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The Legislature Has at Last Passed
f net) o! the Important Work Will
Be Lett Undone.
The Session has entered upon
its last week of deliberation.
"While there are a large number
. of bills pending on the calendar
'of each House, and while there
have been comparatively few mea
. Mies passed, the time is about
.up',. and an adjournment will like
ly be taken Saturday evening.
Then is some talk now that the
Governor will call an extra
session, to begin immediately af-
. ' ter the adjournment of the reg-
ular session. That is to be done,
because there is some important
measures that will, likely not
receive consideration this week
and then, every member has one
or more personal bills, which he
is anxious to have enacted into
. law.
The'House and Senate are at
Vthis time at "logerheads" over
the Bank Guaranty bill. The
bill, as it passed the House, con
V tained some provisions that the
. Senate did not like. Among then
is wnat 19 known as the 'Ed
wards Amendment," which pro-
.vides, that in localities where
Banks now in existence refuse to
. become members of the Guaranty
Association, that a new "Bank
starting, could become a member
of the Association at. once,
' without, waiting for'the 'first
years business to roll round, The
J Law does' provide that no Bank
should be eligible until it had
" been in;. business -a year; Oth
er amendments added by ' the
House were putting in time de-
.posits bearing not more than 3
per, cent interest and without
limit as to amount This elause
had .been limited in the Senate
,to $3000.00 Another amendment
. by- the House was that Bank
Deposits in other banks should b
guaranteed, and not .to exceed
$3000.00. The House Bill also
. provided that savings bank ac-,
.counts s'.juld be included in the
Guaranty, and 'That Trust Com-
n'an'es could avail themselves of
' ' the Law, and become members of
the Association. The first con-
ference committee appointed on
Hie bill reached an agreement,
, but said agreement was not con
" curred in by the Senate. Hence,
the second committee was ap
pointed.' They have, at this
time, not agreed, but likely will.
, . The good roads law, or the dirt
, roads law mentioned in past cor
" respondence has passed the Sen
ate, nroviding for the working
.. of poll tax instead of paying it in
cash, and also reduces tne age
limit from fifty-five to fifty
The session last week was most
My taken up with the utility prop
osition. This was a big one,
and one which caused more cros.
feeling among members or tne
House on both sides of the Chan
" her, than any other measure wax
w' Wn before the House. The
. bill, as originally introduced, pro-
vided that a commission oi w
men, who should have general su
pervision and control over every
public utility, great and small,
in this State, and is practically
tii law which is now in force in
A Wisconsin. Thes.
,N men have control over every lit-
" tie water-works system and tel
ephone line in the State subject
to this commission, and would
'. add thousands of dollars' of ex
rvmsft in the State for a certain-
ty, and whose benefits were only
to be guessea aw. -oiiwr
. a dismission, the bill was re-
: f erred back to .the Judiciary
. rWmittfifl with instructions to
rpnnrt a bill granting to Cities
eelf government, in other words
eliminating the towns and. Cities
Jf the State from ;the provis
:y,. tnw orpneral bill, and kay
yum v. ; a m
, ing them to the commissions or
the various towns. vaen
V( .-bill came back, the chief promot
Vers of the general bill began
attempting to have the general
X :'bill acted upon, by offering it
a? a substitute, and after an all
afternoon and aU'nighf argument
tae proposition was defeated, and
me chances for a utility- commis-'
sion at this session went glim-
S' vT00116 dniesthe fact
what is known as the state wide
7' 5fcc uwnues, ur
taxation on the neonle nf the
State, and provided for the cre-
aiton of an army of officers with
out number, who could be used
for political purposes at
utilities, should be regulated, but one, and met with considerable oi -amount to for the 'two year to t-. ti-Tp Vrfl and be
those who opposed the general position. . ''about 125 000 On Li MnS tween W. D. Jaiis of Great Ben(
bUl did so on the eround. that it . iif1 SLaiC0.QS d!r,r P" of the first part
created an expensive burden of dmsti,. tv- .ik - 'in . h,,0;e ana .ine J5oar? bounty Urn
ume tut tne Administxation saw form. .-with a membership of close to I X au Tl 1 e C8pl M &m
. " i " ovct n m i inTrrviTiDA kw itah. .""vuais iu iuj reatrrve miin.
