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rzu::::zi dim its
Xm Waned WnUf, at Dolnwnro, Oiiio
"'a a-Jo Mr roar, la .
UHliif H.at, th Mg. '
PrMsF, Jfasi. Si, IS to.
C. C. C. A. I. HHLWiT.
, nun soma xorth : '
Cincinnati Express
atil and Express,.
- gilt h.xp rvUh
llt 5$ Aa Ml
4:KJ r. M
&25 A.M
CbIambu Train tArrtves)..
L - ' ' "TZAXm go iso south:
sic r.
tSnelnnatl Expreaa... .
Night fcr !f...........
... Jiss a. :
7:7 :
11:58 r. M
So. 1 Freight . a2a r. M.
'"Columbus Train (Leave). :C a. m.
- Koraztv On and after June SO. J, and
wrt.il tirixr nor tM I ha nlwht PTnmui nArlk1
Will ran on. Saturday night Instead of buisyl
.. day mil! ht, leatvlna Cotumbua at 2:3a a. its. I
mui am ving m l.at at fca a. in.
". 'snrcnriBi.D BBAarcuv- - f
.It - .- - r. Leave. Arrive
c Aecora'n and Frfizbt..6-A5 a. m. 4:10 P.
paMsmger irain........... SMI) P. M. - 8aS A. M.
. .. , ; A. McIL VAIN, Agent.
;raEi?EItS.E3 . LOCALS.
,.Y. M. C. JCVrs are requested to
giv xuxiioe th&t i.tia annual election of
ofiioers of tua Toang Men's Christian
.Association will take place at the next
regular meeting, Jan. 23. pi
Yoang men ont of employment can
doable their chances of success by be
coming qualified for Book-keeping as
veil as assistants in other departments
of business.. The winter mouths spent
at th Business College of Delaware
will fitsuuri for ti e Kpilag opening.
s Or,Tsmo- THEATJ!B.-Owing' to he
illness of Mr. Stuttx, this company will
open their' engagement at Williams'
H all, . February . 1st, instead of Jan.
24th as was first intended. The com
pany has been completely reorganized
and promises first class entertain'
I mentis. ,.- y: ;.,', ' .pi .4 .
BAKcE Company, (see advertisement in
- another column) will give the benefit
of local accents ; commission upon
.first cash payment, viz. 10 per cent, of
same to all who file their application
with Judge Ranney in January 1870.
Th premium Can be had any ; time ; in
February. -' "- "f,i" pl2t
JNkw HArdwa&k stoks. The un
dersigned is opening a large stock of
General 'Hardware, in Reynolds &
Frank's new block, two doors below
the American House. This stock was
bought with great care, in the eastern
markets, at low' figures; " My old
. friends and customers, and the public
generally, are cordially invited to call
' ' and see me in my new business. Those
wishing goods in this line will do well
to examine our stock before purchas
ing. 'Extended advertisement next
week. Respectfully,
pl-J ,j- , M. Jj. Starr.
-'To the1 CinzENs op Delaware.
We are authorized to announce that
the Veil deserving and highly ' appre
ciated1 theatrical company known as
the "Olympics," are on their way
hither --They I: i re - engaged Judge
Williams '.;: . . and commodious
haK v US It. exp vi ::on of present
ing to our people a series of first-class
entertainments The Xaauager having
been solicited to return,, has made
, . special efforts to bring before our peo
.jsle such talent as Is not surpassed by
..AnTflnmnanv now trn7Rlincr. Tiiasunv
. . rf x j a- '
a evening, Feudist, will be the opening
night. We predict, as this will be the
fixst entertainment of the kind given
- in oar new ball, that the Olympics
will be! well patronized by. lovers of
"the drama.' . ' ; - ;. '' ;.' ' , pl-1
Court. The next term of Common
Pleas court commences March 1 and
will be held in the new Court House.
Dividbud. A dividend of three and
a. half per cent., free of TJ. S. tax, and
! payable February 1st, has been declar
ed by the C. C. C & I Railway Co.
;; ' Personal. We learn from the New
iYork Tribune that Andrew Wilson,
Jr., formerly of this county, is doing a
- thriving business in real estate in New
Youki Jv:5.r ;i.it til-i'it'f?
Quarterly Meetino. The second
quarterly meeting for William Street
M. E. Church will begin to-morrow
and continue on Sabbath. Rev. D. D.
jMatherwilJ officiate.
Personal. Mr. John Phillips for
merly of Delaware, but now of Bloom-
tBgtdBj'Els., is Visiting friends in this
. county. He has been a continuous
subscriber for this paper for fifty-one
Thb Spring. We understand the
the improvemen's contemplated to be
made at the Sulphur Spring are likely
( to be abandoned owing to failure to
raise the amount of private contribu
tions expected.
Agricultural Society. The fol
lowing officers of the Delaware County
Agricultural Society were chosen at
the election on Saturday ; President,
David H. Elliott; Vice President, Wm.
G. McFarland; Members of the Board
for two years term, ,: Wm. Dunlap, C.
Hills, A. J. Smith, N. D. Perry and J.
B. Jackson; for term of one year, N.
W. Hodges, John P. Thompson, John
Finch, Hugh Cole and George M. Per
feet. PxRSQ9AL,-r-Miss, Etoma ; Janes, of
the class of 1860, has just received a
State "Educational Diploma at' San
; Francisco, California, the first ever
bestowed there upon a new comer, and
the 'only one given among fifty-two
candidates. The leading papers of
.iCalifornia are .noticing it.u, We are
heartily glad that any of our Alumnae
re winning and wearing laurels In the
- Golden State.' : - i.f . .. .
' Miss Janes has been secured as one
.. of the Faculty in the University of the
Pacific..;- .'' J".'.'..., : . . ,
BesrNKs Ckaxoes. Cap t. Arch. Ly
brand has withdrawn from the stove
and tin-ware trade and established- a
real estate agency In partnership with
R. P. Horlbutt. .The Captain has
fine business, talent and we wish him
C. Renner proposes to engage In ihe
manufacture of confectionery. '
Henry Buck has succeeded to the
coal trade of Hills fe Buck.
Johnson Brecht has removed the
""Delaware tight house. He is now es
tablished one door north of A. Xybrand
Son's. - ;:- ' '
Messrs. Davenport & La'dd have sold
- their grocery establishment to Messrs,
, Baulsbury A Bethard.
' V. D. Stay man has resumed 'the
" American Express Agenoy. ; ,
Maktim Shocb, aa cldcitiien of Del
aware, well known aa the proprietor
of the Shoub House, died on Sunday
night last after a brief illness.
