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PmbUilud Wieklr, at Blwr, Ohio
at S'S.OO oer rear, 1st cdraDie. "or
Advertising Rates, sea th page.
Friday, April 22, lstO.
C. C. C. &. 1. KA1LWAY.
Cincinnati Ripma , 11:38 j
Mail aud Express
. 4:10 P. M
Night Kxpress
No. 1 Freight
. : -5 A. M
. 3:IC P. M
Col umbos Train (Arrives)
TRAIX3 ooiho socth:
Cincinnati Express
Night Kxprewi
No. 1 Freight
jass a.
7:57 P,
.;l:3S P. M
x f. M.
Columbus Train (Leaves; : A- M-
Norica. On and arter June at, 1WJS, and
nntil further notice, tbe night express north
will run on Suluntuy utht instead of Sua
day night, leaving Columbus at a. in.
and arriving in Delaware at 3:2a a. in. -
LatM. A rrive.
Aecora'n and Freight 8:t a. m. lu p. m.
Passenger Train i- v. M. 8-.iW A. K.
A. McILVAIN, Agent.
Twcnlf Cents a line for each in.
art la u tander this jheatdiiatf.
Littells nave very fine maple sugar for f-ftle.
I will close out uiy remaining stock of
Apple Trees at S.2.0C per hundred If order
ed soon. The trees are 6 and 7 feet biKh.
North Sandusky Street.
" Fkank G. Thomson.
New Gkoceey. Mr. Martin C. Broderiek,
a former employe of this office, ha opened
a new Family Grocery on Nonh street near
the railway company's round bouse. Mart
is a flrsi-rate fellow ami will no uoubl keep
a good estaulishinent. We commend him
to the patrouge ol our resdi is.
A StkAUSS Is Just receiving Ills second
tuck of spring and summer Boodg. Being
Just pui cuased are the latest st les out, and
no more complete and beauiiful assort
ment of Cloths and Cassimercecau be found
or a Merchant Tailoiiug Department. Ilia
ready maue Clothing and fuinu.hmg goons
are also new and complete all ol which will
be sold at lowest gold value.
Removed. The Misses Bushfleld would
respectfully inform the Indies of Delawaie
and vicinity, that they i.ove moved the.r
Dress Making Establishment to rooms over
the New Book Store where tiny will be
happy to see all their old friends and pat
rons, and as inany lie w ones us will favo.
them with a call. Kemeinber the place, en
trance between New Book tore ana City
Drug Store
The Executive committee of the Teach
ers' Institute will meet in Delaware on May
7th. Localities desiring the next meeting ol
the Institute will send in their applications
to the Secretary at that time, staling the
number they can entertain, tho price of
boarding Ac. O. A. Frame!,
Mb. Joseph Wells is now running oi.e
or two handsome and comiorianie coaches
In addition to his tegular omnibus line,
and carries passengers to all pans of the
town and Leight.orhood. We are now be
ing supplied by Mr. Wills wlih what we
have long needed in the way of convenient
local couveynuce. I.L-t him be liberally
Gold at Par. Mr. Hobert Bell the en
terprising proprietor of the popular Peo
ple's Dry Goods Store is before our readers
this we.Jt with a new advertisement. The
very popular "ten percent tables" are kei-t
up and replenished wlih new goods every
week. For fmther particulars tee Lew ad
vertisements. We are happy to call attention to ttie lec
ture of Rev. W. G-iodfellow D. D. to be de
livered at the Opera House Widmsday
evening April 27ih.
Dr. Goodfellow has for twelve years been
a missionary in the Argentine Republic and
will speak ofthe customsaud intituiiousof
that country and his own experience there.
Dr. Goodfellow is an eloquent speaker and
his lecture, being a description of a sister
Republic so little known to us, will un
doubtedly be of great interest.
; Mkssks. Glovkb Cbothers have handed
us a new advertisement thjs week which
we una It impossible to make room for.They
have just received the laigest and most
complete stock of goodsthey have ever had,
elected with unusual care mid uowofteied
at the lowest pi ices of the market. They have
large and beautiful line of dress goods,
white oods, mourning ,oods, Ac Messrs.
Glover invite the ladies and all interested
to call and examine their cheap and hand
some stock which they will take pleasure
in showing. Remember the place, on Main
street south of William.
A Fink Coach. Chauncey Hughfg has in
troduced among our city conveniences a
very elegant new two-hoie coach with
which he holds himself ready to serveour
local traveling public In season and out of
season. This coach is entirely new and was
received from Cincinnati only a few days
' go. Its proprietor deserves substantial en
couragement for bis enterprise and we hope
may receive it liberally. Whenever yon
want a pleasant diive about town Chauncey
can furnish it.
REMOVAL.-I would respectfully inform
the citizens of Delaware and Delaware Co.,
that I have moved my office to rooms in
rear of City Drug Store and am prepared to
treat the following diseases with success:
old Sores, Scrofalar Uhrs, Catarrh Cancers
and many other diseases not mentioned.
Special attention given to the treatment of
female weakness, also the Eye A Kar. Re
member i he place; office in rear of Cii y Drug
Store. I have set apart Saturday afternoon
from one to five P. M. for nffica practice.
Those Miffering with old chronic dseasej-are
invited to call at that time and any others
who may wish to consult me.
ap-ltf J. F. Hess, M. D.
Norton ast Powers are constantly
receiving New Crop Teas, directly over
land, via San Francisco. Try them.
, Pl-tf - - : -
V .Visiting Cards. We are now pre
pared to furnish ladies and gentlemen
with Visiting Cards of the latest styles,
printed from the most fashionable va
rieties of type. We furnish them at 50
.cents a dozen ; or three dozen, put up
'in a neat case, for $1, 00. Call and see
samples. : pl tf
Wanted. A man with $4,000 ready
cash, who is willing to go west and en
gage in the mercantile business, can
learn of a rare chance to purchase an
old established grocery business, doing a
business of $30,000 annually, and per
manently established. For particulars
enquire at this office, or address
Box Drawer 35,
apr8-pl3t Lincoln, 111.
, Court. No cases have been deter
mined other than those we have already
reported, excepting that of Mary J. Mun
son vs. C. C. C. & I. Railway, in which
the jury, after an all-night session, failed
to agree. A new trial will be had in
Rev; J. B. Tombes, formerly pastor
of the North Baptist church, Philadel
hpia, and late of Tiffin, O., has accepted
llie pastorate of the Baptist church in
this city. ' There will be services next
Sunday at the usual hour.
