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County Attorney.
Office in Court House.
Counsel In German by Tbeo. C. Cole.
Rooias 4 and 5 in Allen's Clock,
S. J. PAY.
Day & Bement,
Attorneys at Law, Real Estate
and Loan Agents,
Collecting a Specialty,
Rent Property and Pay Taxes
ilttoriieys at Law
Office in Allen-IIubbard Block, rooms 9 and 11.
Notary Public.
Richcreek & Jennison,
Real Estate & Loan Agents.
Collections Promptly Attented To.
Office over Moss' Grocery Store,
Physician & Surgeon.
EtilaTtan at Allen's Drug Store.
A. Y. McCormick. M. D. V. L. Chester, M. I).
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office over Dodge's Hardware store,
northwest cor. La Payette Park.
Great bend, - - Kansas.
Wilson k Shaw's Drug Store,
Hoimspathlc Physician.
Office in the Willner Block, opposite
the Postoffice. Night calls promptly
attended to, lamp burning, at office door
all night.
Teres Reasonable. Good Sampl
xast ams or squabs.
Great Bend - - - Kansas.
Ner ibe Depot. Dest accommodations in
tb o4ty for the money. Transient, f L60 per
Cm j. Day board per week, 94.00. A gtx4
feed stable attached.
Reitaurant and Confectionery, day board
and lodging. Fine cigars and tobacco, caa
dles, eto always on band. All kinds of
drinks In their season. Oysters in every
forest Arena e, first door west of the Post.
A. new anc 6plndidljue of goods
isbicb, J am selling fvt the very
lowest figures. When you need any
thing n his line give him a call.
.First door north of Robinson & Ster
ett's hardware store.
"Sugar and spice, and all things
nice," but mostly sugar, is all the talk
Bets of five to three have been made
in Chicago all along, that not one of
the anarchists would hang. All possi
ble delay will be secured, and then the
governor will be asked to change the
sentence to one of imprisonment for
Let every man who has pride in our
town and county do his individual
share to make the present week one of
pleasure to the visitors who may be
with us, and there will not be a single
regret that the first meeting of the
fair was held this fall.
Lyons mourns and will not be com
forted. The Santa Fe depot at that
place was burned last spring, as will be
remembered, but that great corpora
tion with its uncounted wealth has
not seen fit to rebuild it. Certainly
the good people of Lyons have reason
to complain.
West Point cadets are taught that
"A liar is worse than a highway rob
ber." Other great institutions teach
that "A base ball catcher is greater
than a bank President" and "A pitcher
is greater than a catcher." In Kansas
colleges we teach that "no state is
greater than Kansas."
If ever a paper boomed a town un
ceasingly that paper is the Pueblo
Chieftain. 13y the way Pueblo is a good
town and the prospects for a rapid and
continuous growth are excellent. The
citizens seem to fully realize all that
the Chieftain is doing for them and
they seem to be reciprocating by giv
ing it a liberal patronage.
TnE people who predicted that Kan
sas would go to the eternal bow-wows
because of a little drouth in the months
of June and July are beginning to find
out that they missed their bearings.
The boom of Kansas is founded on an
enduring basis and will grow in vol
umns as the years roll on. The drouth
of last summer will no more impede
the onward marchoofJKansas than an
embankment of sand will stay the
mountain torrent as it pours on to the
ocean. These fertile prairies were nev
er made for an empire of solitude,
The tillers of the soil may meet with
a few reverses here, as elsewhere, but
the general tendency is onward and up
ward. The farm of those western
plains is spread abroad over the laud
and emigrants will pour in until every
acre is made subject to the plow. Un
til then Kansas must boom.
There is a growing sentiment
among Jthe people that it is getting
about time for the C. K. & W. railroad
to perform its contract in regard to
building a round house at this place.
This was one of the considerations
held out to induce our people to vote
the 15,000 bonds to aid in its con
struction. While it is generally con
ceded that corporations of this kind
are soulless yet the highest legal
authorities have long ago decided that
they are responsible for contracts of
this kind and bound by their conditions
as much as any private individual. The
old cry that it will never do to fight a
railroad and thereby incur its enmjty,
lest it should bring ruin on the town,
has been used too long in cases of this
kind. This was a fair contract enter
ed into by the people and this railroad.
reasonable time has elapsed and the
railroad has taken no steps to perform
its contract, it has made no prepera
tion to perform it, and the inference
is that it does not intend to. It re
mains for the people to say whether
they will quietly submit to the dictation
of this road.
