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Mail Addresses
RiisiiiHss: R14 E. 15?nd St
Phnni* GLenville 1-4383
Mews: 14600 Euclid Ave
Apt 30?
The conference subject will be
“Your Child After School: Prob
lems For Parents.” Dr. Richard
A. Walien, Professor of Psychology
at Western Reserve University
YM's Mens
The YMCA men’s gym and swim
schedule is now underway. Activi
ties are held in the old gym and
the pool in Shaw High School,
Sheldon rd. entrance, Monday and
Wednesday evenings.
The activities include volleyball,
basketball, calesthenics, badmin
ton, track, touch football, and
swimming, arranged in the follow
ing schedule:
Gym Program
6:00-7:15 p. m., Free Period in
cluding: Badminton, Weight
lifting, Rope climbing, Track,
Wrestling, and Touch football.
p. m., .Calesthenics.
p. m., Volleyball.
p. m., Basketball.
Exercise Room
p. m., Open for body
building and individual exercise.
Stall bars, Mats, Weight lifting,
and Wrestling.
7:00-9:30 p. m., Open for men's
swimming and diving. Instruc
tion available from beginners
level to Life Saving.
For any additional information
eall Jim North, Physical Director
at the East Cleveland YMCA, 1819
Lee blvd., GL. 1-3425.
Clothing For Korea
Clean used clothing for distribu
tion overseas to needy persons by
the Church World Service will be
received at the office of Phillips
Avenue Church until November 4.
Cash contributions also may be
made for postage to send this
Volume No. XI—No. 41
What Are Teenagers
Doing Outside Of
School, Asks PTA
The W. H. Kirk Junior High
School PTA, in a city wide'project,
is going to find out what children
are doing outside of school hours.
The project will be initiated at a
conference in Kirk music room at
8:00 .m., Wednesday, October 14.
The meeting is open to all parents
and to the public.
i will lead the meting starting the
community project. The project’s
i purpose is to uncover the problems
and assess the resources for teen
age activities in East Cleveland.
From the conference meeting Dr.
Wallen expects to find the ma
1 terial for three or four additional
meetings which will directly tackle
problems and spotlight assets of
fered by East Cleveland for whole
some teen-age activity.
Since considerable time is neces
sary for the evaluation of the ma
terial that will be gathered at this
first meeting the following meet
ings are being scheduled for Jan
uary, February and March of 1954.
Doctor Wallen also conducts a
TV program which has won a na
tional award and recognition as
the first TV study program with
college credit. This program, on
general psychology, is carried by
station WEWS.
Dr. Wallen has worked out a
unique approach to get the facte
directly from the parents.
The meeting is divided into three
2-minute periods, as follows:
(1) Explaining procedure. Ac
tion parents can take to help in
the solution of any problems that
may be uncovered.
(2) Division of parents into
small groups, each under a trained
“reporter.” Discussion of areas of
interest and decision of three most
important matters they want to
tackle. Reporter will phrase and
present decision to Dr. Wallen. If
any group is unable to arrive at
agreement the minority may re
port separately at the close of dis
cussion period.
(3) Dr. Wallen will evaluate the
items, to be listed on a chart, and
show in what way they should be
Thus by group action the ex
perience and observation of hun
dreds of parents as to what the
teen-age problems are in East
Cleveland will be spotlighted.
With recognition of the prob
lems and possibilities for teen
agers Dr. John Culber, Professor
at Case Institute of Technology
and his program committee with
the council of Doctor Wallen, will
be able to select the experts who
can tell parents how to meet these
problems and how to make the
most of available possibilities.
Doctor Culver who conceived the
series of programs says, “while we
assume that some of the problems
which we may uncover will be
common to many communities we
also expect that there will be some
problems peculiar to East Cleve
land. Through this series with par
ents we will not only recognize our
problems but will have expert ad
vice on what action to take and
will be able to enlist the help of
our very active service organiza
tions in providing the help to make
East Cleveland a better city for
our children.”
Representatives of several civic
groups have indicated unofficially
their interest in this study and
their willingness to assist in action
recommended by PTA.
Doctor John Culver will act as
moderator. After initiating the
project in the first meeting Dr.
Wallen will remain as consultant
on all future steps in the program.
Mothers Awaitl Library Hour
Mayfair and Chambers Pre
School Mothers are anticipating
with pleasure the resuming of their
once-a-month Library program, as
the wee folk enjoy their story
hour at North Branch Library,
1481 Hayden ave., under the direc
tion of Miss Jean Hoffman, chil
dren’s librarian.
