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Mail Addresses
814 East 152nd Street
Phonei Glenville 1-4383
14600 Euclid Avenue
Apt. 302
Acting upon the joint report
of the superintendent, Dr. O. J.
Korb, and the Salary Commit
tee of the East Cleveland Teach
erg Association, the Board of
Education Monday night enacted
an upped salary schedule, effec
tive in September.
Under this schedule all teach
ers, nurses and the secretary to
the superintendent, starting or
above their fifth year on the
salary schedule, shall be granted
a double increment. Increments
are $200 a year. Total cost of
the increases is about $30,000.
The maximum raise for the
principals, assistant principals
and assistant to the superin
tendent will also be double in
crement. In the case of the lat
ter, the increment is $330.00 a
year and for all the others it is
$250.00 a year.
Mr. Chaunce explains that
the pattern of increments is
unchanged in relation to the
previous schedule. It is just that
five Departments
Of City Get In On
One Complaint
Six city departments be
came involved following a police
call to the home of William
Lattner, 14507 Shaw ave. It
all started when William Latt
ner, 12, rushed to Fire Station
seeking help, saying his father
was whipping a brother, Roger,
8, with his belt.
Investigation found the boy
.showing evidences of the pun
ishment the house disorderly
and in sad need of repair. Latt
ner was held at police head
quarters on an intoxication
‘charge. Mrs. Lattner, who ar
rived later from her job at a
bar, objected when police sug
.gested she clean the place.
Working on the case, to
gether with the police are the
Welfare Department, the San
tation Department, the Fire De
partment (exposed wires on
dangling lighting fixtures), and
the Engineering Department.
In East Cleveland
The Board of Education
The Board of Education has
a letter from R.
Ouch! What a boner! Talking
.about Mansfield while jotting
down a notation about Leo
Strang for this column last
week and what happened? We
moved the former Shaw grid
coach to Mansfield whereas he
is coach
of Ohio,
Two Increment
Salary Schedule
Gets Board OK
in THE football town
to Manafield and its
Kingwood Center is
an experience which every na
ture lover should enjoy at
least once. The spacious gardens
of this estate, an endowed gift
to the city of Mansfield, is a
Jwwer of beauty from early
spring to late autumn. Right
now thousands are flocking to
view the tulip show. There are
,/ulips in every hue and variety,
from the best bulb growers the
world over. Later will come the
iris, the lillies, the roses, the
chrysanthemums and many
other flowers. It is all free and
two parking lots accomodate
vehicles. The main route from
rhere would be 42 ... or enjo?
the byways, 113 to 58, to 8
(avoiding Ashland), to 42 to 3
South and Kingwood.
Volume No. 18—No. 20
teachers are advancing
At the same time the Salary
Committee recommended an in
crease in the maximum salaries
for teachers and nurses with ap
proved training as follows:
Under three years, $6,100
Three years, $6,300 Three and
one.half years, $6,500 Bach
elor’s Degree, $7,100 Bachelor’s
Degree plus 15 hours, $7,300
$4,500 for an M. A. degree.
There are 15 steps in the
salary schedule for teachers
with a Master’s degree, and 14
steps for teachers with a Bach
elor degree. There is also con
sideration for teachers with a
Bachelor degree plus 15 hours
of additional credit.
Starting salaries remain at
$4,300 for an AB degree and
-4,500 for an M. A. degree.
Representing the teachers in
the salary discussions and rec
ommendations were Robert C.
Chaunce (Superior) as chair
man, Mr. Paul Hammer, head
of the Commercial Department
at Shaw Miss Roxie Lodge
(Rozelle) and Miss Audrey
Scott (Caledonia). Mr. Robert
T. McGraw (Kirk) as president
of the association, served as a
member ex officio.
