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We carry complete lines in
the above departments and
also in several ' others. We
sell the Celebrated
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ey ever brought to town.
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ft- Ureat Bend, Kas.
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bnrYYrrY t
John Welch, a Jealous Husband,
Uses a Hun.
The only unpleasant thing that has
j occurred to mar the .pleasures of F.ir
eeK, was a shooting which occurred
on the grounds last night, about 11
Trouble has been brewing for
several days between John Welch, his
father, H. Welch, who run the Valley-
house and the saloon adjoining it,
and a man whose name we cannot
learn, but has been given as Brooks,
or Brucks. Others sav his name is
Harry Drake, and his home Coffey-
ille, Kan. The latter had been work
ing as cook for the Welch's, and they
claim he had been on undue intimacy
with John Welch's wife. About 11
last night Welch appeared on the fait
grounds, and finding his wife and the
cook together, he began "shooting, in
the crowd in the vicinity of the merry
go rouna. u.ie snot struck the man
in the back, and was fired at su:h
'close range that the coat was set on
fire. The bullet entered near the
center of the back, ranged up and
came out at the back of the shoulder.
Another shot struck Mrs. Welch in
the cheek, ranging upwards and lod
ing ir? her head. A third shot struck
Mrs. Geo. Horine, sister of Mrs
Webh, in the arm, near the wrist, and
came out above the eloow. She had a
baby in her arms, but it was not hurt.
It appears to have been Welch's in
tention to shoot all these people.
A bystander, Madam Reno, who
had a fortune telling booth on the
grounds, received one bullet in her
hip and sustained a bad wound.
Ail the wounded were immediately
brought to town, and are under the
surgeon's care. We understand that
none of the wounds will necessarily
prove fatal.
Officers Dimon and Randall im
mediately put Welch under arrest
and he will have to stand 'trial for at
tempted murder, and possibly
For Sale.
ICO acres of land three miles north
west of Jetmore, 105 aTes of wheat,
all goes: 50 acre fenced with wire and
stone posts, stone two story house
13x30, new unfinished, goop cave,
chicken house, granary, well wind
mill, plenty of good water,' peach orch
ard, this is fine level wheat land every
foot tillable. A bargain it sold soon;
can be bought for $2500!
Also 320 acres of raw land, three
and: a half miles from Jetmore, fine
rolling wheat land, 200 acres of which
is amply smooth enough for cultiva
tion, balance fine pasture land.
Price $1700 .00.
Also, choice i, section good wheat
land, 4 miles north of Rozell, Pawnee
county. Price $10 per acre, 4 cash,
balance on easv time at 7 per cent.
Call or, John F. Lewis & Co.,
Real Estate Agents,
Great Bend, Kansas.
Farm For Sale 320 acres, 8
miles northeast of Tetmore. Kan.
175 acres in cultivation, balance pas
ture; small house, stable and granary,
plenty of good water, nice grove, and
a few fruit trees, $10 per acre.
Jetmore, Kao.
We have some bargains a?ain in
iron keds, springs, rocking chairs,
dining chairs, center stands, dishes,
etc. Call and see us.
Second Hand Store,
1209 Main.
Dr. Robb will not have a dissatis
fied customer. You take nb risk
when you get your glasses of him
Permanently located over Postofice.
For Sale a four room house,
two blfcks north.of Broadway, on the
Hoisington road. Lot 84al50 feet
, Mrs. Frances Hay. '
For sale Woodmanse windmill
and storage tank. Inquire of L. P.
Miss Mvttle Woelk. of Rav. is here
vwiuug me ousses audi niss ana
win Aoocrsoa wis weex.
Mrs. E. P.Smith returned Thurs-
aav i rom ner visit 10 council urove.
Jacob Dengler. of Albert, was a
Great Bend visitor Thursday nd Fri
W V Hi.... on1 -;r. i.Ft (t rvi.
orado Saturday on the Denver ex
vidjfiuuk wuc aim iwu suns,
returned home to Topeka Saturday
James Clayton,, ife and two sons,
mornine. .
Albert Merten and wife, of near
Heizer, were with the crowd gsing to
uenver Saturday.
Last show by the Marie Fountain
v., .c uH4 uyusc ,,. oe-
cure your tickets early.
Miises Myra Winget and Jessie
Willcatt, of Albert, left Saturday on
tne excursion to Denver.
A license to wed was issued to
James W. Verry of Millard, arid Miss
Abbie Meyers ofGalatia, Saturday.
The things that stuck to you the
closest, fair week, were those cickle
bur feathers by the (ireat Bend Imple
ment. Co.