not aWvVZirXTV ,tfle people of the State could in- Mature immensely, and be
mld b KAhS '8tract Lei8lature the hs weU as the. average member,
. . sidered m Committee of. the .ho has been sent from our
muwweni couia .uise care oi
tisfactory freight rates may be
',- '5 wa th chjnf ar?upin of
the-promoters of the bill, but
f hat question is already provided
for in a law enacted n the 1907
""seion. and onlv awaits an ap
propriation sufficienaly large to
get the railroad commissioners to
Ro to work, and then some kind
of a Dig stick to put them at
work. A bill will be introduced
which will put in the control of
t.hr railroad board such sta
wide utHite8, as are not now
uuuer the State Boards' control,
and for one, I sincerely believe
hat we have sufficient law now
o properly regulate our state
wide utilities, if we : rould eet
railroad commissionors whose
duty it is to execute t'vese laws
to aet I do hot belies that the.
riople of Kansas are ready, tot
I should say the farmers, and the
people' living in the smaller
town are ready to add to their
burden of taxation $100,000.00 or
more for the next two years, in
v,?" t.ht tb "tiWi"s of the
arger cities might be regulated.
And as to the regulation of the
larger utilities, I think this is
fully provided for, and if not, I
am ready after a full and fair
liscussion to vote for measures
vuieh will give such authority. I
will even go further than that
and say that if the- people of
Kansas are a thorough dis-
ti of the general utility bill,
say they are for it, and max
they are ready for it, I will do
rh?t I can to rive i to thm.
"bis is a proposition that
ihas not been discussed by the
people of the State, and there
fore I do not think that they,
at this time, fully understand the
question or they are ready to
act on it. Whenever the gener
al bill, as proposed, becomes a
law. it will mean the proposiiton,
which will in the end cost them
not less than a "half million dol
lars. And for one, no matter
how strong I feel like support
er such a measure, do not want
to do.it until I hear from the
fellows that pay the taxes.
The House has also passed the
Ouincv Tax Bill, with the amend
ments as substituted by the mi
nority member of the Tax com-
te. This amendment provid
ed for the election of the Tax
Commission by the people, and
doine away with the County asse
sor in all counties," and making
the township trustees, the town
ship assessors, and the county
clerks the County assessors ex-
officio, and giving them addi
tional compensation lor . sucu
work. The bill, as passed, gives
counties of 40,000 or over, the
privilege of having County as-
sessors. The rate oi tms im m
the Senate is hard to say, it will
probably be killed.
The Senate has killed a very
commendable ,bill mentioned in
my recent corespondence, which
proposed the reduction of State
Boards into one State Board of
Control Just why this was
done, I have not. been able to
learn. .
The House has passed a very
drastic employers liability bill,
which has been urged by the la
boring interests of the State.
The bill provides that every rail
road company or corporation, an
a Bank Guaranty
every, person, association of pe
-ons, or corporations, owine or
operating anv min or fnrv
shaU be liable for damages to
Persojl riug injury,
while employed by such business,
v. xue uiu is a very drastic
uuouv: I'ue. i ue oeuiiii? or mv-
ing away of eigarettes or dga-
rette papers, or for a store to
hatra amr l-- " : 3.
au.j wu me premises i maue
a misdemeanor,
All tnmn-o om
im a ;v.
" "viij aiiu luat uuujr i cvviuuicuu
ed that it be not passed. Howev-
er, when it came up for report t
the House proper from the Com-
mittee, a motion was made by
Foley, the minority leader, that
the Souse not concur in that
Portion of the minoritv renort. re
lating to the. Morrison Bill, and
on this proposition he demanded
a roll call, and by a vote of 52
to 48, he motion to not concur
was adopted, and the bill weht
back oh the calendar retaining
its place. The bill is said' to
be a copy of the Oregon law, its
provisions are short, and are as
. i i A- .