Following the action of the
board of education, Mr. Chaunce
expressed the thanks of the
committee for approving the
schedule and their appreciation
of Dr. Korb’s friendly advice
and counsel. He said recom
mendation came with the whole
hearted approval of the salary
Mr. Richard Gottron, presi
dent of the board, expressed its
appreciation for the manner in
which the teachers have con
tinually co-operated with the
superintendent and the board.
To Visit Scenes
Of His Boyhood
His boyhood days in Salonica
Greece, will be relived by Chris
Gramines, the popular Euclid
Superior barber and Lion club
member this summer. On Sat
urday next, Mr. and Mrs. Gram
ines and their car board the
“Olympic” at New York City for
Greece. After a few weeks there
they will tour Turkey and other
lands, including Switzerland. At
Thun they will be the guests of
their son-in-law’s mother.
Mrs. Gramines returns by
plane on July 12th and Mr.
Gramines returns to Greece to
spend weeks more with his
brothers, sisters and other kin
folk there. He’ll get home some
time in the Fall.
Color Slides
At Library
1 Lorish, chairman of the
Achievement Scholarship Fund
Ohio Wesleyan University,
congratulating the board and
Shaw High School upon the win
ning by one of its students of
the university’s Achievement
Scholarship Award. The award
cannot be applied. It is granted
on scholarships only. Winner of
the award this Spring is Lewis
H. Jones, 1025 Nelaview ave.
Another merited recognition for
the East Cleveland Public
School System.
The free chest x-ray service is
made possible by your purchase
of a Green Cross membership.
Oue dollar or more if you wish
to give it.
Another member of theChurch
of the Cross Camera Club, Mr.
Paul J. Beal, will show his pro
gram of color slides entitled
“Fall in New England” at East
Cleveland Library on Thursday,
May 21st at 8:00 p.m.
This is an opportunity to see
this part of the U.S.A, at a
time of the year when, the vaca
tion season being over, New
England is out of reach for
most people.
This will be the final program
of this season, and all are cord
ially invited to attend. The Li
brary. expects to resume the pro
grams in October and announce
ments of the films and slides
will again be made in this paper.
Service Pins For
Mrs. Holzheimer
Mrs. Frank Holzheimer, 14502
Terace rd., received
a five-year
service pin from Red Cross Nurs
ing Services last week during a
recognition ceremony held at
Chapter Headquarters, 1227
Prospect ave.
Mrs. Holzheimer is one of 23
Red Cross nurses, a! volunteers,
who received length- of service
pins, ranging from five to 45
The event was planned to coin
cide with the golden anniversary
of Red Cross Nursing Services,
founded in May, 1909.
Car Wash
We Thank
“East Cleveland is having
its most active
Yards, especially have been
given a good going over. The
Results add much to the ap
pearance o neighborhoods
A goodly number of houses
are being or will be painted
this summer, committee mem
bers have learned.
To each and all, Mr. Murry
says “Thank you. Keep the
good work going. East Cleve
land can be a clean city if each
one does his part to make and
keep it so.”
Kiwanis 37th
Birthday Calls
For A Party
The East Cleveland Kiwanis
Club will observe its 37th birth
day at a Ladies Night dinner
program at the East Cleveland
YMCA on May 25th, it was an
nounced today by President Her
bert W. Stoker.
Kiwanians and their wives will
assemble in the meeting room at
the YMCA for dinner, entertain
ment, and a talk by Norman W.
Paynter, a fellow member and
past officer in the East Cleveland
club as well as in the Ohio Dis
trict. Paynter served as Ohio
Governor of Kiwanis last year
and as its
The East Cleveland Club was
organized seven years after the
founding of Kiwanis Internation
al Two of the original 56 char
ter members are still active in
the organization—Stanton Ad
dams, East Cleveland Municipal
Judge, and Dr. William H. Har
rison, East Cleveland dentist.
President Stcksr also an
nounced that the East Cleveland
Club was cited for Honorable
Mention Award in last year’s
achievement activity among Gold
Division (100 members or more)
clubs in the Ohio District. Se
lection is based on a qualitative
evaluation of club and commu
nity activities during the year.
