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K jT-F -Fa
Mail Addresses
814 East 152nd Street
Phone: Glenville 1-4383
Local Girl Wins
Three Firsts At
Scottish Games
On Saturday, August 18th at the
Cleveland Scottish Games held at
Euclid Beach Park, Margaret Cal
lander took first prize in the Best
Dress competition, first prize in
the Highland Fling and first prize
in the Shean Trews. This is the
first time she has competed' since
winning the 1st prize in the High
land Fling last year at the Edin
burgh Scotland International Fes
tival. At that time she also won
second prize in the Sword Dance,
second prize in the Shean Trews
and took second place in the Over
seas Championship.
Margaret is the daughter of
Scottish born Pipe-Major Robert
Scott Callander and Mrs. Callander
of 1264 East 137th st.
Her success in the various com
petitions both local and abroad
can be attributed to her teacher
Mr. Andrew Steven who was born
in Scotland and also danced there.
Besides dancing herself, Mar
garet, has 20 pupils under her
supervision ranging in age from 5
years to 18 years—all of whom for
the most part are medalists. As a
dancing group their winnings on
Saturday totaled four first prizes,
three second prizes and three
third prizes. These boys and girls
hail from East Cleveland, Euclid,
South Euclid, Lakewood, Parma
Northeast Cleveland, Elyria, Lor
ain and Akron.
Margaret is a recognized teacher
•f Highland Dancing and is a
member of the Highland Dancing
Specialists Association of Glasgow
Scotland. She also has a Judge’s
authorization from the same As
sociation and is the U. S. Represen
tative for this District of the
In East Cleveland
East Cleveland Picnic Committee
members are going to Euclid Beach
Park tonight. On picnic day they
are too busy seeing that everyone
•Isa has fun. Tonight they will
•have it.
4 The outing begins with dinner
•4 the park restaurant. Then
•verything is “on the house” as
Park Manager Shannon hands out
the tickets—all for free. And do
they the guests enjoy it! From
fun-house to miniature trains, they
lap it up.
With today’s issue the Leader
carries its first ‘‘Coach’s Corner.”
The column is devoted to Shaw
sports and
the Card’s
14600 Euclid Avenue
Apt. 302
will sketch the weekly
of athletic events on
lose a little garment,
Did you
pfeees of matching material and
thread? Mrs. Louise Roth of 14721
Ardenal ave, LI 1-1795 found it.
Mrs. Roth is a retired Salvation
Army worker, holding the rank
of Major. She would very much
like to find the owner of the find,
which must be a planned garment
for some child.
There is one group of boys that
will be sorry when August 23rd
rolls around. It’s the group that
have been traveling here and there
in the area this summer, taking
advantage of the YMCA’s day
eamp program. Fell lake is their
final port of call. Today the Y
tampers are seeing the Indian*
Detroit game at the Stadium. See
ing beauty spots while doing the
things boys like to do, and under
dependable supervision, makes up
for an experience invaluable to
growing boys.
An unregistered person is a
person without a country. If you
chance to be in this group resolve
to register on September 18th.
The situation is so acute that in
stead of opening but a few scat
tered voting booths/in the county
on that date, the Board of Elec
tions is going to open them all.
Quite a Commentary on American
indifference, one might comment.
There are over 8,000 unregistered
persons among our own East Cleve
land’s eligible voters.
One of our good citizens con
fides that he is deeply concerned
about the litter strewn streets of
his home town. Says that while
vacationing this suYnmer he made
it a point to compare and came up
with a rather low score for East
There is but onoe thing to do
in a case like this. Clean-up and
stop making a waste container of
any yard, any
any sidewalk,
r, :t
Volume No. 15—Issue No. 34
Son-For-A-Year Arrives
The Homer Alexander family
gave a warm welcome to the new
est member-for-a-year of their
family, 17-year-old Alf Kolben
stvedt of Norway when he arrived
there Monday. The slender, blond,
blue-eyed youth is in America
under the American Field Service
program and his local sponsors,
Kiwanis of East. Cleveland.
Shown is that exciting moment
of arrival at the Alexander home,
2025 Lee rd. Giving warm wel
come are Mrs. Alexander, sons
John, Chuck and Alan, and Dr.
