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W. O. CHAMl'E. Editor and Publisher.
The Oregon hop crop will
about J.0,000 bales, owing to
be Bhort
the hop
President Diaz was 61 years old
Tuesday, and the Mexicans duly cele
brated. The general made a fine ap
pearance at the military review. He
vode an American thoroughbred, and
wore a major general's ' uniform. His
troops made a fine array.
' The two largest driving belts ever
- made in the United States are now be-
In? manufactured in St. Louis for an
electric power station. They are of
- three thicknesses of leather, each sev-
enty-two inches wide and 150 feet long.
They weigh about 1,800 pounds each,
v and'each belt contains about 200 tanned
t hides.
C. H. Bullock of Northfield, Minn.,
last week obtained 1120 bushels of pota
toes from one acre of land. This is
said, to be by far the largest yield ever
known, 300 bushels being usually con
sidered a bier crop. That the 1120
bushes were all raised on one acre of
:. ground is sworn to by a number of
trust worthy people of the vicinity.
The late Professor Henry C.Spencer,
of Washington, wa3 at the age of 12
thought the finest penman in the TJnit
ed States. He was one of five brothers,
nd his father was the author of the
Snencerian System, When but 25 years
old he became superintendent of the
penmanship department of the business
colleges of the United States, and it
was through his efforts that' a number
sof institutions were founded.
A new scientific instrument has been
gotten up by Professor Bigelow, which
is called the aurora-inclinometer. By
extensive researches he has found that
the same law which underlies the work
ing of electricity and magnetism is op
erating on the sun, and that Bunlight Is
a magnetic field in which the magnet
ized earth rotates as does the armature
of a dvnamo. The instrument will be
sent to Alaska, where it will be used in
th study of the aurora, as it is there
seen An the best condition.
ATthe recent meeting of the French
1 - Society of Hypnology in Paris Dr. Ber-
v illon astonished his hearers by stating
.that almost all children could be hyp-
-Qotized except those who were idiotic
v or hysterical. The idea that there is
any connection between hysteria and
Viwrmotism was strongly disputed. One
physician alleged that he had hypno
tized sixty-nine patients out of seventy-
(two under his care for various diseases
iln a hospital, and said it was absurd to
ihelieve that so large a proportion
xould be hysterical.
The census reports of Indiana Is sur
prising, the State showing an increase
i " in population of less than 11 per cent.
V The census bulletin puts the case with
a;. alt the caution usually exercised by
- those who have little faith in the re-
turns. It says: "In 1880 the population
. oraa i Q7 301? as returned in 1890 it
-was 2.192,404." Of the ninety-two
. ,ini09 n the State twenty-five show
decreases, but in Indiana the urban
, population is increasing at the expense
t th rural. Cities of 4,000 inhabi-
tants and upward show an iacreaso of
.. .nearly 55 per cent as compared with an
fnr the whole btate oi iess
4UVI jw - w -
t than 11.
v uMMjutaui ma piaoe j attorney
Tho Happenings of a Week
Another circular has been issued to
alliance farmers instructing them to
hold their wheat, for hiffher Drices.
They are informed that quotations are
..i i . . a i 3.1 ?n . Art n
iiKeiy to aavance to i.uu or j-.w a
.ludp-fl Rf.at.tv. in the United States
circuit court at San Francisco, Monday,
held that Chinese mercnants couia no
bo nermitted to land in the United
States without the certificates provided
for in tho Chinese restriction actoi
The TTon. fJftnrcrA R Lorine. former
ly minister to Portugal and commis
sioner of agriculture, died at Salem,
Mass.. aired 74 vears.
The fire mercantile annraisers of
Philadelphia, Messrs. Patton, House
man, Urawford, lieu ana iiunter,
ohtircrpA with dereliction in office, were
hold for appearance at court in bonds of
$;uu eacn.
Satimlav the visible sunolv Of Grain
as compiled by the New York produce
excnange was as iouows: vvneat, ii,
935,841 oushels; increase, 2,073,400 bush
els; corn, 8,286,709 bushels; increase
1.210.628 bushels.