Wayne C. Blough was last year’s
Stoker noted that it was the
17th time in recent years that the
East Cleveland Club has been
cited for either the top or Honor
able Mention honors in this an
nual competition.
EastlCleveland. Ohio
Ckan-up in
Thomas E.
of the East
So declares
Murry, chairman
Cleveland Clean-up Committee.
“Furthermore,” states Mr.
Murry, “indications point to a
lot of clean-up jobs started and
to be completed as the weather
welcomes outdoor jobs.”
lieutenant governor in
Paynter’s talk is “To
to Hold,” and it will
Title of
Have and
relate to Kiwanis and the East
Cleveland community.
Founded on May 22nd, 1922,
the East Cleveland Club was the
third organized in the Greater
Cleveland area. The Downtown
Cleveland Club, the second in Ki
wanis International, was complet
ed October 19, 1915, and Lake
wood was consumated on May
17th, 1921.
New Building
Mounts In
First Quarter
New construction was definite
ly on the increase here for the
first three months of the year,
according to the Quarterly Re
port of City Manager Chas. A.
Carran. Permits for repairs and
alterations also took a lead over
the 1958 figures for the corres
ponding periods.
The 16 new 1959 construction
permits for the three months
totaled $1,174,070 compared to
the 12 in 1958 costing $277,275.
Repairs and alterations in the
same period cost $34,490 for the
18 permits.
The larger construction items
during these first three months
of 1959 were: A church building,
$425,000 and a home, $160,000
both for Christ the King Parish
four homes ranging in price
from $17,000 to $28,000 each
one office and warehouse at 1303
Hayden ave., $50,000 a garage
at 1750 Hayden ave. at $10,000.
Another private garage cost
Four new apartment permits
represent the following planned
expenditures: 15401-21 Plym
outh Place, $144,000 1726 Tay
lor rd., $48,000, 1724 Taylor rd.,
As for repairs and alterations
the major part of the total ex
penditure came in the way of
repairs following three large
fires. Fire meant $19,000 repair
bill at Economy Buick, $6,500
at Knights of Columbus Hall,
and $13,000 to a private home.
Municipal Court statistic for
the first three months show
6,5787 parking tickets issued and
7.102 tickets paid and voided.
The seeming confusion in these
numbers may be due to the fact
that some of these paid accounts
may have been left-overs from
the last part of 1958. 1,278 ar
rests were made and 1,267 cases
were closed. There were 1,303
arrests made by th e police de
The city’s usually low fire in
cidents also took a jump in Jan
uary, February and March, 54
alarms being registered, with an
estimated fire loss of $72,160. In
addition the department made
77 runs other than for fire. In
between all this business of an
swering alarms and getting the
equipment in readiness for the
next run, members of the depart
ment made 592 inspections
ing the quarter.
Miss Beatrice Cermak, science
instructor at W. H. Kirk Jr. High
Schol, has been invited to partici
pate in the National Science
FoundationAcademic Year at
Ohio State University. Fifty
Ohio-ans will spend the 1959-60
school year at the university do
ing graduate work in their chosen
Miss Cermak, a graduate of
Lake Erie College, has taught at
Kirk for three years, coming here
after a year in the Cleveland
mrstem. She has been granted a
leave of absence by the Board of
Education to accept the invita
A Scrap Book peculiar to
perior Elementary School is
of the gifts being received by
Dr. O. J. Korb as he concludes
two decades as superintendent
of the East Cleveland Public
Schools. The token was present
ed at a tea attended by some 50
today and yesterday instructors
in the school Wednesday, May
On its pages are not only
greetings and letters from the
Superior teachers under the
Korb regime, but photos
these pictures add much inter
est in that in some instances
there are contrasting photos of
“now” and “then”, some are pic
tures of the former teacher’s
Senior Girl Scout Troop
730, made up of Kirk Jr. High
ind Shaw Senior High Girls,
re having a car wash Saturday
fay 16th at Euclid-Lee
lair station. The hours
.rom 9:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Threading the entire booklet
are different expressions of the
same content, respect and admir
ation for the guiding hand of a
dedicated administrator. Also
contained are pictures of out
standing events in the school it
self in these ten years.