Rev. Mr. McLaren, lately of Mau
mee City has been called to the pastor
ate of the united 'Presbyterian' societies
, , , . r ,,
of this place and has been successfully
Jaboring for some time in his new field.
I Personaju Mrs. G.H.Waldo has!
(just returned from California where she
; has
been enjoying a visit for , some
j months
United American Mechanics. Mr.
C. V. Timball, State Councilor of Ohio
has been in our city for a few days per
fecting the organization of Osceola Coun
cil, No to, of this order. We are inform
ed that the objects this organization has
in view are to assist each other in obtain
ing employment ; to encourage each oth
er in business : to establish a sick and
funeral fund ; to establish a fund for the
relief of widows and orphans of deceased
members ; and to protect themselves
from foreign imposition.
Sabbath School, Organized. The
Young Men's Christian Association hav
ing been requested to take charge of the
Sabbath School usually held during the
summer in Avery's school district, con
sented to do so, and last SabbaUl re-organized
the school, and hope to make it
prosperous and successful. Citizens in
other localities needing help of this kind,
will please inform the President of the
Association, at this office, or Mr. John
McElroy, Chairman of the Devotional
Real Estate Transfers. In Berk
shire tp. from Edwin Pottex to Wm. A.
Wigton io acres for $400. In Delaware
from Alex. Austin to Thomas Jones lot
41 1 for p6co. In Kingston tp. from John
White to Edwin and Mary White 22
acres for $Soo. In Orange tp. from Ralph
Bennett to Geo. W. Finney 10 acres for
400. In Delhi from Wm. Jones to John
R. Griffith lot 4 for $135. In Scioto tp.
from Sam'l Sweeney and Wm. Flanne-
gan to Reson Maugans 77 acres for $40
80. In Berkshire tp. L, Thompson, 90
acres to J. C. Ryant for $4500. In Ches
hire J. C. Ryant to Mr. Wilcox 36 acres
for 53000.
Mr. Kenxan's Lectures on Monday
and Tuesday evenings were decidedly
the best of the season and among the
best we have ever heard. It is a rare
thing for audiences to be so well enter
tained as were those who listened to Mr.
Kennan. In descriptive power he fully
equals if he does not surpass Bayard
Taylor, and his adventures and experi
ences were a great deal more thrilling
than Taylor's. The first lecture was but
meagerly, the second tolerably attended.
If Mr Kennan ever returns to Delaware
we predict for him a crowded house.
K -
The Jubilee. Th
There were one or two
things particularly noticeable in the jubi
lee of our colored citizens on the 14th
inst. One was the music by the colored
band which was deserving of all praise.
Though it had not been in training for
some time the band acquitted itself so as
to receive universal plaudits. Mr. L. N.
Van Horn is its efficient leader.
Another noticeable feature was the en
tire absence of every thing like drunken
ness and rowdyism. The new voters con
ducted themselves with a degree of pro
priety in this respect which cannot be
too much commended. If they shall
continue to manifest such sobriety of be
havior they cannot fail to win the respect
of their fellow citizens and to be useful
to the commuuity in which they live.
Putnam's Magazine, for May, con
tains an able paper discussing the caus
es and cure of political degeneracy and
corruption. It shows that special or
class legislation is one ofthe most, per
haps the most fruitful source of these evils.
Every class favored sends its lobby to
look after its interests and employs mon
ey and every other instrumentality that
will pander to human greed and passion
to secure its objects. In this way our
legislative halls become centres toward
which all corrupt influences are attrac
ted. The best way to cure the evil is to
remove its occasion. Let all class or
special legislation, for the benefit of par
ticular interests, be abolished and let us
legislate exclusively for the people. That
is the legitimate function of government
and the only sphere within which its
purity can be maintained.
Dedication of Hall. The Odd
Fellows will dedicate their new hall on
next Tuesday evening, to be followed by
a supper at Templar Hall. The follow
ing will be the programme :
Dedication ceremonies at the hall, to
be conducted by Bro. James Turner,
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
Ohio, to commence at 7 p. m.; address
by James Turner, G. M.; a history of
the early days and subsequent progress
of Olentangy Lodge, by a charter mem
ber ; addresses by Rev. Bro. John Uf
ford, D. D., Rev. Bro. D. D. Mather,
and Rev. Bro. D. H. Moore ; Benedic
tion, by Rev. Bro. J. Vogt.
After which all will repair to Templar
Hall for supper.
Odd Fellows may obtain tickets of ad
mission to dedication and supper of ei
ther of the following committeemen : C.
V. Owston, H. K. Randolph, Thos. H.
Owston, A. G. Byers, Geo. Davenport,
Thomas Evans.
Teachers' Certificates. The
County Board of School Examiners have
granted certificates to the following per
sons for the number of months annexed
to each name ; ;
April 9th,
Names. P.O. Time.
Rosalns G. Clark, Delaware ...12
Jon u K. Harriott ' 12
Clinton Roberta, Page town. 12
Mai; Bed. 11. Kilboume.,. ,. 12
Marah C. Bedell, " ....., 12
Emma E. Case, Powell 6
Sylvia Case, " 6
Sauie E. Cse, " 6
Hattle Cellar, Stratford 6
Mania IVllar, . ,. 8
Kunice CrnikKhank, Delaware 6
Lol CruikHtaauk, '. 6
Mary E. Cox, Eadnnr 6
Annie E. Davis, DeUwire 6
Tin Geary. Alum Cr.ek,.,.,.,... 12 ,..
Annte Green, Sunhury 6
Eliza Grove, Delaware .,..,...r12 .
Lizzie Hack, " ,,,,.,...12 "
Koa Haek, " ,..6 .
Kanb James, " " 12
Ella Jam-8, 12
Sarh Parks. Kilbourne.... 6
Tillle Richards, Ahi-y.... 12
Sarab Rider, Bt-rkshire 6
Nettie Ryant, ConstHntia 0
Ida Ynumans, Lewis Center 6
Rosi- Youmans, 12
Alice 8. p.erc. Ashley 12
Rejected 9
April 16th.
