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LEE JL TKtf.Ui P"1"'""' -
(Republican State '..Ticket.
' 11 ' " OVKRXOK,' " .''"'.' .'
,'! : JOH3I C. LEE. .
Xenia isagitatlng the subject of en
larging her manufacturing intersts.
., The total taxable, railroad property
in Ohio ii 49,flll,367. -
Cincinnati cast 15,000 TOtfl in favor
ot building the Southern Railroad and
only lj5Q0 .irist U,'.
The Great Ksstern steamship has ar
rived at St. Pierre, " having completed
her voyage in, laying, the new ocean
J-Aconvict at the Ohio Penitentiary,
"'named' Ryiriv,' purposely cnt off his
;ieft hand, with a broad-ax on Monday
:la.st. -. - ' ' : ,
37 The Ohio. State .Journal says: The
"Geoioeioal Corfts are making considera
b'e progress in (hesuiveyof the State.
Prof. Newberry states that the outlines
of the Btirrey 'fi?l, be f" presentable
shape in three months. ;
.,-,,.-,' r .l i'i.c, if . .
' St"p"beri Buhrer.'M iyor of Cleveland
and the Democratio candidate for State
Treasurer, ts the iiianiifuctnrer of cer
tain very "5nviorating bitters." Th's
isnrp 'Sned to account in part for the
.vigor with which Ms lobby pressed
through the legislature last winter the
bill to jeremander the wards and po
lice districts of Cleveland in the Pemo
:ci alio interest. Bnbrer owns th larg
est cfistiUe'ry'iri that city.
The result of the election in Virginia
is claimed as Democratio yictory.
As it consists in the triumph of an equal
suffrage.constitution, the election of a
Republican State ticket and Legisla
ture, the execution of the reconstruc
tion acts and au'eiidorseuient of Pres
ident Grant's siluinistration, its weight
as a Dein6crnt1c success ' is not very
palpable. - ,",.', " .V '
. . Werunderstand that many "Democrats
in Licking county are greatly dissatis
fied with the nomination of Hubbell,
at whu.li result -we ore by no means
surprise If-' b,is; 'nomination , was
tliado off aceouiit 'of his. local strength
-hei jit -is an.- egregious r. mistake,' and
-w are of the opinion that the Democ
racy of the. District will be taught by
'the result of tho canvass that it is bet
ter tor tnem to fiestow their nomina
tions in reward of partv faithfulness
and general capacity than as ,an in
dnoement to political recreancy. . : -
; The Detriocratic Candidate'for State
e-uuaior is not p easea witn what we
have, in the conscientious dischargo of
our duty, found it necessary to say of
turn tn this paper. This is painful but
not surprising. The fact is we have
not consulted McJgubbell with refer
ence to what we should publish and
have neither desired or; -attempted to
cater to- lite; wishes.. His relations to
, tho'RepublicaiV party during the last
eighteen months have been such as we
supposed relieved us from that formal
ity, whatever obligations his position
prior to that time as a sapient and con
sistent expounder.bf Republican .prinJ
doles may-have imposed upon us. '
But it seems Tve have been mistaken;
Notwithstanding the fact that Mr.
Hubbell has attested his dovotion to
the Democracy' by tears of anguish
over the martyrdom of Vallandigham
and the untimely capture of "Presi
dent" Davis, notwithstanding he has
for full eighteen months identified
himself as a full eommunionist among
the faithful and unterrifie of the Dem
ocratic church, it seems he still bears to
Ithe Republican party the relation of
' one " .
"With purpose to bo dressed in ah opinion
yji wi-uum, gravity, pt-orouna conceit,
As who should Ray, a-nfHr Owfe
And when I ope my lip lit no doa bark. "
This may seem a little dogmatic on
. itubbeli's part, or rather to suggest
that rare faculty, only possessed by a
certain clas of politicians, which en
ables them to manage two diverse po
; litical parties at oiie and the same time,
-furnishing the necessary brains to
both. We will not stop to discuss this
, latter proposition. The impossibility
of compliance with the condition last
named places it, in this instance,
wholly out of the case. It is only with
Mr. Hubbell's assumed censorship
over this paper that we have now to
do, and more especially the manner in
- which he has chosen to exercise it.
In this connection and as a part of
the current history of these eventful
times we quote the following, which
we find'set forth this week in the col
umns of the Herald, a paper supposed
to be Mr. Hubbell's personal organ.-
..Jl?,?:n Saturday last an affrav oc
curred between J as. Hubbell, Jr., a strio
i i,1Sleo,n Parao1 and capt. A. .
l?0:' Delaware. Vazetle. Youni Mr
Hubbell, offended at an attack on his fathi
" Hon. Ja. R. Hubbell, which appeared in
; the Gazette of ltwk, undertook tochas
tiseMr L.ee, whom he considered ibeauthoi
or it; he met that genileman in the second
scry of the Williams Bio. k, and commenc
ed operations by the selzius him bv the
neck and administering several hearty
blows; Mr. Lee disei.tantded himself, and
both pariles then squared off into position
the "four easy lessons on Punilism.''
" h J10 J ?TenSt d,e,ed8nad been achieved;
hereof nil Hell had rung,"
U.ld not Col. Humphreys Interposed bei
...cu .lc wiui.amius. ine aemonstrai
In ms toward ech other's personal luiuiv
were terrillc, after the Colonel was well be.
tween them At, the latest acconnia hnth
parties are past serious danger frominjurles
and doing well. ...... . 7
This is the quaai-Hubbell version oi
the manner in which onr wholly per-!
verse and evil-bcgotteri course: in the
conduct of this paper has been chas-f
, tened and corrected during the past
week in accordancewith Mr. Hubbell's
" most approved and wholly Democratic
method. The author, it is fair tn pre
sume, has given Mrj Hubbell the ben
efit of the best version he could, but
wo submit whether after all, he has
shown Mr. Hubbell capable of doing
more to avenge his injured innocence
than like Artemus Ward, to contribute
a relative to fight his battles. This
Demo tValrtOU9, and ve from a
Democratic stand-point, ,nd ou
- temporary, as well as Mr. Hubbeu i
certainly welcome to all the consolal
tion it will afford him.
-out mere are otner chapters to the
JrleraltVs story which give it quite
uiuorent complexion, and which its
publication makes it incumbent' upon
us to lay before the public.
un friaay evening last. Mr. J. R.
Hubbell, without intimation of his
purpose or the cause of his grievance,
followed us from the street, and hav-
. ; mg placed hia manly form before us
on the stairway leading to this office.
threatened us with personal violence.
We passed him by, unheeding, so far as
..possible, either him or .'his threat,
though made tho subfect of a volloy oi
.ddltional threats-ovocative ep
ithets before out of ISmiPS- This pro
cess was repeated during "hr morning
and at noon of Saturday, with the im
portant difference that Mr. itubbell
did not place himself In our way. On
all three occasions he chose a time
when no one -was present to witness
his performances, and spoke in a tone
which ; apparently indicated a desire
not to be overheard.
On Saturday evening a young man
at the time not known to ns as
n of Mr. Hubkll's, and who we have
been eince Informed, was seen in his
company a few minutes previously,
attempted to carry these threats into
execution. Having followed as np the
main flight of etairs leading to this
office this gentle "stripling" selected
a moment for his playful mischief
i, nntifimr his nresence and
t. 11 v-. , ..'.w ....... r- .
hiinir nr attention directed
him, we had stopped to speak
to an
.;ntinM whom we IIJCT.
on the
landing place.
The assailed being
Brst seized by the Bhoulders then push
ed against the wall, will scraceiy
attempt a description of the thrilling
scene which followed, even through
history may be incomplete and the
books of chivalry will lose a luminous
chapter. Suffice it to say that having
succeeded in geting our face to the foe
the latter soon found it convenient to
fall back upon his reserves, which we
believe was done with creditable order
and dispatch. The "several hearty
blows" of which deponent is said to
have been the victim be is compelled to
state are one of Bro. Hurlbutt's playful
fictions which we cannot for a moment
suppose to have been ftheryl byi h
wish. . . i r -
And now a word as to the vamis leUi:
It is true that we have said things not
complimentary to Mr. Hubbell's polit
ical course, and we are informed that
thix is his chief arround of offunse not
any allusion of a strictly personal- na
ture. But we are not consciotis of hav
ing uttered an tintruth concerning him
or done him an injustice. Did we be
lieve anything we have said was un
true or unjust we would ba swift to re
tract and apologize for it. But w hat
we have said is certainly not worse
thau he has himself spoken of promi
nent Republicans, and as we happen to
know, is fully concurred in by many
excellent citizens of this community,
who have expressed to us their cordial
approval of its utterance. -Neither 19
there any attempt at a public denial
of it. Mr. Hubbell is not merely a
private citizen but a candidate for of
fice and as such is a legitimate, subject
of reasonable criticism. We have flat
tered ourselves with having been par
tieularlv charitable and lenient to
wards him, and we now bear him no
ill-will. But as journalists we have a
duty to discharge an obligation to the
cause of right and justiceto funl which
we hold more sacred than Mr. Hubbell's
good will. To that cause, as it seems to
us, he has proven recreant and, we can
not commend his course. Silence
would be consent and to half comdemn
would be to half approve,
But for the publicity given by the
Herald to one assault made upon us
we should probably have had nothing
to say iii reference to the others, altho
the threats which have been made
might have given occasion to construe
our S'lenceas the result of eowardiee.