Information received from ex-Presi
dent Cleveland's cottage at Buzzard's
Bay says that Mrs. uieveianu s lamuy
nhvsieian in New York has been in at
tendance upon her there In anticipation
of an event wnicn is expected to occur
about October 1. The Madison avenue
residence is now being nut in order for
the reception of the mistress of Gray
O Abies.
Mrs. Allen G. Thurmann is better and
her nhvsicians entertain hopes of her
The iolnt debate between Governor
Campbell and Major McKlnley will
Alfred P.randah was held un bv four
bandits at Kansas City, and robbed of
his money, watch and a diamond pin.
Manuel I. Morales of San Salvador, is
on his way to Washington to negotiate
a reciprocity treaty with the United
George Jackson got lost In tho Bad
Lands In northern Montana, and was
nine days without food or shelter, being
almost dead when discovered.
The police of Bamberg, S. C, are
verv sure the suspect they have locked
I ft, . . a .1 - il. . riLI
up is lascoir, tue rauruerer ui tue vui
naorn millionaire. The man who re
vealed his supposed identity says ho has
loiiowea mm lor two years.
Mrs. Helen M.Gougar opened the pro-
nioition campaign inunio air inuiay.
. Robert Bell, sexton of the Calvary
church, New York, is under arrest for
riiininjr six vounor rirls.
Miss Salhe Hargus, a famous belle of
Now York ana .Newport, was marriea
to Mr. Duncan Elliott at Newport.
Robert H. M, Davidson has been np-
nointed bv Governor Flerainsr to sue
ceed Wilkinson Call as Senator from
Jay Gould is said to have authorized
an expenditure of $1,000,000 for a Mis
souri Pacific display at the World's
Mrs. John A. Too-an is visiting Gen
eral Alger In Detroit in order to hasten
the comDletlon of General Logan's
monument In Washington.
Hundreds of cattle are dying In the
Indian Territory from the effects of
poison thrown into the rivor by Indians
for the purpose of capturing fish.
President Ignatius Donnelly of the
Minnesota Alliance wishes it under
stood that that organization has noth
ing to do with the wheat circulars seiit
out from St. Paul.
Ex-President Kennedy and ex-Cashier
Kennedy of the wrecked Spring
Garden National Bank of Philadelphia
were sentenced to ten years' imprison
ment each for helping to loot the bank.
A conference began in Chicago for
the purpose of discouraging the intense
sectarian spirit now dominant in the
Christian church.
Old soldiers of Wichita, Kas., would
have given President Polk of the na
tional alliance a coat of tar and feathers
but for police interference.
Ex-Senator Tabor has gained posses
sion through the Mexican courts, of
the Santa Edlwlges gold mine, worth
several million dollars.
Dr. Feldman of New York, after hav
ing been bled of $6,000 by a blackmailer,
confessed to his wife and was forgiven,
then had the bloodsuckers arrested.
WilllftTrusfinm of New York, an 8-
vear-old boy, was beaten to death by a
ilgnOUr, Wltu wuuao vunu un uau
Mrs. James G. Fair left nearly all of
her $6,000,000 to her two daughters, the
bequests .to her two sons being compar
atively small.
Massachusetts republicans nominated
Charles H. Alten for governor.
Judge Green decided the Cherokee
Strip case against the Indians at Guth
In the Volga province in Russia there
Is already great suffering from famine.
It is stated that the credit foncier of
Paris has taken up the new Russian
The queen of Roumania, who has
been critically ill, is no Improving.
Henry M. Stanley is said to be plan
ning a Congo expedition for King Leo
pold. The demands of the trades union con
gress that members of parliament be
paid salaries has Caused a sensation in
An ultimatum has been sent to the
Chinese government by the powers re
garding recent outrages, and it will be
backed by force is necessary.
John Dow, a Pennsylvanian, who
tried to steal $800,000 Balmaceda had
concealed in Santiago, was shot dead' by
officers shortly afterwards.