Mintie Bei m, Rlchwood...'.. 6
Matilda brygon. Oatraiiiinr. a
Caihenne Loonier, Delaware. .. 8
Viola DK'kerman, Constxntla 8
Maiy E.Johnson,) 'enter Village.' 12
Anna J. Lew.s, Delaware ,., '"' a
Adelaide Munwell, ' "ia
Mary J. Newell, " 8
M. Jennie styer, " jg
Alice Searle, Berkshire ' g
Rejected females 12
PntNAMs Magazine, for May. contains
Our Celtic Inheritance by Fmf, L. Clark
tvelye ; The Tale oi a Comet., by Edward
s,ni : Noius Iguoto. by Bayard lavlor:
Picture in the Private Gll-ries of New
York, by Eugene Bem-on ; Pernlckltiy Peo
nie hv F-. Barrow : Madame Roland, bv N
S. Dodder A Musiei.il Mystery, by C. P.
('ranch : The Approach of Aae, by John H.
Bryant: A Woman'. Right, by Mrs. M. C.
Ames ; The Organ liy J. P. Jardine; Poly
glots, bv P. G. Hamertoa: The Academy
of Di-B'kd and Art Education : The Great
i tiold Fluriy ; Our Podtlcal Degeneracy and
its Kenedy; a Fre.. oh Chateau ; Edliorial
1 yea?; i'alnam Bon'' btseet
Mr. Newton's Welcome. The fol-
lowing song, written by a convict in the
j Ohio Penitentiary, and dedicated to Rev.
O. H. Newton, the new Chaplain of the
; prison, was sung by the prisoners as in
troductory to Mr. Newton's first sermon :
Ocr Greeting.
' We hail thee, with gladness
Thee, our Chaplain we call,
A friend to the friendless,
A father to all.
Be a guide to the erring
A help to the taint.
Call thou burdened sinners
To him who has salds
Come to me. heavy laden,
1 will (jive you rest.
And with the saint in glory.
The crown of the blest.
Oh tell ns of Jesus,
His suffering and pain.
How he has redeemed us.
On Calvary Slain.
We will d oar doty.
In -unshine. or rain.
And Heaven's bright glory.
Shall be our tree aim.
Then hearts true and humble,
Tbeirthanks giving raise.
And make of thetr hearth-stone,
An alutr ot praise.
Labor faithful, lie not weary.
Hold out to the end.
And Angels will bear thee
To the leet of the l.imo.
Fear not, I redeemed thee,
On my word depend.
Receive the crown of glory.
Thou, Prisoners friend.
Welcome, be welcome.
"1 We hail thee oar Chaplain
Chorus y We greet thee, welcome,
j Be a friend to the Iriendless,
A Father to alL
The pi m-er. of the County are pa -sing
away, witain m past yenr Isaac ur.t
wol'i, Petr WVsi-erveit, Col. Os-K.rn and
4'ot. Fhilo H. OJmnted have depart-! this
life. We are now called apon to chronicle
the death f Charles P. Hempsted, another
pioneer, of Blend oo township, who died at
1 ne resilience ot nix son, in iv-w ' s cenire,
Delaware w-uuty, March 8th. 170. Toert?
are now but two men remaining in the
township who cane her previous to 1821)
Kev. hj. Washburn and W m. W ester veil.
A dne respect for theseancient land marts
as well a lor the virtues of the man, de
mand Bomething mor than a passing no
tice. Mr. HempMed was wrti la Hartford
county, Connecticut. Oct. 27. 1791, where he
rettioed nntll tn- or-a king out- or the war of
wn-n lie joined the loth Kegiment u. fc.
Infantry, and served until the troops were
diKtmnded. ImmediHteiy after he emigra
ted to Ohio, enduring H ihe privation and
n conveniences of pioneer life in thoe
In I8J1 he was married to Miss Rachel
Crnig, of Aogusta county, Va. She was a
most t smunuie wire aim ruoiner, a kiuci
eiuhborand fervent Christian. Iie laid
down her c.osa and took up lu r crown Oc
tober 2, l&iix. Th' y had nine children, eight
of whom survive tnem. Mr. Herniated
nited with the Presbvterian Church in 185.
Hi- walk in life wms consistent wlih his uro-
te-sion. and lor many veais he was an ac
tive Klier in the Church. His power of
memory ws quite remarkable; the past
seemed like an ever-preeitt panorama, and
minute circumstances that oc- urred a half
mury at0. he could recount with aat-ii-
shing accuracy ; his mind wasof the math
ematical mould, teS'dttte in opia on, deal
ing in i acts, una wno tovea aim naiea witn
ad the iervt-ncj anj bitt-rnesiiOt anintenKe
nature. He was interred by (he rites o(
Masonry, of which Order he was lon? an
honored memoer. M. C. 11.
Go to Littell & .Son, for Choice Urin Ma
ple fciugar. npr-22-3w
See Advertisement in another column of
to-days pper of Oljio bu&iues College.
"Wfatttlesey's Cure for Sick Headache,"
is wai i anted aa uu'aiiing remedy ; and ta
ken wheu the first symptoms appear, will
nev-rfaiito eln-ck the teriiblo sickness.
For sale by a. U. H arr.
An Jxtcnledl Popularity, "Brown's
Bronchial Trc-hs" have been bt-fore the
public muny years. Each year finds them
in new localities iu various pans of th'i
world. TheTroche3 aie pronouuerd uni
versally superior to all other article used
for similar purposes. For relieving Coughs
Colds, and Throat Dlea-es, the Troches
have been proved reliable.
So llninbng. We do not wish to inform
J'ou, reader, tnat lir. Wonderful, or any
otlir man, has discovered a remedy that
cures all diseases of mind, body or estate,
and is UeMin-d to make our subluur
sphere a blissful paradise, to which heaven
itself shall be but a snie show, but we do
u-uA to injovm you that Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Rcmetljj hi cured thousun u ofcasesofCafrtrrh.
in its worst jorms and stages, and tne proprie
tor will pay SdOU for a case of this loatnsome
iisea which he cannot curi-. it m.y be
procured by mail for sixty cents by address
ing K. V. Pierce, M . .. Buffalo, N.Y. For
ale at most Drug Stores everywhere.
Experlentla Doeet. Yes surely ex-
P.-rieno te-.cb.es those who use ir. Morse's
udian Root Pilh. that it is better to take a
medicine upon tm-first symptoms of dise -se
that will surely restore health, thnu to wait
until tne complaint has become chionio.
these pills in all cases of Billiousness,
Indigestion, Headache, Liver complaint.
