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rtoO. a Oota. Elrlok C. Cole.
lretioe in all the Bute and United States
t, Counsel in German by Tbeo.C. Cola.
.Or no : - In front room orer C S&mueU.
JNConav to Xm(b on 7am Zrfuida.
X Boons 4 and 5 in Allen's Block,
Attorney at Law
Great Bend,
n. T. EWALT.
Attorneys at Law, Real Estate
ana iioan Agents,
Collecting a Specialty,
Rent Property and Pay Taxes
County Attorney.
Attorneys at I aw
Office In court house, up stairs : left hand door.
physician & Surgeon.
Headquarters at Allen's Drag Store.
S. J. SHAW, PJI, p.
.Allen's Block,
Physician & Surgeon.
Office at Brier 4 Wilson's Draff Store, Great
i Bend. Kansas.
Physician & Surgeon.
Office orer Dodge & Co. '8 Hardware Store,
Northwest Corner Square.
htbcui m ninoi.
Burson & Shaw's Drag Store.
Term Reasonable. Good Sampl
Great. Bond - - - Kansas.
Near the Depot Dest accommodations In
the city for the money. Transient, f 1.50 per
day. Day board 4er week, $100. A. good
(eed eta bio attached.
. . N. R. HOLMES,
- . Proprietor.
' Restaurant and Confectionery, day board
and lodging. Fine cigars and tobacco, can
Ales, etc., always on haad. All kinds of
drinks tn their season. Oysters In erery
etyle. -
Fnreflt Avenue, first door west of the Post.
"Wagon -:- Maker
Real estate. Loan and Insurance
Tour Exclusive Clothiers !
Hare Rented Harry Kline's
Occupy it on or about
In order to save moving we will sell for
the next two weeks our Entire New
Stock of Clothing, Gents' Furnishng
Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, at
Greatly, Reduced Prices.' This is a Rare
Opportunity that no consumer should
SPECIAL: 500-Overcoats of all Grades
. 'heard of Before."
KEENEY not only sells more Groceries, but more
Than Anybody. He has received, already , .
e a "
' And has more coming. They
, ore the best quality both fall
and winter varieties aud are.
selling in large e and small .
Now is the time and KEENEY'S .the place to get"
Both eating: and cooking. .
Main Strekt, Great Bend. '.
Dealers in Lumber, Sash,
Plasterers! Supplies and everything pertainirg to house
building. A full line of Kaw Valley Paints.
Southwest Corner Square, : GREAT BEHD, KANSAS.
We are prepared to furnish coal at the following
Canon City," at -bin, -Rifenburg
or Trinidad, -Pittsburg,
Lump, - - -"
Nut, . - ;
Yards "AVest 'of Walnut Creek Mills
at Our Expense, .
New Brick Building and
& CO.
at Prices, Un-
- . $7.00
- 6.00
5.00 "
- 4.ro ' '
Telephone Orders
Notice of election.
State of Kansas,
County of Barton, j ss
Sheriff's Office, Oct. 26th,
A. D
Whereas, on the 26th day
Oct.. A. D. 1886, the Board
County Commissioners of Barton
county, in the state of Kansas, dulv
made and caused to be entered o
record,' upon the Journal of said
Board, the following order, to-wit:
On the 26th day of October. A. D,
1886, the Board of . County Commis
siorrs of Barton county, Kansas, be
ing viily convened in special session
at tae office of the County Clerk of
said county, pursuant to the statute
in Vuch case made and provided
mad J and entered of record the fol
lowing order, to-wit:
In the matter of subscription to the
captital stock ot the Kansas and Col
orado railroad company, by Great
Bend township, Barton county.
Wijereas, a petition signed bv
Will T Glenn and 72 others, resi
dent tax-payers in said Great Bend
township, has been presented on this
26th day of October, A. D. 1886, to
this board, for its consideration and
action, there being present Henry
Schwier chairman, and H. J. llootzel
and W. W. Carney, members thereof
and Ed. L. Teed clerk of said county
and clerk of said board, which said
petitirca with the signatures thereto
omitted, is in the words and figure
following, to-wit: .
In tJie matter of tlie Subscription to
' ' Vie Capital Stock of tlie Kansas, and
iMorado Jiauroad by tlie lownslap
cf Great Uend, tn Barton county
State of Kawas:
To . tJie Honorable Board of County
Commissioners of ISarton county, tn tlie
State of Earnsas:
We, the undersigned, Your . pe
titiiiners. each being a resident tax
paver of the township of Great Bend
in the county of Barton, state of
Kansas, respectfully' petition your
honorable body to submit to the qua!