The e ad e photographer
snapped Alf at his first dinner
in his new home. That’s good old
American fresh apple pie, a
Yankee delicacy seldom served in
the Scandinavian lands. Proceed
ing it there were the familiar
American entrees, chicken, sweet
corn and tomatoes. Alf is pleased.
His new Mom is a good cook.
Alf arrived in New York City
on Saturday morning, August 10th,
with 657 other young men and
women from 19 foreign countries
and had the afternoon and
evening to take in at least a few
of the highspots of this great city
of the world. He was thrilled with
the^view from the top of the Em
pire Building in the dusk of the
evening as the lights began to
flicker and shine across the wide
expanse visible from that high
vantage point.
Alf also had the opportunity to
visit Pittsburgh, the American
city which in the past decade has
practically made itself over, pre
senting a dazzling urban setting.
The entire cross-country trip via
bus brought him to Cleveland to
his home for the next ten months.
While Alf will be a senior at
Shaw High this winter, his stud
ies will in a way be secondary to
his chief reason for W'anting to
come to America: "to meet the
youth of this groat nation.”
His chief joy in the Atlantic
crossing was the opportunity it
Huron Road Hospital becomes
the fifth hospital to take an active
part in supporting the Red Cross
Blood program which is supplying
67 per cent of the blood transfused
in local hospitals. With modern
East Cleveland Ohio
tai Folk Await
Huron Road Hosp
Visit Of Red Cross Bloodmobile
On Monday, August 27th from
10 a. m. to 4 p. m. a Red Cross
Bloodmobile will visit Huron Road
Hospital to give the employees and
Huron Road Hospital Auxiliary an
opportunity to participate in the
Red Cross blood program and to
establish a blood bank of their
afforded to meet and to talk with City Manager, Chas. A. Carran
many young people from many (^id the city would have to amend
different lands. He finds that (jt zoning ordinance on parking
while their customs and languages lota and that it is their intention
may differ, they have many ob- (of doing so as the question of park
jectivea in common. |ing, ]otg jncreageg with the mount-
Alf’s easy flowing, practically (ing parking problems.
perfect English, is augmented No action was taken on the ap
with an ability to speak equally at |peal which had previously been
home in German and French. |set for a public hearing before
Al Alexander is looking forward (the Commission Tuesday evening,
to the thrill of introducing Al to (No one appeared for the hearing.
Shaw and YMCA 'activities, as The appeal of Stanley Staniforth
well as to the wider horizons be- (for the transfer of the Southern
yond these circles. But even more, (Manor temporary rooming house
he is anticipating learning what (license for 21 persons from the
the youth of Norway are doing (former owner, was approved, sub
and thinking.
Iject to changes required by the
Building Code.
This may be surprising
but there is no TV in
However, he enjoys movies, es- (of Gene Malley for authority to
pecially those with desert and (have a C-2 liquor license issued by
prairie backgrounds, in contrast (the Ohio Department of Liquor
to the rugged fjords of his home-1 Control for a delicatessen at 13933
land. (Euclid ave. That evening the City
Alf’s home. I The board rejected the appeal
Alf’s father is superintendent (Commission also rejected the
of a shipping company at Kristan- (appeal.
sund. His elder brother is. doing The board approved the request
advanced work at Trondheim. In |of transfer of the rooming house
World War II the family went |]icense at 12906 Forest Hill ave.
underground. |to the new owner, Mrs. Victor
The American Field Service (pOpp
which makes possible this ex-1 Rejected was the appeal of
change of students dates back to Samud K. Stern to open a store
1914. Americans Paris started here for the gale o£ unclaimed
bringing the wounded from the |freio-ht
°w" .T5- City Engineer M. S. Doug I., had
,.w s re-ae na e |p rev jOimly held that the surplus
planes supplanting autos, and the If ...
battlefields of North Africa and d,d ’."
Burma also being served. regulations of the L-3 use di.trict
Then ss peace came AFS 1“ outl,ned ,be Zo"ln« Ordm
founded the scholarship program |an»g’ .....
under which youth from overseas I ^r' Stern objected strongly to
come here in the winter and
American youths go abroad in (hcwtate to tell them so.
the summer.