We wa't to say just a word in the
interests of our business men and the
farmers on the wheat and Hour ques
tion, ltecently there were several car
loads of flour shipped into this city
from the east, and sold at a few cents
less per hundred than our home made
flour -was sold for. This looks to be
fair and just enough. Hut, on the
other hand, our mills have been pay
ing the farmers more for their wheat
than the eastern markets were paying,
and have also been giving the mer
chants who handled our home manu
factured flour a greater per cent, of
profit than they can make ou the flour
shipped in. Prom the fact that our
own mills are paying more for Barton
county wheat than the farmer can get
elsewhere, and the merchants are mak
ing more out of the sale of home made
flour than they can make out of flour
shipped in,Ve don't see why our meyl
chants and our. millers caro porne to,
a ur4t?W '&atsfa,ctQVy un.deystand.Uigt
and thus protect home interests all
around. From our understanding pf
the situation the Great Bend mills
ought certainly to furnish all the flour
we consume here.
The Hoisington EcJw is still anr
nouncing L. M. Krause, the demo
cratic nominee for county treasurer, as
a candidate for nomination before the
democratic convention. Tumble?
Our Capital City.
No one visiting Topeka can leave it
without the impression that it is the
making of one of the best cities in the
west. It is laid out on a broad and lib
eral plan, and is peopled with the
right sort of people to make an im
pressive and beautiful capital for a
prosperous and wealthy state. A day
spent in driving over its broad streets
or riding over its intricate net work of
street railways, disclose more of archi
tectural beauty, of grassy lawns and
playing fountains, of shaded walks and
handsome women than can be met
with anywhere else in the great west.
Just now, though, a person wishing to
see the city had best leave the carriage
in the barn and take to the street cars,
for the rains of last week have put
some of the unpaved streets in such a
condition that a mud scow would
make better time over them than a
horse and buggy. However, this will
not long be the case, for in eveiy part of
the city almost, good, substautialjpav
ing is being laid, and before many
days there will not be a finer paved
city in the country than Topeka.
Fruit liaising.
One of the first questions that is ask
ed by many persons in the east is: "Can
you raise fruit out there?" This ques
tion is one of the first importance, and
while there are many interesting fea
tures presented to view in analyzing
the subject, the shortest road to the
answer is "Yes." Seventeen years
ago, when the writer came to Kansas,
the great Arkansas valley was covered
with an unbroken sea of grass, over
which roamed the wild thousands, yes,
hundreds of thousands, of buffalo, and
succeeding them came Texas cattle to
tramp the first plantings. These things
have passed and the wonderful groves,
that exist to-day, prove that trees will
grow, and a closer examination reveals
in nearly every instance, the orchard
following the grove. Very few per
sons have an idea of the vastness of
the Arkansas valley and the territory
that drains into it, or what it may be
made to produce. Twenty thousand
square miles about one-fourth of the
State, and Reno county almost in the
midst of it. Twenty years ago there
was scarcely a green tree on the face
of this vast empire, to-day there, are
about 40,000 acres of artificial forest.
Hutchinson Netcs.
Paying the Minister.
Elder Blodgett was one of the old
timers who used to preach in a town in
the southern part of the territory.
There was a good deal of competition
between him and the justice of the
peace on marriage ceremonies and they
had cutlthe former price of 818 down
to a much lower figure. One day a
young eouple who lived down on the
bottoms were married by the elder.
After the ceremony the groom acknow
ledged that he hadn't a cent and asked
the elder to trust him till fall.
"I'll tell you wjiat'll do," replied the
minister, "you an' yey wife jes' agree
to drive around town a little while car-
ryin' a sigu advertisin' my business and
I'll call it square."
They agreed to it, and in a few min
utes the blushing bride and the proud
groom were riding about the streets up
on a high seat in a lumber wagon, bear
ing aloft a canvass sign reading as fol
lows: "We were spliced by the Reverend
Elder Blodget and ve like his style.