Their first get-together for this,
their second season, will be on
Wednesday, October 14th when
they will hear the first of a three
series talks by Miss Elenor Custer
of the Health Center. Miss Custer
will disci's child behaviour and
personality problems. The time is
10:30 a. m.
Operation Safety
Deathless Days
Be sure your
numher isn7 here
This year’s Pre-School Chair
men, Mrs. B. E. Blakely of May
fair and Mrs. Ray Nausner of
Chambers are confident that, due
to the success of the Mothers Hour,
the attendance for this coming sea
son will exceed that of last year.
Mrs. Elna Hukari, North Branch
Library librarian and the school
chairmen are personally contacting
every Pre-School and Kindergarten
mother. An invitation is also ex
tended to the mothers of Grammar
School age pupils as this year’s
topics are aimed for all parents,
regardless of the age of the child.
This Mother’s Hour originated
with Mrs. Hukari, who believed
that many mothers would be in
terested in discussing mutual prob
lems while waiting around the li
brary, or shopping, while their
children were having their story
hour. This once-a-month program
with talks by persons prominent in
their respective field were then de
veloped by Mrs. Hukari and the
Pre-school chairmen of Mayfair
and Chambers PTA. The first
year topics dealt with the physical
well being of the child. This year’s
topics will emphasize the mental
development of the child and the
mothers role.™
-A ihdL
’,s 4'r-'
Convicted drunken drivers and
owners of abandoned ice boxes or
similar containers will find stiff
penalties awaiting them under
newly enacted legislation. The
items made up two important ac
tions on the part of the City Com
missioners Tuesday evening.
In keeping with recently enacted
state legislation, the city amended
its traffice ordinance to include
the three day “must” penalty for
every convicted drunken driver.
The violator can be fined in addi
tion to the jail sentence.
Need Permit To
Remove A Tree
There is quite a bit of detail
the removing of a tree which
not at first apparent to the prop
erty owner. These deal with the
safety of the neighborhood and the
repair of any damage
might occur to sidewalk or
during a tree removal.
Persons removing trees
tree lawns or from a yard
the falling tree might damage
sidewalk or street, are required to
first obtain from the city an Ob
struction Permit. They must also
deposit $25 with which the city will
repair the damage, if any.
It is recommended that any per
son planning the removal of a tree
have it done by a reliable tree com
pany. Such a company not only
has all necessary equipment, but
employs trained men and carries
property insurance.
Where a falling tree might ob
struct or hazard traffic, the city will
set up a block. In such cases the
Fire Department is notified of the
presence of the block and how long
it will be in effect. Thus in the
event of a fire in neighborhood,
the department can still quickly
reach the scene of the fire.
Abels Plan
Open House
Adds Jail Sentence
For Drunk Driver:
Hits Unused Ice Boxes
The state extends the jail visit to
six months, if the court sees fit to
impose it on the evidence submit
East Cleveland will have no dif
ficulty in presenting a drunken
driving charge, since the depart
ment provides an alcometer
which the alcohol content of
blood is tested upon arrest of
Traffic Victims
Are Improving
now at
In oservance of their
wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry A. Abel announce an open
house at their home, 15833 Euclid
ave on Wednesday, October 14th
from 8 to 11 p. m. All friends are
Mr. Abel and his wife, the for
mer Effie Woolmington, were mar
ried in Cleveland and have resided
at their present address for the
past 20 years. Mr. Abel began his
business career with his father in
the William Abel A Sons, funeral
directqrs, and the couple’s son, Wil
liam H. is also now associated with
this company.
Mr. Abel has long been inter
ested in and supporter of amateur
A family dinner at Colonial Inn
will also be a feature of the gold
en wedding day.
Library Offers Music
Appreciation Hour
A music appreciation and listen
ing group is being organized at
the East Cleveland Library. It will
meet every second week in the
Music Listening Room, the first
meeting being on Thursday, Oc
tober 22nd at 7:45 p. m.
Because of the size of the room,
membership must be limited to
fifteen. Please register at once.
Call the Library, IX 1-4128. y
Up Chest
Quota 6%
Thursday, Octobar 8, 1953 East Cleveland, Ohio
ast Cleveland Leader
Published In Conjunction with The SCOOP In Northeast Cleveland and The News-Journal In Euclid
Kirk Demons Out To Defend Pigskin Title
As for ice boxes, the city ordi
nance is similar to that being en
acted by municipalities following
tragedies in which children have
suffocated when using the aban
doned boxes during play.