At all general elections next
precede ft. , .Sena-
tormConby theleg.datM.
of Kansas there shall be placed
on-the official ballot-by the.
Secretary of State and the coun-
dates for the office of Senator in
Hi in any of the methods now or
, , . - . ... ...
which may nereaiuer oe, provid-
any j forbidden to use tobacco in any of United Workmen in Kansas. L: : !- . a"re.PS U).Iur'.
ed by law forlhe nomination 01 "" ;' ' ing puis were ai-.-.mrtoo
ft. n,i, fa frt. lo,vpo as filed in the office of
the state of Kansas, the votes for
which said candidates shall be
counted and certified to by the
td indees in the same man-
ner as the votes for other candi-
ates; and records of the vote foi
mch candidate's shall be made oul
"I sworn to by the board of can
'assers of each county of the
state and returned to the Secreta
rv oi oiaie. wno snail transmit di
plicate copies of such returns to
he Legislature at ite next en-
suing session, one of which shall
addressed to the Senate and
otner to the House of Representa-
;ves of the state of Kansas, one
fopy of which shall be delivered
"mii to the President of the
senate and the other to the Speak
er of the House of Representative
lnmediateiy alter the orgamza -
'on of such bodies, which offic-
will opon and lay the same be
re tne separate houses, when
rubied to elect a Senator in i
'Ongrep's as now required by
' of Congress; and it shall be
the duty of each house to count
the votes and announce the can
didate for Senator having the
M'sliest number and thereupon,
hey shall proceed to the elec
' ' u of a Senator as required by
the act of Congress."
A large number of minor bills
have been recommended and pass
ed. I have finally succeeded in
petting the circulation bill in
troduced early in the session, and
up to the Governor '8 signature.
I have also succeeded in getting a
bill, providing for the removal of
the bodies of ex-union soldiers
through both Houses, and up to
the Governor for his signature.
I was absent from the House
on Tuesday, "Wednesday, and on
Thursday of last week, attend
ing a grand Lodge meeting of th
A. O. U. V. at Sauna. Up to
the time of. going there, I had
not missed a single roll call, or
fifteen minutes of the session,
"-d I would not have missed the
three days, but for the fact that
T was an officer of the Grand
Lodge, and thought it my duty
in a degree to attend. I did
so, and was very glad to have
been made past Grand-Master
"Workman of the Kansas Jurisdic
tion, and also to secure the con
for the official publication
of the Grand Lodge for two
years, commencing May 1st This
the publication of
Law, But a Printer Had No Cause to Worry Any way
- 40,000 copies per month,
will mean about imm
month ri;t;r,.i .
Wat Rnd tnffW a JI-
lably $300.00 per month addiUon.
al money paid for wages in onr
Ciy. Ihe eontrAft w 1 L-oKi
.k ouzu a uusiuess Drunosmon
f or myself and City.
.aossion of the grand lodg
rOD .11 .it. Jj J 1.
"a "cu aiicuueu auu narmomo
Tnronffhftllt Tha A.Jo.'
reserve fund.
I have enjoyed the work of the
j auu on n en Ho ulc
rage member of any Legislature
''om. I have adhered stirctly to
my work, put in nights and Sun-
days with the exception of the
three days above mentioned, and
yet I am glaw that the end is in
sight, so that I can iret hack
to Great Bend ,and Barton Coun-
" the City, and County that I
yve best in all the world.
. Commissioner'i Proceedings
Office of County Clerk, March
1st; 1909.
Th Board of County Commis-
toners of Barton County met in
i 6Mm- t f,
rffcftStT Vk
lon& M u
n ; ' , '
1 ""W ;-om-
missioner. M. Daily. Shenff. J.
V .V ,?'d ' K
''V?1"5 minutes pf the last meet-
-"Iff WPra Mo1 anJ flnl nnn..