Since the public has been made ac
quainted with part -of the story, it is
important that -it should know the
whole, We have reserved many things
we might have said, but as to saying
what we have, we believe there is no
option left us.
Advice we are always glad to receive.
and apologies we are ever ready to
make when convinced that we afB"
wrong, but we are compelled to make
those understand, who undertake it,
that by no amount of threatening or
violence can we be intimidated from
doing that which, in our relations to
the public, we conceive to be our duty.
We fully endorse the following from
the Xenia Gazette. Gen. Comly richly i
deserves the appointment mentioned
and we believe it is enrnesOy desired
'or trim by Republicans in all purls of.
the State who know of and appreciate
Ms services as a soldier and journalist.
The Gazette says :
We are glnd to know that a very
'ante number of the best citizens of
Columbus de. ire the appoimmen' of
Gen. Jnies M. Comly to the Columbus
Postoffice. The General is, in the first
olace, competent in every respect to
tiscbarge the duties of the posiiiou ac
ceptably. Then, too, he rendered mom
effiuleui service to the c ountry in the
fluid, and since the war. he hxs, as edi-
or oi tne onio Stat journal, Deen a
most able, efficient and faithful wnrk-
r in the Republican ranks. It ouaht
o be borne in mind that the conductor
of a Republican iournal in Columbus,
iu the couuly ot X taiiklin, holds a mot
responsible and difficult posiiion, In
volvinK arduous and continuous labors.
The State organ has not always - been
a success. Its career hs shown a seri
es of experiments, some of them fail
.nn from tnisnixnagrement, some from
dullness snd lack of energy aud snip.
In Gen. Comly's hands, however, the
naper has given no canse of complaint.
Tne concern has been managed in a
husiness-iiue stvle and the paper itself
is better than the State organ has ever
been, in its paimiesi clays, jno ciaper
excels it in iis general fealures. Its edi
torials strike . rum the Bboulder ana ac
complish much toward toning up Ihe
Kpubltcon presi of toesiate.
The Administraiion, in oar view.
could nut do a more jusfc or appropri
ate thmn than to place GOO.- Comly in
possession, at once, of the iCvluuibus
Posiottice i especially as it is.a chunae
almost nniversally dexired.
Says the S'.y. Commercial Adierlitsee :
"There are 17,919 names who pay an
iDCoam tax in this city. Sixty-seven
persons who pay tax on incomes of
100,t)00 hr pKor. i!ot of the. e &olid
gent.teniie ata eif-made merJ, who
nave come up from the lowest round of
.helidder. The man who leads the
list. A, T. S.ewHrt, everybody knows,
is an Irish einigrnnt, woo commenced
nfe wiih a cwpital of less than twenty
five cents indeed, with few exceptions
most of Ihe parties in the list, were
erc as wrll off a Mr. SSUwart. Take
Henry Keep.; he bofista that be gradu
ated lrom tne poor-house of Jefferson
County. Jay Gould drove a herd of
cattle from Delhi, Delaware County,
-ben a lad, for fifty cents a day, in or
ierto get mouey enough io reicri ih
Hudson River. D ivi l Groesbeck, over
h i rty years ao, u-ed to n. end old shoi s
lor bis brother, who was a respectable
shoemaker in Albany; We b know
the history of James Gordon Ken net t
nna Hubert Bonner, poor hoys f.il! of
alent and mdnslry. fiufus Hatch,
when a youngster, had an ar..bitioo to
old lh reins of a peddler's wagon.
B. D. Morgan commenced life witn a
quarter measure ol moases. It Is
carce a dozen years since Henry Clews
was an errand-boy in one of the bank
ing bouses down town. The brothers
-eligman started out in lire wilb a ped
iier's pack. David Dows, in bisyoune
r days, retailed pork by the half
pound and niolnsses by the gill. H. T.
Helmbo d wa- first cabin b y on Ihe
-h o ' Mary J ae," i hat navigated the
Delaware River. We miirbt go on
tirough the list, and show that nearly
-very one ot these solid men were the
rchi ectsof their own fortunes. Young-
en who are siruiigling for place and
pii ion tUould remember that the in
I f ? Is in tue list below had to hnt-
IVrr 1,f,"Jn8t hard as ibev are do-
-avdie " take heH,t H'"d Dever
Honor and Khame from
Actw-11 ow " ",',nl "" r,,e.
iuo iuniu
A VKRT etfective Democratic H'urnr.
ing team would be V.illaii.l.gham 'in
rrumpaiid Kosecrans., Valiand clm,
would rake in nil Kosey's "tia u.rs "
Van Tiump woi.ld catch the Know
Nothings, and old Rosev would cap
ture the Catholic vote. If that, wouldn't
stomp" theHtnte, wo don't linowwhut
Eadxob, July 13, 1869.
FA. Gazette: ince my announce
ment as a i ard "hi" or I ne uiuuo
County Treasui r, c r.aiu parties, hav
ing ae eye 10 lOeir OWU llttFlwa, -
f r theTiirpo of ccoropl"nbing
,n end-", hve Decn Du-y crcui i
torie damaginx to my chHr.-.cter. 11
true. The m. si iup '" -b
s is that. I am unsound in politics
nd have even went so fnr as to fay
tht J was "Copperhead, in proof ol
whch tliev use a certain iwwr w ruv-u
hv me to K. X. Patterson, and publish-
d in the Standard in ivovemDer, ims.
Thise who are arqunotrd with 'he
nii-tory of that peculiar letter, fen
oil wei 1 mat a uiu not. 1111 enu ut- u li
ters tood as being in sympnthy with l
Democratic party, or opposed to t if
Administration, and that it was writ 'en
ith a view to tickle the fancy ra'ber
than for anv other purpose Jo oae
c mid have been more fcurprised than
mvfcelf to s--e it in print. Ana x a a
he tune (ana ever Mncei, oota nrivH'e-
tv and publicly, disclaim a i intenti-mi.
of conveying any such iiia, whatever
the articl" ltsen seetnea to c 'nwy. 3ir.
Patterson h mself has done me the ji s-
tice to say so in a letter just received
'rom him in relation to the matter, as
will be een by the following extract:
. Bryan, O., July 8, 1869.
H. C. Olds, Esq., Radnor, Ohio.-
Dear Sir: Yours of the 3d received
vpf.ter.1av. I do not now r'co'lect the
tenor of the letter nwivei from von
nd published in the Standard, to wh cn
vou refer. However, I am snrpr;s?i
tht vnn are considered unsonnn po it
ically, ny the nepiioiicii ! y
tunty. During mv invm n acqua u-
tan'-e wi'h you, 1 reear..Bu y-'u. u--
.,rih mnt ul ra of the then raoi.-aj
Rennhlicans of Radnor. I certai ly
never giv yon crertii for the poessi n
r.r ltomoi.rtic sen'inient. (C"Pi-r-
headiam wasthen nnknuwn), and I re
member the manv, very nunv rencon-
tr-svou and I have Hurt on politic
tnniik in which von aca iit'ed voursl
18 well a nny o her Rpublicn conlr)
hve done in attempting to deiend an
AdminiFtra'ion remarkable omy for
us Inconsistencies, blunders and mnl
idministration. Th lttr to which
you refer was published in the Standard
without your consent or even unowi
dne. I d'i remember that yoa d 's
p'eased, and so expressed yourself t"
me. on account of 'ts publication.
While sincerely regretnngma'
mv indiscretion militates againot your
personal wellfare, I do hope that in the
event of your nominat'on, the people
Democrat) wll rally t the polls in
October and kuoek you huher than
G l1erov' K'te." Per-ona'lv y nr
friend, but politically your enemy. I
am and ever wns R. X. Patterson.
While the above dr.es not flut'er ?ne
with wishes for succe.-. which he le" osr
Dm'icrnt would not be expect tt to
give, it ought to stify any can'iid
nnn mat even air. r' rersuu n- '
an nected me of nnsonnnes-s in 'nt
motion to itepunican principle-.
1 . . . - I . . T
si o ild have tuaen no notice or tn
calumnv hnd if not reached those vi h
whom the writer i- not personally
uainted. Arid I wl 1 here take the i
i.ortun'tv of sning that having been
ertnented in the old Wnir school of rol-
itics. and having been identified with
the KepuDlioin party ever since 11s or
c-ani.ation. I have never held an opir
mn in sympaiuy nun in ucthik"i
prty nd antsgonistic to that of she
Republican. I who hve fonght tt em
all nv I if-. I u-ho never scratched a tick
et, a D-mocrat I a Copperhead ! ! Oh,
thou 6t!Jeslni1erer, tby nnmei Beelze
bub. Respectful y, H. C. Oi.r .