Cost 2 cheapest place in town.. Study
location at Bed Front Bam, ray no
attention to justice or other side
Ishefs, but go right ;to the Elder for
your marrying! Money .cheerfully re
funded in case of Divorce. Oats, corn
and Hay took the same as cash. Good
Livery Bigs always on hand- Also
trade and exchange Horses, Come to
the Prayer Meeting Wednesday! Da
kota c?f.
Last evening a lady was heard to
remark, "I don't see how I could keep
house without DemaresCs MontJdy" and
as Ave found the October number of
this publication on our desk this
morning, we gave it a more careful
examaniuation than usual to see what
makes it so popular. It is certainly
very leautifully gotten up, and the
handsome iliustrationj are! not chosen,
aion.e'fpr. tJie.ir beauty and to merely
'.'gU up, but are made for a purpose,
either to instruct or amuse. But
even greater than its artistic merit is
its helpfulness;and after going through
its numerous Deparmeuts; we can well
see what a friend it must be in the
household; for it has information and
amusement for every member in the
family. If you are undecided what
to take the coming year, send 20 cts
for a specimen copy of Demored,s
JloniJy and let it speak for itself.
Published by W. Jennings Demorest,
15 East 14th Street, New York.
Was it ho cold enough for you.
Most of our farmers have their seed
ing done.
Mr. D. Bird has put in 220 acres of
J. Severn was out from Great Bend
Saturday visiting.
. Mr. Hans Carstensen lias the best
field of corn in Clarence township.
A larger acreage of wheat has been
sown this fall than in any preceeding
Mr. Spurgen, who came here from
Iowa last spring, contemplates moving
back to the Ilawkeye state.
. While driving through Buffalo town
ship last week we notice many new
houses in course of construction.
Clarence was depopulated on the
24th, for all the Democrats attended
the Democratic convention. (Xo. G. O.
P. followers here.)
Mr. S. S. Ilutton has sold his proper
ty here, and since our last writing
moved to the central part of Stafford
Mr. J. Price has moved his residence
to a new site, and is building to it a
large and commodious addition.
Charles Win get feels fas big as Iler-
cules and the immortal John L. thrown
in. Cause: A fine new boy. Here is
our JteayCharlie.Q
M. Gagelman has moved his grain-
ary from the place he vacated last fall,
to the place upon which he is now liv
The fine shower which the gracious
rain fairy dumped upon us Sunday has
made the vegetable kingdom smile
visibly and the granger audibly.
A leading lumber dealer in Great
Bend said to us the other day: "We
sell moye building material to Clarence
than to any other township outside of
Great Bend." Xo comment is neces
The schooner Prairie, which cast her
moorings at Clark county, HI., several
weeks ago, arrived at port last week.
Charlie Cline and another gentleman
who was the crew and officers, report
a delightful voyage. Mrs. Cline, son
and mother-in-law arrived by rail a
fortnight ago, and are at present the
guests of Mr. F. P. Cline.
Kansas City Fair.
Owing to the continued wet weather,
the Kansas City Fair has been post
poned to Monday October 10th to 15th
inclusive. .During that week will oc
cur the "Preists of Pallas" parade, the
visit of President Cleveland, and the
Exposition will be open to visitors.
Additional attractions, exhibits and a
splendid race meeting will make the
postponement of the Fair of mutual
nterestand benefit, both to the As
sociation and visitors.
Following are the marriages re
ported from Judge Ogle's oiBee since
.he 22d of September:
On the 22d of September, Joseph
Minten, of Ellinwood, to Cora Tood, j
of this city, by Judge Ogle.
On September the 25th, at Ellin-j
wood, by Kev. Leonard Epp, P. B. j
Kemjer to Miss Lizzie Bockemohle,
and Joseph Roetzel to Miss Clara
Schalnio, all of Ellinwood.
On September 30th, Tho. R. Horn-
beck to Miss Annie M. Miller .sister to
Jake Miller of this city. This couple
left for California on Saturday, the
1st inst.
On Saturday, October 1st, Alvin
A. Kitner to Catherine A. Morters, of
Stafford county.
We feel justified in promising that
the week of fair will develop $ goodly
number of matrimonial transfers.