Female Ii regularities, 4c. Get the Ometa
Almanac from your storekeeper, itcontaius
much useful information for the invalid
and convalescent. If you are ailing use Dr.
Morse'. Indian Root Fills and you will find
them of great value, bold by all Dealers. -api-22-2m
Some Years since a poor but talented
gentleman of the medical profession con
ceived the idea tha it be Could proriu'.-e a
medicine ot universal application and ex
traordinary merit and make itktiownhe
could not only enrich himself and esciipe
the drudgery ot a Phystcians life but also
benefit the sick in a greater measure than
by his private practice. He therefore con
sulted with the best Physicians he could
find nd the result was the production of
the Judson's Mountain Herb Pills, a famous
and most succes-ful medicine. He began in
a small way to make the Mouutain iierb
Pills known by advertising them an.t
such was the value of his Pilis that in a few
years he had not only amassed a fortune
but had that rare satisfaction tor a rich man
of having relieved the -iik, and benefited
his fellow men in every part of the country
as thousands of grateful testimonials could
prove. The Judson's Mountain Herb Pills
have cur- d Dyepep.-.ia, Liver Complmnt,
Female Irregularities, and all Billious dis
orders. This little sketch serves both to
adorn a tale and point a moral Dr. Judson's
fills Were meritorious ana tne ixicior him
self knew the value of printers ink. Hold bv
all Dealers. apr-22-2m. "
TJe Fahnestock, Haslett 4 Schwartz,
(formerly B. B. Fahnestock Co's.) Pure
White Lead, it cannot be excelled.
As an expectorant, C. F. Galton's Balsam
cannot be excelled. aprl-lm
Occupational Ailments. Fresh, pure
air is a vitalizing elixir. Whoever is de
barred by circumstances from unstricted ac
cess to this invisible, but powerful stimu
lant, needs a medicinal invigorant of some
kind. The great object should be to ehoose
the best. Popularity is a pietiy good guar
antee of merit in this scrutinizing and in
telligent age and tried by this criterion
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters stands first,
among the invigorating 'and regulating
medicines of ttie present day. To the wants
of persons engaged in indooremployments.
especially in crowded factories where even
wiiti toe iww, possiuie veuttiatiou me at
mosphere is always in some degree polluted
this salubrious vegetable tonic is peculiarly
adapted. Thenstureof the tntfiedient is
nomvstery. It consists or an absolutely
pure diffusive stimulant, tinetureo or raih-
r surcuargt u wim iue umu exiracLS oi
natous root.- ana imrks and net Ds. me
pharmacopoeia has its tinctures, hut what
ai e they 1 The juiceof only a single root or
bark or plant is present in each, ot one
it tnem combines the turee properties ot a
tonic, an alterative, and an aperient. All
:iee elements are oieuqea in tne Knier-.;
nor are these the sum of its medicinal re
commendations. Xt is also a biooddepurent
nd an nili.pasmooi!:.
The baleful effect wnii-h air that has been
nartiallv exhausted of its oxygen bv fre
quent breathing pi oduee on the vital or
ganization, i notorious, and when to tills
aeviunizeu aiuiopuere is superauuen tne
ohittc vapor ot not air lurnaces.it be
comes deleterious and depressing in the ex
treme, lo enaDle tne system io oear up,
eveu for a few hours each day against the
debilitating influence of a vitiated atmos
phere, a wnotesome tonic ana alterative is
urgently requireu. nigrino uesiueratuui
is supplied in Hostetter's Bitters whicti ms
si remth-sustaiuiut. healt h-Di otecting
agent has no rival either among officinal or
aaveni.-eu meaicmes- apn-im
T. Evtm Co- Employ none but first
class workmen, use only the best quality ot
tin, ana wiu put up spouting as cneap or
cheaper man auy otner nouse in tne piac
Tne old reliable Morning Star, over 10"0
In use iu this County. Call and see it. For
sale by T. Evans &. Co.
Another Haidnare Store. T. Evans
A. flu., intend keeolnu a full line of hard
wre in oonue tiun with their stoveB and
tin ware, also a flue sssorttuentof wooden
ware and house furnishing goods generally
Tbev can oner inducements lo inose in
tending to build being able to furnish every
tninif necessary ior ouiiaiug oesiues in
caruenter aud mason work. Those that
can sell the most can sell the cheapest. If
you want ebexp hardware stoves and tin
ware, utti i auu kd iucih. i-i nn jj-r , i.io i.ij.,
at prices lower than before the war. mr-25-tl
Somnethlns: New A new coa! stove lust
rei-elved oy i. cvaus x uo.. iiieiiJiiDo the
cheapesi una qetf cuu stove m (tie market.
The Idaho has the largest sale in Colum
bus Newark aud nearly all the surround
ing cities of any cohI cook stove in those
markets. For sale by T. Evans & Co.
MatrlmoBlalr-That supremely hanov
class who are called upon for the first time
to fit up for house keepiua, should Sin on
T. Evans & Co., No. 1 fivan's Blmk iSSP,?
buylug their kitchen furulture. 'sitliev
keen h lull suuulv ot wcHHleu ar.;a -.zrtr
and tin ware and sell the-m cheuier Uian
any other place lu the city. Thr-e-fourths
of the artioies you want you can find t tha
store room. mar-18-ti
A. l-ybraud . Sons, are Agents tor
Delaware county for the celebrated Cooltlnu
Stove FASHION. Go and see it, mrttf
The Monitor Coal Cooking Btove Is one
of the besi In the market. Sold by A LY
BRAND & SONS, Ly brand's iUock.
Thaw wlshlrBr extra fine Black
should eall on Norton fc Powers,
leb. 2-j-tt .. .
For a good Cooking Ptove, Parlor Stove,
or Box Stove, go U C. B. Cronkieton's, on
w inter rii reel
C. B. Crosklatos warrants all his work.
A. Lrbraad A. Sons go to any part of
in is ana aujoming counties to put up House
A Sin Indication of the best Tamil y
Shewing Macoineis ihe fcUhat the Singer
Mtnalactoring Company a.redO,000 ahead,
Dasfortk'a Petroleum Oil. This su
perior Oil is now for saie by DONAVIN Ji
POT WIN. It is non-explosive, and gives a
clearer and whiter flame -han any oil now
in use. It is cheaper than any, being onlv
30 cents a gallon. Call and try if feblitf
Too Senator cook Stove has the hiehest
oven of any stove in Ihe market the cast
ings are warranted not to crack. II is sold
by A. Ly brand & Son.
for sale by DONAVIN PoXWIN. sole
Agents. Delaware, Ohio. feblltf
Dasforth'i Petroleum Oil Is non-ex-
plosive. Only 30 rents per gallon, at
lebll-tr DONAVIN & POfWlN'S.