The ordinance makes it unlaw
ful for any person, firm or cor
poration to have anywhere on its
property or in an unoccupied build
ing, in a place accessible to chil
dren, an abandoned icebox or
siriiilar container which has an air
tight door, snaplock or other de
vice which prevents opening the
door from the inside, without first
removing such locks or the door.
The penalty is a fine up to $500
and imprisonment up to 90
children injured here
accidents were taken
Road Hospital. Both are
their homes.
Margaret Howell, 4, received
head injuries when her father’s
car in which she was riding, and a
coal truck collided at Doan and
Elderwood aves., October 1st. Her
father, John Howell was treated
at the hospital for head and
shoulder injuries and released.
The truck driver, Willie War
ren, 33, of 2721 Woodland ave., was
charged with failure to yield right
of-way, say police.
Also home from Huron Road
where he was a patient for a few
days is David Baldrey, 5, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Baldrey,
1706 Strathmore ave. David step
ped from between parked cars into
the path of an automobile being
driven by an East Clevelander who
told police he did not see the child
before he struck him.
The campaign which is October
19th-29th will raise a total of
7,885,000 to continue these bn*
portant services in 1954.
It’s going to be more than “just
another game,” when St. Joseph
Junior High of Euclid meets the
Demons of W. H. Kirk Junior High
once again the Kirk annual Pig
skin Parade. Kirk has wrapped up
the two previous Pigskin medical
fund benefits and their plucky op
ponents are out to change the tune
of the 1953 victory song.
The game, Kirk’s only tmder
the-light appearance at Shaw Field
each season, will be staged there
on Wednesday, October 15th at
7:15 p. m., announces Kirk’s Ath
letic Director George Huxel.
Bob Skinner, who just a year
ago was wearing the uniform of a
Kent State University football
player, is the coach for the varsity
at Kirk. Despite the fact that the
9th Graders have lost their first
two games, Coach Skinner says
they are showing great improve
ment and will be stiffer opposition
In the first two games Kirk was
whitewashed by Lakewood, 30-0,
Collinwood squeaked through with
a lone touchdown for a 6-0 score.
Games to be played include Euclid
Central and Monticello Junior High
The preliminary game on the
Pigskin Parade card at 6:30
will be an intra-squad game
up to 7th and 8th grade
under the coaching of Lou
p. m.
Half-time entertainment will be
furnished by Kirk’s up and coming
band under the direction of Ken
neth Williams.
Tomorrow’s Shaw High School
Cardinals will be from this group.
Shown in accompanying picture
—the W. H. Kirk Junior High
School 1953 gridders. The boys,
their squad number and the posi
tion they play, are listed as fol
Frank Mencini, 11—Q George
Bandtell, 12—F Bob Biscotti, 13
—Q D. Tripepi, 14—F Gary
Loftus, 15—H Alan Alexander, 16
—H Dave Fraser, 17—H Thomas
Matte, 18—H Larry Webb, 19—H.
H. Ross, 20—E Mike Brophy, 21
—E Don Kost, 22—H Dick Smith,
23—E Dale Winchell, 24—T Bob
Linson, 25—G Peter Urguhart, 26
—G Tony Focarett, 27—G Tom
Tomasello, 28—E Jack Currie, 30
—T Jerry Goldman, 31—H.
John Maybury, 32—T Jerry
Dinallo, 33—G Rudolph Ceferatti,
34—G Brian Freas, 35—G Ron
ald Wormaid, 36—T Russell Mil
ler, 38—G Joe Russo, 41—Q Tony
Yocabucci, 42—C Dave Cola, 43—
John Read, 44—C.
Should Politics
Interest Church?
Chairman for three sections
East Cleveland today announced
quotas to be raised in these sec
tions for the 1953 Red Feather
Campaign. The figures announced
by Paul Broer, section 32, $1,961
William Cumler, section 33, $6,891,
and. Jack Gayer, section 34,
$4,488, represent approximately a
6% increase over the 1952 quotas.
In conjunction with release of
the quotas, statistics on services
for East Clevelanders showed that
43 Red Feather services were pro
vided by 122 different agencies
with specific figures revealing ,for
example, that 578 persons were
treated by the Visiting Nurse As
sociation, 25 individuals were
served by the Cleveland Society for
the Blind. In all 5930 people from
East Cleveland were served by one
or more of the 122 agencies sup
ported by hte Community Chest.