Religious. An interesting series of
meetings are in progress at the Wm.
St. M. B. Church. Quite a ' number
have joined the church, several of
whom profess conversion. A cordial
icvitation.is extended to all to -attend
those meetings. - -
ITamks op Towkshi ps. A gentleman
who has had occasion to give attention
to the names of the townships in Ohio
has made known to us the fact that
there are 67 townships named after
the Presidents, as follows : Washing
ton, 42; Adams, 11; Jefferson, 22; Madi
son. 18; Harrison, 18.
Thk Opera Hocse. The vast dif
ference between Judge Williams' new
hall and the audience-room accom mo
tions to which Delaware has been ac
customed, has not yet ceased to be an
agreeable novelty. The hall is a real
luxury to the amusement-going pub
lic, and an addition to the improve
ments of Delaware which cannot be too
highly appreciated. ' We know of no
town in the State, of the same size,
provided with a hall so commodious,
beautiful and comfortable. It is a
matter of public pride that we can now
offer attractions so superior iu this
respect as to deserve the highest class
of entertainments, and we predict that
those which will bereafter fall to us,
especially in the way of music and the
drama, , will be much superior, both in
merit and patronage, to what we have
been accustomed to.
The new hall will hereafter be known
as the Opera House, a designation for
which it was originally planned and
one appropriate to its fetyle and pur
poses.'" - - - - - -
Thb Buxs Goddess. The Goddess
of Justice, intended for the cupola of
the new Court House, now occupies
private apartments in that building,
where we had the pleasure recently of
paying our respects to her majesty.
The figure is a very graceful one, and
something of a novelty of its kind. It
is 7K feet in height, exclusive of the
pedestal, a large gilt ball two feet in
diameter. It is made of sheet copper,
finished in stone color, and is said to
be the only one of the kind in the
Union. The figure grasps a sword in
the right hand, and elevates a pair of
emblematic balances in the left. The
sword and balances are finished in gilt,
the rest of the figure, as we have said,
in stone. The drapery and attitude are
graceful, and we think will stand the
test of criticism. The perfect test of
its finish and appropriateness will be
its appearance from the pinnacle it is
destined to occupy, and to which, we
understand, it will be shortly ele
vated. ' The statue was manufactured
by an eastern firm, of which Mr. B. H.
Willis, of Delaware, is agent for
the Western States. Its cost was f 320.
The Storm. One of the most violent
prain storms experienced in this viciui
iy for many years occurred onSunday
night last. The rain was accompanied
by lightning and thunder, and for
hours the skies seemed dissolvingin a
second deluge. The storm seems to
have ranged over a wide extent of
country and from the accounts which
have reached us we should judge that
large amount of damage had been
done. The railways . especially have
suffered to a great extent, the tracks
being submerged and the embank-
m ents and bridges washed away .caus
ing serious interruptions of travel and
communication. Up to this writing
(Wednesday afternoon) no mail has
been received from: Cincinnati since
Saturday last.
The creeks and rivers of this county.
already bank full from the effects of the
late rains, were swollen almost beyond
precedent. A great deal of fencing has
been swept away but we hear of no
graver instances of d amage.
Singularly enough, as a sequel to this
violent freak of the elements, we are
to-day t Wednesday) having delightful
weather. .
Delaware Cousty Statistics. We
compile the following statistics of Del
aware county from the reports of the
Auditor and Secretary of State : '
The i valuation of - property, in the
county, for 1869 is $20,024,711, an in
crease of 406,780 since 1868 and an in
crease of 195 per cent, since 1850. "
The. county returns for taxation 283
977 acres of land valued at $5,913,659.
t The crops for 1868 wexe as follows :
Wheat, 12,252 acres 139,028 bushels;
rye, 510J acres 3,909 bushels; buck
wheat, 1,132 acres 12,367) bushels;
oats, 5,123 acres 107,501 bushels; corn
32.797K acres 1,336,495 bnsbels; mead
ow, 24,86834 acres 31,853 tons of hay;
clover, 2,560 acres 3.014K tons of hay,
293 bushels of seed, 254 acres plowed
under for manure; flax, 3,8334 acres
25,211 bushels seed, 2,377,849 pounds of
fibre; potatoes, 877J4 acres 67,338,
bushels; tobacco, 134 acres 625 pounds
produced; butter, 498,221 pounds;
cheese, 5,934 pounds; sorghum, 193K
acres 309 pounds sugar, 17,657 gallons
syrup; maple sugar, 50,027 pounds
8,933 gallons syrup; 1534 acres grapes
planted, whole number of acres in
vineyard !&; 10,974 pounds grapes
gathered; 224 gallons wine made;
sweet potatoes 4 acres. 308 bushels;
acres of orchards, 3,985 X; "bush
els apples, 145,740; bushels peaches,
4,657: bushels pears, f02; acres
pasturage, 58,85934; acres of unculti
vated land, 71,35034; pounds of wool
shorn, 533,863; number of dogs, 1,784;
sheep killed, 590, valued at $1,263; sheep
injured, 391; injury done, $612; aggre
gate injury to sheep by dogs, 1,875.
The bonds held in the county ex
empt from taxation amount to ?295,
, The ; number of marriages in the
county during the year ending July
1st 1869, (hymeneal yeart) was 226
Number of divorce suits pending July
1, 1868, 6; number brought during the
year, 11; number decided, 12; number
still pending, 5; number brought by
husbands, 7; number brought bywlves,
10; number granted, 8. :
The births reported In the . county
during . the year numbered, white
males, 116: females, 76; illegitimate, 2;
black males. 1: females 1. The total
number of deaths reported for the year
is ou. .
The total number of prosecutions
for statutory offenses in the county
during tne year waa a03;convictions 375,
The total number of new structures
erected was 181; value, $95,430.
. The naturalizations for year ending
July 1, '69 were 16. ,
We have three county buildings val
ued at $75,000. . i .
The county has five turnpikes with
a total length of 30 miles.
The number of paupers aided during
the year waa 138.