Ified electors of said township for their
accepiauce or rejection at a special
election to be ordered by your honor
able )ody under and in pursuance of
thc rot Kan?r.r , ana the act en
titled "An act -to enable counties.
townships and cities to aid in the
construction of railroads and to repeal
section eight of chapter thirty-nine ol
the Jaws of 1874. Approved teb
ruary 25th, 1876, and the amend
ments thereto, and the acts supple
mental thereof, the following proposi
tions with the terms and conditions
herein specified, to wit:'
Shall the township of Great Bend,
in the countv of Barton; in the state
of Kansas, subscribe for One hundred
and J?ifty Shares of One Hundred
Dollars each of the capital stock xf
the Kansas and Colorado Railroad
Company, and 'in pay rnent thereot
issue to said Railroad Company fifteen
of the bonds of said township of the
denomination of one thousand dollars
each said bonds to pe payable to
bearer at the fiscal agency of the
state of Kansas in New York City,
thirty year 3 after date thereof bearing
interest at the rate of six per cent per
annum, interest payable semi-annual
ly, for which interest coupons shall be
attached payable at thenscal agency
aforesaid, the subscription of stock
and issue of bonds being upon the
following conditions, namely: A
soon as said proposition shall be deter
mined in the amrmative by a canvass
of the vctes cast at such election, the
board of countv commissioners of said
countv of Barton for and in behalf of
said Great Bend township shall order
the countv clerk to make, and the
county clerk shall make said sub
scription in the name of said Great
Bend township for said one hundred
and fifty shares of the capital stock of
said Rail load Gjmpany. And when
the railroad of said Railroad Com
pany shall be completed and in opera
tion by lease or otherwise, so that a
train of cars shall have passed over
said road from a point on the line of
the railroad of said Railroad Company
running east and we-t through said
Barton county, to some point within
the corporative limits of the city of
Great Bend, in said Barton county
then the said board of county commis
sioners shall cause said- bonds, with
coupons attached as aforesaid to be
issued in ' the name of said Great
Bend township and shall deliver the
same to said railroad company, on
delivery or tender to the county treas
urer of the said county of Barton in
behalf of said Great Bend township,
a certificate for said shaies of the full
paid up capital stock of said Railroad
Company equal iu ' amount to said
bonds, dollar fr dollar.
- Provided, That said railroad com
pany ?hall locate and maintain such
suitable and sufficlent depot building3
and tract facilities &3 shall be neces
sary to transact the business of said i
company in said .township, and shall
locate fold depot buildings within '
three fourths of a mile of the court
house and within the corporate limits
of the city of Great Bend. Provided,
Also, that said railroad shall be built
and in operation by lease or other
wise, from said line of said Kansas
and Colorado railroad iu Barton
county to said city of Great Bend on
or before February 20th, 1887, unless
prevented by act of God or restrain
ing decree of so me court of competent
jurisdiction. The form of ballots to
be used at said election shall be:
"For the subscription of stock and
issue of bonds to the Kansas and Colo
rado railroad company," and "Against
the subscription of stock and issue of
bonds to the Kansas and Colorado
railroad company."
And whereas, said board of
county commissioners having care
fully inspected said petition
and the signatures thereto, and hav
ing received evidene as to the gen
uineness of said signatures, and the
matter being now set down for hear
ing, the board find and declare that
said petition is in writing, that it is
subscribed by more than two-fifths of
the resident tax-payers of said Great
Bend township, that it designates the
Kansas and Colorado o railroad com
pany, as the company to which it
is proposed ' to extend aid, and the
amount of capital stock fo which it is
proposed that said township of Great
Bend shall subscribe, that it sets forth
the terms of payment for said stock
together with the terms and condi
tions upon which it is proposed to
make said subscription, and the form
of ballot to be used at said election,
and that the said petition is in all
respects in conformity with law.
Now, therefore, in accordance
with the prayer of said petition and
in accordance with the statute in
such case made and provided, it is
ordered by the board, that the prayer
of said petition be granted and that a
special election be held in said Great
Bend township, county of Barton, on
the seventh day of December, A. D.
1886, for the purpose of voting on
said proposition, and that at said
special election the question and
proposition as set forth m tlie here
inbefore recited petition, all of which
said" petition, is hereby made a part
of this order, shall be and is hereby
submitted to the qualified electors of
said Great Bend township, or thtir
And it is 'farther ordered ana de
clared that said election be held at
the usual places of holding general
elections in said Great Bend township
and that it be held, and that the re
turns be made and the. result be
accertained and declare! in the same
manner a3 is provided "by law for
holding general elections; and that
th ballots to be used at said election
shall have written or printed thereon,
'he words, " J? or the subscription ot
stock and issue of bonds to the Kansas
and Colorado c Railroad Company,"
and "Against the subscription of
stock and issue of bonds to the
Kansas and Colorado railroad com
And it is further ordered by the
said board that' o the sheriff of said
Barton county, make lue proclam
tion and notice to the voters and
qualified electors of said township of
question set forth in said petition, and
this order to and for their decision, at
the special election to be held as
aforesaid, by publishing the said
proclamation for thirty days or more,
next preceding the day of holding
said election, in the Barton County
Democrat, a newspaper published in
the city of Great Bend, m said
county, and having a general circu
lation in said township of Ureat
Bend, and that in said proclamation
the said sheriff set forth this order re
citing said petition. And the County
Clerk is hereby directed c to issue to
tho sheriff of said count3', a duly
certified copy of this order.
