m. aad t
.tV-LMrh o. m. the fuliuwiuif drat'ribed real aalatc. lo-aic
nela a p.n ai ta AO. , aua an we., inm-. w " 'p
pwaad la i-eulalu oueaiui tred acre., atocs or leaa. aa ionu
led and deacrlbcd aa Kaiowa: bclo laf ttryrjr So. (Ml V.
H. aud tha dvium line in aald l.at'o. i Wiwvta Jun.
thnd HarreHaad iaaae Ituera ia ta -run parallel, ailk the
ef iukVfittaajMa'aWaerlbad trart of hrad aUttattftft the
aeuniy of UelAWare ndataie ot t.hio, abd ita tua wnauip
u Kadar, aad described a. toliowa, to wit; the aar A bait
af la-it So. (9b) thirty. HhatiatMfo and a half rwda wide by
elabt rod. loaa.l ia Uh iwhu i.l Valht' ukaraad aad do
ainatad oa Ike piatwi' bAid ioa-a. Ai-praiaed at allud.
apt. is. 'tafi . T ". !!; r . .. ,
CturlM Dangle
rle Daitglcr . 2
maa Unrns. j
T Y Tlrtii af an execution to
iJ ni dlrartl trooa tbe -vuri
TVaiu Hut-rut: " 1 o( ('bn.ta.tt flwas uf IJplawxre
Cdaejotr. Obatr, 1 snail oSVr at public vle,oD Mi-a-Uy Octotir 1U
t.ILt taart BBTaaaa. llada hlllP4 aaf 111 MCltaCK. S. Sk . SD'1 4 O ClOCK P.
m st tbe 'laMW t( tne Court tino ia ielawaro, too foil wr
ing d;r.I.4 real ciUU. to vi : ln-laot N'W itH (cud ana'
ir d ani frty exs. In Ui-r u-.l1 -vJ-iuau. froauug rjds
ruonuig batch; nurth asTeaiy-tbr'-e feii and wine htcbes.
t; . p it la ji a u , aiionua
' KOTICE. . .. '
.11 .T Wii, arsait Co it a it-., having lefl me wHhuut
ITA iattaetM. inia w t cuUa-vi HMraeina irottt narior-
aa t abiU pay i
Utg r aTattrViiva axjr wa aw.vi
ex ner tbnaKtiiag wr mte.
ronoord TpSe.pl- , 183". S "
Ztate of John KcKinmew . ,
NdTICB is Werrebj gtr-n that the audersigaed aare been
avt.nfLitai -and uialid a' Adinitiotrators f too Kstato
et.Juou McKiitntadeeea)rj, UK of ieavrare eountj, O.
All persona U.;reaUid rUI goru tbenuMr'-s accnrJ 11517.
- JM AH MetvUS KiE,.
Sept: W, "M. - v?iry - - t j." Mciv.n Ait..
-j M. 0. tHZLPfESOWHi r
. X err-ral yfr so bdly afBteied by lrpp!tla. taat
far a eart of the ttui be wta eunAiied to Itia bnd. lie
. avaa ereutti.itly eardby a fJrrrlpiMn furuiiUhOd aim by a
FvlVI Ciatrvojenaf .n. aatar pi ra h'tx'ai, (lirn as
ita-j. child, "wbile ia a state of iraurv. Has cvure-i. -wy bl
wbu .vat44ctti, nrTr bariug t-ti(rtf nuee. It to nnituy
mm sure, ta caraMiu riT aiui.iiTsrsitua.' rne ingreui
HUia.rbeiAWMt in pay drug at or. I wiil i-ni tnU
roiHatbte erpi;or to any prr-u on tne reoelpt of
mttm .akuiu m. Ai, zi tmre w
i-fc.-O. rUKLfit BROWN -
Ko.m Irud eLroei, J,.oy dty, .K. J.
j-et-t. H.h&5fi.-im.oii.
; Brunei reili.! Vi Us
Parifr th Blood.
CXtlir&t.i pam or uoeitaiueFR iu ny organ la gener
ullf fcurfd by uuar aret omv of iaraBdreih'a Fill.
Tftlrty yett' pwrsondl experrienea by the laaderaigaed lul
ly iu-tine .hii.aaertio.
fir. JavtnrS Ltl., of luttsdam, N. f.. aayi "I kaoo on
red thr inut d-pKrbie 1sativ-noan of tbo bowel wttn
Branttrff b'' pill, ttnen every elber rentrdy bad felled. rid
the pu?tt fTHM-fjlVvn mp ttt ana. - rikiu duttnsea of. ah lv--Ivra.;
uud pKinfuleiiapjecter, HMebaarr.vsiptsias.sall ruetura.
WMcr alwl -tuiatovr-n at; I nave seen emd-caicd by Uteic
atM. i ttJtwV feii red iherbetiKMtrfe, tah- etptlbptle, tbe pAraiy
Mc aMdiUw ttdittip?iTO wnk tbr-ve giiat pi US ttlUae-
In jaitdiee o4 & tlfecuooa.ot ttt ttTrr. dyftpepcid. dys
riitcry and diftrruait, pleurisy, iadden gtmitta and iniiatam -tiouM,
tfittAlc ol rubiufDA, scirruntie aud Crul uUUaV, ereu
gouty and uauimlste ad'atotions, atove girvMi . i th uae
tt' ibia me-dicine; and uir. alter twenty years' -xpericae.
laij eiaUKjaAiapM v itraudrcUi1 fills eHtinttes to lacreaaCa.
iSl UtiitJN-;
X yowg lady, beautifal an, battby, ttftik cold, will en
eanated a eWrhiits.ubsiruoUnn tor.iwo years, liar bealtb uru
tvrfc dnwti and her beauty departed. At leugtb Braw
drotbV ii1t weres iriadt cvt'ti dstf-t. tSf froth i-ro to four,
were fctketi tn aiften daya preKmliag Ue uauat pwd
Regularity ratw-rti. andktr?r bevl;. aud good leeks re
orervd. f-
WOBM-. -" -Bntfrdrota's
Pitts ara the beat vartaifnge; tVey rf'c lttfat
ttbia. . A cbild, aii ytsafsold, for otnc vveev Weasdrooptiig;
tt mother g it on of MraudretiVa Seated puts;
tbe next lay tber eaws nwaty n wiiri atxieemlncttara ivng.
andasirgoaaaclvld'k finsv-r. 1 he ciutd wag weil.
. .. . flalwUKISV.
A genlonoan, away trutn hotue, wavtalten tcttb plcnrtar;
the ionammation was-berribb; rery breuath made, him
vrilhe wvb agony. Kight Urandrotb's rtits wer. iwattriw.
ed, and waiin etlapuUed locaU-; the pills operated, and
tbe pi an wska reiiietred; plenty mi gnret was'laben. a4 ant
ainro pitl. aut tbe second day t patient waa cured. . .
Ttej ta.teinesra should brt werigbt, and prevent the
9Xpe4trOUtiwdrag.andstrOp ctlooof blfeditig.
I.rai4retb'h nits are gtsM at tbn Bituetnai office. ZLH Ca
naistrret. Uranaratb'a But Ming, at Ucenta per box; aud
the nn. sugar otiated, IS oauie. warratrtejd Mktop ag-weU
as tbe plain. And alao sold by Agonts generally.
bepta 10, lDtins. ;
Tbe tjualiie-d te:ar of laid A our.ty of Iielawhrt, are
hereby. iHt.-ttvi. tueita. geucravl KleQtion. wll bo b14 - re-
emrtsa by iavx .sttbo usmtl pic of hoidiug oiKOalaiuB m
sutd tjuttnty, d ineadsy tbo Uth day of Oa otter, iJ at
which i at. a. 'i lace U be cboeen by aaliot.
uoa pTawou lo abe Judge o i tbo huprtttne Court
" " Attorney licuerai, r
' 1 1 oniptDoil-r.
' xar oi 1'aulic Works
One pirran for Jadgcof UoHrioi taVtmuyon rj
One persua lor Kcprcautauv te coogroa lor Ue 8.h
Q.ngresanat pisrlci.
O m person tor Auditor lor Delaware Cotnty.
M oberiff"
ITosecutioi; AttortK.
iptwrmmy Director.
.. One prraoo iu each Township, for Assessors of Real prop,
arty, bow lawef ISM page to aud 6J. Aud ton irue a
Iu u marmi awv-aatt apa iu tuttd taratUBty of AJelnwevie are
Mtuiredtofurttish the Clerk oi tha tvourt of Cooioion 1'ieas
the tollo win g nmnher ot dm'or ior Uu.lt respacvivs owd
suipt, tnwi.; "
Pelkwere 35,
ticona .
UariLtn ,
aUugaiOO - 0.
bOUKO ",
Taunpsen a-
Liberty t,
oraus.- - .
narw e,
hrowa ,
.. o jttcurd a,
' Mortar
An4 lse the Trastoes of the several Township, tn nid
Ooub y of tielawara. eorai-aueaiid'io fur Blab Mi Judge ol
the Court of Frohata, the teiiowips.-tihepef JurtTs tor
their raspeetiva uwaabipa,,town: .
. Berbahlye 13, - Harles;-
- hsrnn....ld. . Kipgiwtn ,..13
porter..., T -JUdwar...ji
fcewuj 11
I Lorn pace I
taoiou.. . f
urowa.;. iu, lAUerty .....
Csxfxird . . , Mriborougb
y ..,.1
Ktait .wif . vaiora
. V-tt- PSOiai aiMturs, Lhlt fth da nf wepMunber,
: Beptotpber IT. 1818,-61. - ... ...
sU'CJoruiicirfie i&euper
WE Baa recarre the AfsOey for th sals ot Xb40rt.
MlUK'b KBAr-KB A Nil MUW.ft In ihi. aouD'.y, and
ball saws on a os asaibiuon ia a few dsys We are "pre
pared lo offer, tham aa LOW add '60 FA VOl&ASi-JC
TbAaTb aseay Maabtasef lbs Bead. Please call snd a.
ala, r t ,f . V. p. POTTiH 0p.S
yl. 1& . . T XtaraaA'O4
Brick Cottage for Sale.
a canfartaMe mat plaasaat ceatdeaae far null
-m r-m family, oa rraaaan etreet, aujiiiK -r" anri
Ac.ou.il ih.k.i. maMMnMor H W CaambarJaia Eaa . an.