. 'hn nntJ Jerk- " . 3
n' "" oiuyny, maumg nesic
for P- Judge TI. Hall 15.35
: "une ruo. lo. print, ror
1 Probate Judse 42.00
Democrat Pub Co print for
Co Supt 10.50
W. O. Riggs, material and
labor for P Judee's desk4.00
topple & Miller, cleaning -
pess-pool ' 1600
j E'. DeMotte,' janitor for CV '
u M(1 jail for Fpb
, 40 00
TT ' V ' tt i "n "r 1
11 A- Hal1' R J rert "f
I - states to co assesses. . . .W.W
: Fred Richardson, plum p.
I Ff." on tail 11.25
H. C. Colegrove, T. "W Ribbon
and paper 2.1i
; Lunacy Case Nelia Smith
n. A Hall. P J. 8.10
R. H Meade, phys ex 5.00
IM V Russell, nhvs ex -R OO
M Daily sheriff ... ; 3.00
Iwapv Case Harry "Wells
" Hall. P J 8.10
E. II. Morrison, phys ex.. 5.00
A H Connett, same 5.00
M Daily, sheriff : . . . 3.00
II D Ashpole, trans, of commsrs
to view bridges 15.00
Citizens' National Bank,
bridge work, Fans contract
tract .... 800.00
Citizens National Bank, same
v: 24.75
Citizens National Bank, same
Dr. Ed Atkin, care of Anna
Swobeda.. 10.00
N "W Klepper, unloading lum
ber atEllinwood..- 10.00
Barton House, board for Har
vey Peston...... 4.75
NTat. Office Supply Co. car
bon paper 255
II Born, clothing for poor
v-d nemker, nails ..1.45
McNown & Hayes, meat for
P. H. Noe r
M. Dailey, payment on salary
Ot Bend ndwe Impl Co. sup
plies for sheriff 7.40
"W F Honnen, Mdse for poor
J H Deeble, printing for Co.
Supt .....2.00
V M Lntechg, plat book of
county 5.00
O "W Thatcher, truant of
ficer, Feb ' 8.00
A-S Doty, care of Mamie Mon
arch 20.CX
Total. $2179.73
Contract in Duplicate
This agreement signed this
mn..om r
State 0f. Kansas party
i second oart '
v u 1
of the
W'i'netcuptli . TK
. wl
township between sections 8 and
9, one 20 ft. flat top bridge in
Independence town&mp between
section 16 and 21, one thirty ft.
arch in Cleveland township be
tween sec 11 and 12, and one
r'f f' flat top oridge on county
line at cor. of sees. 1 and 2,
leveland twp. for $2400.00, Al
so, floor anii repair on old bridg
thea emount paid to be cost of
work and material plus 15 per
cent for superintendimr said
bridges to have . -ft. clear road
way and to be built to conform
with the plans and specifications
now on tile in the offnee of the
County Clerk; drawn and sub
mitted by the said "W. D. Faus,
tv hraay hereby be made a
part of the contract. .
The first party hereby acrees
to have the bridges completed by
May 1. 1909, unless that by reas
on of the violence of the ele
ments, or for other reasons un
avoidable and beyond the con
trol of the party of the first
part, it shall be impossible to
perform the said work within the
Mme above specified, in which
case the time shall be extended
for a period not less than that
necessary to complete. the work.
In consideration for the. .ore-
going material to be furnished
and work to be executed bv the
party of the first part, said
party of the second part agrees
to pay said party of the first
part in the following manner, to
wit: at the end of each month
(80 per cent) eighty per cent of
the estmiated amount of work
done and the cost of all material
I 'limrpd to the nearest rail
road station during said month,
the balance to be paid upon the
completion of said bridges ac
cording to the plans and specifi
snid payments to be in
And for the performance of
each and every article of this
agreement said parties hereby
bind themselves by these pres
ence. In presence therof witness
the signatures of said parites.
Prty of the second part to do
all hauling except the concrete
outfit. Any extra concrete re
quired at $7.00 per cubic yard
extra, including excavating.
thrmn. Board of Commsrs.
In the matter of the board pe
ition for a roadway between sec
tions 16 and 21, twp 18, range 12,
The former action of the Board
was reconsidered, and the road
way was allowed as prayed for
in the petition presented by H.