Mon't use that old Baby Carriage, when
you can trade it for a new one at
uniria 69 J. a COX'S.
Beat Coal Oil. at lowest orlce. at S. T.v-
brand A Co.'s. feb!2
TH E BEST CIGARS in town will he fonnrl
at the ITpper Drug Store, No, 5 Williams
The largest assortment of Clocks ever
otTereo in ueiaware, has just been received
at No. S Williams Block. Call and see for
yourselves. nov20tf
C. B. Croskletoa has Just received a
Ir.ree stock Of first-class Cook Stoves, which
he will sell 10 percent, less than the same
quslityof stoves can be bought in Delaware
aug 7
C. B. Croskleton doesjob work aslowas
any other house in the citv.
Remember that it you want a good Job
of rooriug or spouting the place togo for it
isC. B. Cronkleton's, 3 doors east ofthe
William's Block.
It you should wants good job of Roofing
or Spouting done at low rates, go to C. B.
CBOjtki.KTois'8, on Winter Street.
It Is Is to every man's interest to see A.
LYBRASn .6 SONS before the v i-ontract for
their House Spouting or Job Work of any
C. B. Cronklf ton emnlovsnone tin T fl r sr
ciass workmen.
Slate Mantles of all the latest naferns
caubefouud at A. LY BRAND x SON'S
also all kinds of Coal Grates See them be
fore you purchase they are cheap.
A. Lybrmnd Ac- Sons have just received
new Stove called the "Leader" We Kel I
them on trial call and see it before you pur
chase. ,
B. Dickinson 4b Son. haveheen anrl w
receiving a good assortment of Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles. Plated Table
Spoons and Forks, Tea Spoons, Butter
Knives, 4c. Persons wishing to buy will
do well to eall and see. Special pains taken
lo suit persons buvinor Sneetswleu at Vn an
Sandusky street. B. Dickinsoi. & Son.
v" will find it to your art vantage to ex-
.iue the solendid stock of Stoves .t. C. el
Cronkleton's, before purchasing elsewhere.
6 '
C. B. Cronkleton. 3 doom V.ost. of Wil.
liaiu's Blo.-K, bin. on hand the best lot ol tin
ware, at low rates, in the city.
Stoves t Stoves I X Stoves nave tie-
cliiieii, tiud A. Ly brauii A Son are receiving
lurge stock, which they will sell cheap.
We are informed by the Slnser Man-
ufictm ing Company, ttiMt Mr. H. N. Heff
ner, of out town, is appointed Agent for
the sale of their new FH.miiv Sewim? Ma
chine in Delaware County. The wide estab
lished leputation of the Singer as a family
.nd manufacturing machine is well found
ed, as is also the fame of Mr. Heftoer for
fiiirdesrlliig. On the whole we predict the
stle of many mii-nines io toe County aud
general s.tisfaetion am itia purchasers.
.ir. ra unei Keeps constiutlv on Uhiiq a
fi ne stock of cotton, silk and twist, togeth
er with mxchme oil and needles. Office at
Gioll' & Newiou s Shoe Store. tf.
Small Profits and 11 utrli Returns
The subscribers having received a good va
riety of Hooks, oiler them for sale at as low
prices as cau oe anorded. Please call and
examine for yourselves, at No. ittiSanduskv
street. B. DICKINSON & SON.
"Leader' "Leader" "Leader" Is the
new Stove which A. LYBRAND A SONS
now have on exhibition call and see it.
The material used bv A. mTRRASn
SONsfoi Rooting, House Spouting, and ail
kinds of job work, Is the best the market
The reason why C. B.'Chonkletos does
so much joo work is that he uses the very
best materials the best tbe market affords
and employs none but first class work
men. The price of all Cook. Parlor and Box
Stoves has been reduced 10 per cent, by
Try Julian's Interest Tables, forsale
only at the NEW BOOK STORE.
A. Lybrand & Sons manufacture Gal
vanized Iron Cornice and Window Caps
of all patterns Call and see samples.
It Is admitted by all who have ever seen
or used the Morning Giory, that it is the
handsomest and most convenient aud least
expetisixe in ttie consumption of fuel of
any stove that has ever been invented.
Gold . 113
U. S. 5-20 bonds, ls 110
U.S. 10-40 bonds
Delaware Retail inarkti.
Corrected weekly by Domavin & Potwiit
Wholesale and Retail Grocers and dealers in
Country Produce,
Flour, best brands, f! bbl 56 00
" Extra Family 5 00
Buckwheat Flour cwt -
Corn Meal cwt 175
Hard-refined Sugar
Coffee A Sugar - lo
Extra C sugar 14
Choice Rio Coffee 25
do Fair . 22
Java do 35
Rice (Carolina) 10
do (Rangoon) .. 8
Syrups Drips.... , 1 25
do Golden 1 00
do Best Sugar House - 1 00
do Fair " 0
f-ilackerel, No. 1 - 8 15
do No. 2 3 00
White Fish keg. 9 00
Beans Navy bn - 2 50
Butter lb - 30
Cheese (old) B 22
do (new) - 20
Eggs ft doz 17
Lard B) - 20
Raisins W lb 25
Potatoes $ bu 50
Salt bbl 2 50
Hams sugar-cured 20
- do home-cured 19
Delaware Grain Market.
Corrected weekly by C.K. Hills 4 Co., Propri
etors of City Mills, East Delaware.
Wheat bu ........ 903 95
Corn(bu - 60f3 65
(lats'P bu .-. - 3o 40
Rve bu 6S 7(1
Clover Seed bu 7 00 7 oO
Timothy Seed W bu 3 50(3 4 00
Flax Seed W bu - 1 75(9 1 85
Flour P bbl 4 00 600
Corn Meal cwt I 6O13 2 00
Salt bbl - 2 253 2 50
Water Lime bbl - 2 'qm o
Bran W cwt - o3 1 w
Shorts ( cwt... ) 1 2a
Middlings cwt 1 ou 1 o
Cincinnati Live Stock Market.
,1 CrNCiNHATi, April IS, 1S70.