Miss Marcia Rouillard, 13513
Woodworth rd., is attending the|^^
American Baptist Assembly Na-
tional Christian Workers Confer-
Bhe. board8 actl°n and d,d not
Fleet Patrolman
East Cleveland Leader
Published in Conjunction with The SCOOP in Northeast Cleveland and The News-Journal in Euclid
DeldV Action
On Parking
Lot Appeal
Following a hearing on
appeal of General Electric Co.
(establish sites for two employee
parking lots along their Helmsdale
frontage at Nela Park the Zoning
Board of Appeal Tuesday morning
(continued the case.
Appearing at the hearing were
a number of residents from that
(section of Helmsdale rd., voicing
(their objections to the location of
(the parking lots. They held that
(the lots should be located in some
(other section of the 86 acres com
(prising Nela Park.
Spokesmen for the company in
(dicated that there was insufficient
(room available elsewhere. A sec
(tion where a fill has been made,
(is to be utilized as parking space
(for contractors and their crows
(during construction of a new ad
vanced lamp development labors
(tory and, upon completion of this
(expansion, will be utilized for
|p]oyee parking. However, it
(pointed out this would still
(afford the parking space necessary
(to accommodate employees,
At present the Nela Park
(vide* 660 parking spaces,
(an average of 950 cars which come
(there each day, it was stated.
In a letter sent by the company
(to the Helmsdale neighbors, it was
(stated that the parking facilities
(would be blacktopped and beauti
fully screened from* view by the
(traditional Nela Park shrubbery.”
It was also stated that no addi
tional traffic was anticipated since
(the area would house cars that are
(already parked on the streets with
(in Nela Park, that the lot gates
(would be locked after 6:30 p. m.,
(and that the lots would not be
(built until completion of the new
(laboratory, about two years hence.
Speaking for the Helmsdale resi
(dents was Mrs. J. E. Anderson of
116300 Helmsdale rd. Sbe men
(tinned, not only the location, but'
of the grounds, and the dust from
(the loss of beauty of that section
(a parking Jot surface. The planned
(high screening would serve’as a
(barrier against dust and*sound.
FlinC XllCHAfi
IVII ll Uli JlldpCll
ence at Green Lake, Wis. Miss jn what Chief of Police H.
Rouillard is minister of Christian (weaver terms “an excellent piece
Education at East Cleveland Bap- (of police work” Patrolman Robert
tist Church. |e. Hall of the detective bureau on
(Monday “Got his man.” He is
(Albert Haynik, 12806 Parkhill,
(Cleveland, a ware house manager.
(He was arrested for investigation
(in the molesting of young children.
Hall, who has been on special
(detail on the case for ten days,
(spotted his man in the Euclid-
medical techniques, which are (Superior shopping center Monday
making more and more important (noon. When he spoke to him, the
and life-saving operations possible, (fellow darted across busy Euclid
in combination with the availability (ave., through back yards, over
ana quick supply of blood, those in (fences, Hall in hot pursuit. Cap
hospital work are realizing more (tured, he pleaded with the officer
and more, right on their home (to let him go.
ground, how important the Red Questioned at police headquar
Cross Blood Program is to the (ters, Haynick confessed to eight
community. (similar caes, four of them on the
Thomas E. Dunstan, 13319 Fifth (records in Cleveland.
st., East Cleveland, is chairman of Haynick is charged with feloni
the Blood Donor Recruitment Com- |ous assault, is under 32500 bond,
of the hospital and is. in (and, upon furnishing bond, will i
of arrangements for the (be turned over te the Cleveland
Police Department. ,1servos
14,100 Circulation Guaranteed
Chambers Teacher
Becomes An Author
Mrs. Ruth Boone, 1885 Noblel
rd., primary teacher in Chambers
School, is represented in the Sep-|
Four Attendants
Return For The
Silver Wedding
Everyone On A
Committee In
This Reunion
\New Nazarene
Father lammarino celebrated the (lain of the Kentucky State Legis
mass which was attended by Mr. I^turo and the "Veterans Hospital
and Mrs. Walter Strom of 227 East lat Lexington.