Henry bcinviEit, Lh r n.
H. J. Roetzel,
W. W. Carxey,
Board of County Commissioners.
. T i ED- L- Teed,
seal. J Countv Clerk.
State of Kansas, "1
County of Barton.
I, Ed. L. Teed, county clerk of said
county of Barton, do hereby certify
that the above and foregoing is a lull
and correct copy in every particular
of the order made by the board of
county comissioners ot said county,
in the matter therein named, at a
pecial meeting of said board, duly
held at my office, in the city of Great
Bend, the county seat of said countv,
on the 26th day of October, A. 1).
1836, which order was duly entered
f record on pages 522 to 524 mclu-
- . -r l T n J l
give, in journal - - x, oi recoras oi
proceedings of the .boird of county
commissioners ci iarton county,
tate of Kansas.
In testimony whereof, I have here
n to set my hand as county clerk and
affixed the seal of said county, at my
office in the city of Great Bend, in
said county and state, this, 2Gth day
of October, A. D. 1886. .
seal. Ed-UThcd,-'-'
L J County Clerk.
To J. S. Dalziel, Sheriff of said
county: And which said order is
hereby made a part of this proclama
tion and notice.
Now, therefore, I, J. S. Dalziel,
Sheriff of said county of Barton, in
pursuance and by virtue of fcaidoroer,
do hereby proclaim and make known
that on Tuesday, the 7th day of
December, A. D. 1S86, aTspecial
election will be held in the said town
ship, f;r the purpose of voting on the
question and proposition in the above
order contained, and that said elec
tion will he held at the usual places
of holding general elections in said
townshipfJand in tho manner provid
ed by law for holding general elec
tions. Witness my hand andjTofiicial sig
nature, this 26th day of "October, A.
D. 1886. J. S. Dalziel,
Sheriff of Barton Co., Kansas.
In the warm waters of tire Indian
Ocean a strange marine is found that
has given rise to many curious rales
among the natives of the coast there
about. They tell of a wonderful sail
often seen in the calm seasons preced
ing the terrible hurricanes that course
over those waters. Not a breath
then disturbs the water, the sea rises
and falls like a vast sheet of glas?;
suddenly the sail appears, glistening
with rich purple and golden hues and
seemingly driven along by a mighty
wind. On it comes, quivering and
sparkling as if bedecked with gem&,
but only to disappear as if by magic.
Many travelers had heard with unbe
lief the strange tale; but one day the
phantom craft actually appeared to
the crew of an Indian steamer, and
as it passed by under the stern of tho
vessel, the queer "sail" was seen to
belong to a gigantic sword-fish, now
known as the sailor-fish. Tho sail
was really an enormously developed
dorsal fin that was over ten feet high,
and was richly colored with blue and
iridescent tints; and as the fish swam
along on or near the surface of. the
water, this great fin naturally waved
touaud fro, so that from a distance it
csvlil easily be mbtahen Tor a curi
ous sail.
Some of these sword-fish attain a,
length of over twenty feet and have
large, crescent shaped tan's, and long.
swordlike c snouts, capable of doing
great damage.
In the Mediterranean Sea, a sword
fish is found that also has a high fin,
but it does not equal the great sword
fish of the Indian Ocean. C. F.
Holder, in. NicluAas.
Amherst college sets a good exam
ple to other colleges by not encourag
ing extravagance. The statistics
show that "the last graduating class
of Amherst college during its college
course about 200,000. The average
yearly expenditure per man $682.
The average yearly expenditure per
man freshman year was $625; sopho
more year 9640; junior 3790. The
greatest total expenditure of any one
member of the class was $3,650; for
one year SI, 800. The least total ex
penditure of any one member was
875; for one )-ear 8150. The aver
age price paid lor ooara was 4 a
week. The average highest price
was $525; average lowest, $375. One
man boarded himself at $1, one at $2,
several as low as $4. The highest
price paid was $7." As a rule the
young men wno expena me most
money in college have the least to
show in literary and scientific attain
ments. Leavenworth Standard.
The story about Jay Gould intend-
ing to remove nis itew iont oniee io
Wichita and occupy part of Marsh
Murdock's private office is said to bo
without serious foundation.
Jay Gould said in Kansas City that
it was not to the interest of his road
in the west to buiKl up local towns
but that he proposed to concentrate
his railroad management as much as
possible in Kansas Citv. It is now in
order for the WTichita Eagle to spread
its broad wings and scream, it is
possible that Marsh Murdock ha
been played upon by the artful and
craftv Jay. Perish the thought!
The decision of Jay Gould to re
move Lis railroad headquarters from
St. Louis to Kansas City and build up
the latter place causes the Wichita
afetolook wild. With great re
uctance that paper is giving to its
readers some confidential communi
cations made to Mr. Murdock by Mr.
Gould. As a confidential communi
cator Mr. Goald has few rivals and
no superiors. That beautiful
story about George Gould and wife
going to live at Wichita is a dai)'?;
Wipfold Telegram. '

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