The current nrioes for the week at both
the markets were as follows:
J Per cwt.
Prime ' m 7 wi
Pair 6 oof 6 75
Common - 5O0i3(Oo
Prime : t9 00ig 9 80
Common 8 50 75
New York Live Stock Market.
New York. April 18, 1870.
The current prices for the week at all the
markets were as follows:
Per lb.
swti-a 17al7rV
Prime. - 16iHc
Common -
IntcrlnT 13fOil4C
Average I5c
IThA uhnvA am nuotatiODEl Dur DOUhd UP
on the estimated net weight of meatr-seller
sinking ott'al. That is, a bullock whose
quarters will weigh 8 cwt., at 10 eta. a pound,
amounts io tpov. i
Vrinis"Z"!"'""!""'..:!'!..!. IMTVa,"
Common................ DSiOJy
Dressed lSgttC
None sold alive,
Cattle 7.780
MVieen 17.300
Hons - 10,170
The beef market is Jc better than on Fri
day, but lower thau tula day a week. The
quality averaged good, with some superior
premium cattle 12 cwt., at 17-!;, but mostly at
Btioh shrinkages as would reduce them to
Uheep continued depeessed, with very
many unsold at night. The stock Is mostly
Hogs are steady.
Practical Photographer,
FTorth-west Cor. Sandusky Winter Sts,
Delaware, Ohio.
sr Exasiinb Hia Work. wm
AIlcocR's Porous Plasters.
Step by step this commod ity has attained
its unprecedeuieo fame. They are univer
sally approved. They support, strengthen,
aud aid the growth of muscles. They up.
peir to have a peculiar effect upon the
nerves, allaying lrriuioiitty, wntle supply,
ingwatmiii Theyseeiu to accumulate elee
trtcity, and aid the circulation of the blood
through the part where applied, by which
health v actions are induced.
Even in paralysis, wnere articulation was
xuspenuea, the use 01 tne rorous Plasters 10
the spiue restord the articulation, and
materially reduced the paralysis, m fact
the patient could help hers If, while before
the Porous Plaster was applied she was as
ueipiess as a oaoy. e rcler to Mrs. Sally
fc.lliot, Springfield, Mass.
oid by Druggists. Agency, Brandreth
iiouse. New lork. mar-ielm
according to the "Journal of ChemfstrvJ
are sold iu this market to change the coior
i tne nair. ine ".vieaicai ij.,zette" sas
that the are worthless dyes, and that the'ir
sale is - crime. i ne proprietors cuirentU
suOiuit them to chemical ariaiysis.
Crlatadoio'l Kxcelsior Xlair Iyey
on the contrary, has tieeo analyzed by Pro
fessor Chilton the great. anal ileal chem
ist, unit pronounced absolute? harmless ns
. - i i i- 111. dee iiih -wrxiien certljuxue
ai Vrtxiarioro's, Ator House. New York.
ii r r., as a pressing, act. iiKe a charm on
me nair alter uyeing. 1 ry 1L. mr-25-lm
What Every Horseman Want s.
MENT. Such an article is Dr. TnhtuR'
Venetian Horse Liniment. Pint Bottles at
"m uouar. r or Lameness. Cuts. Galls.
colic, sprains, &c, warre-.riied better thau
any oiher. It Is used by all tbe great horse
men on tjong-isixnu courses. It will not
cuie mug d .ue nor p-pavin, ai there is no
Liuimeut in existence that will. What it is
stated to cure it positively does.
A'o owner of horses will be without it after
. j. wrtr. iiuv uose revives ana otten
saves the life of an over-heated or driven
horse. For Colic and B. llv-achn it has nev
er failed. Just as sure as The sun rises, jut
wi ruic is luiH vaiuupie Liniment tone tne
norse cmorocuon or ttie day.
Use it one and all. Sold uy Druggists and
store Keepets ttirougnout t.e unitea states.
Depot 10 Park Place. New York. mr-2i-lm
To CoQHumntl.ci. Theadvernser linv.
lng been restored to health in a few weeks
by a very simple remedy, after having suf
fered several years with a severe Iniu mf.
tion, aud that dread disease, Consumption,-!
iauilTlnna I .11 Ir tr ......... . i. : . . i
... . v. n.uvfnu u II If, leilOW-
BUfferers the means of cure.
ro all who desire it, he will send a copy of
tne prescription useo vtree of charge), with
the directions for preparing ami using the
same, which they will find a sure cure for
Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, etc. The
object of the advertiser in sending the
prescription, is to benefit the allllcted, and
spread information wbh-n he conceives to
be invaluable; aud he hopes every sufierer
will try his remedy, as it will cost them
nothing, and may prove.a blessing. Parties
wishing the prescription will please address
my28-iy SVilliamsuarii, Kiu Co N . Y.
Luxuries or Modern Travel.
The question which to-day most forcibly
pivsents it-elf to tiie prospective traveler is
uotBy what Ime ca.u I earliest reach my
destination ?" (for running parallel witn
-ach other, the competing lines make the
same average time between their Western
and Eastt-rn termini), but "By which route
can I travel with the greatest degree of
romfort and of freedom from those annoy
ances hitherto considered inseparable from
a journey of a thousand miles or more ?"
Tne inquiry i easily nnwred. .Seated In
one or the spacious and luxuriousl nuish
ei Drawiiig-ioora coaches peculiar t the
broad gn- Erie Railway, running without
change trom Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dun
kirk, Butf tio and Ko hester 10 New York,
the traveler finds lacking none of the com
torts and conveniences oi his own home.
Rot-my ea s, neat Washing and Dressing
rooms, parlors well ventilated and cool in
summer, warmed by steam iu winter, and
illumed by gas when nightcomes, attentive
servants, and a view uf the grandest of
Aineri an scenery, all comnine u trans
form the formerly slow and tediousjourney
into an entrancing panorama the termin
ation of which comes only too quickly to
the beholder. At the Company's hotels
along the line, the traveler alights to re
fresh the inner man eating meakfast In
Ohio, dinner in Pennsylvania, supper in
New York, yet faring sumptuously and
with the same regularity as if at his own
hotel or residence at home.
T Hlt-eping coaches, well lit and ventilated,
and wtn clean, roomy beds, and all the
conveniences of the boudoir are attached
to ertch of the three daily Express trains,
guaranteeing the traveler, delighted with
the novelties ot the daylight, a night's rest
as uutroublt-d as ii in iiis own bed at home.