Each page is further enhanced
by drawings, the work of Mrs.
Pack Schwartz and Mrs. Larry
An unusual neat appearance
has resulted from Miss Bayes’
thoughtfulness in providing con
tributors with the letter sheets
on which to write their note.
Former Superior teachers may
be found from coast to coast and
border to border ... and as Dr
Korb peruses this volume, he
will undoubtedly recall many of
the instances mentioned in th'
notes, some near tragic at th:
moment, some humorous.
East Cleveland Leader
Published In Conjunction with The SCOOP in Nbrtheast Cleveland and The News-Journal in Euclid
“East Cleveland has been the
backbone of Production Service
for 20 years,” stated Mrs. R. W.
Fox, chairman of Red Cross Sub
urban Development, to a group
of 21 Red Cross volunteers at
tending a recognition ceremony
at Chapter Headquarters, 1227
Prospect ave.
She bestowed words of praise
on three groups which form the
School Costs
Up Slightly
The estimated cost of operat
ing the East Cleveland Public
Schools for the fiscal year of
1960 will be $2,842,900. A tenta
tive budget to this amount was
adopted by the board of educa
tion holding its May meeting
Monday, the 11th. This total is
$182,830 over the estimated
costs of $2,660,070.00 for the
1959 year.
Of the increased expenditure,
the new salary schedule will
need about $30,000. Added al
lowance is also being made in
the Administration Personal
Service Fund to meet any needs
which the incoming superin
tendent may have in mind. Plac
ing a larger share of school
library operation on the board
adds about $5,000 to the auxil
iary account.
Science Honor
For Instructor
Anticipated receipts include
an estimated $1,900,000 1959
General Property Tax return,
$445,000 state Foundation and
a possible $36,300 tuition in
come. Transportation of special
14,100 Circulation Guaranteed
may reach the $400,000
board is also allowed a
percent of the total
for a contingent fund
against emergencies. While al
ways carried, this fund is sel
dom dipped into.
A hearing on the tentative
budget was set for June 8th,
the next regular meeting of the
school board.
N. F. Lei st, assistant to the
superintendent, was authorized
to have new gas boilers installed
at Caledonia School. Earlier
plans for a conversion from oil
to gas at Caledonia were dropped
following a thorough inspection.
These boilers have been repaired
twice within the past few years.
A resolution was passed call
ing for repairs to the back of
the west stand at the Stadium.
The probable cost is in the
neighbrohod of $13,000.
The board approved recom
mendations made by Mr. Leist
for salary increases for non-ed
ucational employees. These in
creases are on the increment
basis, similar to the schedule
adopted for educational employ
Shaw Enters Two
In Spell Test
Shaw High School will be rep
resented at the city-wide spelling
contest on May 20th by Nancy
Shimits and Ken Koroseo. Nancy,
a 12A and Ken, an 11A were
the winners among the 61 stu
dents who entered the prelimin
aries Tuesday. Mr. Cassil Rey
nard read the words for the writ
ten test.
This is a Press sponsored an
nual event and Shaw, says
George Todd, head of the English
Department, has participated in
for many years.
finals, also a
be held at the
of Education
The city-wide
ritten one, will
leveland Board
the East Cleveland Red
last week. Branch chairman Mrs. Fred H.
Charles Burgess, 347 East 211th st., while
honored with special recognition
Chorman pins an orchid on Mrs.
Mrs. James McKie, 13319 Milan avenue, pins one on Mrs. Elizabeth Bloom,
475 East 125th st.
backbone of East Cleveland Pro
duction Service. They are: East
Cleveland Women’s Club, East
Glenville Methodist Church and
Windermere Methodist Church.
