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Citizens National Bank
Great Bend,
Capital $50,000
Jhe Best Interests
Carefully Served.
on Time Deposits.
E., R. Moses, Pres.
Robt. Merten. Vice-Frfs.
I Pkter Brack, Pres. C. Sch.vider, Cash'r. J. V. Brinkmam, V. P.
Interest Paid on
BririkmanBrack State Bank
: . . ' CAPITAL $10,000
Individual Liability Over One-half Million Dollars
Drafts Issued on All Parts of the World.
Riverside Steam
Satisfactory Work
Live Stock Commission Agents and
Buyers of Feeders on Orders
Stock Yards, KANSAS CITY
For good results, quick returns let us handle your business. Write us
what you are feeding or grazing and we will keep you especially posted.
(2Ber c3 wunSdjf, fan mit unSin Teutii (SorrcSponbircn)
School year will begin September 1, and continue 44 weeks.
Courses of Study: General Preparatory, High School,
Pedagogical, Full College,, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Penmanship,
Typewriting, Elocution, Physical Culture, Instrumental Music.
Accredited bvv the state board of education. Graduates from
the high school course receive secend grade certificates; from the
pedagogical course, state certificates.
. Enrollment of strictly College Students:
i. e., studepts of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior grades
is larger than any college, normal school or university west of Em
oria. .t .
. , The finest building west of the State Normal Extensive im
provements to building and grounds during the present vacation.
, , Three more teachers for full work have-been .added for next
year. The new teachers, like the old ones.' are full graduates from
I Kansas' and eastern colleges.
T k I . rn me i. AA
X- XXJ4IU m f i.uui ., ?..vv, aim -.l;v a ncci 4U aUUIiUallLC
f , "of places at any of these prices. Most of our students board at $1.50.
Furnished room 0v cents a week tor each student.
Exceptional opportunities for instrumental muB& frjfe bead of
'our piarjo department is a graduate of the New England Cocpmalory,
and has studied one year at tbe Pans Conservatory, under Alexandre
Ouilmant and Rudolph Freee. Send for special catalogue of the yrbool
of Music.
Fivt pamphlets and other printed matter free on application to
I I I I M I I 1 I '
'Surplus $10,000
of its Patrons
Interest Paid
R. H. Moses, Cashier:
F. A. Mopes, Aes't Cashier.
Time Deposits
any cart of the city
Conveniently located.
SON, Proprietor i
1 1 1 1 1 1 1
1 , On 1 . .
A. iYL, Pres.
We carry a complete
line and guarantee a
perfect fit or money
Winners of Premiums in the Live Stock
Department, Barton Co. Fair.
Followin are the awards in tke
live stock department of the 1905
Barton County Fair. The awards in
other departments will be published
as fast as they are properly recorded.
C. M. Croft & Sons. Galloways,
First on 1, 2 and 3 )ear old bulls. 1st
on bull calf, 1st on 1, 2 and 3 year
, old cows, 2d on 1 year old bull, 2 and
3 year old cows: 1st on heifer calf, on
herd of 5 head, and on youn; herd.
2d on 1 year old cow, heifer calf, and
i herd of 5 head. Total awards $109 00.
Moses J5ros. & Clayton. Herefords.
First on 3 ve old bull, bull calf.
1, 2 and 3 year old cow, heifer calf,
young nerd, and herd ot o bead.
Second on 1, 2 and 3 year old cow,
and on heifer calf. Total, $85 00. '
R. A. Stewart, Shorthorns Fifst
on 1 year old bull, bul calf, cow 1, 2
and 3 year old, and 2d on 1 year old
bull. Totol, $32 00.
Geo. Peck, Jr. Shorthorns. First
on 1 and 2 year old bull and bull
calf; 2d on 2 year old bull. Total
F. H. Schrepel. Grade Horses
First on 2 year old stallion, and 3
year old roadster. 2d on 1 year o'd
stallion. Registered Pccherons
First on Stallions 2, 3 and 4 y ear old
on mares 1 and z year old; on mare
colt. 2nd on stallions 1, 3 and 4 year
old; on colt and span of draft horses.
Total, $85 00.
P. P. Lorimor, Registered Per
cherons. First on 1 year old stallion,
4 year old mare, and span of draft
horses. 2d on 2 year old stallion
Total, $24.00.