An innocent nicnic of British nayal
officers on the island of Mytilene, near
tho TWrlnnelles. was the foundation of
a faL-ly well developed war scare which
TnaoH over F.nrone.
Two steamers, the one Greek the oth
or Ttalian. -olhded in the bay or oid-
raltar and both sank. Sixty-five lives
were lost.
Dop.lrers at London declined to un
load the grain cargo of the steamer Lyd
ian Monarch Sunday. The vessel own
ers are showing feverish haste to dis
charge the heavy cargoes of American
grain arriving at ail ports.
Tfnaaia hns asked the Euronean Dan
ubo Commission to allow cadets to learn
to nilot the Danube river.
The PoDe-is considering the question
of making mixed marriages between
Put.hollos and Protestants more difficult.
Austria-Hungary is worked up over
the alleged Russian plot to capture
fVin ct n n t.i n onl e.
Many people have been drownded and
enormous damage aone to property uy
floods and storms in Spain.
British troops have occupied Sigri on
the Island ot Miteune witnin twenty
five miles of Hellespont
Trolmble Course of the Farmer Congress
men on Legislation.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 22. At
the farmers' alliance headquarters it is
stated that the alliance will have fifty
five men who will vote with it on all
measures that It may see fit to bring
forward In the next congress. In the
senate the party claims four senators
PetTer, Kyle.-Irby and Vance.
At the next session the subtreasury
bill, as it was introuucea in tue jass con-
(rreas will not make its anoearance
That measure has been repudiated by
both houses of congress, and will for
that reason, not be resurrected. A bill
Aonstrncted. however, unon lines simi
lar to it and embodying the same prin-
ninles. will be introduced into DOtn
honsps and nushed to a vote.
The Stanford land loan bill will not
be touched by the alliance, but a bill
bearing upon the same subject will be
Another measure which the alliance
will demand Is a free coinage bill.
These three measures are the ones in
which the party takes the most inter
est, hut other measures will be intro
duced and efforts to pass them will be
A Few More Names Recently Added to
the List.
Wesley Murray. Charles Town, John M Carl
ton. William cnauDorn, josuuu mcuuruauu,
Noah Surface, Emerson O Place. John S Dur
ham. Walter M Clurk, Isaac N Fisher, James
Tanana TV.nlol Van WlcltlPfl. ThOmilS Hollld.1V.
iirra'rPnmprnT .Tnhn Miinsnn. Jonathan B
Parks, Daniel Danlelson. Peyton Miller, .lames
Standley. Napniail w ivcnyon. joim iwuney,
Charles M Lee. Wilfonl J Ungles, William
Rutter. Samuel Rich. Thaddeus Fox, Rufus
ii,,.i.n inhn s Hinlillpston. Charles V Tosier.
James R Mc Fad den. William M Wilcox, John
J Gardner, Walter Parmenter. Malthius Bray,
Joseph Thompson. George S Richardson. John
Uorreil, Thomas McKnlght and Henry 11 Vin-
'SVtka Tnrilan Tprrltnrv To Mek-Ho-JaD Kok
In Oklahoma To John O Chapin, Michael
Stock well and John W McCooL
Miss Kate Field is now on a visit to
St. Louis, the home of her birth, in the
interest or a national art congress, wnicn
she Is endearorinr to start in Washing
ton. Later she is looked to go to Sioux
Citv. la., to tell her storyabout tne "in
temnerance of prohibition" as she
styles it
I facturen unless they come in out of the I 5 JL6"? aore rapiaiy net u
' - ... third or fourth week tfcta ut cement in m
So Say The Democrats of New
York State.
Roswell P. Flower is Nominated for Got-
ernor of New York on the First Bal
lotGovernor Hill's Administra
tion Endorsed. The Ticket.