Production volunteers work on
sewing projects for Red Cross.
They knit or darn anything from
ditty bags for departing service
men to bandages used in first aid
Many of the women have giv
en freely of their time for a
quarter of a century. Of those
who attended the recognition,
none was younger than 70 years.
The oldest was 85. Several work
a day a week, some a day a
month. All have a common pur
pose: To use their nimble fing
ers and sew’ing skills for help
ing others.
In a touching letter sent to the
volunteers, Rev. W. W. Ralph,
pastor of East Glenville Meth
odist Church wrote: “I can’t
thank you enough for your won
derful work.” He referred to
them as “white haired-women
who wear a halo of glory.”
Complimentary letters also
were received from Rev. Thur
man F. Alexander, pastor of
Windermere Methodist Church
and Chas. A. Carran East Cleve
land city manager.
Recognized for outsetanding
work in East Cleveland Produc
tion Service were: Mrs. Elizabeth
Bloom, 475 East 125th st. Mrs.
J. D. Fentress, 10805 Hatha
way ave. Mrs. Alfred E. Batt,
12310 Locke ave. Mrs. Thomas
Hines, 616 East 126th st. Mrs.
W. A. Lowrey, 616 East 126th
st. Mrs. Bernhardt Miller, 634
East 125th st. Mrs. Vesta
Brietzig, 475 East 127th st.
Mrs. W. W. Ralph, 13918 Wood
worth rd. Mrs. Grace Haskell,
13815 Northfield rd. and Mrs.
Emma Bentley, 474 East 125th
Also Mrs. Richard Burton,
1837 Idlewood rd. Mrs. James
McKie, 13319 Milan ave. Mrs.
J. Daniel (Woodley, 13716
Femwood st. Mrs. George Dubi,
1782 Taylor rd. Mrs. Cleo Goss
man, 14625 Ardenall ave. Mrs.
Fred Medhurat, 1634 Bryn
Mawr and Mrs. Roy Gilmore,
894 Nelaview ave.
Rounding out the group were:
Police Auction
On Saturday
Boys needing a bike and want
ing to get a second hand one,
might be wise to attend the auc
tion to be held Saturday, May
16th by the East Cleveland Po
lice department. It will start at
10 o’clock at the Eddy rd. bams,
Eddy rd. and Hayden ave.
Of course there will be lots
of other stuff for sale too. All
of the auction items have been
collected by the police in line of
duty and the accumulation is
now at a place where the prop
erty room is bulging.
All items go “as is” and usual
ly at bargain prices.
Last big musical event of the
year at Kirk:
WHAT? Kirk
Spring Con-
WHEN? Eight
WHO? Band,,
Choir, Glee Clubs.
HOW MUCH? 50c adults, 25c
Elementary Schoolers.
PROSPECTS? An enjoyable,
relaxing evening!
The family of the late Louis
Gavit wants to thank all those
who answered the request for
O negative blood which he
needed for a recent operation.
Cross Branch were
Mrs. Charles Burgess, 347 East
211th st. Mrs. A. G. Snyder,
130 East 209th st Mrs. Otto D.
Busch, 962 East 130th st. and
Mrs. Lucy Lawrence, 1277 East
135th st.
Mrs. Elizabeth Bloom was
honored with a five-year sendee
Liquor Permits
Transfer Gets
Zoning Nod
Request for a conditional use
permit to transfer his state
liquor permits C-2, D-2 and D-3
from their present location,
14673 Euclid ave., across the
street to his House of Luxen
burg Motel at 14660 Euclid ave.,
was granted to Albert Luxen
burg by the' East Cleveland
Board of Zoning Appeals Tues
day, May 12th. The transfer
has previously been approved
by the Ohio State Department
of Liquor Control.