Ai. i.
195th st., who had been the beetle.
Over 225 people attended the (the ministry of music,
affa which was held without the
benefit of lights as a result of the
storm. There was dancing by
candle light, with music by Eddie |«fIWv
Voll and his orchestra.
Some of the more distinguished
'j F*j
Mr. and Mrs. Kress reside at|tion, two days in jail.”
914 Wayside rd., N. E. I «But
to have my car
in my business” interrupted
Shaw June 54ers
To Picnic Sunday
“Please Forward.”
This is the sesame through
which officers of the Shaw June
class of 1954 hope to contact each
of the 208 members
graduating class.
of their
hoped to
held Sunday
The magic words
assure delivery of
to a picnic to be
August 26th in Forest Hills Park,
at the pavillion, at two o’clock.
Also, to assure proper refresh
ments, each member is asked to
remit a dollar and a corrected
address if his place of residence,
or his name, has been changed. (1
After all, in two years any num- 1
ber of circumstances could bring
about a change in either one.
a ax 1
tember issue of “The Instructor,”]
nationally circulated teachera’ The new paster at Firat Churah
.. lof the Nazarene will deliver his
Mrs Boone s article, "You re flr,t m,„ to his new congrega.
Beautrful, Mu. Jon..! is one of ti0„ Sund Auguat 26thM gut
the features of this special S6th August 22nd,
anniversary issue of the magazine. I ...
\___________ Inext w ednesday, the members will
|have the opportunity of greeting
their new spiritual leader in a
meeting at the church, Hayden at
I He was president of the Greater
«., nuv u u cue z^.v |Cincinnatl Nazarene Ministerial
man and maid of honor at the (Association, a member of the Board
wedding 25 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. |of Trustees of Trovecca College
Joseph Furlan of 3429 West 97th (in Nashville, Tenn., and treasurer
st., who had been usher and brides- |of the Eastern Kentucky District
maid, were also present to hear (of the Church of the Nazarene.
the renewal vows. The Rev. and Mrs. Wilhoyte have
A buffet lunch was prepared for (three children. Ruth attended the
a reception held at the V. F. W. (College Conservatory of Music,
Hall of Post 1500 in the evening. (Cincinnati and Mary and Bill have
Mr. Kress was Post Commander (been attending Holmes High
last year and Mrs. Kress is a past (School at Covington. The family
president of the Auxiliary, (sings together, adding much
guests were Alvin Casenhiser, Sr.
Viee Commander of the Depart-I Two unusual incidents took place
ment of Ohio V. F. w. and Jim Ln Municipal Court Saturday, Au
Weber, Sr. V ice Commander of the |gUSt 18th. The totally unexpected
Seventh District of the Department (resulted in each instance.
Judge Addams looked at the
(man. “How about $1,000” he said.
“OK” was the prompt acquiesce,
(without the blinking of an eye.
And in this simple procedure the
(East Cleveland Municipal Court
set a new record for a fine for
(driving while intoxicated.
Are you a Shaw graduate? Then ]n the second incident Alber
you are on the committee for this |Aalop. 795 East 88th st., Cleveland,
years alumni. "You are a com-|wag facing a charge of failure
mittee of one. Its an “I’ll do it” |to yield right-of-way to a pedes
committee. tri an. Aalop has been in America
Your job will be to call or write three vears
every Rraduate you can contact Duri’ hfg commentg he said “It
and tel them that th., years Under8unding that this
Shaw Alumni date at Mentor-on- .g ted fo*profit
the-Lake is September 8th. I .. •j.
This invitational chain ia ax
u I formed the defendant that every
pected to bring out the biggest I
attendance far, aay. Chairman mu". !.b,de b:’ ,be co”'.
Marty Loftue. He i certain that I’"1 w,th Th., ran irmng to co.t
if everyone doea hia part there frb“ „a 11 br“ d»™
will be little reunions spotted all |jal •____________________________
about the dance hall as former
gangs, gang again. Reminiscing
will be as vital as the dancing,
says Marty.
Need help? Call Jim Bernier
at UL. 1-2700.
Oh, engage that baby sitter now.
