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Mail Addresses
814 East 152nd Street
Phonei Glenville 1-4383
14600 Euclid Avenue
Apt. 302
o O
In East Cleveland
Our Staff Says:
"Thank You”
WHEREAS, ceremonies and
event* for the dedication of the
new building of the East Cleve
land YMCA were planned for the
veek of January 29, 1956, to Feb
ruary 5, 1956, and
WHEREAS, on January 26,1956,
the East Cleveland Leader pub
lished a special YMCA edition, 4s
a supplement to their regular
weekly edition, in special recogni
tion of such dedication, and
WHEREAS, the officials and
editors of the East Cleveland
Leader gave generously of their
time and effort in publicizing the
events planned for such dedication
week, and
WHEREAS, The Board of Man
agers of the East Cleveland YMCA
deem it fitting that this expres
sion of apreciation and public
recognition be made of the co-oper
atfon and service of the East
Cleveland Leader in connection
with the recent dedication week.
RESOLVED by the Board of Man
agers of the Young Men’s Chris
tian Association of East Cleve
land, Ohio.
SECTION 1: That we, the mem
bers of the Board of Managers of
the East Cleveland YMCA, for
ourselves and the membership of
the “Y” hereby express- Mr.
C. E. Bowman, Editor and Mr.
R. L. Foulke, Business Manager
and Robert Murphy, Assistant Gen
eral Manager of the East
Cleveland Leader, our commenda
tion and appreciation for the pub
lication of the special YMCA edi
tion of the East Cleveland Leader
on January 26, 1956, in connection
with the dedication of the new East
Cleveland YMCA Building.
SECTION 2: That we further
express our appreciation to Miss
Elsa C. Berg, Associate Editor, for
her co-operation and effort in re
porting fully and accurately the
news and plans of such dedication
that a copy of this resolution be
given to the officials of the East
Cleveland Leader.
Board of Managers, Young
Men’s Christian Association
East Cleveland, Ohio
Sterling T. Apthorp,
ordon S. Esch,
Executive Secretary
PARSED: January 26, 1956
The Mail Bag
Editor, The Leader:
I was delighted to read, in the
February 23rd issue of the East
Cleveland Leader, your letter of
thanks from Mr. Frank C. Lewman,
Cuyahoga County Chairman of the
March of Mothers.
However, I would like to add
something. For years the Cuyahoga
County Office of the National Foun
dation for Infantile Paralysis has
asked me to mail them each issue of
the Leader which gives news items
about the Polio Campaign. The pur
pose is not just for their files, but
they show these copies to other
suburban chairmen as models of
what can be done to further a
suburban campaign, suggesting that
these chairman try to get the same
type and amount of publicity.
In view of population and income
brackets, East Cleveland has always
been considered to have the most
successful polio campaign. And, as
chairman, I realize that our success
is in no small degree due to your
cooperation and that of Miss Berg.
My wife, for years until this year,
has been a vice chairman in the
Red Cross Fund Drive. She tells me
the leaders of this campaign also
value The Leader and Miss Elsa
Berg’s gracious efforts as we do.
You doubtless realize Miss Berg’s
tireless cooperation with these and
East Cleveland’s other organiza
tions. Nevertheless, I wanted to add
tny voice of appreciation to The
Leader for its public spirited sup
pert and Miss Berg’s unusual civic
Sincerely yours,
Stanton Addams, Chairman,
East Cleveland Polio Fund
PTA Health
Announcement is made today of
an important date to parents of
children who will be entering the
East Cleveland Public Schools for
the first time next September. It’s
the schedule of the Annual Health
and Summer Roundup program.
The date for each school, and
the Round-up chairman for that
school is as follows:
ROZELLE—March 15th—Chair
man: Mrs. Stanley Rose, LI 1-2398.
SUPERIOR—March 16th. Chair
man: Mrs. Harold Bergman, YE
CALEDONIA March 19th.
Chairman: Mrs. Richard B. Jones,
UL 1-0684.
PROSPECT—March 20th. Chair
man: Mrs. C. R. Green, MU
CHAMBERS—March 19th and
20th. Chairman: Mrs. S. A. Cap
pon, PO 1-2792.
MAYFAIR—March 22nd. Chair
man, Mrs. Eugene Reeser, UL
Started some 25 years ago, the
summer roundup was first held
during the summer months. How
ever, experience has proved the
value of the earlier Spring date
since it gives parents ample time
to have corrected any defect which
might be revealed by the check-up.