HAEf-Eai, O., July 12, IS-.'
A ride of thiiteen miles from tiis
place over a road that has more up
and downs than life, brinirs you to the
tf.wn of Alexandria. ljickinK counr,y
Ohio. It might be an older and hand-
omer town, out if the one, it has a
sufficiency to entitle it . to veneration,
and of the other not enough to com
mand admiration.
Situated n the raging Raccoon in a
beut fnl va ley, it uroiuisei to be -in
future what it hes been, and is, a email
interior town. fcit"ppinsr at- the ho is
of a friend,-1 strolled down street istier
oinner, and saw young men and bni-no-s
men enyaed in the immeisr,
Hmusemeiit of playing marbles. In
deed, I was toid- that th Pastors of
the churche'i were expert players of tin
name. Thejt must likely '-stoop to c i'l
quer." Alexandria bxsthreedry gooi
tores,oiie of wniuh (Baiumont Bro.')
is commodious and contains a line
toi-k of fcoods. One drtlif store uil
four groceiiHS, (.tiro of wli'di dispeuse
liquid btryehtiiue) besides vaii ons
sboi s.
Good Heavens, what a field for K is
by 1 I'll wiite him at once. Having
been ousted from his office at the cioss
roids by a nigger h would receive a
warm welcome tn m the DetnocracJ of
Alexandria and ttie P. O. being iu one
of the groceries where -he might find
matti-ri. sommiiar thai the iransoiou
from the eios--roads to Alexandria
would be imperceptible. .
One-fourth of a. mile . west of the
low ik. lives my iriend -i J. T a
model . farmer living on a model
farm. He is a noted horseman, and - if
be cau't make ahorse net tip. there is
no get up in him. ' His hnrj.es at dilier-
eut limes have laknpremiumsatStaie
and ctiULly fairs aud vo to Cleveland.
Piit8burgh and mber Ea-tern cities for
market, and bring big -figures. -
Five miles east, over a beautiful road
is the town of Granville, oiie of the
old.se in this Dart of the State settled
by Yaukees aud surrounded by h lis,
the tbrilt of the one, and the bnk
ii n.u nd of tne other make a rare pic
ture of love line.-8. . Here is lr,c'd
Denoison Universitv. a'readv qniie me
led. dilurtt. d on a bigh bi 1 it i plainly
visible at Newark he miles east.
Sutar Loaf is the name of a hill at
the western extieuiiiv of the town, nd
irom its appearance at a little distance
1 t-hould say not inapily named. Ji ir-
reu and bold it" ran-es Us crest some
hundred feet or more and from its feu
n lit a floe view is had of the surroi.i.d-
ia ' country.
Toe valley is a minatnre Shenando
ah, and the view a rninature of that-
from Maryland Hiahts.
The coru is ihe best I have seen and
will average over large fields as high a-,
n biir'ti bi3k.
Graoviue is noted for the intelligence
and Sv.biie.ty of its citizens and iis
beamy of loe.itiorr. After all it has no
'corner" grocery, and what jt. town
without a grocery f -, ,
"A song without n singer,
I A bell without a tongne,
. ' A honse without a baby,
",.5 v ' A Violin unstrung.'' - . .
' , I Lewis Cestui-:, July 10,. 'Ml.
Kite. Gazette: The denizens of our
'city' were well pleased withthe nun
ner in which Sui uiiiT.na in tne last issue
of Gazette, photographed our business,
moral, educational and religious insti
tutions ; and feeling assured that his
intention was to be true and faithful,
we would remark that those affording
information overlooked one or two
more or less important items, viz : ..
. A. Wick, manufacturer of and deal
er in Boots and Shoes ; Geo. 3S'. Evans,
House Builder. Also that Mr. Win
T. Lewis, the founder of Lewis Centre,
is enjoying a good degree of well de
served notoriety as a breeder of thorough-bred
horses and cattle, the lin
eage aad merits of which may be ol
sufficient interest to the reuders of the
Gazette to warrant further mention
from - Yours, S.
', , . Olive Green, July 12, 1800,
Eds. Gazette : Having taken con
siderable interest iu your local telle-s,
propose giving you a few items in re
gard to? Porter lownship.
A large eiub of the Gazette is taken
ai ih'S ofUceT-Kinasion Oenire. It is
ihe first paper I dtsire to read. Loyal
news is always weluotii".
Olive Green and Enst Liberty are our
central points of trade. J. N atai
has a hue, large and convenient ttore
room, Comparing favorably with any in
ihe conn y. Mr. Slnrk has been one
of the mot successful business men in
our founiy. Eiyerythuig he touches
aeetns to turn iuto money.
Tbe lollowmg may be taken as our
"Busiuts Direc.ory : " S ark & Harri.-i,
Delers in Dry Good-i, Grocerien, Ac. ;
L.N. Conner, same ; G. Wilcox, amue ;
Clark Sears, Dealer in aud Manufacn.
reroL Hoots and Shoes ; J. B. Gladd. n.
Shoemaker i E. U. ftlosher, Pnyeiu.n
miii Surte-.n ; Mrs. Wtisou, Drt-ss M.kr
er a. d Milliner J. B. k L. Duden,
Uuni'M .V ..Sii il e Makers ; S. Sljler,
Dl .cKcini'.o i T. P. 1'ie.iiiau, Keeper ol
tne Nsby lloii-n; A. Garvin, 0trrnv
itWHjui Maker. .
We have an extensive cc Ool and in
ten 1 to bund l tre. i hoo!-iioiise so .i.
Miss ilt'iMi is the (. r.xoiu I. aohor. TLe
M. E-C'.'urch is c.ipcioun and convo
uieut. Kuv. liuli i- l?jivr. B.i.v. O. (X
Plnnkett ia Paslor of the Congregtion
l Church and Rev. WTiley of the X. S..
The Independent Order of Odd tei
w has a lude of forty to fifty mem
bers. - -- -
Toe aocipty here is good.
Porter township is hard to beat for
farmii.g purpos s.
Beiiudlo ihe honor of bi;th Portei
and Kingston townships that there U
uot a grogshop m tno wooie uuimui.
Our lowustiipomoe" are as i'iki;
rru8tees, Charles Wilcox, Roswell
Page and Zsnas Hanisun ; Clerk, W .
W.Davy : irea-urer, jonu jumuerg;
Justice of the Peace, Mr. Kim-fy ;
Consiables, Andrew Harin and John
Kow. - Observer.
From the K". Y. Independent.
Tne official schedule of lb Secretary
of the Treasury for July, 1st, 1866, hhow
areaucuou ot me national ueot to tne
amount of $16,410,132 during the last
i.omb Sjo,4oU.7iy durmg ice preseut
Administratmu, and $12,452,5.44 du
ring 1 he last fiscal v-ar. I hy maximum
amuuut of the direct,debt oii 31st of Au
gust, 1S55, i Deluding war obltuntiotie
nd old Btock-s was S.at,431,571. O
the 30tb of June, 1869, this dbt was $3,-
441,5jo.1,0, snowina an giregate re
luctiou of 314,S'JS,401 iu less than
lour years, touch is toe reduction o
iiw direct debt of the United Slates
From this deduct $37,28 1,320 of currency
bonds issued in aid of the Pacific roads
-ince August 31st, lsbo, and we have
net reduci .on of all debt tu the amount
of S237.474.0S1.
The sinking r una nonas on the 3 ,th
of June, 1S03, amounted to f&,bb7,as:
and tbi" added to the go'd and currnncy
in the Treasury made tne sum 01
107,813. Of tnis sum SllO.203,313 w-re iu
iruld. as ai-aihe'105.1S0,189 in told fur
ttie corresponding period of the previ
ous month; snowing an increase ot
023.124 of cold in the Treasurv. not wii h
.laudinif ihe S--cretiiry's sale of gold
aud invesimentiu SiuKim; Fund borids
The fin u res of this exhibit 11 ibei
own story. Tne sum of S3U 87t3,401
the public debt paid silica Aouust 3It,
1835 : 812,452,521 of tb'S 6m pid durii
ibe lat fiscal y-ar; ?3(,4o8,779 paid du
rinsi to four months of fresldent Urm
diiiinistrau.in, and . f 16,410,132 pai
during the last month ; au increain
uold surplus 111 ine Treasurv to
speedily used, as we hope, in the furth
er reduction of tha deot such, ia tin
.ipectacie gwtbered from the jiast,io the
uspirinte presence 01 which the nation
enters upon the current . fi-cal yuan
The ci oakers iui repudnuois uiuit, ai
we think, by this time b-g!u to have at
last a feeble faitft in the solvency of the
American people. We beg leave te as
Sure thi 111 that, neither the Government
nor tjeneral brant- is "a failure." It
tney bold any interest-coupons. or ma
tured debts against the "foruier, the
-tccretary of the Treasury will be very
hoppy to meet them. He is in funds.
him win liqui'iaie.tneir ciaum hl sint.