Mrs. Wallace Tears of Lake
wood will address the third in the
series, “Learning for Life”, at the
Windermere Methodist Church on
next Wednesday, October 14th. As
president of Lakewood League of
Women Voters Mrs. Teare is sen
sitive to citizenship responsibili
ties and brings this message home
to East Clevelanders under the
title “Should the Church be Inter
ested in Politics?”
“Community housekeeping is
ust as important as homekeeping
and should become a regular prac
tice with the alert citizen” is the
way Mrs. Teare puts it. The issues
in the coming fall election on No
vember 3 will also be discussed.
Dinner is served at 6:30 and the
program gets under way at 7:30.
The meeting adjourns at 8:45. Re
servations may be sect red through
the church office at GL. 1-1464 by
Monday preceding the meeting.
:CBA Meetings
iiesday Evenings
The East Cleveland Business
Association meets at Chambers
School on Tuesday, October 13,
8:30 .m., sharp. ECBA meetings
are open to all business men of
East Cleveland.'
13.750 Circulation Guaranteed
Faith Church
Begins 35th
Year Sunday
Faith Lutheran Church, Hay
den ave. and Glenside rd. will ob
serve their 35th Anniversary on
Sunday, October 11th in the 8:00
and 10:30 a. m. services. Dr.
Arthur C. Piepkorn from St. Louis,
Mo. and former pastor of Faith
Church will be the guest speaker.
Faith Senior choir under the
direction of Hubert Corina and the
Junior choir under the direction of
Ann Woehrmann will offer special
anthems in both services.
A Fellowship dinner in connec-1
tion with the 35th anniversary will
be held in the church parlors on Oc
tober 15th beginning at 5:15 p. m.
The evening will conclude with
movies and a musical program.
Committee on arrangements in
clude Harold Voelker, Edward
Pipe? and Carl Moore. Proceeds
from the dinner will be for the
Building Fund. Faith Ladies Aid
will serve the meal.
Bible Forum meeting are being
held each Sunday at Faith Luth
eran Church, Hayden ave. and
Glenside rd. at 7:3O p. m. The Rev.
A. C. Draegert will present the
lectures and lead the forum in dis
cussion. The public is cordially in
vited to attend.
Dr. Wells Speaks
On City's Future
The League of Women Voters of
East Cleveland is inviting all
those women who are interested to
attend the annual membership
meeting on Friday, October
in the auditorium of the
Cleveland Library.
Dessert will be served at
and the Rev. Dr. Howard M. Wells
of the First Presbyterian Church
will speak on “East Cleveland
Present and Future”, a topic of
interest to all of our citizens.
Mrs: Carl B. Carlson, member
ship chairman, is hoping to wel
come many new members to the
East Cleveland League this year.
A reminder tomorrow (Fri
day) at 1:30 at the library the
League will hold its first unit dis
cussion group. The topic, “A Leg
islature Overrides a Governor’s
Veto”, will be under the direction
of Mrs. John G. Wachter, State
Agenda chairman.
While the Caroler choir of the
Windermere Presbyterian Church
looks on, a robe is transfererd from
Congressman Judd
Speaks At Festival
Of Faith Sunday
“The Christian Faith in Today’s
World” will be the theme of Con
gressman Walter H. Judd at the
Protestant Festival of Faith in
Public Auditorium at 3 o’clock,
Sunday, October 11th. The Con
gressman from Minnesota is the
first layman scheduled to speak at
the Festival, held annually in ob
servance of the Reformation.
Mr. Judd served the Congrega
tional Foreign Mission Board as a
medical missionary in China for
many years. Alarmed by the course
of events in Asia, Dr. Judd re
turned to the United States in 1938
and lectured throughout the coun
try on American Foreign policy in
the Pacific. In 1942 he ran and
was elected to Congress.
“The Festival each year honors
Six Groups Join
In Masonic Temple
Silver Anniversary
On Saturday evening, October
10, the members of Windermere,
Pentalpha, and Forest Hill Blue
Lodges, Windermere Chapter
Royal Arch Masons, Windermere
Council and Windermere Chapter
No. 388, O.E.S. will meet at the
East Cleveland Masonic Temple at
1850 Belmore rd. to observe the
Silver Anniversary of the Temple
The celebration of the laying of
the cornerstone was held in Sep
tember, 1927, and the first meet
ings were held in the building in
February, 1928.