Also, many parents prefer to at
tend to these health needs prior to
warmer weather.
Conducting this important free
medical and dental check-up is
the school’s Health Department,
headed by Dr. M. D. Falls,, Med
ical Director Dr. Linda Schneider,
School Physician and the nurs
ing staff, Miss Nina McWebb,
Miss Thelma Furry, and Miss
Martha Whitacre.
Mothers also help in the day’s
activity, lending their talents as
hostesses, clerks, etc.
The Roundup marks the first
official school record’for the child.
The health roundup, points out
Mrs. Maurice Barnes, Roundup
chairman JjgfitCleveland PTA
Council, not only offers the op
portunity for early correction of
defeats and the immunization
against communicable desepses,
but provides a medium for giv
ing the parent valuable instruc
tion in child health.
“You will be helping yourself,
your family and your community
if you bring your pre-school age
child to the roundup in your neigh
borhood school. For further in
formation, please call your active
district chairman.”
Dr. O. J. Korb estimates that
some 550 children will be enrolled
in the kindergarten classes to be
gin their school year with next
Shaw Receives
Hi Fi Phonograph
Friday, February 24th at an
assembly presented for the Shaw
student body by Bill Randle, enter
tainment was provided by musi
cians, Connie Francis, Frankie
Castro, and Thomas Charles. Stu
dent participation was a mock ses
sion of “The $64,000 question” in
which Bill Randle acted as M.C.
Shaw student, Jerry Andes, as the
contestant and 64 records as the
prize. Jerry, who aspires to be a
disk jockey, came through with fly
ing colors.
Bill Randle announced donation
of a Hi Fi phonograph set to th?
school, and also another assembly
on the Monday morning following
Easter vacation Jim Rogers, presi
dent of Student Council form
ally accepted the record player in
behalf of the students.
Water Division
Has 33rd Year
In The Black
For the 33rd consecutive year the
East Cleveland Water Department
lived within its income, according
to the 1955 report. The Water De
partment is one of the “self-sustain
ing” departments within the munici
pality, but there can be years when
the unexpected happens and ex
pense* rise above income.
The department buys water from
the City of Cleveland, and serves its
consumers with its own operated
and maintained line*.
During 1955 it mailed out 26,704
bills for a total of $345,233.84. It
detected and repaired 25 leaks on
city connections, and'27 leaks were
detected on consumer connections.
These repairs are made by the con
sumer. One fire hydrant leak was
repaired. It replaced two fire
hydrant* and made 24(new connec
Found: A Lens
An heavy eye glass lens was
found Wednesday morning on
Roxboro rd., and may be claimed
at the police desk in City Halt
The lens, fortunately, is not
Photo Plant
Gets Zoning
Board Nod
Of nine eases before the Zoning
Board of Appeals Tuesday, Febru
ary 28th, five were approved, two
were rejected and two were con-
Permission is granted the Micro
Photo Inc. to occupy the site at
1702 Shaw ave. now occupied by
East Cleveland Lumber Co. The
company plans to raze the present
frame structure fronting on Shaw,
and erect a building to meet its
specific need. The permit does not
cover the Strathmore ave. frontage
or the use of a block structure
there. Occupancy of this building
will require a new application and
hearing should the company decide
to lease it.
The Company employes between
25-30 employees to micro film
records, newspapers, etc. Only
safety film is used. Off-street park
ing will be provided,
The request of Huron Road Hos
pital to occupy the four-story
apartment building at 1895 Belmore
rd. as a rooming house for its pro
fessional staff was approved. The
hospital plans to purchase the
building and made some needed
interior changes. No meals are to
be served in the building. Parking
facilities are provided in the rear
of the building and at the hospital.
West Steel Casting Co., 805 East
70th st. may operate a nickel
chrome alloy casting division at
1679 Collamer st. The oompany
plans to retain the personnel em
ployed by the previous occupant.
W. H. Tull requested and was
granted, transfer of a rooming
house license at 12621 Superior rd.,
which he plans to buy from the
present owner, Mrs. Helen A.
The board rejected the request
of Mrs. John Urbancich, 2100 West
bum rd. to enclose a porch with
jalousie windows and screens. The
porch extends over the building set
back line.
Request of Astra Corporation to
operate an analytical and pro
cessing laboratory at 16161 Euclid
ave. (rear) was continued for
further, study.