E. J. Piper left on the Denver ex
cursion, Saturday night. He will
spend some time in the Rocky
Wm. Bolinger and grand-daughter,
Gladys, were up from the ranch near
Minneola, Clark county, to take in
the fair and visit relatives.
J. B. Miller went on the Denver
excursion Saturday. His daughter,
Miss Anna, has gone to St. Joseph,
Mo., on a visit for two weeks.
Tobias Unruh reports that the im
provements on the school house in
District No. 4 are completed and that
school can begin on time.
A hack and a buggy each went off
the end of the culvert which crosses
the road to the fair gronnds, Thurs
day night; but no one was kurt.
Taken Up One old bay mare,
branded on left hip. Owner can
have same by paying charges and call.
ing at my place. W. H. Rogers.
D. M. Sidle and wife, of Winfield,
stopped off, on their way to Denver,
to visit a couple of days with D. C
jLuse and family, and to take in the
I Barton County fair.
It is unfortunate that some minor
men did not select some of the stuff
at the Barton county fair and pre
pare an exhibit for the county at the
State Fair at Hutchinson.
The next fair in this circuit is the
Rice county fair, opening at Sterling
on Monday, the 4;h. McPherson
follows, on the Uth, and the state fair
at Hutchinson on the 18th.
The second annual session of the
South western District Missionaiv
Baptist Association and Women'
Auxiliaries, of Kansas (colored) will
open at the First Baptist church, this
city, Monday, Sept. 5th.
There were a tough lot of '-lungers-
on which have been following the
fair circuit, and were at St. John; but
when they struck Great Bend they
were spotted 'by the officers, and
were not able to do much of their
monkey business here. We hear of
two men who had their pockets
picked on the fair grounds, but noth
ing of the kind was reported to the
fair people.
The 1905 Barton County Fair,
and its successful termination, has
been an object lesson in proving the
value of judicial advertising. 0 The
secretary was given free rein, general
ly, in that direction, and he has been
untiring in his efforts to bring before
the people the fact the premiums
would be worthly of striving for, the
attractions the best procurable and
all tie features first class. And it has
The usual foam and froth, the
aftermath, the "I told you so's" and
the "ought to have done it different"
are bobbing up'since the close of the
fair. But as these things are always
expected in any community where
cranks are not barred, there will be
little attention given to the kickers.
The progressive citizen always does
the best he knows bow, according to
his light opportunity, and invites cc
ODeratinn aad advice. hiit"rvnri: r
time in knockin on W th rthr
. reiiow nas done or lett .undone.
i rusa and vim is what counts.
Objection Offered by Missouriani
to th State s First Railroad.1
"The crusade against automobiles
in gome of the rural districts of
Missouri is not any more ridiculous
jlhaa the opppsuon some of the pio
neerr men too monifested
against the railroads coming through;
!Dorthern,Missouri in the '50'4'''
jvKKu.l)4,tWM uwpui
county. "When the Hanibal k St.
Joseph railroadwas projected through
section by Governor Stewart
there were curious objections raised.
learned circuit judge remarked
that the enterprise was nothing but a
ankee scheme. He said that if the
road were built which he verv much
doubted it would run onlv two
trains a year, one during the summer,
ad one in the fall, and that the rates
for transportation would be so high
and the method of travel so danger-
Pus lhat peop'e would continue to
ely on ox and mule teams instead of
patronizing the railroad, He pre
sented the further objection that in
rainy weather the rails would be
covered with mud and it would be
impossible to haul trains over them.
"Over at Linneus, a good town Sur
rounded then by many large tobacco
plantations, the planters Reared that
the railroad wo jld deprive them of
their negroes, who would take ad-
antageofthe opportunity to get out
of the country on freight cars. Then
it was said that the engines would
burn up all the timber in a few years
and leave nothing to build houses and
make rail fences of. Of course, you
understand, that these objectors were
in a minority. There were plenty of
progressive men in the country who,
while admitting the truth of some of
these objections, yet saw counter ad
vantages of such great value that the
disadvantages named seemed trivial"
Macon, Mo., Democrat.
The Way to Do It.
The Abilene Reflector quotes an
advertiser as giving this helpful sug
gestion: -If 1 want to get well ac
quainted with a man to whom I have
been introduced I spiak to him every
time I meet him. If I spoke to him
but once and then passed him by
without recognition the next time I
saw him, and continued to pass by
him without speaking, or perhaps
speak to him two or three times
year, we wouldn't get to know each
other very well. That's the way I
look at this -advertising business;
wnen l want the dealers of a certain
territory to get so familiar with me
they will think of me whenever they
are in need of'goods in my line. I
want to speak to them in every issue
of the paper they get."