Frof. Harria eoataiaina Farlor. SitU&z, Diulag aad BC
a 11a tiail. raairy, ajKocn, wwbiiuib, v ,
WelL ClafM-a. sn.I tarea eh mbera Hooae aU aeatlv pa-
pered. rceanUf knltt, and la food repair Let 4 br 12)i
tnda and U fvot allay to rear. TiUa fooH and poaaeauoa
Civan aa 3u dara notiea.
Trrraa ift-Q. aiooo aoaa aad balance at ena ar 4wa
DcJawara, 6., Sept. W, 1868.
GOLD and SHrcr Guard. Vest aad Fob Cta&iiis: Cbinpfiib
tiwi. Plated and Gilt dot MiMwes and Ladiea' JoI4 ecic
CikSiux; aUadies and Gents Unld and Aiifer ivy-aj ud aeaJa:
Ladies and (fuU Sleeve Buttons and tHibl tatiies.fe.d
and Plated BfeH iluckles; Ladies Uold and Jx-i BrceIeU,
new atrkts: Gold and Pialra Kar Kiari and m ts eus;
GW and Piata-d lin-aM Pins nJ Rings. And a rvrietiy at
outer arttrl-s iu the sauce line. Vail ana e iai
anmitlv to show ctMHls tJMt Lataiea.
: ; Delaware, Ohio.
H. BCP.XHAM prnpoaes opening. I tnto town, ft
.UL racaooa kit Kaag aavuiea avzaas jk. waica-iaauoDer
etuporlur advanteigeJi !? cuoniaa rniture. - K -litiea will bes
aliardrd for ajtieadea ad tiMrua cniA t of study. ,
SaVeciavi a,u-mlou eTill b tfUea to im Kicmun'.avry ViTaori.-
vs and w Ptsomsnsaip. iS eSert wUi bo tvavnunjg. to in-,
duoc a atAjvA aievc it auarkai, "aad truo rvtutut9Hor-tuMk
Tne School will bo or aed on tat atsaT Sasutambor. at
Minerra UaiL apriuer A An1-ows Uioctt. crmr mZ 4iU
.wjO uaoMf surraa. -. r- -
Xerxaa: Higher Kngtiaa Sludtes. 9&.B9 par qnartor.
Ueruentary - tMe " "
Oraameailnvi Uraeaks and Mcsic jura.
aUeeaawnro, riopu 3; ,'' :- " tf
Keuben W Miner .1 T3T virtue of an esec'sfida
e . JLa ia ue directed l"rtn tia
James Winaor. J Court) af Com toon Fleaa of
Del war county ,Jhio, 1 shall oner for sale at
the door of th court house in th town of Del
aware is aid coantr, cm Monday tbe 4th day
of October. : 1857, between the nonra of Au
o'clock a a and 4 eloek - p aa, the following io-
cvtbed real estata aitnata la said county, to-
wiuaitdMdinDlawaTOawaDty,Ohio, and in.
three, being the ant half ot lat ii o. a, contaia
ing 41 acre by eatimation, appraiaad at tiO frr
era. .;....-..-.- . .
A lno. In tbe ne toanty and mate, in Range.
lsVlowtuhip b, aaetMm three 3,) ana uie tvest
half of Lot 10:uppoed to euntaiiioo cr, be
the aame more or leaaappraideil at ftQ per acre.
Alao. ta the aaaoe naBire ami lownainp aaa
)U beciisr 2, south part of Lot IS, containing ti
scree, and bounded aa follow commeuciug at
a atone 00 a poat at point it" in tha tilattuade
by Jay Dyer,. Couuty Survoybr of Delaware
cvttnty ,aa the 24 day of April, taeacc
north Sal-S dcre west 10U pole tea saint
D" in aaid Plat: thenoe south 1 degree do uiu.
weat ei polca to point "O" in aaid plat;
thence south to 1-2 degrees east lUu polea to
-j point Xi" in same plat; tuence aooth 1 degree
1 Hi minute eaat Iu polea, to the place, of bcjfiu-
aingiappraiaea at J per acre.
1 Also, too acres, being the west part of Let
KtiJ 14. in Kange IS, Townj-hipsix. bection t'V-,
V. r. M.Landa; aaid IOU acre has for ita we .
lin the west line of a-id bay 14: arrStraisad. , t
19 'per acre.
. Sept. S, IMS - teof .;
! 6h calf aad Master t'oaaaala.loBer a S ala '
I Birata at. iiaines - - T V virtue of a decretal
v. v .Dorder of ale to ra
Wm. W. F.y. ravaed from the Coartof
Common Pleas of Delaware county, Okie, 1
hall offer at public sale, at thedojr ot the Court
Hooaa in Delaware, on Monday the 4th day af
Uctober, 18"B, between the hour of id o'clock a.
m. and 4 o'clock p. in. of said day, the follow,
ing tieacribed real estate, to wit: Situated ia tbe
county of Dalawar, in the town of lelaware,
and in the State of Ohio, being a strip tw-wty-,
two feet wide ilf of theeaat aide of that pari of
ln-Lot number aevanty-eigbt which Ahab
J ink and wife foruierly conveyed to Joseph C.
tViiaon, late uf Delaware county, docettxed.--Appraised
at 0J.
i CUA3. SHERMAN, Sheriff
anl Special Master Commissioner.
Sdpt. s, iesa. .'....y .
: Sheriff end Kaatar Commissioner' e Bale. .
J.J.feO. Vf. Uelt 1T5V virtu of; a
r. . i XJ decretal Order
Reuben Lamb. J of sale to mq di
rected from the Court of Common rieaaof Del
aware county, Ohio, I shall otter at public sale,
at the door of the Court House in Delaware. oa
Monday, September . i7tli,, ISii, between
the hours of Id o'clock a m and 4 o'clock p in,
the foUou-iug described real estate, to-wit: litt-'
uated in the town of tt lolaward, and on a
lot of land bounded noith by the Berkshire
ready, boh g an extension 01 UfllUm atreev
east by property belonging to litnry l.amb
south by the curve of the Cleveland, Colum-'
pus ana Cincinnati ' nailroad and wet,Jy
l.amb & Kiuoba' addition .0 savld town ef a;
Delaware. , -
" til AULE8 SHERMAN, ehcriff
; r-'-.w atid 8peoia! MsstcrComaliasioner.
August 2T, 1J5S. ' -$: .' . -ts .
-W, Winnnsj T Y virtuaof san - xcotiMi
vs. ' -.13 to ma directed fiomthe
Xj. W.Cumlit.'J Uoart- of (Joinmon 1" leas' of
Delaware conuty, Uhio, 1 ahatl offer at ublie;
sale, at the door of the Court House ia Di-
a .1 . . . W II.. -ra .id. n'r K . .. . V. ..
leas, between the bourn of iu o'clock a. m. -sititl 1
4 o clock p. m.. of said day, bc following de
scribed real estate, au wit: Tbe Dlidivi.ied ouo-
teuth of one-third I'bcing the oue-tbiitirtkj
Iart or the loliowtui; deitcnbctl pr"ucrty: iMt-
tng iu the county ol DulaWare unJ State of
Ut.i, in the lib quarter, 4th tuwusbijj Bad Ktb
rauire L'uiied titates Military lands, bvzmuiar.
one hundred rods north ot tbe toevuahip line
at a corner ot lauds lorinuriy claimed by Juuu
Koberts thence went tio rods tbeuce uortlt
li! rods thence east 6a rods aud tlicnca 14J
rods to the place of beginning containing
rivtj -tive acres, and being tbe entire interest
vl ti: aaid i.. Vt . Ooudit iu said premise.
CllAS. itlEliilAN, 8Jiriff.
Aug. ,I35S. t:."j ts
Sheriff and Master Commissioner's 8ale.
William i. Alexsndef T DV virtue' of a de
&. Jenettc Alexau-lcr, - XJ crutal order -of
vs. ' ; salo to me directed
Harriet Teagardeh et al. ) froiu the . Court of
Coniuou 1'leaa ot Delaware county Uhio, I
shall -otter at public sale, at the door of the
Court House m Jjoluwarc, on Monday tbe zutn
day of September, 1853, between the hour
of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m of said
-i . l-- .-. 1 1 ; i .. :t 1 i ...... . : . .
ttay, fcuo luiiwaiUK uwviiuvu tuat estate, iu wi,.
situate in the couuty of Delaware iu the State
Of Uhio, and bounded as follows: bviug Lotii
Iso. twenty-one I'Jlj una twenty-two in tne
first auUrtt-r of the tilth i.M township aud six-
WcutU iltii range United aiatea- Military land
iu aaid cuuutt ol Delaware, Uhio, estimated to.
contain two hundred acres more or lor-a.
CHAltljtSi tiUr.KilA.N, Sucritf.
slid special Mitsttir Uouiiuissiouer.
Aug. 20, 'AS. ifaVH-' ' ' : . ts
. - SHElliFF SAL13.