In the absence of City Manager
Chas. A. Carran, who usually pre
sides at the zoning board sessions,
City Finance Director G. T. Ap
thorp presided. Both Mr. Carran
and City Engineer M. S. Douglas,
were absent due to illness.
"Gospel Pete" At
Nazarene Church
Rev. Lawrence MacAllen of
Elyria, Ohio employs a talent for
ventriloquism and his wooden
friend, “Gospel Pete,” in a unique
manner in Sunday School and
youth gatherings. Mr. MacAllen
will present a special program in
the Church School session of the
First Church of Nazarene, Hayden
"t i
•. *.• '1
Rev. Lawrence MacAllen
ave. at Clairborne rd. at 9:30 a. m.
Sunday, March 4th.
Rev. MacAllen will .remain to
be the pulpit guest of the pastor,
Rev. James E. Hunton. Mr. Mac
Allen will present a message in a
more seerious vein during the reg
ular Sabbath morning hour which
begins at 10:45 a. m.
A noted chalk artist, he will
present a religious drawing in
portrayal of a well known hymn.
The speaker has traveled ex
tensively in the field of Evangel
Initial Report
Lists $7,122
In Heart Drive
East Cleveland Leader
Published in Conjunction with The SCOOP in Northeast Cleveland and The News-Journal in Euclid
East Cleveland’s Heart Fund
contribution totaled $7,122.49 as
early results from the successful
Heart Sunday canvass of homes
were being tabulated.
“With contributions averaging
15% above last year’s gifts, it
appears to be certain that the
1956 Heart Fund appeal in the
Cleveland area will top its $600,
000 goal,” said Mrs. Miles Phil
lips, 1346 Elwood ave., East Cleve
land Heart Fund Chairman.
Contributions mailed to the
Cleveland Area Heart Society
office, 2073 East 9th st., Cleve
land, will be credited to the city,
township or community area in
dicated on the back of the envelope.
Final Heart Fund totals will
not be known until early next
week, when the Heart Society’s
Special Gifts, Business, Industrial
and Professional divisions make
their report, the mailed contribu
tions are received, and full re
sults are tabulated in Cuyahoga,
Lake, Lorain and Geauga conuties
which make up the Cleveland area.
Square Dancing At
Y House Saturday
Fair Square dancers are getting
out their prettiest cotton dresses,
polishing their low heeled shoes
and dating their husbands for a gay
evening, come Saturday. This eve
ning of fun, to which all are in
vited, is a Square Dance party be
ing sponsored by the Y Mothers at
their new headquarters, the new Y
House, 1831 Lee rd., just south of
Euclid ave.
Attending the party will also
afford an opportunity to tour the
new building.
Hank Bennett will do the calling
and those who don’t already know
how to square dance are invited to
come, and learn.
Mrs. J. H. Hendricks and Mrs.
A. W. Gibson are co-chairman of
the affair, one of the club’s major
ways and means projects of the
year. Refreshments will be served.
Tickets at the door.
"Metro" Topic Of
Council Thursday
What is Metro? W’hat do you
know about Metro? Will Metro
mean uniting all of the county’s
59 sub-divisions eventually into one
great city ... or will it mean one
water system, one sewage system,
one transportation system in the
county and suburbs otherwise di
recting their own affairs?
This new committee formed to
study, this growing metropolitan
center, to look to its future and be
ready for that future, has now an
all-time executive secretary. He is
Oliver Brooks, and Mr. Brooks is
to be the speaker at next Thurs
day night’s meeting of the East
Cleveland Community Council.
Persons interested are invited to
attend the meeting to be held at
8:00 p. m. in the Cardinals Nest,
Shaw High School. As usual, the
program will be preceded by a
dinner at 6:30 for which reserva
tions must be made by Tuesday,
March Sth. The dinner is served in
Shaw Cafeteria.
East Cleveland Ohio 13,750 Circulation Guaranteed Thursday, March 1, 1956
Y Mothers Try Out New Lounge
*'•. p-
While the YMCA is chiefly for
boys and men, the Y Women play
a large part in its prdgram,
though much of their work may
be “back stage.” However, recog
nizing their worth, one room in
the new Y Building, 1831 Lee rd.,
is theirs. It’s the Woman’s Lounge,
an attractive, homey room, fur
nished in modern decor where the
Y Mothers, or other women who
may come to the building, may
chat or transact business.