?here occurs between Salina and
Abilene what we dare say does not oc
cu elsewhere in tjbe Vetted State, or
liVey in the world, It i three rail
roads running parallel with each other
for the distance of twenty-five miles.
The roads indicated are the Union
Pacific, Santa Fe and the Rock Island.
At Sand Springs, about five miles west
of Abilene, the three roads run within
a width of twenty-five feet. They are
all among the strongest railroads in
United States. Salina Journal.
Kansas Silk Dress Goods.
A few days ago a package was re
ceived at one of the express offices of
Topeka, sent by the well known Xew
York silk manufacturing company of
Belding Bros. & Co., at Xo. 455 and 457
Broadway. On the k29th day of July
last, that house wrote to the Kansas
silk exchange "If you will send
us a sufficient quantity of raw silk to
weave a dress pa tern, we shall take
pleasure (without expense to you) in
making a dress patern which we will
send to you, and which you can present
to the wife of the governor of your
The raw silk was sent as requested,
and on the 12th, day of this month.
September, the following was received:
"We have this day sent you by ex
press, piece of black silk woven from
Kansas silk which you are to present
it to the wife of the governor of your
state. We feel very well satisfied with
the looks of the silk and think the
production is a credit to the State ot
Kansas. We trust the governor's
lady will also be pleased with it."
The package received, as above stat
ed, is the silk referred to. Xow we
know that Kansas can raise silk fit for
weaving into dress goods. Kansas
The Sweet Kicker.
God bless the kickers! the dear old
kickers God bless them every one!
For they'll kick when you're sober and
in for work, and kick when you're are
in for fun! They'll buck at improve
ments in real estate they'll buck at
booming the town and at everything
that'll work for good some kickers will
frown a frown! If thisjthing or that is
thought to be good, some other they'll
say will be better; and if one could
write them up a "mass," they'd knock
off that superfluous letter! When
these self-same kickers arrive at the
gate the pearly gates of heaven
they'll kick if offered a nice crown and
and pick out the number 'leven. On
earth, in heaven, at home, in the street,
there are .men who are bound to kick;
until, we declare, there's no rest any
where 'tis enough to make a man
sick! So out on those kickers, those
chronic old kickers that blight that is
thrust on a town aud when they kick
with their mulish ways for heave n's
sake frown them down. Ex.
And the Man Retreated.
"Speaking of how the cunning dog
can derange a dramatic performance,'
said Manager Bob Fulford to a party
of freiuds whom he was entertaining
at the Westminster hotel one June
evening, "reminds me that once in
Carson City' Augusta Dargon was
playing Camille. She got along to the
last act all right, but in the most ab
sorbing moment of that most sympa
thetic act the cunningput dog the au
dience in a roar and broke up every
thing in the piece save Dargon herself.
She deliberately arose from her
(Camille's) death bed, strode majestic
ally down to the footlights, and in a
voice of inexorable purpose, said:
'Ladies and gentlemen, I swear td you
that I will not die until that man is
put out of the theatre.'
"The fellow caught as it were the
spirit of Dragon's remarks, and retreat
ed just in time to escape being thrown
out. Then Dragon went back to her
couch and died." Detroit Free Press.
Kansas Patents.
S. A. Haseltine & Bro., Patent
Solicitors, Springfield, Missouri, send
us the following list of Patents which
were issued to citizens of Kansas dur
ing the past week: Gilpin, Albert D.
and B. F. Gilpin, Lincoln, Stalk or
weed chopper. Hampton, John A.,
Rosedale, Bailingpress- Harding,
John, Jr., assignor of three-fourths to
C. D. Hoi man, A. Robinson, J. L.
Cole and C. E. Elliott, Willington,
car-coupling. Patton, Addison C,
Abilene, Hot-air furnaned. Quater
mass, Reuben, Molifie, Signaling-apparatus
Srudebaker, Eli C, Fred
onia, Animal power. Eean Horn,
Vandsver J., Shannon, Wrench.
The daily papers of Kansas do not
appear to be on the increase, but
nevertheless those in the ring appear
to be doing pretty well. The crops
last spring were large and many peo
pie predicted a depletion this; fall, but
things are going fairly well with most
of them yet. The papers are helping
to make Kansas what it is and they
should be heartily encouraged in their
good work,
Township Caucuses.