Wna:BI. Warren, Adra't. ) DT virtue o
ts; J-AJ an execution
Geo W Coat et al. ' J to lue directed
flbiu the Court of Common i'ket of Deiawore
evunty, Ohio, 1 shall oitor at pnulio sale, at the
door uf the Court House, ia Delaware, ou Mon
day, the zutti day uf tscpt'r. 16M, butween tb
hours ot id o'clock a. in. aud 4uVlock p. ui. of
said day, the following leacrisud real esuhi, ta
ii: nilualed ill ThJiupawti tuwualup, Delaware
county, Uhio, ou the west side of tha Scioto riv
er ' Begiuuiug at an :,ah and sugar tree and
iruuwtiud, the north-east cornet uf John Has
kius' back lot in west line of Lot Nr. 16 of a
survey madb by liauiil Sc ferry i theuce south 4S
degrees west oue hundred aud eighty nine rods
with said liaskibs tl til th line to his north-went
corher, dogwood, irouWoud and bovcb Uo;
thence north Hi degrees west, with the west line
of Ixil fto- ai uf the aforesaid survey,' made by
Joel Wright, eighty-tix rods to. a turner, hue
oak, red oak and swaiup ash; thence north. 61".
degrees east una huudred aud eighty-eight
rods to a corner, two aahes and iron wuoa, in
the west line of Lot No. lnj thanoe eoutb for
degrees east with the west line of lot tin'. It to
the. place of beginning containing on hundred
and one sores and filter one rods, being part ol
Lot tio. oi. -
Also, the following doserlbed tract, sdjoiuiig
tbe one above described Doginning at two nab
os and iron wood, north-east colour of Koburt. I
sou white a 1-Jt. tee west liu o Lot. rut. H of
a survej made by J oel Wright for aaid tisuiu
ref' , thence south oo uegrecs went las rods to
a corner, bur oak, red Out and swamp ash, the
uuith-west corner oi Kohertson White's lot;
tlietke north S i-g degrees west 80 rods to
corner, white oak. btsouil and swamp ash, uu
the wast iiue of Lot Ha. S of the aforesaid
survey; thence north eti tlegreos aasl isftl rods
to a corner, beech, elm aud hackberry,' in tbe
west line of Lot No.- IT; thence with said liuc
to the place of bugiuning cuutuiuiiig uuu huu
dred aurea, one acre autl U4 rods buiug part of
Lots Ho, ti aud Kit as survey ctl by Jupl vV right
lor Baum ct i'liiry.
Aug tO, T.SM1- , , .... . ts.
Qeo. Woiaey et 1. JixrV DY virtue 6f an
a. V XJ execu tion vo me
Geo. W. Coats etal. direvted from the
Court uf Coinmou I'leaa of. Delaware county.
Uhio, 1 bhall oti'er at. public salo, ut the door ot
the Court House iu Delaware, on Muodiiy tbe.
3"th day of ISuptoinUpr; )a53,betweep the hours
of )U o'vlook a. ni. and i o'clock p. m. of uid
day, the followipg described real e.Ute, to wif
bituate iu the countj o) D..)aware, Uhio, boun
ded and described a follows, to witf iieiug
Y art of survey Nomber 6ili in the Virginia
Military Diatriot, commencing at two heehca,
being oureer to the lot of ' .udsold by alohn
vaus to David Evans, and running thvpoe IN.
4 deg, iW min., W. twu hundred aiJ eight 1.0s
poiea, thenoe B. 85 deg., W. iiv.uty-i t781
poles to two beech trees; tboso B. 4 dtfg. SO min.
. two hundred and eight tJ polos te biclt
oryandbuecbf thenoe ti. 65 deg. ,ovoty
eight 178 pole to the plaoDf beeioning.aoa
'aiuing one hundred acre of land. Appraised
at t0 per sore. '
CBA8. 8RKB3IAN, Bhariff. '
I Aug.S0,Jik: -V t.ll ,,;;,. ...
Z-Don't Eead This 1
1 " All Ketnembtr -
thai S'POIO Oaah Win buy l.s worth of (oM daslrsbl
Qooda, la order to talts rooaa torn fsU p urr.Ka.aa.
Aaa-W, i. J.BATT
Special Term District Court.
Alt oweanr nfae andarsigaed uae of tbe Coon f
voniinoo fleas, for ilw? .Kiiih Judlciti. Oiatricto! Lie
State of Ufc., ha Id at.thjauuetua. in said tliauict, em Ute tsu
day of Auguat, ieis.
,T was oausaso. That a Special Term of the IHatriet
Court within and Cor the Cudnty of Pelaware, for the year,
r-as. be held la Uie month of October next, lo begiu ;
Taedy the 19ih day of aaid month, and Uil Uie Oierk of
s. riscH. )
wauaaari.. j
X acquiesce ia fa abewe order. JOS1 AD SCOTT,
... Jadjcc bnprcme Ciert.
I eenlfr the above to aa a oeaa anne ar.ia. ..:.....
order oa ill. la aty vale.
. r. LuurauL BKun,
- Clerk Ubirict Csan, l.-:a. o. '
Ansttat 27. 1S5B. art
Bo H atutcd ty the toutcil eat tbe Xnonrpor
f AatbioB- Taat H tl tr? tajJtiBAa.l gear m-
ny person r pci-aoh to snU any m,x. citing lAbiors b"r
tbe nrnh, or enesrwlse, ta bo drauk in or aJju U tne uria i
or to aeir t a one by tb.es ijUbtuaity
the lintiia of tho inorporaieai Viiige
aa. la atpaalC. a
hi the lisaita of tho inorporaLeai Viiutgo of Au ; ,. oxr
aona who are tn Uie lut.buot geuUi ,lauctr4. Anr ptf'
sonorpentMS found gtuliy ot riol utg Uais mariea -ar
snatil boJiard fnjaeiy sum oit c -ceedrg tvit.ty-ave: 4t-l'
inr nor 13 (Alu ave au.ire; tMl nil uM awidu3a ntni, eV'
tit up 4.9 a, coinruoa ntiiauu:.
nee Zo Jut a. rurteler eitt:tt- mm teaw-ttlatn nwjflr ttf
any nitotaMtig drinks. t at v-44 tUr i rw aUavh, i ilxeetUuve,
act, -afcetli t ij aOii4 an4 he-id w be uLvrJftl soiling
WlUlaXV w&e PrM iiOaU kaUfaatCt
Ibia act pavtvavcd Atkgui.. UKtt, nd; to tnkit eulVot and
be to sruAtce irMk ata l auj puohcttUw.
- l. la i-tfl-rAtiatTlia, JSatkr.
B. f'CiEti, Kecorder,
Attnt2,, ISa.'--S4
DR C. ROBBlIVd. tW dlArvr.ror of Uie "Se-.w ftrc--arditss
or nUtMi rits. eUed i4u r .'cfVu- oIaJ toii-
raiat. ivlevvei. has rcnauv-i lo .W. t trxv'KKaii.i-iA.,
CiiAKLUliW.S, M.i-S. lie m treavi-rO. -r if tv titu.
dre-A tm, a ureca.TulJ v . iua - nrA aia mr(-ucv, ; .-
"IvN. MkBini. riAXLttio5. Maki.-v.t. a, tpaTin.ntil I
Ol J OUT faroieSateltaU ClaV.aaaVM. mUOtUM '"aSf - 'Casts M .'
bero, a wi ll aa for tbe twaent ui Utwe ittilicieJ efitia Hi
Uptic 1 reAaUra, 1 ha aaavrt A tiahUlpiuer WW JtaU bar-a
tbas antic.ed tor tn yNu-s, ab- was tAta yaaia .t av
Itrst aUackeMl. For Ue aavat throe l"rf Uurii hnvc wceAi-.-eu
eva oetero ava c weary Metx va a air ap-aj wwu. t.l M aoae yur
mlhs.aiiie. tvn atiaok tuid sbet boa to edl MpiaAkdV at
tain d pencheea.h. e4hc bttgatn tea Vc sttor MtaUKie-n:
we awwut t wo lawwiii. i s - -
Clmlad,.-. 5ly irik. 11S.
Xo man. la bettor kiaawn te tJhlo as abreWiL aataojpe
WmvtlirVS aaatal IMK nttYanVAa. C. tlml TUA, aVr.
Aug. iw. taa. ot
WeesD the atuoUaa af rarm' as le tide aa bain;
s ,Tbe roost Perfect Seed Drill
yetataeated. luaaparbairf euelsvJaWhaviae aa
mSimn eMbbi t hOO to PSSS nadl!v ovw STOXliiC.
STliMflt. sitoUaar OvlrucHa. tn tncars high, drvpoitti;
tb kaecpratnp ty ko iwn'lwstf; at enij dtiag Sway Hiaa ail
Set-oaK nss and ail noceaelty of a .ypifcg the team.
It eoM to itMare ivu t ts ts&auii Urni nd Is we.rrn'ed
in -xvcry revpovu .. . . .t?-4-wTTi-l A Ot.
AUi.1!'.. ; - xenAptavr iteu.
F o ti n cl ' i Jj as t!
vlQIS reAa-dy, elaimMd by tNs mdiaU profession mho tbe:
JL buit thfTHftaatlii that bare aUod It ud'teat4 its won
aWcW cOKATirK prpei-tii. to be tho greatcitl dlscocery ttr'
tmeurcai sciftueo, aiu buui c a wt rtrtanAj, is tiMt rcauu ot
yeMrsoJ toll aawdtuudy, by oae of oulu's ljtrritv phjsl-t-iauva,
tn order U pnedttce soniaa(hlBg that would meet Ut
wiauea of aniffarin humanity.' and thottaanda from the
prlucr-1) palc aol hnmbic cottage cvn teUly to the an
mediatae relief foand br Us use. : for waiti of svaoC wo
only lexer a'w of Ukc nuiy evidrncrit la tit favor-.
. - r HoustB, III-, yb, 19. 1SS7.
Messrs. S. K. aVanst k Co.UeuU: Weind vottx Atrue
nasaSAtt superior to any r-twel.y ia oortrarket fur ilte per
naBeatcure of all eualariam Uaeavsta. Vt e chvrrfuiiv r-
ewnmtna it as wcrifay thnc -great nssne U has wherover
aoaat ao4 ad. Very truly jour.
, - . KiLuAiWS et TutJJC.U).
To the snfferers of chills, fever and ngikei. I cherrfullv
snboalt the following; Having ooc?r.ed citely the eifccU
of Dr. aUnna'a Agao BalSArn lu thee rietttlty for the pas:
three years: 1 aia wall pieAacd wUlt its retecdta,l vlrtura aa
an antidote to uialnriaa i have frctuebtiy uod it In xur
pravcilce avad with entire satulAcuott. t'runt my lnunie
buowioge 01 this cowpoiisd, -I rerontneiad it as aattfj,
prompt ud ettVckrnc. . M. . UACliki-ojg Jd. it.
uricon, uuiD, Afiuuv, ono.