A. M. aipes. urade. first on
mare 3 years old, and on colt. Total
Alien Lurne. Oracle. beconl on
3 year old mare. $4.00.
Arthur, Meade, first on stallion,
Durkin Bros, second on Shetland
mare, $2.00.
La. tfocKeraonie, first on mare,
gelding, colt and team. Total $22.50
rrank Jones, second on team
F. M. Doty. First on ram, ewe and
lamb. Total $5.00.
Kent Caraway. First on ducks,
Perry Horn. First on trio guineas,
on Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and
on Barred Plymouth Rocks. Total,
H. P. Moore, second on Barred
Rocks and White Leghornes, 3d on
White Wyandottes. Total, $4.00.
C. G. Lorimor. First, 2d and 3d on
White Langshans. Total $000.
Rev. dinger. First on White
Wyandottes, $3.00.
F. L. Marsh. Second on White
Wyandottes, $2 00.
F. M. Russell. First -on Buff
Plymouth Rocks. $1.00.
Mrs F. M. Marker, First on Whit;
Piymoutn Rocks. $1.00.
A. D. Raffington, first on Silver
Penciled Wyandottes, $1.00.
E. Bennett. First and 3d on White
Leghorns. Total, $4.00.
Jay Zutavern, First and 2d on
Buff Cochin Bantams, $3 00.
Ferd Selle, First'on Guinea Pigs
and 1st on Ferrets. $2.00
Note Where there was no com
petition 2d money was paid on 1st
premium awards.
Justin M. Cooper, one of the early
day settlers of the south part of
Barton county now a part of Stafford
county-rdied at his home on August
24th, at the age of 57 years and six
Devoe.the weather prophet, says
for Sept 5th to 8tb: "Unsettled
period. Blustery and fall like over
the northwest. Stormy conditions
over the lake region, and . North At
lantic coast."
Tbe man who did the hold up act
at the Keystone resturarat was fined
$9 in police court, for being drunk,
no one swearing to tbe charge of rob
bery. He hit the road.
B. E, Giles went west with a lot of
land buyers, Monday night.
Somi Thingi Which Kama Has and is
Proud of.
Kansas has some of the richest ce
ment beds in the worldand furnished
nearly all of the cement fftr the ex
tern of the Worfd's Fair buildings.
Kansas has the biggest orchard in
the world, and furnished apples for
the royaj households of England and
Kansas ships walnut logs to Paris,
and had the largest walnut log exhi
bition at the World's Fair.
Kansas has salt mir.es that are richer
than those of Michigan. '
Kansas has a large number of flour
ing mills that ship their product direct
to Liverpool and Glasgow.
Kansas raised over three bushels of
corn for every man, women and
child in the United States.
Kansas has millions of acres that
are underlaid wkh an unlimited sup
ply of potroleum. u
Kansas produced John R. Gentry
and Joe Patchen, two of the fastest
pacers in the world.
Kansas nas a railroad mileage that
is exceeded by that of but two states
in the Union.
Kansas cattle and hogs nearly al
ways "top" the live stock markets.
Kansas has raistd more wheat in a
single year than any state in, the
Kansas lead mines produce thou
sinds of tons of metal each year.
Kansas has bituminous coal mines
in half a dozen counties. .
Kansas has one of the largest silver
smelters in the world.
Kansas can raise enough grain and
garden truck to supply a million more
residents without half trying.
From the Wspatcb, Aog. 31.
A. H. Boyle and C. A. Ginther re
turned from Excelsior Sprints last
Mrs. Al Brown, living southwest
of town, has been quite sick with ty-
phoid teer.
Mrs. J. M. Butler and children left
last night to visit relatives at Carbon
dale, Illinois.
A. H. Baker left the last of the
week for Phoenix. Arizona, to attend
the funeral of his brother and to set
tie up his estate.
Dr. Dennison reports that there is
still several cases of small pox north
of Olmitz and that the quarantine was
raised too soon.
Several have already connected;up
in the watermains and are using the
water to good advantage sprinkling
in front of rfieir places.
A little bo named McGill living in
the west part of town broke his arm
by falling off a porch. The boy's
father is a blacksmith at the Missouti
Pacific shops.