Prompt arrivals are irmde at all connect
ing points, and passengers on arriving in
New York are delivered either down town
in the business center of the city, or up
town in tle irmniiare vicinity of the lead
ing hotels and the New York and New
Haven Railroad.
Tickets via this ;.oplar route can be pur
rhase.l at all Pilt.eipal Ticket Offices
throughout the country. jan21,'70tf
JV o w
S O IU ' s
IS orth end of Williams II lo c
Sept. 21, 1869
iJf - if
SSL j". 5pBS:as.- Ic
APFER from the sever! Il.n,n.
KJ taenia of their House a surierb Rtn.-k of
In entirely NEW and ELEGANT de
signs, including some decided
CJ loves,
which we will SELL at
and in many Instances at
Prices lower than those Ruling prior
to 1861.
Confident that we present the finest offer
ings of the Season,
who appreciate
Solicited to Compare
with others, assuring them that in no in
stance will an article be offered for other than
it really is.
Watkins & Tallman,
Tailors, Hatters and Fiu-niahera.
aprs, TOtf
Have Just Reciev :d and are
Sow Opening' ill' Entire Sew
and Splendid Stock of
Business Suits,
Boys' Clothes
Cloths and
Reavers anil
and Jeans,
and Corduroys,
Hats and Caps,
Trunks & Valises,
Shirts, Ties
and Collars,
and Drawers,
and Socks,
Scarls and
Ac, Ac, Ac
This Stock has been bough
during the
and we can and
WILL sell
than any other house In Del
Remember the placet
Templar Hall Building
Delaware, Ohio.
JaS. bethard.
(Successor to Davenport La dd,)
Deaubs is all Kixiw of
Choice Family Groceries,
Provisions, Country
Bro. ai sa.vdjsky street,
East Side hetteeen Winter and William streets
THE custom or the people of Dels.,
ware Is resnectfnllvsolicttrl aiiwuvt
delivered free oi charge, anywhere within
me Vliy 1 1 111 I IW. J.ry US.
Highest market price paid for
All Kinds or Country Produce
xht4, "70-ly
have opened a
in he
One door South of Tallman drJiWatkins' Cloth
ing Store.
ANNOUNCES to the Citizens of Del
aware and vicinity thai he has onened
out a New Grocery In the room formerly
occupied by Aigin it Luckenbiil, Evans'
mucK, wnere an may una a good supply or
Choice Family Groceries
al ways on hand, and to be sold at the lowes
living rates.
The highest market price paid for nil kinds
oi iouuirF rroauce.
Evervbodv cordlallv Invitpd to cull In
and examine stock. mrl8-tf
OWING to the Great decline in Gold,
we have reduced our Prices corre-Dond-
ingly low. Having increased our stock
largely, we are prepared to offer greater in
ducement to the Retail trade than perhaps
any house in the county. As we buy al
most exclusively of
you will save one profit In buying from us.
Also, we invite the attention of Retail
Grocers, who may wish to sort up their
stock, to give us a call, and we feel confi
dent they will find it to their interest.
To enumerate would consume too much
space. Saffice it to say that our stock con
sists of a Full Line and the
Best Quality of Groceries,
Dried and Canned,
Wood and Willow Ware,
Da-led Beef,
Coal Oil,
Burnett's Celebrated Cooking
and a thousand and one articles all both
Useful and Ornamental.
Tea, Coffee and Sugar
We defy competition.
Having the Agency of the United States
Company of New 1 ork, we keep constant
ly on hand PACKAGE TEAS, all of
which will be sold at the Lowest Market
CASH paid for
of every description.
OAK HALL, - - Delaware, O.
New Firm !
Jos. C. Cox.
V. D. Statman.
Is at the Store of
In their Room on Sandusky Street,
west side, first door north of
Hyatt's Corner,
The stock has been selected with care
and consists of tbe choicest selections
of all articles found in Grocery Stores.
Tbe highest market price paid for a
kinds of
Delaware O., Oct. 8' '69. lm
Ahead or all Others.
A new lot Just received
$1 20
1 OO
If not as represented the money will be
febll-tf Agent.
(Successor to Convey t Snyder,)
Choice Family Groceries
Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio
TEA CO ill P A N Y !
feblltf A;ent.
NOTHEB. cargo of choice TEAS
Just received at, lio sen at om nncesi,
fenaitl DONAVIN IVl'WlJtU
IIP von want Choice New Teas, to to
ra.HK highest price paid for 111 K
Finding thetr former limits too small for
their extensive business, haveadded there
to the room formerlv occupied by the
having also increased their force In the
way of Sniesmen are now better prepared
to meet the wants of their numerous cqs-
utmeTA, than ever before. In their new room
win always oe round a iuii assortment or
Domestic Dry Goods, Cassl
mera and Jeans.
The old one will be devoted to PLA TN
While the room above will contain a com
plete stock of
Oil Cloths,
Hearth Rugs,
whit mats,
Sleigh and Buggy Mats,
Window Blinds
Window Hollands,
Canvas Blinds.
And Curtain Fixtures1
Bright U recti Seamless Kid Uloves just re-
NDER this new arranRement. each De
partment will hereafter have more atten
tion nd wilt cnnstantlv be bent in a con
dition to meet the demands of a First Class
Trade. Their Notion Department, being
perhaps the most extensive in the City, em
braces almost every article in that line,
both Klaple and r ancy. as meirpureaiweii
hfirea.fte.r- for this and another lartce Dry
Goods Eestablishment connected with It
will be made principally at the same time
they expect by that means to save a per-r-ntn.o-e
and conseauentlv be enabled to.
sell Goods cheaper than ever before.
have inst received a very large variety of
Tycoon and Manchester Reps, In all the
choicest styles of the season. Opera Hood
In an tne latesi nuciuco. f'j - "
ed, Berlin Lawns, Bcaifs, Nubias, c. Alo
HairBwitches, cnignons anu nan imn.
A large lot of Jewelry, Chains aud Beads.
The choicest Black Beavers for Ladles
Raaaand Gents' Overcoats, at less than
wholesale prices, and Chinchilla Beavers lu
all colors, at co-t ! Th- etieapest and larg
est variety of Waterproois m town, run
Mink, Fitch, Astrachan, Squirrel, Coney
and Muskrat. Mhawls at cost I
Baker, Sturgeon & Co.,
dec. 24 '9 tf.