By two very nut ihle tacts namely, her
financial sui cess durintc the 1 u.t four
years, and her elect on if Gen. Gani
on a filatform of m.n.tary int.egri'y
the na iou has placed her credit above
all question.
We observe with plensure that Kecre
iary Bout well has already announced
is intention 10 increase . bis pun-base
of bond. He his an ample teold re
serve lor this purpose, while keeping
the Treasury periec ly sale -n resp ,ci 10
all i'S interest liabihiies. ' This, as we
doubt not, is bad news for the bull
suecula 01s in gold ; vet it Is g"Od n ws
for the people. Ttie finn-.ial f u-c s- of
Pres dent Grant's- Admiuistraii n. a
f.ict thus lar estaidtshtd, rmnisiH very
uiaiei illv to change th figures which
represent the N-at onal D-b before the
close 01 his term or service.
Don Piatt makes the following dis
criminating observations about journal
ism in one of his Cummercktl letters.
If there is anv one thin more than
ane -her your free American born citi
zeu of tue age of eigh een and upward
f ell bi-tiislfcomp-teKt o do, wnhont
no e ol pwparttin, or a-.y wiudy, it is
to erii a newspaper. 'Tkefh men' as
they Come; up n itie streets,: and otfe
eacuoneine position ot editor, and
nine out of ten will 'express a regret
that his other engagements prevent his
aewptaice ot your temptmg otter,
The tenth men will probably tugiist
that, not lieing able to read nd write,
robably he hii better not try. Poor
fell . w, he in so ignorant as not io know
thit few edi'O' s read, Nnd yefc a more
limited number can write.
Tue temptaiioa t-ndered by (he orac
ular "w" of the ed tonal ci lmiin
diaws manv to the chair who woold
shine at a work-bench. And. as if ihi-
were n enough, ihe money made by
suicesfol journals of t--day lures on
unnumbered incompetents to try their
hnnd- at the bhihh busii e-is. Aud ye"
the failure does not come, in a majority
of instuue. s, as mut-h f- om b .d ed
it in as trom bad pubiisliiojr For one
competent publisher we can find fifty
ves. a bundled eiiitors. There is. I'O
business that calls eo much for econo
my, tact, enterprise and. industry. Of
all the euocei-stul journals I know of, I
can not count oae that does not. owe its
success io the publisoer, while, on the
oilier hand, no end of brilliant writer
have made failures by not having the
business man at their back;.! r
It is supposed that Hubfcell 'now. in
tends to go up and f'owri.itbrough.-the
State to conquer and subdue all the Re
publican editors who venture nnfaVbr-.
able critic sms upon bis. political ' car
eer. Among thoee immediately ' de
manding his attention is the Editor of
the Marysville Tribune, who says : :
Hubbell, of Delaware that is, the
Immortal Jeems, has managed to get
himself nouiiuaied fur Slate Senator
in tne Delaware and Lickiim d strict.'
Although he is but a novice in the
Democratic paity, the pin iciihers . be
ing barely vissible yet 'lissuyhgehow
his chrouic importuniiies lor otiicial la
vors have succeeded with itho pli nt
democracy. He is n.w around and
about democratic eon v'eul-ioiis "as t Lick
ms flees on a di g' and the fact is there
is uo such thiiof as hnking him off.
He used to be just as prompt at' Re-'
publican eonveutlous7 and he never
came wit hout bringing a dull ax to'
grind. When the Republican cany
relused to turn tho . gruid-tine longer
foi him, h went inio the democrami
parly declaring that he had not been a
RepubHcnn for several years.
The Democi a:y will hud him worse
tbau.Iho teven years' nch ; for while he
lias no seliled princip'es tojiovru him
beinjled by a misty, undetinable
cbim-ra, prompted in the niaiu by a,
selosh spirit, he will he foiemost in -as-!
pinug to such positions as his lahcy
may lead bitu to think he is specially
ti ted by nature to nil,-, James is a cu
rious bird. .We are most heartily glad
he i.s not iu our ai my, .
Gortfrey'H Oordiil and Buhrer's,Siom- j
ach Biiters arwiiepl-ifii--raen-. l evera
ges now that ' Baber iiiisT vrnJertaken to
dry niif-te ihe prtJB( ririfg it -tii hy
hand. The Cordial will be necc-ssry i
tor the nprosrious Rminey men, anil !
the Uitiers will be lirawii oil heuv ly t
tone np the Denioei ai-i.r stotiuick in
Rosecrans'a letter to t be Ohio Iivfrisla
nirA snd Conneli'a Ad(lr-wo th Army
of the Camberland. Oolumbn. Journa l
H-iyea and Rosecrans were both horii
io Oelaware county, Ohio. They were
both students at" Kenyon College if wd
mistake not. 'J hey b ith entered the U.
S. service durii g the war in Ihesame
Kegimeut Roecrans as Colonel and
Hayes as Major of ihe 23.i-Ohio Vols.
Fb-y both s,ept their first night in the
field under the i-aiiio tent. II . yes sei-
Ved some tinici on Rosecrai s's" nult as
ludjre Advocate. S nee that time
Haves Ims teen gaining-on his old (!olo
nel, and he now teds hun tiy about
30,000 votes. Col. Journal. : I
Here la what ih . Xew York Citiz.'ii
(Democratic) thinks of Ohio Pemocracyt
The Democracy or Ohio y.-ie veTj
short of material when they:nndo np
their pl.it torm. They exhibited tne first
uleutn of inteiii.euee we have h-id from
them in years in the selection of Host -crans
lor their candidate as tJovcrnor,
but otherwise it ia clesr that they Imr
lievothe deluge is still rain nil. For
Heaven's sake let toein come out of the
Ark ; the shower is over long ajjo.
- Some asion:6hiuent hHslieen expressi
ed that Itoseoranssboald have received
ihe entire vote of -MmiUiMiKiry oounty
on the iirt bal ot,- The tiiitu. is, , Val
lHUilibiini felt under oblig itions to
ltosecrans lor fsvora-received under
trjiuti uircuuistanefS. Old Kosoy'solh
er enaemcnts preventod bun tloin i tf
viting Vnh to hieakfuat witiL. tilin, but.
be lurmsi.ed Val. a caie'ul e-c o tiihis
friends, when he latter w traveling
as the gueats of the public iu 1BIJ3. CbE
Everybody sint to the cnHr.y jail
eems 10 dtsapoear Bonn aitcr. u uu-
eis and the Demiracy are ciscossihh
he irb-.biiitie ol evtung nl "i Bitiaer
nd Huboell by l-.ickinz ,be; uo there.
Don't try it. Baber. woulgv ' even
f he was shut up in su-o
In. ens the Franklir c&nuiy ju. 11
might tbr.iw h m out lite a senltK
ion. and na would cnre -a'"
Col. JournaT. '
; ; f,- -i ': 1 1
Riniwini1 was the first Abolition
6rewrrat- ho prawicai lycogptjgd the
on iit-v n Hin wnieoa nun T .
MurIreesoro. jiuinj -t "
' . . : r)..
ion took effect, be issued papers to a
onth Carolina lietiFO WuO 11 iO. Deen
n i.rnr.ertv of a Sonih Caiolina rtb
ripl ;rielBxiBe- hin as -nee as n
na-ter-or aoTui-''"CT"'
Journal.- ' - '. ' -; - -
Tivo. H. Kli!-r.art 6ecre arv oftlieS-at.
Board, anilisjjuiWJ-iBJ'ol,,"!
-survey of t'ueiSiaie. hi.ju(t reMM-ned
rerun a tmf in 4H M ami ie?7 - n
r-poits the vieia ef vneit unprece.le
MMi ' HH4r-iin verv scai-e'arsl not nHor-
tharrone neliJ lnYohr h-Tbeen liarv.st
ed, altiMin&h-the woejua .
r.. . ; Ouu trutludlBX cloWr ,WS
narv-estetl . in .goon snapu. vi.ioiw
SetiKation rumors grSwatantly put
nflnat nf riissensions m the Cabinet:
all false. o -e-reat Question. ri-
en as vt for the 'ab'inet deiibaration
about which division could arise. One
verv remarkable feature In the compo
8iti6n of Gem Grant's Cabinet Is, that
not one of its membra : an aspirant
for the Presidenev! herwe- the aim oi
Aar.li anA 1 1 la t ! T.:i':i'r til )t 1 11 1 1
vidual prospects of futur vanoment
out soierY iu prymu"? 1 1 K " tr.
Indeed, Genera rant has . been cen
sured mostiv by 'iiH-wn political
friends .because of the .unambitious
aims of the mentbers f his Cabinet.