The county has three banks; two
national, with a capital of $220,000, and
one private with capital of $12,500. 1
The net compensation of the county
officers for year 1868 was: Auditor,
$1,830; Treasurer, $2,184 93; Prosecuting
Attorney, $743; Clerk, $1,633 82; Sheriff,
$385; Recorder $024.65-
St. Pail's It. E. Sosday School at
Williams' Hall. The entertainment
of the St. Paul's M. E. Sunday Sehool
on Thursday evening of last week was
favored with a crowded house. The
Programme was as follows : Prayer;
Chorus "The Day is Done, Let Xight
be Gay" Gould; Orchestra Se M'Auri
Ancor Verdi; Tableaux- Day and
Night, Guardian Angel; Chorus Ho
sanna, from Freah Leaves; Tableaux
Paganism, . Christianity; Chorus
Night's : Shade No Longer, Rossini;
Tableaux Waiting for Father, Thej
Seamstress; Semi-chorus teed my
Lambs; Tableaux Spirit of the Times
(a burlesque of the Woman's Rights
movement); Duett and Chorus; Tab
leauxThe Valentine; Orchestra
Marseillaise; Chorus.from Fra Diavolo
Tableaux Hand Writing on the Wall
fCherus, Semi-chorus and Solo The
fElfin Call; Pantomime and Grand Fi
J riale Power of the Flag; an Ameri
can citizen about to be executed by
Spanish authorities in Cuba.is saved by
the timely interposition of the United
States Consul who throws over the con
demned the American flag upon which
the troops appointed to do the work of
execution dare not fire.
An important addition to the musi
cal part of the entertainment was
made by Messrs. O'Kane, Donavin,
Hyatt and Jennings who volunteered,
by request, two comic soDgs which re
ceived the enthusiastic plaudits of the
audience. These voluntaries "Call
John" and "New England Farmer"
were capitally rendered, and in their
execution gave indications cf rare ca
pacity ior vocal entertainment. It is
evident that this "quartette," with
such acquisitions as it might command
could make some valuable additions
to the musical entertainments of the
winter if it were so disposed.
The tableaux were finely prepared
but owing to the imperfect illumina
tion were not brought out with suffi
cient distinctness. On the second
evening the light was better and the
representation much finer. The en
tainment was repeated on Friday eve
ning when, notwithstanding the disa
greeable weather, the hall was again
filled. The programme was almost
wholly changed and gave great satis
faction. A Nxw Railroad. The Columbus
Journal of Wednesday says :
..Mr. Jesse R. Strauehan. CivilKnei-
neer, was in the city yesterday, full of
railroad plans ana propositions as usu
al. He has completed the survey of
the proposed line of raiy-oad from
Toledo to Crestline, and states that
the required capital stock is subscrib
ed. The question now under consid
eration is bow to reach the Holmes
county coal region, and the object of
Mr. Straughan's present tour is to ef
fect some combination by which the
connection may be made. Running
down the Cleveland road from Crestline
to Delaware, the new road from Dela
ware to Millersburg, in Homles Coun
ty, via Mount Vernon, can be used as
a link.
This road, it is said will be completed
within a year.
A Bold Swindle. The following
letter has been received from New
York by one of our business men :
Dear Str : Believing yori to be 'true blue'
we will Introduce for your consideration a
matter which will be the means of putting
many thousands of dollars in your pocket
in a very short time. We have on band
now, ready for circulation, 8S0,500 In il, 82
and $5 bills. They are the best counterfeits
ever put on the market, and we defy the
Treasury experts themselves todetect them.
They are of the same size as the genuine, are
printed on first class paper, are correctly
numbered, and are so exceedingly well ex
ecuted in every respect that they cannot
possibly be detected even by the aid of a
powerful microscope. We have them put
up iu packages ui c-xfu eiicn. we will sen
you toOO of the SI or ; bills for $100: S1.000 for
1S0- We shall charge sou f300 per S1.000 on
I""" n i"i. tri.iin iiit yj i tut; )l J(t -cost
us considerably m ore than for the otta.
rs. If you dewire to feel your way before
Investing largely we will send you ?500 upon
uic icixiiiL ui i, ui iv w 11 uYt-r you -
flt to send us, and yon may pay the balance
within lodays after receiving the bills, or
we will wait until you arrive. Any Kail
Koad ticket agent will take them because
he cannot detect them. Don't show more
than $50 at a time in a place. You can well
afford to remit the balance In two hours.
but we will give you plenty of time You
may form some idea about Inequality of
tock bv readine the Inclosed cut from tlie
Herald. The stock is In a safe nlace and we
defy the sharpest detectives In New Yorft
unless you blow on us. which we know you
will not do. Always send money by Ex
press or Registered letter. We will do the
-ame. Then nothing will be loot in the
Mails and everything wiil work harmoni
ously between us. If you urefer we will
send it by Express, collect on delivery.
packed in sncb a way as not to excite the
suspicion that it Is money. Depend upon it
we are in earnest In this matter and if yon
take bold of it. In a proper manner you can
maiLu Kw,tsi oeiore reoruary. we have
taken every precaution in the execution of
of these notes to render yon a safe as if you
were uanaimg gooa money, lor better exe
euted bit s wer never issued in the world.
in case you snonid be Indiscreet enough to
let It be known to any one don't mention
where it came from. We have the renuta-
tion in New York of being men of good
standing and therefore will never be sus
pected or dealing in counterfeit money. If
you could manage to come on we could talk
freely about the matter and
make arrangements for a big business. If
you come on show thisenvelope to the man
at the desk and he wiil introduce you.
Don't mention anything about counterfeit
money, as he will pretend not to understand
you. He will know what's up. We implore
you not to betray us In case you are not In
clined to go In. State what denominations
you wish, how much, and either destroy
this or send It back.
Address plainly,
P. S. Depend upon It as long as you are
true to us yon will never be out of funds.
The Athenian IaterarvSocietv would
apologize to the audience of the late
contest Zetagathea versus Athena
ior tne gross insult ottered mem by one
of the performers positively and per-
sistiy retusmg to abide by the stipula
ted rules of the debate.
Havine waited lone for the censure
and apology due from the Zetagathea,
we yieia to tne necessity ot submitting
this. Signed Committee.