The third and final action,
necessary for approval, that of
the East Cleveland City Com
mission, will be taken following
a public hearing on the appeal
Tuesday, May 19th, at 7:45
p.m., in the Commission Cham
ber, City Hall.
May 14, 1959
the appelant,
an attorney,
that it was
to operate a
dining room
Speaking for
Richard Horan,
told the board
Luxenburg’s plan
cocktail bar and
in the motel, using these per
mits. His D-3A (2:30 a.m. clos
ing) permit would not be trans
ferred. Under state law a D-3A
an be used only with a D-3
(1:00 p.m. closing).
City Manager Charles A. Car
ran, presiding, said 10 neigh
boring property owners had
been notified of the hearing.
Opposing was the Rev. Wil
liam A. Towner of East Cleve
land Baptist Church, and Mrs.
Kenneth Reed of 1839 Wymore
ave., who sent in a letter. She
recalled that at the time the
motel was erected she had been
told that no liquor was to be
sold there.
Mr. Towner objected on the
basis that liquor traffic is a
destructive force in a com
munity. He emphasized that the
Ministers Association would be
taking an active opposition in
all such appeal^. He also said
he was apprehensive of what
would happen to the vacated
Condition Poor
After Collision
James F. Mackin, 67, of 961
Pembrok rd., Cleveland Heights,
is in poor condition in Huron
Road Hospital with injuries re
ceived in a traffic accident May
7th at 5:38 p. m.
According to police, Mr. Mac
kin was attempting a U turn on
Noble rd. at Caledonia ave. and
Monas H. Brush, 13806 Chautau
qua ave. was driving north on
Noble, the cars collided.
Mr. Mackin was rushed to
Huron Road Hospital. He has a
fractured pelvis, fractured right
foot, multiple rib fractures and
possible internal injuries. Mrs.
Mackin was treated and released.
Three cars traveling in the
same lane
Euclid ave.
involved in
result Mrs.
a passenger in her husband's
automobile, received fractures
of both naatfl bones. Mr. Pierce
was charged with driving too
in front of 15775
May 10th, became
an accident. As a
Stanley R. Pierce,
Free Chest X-ray
Starts Wednesday
In Hayden Sector
The Christmas Seal x-ray
unit which provides free chest
x-rays will be visiting East
Cleveland next week. The fa
miliar white x-ray buses which
bear the double barred cross of
the Anti Tuberculosis League
will arrive in East Cleveland
Wednesday, May 20 and will
Mrs. Holzheimer pointed out
that health officials are stress
ing the fact that older people
in particular should take ad
vantage of the chest x-ray pro
gram and she has added her
appeal to that of the health
She called attention to the
fact that many people in East
Cleveland have never had
The reeeption will be staged in
Shaw Gymnasium from 3:30 to
5:00 o’clock. Starting at 3:30
there will be a brief program, for
which Curtis Lee Smith, Presi
dent of the Cleveland Chamber of
Commerce, and a Shaw High
School graduate, will serve 'is
master of ceremonies. The Rev.
James H. Sivard, minister of the
Tax Bills Next
In Mail Box
What could be new in a ‘tax
bill? Cuyahoga County proper
ty owners will find out when
they receive their next tax bill
along about May 20th-23rd. The
total tax figure will be broken
into the exact amounts
will go to schools, munici
and the
county and the
wrinkle, states
John J. Carney.
This new
bounty Auditor
has meant more work for county
employees, but the auditor thinks
the information for the tax pay
er will be worth it. It also is
hoped to save several thousand
extra phone calls into the tax
office folks wanting to
know how much goes where.
Tax bills will be due from May
25th to June 20th.
What being
BLE at the library tonight at 8.
Public invited.
TONIGHT: Concluding meet
ing East Cleveland Community
Council. Cardinals nest at Shaw
High. Program at 8. Dinner, by
previous reservation at 6:30 p.m.
erty owners meet Tuesday, May
19th in Rozelle School 8 p.m.