ItLVrro . In. My 17th. 1858.
Messrs. 3. K. Xajra Co. Ue Jt : Having suid your
Ag 4c Ualaatn tor the pa At inrote jewrs to score ol per
m th.s vlcialty. and eloeeiy obaerrinif iu etfetcis. we do hoi
lt)HBtB ut mS tng, we toeiirve it to no Ut oosa rsne;dy ev
er a 4d tat India it, and wUi eifectuaUy core chilis, "lever
aMaae wtiaoutietU. Truly jour-,
j-, A-aiLiaitlAJ KEARy8.ri.glat.
XaOCaltsroaT, lad., Septrtnber IS. U&6.
fr. Vajtst Pleie send sue one haiil oa uor at j u
Ague Kalsain iBaUirdiatety. It ts in great tfcauand au.d
ny be truly S-veJ tne t.lug of F.:ver tvtid -it;ur. j'
J.. IsalLK. 2hyaiciau ana Qruggiat.
Sain iauvia, idarch 1st.
tafessrs. SI. K . KaHX k CJo. Ge-ats: we hav sold a
large antnau1, of your Ague ttslattw the paet throe yers,
tutu llu tavct where introduced' aad soid u Um teo at,tt.l :u
the hiaHorjf of ague retneoles, aaa irtMa aii i"- oi tite v es.
e uv-tr tiie tsiMe uOeoring neWej u net or taiu to- cure t:
pOiett and la lo'fcrO upom tataia ctiur Jf aa aa; oesuAise. -asd
lor CaAtilsk fevor avu a a a, to"' a, our ua -iu..
. . --- .. . U. ar- t kMii t tOt -
- 8. K. MA XX k CO., Prwp.-letors, -.H.m. uhio. tfold by '
ftAigod LirugIeta. ; n AUj; 7, ia6o 3a
'A Card from Dr. James M. Jarrett. ;
(-oiatiection for ihe past elht ymv with the above Irv
4tiiuiian. as Chief I'tiyiiictan, ami twelve years' cour
fete-adjr derotWu tn ;he ture of Pultnonary t-'onsouip-fcatiand
Us kludred dUieases. loicUtvtr wiUt mv unriraJ-
nt rVirtitiiniiio tud advan'tgets of pttthoMgteal r-aWf.h
a Ataa all' i t a uErin;i;i ctuoi jikvivalibhauI'
t ivit batia raabied M4ijrrive att a tuclisive, ti.creii. and
sui"e axfru course oi trealmeit fur the puiitive snd radical
C'ire tf .-il diseases of tbe Thrvti, Lng, and Air-Itu$Ofcs.
tij Iiihalat:. the vapor and- cur-aire. propenita of naedi
HttTi are diretiy addrAed to the diseased org-mi nd ih -
tiitegtttr. -tit.- 1 dopant advise tle u of MydjcAi lnbaUtua.
of any kind, to the Mtuaion ut 'jftne, tJ UtUeert; auo U
tbttiitb 1 cv.eler i a ful tvljuraat te the. ptover absn
agrtuont f Utomn fearll aire- often fatal diseeaea, yet 1
1-T.vxv.il wrrr tacceaaavrv thu each patient should hnve l be
taraolK of baath geatwreai tnd hutAivrmmimimtt 'ie auQeess
... . , . .i i ti'C, I
hnQor to preaide, are tow well kno w u?dr SfitT eulogy or
ooinuhciK froan we. At tiie! soileUatOon vi'miiuj: private and
paVuTjettttaavl aTieUeiS, through Wbec t'isjlkVllM'aiplC id tbe
above ebarHy haa, Oatcjo long and aberaliy supported atttl
ttwter due c u aid ration, 1 it-tec rotctiatiet to tnake atteb ar
r.vng'-meuva a ell bring the'beaeuts of my evvwtvajce
and tFtMturnt atiUiaH the rautaah of aU. anl not eoogue my
slf.MS herenrfore. to any other. Hoping therefore that the
w'tngttii:tat a'tll-give eiiiiie sattati ttiua, both to tny pro-'
fev(HiA bretaaren ttnd tbe pebltn, 1 would respectfully bav
nottuee ia Caaueiaatou, thu' J etM tote '6 rmMulicd prmtmt.Ujf
ee- 6y imttmr. ou all diaeSt-a as above, and that tae'modtciuea.
tne sa.me as tasod m the twsUtuitAU. prepared to suit suscb
in4vidnnloi,-4ithalng Vapors, Medacn iAthalers, Ae. Ae.
will be fuCaVarde-d by espreas to- muy part of the C kited
elates orthe t.anadaa. Taaas Iy tcruia of troatttaent by
letter mjru as loiauws, vt el per moutn tor eacn patient,
which will uclu'ie lae.Uctne suaUeit-ut-iior one ntoutn's use:
alaA, luhl'--tg Vapor, sad an Inhaliag Apparatuef. ay
tnvnt ss fullowa: 6 to-be prtiJ to nxpreil Ageut on reeeipt
of Oie-boK tf jtedictbeA, aad v09 baidutce Sb at tha expira.iou
of th utourh. If the p ai tent bo cured or is emireiy eaUaaed.
witn the u-raiut'ut. PeUieaU. by Ki.uK full htewiry of
testlr c ase. tut f the ymp touts in fuli, cau treated wall
t- letter as ty personal examination.' rati ems avail tig
tn-tnateires of IT. Jarrett' a trctauuvnt may reiy . ykf?u im
tueUiAK .tnd porta enrnt relief, as fte seidttn has u treat a
eaeu?tr tnlrty tias. Laetters lor advtce proopti aaawer
ai. ltir fur User Uatrticulatxs address -
dAMKaM. J ARRETS. M. !.,
' Ko. 3J Broadway, cr. Tweiifh at,, If.
y. 8.-arhyalctia and othera vtslttng th city are res-
poctiully ti fiiea to can avtne tnitrtnary, where many
lutereatAug utrs can oe wiiuetiseu. itua waere our m
rovt;o arraaares for the iiihaisuou of luedioal vapor
en De seen utapewte .
dtvug.'-W, ltve---vu :
To Boards of Education.
AcDiToa'g Oyyictc. D-AWAMt Co.i
' - iolkWAre Aug. IT, ISW. f
GzoTLEHcy : . " "
THIS Blank Fotsm U.v reporting the
auuual eVcUool tvli'ica. ha? just
been reeoivod at tola olkee from the ritaie Uoiunisasi'mifr of
t omiirua ctcboajta, and am rtty Mir diatrlUuiit-n. rkaK
cai. t ttttnd aad hive tbetn iur-rWni.
t taitu liberty to rotaittl voutht ttaoanntwleautnnrntiott
of youth ta to ue t-tgeu tu the srvatrat dtstriCtS -bctweeu the
ler. ai.4r thurd Muudajs lu brpieoidicr. -
Aag. 30. IgSA .A ' Atawli-.tr UcUVo.
10,000 Bushels .Wheat Wanted.
iuK whuth wa offer the hiebest market priea la Ca.'
AU.-. a, . . - t ' WabUal a NKK OB.N'U AhU
A.H.CBRdCKagl, " :
. MaptTracToxan or . . ' "
, . dB0TTXE8i ETC, -. . . ;- :. .
GavASS ware for Chemists, Druggist!, Perfumers ; Pho
graphers. etc. tireen GlaaSbvetre by tiie package: A
Uoera. aisoouul tnAd'e to the trade. Orders frotu Cotintry
lirttggtsttt and iicatlcra aoayited. .Prtce 14L sent on ap
phcaiAun . ' Attfi. Aj, leio. mnm
.August Goods-
QX - UIIXS is new receiving and in store.
' -Dayton Cotton 'Yarns all numbers.
. i do " Coverlet do (
. ; JVbitfrBtid Corured Crpt If arris.
' i Superior Indigo, Coffee, Tees, ; ' ' "
'' ; Riee, '8uar, Tobacco and Spice.. .
'' ' ' '1' '- ' Attei V i .. ' "' .
.Vhne"Sldr4atlle8,'Bn!liaril, 8k!rt Curd,
' jRres Hoops, plain end covered ftHaB,
" White Pcingee, Cord enii PraitJa, , ; ' '"
" Check Goods for Dusters, . ;
" Steel Bxtenpwri gkjrtswhite arid rot'. ''
' "AU very cV?loe variety of 7Vtrriiy
"" i'rcoo rvois. - . .... ..
Dclare. Jtus.b, gj. " ' ' ' ' " ' '" " " '
CyVEnfi A yUAf r are paring (hv highest. maVket
price ia .
CaA for Flaxseed, '
iVilvvrr st th-!r 'HI HiUs v UU rel -w: .
t is iiUai'Lkt)ii tltMt Arrms tr fl titer MtHs are eolne
through tlw couuty telling I jxtovrs that we are oat pity rug
-vwr a etod pr..t( f.r KtaAttee-i. we wouid avail uurkolves
ot irm opporutiipy ot ft-ayiug te.-M.wc win pay. tua aifj.vt.t
te irt m urMJ5 11
iHt.V, - yV?'lrT!lfsM-4
.eawF. Jly , ta.-aa-Off
EaXco. Lii tr, Platmitf, ' - iK-laware Commoa
r seal tret. ' Vflea. Clil .VeUoh.