The February "Rivkbside" comes
freighted with pictures and awide range of
reading matter. Fronting it is an engraving
veiling Dioriea uy r ireeiigut; ana tne
fire would go out before the family leather
ed about would tire of Mrs. Davis's graphic
irisn story, neizx jnousiacne-8 ivellLucKy
story, Mrs. Weeks's story of "Jake's Wed-
aiug" in jmnuesota, uanen s "rather
Gander" poems and picture, the directions
for swinging Indian Clubs, the interesting
"letter from Eifvnt.' the trulv Rural and
Mruly funny Romaunt of the Sleepy Prln-
eess, witn its axon verses una aroiier pic
tures, ana tne otner wise ana witty woras :
not forgetting Hans Andersen's suagestlve
little Vignette for February, where tlie days
ol tneweexgo masoueraaiiig: me "betue.
where the children gather to play games
and guess riddles; and the "Calendar, ' with
Its notable February events. Published by
Hurd and Houghton : SZQ per year ; 25 eta,
Thk Lady's Friekd. The February nam
ber of this favorite maeazlne leads off with
a fine steel engraving of "The First Ball"
a scene wmcn win be particularly interest
ing to our lady readers. Then follow the
ihtrgesheet of Colored Fashions, tasteful
and stylish: aDd a variety of superior wood
cuts. Illustrating the latest mode for cost
umes, bonnets, hata, &a. The music for this
month is, "I wish that I were Young Again
The literary department has excellent
articles in prose and poetry. Louise Chan.
dler Moulton continues her beautiful and
touching story. "Did He Forget Her?" and
Miss Prescott commences "The Casean non's
Aunt." Aunt Alice gives an interesting
and amusina account of "Ou r Theatrical
Career," aud "Geneva" tells of "Mlsa
Angelica Skittle's Cotton Wedding." The
editors department Is also aa interesting as
usual w hlle among the Novelties are pat-
l.rnafrtsfanttir.wAFlr knltUm ..n,1.,.i.l...
. - n v. , . . y i lit,, I JllulUIUI 1 T
Ac, Published by Deacon & Peterson. S18
Walnut. Street, Philadelphia. Price 2.60 a
year wmcn also includes a large steel en.
graving). Four copies. S6. Five conies (and
one eratls). K. "The I.ndv'a ir.lonri" and
"The Saturday Evening Post" (and one en-
cr i-.l 1-1 ii .rl . 1 lui
. i HERALD OF HEALTH, is devoted to
topics relating to hygienic culture and phys
ical edueation. Itcnntnin. ..N.. r.n.
value to those who would attain or preserve
good health and rear healthy children. The
Dumber for January besides coutalninK
S7;'OB""e arUcl on health topics
VUaVi'B CMIllf.li. 'I Wrt ln lam . Y., v
Ushed by Wood 4 Holbrook.lSLaight Street
THE JAn uAHY Frvk Td i v. v "vr
York contains CommibMouer Weila Report
io frill and a Bchwue for a purely revenue
The Public Ledges Almasac la a ver
neat and valuable oommlation. itnnnt.in
"all that Is necessary for an allminax" and
a great ueai more, it is published by Ueo.
WlCh lids, Proprietor of the Dally Ledger,
f UURUtn
Packard's Monthly, tor February, is
received and lathe most attractive number
we have vet seen. Its contents are: Alice and
Phoebe Carv Their Homt and Frienda, by
Rev. I'h a. F. iveros ; Adah Is&acs Menken
(Conelnded) by B. H. Newell ; What I saw
and Heard at the Tombs, by Surah F. Nor
ton; Eleanor Kirk anion? the Working
. - ; . . i ii.. , n-! : : , 11 . . . t. j . ; .1 .
V (Mi It'll. V.!SMni 1 J ilimc V - uuiMiuriu,
The M an Who Laughs, by Edwin De Leon,
The Baby' Overture, by Elihu Burrltt;
Helpless (Poem), by Phoebe Cary; Bessie
(Poem), by Mary A. Denison ; The Destitute
and Out east Children or New York, by
Oliver Dyer; Shall American Wives toe
Childless, by Howard Glyndon ; Jealousy
A I 'ream, (rot-mt, fctutor s iparuuni. ra.
S. Packard, faDilsher, S7 uroaaway, j. .
f2 a year. ...
MARTIN DEGOOD.-At Parsonage farm
January 5, KST-I, by Ke. t. jtvrKiim, air.
CiRoRGK L. Martin, of Pbarisburg. and
Miss Misnik V. Dkgood, of Scioto town
ship, Delaware county, Ohio. . . ,
CRAIG ROSE. On Thursday, the 16th
int., at Bloomington, 111., by Rev. K. H.
Read, Mr. James M. raio, to Miss Mary
jlj. jtto&E, oi .ueiawure cuumy, L ,
LEWIS. At Ashley, December 27, 1869, of
jfneumonia, jura x. ijKWis, agea n years.
Brown' Bronchial Troches, for Pul
monary and Asthmatic Disorders, have
proved their efficacy by a test of many years
and have received testimonials from emi
nent men who have used them.
Those who are suffering from Coughs,
Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, ic, should
try" The Troche," at simple remedy which
is in almost every case effectual. ,
Many people are prejudiced against the
use of spirits in any form, but we can as
sure sucn mat tne constitution uitiers are
not obiectlonable on that account for while
they contain only pure whisky enough to
keen them from changing the combi nation
of roots, barks and herbs are the real articles
oi merit mat produces sucn wonueriut ef
fects. The thousands who are using them
can testily to tne aoove iacts.
No one ever reeretted buying a bottle of
Seward's Cough. Cure.
Use Dr. Pierce s Alterative Extract, or
Golden Medical Discovery for all Coughs,
coma, liroocmai or lung .Diseases, it ar
reate and eu res Consumption in its earlv
atages. Bold by druggists, or enclose three
dollars and twenty-live cents to Dr. rt. V.
Pieree, Buffalo, N. Y., and get three bottles
tree oi express cnarges.
tlatald mlserv is saved to mankind
the nse of "Whittlesey's Dyspepsia Cure,
Spasm In children are most frequently
caused he by worms. B. A. Fahnestoek's
Vermifuge will expel them Immediatedly
Do not neglect a slight cough. It may end
in consumption. C. F. Gallon s Cough Bal
sam wui reueve you. jan .,im .
Let Common Sense Decider What Is
the rational mode of procedure In cases of
general debility and nervous prostration?
Does not reason tell us that judicious st im
ulation is required. To resort to violent
purgation in sucn a case is as aosura as it
would be to bleed a starving man. Yet it Is
done every day. Yes, this stupid and un-
phiiosopnicai practice is continued in tne
teeth of the QreoXfuct that physical weak
ness, with all the nervous disturbances that
accompany It, is more certainly and rapid
ly relieved by Hostel ter's Stomach Bitters
than by any other medicine at present
Known, it is true mat general aeouity is
en attended with torpidity or Irregulari
ty of the bowels, and thst this symptom
must not be overlooked. But while the
discharge of the waste matter of the sys
tem is expedited or regulated. Its vigor must
be recruited. The Bitters do both. They com
bine aperient ana antimuous properties,
with extraordinary tonic power. Even
while removing obstructions from the bow
els, they tone aud invigorate those organs.
i hongn tne stomacn, upon wmcn tne great
vegetable specilic act directly, it gives a
healthy and permanent impetus to every
enfeebled function. Digestion is facllited,
the faltering circulation regulated, the
blood reinforced with a new accession ot
the alimentary principle, the nerves braced
and all the dormant powers of the system
roused into healthy action ; not spasmod
ically, as would be the case if a mere stimu
lant were administered, but ior a continu
ance. It is in this way that such extraor
dinary changes are wrought in the condi
tion of the feeble, emaciated and nervous
Invalids by the use of this wonderful cor
rective, alterative and tonic Let common
sense decide between such a preparation
and a prostrating cathartic supplemented
bv a poisonous astringent like strychnine
orquinla. jan 7,1 mo
Th. Keeret of Beaut v lies in the use
of Hagan's Magnolia Balm for the Com-
Roughness, Redness, Blotches, Sunburn,
Freckles and Tan disappear where it is ap
plied., and a beautiful Complexion of pure,
satln-lilte texture is obtained. The plain
est features are made to glow with Health
ful Bloom and Youthful Beauty.