Shown in the accompanying
picture are a few of the officers
of the Y Mothers, taken during the
Open House Days at the new Y
Seated in the chair is Mrs.
Glenn Kitson, president. To her
right (standing) is Mrs. Charles
R. Green, corresponding secretary.
On the davenport are: Mrs. Ed
ward Arn, chaplain Mrs. R. C.
Heckman, vice president and Mrs.
jjHomar H. Alexander, treasurer.
Cecil Arms Folks
Honor Custodians
On Saturday, February 25th, a
gay social evening was enjoyed by
approximately forty tenants of the
Cecil Arms Apartment at 13671
Euclid ave. It was a surprise party
held in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
George Hawker, who have been
superintendents of the apartment
for more than twelve years.
With refreshments served in the
lobby of the building, followed by
music, singing, and dancing, the
pleasantness of the evening was
unfortunately backgrounded by re
gret that Mr. and Mrs. Hawker
will soon leave the apartment.
The strong friendships they have
made over the years, as evidenced
by the party, warrant the good
wishes of all the tenants, with the
hope that they will be successful in
locating living quarters in this
neighborhood so that they can
often visit the folks they have serv
ed so faithfully during that time.
Are You A
On Monday, March 5th, at 1:30
p. m. newcomers to the community
will have the opportunity to see
Mrs. Helen Robinson give a cake
decorating demonstration at the
YWCA East Cleveland Center at
14635 Euclid ave. Mrs. Robinson
teaches classes in party foods,
cake decorating, and catering at
the YWCA for the Ladies Day or
Night Out programs and the Teen
Age Hobby House.
This is a regular meeting of the
new YWCA Eastside Newcomers
Club and new resident* are cor
dially invited to come and meet
new friends. For further informa
tion call UL. 1-2220.
WkatA briny
March 3rd, 8 p. m., East Cleveland
Y Mothers, the Y House, 1831 Lee
rd. everyone invited. Come for a
gay evening. Instruction included.
CANTEEN for Junior High
pupils, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church,
15837 Euclid ave., 7:30 to 10:30
p. m., Friday, March 2nd.
NEWCOMERS Club, East Cleve
land YWCA Center, 14635 Euclid,
Monday, March Sth at 1:30 p. m.
All newcomers invited.
Red Cross Fund Volunteers To Call Sunday, March 4th
... U,
It's Parent Day
At Shaw Gym
Saturday Morning
March 3rd will mark the con
clusion of the Saturday basket
ball program sponsored by the
East Cleveland Board of Educa
tion the past three months. This
Saturday’s session have been set
aside for the parents and friends
of the boys in grades 5B through
9B who have participated in this
The 7A*s through 9B’s will
demonstrate their skills in the
morning from 10 to 12, while the
SB’s through 7B’* will partici
pate from 1 to 3 in the afternoon.
A section of bleachers will be pul
led out for the comfort of the
The program, which has included
about 120 boys each Saturday, will
consist of a series of demonstra
tions of the skills the boys have
learned in the past sessions. These
will be followed by foul shooting
contests and then games between
the various squads in the classes.
The instructors in the program
include Grant Kibbel, basketball
coach at Shaw R. Niel Skinner,
J. V. coach at Shaw Louis Chul
ick, basketball coach at Kirk Gay
lord Lillick, assistant basketball
coach at Kirk and Thomas Mein
hardt, boys physical education in
structor in elementary schools.
Everything From
Pineapple To Old
Car Missing
During their absence the evening
of February 24th, the Joseph Zic
cardi home, 14709 Dover ave., was
burglarized. Missing were a sum of
money, an old .38 Smith-Wesson re
volver and a number of bullets.
Entrance was gained by stacking
cement blocks to possibly permit
one person to boost a second person
to enter through a second story sun
room window. Muddy foot tracks
were also found at both a side and
front entrance and in the house.
The place was ransacked. A num
ber of finger prints were taken, but
they are not clear.
Don Fisher reported the theft of
two scrap coal burning furnaces
from the lot at his place of business,
13444 Euclid ave., February 27th.
A fresh pineapple and two soft
drink bottles were missing from a
milk chute, reports M. H. Monrote,
1227 Bender ave.
Al Rubino, manager of the Mar
ked Used Car lot at 13219 Superior
rd., reports a car had been driven
off the lot February 26-27. The
Automobile Bureau was notified.