A Pickpocket Nabbed.
rriday afternoon Mrs. Geppge
Spencer, one of the assistants in the
art hall at the fair, saw a fellow hide
a pocketbook.' Later a man missed
his pocketbook'containing about $100
and some papers. The one that had
been hid was found to be the missing
one, but the money had gone. Mrs.
Spencer went out with the sheriff, and
soon pointed out the man who had
hid the pocketbook. Only about
$30 was found in his possession, and
he will be called upon to answer to
the charge of robbery, in the courts,
Some Valuable Prizes.
Not all ladies who visited the booth
of the Walnut Creek Milling Co.,
registered there; but those who did
were rewarded by getting a chance in
the free gift of a handsome $10 set of
dishes. The ladies who were for
tunate in drawing these prizes were:
Mrs. Henry DeWerff, Ellinwood.
Mrs. L, Plankenhorn, Great Bend.
Mrs. Nellie Dotson, Great Bend.
Miss Portia Gano, Great Beni
Mrs. Schrepel, Ellinwood.
Mrs. Clara Patterson, Rt. 4.
Mrs. J. F. Bales, Great Bend
DeEtta Gerndt, Hoisington.
Mrs. J. Stewart, Great Bend. .
Mrs. Bertha Allen, Hoisington.
Mrs. W. J. Sams, Great Bend.
Lena Vollmer, Great Bend.
Mrs. A. B. Riddle, Great Bend.
Bert Torrey, son of Probate Judge
. Torrey.andan old Great Bend boy,
w here on a visit. Bert is at present
Route A?ent for the Welli.Fjr Vr.
Prs u. witn neadquarters at Gales-
I burg, Ills.
HAMXACwts no jaiAcw
snnn telegraphers -
Annually, to fill th now titin crvated by
Kail-xad and Tt!-ra h Cm pan ie. We want
T.mn m-n and ladio of g J habit to
Learn Telegraphy
and R. R. Accounting
W furnih 75 pr .vm of tne jOperator and
Station Ag,-nt in Ani.-ri, a. Our . wh.nji
are ihf larg-t xiiuivi? T-.-ira;'h VM'j ill
tl'. w.irld. F.tahlibed J' year ar.d endorsed
by all loading railway MliciaN.
Yexu:.a ;50 lnd tj every ntu.lont to
fumi-h bini or heri.puKiiinn payint Imtn f
tj jmi a month in ;a'es a-t tbe K'tky
Mountain, or from i5 to flue a nionU) in
ftato west i t.V R'k:liiv' immediately mi
graduation. Studont can enteral any lime
No vacations. For lull ranicular rvnanfinc
any nt our xtw write direct to. .ur execu
tive ofVice al Cincinnati, O. CataUgue inc.
The Morse School of Telegraphy!
Cincinnati. Ohio.
Atlanta, (.a.
Texarkana, Tex.
O r.uffalm N. Y ,
LaMKM. Win.
Sarr Krauciscu, Cal.
After 20 treatments of cancers by
my method without a failure, I feel
confident of success. Address,
M. Van Patten, M. D.t
Osteopath ; .
Telephones 235, 142. Fair Building
$ with u. uirtcl.
Lonf Time
Low Rate
$ Prepayment Cft'on
$ We Charge o Commission
fMor.i'y 'raty as -H.n ; ujkt- :ned c
nd tltli found nMfnotirv rue ui. ,
We will end m (' t rliric to
examine your fnrm r.d Hxuptue p
$ pert rr you. J
$ WIK4 WIK.H tfh'!a. Kint J
TTkl!k 'J",""' w"1' blue Tkboi'
Ofjend r. in a.nip. U,r PartirUt. Tel
JivtUa Iklnat
Surprised at the Quick Results a
0 . 1E1 Da St.
Wa.a I wki tick t
7ar ao. witk kr
oui pruttratioa, pi.
SiUUoa of UitkMrt,
imnaH tod raarJ
V. aloctnra hit
Z ftoUUy worn anul
1 m taabU to Im.i
nthaotan k.u
'titkia it I brSi -
dow an u n,.
MU. . Futm .
TU daoktr of Mr. J. Sckoi. of t,
a ttUck la tlrM mn.
I. J. Carto from Kwark, V. i , uyi la alattaf
4aud JaMl W: I btlkafa, that Pattar kaif
It ana Tn- I ia tka anil ivj . . 7j ... J .
I". ." - Biwuoaja j
AValuibU Book onJltr-
fo Iai, Hoc liTJ, tad sow by U
KOENIQ MED. CO Chicago, 1IL '
ioo Lk Rir.. '
0014 ky OratttaU at fl aar Bwttla. he li.
In Great Bend By

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