Remember Bagan's Magnolia Balm is the
thing that produces these effects, and any
Lady can secure it for 75 cents at any of our
stores. - j : . ..... ; :
To preserve and dress the Hair use Lyon's
Kathalron. decol-lm.
A. Ly m-aid 4fc Sons manufacture Gal
vanized Iron Cornice and-Window Caps
of all patterns Call and see samples.
We wmU advise every one to see A. Ly-
brand Sou's stock of Cook and Parlor
Stoves before they purchase. . ..
Co to A. Lvbrand & Son's, and see that
new pattern of Cook Stove.
C. B. CronUeton warrants all his work.
A. Lybniul Sons go to any part of
this and adjoining counties to put up House
Spouting. ..... .
A. IjybcanA 4b Sons nave purchased a
settof machines for doing rooting and other
lob work, which does smoother work than
can be done by hand and at a much less
A Snre Indication at th best family
Sewing Machineis the factthat the Singer
Manufacturing Company are 50,000 ahead.
Best Coal Oil, at lowest nrtce, at S. Ly
hrand & Co.'s. febia
Th Revolving Light Coal Stove, sold .
by A. Lybrand A Son, is the best stove in
the market. Go and see It.
The Fashion excels any stove offered In
this market.
Readers, have ycu called at R. R. Hender
son's new Merchant Tailoring and Clothing
Establishment? If not, call and examine
his stock. It will uay you. octal
Tne largest assortment of Cloctas ever
offered in Delaware, has just been received
at No, 3 Williams Block. Call and see for
yourselves.. nov20tf ;
B. R. Henderson has a very large stock of
ready made Over-coats, which he will sell
at cost. oct23 68
C. B. CronMetoa has lust received a
large stock of first-class Cook Stoves, which
he will sell 10 per cent, less than the same
quality of stoves can be bought In Delaware
aug i
THE BEST CIGARS in town will be found
at the Upper Drug Store, No, 5 Williams
c B. CronUeton does job work as low as
any other house in the cltv.
n.mcmlm tbut If vou want a rood lob
of roofing or spouting the place to go tor It
is C. B. Cronkleton's, 3 doors east of the
William's Block.
If von should want a good Job of Roofing
or Spouting done at low rates, go to C. B.
Cronkleton's, on Winter Street.
It Is is to every man's Interest to see A.
LYBRAND 4 SONS before they contract for
their House Spouting or Job worK oi any
A. Iitwu fc son nave tne largest
stock of Stoves in the eonntry.
C. B. Cronlcleton employsnone but first-
class worxmeu. ...
Tne Senator Cook Stove has the hlshest
oven of any stove in the market the cast-
lngaara warrantea not to ersc&.. ai is soia
by A. Lybrand A Son. .
mltovn 4a nn Wlcirua In rtalauTSM wKava
stoves are sold so cheap as at A Lybrand x
Son's. . . , ,
B. Dickinson Son, have been and are
receiving a good assortment of Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Plated Table
Spoons and Forks, Tea Spoons, Butter
Knives. fcc Persons wishing to buy will
do well to call and see. Special pains taken
to suit persons buying Spectacles BtJNo. iia
Sandusky street. ... B. Dickinson & Son,
. Lybrand . Sons have a large stock
of Cooking Stoves,whlch they WUI sell low
er than they can be purchased any place In
the Citv as tliey are now building a new
store room and want to make room for a
new stock.
Won will And It to vour advantaee to ex-
. .ilne the splendid stock of Stoves at C. B.
Cronkleton's, before purchasing elsewhere,
C. B. CronUeton. 8 doors East of Wil
liam's Block, has on hand tbe beat lot ol tin
ware, at low rates, in the city.
tovea f Stoves 1 1 Stoves nave de
clined, and A. Lybrand A Son are receiving
a large stock, which they will sell oheao.
If vou want to see the best stock or Cloths
uassimeres, xKtavert, 7
rt, IV. n XL. .-I E3.
nint be Hnmbnarated with those cheau
nifitnrM which so much resemble woodcuts.
when you eau get the genttink India Ink
and Water Color finish at BEACH'S EX
CELSIOR GALLERY. They excel een the
finest steel emtravlng. fciamine tnera ana
you will ne convineeu. a cam net picture
copied from an old Photo and finished by
Mrs. T. A. Beach, took FIRST PREMIUM
at our late County r air. oclu cati
We are Informed bv the Blncer Stan.
ufacturlng Company, that Mr. 11. N. Heff
ner, of our town, is appointed Agent for
tne sale o: tneir new acnliy isewiug Ma
chine in Delaware Connty. The wide estab
lished reputation or the Singer aa a family
and manufacturing machine Is well found
ed, as is also me tame or Mr. Heffner for
fair dealing. On the whole we predict the
sale of many machines la the County and
general satisfaction among purchasers.
Mr. Heffner keeps oonstautlv on hand a
flue stock of cotton, silk and twist, togeth
er with machine oil and needles. Otlice at
oroir x JMewion's wiioe store.
llsw trw and how strange, that people
should seek relief in the hieroglintes of a
doctor's prescription when they can buy as
good, and nine times out of ten a better,
remedy than most doctors give, for the In
significant sum of 25 cents. We refer to
Judson's Mountain Herb Pills. These pilla
cure Headache, Liver Complaint, Indiges
tion, Female Irregularities, and all bilious
disorders. They are prepared from a form
ula pronounced by the most learned Phy
sicians of our country to be the best and
most universal of family medicines. Give
them a fair trial and you will never be
without Judson's Mountain Herb Pills.