As Mrs. Marie Moffatt entered
her home at 1205 Melbourne rd.,
about 9:25 p. m., February 25th, the
sound of heavy footsteps upstairs
hurried her to a neighbor from
where she summoned police. The
intruder had gone by the time police
arrived. A footprint was evident in
the dirt below a window. Jewelry
and other items from a dresser were
scattered about, but nothing was
License plates PP-5958 were re
ported removed from his dar while
parked near his home at 1688 East
133rd st, Julius Yuhas informed
Ohio averaged 390 vehicle acci
dent* every day in 1955.
Red Cross Seeks
$11,650 In Door
Calls This Sunday
On Sunday, March 4th, a band of
5Q0 volunteers will glean the school
districts of the city in a drive
which is expected to net $11,650
for Red Cross. This Kick-off Day
opens the 1956 Fund Drive which
extends through March 19th. The
East Cleveland workers hope to
practically do it up on Sunday.
The $11,650 goal is $650 higher
than originally quoted, due to the
terrific drain on Red Cross Disaster
Funds to meet the macedonian cry
from the flood stricken peoples of
both east and west. Each year Red
Cross sets aside a part of all in
come for disaster use. Within the
past months the demand has far
exceeded the fund. And what of
tomorrow should disaster strike?
Kenneth Vermillion, chairman of
East Cleveland Branch Red Cross,
and Mrs. Charles E. Richards,
Fund Drive Chairman are confi
dent the goal for East Cleveland
is not too high, and that East
Cleveland will meet it.
“East Cleveland enjoys a splendid
Water Safety program at Shaw
Pool each summer,” states Mr.
Richards. “We want to expand this
“Be ready for the volunteer who
come to your door Sunday. She is
your neighbor. She is serving Red
Cross and she is serving you”.
Chairmen and captains are:
At a Workers Rally in Shaw
High School Tuesday evening, Mrs.
Richards briefed the small army
ofwomen who will canvass the city
Sunday. She also handed them an
Information Bulletin she has com
piled to assist them in answering
the more common questions put to
them by potential contributors. The
necessary kits were distributed.
Mrs. J. H. Hanson, chairman of
the Greater Cleveland Red Cross
Speakers bureau and a volunteer in
the Motdr Corps, discussed pertin
ent fact* and listed incidents. A
movie was shown and refreshments
were served.
Mrs. Lloyd T. WTO I3im2hd
st., secretary of the East Cleve
land Branch Red Cross, is serving
as Fund Drive secretary. George
B. Simen, 14001 Mont rd., Branch
treasurer is serving as fund drive
treasurer. He is being assisted by
his predecessor, Mrs. Kirk Ried of
15907 Hazel rd.
Mrs. Budd Andrews, 1874 Sheld
son st., is the co-chairman for the
drive, and is also handling the
Mrs. Richards, chairman, will be
at headquarters in the Y House
next week to receive chairmen re
Upper Superior School Area
Chairman: Mrs. Aaron Newberg,
1542 Luxor Captain: Mrs, Dan
Gordon, 1551 Luxor.
Lower Superior School Area
Chairman: Mrs. John Feagler,
16141 Glynn Captains: Mrs. Marian
Huff, 1773 Hower Mrs. L. A. Rick,
1868 Rosalind Mrs. Herbert Tucker,
13424 Forest Hill Mrs. Hildegard
Ribar, 1843 Alvason Mrs. Elsie
Smith, 1743 Elsinore Mrs. H. E.
Lawrence Names
ECBA Chairmen
Wilbur C. Lawrence, president,
East Cleveland Business Associ
ation, announces the following ap
pointments as committee chairmen
for the year 1956:
Auditing, Al Norwick entertain
ment and program, Rollin Rendle
sham publicity, Dr. John R. Stahl
grievance, Al Norwick attendance,
Miss Geraldine Crowley nomina
tion, Edward Paul visiting, Fred
Henderson public affairs, Stanton
Addams sports, Paul Broer house
and food, Tony Tomsic member
ship drive, R. J. Stahl community
service, Lou DiVito.
At its Tuesday evening meeting
this week, Stanley Webster, at
torney and J. Durant Mix, a cer
tified public accountant led in a
“Don and Don’t” on filling out in
come tax forms.
Glenville High
1931 Reunion
Glenville High School’s 1931
graduating classes of January,
June and August are planning tV,oir
25th year reunion for June ’d,
to be held at the Hollenden Hotel.