Nrcw - Vnnw Sent 91 The New
York state demoorat.le convention met
at Saratoga last Wednesday for the
nurpose of nominating a state ticket
The convention was called to order by
George Raines of Rochester, who gave
an address. When Mr. Raines referred
to Governor Hill and the governor's
utterance "I am a Democrat," the con
vention raised its first cheer, and it was
a cheer of vieor and duration. The
speaker during the course of his re
marks paid a graceful and nearly tri
bute to Mr. Fassett's private life and
domestic relations, and he was heartily
applauded by tne entire convention.
Among the" many resolutions intro
duced and referred was one congratu
lating Arthur P. Gorman of Baltimore
for his leadership of the opposition to
the "force bill."
Resolutions were adonted congratu
lating the democracy of the state upon
the election last fall of a democrat for
United States senator, denouncing the
"McKinley worse than war tariff, " tne
"Blaine reciprocity humbug" and tne
"Billion dollar congress;" condemning
the republicans for many crimes
of commission and omission; re
affirming its pledge of home
rule. low taxes, revision of
the statute in relation to the sale of
liquors, affirming the belief of local
taxation; opposing sumptuary legisla
tion; demanding the extension of elec
toral reform, while opposing any effort
to camper or restrict tne privilege ui
manhood suffrage; approving the meas
ure oMvlnnr workinornen two hours In
which to vote on election days without
loss of salary or pay; lavoring a revis
ion 6f the tax laws; opposing the em
ployment of convict labor in competi
tion with honest labor: favoring a lib
eral appropriation for a state exhibit at
the world's fair; endorsing the adminis-'
tration of Governor David a.
Hilt as able and statesmanlike;
Ihe following, offered by Mr. Cantor of
New York, was also adopted: j
Resolved, That this convention views with
gratification the growing friendly feeling to
ward the Democratic party of our colored fellow-citizens
in this state; and they are welcom-
in nil ranlil with t.hn llSHlirtlTlOfi ttlllt Within
or party discrimination on account of color is
The financial plank 13 as follows: I
We steadfastly adhere to the principles of
sound finance. We are against the coinage of
any dollar which is not of the intrinsic value of
every other dohar of the United States. We
therefore denounce the new Sherman silver law
under which our gold has been exported and ail
our silver out -put is dammed up at home, as a
false pretense but artful hindrance of return to
free bl-metallic coinage and as tending only
to produce a change from one kind of mono
metalism to another. We therefore unite with
the friends of honest money everywhere in
stigmatizing the Sherman progressive silver
basis law as no solution of the gold and eilver
question. j
Mr. Gilroy of New York moved to
proceed with the nominations, and
placed the name of Roswell P. Flower
in nomlnatioa for Governor. The nom
Inatlon received several seconds.
Mayor Chapin of Brooklyn was put
in nomiuatlon by Mr. Dewltt of the
Kings county delegation.
Roswell P. Flower was nominated on
the first ballot and his nomination was
made unanimous upon motion of Mr.
Adams, chairman of the Kings county
delegation. Mr. Flower received 334
votes, Chapin 43.
Campbell was nominated for comp
troller by acclamation.
Rice was renominated for secretary
of state.
W. F. Sheehan for lleutenrnt gover
nor, Frank Campbell for comptroller,
Elliott F. Danforth for state treasurer,
Simon Rosendale for attorney-general,
and Martin Schenck for surveyor.
The ticket as nominated is as fol
lows: Governor Roswell P. Flower
Lieutenant-Governor W. F. Sheehan
Secre ary of State Frank Rice
Comptroller Frank Campbell
Treasurer Elliott F, Danforth
Attorney General Simon Rosendala
Surveyor Martin 6ch enck
After his nomination this afternoon
Mr. Flower mailed the following letter
to the Secretary of the State, Albany;
Sir: I hereby tender my resignation as a
member of the Fifty -Second Congress from the
Twelfth District of the State of New York, ta
take effect to-day. Very Respectfully,
Roswell P. Flowfr,
The Governor will issue a proclama
tion ordering the election at the gen
eral election in November of a successor
to Mr. Flower.

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