Sold by all dealers. den 2m
Haltam In Prr. There is contei ned
In Dr. Mnmt'i Fills the principle of health
We have manv thousands of testimonials
of their having reetoreu tne sick to neaita ;
wiiicii Mn ne seen at our om.ee. use ur
uoraa'a Indian Root Pills, and you will find
them not oniv a curative of the disease, but
also a preveutlve. They should be used
in all cases of BilUouRness. Headache. Liv
er Complaints, Female Irregularities, Ac
We matte no secret or tne lormuia rrom
which this medicine Is prepared. Ask your
storekeeper ior me iineta Almanac, ana
read It carefully. Use Morse's Pills. Sold
by all dealers. deiT 2m
Teas t Teas I X Teas S 1 1
Donavin A Fotwtn "have Teas In orig
nal packages . x onng tiysan - - si ai
Imperial - - - . - 0
nov. 26, '69-tf. , , ,
D.ttt nse that old Baby Carriage, when
you can trade 11 ior a new one at
many us
l-.iere is no Stove made which takes loss
and does better bakinct than the
"Leader" Sold by A. LYBRAND SONS
y l. admitted bv all who have ever seen
or used the Morning Glory, mat it is tne
handsomest ana must convenient anu teast
expensive in tbe consumption of fuel ot
any stove that has ever been invented.
Those ladles whoare looking for material
for Kju-ka and Cloaks would do well to call
at Henderson's Clothing ,eKre.:-f t. .1 , f
Do yon want your garments to fit ? tJo to
R. R. Henderson s.
For n arood Cooking Stove, Parlor Stove,
or Box Stove, go to C. B. Cronkleton's, on
Winter istreet.
Pmau wishing to purchase a good Cook
Stove, will do well to go and see C. B. Cron
kleton's new atove, called tbe fashion.
r . r. Henderson has the best Cutter In
Central Ohio, and warrants a eomplete fit
every time
... MARKETS. V '
Money. -' .
Gold ...... Z 121M
U. S. 5-20 bonds, 1S67 1141
tJ. S. 10-40 bonds.-....... Ui
' . . . - :
Delaware Retail market.
Corrected-weeklu bv DONAVtw Porwiw
Wholesale ana uetau VivcerM ana aeaiert in
Country Produce.
..-!.- . FLorm -! .1
Flour, best brands, bbl ., JK 50
" Extra Family .... 5 7o
Buckwheat Flour cwt,..... 50
Corn Meal cwt . .-. 175
Hard-refined Sugar.,
, 18
conee A (sugar-
extra u sugar......
. 18
Bro C Sugar......
. 11
. 14
, 28
Choice Rio Coffee .- -
do Fair .......
Java ' do ......
Rice (Carolina).- ...................
do (Rangoon) .
Svruns Drios ....
do Golden 1 00
' .- do . " Best Sugar riouse........ 1 00
do Fair " " 80
Mackerel, No. 1 3 15
do No. 2.... 3 00
White Fish W keg 8 25
Beans Navy bu... 2 50
Butter lb 2i30
Cheese (old) ID. 22
do (new) 20
Eggs fl doz ... 5
Lara f n za
Raisins lb... ..... 25
Potatoes bu . 50
Salt bbl . , 2 50
Hams sugar-cured 25
oo noiue-oureo.. - zu
Delaware Grain Market.'
Corrected weeklp bp Hills it Buck, Propri-
etor of City muu, jsast Jjeutusaee.
Wheat ft bu H Km 1 00
Corn bu " 6,V 75
Oats IS bu W3 40
Ryebu - 75 80
Clover Seed 3 bu 7 0ix9 00
Timothy Seed bu. 3 50(3 4 00
Flax Seed bu,..i........,-i.., 000 2 25
Flour bbl 4 00(3 675
Corn Meal W cwt - 1 80 2 25
Salt bbl. 2 409 2 75
Water Lime bbl . . 2 75,3 05
Bran cwt.. . t -75(9 1 00
Shorts cwt ... 80 1 25
Middlings cwt 1 75(3 2 25
Cincinnati Live Stock Market.
Cincinnati, - Jan. 17, 1870.
The current prices for the week at both
tlie markets were as follows:
..;-- . I BEEF CATTLE, r : ; ' i
- s Per cwt.
Prime . ..... 6 OCra 7 00
Fair 500ca 6 50
Common 3 25(9 460
19 25 9 75
. 8503 80t'
New York Live Stock Market.
New Yobk, Jan. 17,1870.'
The current urices for the week at all the
markets were as follows: ;
Per tt.
... 1315o
. 14)io
Extra .
Inferior ..
rThe above are a not at ions per pound up
on the estimated net weight of meat seller
sinking onal. mat is, a Duiiock wnose
quarters will weigh 8 cwt., at 10 cw. a pound,
amounts to $80.1 -
Prime .........
.. 558aC
Prime .. 9l9?ic
Common...... .......,-..... ....... ......... l't9o
Cattle..'; .... ; 6,740
Sheep .. . 30,000
nogs iu,uuu
The cattle market was very tame to-day
after a surplus of stock last week. Prices
have dropped about Jc per lb. ' s
The sheen market is very slow, with many
left over. Prices Jc lower tbe latter part of
the week. -
Hon trade la dulL Dressed are Quoted 13 w
Mo for cityod 11 12 for western.
Luxuries of Modern Travel.
The question which to-day most forcibly
presents itselt to the prospective traveler Is
not "By what line can I earliest reach mv
destination ?" (for running parallel witu
each other, the competing lines make the
same average time oetweeu their Western
aud Eastern termini), but "By which route
can I travel with the greatest degree of
comfort and of freedom from those annoy
ances nitnerto considered inseparable rrom
a Journey of a thousand miles or more?"
The Innuirv Is easilv answered. Seated In
one of the spacious and luxuriously finish
ed Drawing-room coaches peculiar to the
broad gauge Erie Railway, runnli g without
change ft-om Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dun
kirk, uanaioana itocnesier to jsew- ion,
the traveler finds lacking none of tbe com-
lorui ana conveniences or nis own nome.
Roomy seats, neat Washing and Dressing
rooms, parlors well ventilated and eool In
summer, warmed by steam la winter, and
illumed by gas when night comes, attentive
servants, and a view of the grandest of
AuacKmu wruerj, uji coinitine to trans
form the formerly slow and tedious Journey
into an entrancing panorama the termin
ation of which comes only too quickly to
the beholder. At the Company's hotels
along the line, the traveler alights to re-
neau tne inner man eating DreaKfast in
Ohio, dinner In Pennsylvania, supper in
lott, yet raring sumptuously and
With the same recrnlfLritv a. 1 r 1 1. u nu. 11
hotel or residence at home.