Hiram R. baWcte.. Drredepte. ) - -
tUli; deftadsrttf tfireta K. Vote's'. 4 bVntei l-nt of tbe
A jit Ate tit tibio, ts U'fWy. iait4d that the illuiltf. mi
,at; etn tiay of Atigust, A P It.Wrj. ftld m tbe -lJs otlVcr
U'O' oun ill bomMU'D riens ..1 i(tuwr- cntjijvy tntn.
ueiiuou aeatnst btm and otbrrh.- ten-'
j sue pw a j u-Afiweui
tiy. btta ou the Lst
f.f ItiH turael.PBUd-al nl a Ulrt'Lr'ahaTU afiVt.ll 1
my Oi PFU . aA- -0 au, iiej ma if im vb iu' waai.nueu wt
Und. Ul vit: MnUei tu the Couu'y t4 t'Vlwate aoti ntate
vJf uhio, end la - Ueuge timrteno, Townnbip nvr, tieuttou
oevaud DtrUi iart ot lc eW. teVbd omtea Jmuary; be.ia
ulug iu the tjfujr uf tbe oleutaogy river, oil the tvouth hoc
Jf vV'Llatn4, aSorf'S1 Liud, uiaiiAie soHtl tfit oogrees eaat
jmi4a vercbta m suDtutt pub tut theeuuty rtwJ; thnue
trubdi 1 dt fn-e wt.tt --iU pubfa; tlivture uurih ev drgreee
i ujinaUis wttt poles to the ouau:r of me Uleutetngy
nvei thutre uu ii rtver itarth u igroeg west w poltm
unrt aitegjrced eae4 la OJ-lJU poltfs' Ht Ute place of bogu
utug eoutairuuc'Vtr ei-lOU acres of laud o eecuro the pay.
tax us of a de.ru veAaOd bv three ik exciiirj by satU
Uiraui IS. lietge-r-to tue satd ilamtitf. nf ethnt dam wim aiu
mopagag; oou l'r the iuiu ot onu hubdrod dolVtss. due ui
sig yoar j;run Q&te; oue fur oue hundred UnUars. dAc tu -..
vou yoere irossnatn; and otih ftf sity d4Ur, tiue .tit, eight
f enra Lruui daier ad oo UilerL'Si frtMU uate.
tbe delWlaut ta hereby ootiQod ui auswer W etUM-a V
Of tae m ovy tw uctMoer utuT, or jaiiueot wui 0 wmmii
aMrU14ea VJ VQMIIaallb,
By Pewi ft Van Psaav, ale Ay a. -
. - tt ."-
AugnstS, 1 ".-A
To be Closed Out. T.,
STjsfua Silke, Organdies, lp, -i -
- ariiig bonoaiftftod lJblvyrja, ,
tmrser Kb air la, " '
UgU Ifrtnh-, 7riio)ir
. . , and J) gmi of 4
VfeiAd &Wev eau Tcir be LtMi at leaa tbas
Awxijpridim, to c.oe.
rrlafnKstuf . WeJ. ;. .-.
V";- R;eat
i ScandinaMah Vegetable lem-
7v ediese, v---
,T. TO 1 flSB TTHtl TtU.KA-l aie.STfi;
THU aaartabJlgaMtt La Aje ..nntry , jut rrMtdf o ttrsl
Ibf nvttti of. a pr.eutnettt Hjeif-. !- itjrwua.... val
H satianaed Ha amrretea-sat, t a ten-t. aittfrvr nnd re."at-li-aiHt.
iila WsabaatbtCabtng. t-ajsaanteat; via wi.o alwt
iaarak avitr :wy aaaaap. f4 wkiM m-W awtd iUarl , tUlJ
ss.ru i 1t-a it.iif- tev p-eba,- nDiue. that Kdti- a
dtLUtl lttl InbtAia atataVaan WauHf taWfrl ttaOj fcttC-
aeosa Wbnji ikis
" Gri'ar Anifs?Kr of Health,.
t irst enn-ttarrd that hia Kctodloata Aemedieo wary tat
fallible it Ljap4av,-J,Stt-r UbXhtll at. erfertre lie.vitaai.
stfxvmi H'raknrwi, iM'ofula, Pr-MH tttrt 141 Age. t'-o-r
awivd Agtv. t:btuaaiUm. orJgia, Kit. Il- .i-rSl -
tfiWa. teak a4?Aoh, Cdi, tar-rjiatd. u-e . - -ta -e (i
aaWaerrii. Wutih avprt eit. Th Srtil rHre-cl w-..
rvHitparod tj ithKe'T aattret, wttb tTve Uaoj( w-11. Pbyi
ntAut Otatru;nt. ahmttt a oal tiatXej -k Saatgr aj tb
?ragre of rnro, was pre-ja i mi ht lu't 4r(n adH.
Thrtemii WAA lluat U41ttr TJK, t t.ttKI brrAaVae- bk
b retired, d fjrat (raia. th haaiht taa&ng 44 ;a,rt
etu Md JUai in tatve Cn-.OaA. p .iru r 6 S pr -paki-atls.,
V'd dmlttd W cia. feust xf Ue dliu'r. 0'ie, e W44'
iMiUi MS(iVAI li-Ut bKaii u.
'1'he Bitutl 1'uiilu r nt.d Fills
arc twiw niilvi'raal') wannaidnS y wvU etaeel and
osvfadid o:ra)esaa at:aa en.ateha.itet.ctejv .or '";
bSUfenr, AiaeaseB nf the vkdAey. th-stniea An the fMiias
atr-Ca. ,vtatil, .OAiC, SaOt SMWlHcSt aSe A..ib.i a, aOteeM.,
JatAtvlare. Pad a k the RL.el StaU. lyian of wtaltna-Aten, arvWee
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thait any w.hac fills, fur- it.. ta.es jt Voa ueuiucr of tneut tu
pfO-tOC at la bottcir Cl'CU
fricm sf the aoandtuarl.n BI-o rurift-r. 41 per bo' tie,
or $5 pr half diutetu cf tha Aca.taiavaAr.av. Atltd. f aiaA, 2
cents per owv or uve hexes for ol.
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tlAer,orH iiiiu( real aiuhiih of tulervating aau TAluAliltt.
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: M. L, Starr & 4$r0a, Dckwar' JaniBJ Smith,
Baubnry; J. IU. Vruot, Hcrkhir; UeriVick eft
Vaa rle;, Onion a ; i. F. ialiuer, Cwntrovillo;
W- Te.tnpk.itt. U a rle tn; Cnulkin tit Justice,
leewis Uoutro; Wiiliuui, Attdrw. ti Co.,
litraUord; 6. Scott, tUtm; Juha-Kiobor, Oiive
grtrcii, Currc-n A 'Main, A.hiey; Jttg. K. Wiu
term ale, Norton v K. William., It.liu;'J U.
War ron A Co,, Ad ill v ill ; Jttnt ldg)ttt, ISelU
duiuf; J. F. ilut-chin-Qu. Cst,raudr nad uv
aUrttgvrUt and Mi-f:clia(..j gunornlly.
Ger ma mi Hitters,
will nrrccTcaUaT ;
Chronic or Narrow. Debility, Diatomsoa orthe
Kitinej-a, nrj J ttli UiaeAson striainy from
. " r a disordered Liver or Stomach.
CH ConsUpatlon, Inward; rile. Kullnse; or Blno-I
to the Head. Auidity ou the titoniaca, .Vituae. li art-
bom". I Jb trust for r'twsd. Fulloeiia or Weight iu the 8tmna.ch
fijtsr Kructailoua' iukiuit or yiuttcriutf ml the Pit ,t the'
Stotr.ACb. twtnmlng of tiie ltrtut. iittrrted hud 4ila.-uli
Ureathiug, riutteritig al tee lieeri, ChoKiOr or 6uIIcauue
seaiutiionfl wacn -ui a itiue posture, t'uuoess oi , .nn,
pots or webs before the bight. Farer gud dull val in the
Ucad. DcKirncy of rcruira ton, YeUdWnesil of the Skin
iitl Kyri, rain in tbe Mide, llaeh, UUet, souths. Ac, Hud
d.-ii l',hiht-44tf ileetb, Hui-nitig iu the rionh, CuStevot itUa
gAiuuiS oi r.r.i ana grent ltcuresAimi oi so in is
: Abe proprietor. Ut Oatlllug chc ttitentKbu of the public to
wim vreusrsttoit, U' so wits a ibeuiaf ot ta utnost eonn-
dvnee la its rirlues and adaptation to the duoascs ior
wmcn itu reeomiueii(t4d.
it U ue -&u4 uutried article, bitt one hat h iUtort
tne tea, oi a tea tear s trial hmUre the Amer.ean atvule
aud lie reptitaveuu and sate are uarir ailed by evny atauilar
Rrtpiu'aitHs uAiant. tne tetimoiiy tu na lavor, giten y
Uie ibost pxtOAunoAit and well huh h fhyaiolaus said inUi-
iuB4tsut leti patrta nt tne oouutry, ts unntenai sua m cre-
ttu pcrueu
i tne Auaiaie, pubitaaee annually ty tna pro-
out satiety the most ako.'tical that tais reawady W reaUy tie
K-tving the greavt eelcority it has ubuua4- ....
-1 " . .'..;. DB. iiUOFLAND'S f " - i
Balsamic Oordial,
- rbtt tag srxEDr cexe br -
Congh", CoKU, InfittetAZB, Croup, Uonrserveii,,
riroDoliitis, Oi . of the bowels avrieine;
irom (Joiii, incipnL'VA)rumpuon, anJ zao
, tbe reiiet and 11 at au pongtoiej caret i'n
- tieata i-u ftciWaUued Uf on of th. latter diaeage.
CATARRH, or ttoB!aen Cold, AsU Is famtUarly caHM.
Is worthy of stu.it . avod seriorss' enooah to he avoided
if possible. Ur; Bfsil .j ljs : "I will not say that Odds are
;b our Uih-ebltkit'e whtt the PUifrm and ?wtUn Frt are le
feuse x otuer ' countries; out i ean sver cunuaeauy that
thry usher in disease oV greater eomAeulty and mortaiity
thsn these latter."
lit tbe daogr-r of Brfmebii fs Ka'il0firmon ta , which nftes
follow in the train ol a nejclectrd Oold, and U rtuAUU i'ai-
mown, tue tUDercuiar-irruauon ot waica M eev Aepra by
the sntne cavose, we tru.r.l j h.ve proof and argesnent suth
cieut for aueiitlon. hot oulr to th- nr ventstlvr meaus. bnl
nlso to the curative ones of a dtseaao. which however tnled
it iu inceuttabu. la dtrvecly or tuwlirecUy uruducUve of such
diversified anrf alarsatng results; .