The hot winds last week dried
most of the corn up until it would al
most burn. The late corn will not
make much but the early corn was
practically made before the hot winds
struck it.
The Cimarron Jacksonian says
that Western Kansas people, can see
Pike's Peak any clear night. At
least they can a powerful search
light which has been placed on the
top of the Peak, and the rays of
which can be seen 280 miles.
Fred Kelley and wife left this week
for their new home in Iowa.
Royal Baking Powder ' is indispensable
to finest cookery and to the comfort
and convenience of modern housekeep
ing. Royal Baking Powder makes hot
.breads, cakes and pastry wholesome.
Perfectly leavens without fermentation.
Qualities that are peculiar to it alone.
Matfi the Farepaujh Scl'f Circus the
World's Foremost Organization.
Tbe Great Adam Forepaugh and
Sells Brothers' Enormous Shrfws
United are now owned by James A.
Bailey and Ringlirg Brothers. This
circus has always enjoyed the con
fidence of the public, because every
thing new, sensational and exclusive
was always to be found in the
enormous program offered.
The enormous circus has been
added to in the size of the tent?,
number of people employed, horses
used, animals collected and in many
other ways, until it looks as if the
limit of human endeavor had been
achieved. The menagerie annex
shelters more than one hundred
cages, of rarest wild animals. This
department of the big shows is
Angularly impressive, because it ex
hibits not only rrore rarely seen wild
creatures, but nuny of these speci
mens are to be found nowhere else
in captivity. A fierce bi hornecf rhinoc
eros, the rarest and most expensive of
all wild beasts, is in this collection, as
(are two great fanlike earded ele-
phants of African origin, a blood
exuding hippopotamus, three herds of
elephants, full grown and symmetrical
types, and a nursey of baby wild
animals, like kitten tigers, cub lions,
quaintly hopping kangaroos, floun
dering seals, brieht-eved leorjards.
homely hyenas, and so on.
Before the circus acts proper begin
a spectacle called Panama or the
Portals of the Sea will be presented.
This production involves more than a
thousand people, and is the most
massive, magnificent and extravagant
display of spectacular invention ever
seen under canvas. Will be here Sept.
The Chadd Home Burned.
e take the following from the
St. John News of last week.
The residence of H. A. -. Chadd
of Seward township, burned Sunday
. . rvt i- ....
anernoon. u ine nre started in an
upper room and was not discovered
until Mrs. Chadd happened to go
up stairs on an errand and opened
the door. The flames shot out into
her face and burned her quite
severely. How the fire started s
unknown. A portion of tne con
tents were saved. The house
partially covered by insurance.
The Eagles at pllinwood.
Monday's picnic by the Eagles was
attended by about four or five hund
red ot the boys and their families.
The day was pleasantly spent, and
nothing occurred to mar the pleas
ures. The ball game was not very inter
esting, and stopped at the 0th inning,
when the game stood C to 0 in favor
of Hutchinson. The game was between
Hutchinson and Great Bend Eagles.
County Superintendent C. R. Aid
rich goes to Portland, and other
western points, this week, to be gone
about a month. He has appointed
Prof. C A. Strong of the city schools
as his deputy.
J. Geo. Brinkman went to Kansas
City Monday night.
When you want a loan t"or iu
suranceio the
Come ami see me. I lQan
mon''beaperthan anybody;
have private and insurance
company money. .
J. Geo. .
Let me figure onyour job.
Pans and specifications furnish
ed on applicction. 5
Olmitz, Kansas'.;
and BUILDER ' .
All Kind of Contract Work. Plan and
Specif KattiKi FnruUbed
Ml I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M I llnl
Central Alarket
Fresh and Salt Meals,
' Poultry and Game.
o . ,
Al P ft. u' '.I .
lie imirii yw i i riiran
Third Door west of Allen's iJrug
Store.. .I
: 3
j Mrs. Gj W.Poole -. .
Miss Florence Poole
Teacher of Piano '
an Harmony
Studio and Residence E Side Sqc. "
tiutnu f tttmuLLLxiiO it
; Dts. Smith & Hobiflsoni 0
J. ....Den'ss.... '
. Officnvar Nov Tork HMr. JT
v .5
B: A. Gardner . S. Hotfe
Office over Cyclo'iieJ
' Phone rvo.,'77

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