The democratic caucus to nominate
candidates for township officers for
Liberty township, will be at Xo. 7
school house Oct. 7th, at 7 p. m.
The democrats of Buffalo township
are requested to meet on the evening
"of Oct. 8th, (Saturday) at the usual
place, to nominate a township ticket.
Jacob Zimmeu,
List of Premiums.
Offered by J. D. Wiener, proprietor
of the Xew York Store, on articles in
Cla3s 11. Domestic.
Mrs. M. R. Bell, Supt.
Silk mittens Handsome Myrrah Tobbogan Cap
Kag carpet Pair of decorated Persian Towels
I laud made shirt.. One-hall doren fine liankerchitf
Sofa Pillows CombinaUon Morrocco and plush
Uand Rag.
Wash stand coyer Satin Lined French Willow
Work Tray.
Sample plain sewing... White Marseilles Red Spread
line patch woik Large Millauese Shopping
Patch work, silk quilt. Genuine French Hare Muff
Crochet work Very rich Silk Handkerchief
liest oil painting Pair of Alexandre Kid Ulovea
Best diyplar of drawing or painting. . . . Richly Ox
idised lialr Pin and Cuff Hut tons. .
Best collection of Plants. . . Pair of elaborately decor-,
ated Window Shades.
We are informed that Judge B. F.
Ogle, not to be beaten by the business
men of the city who are offering spec
ial premiums at the coming county
fair, and with a large hearted desire
to promote the happiness of the young
people of the county, has offered, is'
still offering, and will continue V) of
fer until the close of the fair, the fol
lowing handsome premiums: .
To the prettiest couple who will get
married during the three days of the
fair, will perform the ceremony and
give a framed, tinted, photographic
marriage certificate, valued at $12.
Young couples desiring to avail
themselves of this offer can get in
formation concerning time and rules
for making entries by calling on the
J udge.
Lewis Bros., the photographers,
add one more premium to the atlrac
tions at the coming fair. They see -Judge
Ogle's handsome offer, aud ap
preciating the spirit therein display
ed offer as an additional premium to
the most handsome couple who will
get married during the three days of
the fair, one dozen photographs of
said couple, to be taken in all the
flush and bloom of wedlock, We pre
dict that the Judge and Lewis Bros.
will have their hands full.
The ladies are untiring in their
endeavors to make our coming fair a
success, and the gentlemen come for
ward cheerfully and comply with
every request. Below are extra pre
miums. For the best darning, eith
er stocking, socks, lace or carpet,
Hacker Bros, offer an elegant pair
of kid gloves.
The "Metropolis of south-western
Kansas," i. e. Garden City, takes the
rank of 45 in Secretary Simms' report.
Dodge City ranks 2-3, Kinsley ranks 98,
Larned 38, and Great Bend 37. We
believe that it would be a good thing if
Garden City would keep still for a year
or two and perhaps she would grow a
little. Dodge City Glohe-
Doctor "You see, wifey, dear, I
have pulled my patient through, after
all; a very critical case I assure you!" ,
His wile Yes, dear hubby; but then
you are so clever in your profession.
Ah! if had only known you five j'ears
earlier, I feel certain that my first hus
band my poor Thomas would have
been saved." Buffa'o Commercial.
And now comes the cheerful news
that more people are coming to Kan
sas at this time than there were last
year at this season. Fvery train that
comes to Kansas City from the east
brings at least 400 people, and there
are fourteen passenger trains from the
east entering that city daily. Ihe
fourteen trains bring 5,600 each day,
90 per cent, of whom are bound for
"Sunny Kansas." Every town in the
state gets its share of them, and, to
judg the future by the paat, we may
expect Xtes City to continue to be the
most prosperous and booming city of
the west. Ness City Sentinel.
Privileges for Sale.
Parlies wishing to secure rights to
establish refreshment, cigar or lemru
ade stands, or other specialties, ou the
Fair Grounds at Great Bend for the
4th, 5th and 6th of Oetoler, can en
gage the same by applying to the sec-,
retary, Geo. Miltimore, at any time
between now and the opening ot the.

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