L9t us not lose flra lessons of painful
experience. -f-Waehiitgtuii Letter. -y
books Axa - piiuo.oidAXs.'
Prof. LacroW's bpo-k, "Religion and
the reign of Terror," has proved its
popularity by pafesing into the wgoond
edition. 5 '. ' "'! '
A'Tekx VtrABK'ljrK. Iiaws of
Rusiness Ifor all the States-of the
t ,,-itV. fr.rmmiid directions for all
transactions, by. Theophilus Parsons,
L,Li. D., Prof, of Lairlii Harvard, Uni
versity, anojjiuii?i8 . :-v"m
PnWishefs. Cincinnati, Ohio. -
' "Laws or Husmess - is a ulo-k. mi
has the all-important m?rit of cmasa
tinitfrom otie of the highest and-most
oiiTrile nf taw authoritieiB. It is re
markable for its comprehensiveness,
its thoroughness, and the very great
clearness with which all the vast Varie
ty of tonics it embfluVs are discussed
atid the entirely lucid and intelligible
manner in which tney are exnioiieu to
even ordinary understandings.
We believe we are fully justified in
nrononnrdna thiinasterlv work ol
its kind quite unfikeand far superior
to anything in the shape of a business
law tank for ireneral use that has hith
erto been seen. It places within the
reach and within the clear . appreneu
sion of everv intriikrent business man
and woman-especially oi every young
man or woman-tJ eompiete statemem
of all the. rules, Jbrms, and principles
of the laws of business.
"- It is a worn . of wonderful compre,
hensiveness; of a style remarkable for
perspicuity, and orauthority unooo
ed. .... .. .
The publishers ttesire to estaoiisn an
agency in every-tinty. - ... .
MADE! out ot the Vest Chrt6l Tin
warranted not 'o leak Art sale at tat
lowest cash price Vo , -
: jylfrtf . 'jEBoMAS EVA.3, Ja.
nr-IBI RooAwg. Honsc and Barn Spn-
A ing done on f-liort no.ic-. Also, ad job-
K i ii it it n rl HfiniiirhiV helrtociner t. the Tin
smith business. tils always as low as the
quality of the material lined will p rmit.
-a inRnixe star. Caklu Stoves
I'l have been tii..ripehly tested fir the
pa&t .ta y.r-. -.it. u-s-il-y ot ite
superior qualities. B;.y it and yoiwm have
no regMS of so foolish art act as being de
ceived by the FafiUioti. x nomas jt.vaus. jr..
is the only Stove dealer lri Delaware that
can buy of the Mum. iactnrers ot tne Morn
ine: Star.1 t libera rdnnol ouy tneui .elccep;
by deception.- jiiiiiyiiienoi .
Bole Agent of Manufacturers for lielaware
county. f i c -r--- -jj'-"
- II 1T are not hmntinffffed In eurtiiv a
X high priced t'ooiriny: Stove wii en yon
buv tue &iewarcT.ou.uK .tiwvu or -
Bole Agent of Manufacturers for Delaware
County, , . r jyixni
t0'T fail to gee the netv Cooking
U IStoves at Hivali's, caoea csupenor anu
lndenTilenL na rented xjnlv laui. March.
These Stoves have very high ovens, admit
ting lougwood, navingpatent Fender dooi
in combination with register outer door,
thus a-flording ready access to the fire-box
ut.all tim. heiMiTiirihe air before itreachef
the fire, which reduces the quantity of fuel
required below that of oi ner- a oves. in
Tntienenrient haa a Patent Extended Top
Re ervoir. warming closet, and i-ix-hole ar
rangement. 1 hey are ..warranted io giv
satisiaction or no sale. .
' r'li'f "I'iK'ir,:...
i - !. 1 jFir, ; .
TEEI.S arrateto-or the 've-y. 11b-
J? eral paUonage receivedr and. with his
confident of matins it'uie interest of all to
pmcha e of him. lom say mis is mereij
a piiff, till you have examined and priced
His goons, uome una sow- auu , auow 101
yourself that EVASi'S experience of twen-ty-twoyears
enables unit to-select aud oil'ei
iorsaie tne.iuoist; aeiraoie imiieniui .
Conlilii ana-' ifjlS&ting StovesJ
antfto muhnfaetrtretWe best urticlee of .
'.:-'' ' ; ,'... .. - ' i
T i tt,- t'pie K tt) ,v :
'.:t :
-r n.v
..... . . - -
By-t he liberal piitvojiase ieceivetl aiidclose
a.ipllcat onto purine -is, he ha been cuublrd
to erect and- ht ui, rmu 'door ouik' o
his did bnikiing,,eonamoniy-Tinowh ua the
'VvLft. asrs 1 . ; s l ock,
o:fof the lare't ard' Tl'liest rooms 'in the:
Staie, and rnacttlitiiiri to the large varirty 01
House' Fnrhi-4iing fJoodwf heretolo. kpt,
he has atidcd a .,..; . ' Br. ' - .
Magnificent 'me'ff Hlif-LP HARD WARE,
KAILS, (iIfA3 'P-J$tS, OJ1.S, VAR-'
- . XVSUfc.X'. 1 Mt 'KFLkx'StES IRON
'- 'and SLrJs 'MAXTLS, AM- '. '. ,
' li-'D fjf .VtJJS,- ite., l-c, 160.
: . . -1 rail,';-: ;.;-' ! -.; :
' i ' 1 1 i'.J-iit r.: . , , : n:-n-n
- .'. c.'sj- ra st c f t ; - ' . i
"OU 'cuo?i(lV.''j.t' Sf .ff'.vaus. 1
Arf iclcv of f IA HDWARE
-petjd ed ia .
buildlHS yimr fjouse.
- r ' ,i Hewllldo-your ; .
Tin Kwoang and . Sioutlng,
and sell you beautiful patterns of .
. . . . First-class COOKING una- - ;
ICE fc KEAM KKKKXHW, a com- , --.
- Jt-it ussoi'tiutmt of Clj'll.Ellij
1 anil an ailmosl endless variety of -
. Ilonnei i ui-nloitiln ioodiu ;
With adetermiuation to monnracture and
s;ll every article lu accordauce with the
motto never to be beaten in quality or price,
and none but the best nntterial ami work
men employed in the manutacturing de-partment-uvery
article iiemg wai-riw.twl-therecan
be no presumption in concluillnn
tnal, i-u.-ii nn establismii-nt -must eonrtnue
to receive a liberal puuoirage. t .t10-tf.
NOTICK la hereby given that In
pursuance of the order of the Piob.te
Conn, I wlil offer for sale, at public vendue,
at Sunbnrv, on the 21th day of July, at !i
o'clock P."M.,the uncollectabie noWs and
accounts HsHiKUedby Aben-Mclisne.
Juljud, 1HU. , if. A. FRaMHES,
Jyior2L , .. ; ; " Assiguue.
i To ; Conlractoi-M. -:
SF.AI.K 1 ) proposals will he received
by tlie. Miiyo ai. Ills ohlue' In llolaware,
Ohio, until 1 ij'Qlock P.l; July 2U, lil. Io.
Kiavellug and uuiioriiig Suu(luky slreet
from Lincoln Avenue to the cO'potsUon
li'ie exooptwlicra thsstme 'sittraady doiio.
Jy.Oiit I i,i ;ivti.i fib, jAtf. '
Wanted Iiteilatelj-,
AN tTKFrRXISHED ROOM, In a private
residence 'J.'l J;hecen"'al cr northern
hart of towB.Tof single e Jiiernam Address
at once," stating location, P. Oi BOA.
Instate of Joseph Cox.
NOTICE is liereby given that the
undersigned hasi-eu ouiy appointed
and qualifled as Administrator oi tne eswiuj
nr iunh t late of Iowa, deceased, and
tormeriy ot tutouur wutuip,
conntv, Ohio. All persons luterestea wui
govern themselves accordingly.
jyio-ot - A . I.. L w I - U l
Dissolution IVotice.
HPHE tiart ntribiu under tn ju-m
A name of ilover & Perieel has heen ls-
iilvt-d. Mr. Perfect rerinnff from the nrm IO
goAVVsl. Alt claims and accounts belong
o tne new nrm oi tjiover rsromers. -u
will continue tne business at the oid stand.
GLOVtB & flLlilECl,
. Lielaware, Ohir
Mr. Perfect in retiriue took his interest in
stooUj which we selected, this leaves us the
4uou in the conutrv. With our fre.-h tun
chases, which are now arriving, we now
nave on sale the best and cheapest stock
goods in the couuijr, all bought for cash
aince prices declined, hence We have no old
or nian-pricva iioods to put orr on onr cus
tomers. Our motto Ir. not to be undersold.
For Sale.
ANEW Shifting-rail Lcather-tnp
Carriage. For particulars call on the
nbscriber at the tin storeof A. Lybrand A
Sons. (It) , -- iJ.G.SOBUEX.