Thia lesson should be. pr i- ulary isapresstd oai, those
whuhavoAiiy cestM i.vl .teuAecy to Pultaiattarf
gumption. j
T..e use of the Bilsasak rorttia, tieroeably to dlrOrettons
aoreutpanying Mt.h boWi will r cadi iy cure the ihoattiaS-
Veasing eevee of O-nish. '- 1
Coughs siitneUtuea, uroered frun a disordered or drepep
Ur sutveuf the stout tch. in which cse Ute ttertnan hitters
siauld be used. In CAe of w -akunce, r gtturri Ueut..t
of th ststrm, resulting frutn a proirac ed couh, the Cer
ataa bitters will be Jouno of greot 'eeneet.
In eases of octtu luilainmattun of the laUgs. the procrtl
laeut ytapinis generally ara hitrne'4 and painful rept
ratinu. intpertcct ax(eriali-iU.R uf the bloo-ta-eough m.uiS .es
pecMora iutt attended - with rstcUrtu'-nt et the heart, fever,
rarius derttiAetnents of thu 4 est a e and urinatrr ateuita,
preetdttant ut atreugth, e h lsvgs iiy be diacdased
wt uuui an? ot tnese sa9juinss win prmmiitwrnH Vet Uie
inurmurprodtiOttd durog tnt Jatii.4 rsparatee and
Use .iite.-n.be. cooirsciron a4 eApAiioi of tue cliet, evi
tientui both ciSht aad lefltttg, aii furuiah must iariiKirtant
pu .cal sigua iu case of diae.eetf and shotitu r. eeive prntnpt
ttUvutiou. . -
TiMdiaesttri.stlaiiii.ly caused by scold stStiUns e th
iuitgs, aud tha use of tne aAaiaaUuic .Cordiavi eauoet pertavyists
- the teriihle Cttall y nf dincvses rulxlur from a esw
stom mtti" may te seen by a gitf0 av the foitetaVaug etattav
Ucs. taken trein the reeoru ut Ute Marl.ei' Htilvh at iTiaU
eVddlphia. CtUfCSSedly OUe Of the eaVOSl haoetl y eailtae-OAn
the Luiot:
ki. Toul death In tiUr'ielpAie, .t-C
- Itiea-oaji fJeGteutUiteau. . l.t1-? -.
-' avfia-bloi ail ohcr dt--tes:Anuatni.f't-I iir
' . lo.y.i
1853. ' Totsl deaths. " -V. -
- lt-dof twiiimynqa, . 1M6
U.tv. ef aU other Aiatar-a ; Jwi
1354. "Total deaths. llleli
. licd of tisoTOptitm; ttlit
ajsu 01 au otiaer uaeavsee. , . 9av
t,l,H t
Frnm these figurrs, it will bes-en that aearly Mt iiru)
of the total deaths in tbe ottuntry rc csuaed by eue.eni
tlen, to say nothing of the nuincrous other disease tring
lUgtrotna 'alighv cold;' - -
'the proprietors are in be passes tilon of rei-4flcSi's' shi-eying
thai the Balsatnic Curdisl h--M a-swc'od tiur, a-acaae,
otliearemediitl means hae failftd. tetvr It a if . a.
Titeae iuvtutble itnltciues aa'c prepftred hiy ty Tr. C.
X. Jackrton, 4.9 Arch street, Ihilaiclphis, and aCc Jor s .1.
hy ui uggists aud storeecevier in every wu aud vtlUte h
the Uiitted etaaos, Cau-a4a,aod Wcttiudics. -iria-e .a ew
per but;ie. Jtily icoe
Administratar'. daU of Seal. ttat
BT ordrrtrf,'bs Pra'e Court dfpelaware Coim'jr. ,0bJaa
as vdiuiniatr-aier ot the avstatetj et insld .nVtlire, rh-
ceniMrd I t t;i ouer at pupiic v.atiine, -oa th- errtMin, a,
aemrdatr the Ipth'da of f-ep'.risthf).. hciweeu thi
hours or iu o'ekwtr a. u. and ? rit. p. n.thr fadlowUr
Je-.r.bt-d ttval r.atr,'-a: roc .bnuda-a-d aud fori-see1
cri". more or ha, ba-tua: i.trt . ar.ttbn $uur ui th Atrtanh
owpabip in the sixtceuth ntve of the U'japproprted
lautss subrct -o private riatry tn if Chilt'cai- ltd In
inc. in thr Staw ol tUo, attfi being he rrsMrnt tarnt if th.
tale Itavitf eibrp afcaj- wavr bA rrettted a the iien tf
bis death, in Tfenufn tevgr,h.y1 ieLAw-afe Sowoty aowrtsi..
of Ukki-ts tr "U tnbjvet i the Uf nste.e af ,eekper
4tM tlbara tb v. i4o- u. t.e td l-.4 teeBara.
, 1 : r -. M e'a-.-bi nauars.
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Till? fioj artnevstilp uvrewurr eAla'Usir sudor the wrmv.
01 Jtj.Vh.4vi m. j Kl, a P. ts Utts du-y d.Mv.-4 by e,N
tii owoaehi-. -the bAeAlMeas u vci4 urn wiii be Cseeed up
by Aku. UiiUp, - Hii. JUXiw-
, -i - , AialvA. 9iteAr.
f win filva eyttAAio o the MU'rACT1le. AC
At, O-AlstV t.- UlSlJa, lAdttiel. 1A t 2, AtC., aftaal re-
pttcuuMy aas-ii
l paiA'auac ol die -itd use irvaaea'
cuuecru .
TViixiAg UtM'asn, riaiiilitr. J " .
aaiQfcv i Tatii of ' roMnn Pl-as
J ttr.es U- Iia,ur, t-leo. 8. Ea- tf.ware tmuuty, .ao
fern .auMvA .V'lMin,. aereuot PtUt u. ...
Wrighs i'ofvndatt's, .. . - J
it, o. r tTOX, rnaiUfitt nf Mtnsoi, Jamee tes
rtiiiout4l' tudinua. tut J mha li. Bar. wm
usa lately rcftinvua to Miiivtbu-, dcitt-4iats in the aboes
CAnr, art; lieroov-no:ifie-d ibsl ou the '.-Mb dny rtf .ittty. -A.
li. ir-oB. the plsiurtiu b ca.bia petit wn ttt- the tur sm-i;am
ikhm Plt-avs. ihOdLueoi' attti tara?rM WhbCb is tehe..- e
tuarEego given u-fdaueA U,Aa-e piiitrot.lf, -to secure
the i-mttt ttf tu'u prwuit tsfj l-oiew of srevehuAa-'d
oollavr cei. ,ou tut- loth-wing p.opvity. tu wiu ruuiua
in tliv, town 1 .lulJrwart,.ticlawaiv vouuiy. (so. lnLV
yt. IJ-tt iltuutl UU, a uumuet'ed ou itir reA-r-ai ia m
tiyutw-tiiu'e aiidub'u t the ma a ot IVilau ,. Aierw. iae
ftulowiiag As ri-.oJ tiairt of Dot, Lt h'ta. lfc;aaauesne at a
Ajwauesuii 4Ks.-at tbe seMitre wve-l ,erur sf e Sa. .i
an suaUb'Wtfjet.roruatr ot o-.tt.un, ia. uhcorr nertn par's,
vWrl iaaUsJ UiO' MOUth tua et 0r iet0rtSid ei Uet Mo.
tw-aioehui e af poles kh'a utt ox a lawoili. titteafr 1
said south 1iih, iUrtice aorth i Jt rant ttrAnglhe rnir th
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oaiu pe-t.Mia ia r'ftttr0'i bt.bn aiaetJtetaBnl ou r before thr
53u 4y of ..-op inberi A. U. Lk'V.
, J. ti. KK6 A'Hr. for Pt.tr.
Jo TO, IMS. ttVWi
rrut scuscnue u vjxu row A5t tH
IVIillincry atd Variety ;
etoea-iorwerly aerae ijr J.. .1. A!.'a. taint ba-ntahaa'a
b.v- all le lot-m.r oatrous:.aad also ia oe-wanes rati
at Ue old ataed whao wi.btu aov isuiavlo Uim- BbaV-traerV
UXy will BBd a variatv ol Uoo-la, cb as . v.., . .
4 Bosnet, Kibbon, ' ' " " "
instil' Oollar. Dbtlur rJluat'OB. :, ' -.
Dress Triiumiug ef ell klnde, "
tc. 6- at low prko. - ''
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vi-lllng bnvlf Vbured Kur p. iaUm-t "rH-ai. aw wrll
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W nit: . lbs- d rJt. 1 tU, tWp'-M'.-altr:aaat'WO- tttf Bd
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the kWsa. lHu ructHtfe, -a, thry s.rm v 1-r. e a ot-n-its
atf raajHir.t ftOtM - etaArit, Atrf . UN O WSMtt bUM
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across he hhooei. tt tm abowh thai ir. Mei m'''lmmK
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youth a s j ba-atity will atraia retttrA, aud tbe pripe.t of m
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Vt a. Mi' an. a A t.'ri. rrarie:ors of- -t-aVs Js-agatTaaa.
meat, Kierrville, Ma ti-amA -t o. .h.i.
W. .UacLbaere. rot. ueiA(r -, -en -y oa? Afifn Ah
oaoa wn 4 ue a,-tiu y. . . A '. .
July ;, !!. t'lr."-.
Commanded tiBtire! from OViW, " ; r
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ih.it iw. It strengthens the Kyateut tu Ute sae lime that
U purges It; ned whentHkei uaily lu uu-irAte doles, will
strengths, and build tt up with uausUAvi rapidity.