Chief of Police Horace S. Weaver
will greet the members on behalf
of the city officials and R. W. Bro.
John W. Barkley, Grand Orator of
the Grand Lodge «f Masons of
Ohio will deliver the principal ad
dress. Rev. J. Franklin McHendry
of the Windermere Presbyterian
Church will give the convocation
and benediction.
Honors Dr. Lucy Clark
Dr. Lucy Clark on the staffs at
Huron Road and Woman’s Hos
pital, was elected to the board of
trustees of the American Founda
tion for Homeopathy, Inc., at the
foundation’s meeting in Washing
ton last week.
In this position, Mrs. Clark suc
ceeds Dr. Charles A. Dixon of
Akron who is retiring after 60
years of practice. The term of of
fice is for eight years.
Dr. Clark’s husband is assistant
county prosecutor. The family
home is at 12060 Euclid ave.
New Polio Case
East Cleveland’s third polio ease
this season is reported in the ill
ness of Barbara Woodworth, 7, of
14609 Graha mrd. Barbara
patient in City Hospital.
Square Dancing
is a
The old Shaw Gym will see ac
tion tonight and Thursday nights
to come when Danny Ford puts on
a YWCA sponsored square dance
from 8 to 10 p. m. Plans are under
way for a Hallowe’en square dance
October 29th
Transfer Robes On Promotion Day
one of th
bers v gradu-
ir of
ir. In
this case it is Sheila MacMorran
PO. 1-3378
the Protestant heritage stresses
the fundamental convictions of
Protestantism and shows how the
Protestant faith meets today’s
needs”, the Rev. Ludwig C. Emig
holz, chairman of The Cleveland
Church Federation Festival of
Faith committee, explained.
The service in the Public Audi
torium will be preceded by the
singing of the great hymns of the
church under the leadership of the
Rev. John J. Wilkes, pastor of
Euclid Avenue Baptist Church.
Following a fanfare of brass by
members of the Bald win-Wallace
College band, processionals pro
ceed down the aisles while the
congregation sings “Onward,
Christian Soldiers” and “God of
Grace and God of Glory”.
The Knights Templar will serve
as a guard of honor and form a
cross at the front of the audi
At the head of the processional
in the center aisle the Christian
cross and the American and Chris
tian flags will be carried.
Next in line will be the clergy,
a large open Bible borne on the
shoulders of four girls from
Schauffler College of Religious
and Social Work, clad in the scar
let and white vestments of their
choir, and members of the board
of directors of The Cleveland
Church Federation and partici
pants in' the leadership of the
Both of the other processionals
will be headed by flags. In one
will be special guests, representa
tives of women’s organizations,
YMCA, YWCA, and other Chris
tian groups. In the other will be
heads of universities and colleges,
leaders of laymen’s organizations,
heads of official church boards,
superintendents of Sunday schools
and directors of religious educa
Banners of denominations repre
sented in the National Council of
Churches will be borne down the
aisles to depict the variety of
churches gathered together in the
Protestant cooperative movement.
For the call to praise, the massed
choir will sing “Let Every Tongue
Adore Thee”, by Bach. The musi
cal portions of the service include
the congregational singing of the
Gloria Patri, the response to the
Festival prayer by the children’s
choir, and the offertory anthem,
“Gloria In Excelsis”, by Mozart.
The recessional hymn will be “O
God of Light.”
The choir director will be Varner
M. Chance, professor of music
education and director of the choir
at Baldwin-Wallace College. The
organist will be Cyril H. Chinn,
organist of Lakewood Methodist
Church and director of music at
West High School.
The speaker will be introduced
by Mr. Emigholz. The Festival
prayer will be given by Dr. Way
mon Parsons, president of the
Greater Cleveland Ministerial As
sociation. The Rev. J. Edward
Lair, president of The Cleveland
Church Federation will read the
scripture lesson.
Other participants in the leader
ship of the service include an
nouncement of the offering by
Curtis Lee Smith, Federation vice
president prayer of dedication by
the Triedstone Baptist Church in
the Rev. H. P. Horne, pastor of
vocation by the Rev. Raymond L.
Spoerri, executive secretary of the
Federation and benediction by the
Rev. John W. Grohne, pastor of
Calvary Lutheran Church, East
robe ry Gun.
valsen. The Caoir’s a.. Mrs.
D. William Evans supervises the

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