ST Terms Strictly CASH.
Full line of Ladles' Dress Goods...ixaVprirr
Good Black DresHilk ..81.-'S
Good 811k and Wool Irish Poplins l.
Good All Wool Plaid Poplins. 00 cu
Good Black Alpaocas 87H cts
Best Delai nes -.15 to 20 c is
Good .11-4 Bed Spreads ....1.5
Good Prints .7 aud lu cts
Best " In the market...ll and li cts
Good Double Mud Flannel liicts
Good yard-wide Factory Flaunel 60 cts
Good Bed Ticking JiPi cts
Good Canton Flauuel IS els
Good all-wool Cassimera .75ct-
Good Jeans, for Boys' Wear 20, 25 30 cts
Good Underehlrts and Drawers Wets
Good Single Bhawls l.;o
Good Breakfast tshawls, 40 inches- 1.10
Good Double Hhawls S.
Good Gored Hklrls SU 2H
Best Balmoral Skirts
Good Wool Blankets V Pair
Best Repellan ts - l.UO yard
AtlautioA Muslin- 17'4ots
Atlantic P Muslin . .M cts
Lawrence L L Muslin - M cts
Broadway Muslin 13S cts
Knox and Tremont E Muslin 11 cto
Good yard wide bleached Muslin Li' cts
Good bleaehed Muslin 8 cts
Good Shirting Check - 18 and SO ot
Ladles' Furs HV J?"
Good Spool Thread, 20 v d pooU...60 eu. Jt do
Coats' k Clarke's Best Thread....! et- pool
15,000 worth of Notions V&"t
Mohair Switches i":"T.iT."iM"nr vard
Good Crash US " ,r
Nice Bonuel Flowers " ,1
Wool Table Covers 0,8
Best French Corsets
Best Every-dny Boot
... M.25
Best r rencn tvip ikw -
Best French Calf Boot . .'''r
All our Ladies' Shoes.- (uK2.2 worth U.7o
" .(-a 2.00 " 2. 0
i " 1.73 " 2.26
Misses' and Chlldrens' Shoos lu proportlou.
Call in and Look at Our
Goods and be Convinced.
ia.si xia i:.
Eire Insurance Company
C A Ij I F O U N 1 A.
Lflaitd Stanford, Pres., 11. F. Hatk -
VicePres., Joseph i rack bo .v, Jm M.
Fkky, Phys. in Chief, bcitakiiiiiK fc LO
ell, General Agents.
37 & 393econd Street, fiucramanto; 60
LaSalle Street, Chicago.
Capital, .... 4100,0(10
Unaraatntee Capital, - 5U,000
Total Capital in Oold, $300,000
Total Assets,) over - es0,O0.0O
Policiks issued payable in either Gold or
All Policibj and Dividkkds actual ly non
forfeitable, Call loin la U the only State in ttie Union
which exempt ail classes of Policies from
execution, wl.ereon the Annual Premium
does not exceed .'joo.
Advajicks made in Cash at auy time on.
Policies or future Dlvldeud.
Thirty Days' grace on Annual Renewal
Aftkr Two Annual Payments sremn1e,
the Company will, even Two years after t ho
last payment, issue either a paid-up roltey
for the propoi tln or Premiums received,
or pay the eq alvalent in Cash.
As the rates of interest are greater in Cnl
ifornia than in ot her Slates or i-urope, tiie
pionts and dividends accruing to the in
sured will he proportionately increased.
Permitted to travel throughout r.urope or
America without extra rates or special per
mit. Organized l-.v Hon. Lei.ani) Stan for n
President of t le Centrai Pacific Kailrond,
D. O. Mills, I'resiueut ot the Ishiik or Cui
lforuia, (tne large.-.t moriied institution in
the Uniled HtH.te. land oilier ..rge .-ai-ltai-
llsts, ni.tlor tbe purpos- ot maklmi m-'iiey,
or giving salaries t.i otncer, (the w.wHry
oelug tne oni i-aianeu vmw-i i-j
pany,) but to preveulthe early uiaiu of
tnree or lour uhmil. uv..... . ...
Kvery policy holder Is a member of tlio
All the profits are divided equitably among
the policy-holders.
The success t ji well ns the favor met wlih by
the PACIFIC MUTUAL, lias never la-en
equaled by any company, as its Income lia-l
neeu ttie hittheMt. exoeilses Urweit. aii'l n-f
surplus the Utryettl, any company ever Mlated
in its tirsL lera-rt.
This compat-y offers all the advantages of
both a Savings Bank and Life Insui auce, lo
capitalists or others.
Any other iiilor.natlon desired will bt
cheerlully alven by
Manager for Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky,
Odee 29 Main street,
Delaware, Ohio.
W A few good solicitors wanted tor tlis
different States and this city.
"A policy of Life Assurance ts always n
evidence or prudent foreUioutht. No mau
with a dependant family is free from re
proach If not assured.'' .Lord l.ynahuitt,
Chancellor of J-.nylauA.
There is nothing in the commercinl worM
which approa-UK-s, even remoiely, to tn
security of a tveil-cstabiished and jirudeii y
managed Llfo Insurance Company . Drt.
A Policy of Life Insurance Is the chectti
est and safest mode of making a ctritiin j, re
vision for one's family. Isknjami I- BAk
wv 17o9. Ian. 7. 'oa timos.
Haw it vrill be Observed !
How it will IVot !
Melancholy Stale of AfXair i
e PEiiRiBUs i :'t:i
Lay back in the S hade and
" P O II E F U I ! "
But that has nothing to do with the im
mense stock or
Spring; and Summer
C E O T II I r J
Just received at
Consisting of all the late styles of
Casslnaere Solts,
Short Krocla Coats,
Pants ant Vests,
Hats aaI Caps,
Collars Neh Tlss.
Everything In the Hue of
Genls' Furnlsnlu? Goods,
Tr-aasts, v,,u,.,
sae., ve..
Also LINE OOODS In abundance.
Jte.. e.(
Aud everything that is kept in a
First-CIa Clolltin-tre.
Reaucmoer these Goods were pur-
ehassd slatee the decline Iw Odd, end
w-IU he sold a per cent, cheaper than
at any other House In town.
Call soon at
Clieai- Side.
For Sale.
CHEAP A Leather-top Il.t(tirv.
; PTtlcu Uara apply i A- , .

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