The iWrer la one e the,
principle reeulatoreof the
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If ujy developed. TbetOowt:
.pendeut on uie healthy ac
proper perfrBance of Ite
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hunt an boly; and whenHj
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tion of the dMtwr for tee
functions: when the 04.-1
sre al Uult; and the whole
u,tAoc 01 tout organ thoi
Usdu y. For the diseesoat
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of that organ, one of the
aHUety, lu a praotica M
und so uie remedy where-
proprietors has made tt hisl
utdrc thatt twenty kears, ioj
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snorbid or had matter froea
lo prove that this re-no-
sott- Lrouuirtt wun AVec
forms, has but Ut try a hot 1
1 m. ... -I
hec OuVa f-ast'Te all
the system, supp.yuig
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the) a'.omAch, caus.ug rvou tdi-
iff one, t tvtgoriiBia;
gest weil.patv ififiMit it bhhut'
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uie wuoit: lUACHinery, re-j
ttiseaae elfa-Ctuig a rd-iical
JtiUiou mttatJ.t arb cnrvtl
rf. by ute ucaaUbba -Ate
' one dojb after ra leg is
'Votuach and prevent Ute
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m cure.
fbtrnf, tr hatU mftUr.-pnmmnk
-U-4) of la-O dt-KSr lmiimmY
Q sufllcleht to Vrlleee the
food-iruin 'rising snd sour-
. only one done Uhett be '-frj
ATtoAXrvva. . J kj
- uuly one dose taken at i"
'fore ' r!lrins- apaaaaia
night, lost&s laa bewa-s
each neal e Ji cure aty-
gentljr.aud rurrg tAwite-l PrT
One iva tahen after
ubt teB ef two tea
irtte lck Aitudath
uic tot el taken for fe-
ak eu.b i,f in kdaa..
iipouuf uie wiU nlwayg re
male obatrectton remove
etad inaaea periect cure.
m-m.f reltere ihfu, wa)
ouiy wete . doab' fnimeeif- P-J
' Onedisae btten lpea.ed O
steeeotM, and n preventive' l
aetre ettre for C'a.awe
tef 1'htWtkr .
uceueu to threw out of tat
cin sfter a. iui aieataaaau
cysaem ue enectstaf ated,
' 4tsV'tuaj tfottin teaen f r!
InwasMWtMatttirsi coiorl
Ja.mUicc remoues ail aU-
iTu-nt am akin.
lnn Veiore .' sling glees ri
tine Ueese. teaeS. a sbord
gfr to tbe appetite euuj
Our dose of -eu J-epeUrAi
d-nites ltroai dice.t weu:
iv tires C'Af wttc dVu rAb in
ns worst iwrnis. wmie m
sr aed awarci complntnt
eld alASMSt. to me fuoti
iuie.- - -
. Use or two doses euresj
a.tevchs CSUsCtl y rOi-wu
surer, saier, or snecdief
O ihildreo.. tne re are uo
remedy 10 ta. v oriel, a it
Mils. r
i--. too not.ies cures
QVV w) eXclting the so
ednunendtoc i medleiiie
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otyuc. CAtUrstcn, sod ail
Aee. lull dtltiVsotae 5'ryae. i
ana huo Asatds At e v iialtag;
nntw. ' ; J
itoiforates tttjji certainty .
totaCSLfv tW ita Wunax . t: ,
All kAo was tt orcyfrtea tAHr uMofimw faa-'si p i ft a
atdYtn ffatfev lt fAe evui af-lfA Cfae Ma4d.waW Baiaf a.
reVbC ttsfA Vg4Jxr.
IB ASCIK-sririUAtiiiuOAt UiiiOoVKriT, aitd it daiTy
waraine curse, almost u sraai to tietlinaraK .it curviiai ti law
"gl. erM IX pru eW,e,'ai0 eemeat, stud aeUvut tnoro tkw
wa uuiuc ,m reuutriQ tUCSfs pBV aUtMl Oi aVtreV VOMiptatt.1.
iructa the WWVSt JO.UiUX ttc Uumnria tn v ruaimra U..l-
aae-w, eta. VI n auc Me M.C ffiiUt Ui A. AOdraS AVatmaMfa -
rktefc ,ons puiAan ran aorrtA.
DR. iiyptlKU. Proprietor. 544 ilrruMWsr: Vaw Yrtre.
roteuteu ty aii srruggiSas. .eMsueoby at. dW.axAKt,
A ItfUo.. PeinWat.e; uhtai.'- ..
Aug. 1. 'so. '.v v -be-ly
biitdSt of the Kldn, LiuO- boripUiht
it'eiiArheja af any Kiiid, Friirf end Affile, 1
Alidthe valine, affeetlons eonaequaat epae aiaordered
etTOlHAITfi AJIfJ Lli'tirt,
8ieh as Iiaf)lget.oti, Acidity of the iueuscb, UHf?ky Pains,
Hearth urt. Uiaas af Avoetlie, i'-sptudncy, i 'sUvueb.a,
Uttod ast-i itta-eeltag Piles, in all Nerve-is. BbeuroaHe aeii
urealcie .iOV- Uuisa. tt has iti tswrthis ltaStaurea tiraverd
hitKhls eenae-l. aA4 pt nih-rs tfcr.ted , 4ecidd ctrA.
j'U;s is a pttrsly vt-g..tahle raHKsve4n,ti ibrpared atriet
ly freieuiUc principles after the uiantAor the ceaaorAteA
iieiitMtf t'rticsr, U oravcs hvcvore hi Its great suc-
Crss m :im of too katirupcM taAcs, t.g iitriUw:tou bate
-irt t'uitr.l rtsiee W a iu! ended imtc espeeiaUy for tsVase
tt mr lath- riauad ae.attcr-d here and there o'er the fAce of
thatt jtucltty wuutry. Met-tiH wi"h greavf suc- e.is atnovg
thetat, Iwiwuuer i. " i-iie Ame-rieepuuliahuoa.iitgttnt it
trutj ".imdrrinl m (lieixel vtrturs bo acknaiwlcdged,
it ie partaCMar v rbCt!nmi-ndvd th tTe,is pcramaws wawsV
tHtu.tutU"iN may ha- mnu i:i,'aited bv the eiUUnuoua it-se
of ardeut saints, or m Her lertits Of alidstii aUuu. Ueneraily
it.a-ritino 'iti m ejtrct. it- uous ll Wa) airaetiy k tee seat
'I. lUci tari alalia attd a-U-'hriiiiie rarer v Hertr-: r.etsinat ou that
drodiu.tig sp rtt, ati-A, m .at:., tufustag new lirsiiineaie vior
iu the s steth.
Iha ras aae'il. rtr af thl. 4rll,Vful Al
autb) oaKaudi.. ta.it-b the ol;.s ahouid ddacd-M-.-aat
pareaaMa. at in iM-(ii...k."liJ(Vi aarl 'lim .' Haill
io ha.a givat .rraa. dlUau.l ftlilra a' fiup-'Tt.l.:
"a-" ba-.tir w.il oi..vtacr yaasrw-bBdaltalr auoarlar a la ta
CaT r sat at-l. aeenan. ea alx SetVa, tr Is Sa bf tb.
4la.t. KjfHItT.jt,
BXXJ&Hiir PA0E, ja. a ox
. ' : MAtivracrrtuire - '"
Pkirmac'uttits oAi Vtrttitt ,
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nsavtn .TetvVillurttx. vte.
Metre. b, ifta,. I e
f rter-f eerttfSf that I h'ae tfeaHug iu the ir9n
berg llT'.stctua-, fir tbe is.t fhte ye tr au. ran trely at;
that 1 have -ur r .itTt-rfd shy iee-lLflu.- ,. tb ptthlta: tea
hove nuet with tbe d-eile 1 a:prohtien of the p o;de 1 k
thest. partirolart the Pills sntl t-a btdirwie. They wit
rdily pb-f.riu all eifl nvare th u ta promised fbr" tbvu.-
I h-ve Jhtttd eaaont ifty tottles-esf h t stbolh-eu 'he p.a
seaoen, and I bear the ht fyeiattts m every ess,
- . .. J- U.b. alvJii.Tit.j.v, jaoaiinal Ag-bot.
P4 w kaf p)r. Vwhne! a-y nf the Ora rr
eiaar.S. pr. 1. ia pltj -Ir.so i extricive r iff, .md et e
e4 Ahe utt sweneaiil'il iu tbe euat (irvtetsyulll In whieh
" Tit- rejbrttgeg iHat I bvejeir.d h fJr.ff'-nbri( Pills ttv:
MsrelseU'a tau. vcan. id b'-re by ri il. C. UAhNawaMb 4
Miy pYaSastAtw -e. hi aaure aA.:Ai4-ti.iu, 1 bey are enod u-d
sctiaoa, lr. a. W uUMiNr.1.1..
Uartrortt. Trumioll t 'o. March ;, tft,,;.
t tua a pbyatclaw of hr y year praetlcei My prlorinl
Stvtw V hats betett a.r-a; o. f inli't. t'b -y have atwlivr .11
baxAiwd u. v brst euir:. tjh aiutug the mat.-nl. cttpvestttK
ManfataAi's t lerinn t a.ufdtrM i was ptoaHi w tut th.
gatvv iheut a fair rtt, and fHn i uivmiu abtinuattiy see
.-eslul. iu uy n. itt-r proeuce I rwuld. ouiy miicaie thi
nepot)ta ot' L-o-ii uatl the c -see, snd c.ti'nni e-iktt oa
tn Hat, Uaiw I rate rauiicaliy cures leeai evi'tieetania tw.a
ty and aitaett' tne rtat. 1 txuaiJ-r dHrehAirs (yter.nc Ca
tObjitotm the grrAleat leaio to ijsBMa.es i hv u' t -.n.
U- Wii.uAAhiis it. U.. i:ia-trlon.'
. Wt.iT Bi r..ai, C-eWia fa.
r. V. B. "iufl'7 R'r t I ee been e lling tba atedi -C'uesot
th" r-d -urrg it4Uiau ir ue last ! veare,
aotd bv uv s.'tably luun.i taetue to give gNbbi v.ttstdrsifteA.
and the Ptus I ave setld ts a cr.aai wauy iSakiUia a rcgtl
ir.y atl.ir tv a aud ooBce, etH wi h uty trade tev-y bv
ht-restoe a staple- arteiV- Marehuii's Lter.we ieAlviliotu is
ntexrtftnu 'b-el hea dotig a great tmnul f geed m KeMtW
lH.e-'a, te tiv- t a.,td it iei4 me she bei rwr. iev
rMOfw iH-uel fraou mu txHttv tbau see did tretn e lu eodrbe
m medtoati tr-eiuteui by toe mo ak:littl pbyaifUus.