II. Deskm and eighteen other
house holders. '
Mrs. M. E. Mathewson was
refunded $2.32 and on personal
property valuation of '$200.00
said valuation being excessive,
The Board viewed bridges on
Dry Creek, lately constructed b)
"W. D. Fans.
The resignation of J. G. Ulch
as clerk of Cleveland township
was accepted and F. A. Peirano
was appointed to fill vacancy.
Contract between W. D. raus
and Board of Com. for. th erec
tion of cement bridges in Inde
pendent, Cleveland and Logan
twp. were signed and duly filed.
The following resolutions were
adopted by the Board,
It has pleased God in his in
finite wisdom to summon from
this world of care and strife
to the celestial courts above the
wife of Michael Daily, . Sheriff
of Barton County, Therefore be
the party
. Resolved, By the Board of
County Commissioners of Barton
County, in this their renular
session, while we bow in humble
submission, to the Divine Man
date, yet we deeply regret and
grievously deplore the loss to
our Nierilf and family, the
devoted wife and mother.
Resolved, That we extend onr
heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Daily
nd children, and tath these res
olutions be spread on the records
f our proceedings, and a copy
presented to the family of
the deceased, and a copy furnish
ed to the County papers for
Bnnrd of v.ommissioners,'
X. W; KLEPPER. Chrra.
There beine no further busine
ho Board adjourned to meet on
Wdr-sdav March 10th. 1909, in
an ajdourned meeting to view
the proposed road m Fairview
Chairman of Board
County Clerk.
School Board Meeting
to order by Porter Tonne. On
Board of Education was called
roll call the following members
were present: Newcombe, Sams,
Collins. Young. McMullen. Cox.
IcKinney and Gwinn.
Moved and carried that the
salary list as certified to Sup
erintendent Shirk, be allowed an
warrants authorized. Other bills
were: i
Geo W Thatcher, truant of
ficer $6.00
F Shirk, bill for paper
E R Moses, supplies .23.15
M L Crow, setting glass.. 3.00
Gt Bend Transfer Co 855
J "W Piper, brooms. 1.90
Gt Bend Tel Co., batteries 1.00
n Pwnd Fur Co., supplies. .4.00
R B Gorden, fencing 17.51
Geo W Thatcher, Ins.. 40.00
Fred Hemker, supplies 26.61
Gt. Bend "Water & Elec Co 85.32
R Demo, extra labor 10.00
The resignations of Mr. and
Mrs. II. L. Brown were read and
on motion of Dr. Morrison, were
not accepted, because reasons giv
en were inadequate.
Tn'asiircr s monthly report
read and filed.
Superintendents report read
and filed.
On notion teachers are given
privileges of attending Toach-
t? .Assoeiation at Jluchtmson,
ssoeiation at. Hutchinson April
Resolutions in respect of the
nth of Prof. Willis were adopt
ed as reported.
The following resolution was on
motion adopted:
Whereas, conditions are s-ich
that we can dispense with the
room and teacher added to the
h ps building earlier in the year,
Resolved. That the mom be
discontinued and the pupils ds-
triibuted among their respective
grades. '
Geo. W. Thatcher,
fterk Pro tern.
James Buchanan has returned
hii home at'Topeka after a
visit here.
E. M. Bortz returned Tuesday
evening from a Dusiness trip
around St. John
Ed Grifith left Tuesday evening
for "Washoe. Nevada, to put in
the electric wiring for the Harris
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mausolf, of
east Rush county, has returned
from a visit of three weeks at tht
old home in Iowa.
J. C. Gregory came in from
Kiowa county Tuesday evening.
He purchased a half section of
land near Greensburg wihle gone.
Max Shaffer leaves for Old Hex
ico the Joth or aiarcn to ex
amine a tract of land which is
offered at $1.00 per acre. They
say the grass and timber is fine.
Anyone wishing to join him on
this trip will be furnished round
trip to the city of Durango and
return with stop over privileg
es both ways. Special rate $37
65. Phone 277t5.
, :. jd

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