Don’t wait. You might be disap
Lending a harfd for the Black
and Red
Moore, Bob Henderson, John Wal
worth. Don Fisher. Walter Koenig,
Tom Byerso, Bob Fraser, Jim
Stratton, Herb Luxenburg, Joe
Mencini, Dave Whitacree, Dick
Clark,, Tom Meinhardt, Danny
Cramer, Gordon McCarter.
reunion are Fenton
Parente or other members of
June ’54ers are kindly requested Tuesday is an important day in
to co-operate by forwarding the |the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip
letter, if necessary. (schoenen, 1415 Idarose ave., N.E.
While picnic, ar. fun. the prime Th ied Tue.d.y,
reason behind ths picnic is to get I
as many classmates together as |and n®xt Tuesday, August -8th,
possible and sound them out on a (they will observe the fiftieth anni
reunion for next year, states Tony (versary of that happ* event which
Beranek, vice president who is (took place in Fostoria, Ohio,
serving as picnic publicity chair- At 8:30 in the morning the
man, also. Dick Kohagen is class (couple and their family will attend
president. Sally Reynolds still a mass of thanksgiving in St. i
as secretary-traasuror. I Joseph Church, Collinwood and fol- i
-a- -ii /y V-: -4-, y-
Thursday. August 23. 1253
Vy fl ©SCI
Clairborne rd.
The Rev. Mr. Wilhoyte comes
to East Cleveland from Covington,
Ky., First Church. He prepared
for his calling first at Trovecca
Nazarene College, latter studying
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kress repeated |a^ the University of Wisconsin
their wedding vows at a high mass land Asbury Seminary. He has
Iserved churches in w isconsin, Mm
at Holy Redeemer Church on Sat- negota and Kentucky.
urday morning, August 18th at Actiye in community affairg
8:30 oclock. |Rev. Wilhoyte has served as chap-
|C|||||f| EinA
lilt \/l\
Illf'xL f\ I
I ff |til ^6161103111
JudR* Stanton Addams pro-
The food and catering was under (nOunced his sentence after hearing
the direction of Mrs. Rudy Lund- |the evidence in the case of Charles
blad, who is Sr. Vice President of k Howard, charged for the second
the Auxiliary. The hall was decor- (time, of driving while intoxicated,
ated by Mr. pnd Mrs. ftoaul Dore. ..jgoo, license revoked for dura-
FOPA Clambake
Tickets Ready
It’s clambake time. Time to dine
on delicious seafood and all that
goes with it, out in the open. Just
announced is the date for the
annual bake of the Fraternal Order
of Police Associates to be held
Wednesday. September 12th at
Saxon Acres, White rd., one
quarter mile east of Bishop rd.
Serving by Honnegger Catering
Co. will be from 5:30 to 8:30. The
affair is open to all men who desire
to come and enjoy it.
Tickets for the clambakee are
being distributed by Ross DiJohn,
UL. 1-4141 William Kirby, UL. 1
4141, and Steve Settevendemie,
RA. 1-3477. They may also be ob
tained from Fred Henderson, GL.
1-4686 Jim Clark, EV. 2-4222
John lacofano. GL. 1-3211 Al
Cutler. CE. 1-9319 and Earl Hart
land, PO. 1-7285.
Fred Henderson is general chair
man and John lacofano is in charge
of refreshmenta. All reservations
must be made on or before Septem
ber Sth.
Want To Be A
School Guard?
lold-Up Victim
Older non-employed men
would like to serve as school
guards are invited to contact the
Police Department at City Hall.
The assignment calls for on duty
hours during the morning, noon
and afterschool periods of the day
when pupils are enroute to
from school.
Again an East Cleveland
dent, employed in Cleveland, has
been a hold-up victim. Mrs. Lulu
Bell Kenyon of 1642 Elsinore ave.
told police a man carrying a cap
over his hand held her up at the
Hough Baking Co. store, 8708
Hough ave.. N.E., August 17th,
and escaped with $70.
Mrs. Kenyon is the store’s
Tuesday, Fifty Years Later
lowing the service, breakfast will
be served by their daughters, Mrs.