All Property owners in this area
invited. Speaker, Mrs. Alice
Brannan, Welfare Director.
CAR WASH Saturday, May
16th, Senior Girl Scout Troop
730, Euclid at Lee rd. 9 a. m. to
3 p.m.
chest x-ray and said that these
people in particular should visit
the chest x-ray unit during its
stay here. She added that the
protection and assurance which
those individuals will get by
having a chest x-ray is
shared by their friends
Chest X-ray Schedule
1730 Hayden ave.8:00 to 8:30
14172 Hayden ave.10:30
1315 Hayden ave.3:00
1270 Hayden ave.________________7:00
14172 Hayden ave._____________ __ 12
1315 Hayden ave.
1605 Hayden ave.9:00 a. m. to 1:00
14172 Hayden ave.9:00 a. m. to 1:00
Invite All Town Folk
To Dr. Kerb's Reception
With the hopeful outlook for Church of the Cross will give the
good weather on Sunday after- invocation,
noon, May 17th, East Cleveland
PTA members are expecting a groups with which Dr. Korb has
good turnout for the reception been associated in his capacity as
they have planned to honor Dr. a school administrator, will be
O. J. Korb, retiring superintend- called on for brief remarks. The
ent of the East Cleveland Public groups include:
“All East Cieevlanders are cor
dially invited to attend this recep
tion on Sunday” anounces Mrs.
Charles Fursdon, president of
the East Cleveland PT A Council.
“It will be a fine way to show
Dr. Korb how much we all appre
ciate the years of guidance he has
given us and our children.”
At its Tuesday, May
remain here through Saturday !meeting, the East Cleveland
May 23. (Business Association went on
Mrs. Frank Holzheimer, chair-record, urging all of its mem
man of the local chest x-ray bers and their families and em
program, has urged that every- ployees to support the x-ray
one 19 years of age and older
take advantage of this oppor
tunity for a free health check
program reports Joe Eckler,
president. Under the new set-up
this year’s detection program is
being centered in the Hayden
ave. district. Many of these
ECBA members have their
businesses in this area.
Members of both Kiwanis and
Exchange Clubs, residing in the
area, have also been alerted to
the importance of having a
chest x-ray.
The schedule for the
chest x-ray units while in
a Cleveland is as follows:
P- m.
a. m. to 6
m. to 6:30
m. to 9:30
noon to 6:30
12 noon to 6:30
Representatives ‘of various
Superintendents to be repre
sented by Dr. Mark Schingerer,
superintendent of the Cleveland
Public Schools
Teachers—Mr. Robert T. Mc
Graw, president of the East
Cleveland Teachers Association.
Parent Teacher Association—
Mrs. Charles Fursdon, president
of the local Council.
City of East Cleveland—Mr.
Frank H. Felows, member of the
City Commission.
of Eau
East Cleveland Board
cation—Mr. Richard
The visiting period
which refreshments will be served
will follow from 4 to 5:00 p. m.
It isn’t too late yet for parents
and students who wish to write
Dr. Korb a brief note of appre
ciation. However, all letters must
be mailed no later than Monday,
May 18th, in care of Mrs. Jos.
Cannon Hall Is
Pastor President
Canon Laurence H. Hall
Canon Laurence H. Hall is the
new president of the East Cleve
land Ministers Association, be
ing elected at the annual meet
ing held May Sth. Rev. Hall, rec
tor at St. Paul’s Episcopal
Church, succeeds the Rev. Robert
H. Secrist, resigned, who has
moved to Dayton, Ohio.
Other officers of the associa
tion are: First Vice President,
Rev. William E. Towner, East
Cleveland Baptist Second Vice
President, Rev. James Sivard,
Church of the Cross Secretary,
Rev. Albred Buehner, St. James
Lutheran, and Treasurer, Rev.
Allen H. Zagray, Trinity Evan
gelical United Brethren CtmcsMc

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