An Ordinance.
Establishing the Grade of William street J ro in
the track of apriiiqrteW Branch of C. C. it V.
Ji. Jt. east Ui the Corporation Line. , -
cj ECTION 1. Be It udalntd ly the
Council of thIneornoraied Village ot
Delaware, That the eratie of Williini street
rrom I ifiiracK rr .nrinanio wru tni ui i...
C.-A C. R. K, east to-the CornoratiOn liine. be
axA the same is herebv establislied as fol
lows: Commencing at the center of tne
Springfield Branch traek, with the su.face,
it enaii RWfiin ill .mi itviii irei. iua-io.; lit
i feet it shall ascend 6 8-1U leet ; mence in
00 feet it shall 4 7-1 feel to culvert ; thence
In 700 feet li shall ascend 4o-10 reet: mence
!n 200 feet It shall descend a f.-et ; thence In
l,0z feet it shall Bscena ii a-lH leel to me cor
poration Line.
. Hirn t. That all ordinances hefetofc
passed conflicting wilh the' provisions of
11118 UI UlllttllVC an&JL o"" ......
repealed. ... . . ,
eEC. 3. inisnrainain-i) iu nine eAAtrvu tou
be in force jiom anaum-r o.s iiu"i,'"""'.
Ta.dMl .In V 1H. lmm. I ,rl.lvljl:.o l- r.iij
C. O. Litii-e, Recorder. : . . , Mayor.
An Ordinance.
'Ebtnbtishlitg th&jBradP of Depot street from
jorin street norm tu-ine xorpvraiiw. -jo.
-N ECTIOSI ii ' Be it ordained ly the
f.uncil of the Incorporated Vilhige of
Delaware, That the grade oi Depot street
rom North si reet no. i u r.o nr ioi-porai iuii
l.inA be and tlie name is herehy establiiihed
-.c follrivH.i I'otnnleneirlS oh tlie north line
of North street. With tile grade of center of
North street, three reet ana seven-tennis
(3 7-10) of a foot below the top -ot the stone
R... it. shall descend in 24U feet 3 ftet to cul
vert: thence in I!o0 feet It shall ascend 2.s
eet; thence in &i feet it shall descend i
feet ioculvt-rt: thence in 100 feet it shall as-
.,.,rl i fom. ti sl noint o.i m .site Mrs. Bowers
front gate ; inence in sw leet il uaii ucut-uu
l f eet ; mence in imi icet o. buuu
i-nt , tneiiee i n JvW feet, tt shall descend
f et. inihBdiiv ert : thence 1 n -AH frt it shall
.arort 4 n ft. to t he ( ornoratioQ line.
SEC z. 1 his ordinance to ise enect aitu
be in force from and alter its publication.
- Passed July 13, IWiD.
' ; Recorder. Mayor.
: An Ordinanee.
n, eitnhlish the (trade of West William street
k from the old Corporation Line west to Ihe new
- Jjorporanon 'XiOie. : rt : I " .
-lECTIOil 1. Be Jt orrtelaed-fcy the
5 Council of the Incorporated VitUuje ef
Delaware, That the grade of .West William
4reer from f.lie old floriioratiortliue WCSt tO
the new Corporat.ou line be and the same is
uerebv established as follows: Commencing
on tne old Corporation line witu tue esmu-
lined giade, two leet oeiow a noicu ou
tree 7 leet laitner Weston norm side
jroot . thpnmln feet It. shfllh as.-.eud
feet; thence in 400 feet ltr.hall descend 5 reet
to culvert;, thence in 100 leett shall ascend
i foot; thence in Ion feet it snail ascena
ivt then o. inn feet it shall ascend 4 feet
jhonfo in 9fin feet it shall ascend o reet
thence In BOO feet it snail ascena a i eet. to
ineei. the ton of gtavel of the p.ne pa ate
tSKC lull wraiuiuii:!;' m Ltjfc.e rui-v
be in force from and atter.Kspiwticaiioo-
Recorder. , Major,
1 I
t--fc-J&-. r w rf 4 5
IWOrtD respectf-nlly announce to
the citizens of Delaware and vicinity,
that I have on hand at all times a choice
and well selected stock of
.. , The latest styles of
Y - HOSIERY,' &c.
I have alsb added to my MILLINERY, a
fine stock of
Which will he to' yonr interest to examine
before purchasing. " Call and see.
: 2 . .. '.! ,
ftv. J am'prepared at all times to alteni
promptly to all orders of Millinery. ,
j '-. . doors north of Evans Block. . -
. M. C. WEJ'SELL, .' '
- JS'o. South Main Street, Delaware,-O
Jluy 3 tofcf ... ; - :
For sale Jablc Cutlcrj-, at... J. S. Cox's
For sle Uird Cages, at.. ....J. S. Oox's
.......... :i .-
t'ofMiltr-Tea ant Table Spoons; J. S. Cox's
For sale Looking Glasses, at J. S. 'Cox's
For' sale Children's C'arriasps.at S. S. Cox's
irwo- sale tClothes Wringers, at.... J. P. Cox's
For -f vliiClolhes Bars, at... J. y. Cox's
Foornnle One Table Fork, at J. 8. Cox's
For Mlt-Orre Table Knife, at.....U. S. Cox's
For Male One Tea Cup, at....
...J. B. Cox's
For aale Lots of Things, at J. S. Cox's
For sale 1 Tea-pot without cover.J.S Cox's
For sale One Water Cooler, at...J. 8. (?ox's
For ealc Ice Cream Freezer, atJ. S. Cox's
For brIo One lish Cover J. S. Cox's
For sale Best Plated Spoons, at J. 8. Cox's
For sale 1 Tin Rut tier for 5c, at...J. 8. Cox's
For ale 1 Doll for 10c, at J. S. Cox's
For ile 1 Feather Duster, at J. S. Cox's
For sole One Tub, at....
J. S. Cox's
For (ale fctoie-w;ue, at..; .J. 8. Cox's
For ale Ite Tri aerators, at... J..S. Cox's
For sale Toys, at.;.......... 8. Cox's
For (ale 10,000 Thinas, at., J S Cox's '
For sale Kverything I have got iu store.
For (ale One Bucket, at ......J. S. Cox's
For sale any part of a Damp, nt J. S. Cox's
for sale Washing Machine, at J. B. Cox's
For ale Toilet Sets, at...
....J. 8. Cox'i
For ule-All t he above, ill the
'win e county hunk Room, by J.
old Dela
S t X'X.
pi ll 0-
" B.M'LBMBS'S Slippers at
J INfuw rMtt
TOUii, on Winter street.
AU1ES' Klipuer it Waldo's Kov
sd wu.Cd w0v7 Ua WfittOl' bU'vUt.
The repntation this excellent medicine
euiovs, is derived from its cures, many oi
wmch are truly marvellous. Inveterate
cses of Scrofulous disease, where the sys
tem seemea saturaiea witn corrupiion uuve
been purified and cared by it. scrofulout
affections and dtsoiuers which were aggra
vated u the scrotuious contamination uu
til they were painfully afflicting, have been
mrlicallv cured in such great number in al
most every section of the country, that the
public scanviy necu to oe miuimra
virtues or ones. -- j
structlve enemies of our race. Often thU
unseen and nnfelt tenant of the organisu.
.11, J. 1.1 la m, a OI LUC 1 1 1 . ' .1 L' V, i.
nnoermines me constitution, um .
tne attack of enfeebling and fatal di.-eases,
without exciting ft suspicion of its presence.
. : :. .......1. hKuul In Tm4 nil I 1 1 TOUiT ll'
out the body, and then, on some favorable
of its hideous forms, either on 1 1 he
or among the vitals. Ih the latter, tuoer
cles may be sudden ly deposited irr the lungs
or hear, or tumors formed in tne liver, 01
r. ... '.. Kr. t.v .rnniions on the
skin, or foul ulcerations on some part of the
bodv. Hence the occasional ums ui
ZTi.1 is StiiiSASILX-A in advisable, even
..... .. ... .iv.t.H..tunnoruiM!iw)iibrtir.
Persons afflicted with the following com-
.o a TiTierHnt relief
P.lu,lm? , K.T".Q, i f i'ti e TrTf this SAR-
Tfmm?,: C4k ZZ.SLZ
Erysipelas, Tetter, csau jineuni, -"' ",hV
r,.-'. ' ,.. A,.. Siym Kari. and otner
frmKa. or visible forms of Serofldou,
disease. Also in the more concealed torms
as dyspepsia, lfropsy, .n'Z''picermll
xyphitis or Venereal ana jnemirt "-'"
are"caretl.b- it, though a long time Is re
quired for Bubduing these obstinate rnala-
tues dv any meaicine. mui'tus wouu..
ihi. Ttwwiii.iiiR will euro the com
plaint. Leucorrha-a or Whites, limns Itcer
atioHS, and Female Difeascs, are coiumoul
.nn.. i.Ii.umibiiI nltirroirelv cured bv its
nui-ifvins and Invigorating eneci. jiinute
Directions for each case are found in ou
a i m rtime. annnlleri gratis. Rheumatism ant
.-n when er. lined bv accumulations of ex-
irancnus matters in tue uiuim, jicw u.d--ly
to4t, as also LAver Coinpleints, lrpidau,
n.TnflA,MnhVnii,f the I ST-fT ullU
Jaiintice, when arising, as tu-y otten dol
ttOtU tlie raDKllDK pOtSOlia 111 IOC oom.i
This SAR8ARARILLA is a great restorer!
for the strength and vigor of the system.