Edward Cowley and Mrs. Benedict
Yosua at the latter’s home, 1098
East 144th st.
On Sunday, August 26th there
will be a family dinner at the home
of their sun, Phillip Schoenen, jr.,
1521 Holyoke ave.
There are six grandchildren.
Mr. Schoenen boasts of a skill
not so common today, that of
Vi v-
PO. 1-3378
Route 20 Group Would
Keep It Tourist Highway:
Protest Proposed Change
A threat to change Euclid avenue’s long, scenic and
busy inter-state highway into a lightly traveled local
thoroughfare has stirred the year old Route 20 Associa
tion into prompt and definite atcion.
Headed by Karl Brown, the Association is an incor
porated non-profit organization aimed at keeping Route 20
a tourist’s highway. It was formed a year ago by business
men who earn their livelihood from Route 20 tourist traffic
and membership includes businessmen from East Cleve
land, Cleveland, Euclid and Western Lake County.
“As of now we are atten
recruit new members” sai
dent Brown, “especially since the
imminent construction of a system
of freeways in Northern Ohio is
a definite throat to Euclid avenue
as a whole.”
Members of the group and
guests met Monday night in
Painesville to adopt a plan of
action to “preserve Route 20 as
a tourist highway.”
This meeting co-incided with
another meeting that could pave
the wave for changing Route 20.
The latter came up as the Council
of Painesville passed an ordinance
which offered the State consent
and cooperation in the construc
tion of the Lakeland Expressway
through the northern part of the
“The Painesville action” said
Brown “could easily lead to diver
sion of all through traffic over the
Lakeland Freeway from the center
of Lake County right on through
Brown’s group thoroughly dis
cussed the above possibility and
adopted a resolution that the
group “go on record as favoring
limited access highways parallell
ling Route 20 which would be des
ignated to carry trucks and local
business traffic and that the pres
ent Route 20 be improved and
remain on the prosent route.*
Walter Green, chairman of the
Lake County Commissioners spoke
to the group, outlining construction
plans of the Lakeland Expressway.
The new road would connect with
the Lakeland Freeway at the Cuy
ahoga County line and meet Route
20 at Painesville's famous “Cal
amity Curve,” just east of the city.
The County spokesman told the
group that some people were of
the opinion that the expressway's
construction would serve as a by
pass route to Cleveland.
He further expressed an opinion
that people in a hurry would take
the expressway route. However, he
felt, vacationers would prefer bo
travel along old Route 20’s scenic
Euclid ave.
When asked if ths state would
improve or
Green said
state would
“That is
prompt action now, as an organ
ized association” said Brown “Mid
all businessmen along Euclid
avenue in Lake and Cuyahoga
County should join in this pro
expand old Route TO,
no, he felt that the
only maintain it as st
why we must plan
The association was further
stirred when Charles Masterson,
political analyst offered his com
According to Masterson, talk in
political circles calls for changing
Routes 20, 6 and 2 to run along the
lake shore route in Lake and
Cuyahoga County.
He was of the opinion that such
a move would turn present Routs
20 into a secondary thoroughfare
unless something was done.
Brown and his fellow members
want to do something now. They
hope all who would be affected by
any changes in the three inter-state
routes, 20, 6 and 2, join immedia
tely in the program to “preserve
Euclid avenue as a tourist’s high
Nancy Magnusson
Sings In “Figaro"
Honors for so young a singer
continues to come to East Cleve
lander Nancy Magnusson, who haa
been studying voice this summer
under Lottie Lehman.
Nancy has been chosen to sing
Suzanna in Mozart’s “Marriage of
Figaro” to be given tonight and
Friday night in the Lobero Theatre
at Santa Barbara, Cal. Miss Leh
man’s schqol, the Music Academy
of the West, or Miraflores, is
located in that city. The opera
is the big production of their sim
mer schedule.
Miss Magnusson, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Magnuason,
14219 Orinoco ave., completed her
Junior year at Northwestern Uni
versity last June. It was at the
university where she was a visit
ing lecturer, that Mi'- Lehman
first heard Miss Magnuson sing,
and later invited her te atuJr thia
summer at Mirafloi
rf k 1

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