Sleeping coaches, well lit and ventilated,
and with clean, room v beds, and all the
conveniences of the boudoir are attached
to each of the three daily Express trains,
guaranteeing the traveler, delighted with
the novelties ol the daylight, a night's rest
as untroubled as if in his own bed at horn e.
Prompt arrivals are made at all connect
ing points, and passengers on arriving i in
New York are delivered either down town
in the business center of the city, or up
town In the immediate vicinity of the lead
ing uoteis amz iua new lora and New
Haven Railroad.
Tickets via this popular route can h. nnr.
chased at all Principal -Ticket OfScen
throughout the country.
fCnerry Pectoral Troctoes,"
f For Colds, Coughs, Sore Threat
A, Bronchitis.
R18HTOS CO, 10 ASTOa House. N. Y.
We no more of those horrible tasted nauseating
' Nov. 10. '69 Strips. " ' " " '
To Consnmntives. Theadvnrnuir li v.
ing been restored to health In a few weeks
oy a very simple leme.iy, nitr navtng suf.
r..rni several veara with a severe lum, afTM.
tinn. and that dread disease. Cnnnnmntlon.
Is anxious to maa mowo to his laiiow--.1
itinwra tha means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
the prescription nsea ree of charge), with
the directions for preparing and using the
.ame. which thev wiil find a mir. .mm ft.r
Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, etc. The
r,m4nt of the advertiser in sendlnu .the
prescription. Is to benefit the altUcted, aud
BurAttd Information which ha Aonoeivea to
be invaluable; and he hopes every sufferer
will try his remedy, as It will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing. Parties
wishing the prescription will please address
ray 28-1 y WUUttnjHimrg, Kings Co N. Y,
F AS H ! !
We take great pleasure in announcing to
our customers that we have Just received
largejtnpply of
Blaa Brow ss, Dahlia aad Black
. French Broadcloths ; French.
Scotch, German & Ameri-.
, , can Coatings ; Fancy . ,
Cassimeree of
. : ' -'!.i 'i
Every variety of yestinga aad
Over-Coatings of all
Colors and
Having one of the best CUTTERS In Ohio,
we ara prepared to make hp clothing in
styles. A good fit Is guaranteed or no
ale. W havaalso a complete stosk
Gents Furnlsnlng Goods-
believing their establishment to be the best
place to buy ciotuinc respecttuiiy ask ail
the people to demonstrate the facts above
set forth., CALL EXAMiNnfwetV;ae. See
and know for yourselves.
& Tsllman.
Oct. 1st. '69 tf.
.1 si
Kortn end mf Williams Bloc
ft ft
W i""",
t , ; : t '
Great Sale of - "
i r r g 0 0 ,
A 'P
The People's
DRY ' GOOD8 " ' ; STd'RE
, . Delaware, OI1I0. . , . ,
People's Dry Goods Store,
On these tables will be placed Dry Goods
to be sold f..r 10 per cent, advance of the
manufacturers' prices, that will be selling
the uooas at otner mercnants actual com :
25 per cent, less than the regular retail
price. To believe this, vou must come and
examine tne uoous on tne
.'-Ua THE i (
People's Dry Good Store
These Goods are direct from the manufac
turers and in orieinal packages, but will be
sold In any length to suit purchasers, from
-This stock was purchased for Cash during
trie UOIU 1 ailic 111 iew xortt, ior seveiity
Ave cents on the dollar. the greatest bar
gains ever offered in Delaware. They are
all put on tne
People's Dry Goods Store.
- Pnrchasers can relv on- finding all the
Goods named In this bill, both In quantity,
quality ana price, .lor ,..,..
The following Goods will be found on our
Ten Per Cent. Tables :
9S rtlAMU V.-ttra. If eavv Water
Proof. SI 15
Si 00
100 -pair White Biankets...j4 7;
60 ' " -coiorea Blankets.. ..-o u
f 00
75 .
!.2 00
1 00
nets o7a
yard wide do, extra... 6ft
Merrlmac Print V2
Bordered Chintz 14'A
Extra print.. i- 10! J
iriod do
4-4 (rood Sheeting 12
4-4 bleached Shirting
all-wool Merino, ex
100. - " 1 Harrison Cassimere., 1 2o
100 " all-wool, good, do 1 00
V. ft. These are onlv Dart of the Goods.
They are loo numerous to mention. Call
a rMr examine for yourselves-
All Cloaklngs bought of us
Cut Free of Charge.
.,isu OF - ' '
''iH ' T O W Vi
' ROBT. DELL, A gt.
nov 2, 1809, tf
Ak B A R tt AI X S
" ' ' ' ; f
Many Kinds of Goods at
Cost to close them out.
FTEH December IO, 1869, we will
ffer our Rtook at reduced prices and cheap
er than the same kind of goods have been
sold during tha last-FJFB YEARS.
Yi ' vs 1 ? ": 1 J
Dress Goods,
Water Proofs,
ill f i'ii s i -1 . 1 3 ' t
Sc 1 Furs.
Kaln Street, Below William.
dec. 17, 69 tf.
-! I'-'.! S: ! J I ,.s- .';. !'
HAVING formed ao-artlifr.lilp Car
the purpose of carrying on tbe Grocery
Business, have one ned out at the late stand
ot Robinson ACone, in the Evaus' Block, au
emlre new stoek of -" - " ' -
Choice Family Groceries
To which the attention of the citisens Of
. Delaware Is invited.
Consists of everything usually found in a
- First Class Grocery,
and we are houud to soil t
As Cheap as the Cheapest !
TERMS,, : ;- t ', . CASH.
Goods purchased of ns will be delivered
witnin any part 01 tne twrpuniuuii ....... .
We respectfully solicit r share of the pat
'"s- ... i"u I'-- ; . . t-v-11 1 T T
octifi tf.
Dealers in
Groceries' and 'Provisions
Fruits, ivats, Candles, &c, Ae.,
""in"our hewblock,"
Sixth Ooor north of J. ITtmtt Oo.'s Store,
- 1 y tlie mgneai tnaritct price ior
Country Produce of all kinds.
WR will n pleaacrt to all our
old cuntomera, and as many new ones
as may favor us with their patronaite.
W Intend patching I'orK tliia season,
and will pay the highcut market price for
dressed hogs. . , ,
ooti-ies toe , 1 - ; . .
Finding their former limits too small for
their extensive business, have added there
to the room formerly occupied by the
having also increased their force In the
way of Salesmen are now better prepared
to meet the wants of their numerous cus
tomers, than ever beore. In their new room
will always be found a full assortment oi
Domestic Dry Goodd, C'a shi
nier and Jeans.