Those who are Languid and Listless, Despon
dent. Sleepless, and troubled with Nervous
Apprehensions or Fears, or any of the affec
tions symptomatic Of Weakness, will And
immediate relief and convincing evidence
of its restorative power Upon trial.
Prenarerl bv Dr. J. C. AYER & CO.. Low
ell, Mass.; Practical and Analytical Cnem-
s T.YRRAND & CO.. Agents. D61awar, O.i
aud forsle by all Diuggtats and Medicine
dealers everywhere.
City Ifrng Slore.
rnHB nmderslgmetl Having pnrcnas-
JL ed from Dr. J.F. He-ra the aoove fi st
Class establisnment, wouio. rewpeetiuiiy aca
a continuance ot tne pairuuagu wwiuntu
upon him.
Vkaks in the Drue ousiness, e feel confi
dent in our hility to select only pine Medi
nets ami to a keen constantly on hand a sup.
t.ly of ail articles in our line to meet the
demands of ihcommunity.
We ohall K.vespeclal attention to the dis
l en ins of Phys icians' P.escripiions.
. .ore opeu at all hours, duy aud night
Sunday included.
II' ' V. 1 , ilO-'l 111. IV'-,
nij-a!-8t Cor. Sandusky and William Bts.
A III KS' Watches new stock very
pretty styles aud very cheap, just re
ceived at the Jewelry Store of C. PLATT,
wiiuams rsioc-K,
Painters' Materials.
1 TjIj kind of Painter' Material
x- sold very cheap, at the
April 9, 'C9-tf
No. 5 Williams Block.
TAHMKSTOCK'S Strictly Pore Lead
r Atlantic Lead. Zino. Rock Paint, and aL
colors, both dry and ground in oil, for sale
bv . . . : : N.U. STAKH,
Opposite American House,
S. I..VIIAI & CO.,
(SueoeJmvrs to M. L. Starr.)-
TTUe XTppcr 5rngr Storr
Pure Drays, Medicines ChemicdU, Lyt&titjfs,
Oils, Fnints, Terfumerjf, Preparations for
' the Hair it Teeth, Soap, Tooth Brushes,
Brushes of all kinds, Patent Medir
cines, and every article usually
to be found in Irrug Stores.
. I'ltjsltiaii! rrescrlplioMS
Ctiiuuouuded with snecial care, aud can be
I relied on for purity of materials and accu
racy ot composition.-
M. L. STARR will have charve of the bu
siness for some months, as heretofore, and
we intend to have an experienced Druggist
in the ore at ull times.
Feb. 12. '(iU. 8. LYBKAND CO.
RECEIVED every weelt at the Ceii
tral Drug Btore, opposite the American
N. t. STARR, Druggist.
RAW mud Boiled Linseed Oil, Lard
Oil, Neat's-toot Oil, Fish Oil, Lubricat
ing Oil, and Coal Oil, sold by
. N. U. STARR, Drneglst,
Opposite American House, Delaware, O.
ji n ir s ii jc s ,
COMB!, Perfumery, Toilet Soaps aud
Fancy Articles, sold by
N. U. SiARR, Druggist.
OK all kinds, and the best quality,
kept constantly on hand at
W. TJ. STARR'S II f 1 1' ii STORK,
Opposite the American House, Deluware, O.
-7-HITK Wash, Paint, Shoe, Hair,
W and all kinds of B us hes sold cheap by
tfinivn r-n
April 9, 'tiO-t f .
!No. Williams Rlock.
4 WD Liquors, for Medicinal Uses, tor
jTV sale by N. L". STARR, Drucruist,
Opposite American House, Delaware
An Ode to a Choice Ciar.
Yes. soeial friend. I love theo well.
In learned Doctors' spite;
Thy clouds all other clouds dispel.
And lap me in delight.
All ye who love a choice cigar.
Cuu buy one such of N. U. STARR.
J . S
Glassware. Table Cutlerv and
Plated Spoons,
Cake Baskets,
ForkH, Castors and
and Nlcklo Silver
Bpoons that will lust for twenty-five
years. American Block, Delaware,
Important to
Farmers !
Horse Breeders Generally I
rrIIIS powerful and nperlor V iRon
X Horse, VOUNO DIuN, Is the property
of Mr. JOHN JAMES, a well knowu citizen
of Radnor, this county, who has lust re
turned from his loug pursuit of a iroott horse
through Kngland mid Wales, and a great
portion of Hcotland and Ireland, the im
porting of the celebrated horse called the
"YOl'NO LION," belHK the happy result of
his travels. His pedigree being more
thought of than any iu Knglaml, It will
sultice here to say lie was sired by "Kinu
Dick," his dam being "Younu Kkujon."
YOUNG LION is a dark bay, (without a
spot of white, except a small star in the
forehead,) five years old, stands seventeen
hunH. l,i.,k .... u,llnl U....-1,,... . I ..
sound, good tojuvHiiovl, luui turn L viumua
IT7B nave for sale tne rollowlng
Keapers ana mowers:
Balls "World" Reaper and Mower.
Balls "World" Metser.
Champion Reaper and Mower.
Champion Mower.
The above Machines are kept constantly
on hand.
l. C. C11A01 tSt-llUAlPI k
' TliresliiiiMT lacliine
Mounted' & 'Oown Powers
Aultmun & Tttylof
.Tiamifacturins Company,
Brssek OlBce CMICABO, U.I..
The Correct Principle
-ri, ,,,,.t oflvnlliu.,. nf the method ern
ployed to separate the grain from the straw
in this machine 1 unmistakable. It is re
puted to save enough on an average over
nthnr tr mils of machines, to pay thi farm-
en.' threshing bill, and its superiority is
readily couceaea oy an except "ukuuij.
"manumciurei s oi um uiu m.ow
blinded by conflicting Interests.
who are
d... m.n..i.. -v It h Il has no
DAAtAM. i , i i.-. tio Canvass Grain Car
rier- no'Radriles: and only about half ae
manv Belts. Gear Wheels, Boxe. Journals
Shafts. Pullev.., etc., to "clog," "wind, "wear
out, waste grain, add to draft or to be kept
IU repair ib wwier aimw.
Hence Resnltn its comparative ease of
Draft cheapness of Repairing, iuie pf Man
agement, Durability, etc. Its decided ad
vantage in any one of these Important fea
tures alone, would give It prominence. Hut
il clearly exce.s in all oi mem.
Thi lathe Machine which has created
such a i-ensation in threshing macnine cir
cles during the pai-t iwo years, runum
who have grain to be thre-hed give It a de
cided preference on account of its grian
saving qualities ! Threshermen are giving
in tlir-ir allegiance as iat mcj, -their
oltl machines so as to buy this tnlk-inu-
nn their old ones t , 11 they get i id of them
eniy for that purpose ! Ma..utacturer oi
and Agent for the old kinds have banded
togeiher, iorgeuiiig iue.r tiuut:ii ""A
ing hands in a vain endeavor to stay the
tide of popular lavor 1 Meanwhile Ihe de
mand is such that those who wnt this im
proved Thresher must order early.
Circular mailed KrSe." Circular
giving a full de.-cnption of this unrivaled
Thresher, separator and Cleaner, and thp
Iiup.OVeU Al ITM A (V 1 A 1 1... It in i,i,,iii,i
a ivvwn" Kiihi and Ten Horse Powers,
together with many illustrations of devic-s
used torthi-shing rln inancieutand inod
times will he mailed Fkee to all who
Avol in their nameH and oosi office addres
to C. C. CHAMBERLAIN A CO. Hole Agents
for Delaware County.
INRUSH OslteOriire Seed tor saleby
Plows! Plows! Plows!
ttv novr fr.rri.le rite hest asortauexat
YV of Plows ever brought to this market,
among wmcn are tuts uviiuwiug,.
- Roberts' Steel Plow. , . ' :
Hamilton's Steel Plow.
Richmond Steel Plow. " , , ,.
Pittsburgh ateel Plow. ,, ,
Pittsburgh Iron' Plow. "
Pittsburgh Combination Phiw. i -i
Evans' Combination Flow.
All atmanufaclurers -price. Aloo the
Buckeye Sulky Plow.' ' ' ;
Stafford Stilky Plow
.' 'Hoosier Sulky Plow.