Voure:rU. J. k Wi u-OX .
tArV T.WIl.litAti
Vrv-r -gnna ..........
tare-ban t'sietti iVu assart,-.-. ,
lerva,s ".aJW ..... , .....a--1
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lever ;t 1 aTwe te.teiV.". .1 f. .
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l rentier y Hrttp. . , ,a,-.a i.... .per b-ii4e SO
S e-.a.
1 et.
VSrUWyw-l O
Vart i eV.i Lk'O'U.'On -,aA.
t , )-atfh slaters Pita II rarasiUV
sfii4aittf U.al-h. .--. ,..gM Oooy c.9
' rwieJe-bBTAm ft mt.a pw,i-e. rir eVRea.
c,est t-'rauge, wi.iitiiii
Iu.'.li a
aat aealalUlea.
tetent aud
f aeenrs t ittbiietites
s'jri trv . .
oe eaapaAe y tw
Rf BorsR, rw,r street, 1st ra
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iT Rftllta
ay Cltra Of HI. 'II UOTVOW t lVD. Wrat af (Vaf
, a rt,r .at aaae Uie OwrperaUea, too aire at Ba. t B7j
lubOi, lllaeA.
May i-.l.-M If -
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TU9 argest Stock Of
STf ff,!i faslha. awk't. ttakaa. , ...
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nta'wt., we ooute iuw. tA Cevnell ft rSafcp4rn
a. I ad t Wi M.rer(ra dll4 Widi n two waJ
VAJaiOI ilaVA nppaer. aT. 4aAirtr ttVaOW, a-g , J if Salt IT
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..ittta, ifw,- taaw (easfdta. tiaA VurUi ot berth w '
fricl a taa-atwy wf .UK., i"W..n Wars , sh .
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ttw teo-rt.t eirm i4 tAe Know stfHai f
IV- t-Met' -, f T!rV-,VM 4rWte b WO. 5 '
tl,.w.. ti.nrvt 'eter uae-lr inilueiio-. ,
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itag ta I rlt a.MjeaW iAaaCV- dtajWe o a Mueud. aftMatt . mmmmmmc
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; By lie I2xpreis;
IV".? tae.- Usti-the above hodle tw ear aw sss4nv-s'
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.bb,-ctM oih"wba- 4he ft ad tn er-ay
ftaAAV-r Ue-y aata., vretne-nu aJu.j or an ot tew '
aiiee p aAba-r is .-a-r-.h u. siseh A bay gv -iirfe a
P r. ratters aiad C. ry tfertta tkr teeselwr
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H Jt. K-.i-B Vt uv"Ur Uttaon a aWwhtg M fctah W
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if hts Owe ramr to ehel weee
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a rrel. a da. rabv ia ue way at ie. aa4'li
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1. which he ers at prions tsvat Oarnnot laMl tog
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Ooosts aa ueei. jleaae sire . ua a eeli.
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I ' EoTcelsior efXil ia
f v...; . : .OaW; PESST ftvV.' "r:a. ,
IAKS this snethod of twetifylng the attbllc ta g twarsi- wsea
A Aey are BaebtttuactnriMg 4 n.-,-,
! WteMt-a Csriebrn feel Vsaataf Ml U-
'Thsee soflht are so copxtructe-a that the foetles. "Qj ml. sjgV
trr passeng ihrottb the mill, wiil ba nyt .ostiy nte teeitasteHsas
btit ttt 'of -ed; so l whr re. there is UtnoUy o .svHf ms?sV
uuaWpT-1 with the grain. It ts w rase .'red by rvuA&itr wwe , '
aye-Ai at the side of the mill. ' ' The advaatevf rwtm.
witb itaeTtr msnufactttre as mnln by -4hht eosaf enf Asejg.
prtw p ef sewsonea lunUcr and' woii pttg to,!. r, sm'
it a verr (ttntLVcbte wpoendsKe votne ue-usf-svaMat d .--merre
rhwvVrv avwil ibevtshselve ed the) essrtewrti' y w &--ritt
g one wbieb when once u-lr-o Jm aoeaiao are SBayrt4
they':wonld Umo case be wit boat. They vre ah ps-w
t KKI'AIH UL MJlwIvg, Or era vert Ih lae Wr f
Pafohi Mills by such alteratious as are aeeesesey sf e-'d 1
Aad will repair Mowiug or Ueapin adawbauvi e meshoss
esl i.'Ueye . if delivered st our shop lu iUw.Wavre. fmm. M -of
which wrk wilt be done at n reaeonahie sn eg sniaiTlitf
in h or approved trade.
.. B. These M(l!s are aduirfahly adaptebd tf 11 HO14 1
Flsjt'Seed. iteferouce is mnde bO ae avgreeUl4rs gssj,. .use;
fow reeonemeRdsthae. - - . , - . "
lei-wara. duly ti, l' lt
Great Inducements I ' Kntire Stack a to tie
In Sixty Days, wKhont regard to '
Kew Tork CtU " ikaiV.
oexsimxa or rnvtix vahistv or
' Dry Gootls, - '
il -5 : 2
Crockery Ware, Groceries. v
At th Store Uorme of (latripboll A little, advt
Uao. VT. Little A Co-.-dnrldnsky rjueat, .
Delawsre: Ohio;
AM earaon. iadebte'd lo elth'.rar said' VabiaHl
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deacri.(!lon a
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thi lowest tvtTjtaibld rat-
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AiUo, Khfciell Fliil In ifceir scsacn,
, bWTTaarM
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r rtuay. - -
Pelswere. Aprll tS, IfMtf
fr.1T fi-airad. st lab KCW W ABEHOCMl i.eBiai
tl (1KU, - :;-?, '
White Flah, Mli., ialfa and qrai. ' '? ! ( ': -
Trottt, do ' do tio ' " - xt
llskerel, do '-da ' do r ,- "
"' ' Uorring, Shatl; - t': ,':- ' ' -
hum! Cat Fish; : ..f-- - -
Bay fish, Fere. ' '
Uarrhanta -M! find II is lhatr Id'leraet ti a.fl. ei. aaa '
srapared la sell as lea- aa tbaj caa ba aershased id Mb aaa
lead. t . ... ? j. ' ' - --. -i . . - -,
. . .- CLIPl'EHOES a O; .
: fatttrare. ttay B. ISM. tf . . . . : ,--.. . .
Plittrd -Wars.
1 . .-.--!r
A lar atabplat.al' of Kpoons. Porhs, ereesV tXllji s '
a a. Sails. Sarara. natter aaireB, Ac e. Vaat reaatriaaa'
jaiy i.ifc .t . ,-'-; . . .-'. . . it!, ;. ,.
'"1.,.. .. ... If Yoti Want t ;
4" 'i $i uata. a Vati of SUv,l iabii, lay H& ii aT aad'
a as veil wtf Jo m. vs.rsta- sas, a vt'-'vav, tw any vuaekr at -Ml at eteaaia
ally knptln, Jewvlry esublUhmeuta, at a lawnrice, ee. esf
the best quality, call at the Uf CLvca, aad ye-i wwibe
suited just right:
-- ft. grifstttr.
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rTIlat enrreet time for tbls.merMan. whiah isr
A iiailaay time, can si ways pe touad at Jfa. A
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'.y farm for Sale , ? t ,.
ttrain Farrd. aitnntnd oa the went '$Zni iif $4
river, at Khe erosstng of the t. hi. ft P. Kaim eea..
tdktning. dtatt .teres, or hcreiuU, belonging u ta a sMeaal
of 'the (ate Urorge A- t-rjdrf decrssed; is tut sals. Toe
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two ttrelaartle or ebotae fruits: axid
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as I'veaware, w. 7
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hera -y ctva, thit a po'iwot. will be prasea-.s.', a i'W ','
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etweu feadaiu jad UeUWare, cowstaeueiag eta ar mi, hr0a, '
ee.- of hv HrV.k shoil tlasa, a Uc HUtte rend Ise-eje.!
run Ihtsuwar to Berkshire. In Mrown wawnshlo. r. Jmm,
Wtngne'a land; hcuce easterly akiatg the old roai
ts.r. fatit. atntt upikh'i uorttcrs ott tc uttwigwn
rawB Tewantp. August a, ir&r. A r
fiilrer and Flatfli Wirt. : '7 ' -
"ll;TBR Table. Ten and !eerr- ftpoeb&s: Silver ligti,'-Aa--Jre;9aaKd
a.t rpootes; ltlvrr forks ana ha tr Csn'.-aea; -
t'Tsi sasntt riue aiaesi, r on, euiter naives lse .
wsWtt mawra. Cape, ac..; Pl-vt-Ht and Hruuta-a ' ee ,s. t j,
iCee re. oilver jpoans ht.tered i good yle vtitoHM;
estra rnarft. A good assortment ol these Is n aa -Vnsndnt
. . - o, J wltltaeu I
-; Spectaeleii
Oald. Sllrar. Ma4 Steel aa l Oarataa WM.''t
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:d fraats. . dmcaae aiau for aaar-aiablad .fatiiif
aud loiat 4raclt tUaav, at - Ko. d M Uaaat. I tea. .
. T 'T - -"''' '' "" f " . '.a "w. '
. v.rins Catlery,
FlVr. I very Kasvile Table Khivee. S die.': iae PewheA '
haveee, AioeiHeen and KucltAh saakex bmt Petassre ft
Kmtors; also tpa. erteahe, ., wtitba feuad at
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FRIlr PIaicue. gnnu:ue ardele; Hey wn. CeJVe ,
eTswv, Hair Iu-raie. ildAf. .itrr.ta, Paur .
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