The old one will be devoted to PI. A IX
While the ronm above will con In In a com
plete stock m
Oil Cloths, : ' ,
- Hearth Rags,
Door Mats,
' MIeIgh and Bnatgy Mais,
Window Hiliids
Window Hollands, ' "
Canvas Blinds. s "
And Curtain Fixtures.
Brieht Green Seamless Kid Gloves Just re-
NDER this new arrangement, each De
partment will hereafter have more atten
tion, and will constantly be kept In a con
dltion to meet the demands of a First Class
Trade. Their Notion Department, being
pernaps tne most extensive in tne . 1 ly, em
braces almost every article in that line.
both Staple and Fancy. As their purch anes
hereafter, for this and another large Dry
Goods Establishment connected with It
will be made principally at th same time
thev axmct bv that means to save a per
centage, and consequently be enabled to,
sell Goods cheaper than ever before.
iTiaGEOS .
have lust received a ver v larare variety of
Tycoon and Manchester Reps, In ail the
choicest styles of the season. Opera floods
In all the latest Novelties. Zephyr Worst
ed, Berlin Lawns, Scarfs, Nubias, c Also
HairBwitehes, Chignons and Hair.Netts.
Alargelotof Jewolry.Chalns and 1 .en-Is,
The choicest Black Beavers for Ladies
Saq'iesand Oenis' Overcoats, at- !-. tian
wholesale prices, and Chinchilla Beavers in
all .colors, at cost ! Th cheapest and larg
est variety of Waterproofs In town. Furs
Mink, Fitch, Astrachan, Squirrel, Coney
and Muskrat. Shawls at cost! .,, ,
Baker, Sturgeon & Co.j
dec. 24 '89-tf.
As Cheap as the Clieapest
4. Good am the Bent !
Fall and Winter Goods
All the Novelties of the
Dress Goods, Shawls, '
Fancy Colored Silks,
Black Silks.
Tlie I'nrlvalra Bnflmlo Brand
Black &. Colored Alpacas
Beautiful shade, always on sale. '
White Goods, ,
Laces, .
Linens,' ,
' HidKloves,
,i. ; .Lisle Gloves, m
iiousE-rrRxisiiixo goods
Carpets, Oil Clot ns, R), Cnrtalna,
e. , 4fce. . j
Aud all other articles usually kept in a
rirst-Class Dry Goods Store
All of which will be sold at
The Very Lowest Prices.
rtrst Dry Oooos Storo Koran of Hf
attH Corner, nelawnre, OHIO.
Roapretnillr. , .
" je-tr
j if 11 mi in a
Have Just Iiec!r :i uml are
Sow Openiiif tir Entire .v
and Stleudiil StcU of
BuiiieiH . nils,
B05 s' CI:. T r
Cloilis &zul
Cai;:t rr-,
. Kt avci'i. jh.1
SaUinrt'f . - .
anil .leuii.,
, Yelvtei-i
and Corduroys,
l:; Trunks .V
. ' ' ' ' '
:.. i. : . and t'ell-iM,
Wl'appe-fs " ; ,
'.and. Drait ers,
. SnsiM?ia tiers
. . " and Socks,
Scarfs risiJ
' "' ' Vmhrelln
Tills Mocit lias, been loulit
- durlfitr tlie
1 rt. a
and we caia -xiitl WILL srll
., litem
titan any titlier liu in I1-
' aware.
RemeiitUt'i- tlie placet
Templar Hall ISiiilt'Isig",
' Delaware, OI1I0.
P All F I U I T V A L
Life Insurance ' Company
LrxAifD Stakforp, Pres., H. F.Ha'tisoi,
Vict I're., Joseph nuwuos, (S.c, J". .M.
Fret. Ph.us. in Chief, scttafsiERK A liw.
eix, General Agents.
31 39 Second Street, Sacramento. 0
LnBailc F.trwt, Chli-agn.
Capital, - - - - t0,00(
(iura.attat'aplt.1, - AiQ.ouO
Total Capital In Gold, J,ouu
Total Assets, over - , Ot O-UU
Pr.i.totES issued payable in either Gold or
Ail FOLICIEsanu ii i"t.. -
LVirornlatstheonly Stit1( In Ihe Vntmi
which exempts all cikm-b of Po irs; l'o
execution, wlw rem tlie Annual 1 ' '
dAlvAniX1..,,s1,t.1y t.uc on
Policies or future Vivldi'UtN.
TllIKTY Days' grace on .Mini. 1.1 - .
Aftkr Two Animal Pnrmonla m- mil l-,
... 1 . U uiull M,,.'l!xil i '-.I'
tne i.oiiitMnj iii,-.-.- - - ,
last i.iivm. iit.itsu.. . itli.-r a i.uiii-u 1 ..u-v
for the proportion or I'rfmiums iv-.i,
or pay the etjuivaletil In Ciuh.
As the rates t f tiilcresl hiv g renter ill t nl
ifornla than iu ol her Htstc or 1 ai ois n,e
prolits and dlvideiida accruing t me in
sured will be proportionately n.'re-d.
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the poiicv-l""' i.-1 - , . . JV ,
Ih.ih a fiM n " I I ' 1
roilttKlM' or O llelH.
Any other lui'jr.jiiuion ovim
cheerfully givt n ly
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1 : il l i ' i"1 , In
.1 Will I
Manager for O ilo, Indiana and Keutu. ky,
Oflce 29 Main Street,
litlawar., Ohte.
A fewgtod siiHeiuit nttnttl lor tii
dltterent State i ami tills city.
'A policy of IJftt AiHtirnce iw i n u
evidence of p-ne'ni ft't'eiKHtv Uc :Njlf."i
Willi a deuemleiii !.iin!y i i!" tmni re
proach if tu.1 a..re,i.'' f.ti i pn.iW,
VhunwUur of -..i..i( - I.
- Then to notHo.i in th manner, uwl.l
which npp WWlii even r mou'iy. to lee
aecurity o. a wcti-..tHMU ; ,; " '
maiiane.1 Uf ' ltwrmtee !'
A l'oliev of Li''" lUMtrivtiee is tii !ifn.
,.n.n l e'Ci't( i.io.le or iuh aa--a .!H i
I,'(M foroue's fomlly. lr-J i t
I.1M, IT'S. jn- .
' WO t! I T I 11 N 1 1 .
I am now ).rei.te.l to ilo all kin-.U of
WoJTurniijaml J lfn-'
TIU Mt-I SHOP, UP stairs.
iv3-jy , .y. c. rsii.i-Eis'

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