And a good assortment of Single and
Double Shovel Plows
Give ua call before purchasing elsewhere,
June 25 BJ tf.
Delaware, Ohio.
Pennsylvania fickle
For sale by
The laboring mau or women who works
hard for their money should go to
J . HYATT & C O ' S
URi' t;oos, Gisoc'EUii:,s,
Hoois ami Shoc, &c.
Received this day, beautiful new styles
At One Siiilllns per Hard.
BesllVool Helaines
IS Centsi per Yard.
Full Btock Dress Goods dirt cheap.
assortment of ..... .. .
iTIen'w and Boys' Wear
Beiit Coffees onlv lit.
Mr. JOSEPH COX (for many years with
J. fc I. Day) will superintend this depart
ment. We are selling the best every-day
Custom-made Boot in Delaware Co.,.15 OO
Bet French Kip
Beet French Calf. -.. 1 00
Call aud see our Boots and Shoes. Boys'
Boots in proportion. All we ask is for you
to see how you can buy No. 1 honest work
for same prices you have been paying for
Eastern cheap stuff. We are the Agents in
Delaware for tlie sale of
E. H l TTF.HU' It A. CD'S
Kl.JL HK ATI?! V ATTi:it.S
Of Garments for Ladles, Misses, Boys, and
Children of both sexes.
Call nttd et a tilnisr.
We keep Factory Jeuus, Flannels, Blauk
eta, Yarns, Ac, to be exchanged for Wool.
Y ours, 4c,
1 will be ready to receive at in Ware
house, at the Depot, sign of the Gilt Buck,
bytho 1st of Juue. Owing to the demoral
ized condit ion of the Dry Hoods trade. Wool
will not. In my opinion, bring more than
last year's prices. 1 am In shape to buy
largely , and will pay the highest prices, as
I tjuyUrtgfJoi-jjMuittt'uctmors.
lepartmeut oi In"nruiie. '
Cot-PMiiMs; o'. Jau.-'l,!"1- .
It lshereiveeT-tified.thiit tlio ' 'V.'i,U- "
FlRJt Inscrahck Co., losated at !:'" ;' '
-uite oi wninwunit, has coutrtiuo
?pects, witu uk laws of ibis fcms.vi r.-..-'.-
IUCU lunuraacc ijym, , .r I . ' i.ui -
rent year, and has hn i in this .
rworn statement, by Die provrfir dinars
Hhowinir its condition tvnd biiRines, ut tin
date ol such statement, as follows :
Amount of actual paid up Cap
ital. .
$1,000,000 nt
' 2,2-17,-9 Ti
1,00",M3 11
1.6,'.S,o;f 51
1 h:
Alienate amount f tvaiiabie
Assets ...........
Ajrt?regHte amount of jL.iaijiii
ties. Including lie-ins irance
Amount of Income for Me pre
ceding year
Amount of expenditure lor the
preceding year
In Wltnet-s Whereof, I have
hereuntt srioctlbed . iiy
. iiame. and canned thetv.'ftl of
myottici to be ailixe.l, the
day and year above written.
. AVDiTtin or bti'i i
GEO. C' EAToN, aukbt.
A f ilTHl l l' l'HUIr,
One that hi alwaVs rendy to fd i'! the hour
of misfortune by lire, 1 as t he old HaiitoK
flHK iNSlIRRfJOK CO OfOVeJ to be. -
Bo4aty l-ew, to all bur ro.i.-v luuileri.
Alwavs solid, safe, pre m ol and Jibu. hi, mio
has won her howts ot nienns and puiioui.
by gnperior merits. We proinis.-sooly what
she is aole and willing to pertorru. a'ti
bilitvand careful man -.gement mark Ui
Old Hamtokb a om ol the very best ium-
ait'-e Companies in A uenca.
With Cash AHtit of over
rinmur M ii lions of Dollars, fft !
it1 a
anco ns cheap a see irR will pr-.i.i,
iui vonr liwel nil or mei..h:
ft to
no sater insurance in.u n '"";::-',
will afford. Secure on?ul unci-from the AW-H
. jei Templar Hall IfMlIdloic
Department of Insurance,
au..i.. " : " "7. n...,f..r,l IV, in'
, cotrucus, o., Jim. i"t:'.
It is herebv certifli (1 that, i II' iM K IN
SURANCE COMPANY', located st New Ha-
ven, in the State of Connecticut, i-ms com
plied in all respects wi h tlie laws rf tni
state relating tosuch Insurance lompan
for the current ye-r, ana n nn-u i -
oftlc a sworn statement, by tne ri.r.-iit-cers,
showing its coiidltlou and husinesnal
the date of such statement, as iohow .
Amount of actual piid-up Copi-
i l
f 1,(W,IJ0 in
Aggregate amount of avuilaulc
Aggregate amount of Lla.,illti S,
including re-insuianoe
Amount of Income lor the pre
1,121,774 i
775,'4 'J7
1,973,7S5 m
1,070, 1 1 27
ceding year ...........
Amount of Expenditures tor t ha
pieceduig year -
In witnes whereof, I have here
unto subscribed my liumc, and
rsKAl-.l caused the s.-al of my oitice to
1 be aftiTecl, the day and jear
above written.
Auditor ol State.
Are sterling quail lies, and they have, emi
nently marked the h. story ot ihe Homf: 1n-
the beginning ot tins i onipanv in i , o
has won Its way upward, until, in 1 , l's
receints were only exceeded by Two A men-
can Fire Insurance Companies, juki t"
the Vnioninits Cash receipts, thi- yontjn ww
son of Insurance is now ieao.v i, .o
iour homes from loss or d urn are by ire.
'PfcRPHTirAt, Pot.rf ies, iiiKiirlnir your d weii
iini forONE PRKMirf. without any renew-
als, will be furnished by the Agent on mod
erate and libeail terms. Money can be
saved bv property owners in Del con it-
i v In this way. it is mucu ..ot.... ....... ......
Mutiiiil. with its premium nous, cuu be.
Don't delay callin f for a policy.
Templar Hull Building.
A A c:
Spring Ai. Siiniiaier TraIe
I H G 1) V
Ih strive fvi- ipctlth is tirittenli propt r , aitil
he is the abl-rsl who can do tt ffi the most honor
able vuinner, with the least expenditure, ana
plication, rei-tng troubles and wa.twii care
To do Business pmltttibl.u and pleimniiln. n
Merchant his to ibei-v ltn e rules--
1st. To bun th - ,
Itinlrf Cioodi !
At itlybt ri-lteW't t
Ami at the IHpIit Tli ! I !
'2d. To meet his obligation ptau-l'ia?.', "I 3 -ing
prompt," pteaiis for the inti-tc-st of that
Verehunl with the rlmurnce of n Iton. Wriv t- r.
3d. To cut do,n lit expeiiscn "iu dul-irr
saved is a dollar eunteit," and il enal'lrt on.- tu
sell so much cheeper.
We speak in prai-ie vfjhoxe ru! itf'o- irr htf
tried them, and find them to be iheunl.v tnt
to a sneeessfut mercantile carc-v.
Iave on hand an immen se xt'--- r,'
Spring &- Suiniiicr
V Is o
Open for inspe-zlioit .by the pi't.lc. li I
hold to the prtn ite that tt is fc Iter for ns an '
for our eustonur.'s, that we keep moi loo' i
atid well matte gxds. We sail - i-i I'.-kio
system? ,
We wish it distinctly undcrxto.Ht that tc-
prices are low, and that we do not intd v
House in Dchn-vire shall sell yod un-i n , '
made Clothing less than Reynolds it: r'ri". '
Common trash we do not pretend to hvep.
Our stiek of
HOTS' C J. O T II I fi
Is unusually at'racttr.
cty of
Also an coo:-. S3 , -.
(Cents' Fnruishlufr t.omU,
Trntilts, Vat
Hats and t aps for
r, r't
Mn(' Ytmtlu' Child re n' Wear
latest styles out promitly reeeil-eil.
Our Merchant Tailoring' Di pui 1 nent
complete, tiartnents mailc toordcr in first ct
tide on short notice. We have a lurat .!.'., -A c.
Cloths, Cassimnes, Tuvcds, an it Jtjnf,uhic
we will sell by the yard at the chenjictt pr ue i -i
tOK-n. ll respectfully nsk a alt front one ami
all to examine vur pinxls b'ore pttn hitvino r.' v.--
here, mer Culling done to order.
Cash Cor
Il rr
Is. d
ll vercd hi
hoc t.u
door to Com
y A Stivui i s.
U. 11. W A I !
Fruit Jars! S'riiit .3 ,ir !
It'ST received a lartr lot of . I. l
J rltl'll J
Alls cheMpct lo I tic i -ii kct.
HO VI v itHO'l .1 1 ti t.
DKl'O KtoiUS, Cur. Ciuuuii.-' sad

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