Those who have not already re
ceived information about this
event, please cotact Mrs. Marvin
Glueck (Gertrude Smith), at FA.
1-4408 or Mrs. Jack Meckler (Ruth
Hausner), at FA. 1-4725.
George Golden is chairman of
the affair and Oscar Suid is tak
ing reservations. He may be
reached at WA. 1-5036.
Johnson, 1864 Forest Hill Mrs.
Winifred Glentworth, 1875 Fo
Hill Mrs. Joseph LoGrande,
Woodlawn Mrs. John Wallace,
1889 Belmar Mrs. John Turner,
13355 Euclid.
Caledonia School Area Chair
man: Mrs. P. A. Carson, 2048 Han
over dr. Captains: Mrs. Theo C.
Domke, 16013 Nelamere Mrs. L. J.
Yannetta, 16313 Brewster Mrs.
Lloyd Keller, 1018 Nelaview Mrs.
J. H. Hendricks, 867 Nelaview
Mrs. J. J. Nassau, 2019 Taylor
Mrs. J. F. Harsha, 16026 Henley.
Rozelle School Area Chairman:
Mrs. Robert Gray, 1209 Bender
Co-Chairman: Mrs. Robert C.
Brownlee, 1227 Rozelle Mrs. J. D.
Mix, 1279 Melbourne. Captains:
Mrs. Louis Reither, 12918 Phil
lips Mrs. Erick Fredrick, 13410
Second ave. Mr*. Robert Apple,
1235 Bender Mrs. Joseph Christ
opher, 1183 Bender Mrs. M. Holden
Mrs. Charles Richards
Fund Chairman
12809 Superior Mr*. Andrew
Kocur, 1240 Ji. Lockwood Mr*.
Geo. Walter, 1640 Cr Mr*.
Alva Hockman, 1657 Mrs.
John Silvester, 1242 Rozelle Mr*.
Wm. Rapp, 12609 Phillips.
Chambers School Area Chair
man, Mrs. Charles Fursdon, 14314
Elm ave. Captains: Mrs. Wm.
Schilt, 1339 East 143rd st. Mrs.
Angelo Fiorello, 1383 Hayden Mrs.
Arnold Gunvalson, 13317 Shaw
Mrs. Geroald DeLong, 1295
137th st. Mrs. EmU DougL~j,
13702 Shaw Mrs. Ray Nausner,
1338 Elwood Mrs. Kenneth White
man, 13909 Strathmore.
Mrs. George A. White, 1248 East
146th st. is Chambers co-chairman.
Prospect School Area Chair
man: Mrs. George Inman, 2004
Standwood Captains: Mrs. Ray
Mrs. Budd G. Andrews
Fund Co-Chairman
Sprenkle, 2149 Reyburn rs.
Thomas Jenkins, 15518 Oakhill
Mrs. Paul H. Owens, 15018 Terrace
Mrs. J. T. Krizman, 1736 Coit Mrs.
C. C. Parsh, 1749 Coit Mrs. J. P.
Blanchard, 1859 Stanwood Mrs. B.
B. Colvin, 1871 Knowles Mrs. Zen
Zide, 1731 Wymore.
Prospect co-chairman is Mrs.
Harry Willert, 15701 Oakhill.
Co-Captains: Mrs. Anna Marie
Jones, 15322 Welton dr. Mrs. Chris
Gallo, 1850 Taylor Mrs. E. Pierre,
1734 Ro“J~’i, Mrs. J. D. Ter’-rt,
1751 Aliu’.^-u,* Mrs. Wm. SC. e,
1744 Noble Mrs. Alice Billings,
1839 Sheldon Mr*. Philip Saunders,
1833 Taylor Mrs. Bernice Kraber,
1864 Hr"*ings Mrs. Evelyn El
lins, 15*Terrace Mrs. Rc *t
Hotes, 1829 Allendale Mrs. Grant
Kibbel, 1869 Nela Mrs. John Mc
K ie, 1754 N. Noble.
.^~yfair School Area Chair
man: Mrs. Elmer Novak, 1833 Alva
son Co-Chairman: Mr*. J. Edgar
Dye, 13400 Sth ave. Ca sins:
Mrs. H. C~Jlou, 14”"! Nortmield
Mrs. M. Nc_.j, 1420C Mayfair Mr*.
Otto Guenther, 1789 Hayden Mr*.
George Molnar, 18908 Potomac.

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