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ism MAT
fer Motherhood
time for exverincit, but for
proven qualities, tni lotkinf
cxctets ut tuuc n fOM
cheer, edfnf (XerriM and
'"' SCOTTS EMULSION charges the
blood' with life-cusuining richness,
(oppresses nervous conditions, aids
tne qtiiiiy ana quanuiy ci nun
and insures sufficient fat
h. cod liver on. r
If calk. It LIME and SODA b.l
rsid rickab and maka taataiaf aay.
lHt XeoMSufcitifntat. NoAteokol
. .. ..
At a mass meeting held at the
city hall last night a goodly rep
resentation of our citizens were
present to discuss the erection of
a public building of some sort that
would be large enough to hold all
public meetings in. N. P. Smith
was elected chairman and A. S.
Gross, Secretary. The erection of
a city hall was discussed. Moved
by Dr. Lawrence and seconded
that chairman appoint a commit
tee of five to make an investiga
tion of surrounding cities as to
method of procedure for procur
. city hall and location. Motion
carried and chairman appointed
committee as follows: (). M. Wil
liamson, A. Dring, John Menzie,
Paul Gilbert and Dr. Muir Paw
nee Rock Herald.
n. Kansas Cily Stock Yards, Feb.
8 Cattle trade showed some im
provement late last week, except
on stockers and feeders, which
suffered severely from the Kan
sas sanitary situation. The fact
that Ihe Kansas cases of foot and
mouth disease seem to be safely
When baby suffers with croup,
apply and give Dr. Thomas' Ec
lectic Oil at once. Safe for child
ren. A little goes a long way. 25c.
and 30c. At all drug stores.
"Please give comparative state
ment of amount of corn, peanuts
confined within the quarantined and potatoes necessary to pro
aJislrict, and that only one new duce a pound of pork." C. R. Val
case has come to the surface iona, Oklahoma.
, since the original outbreak, is The exact amounts of the var
tending to spread confidence, ious foods mentioned that are re-
Shipments of stocker and feeding quired to make a pound of pork
cattle are now permitted to Kansas, cannot be stated definitely,
in cases where the cattle can be; Amounts required will vary with
traced as originating in clean ter- the condition. Ordinarily it re
ritory. Otherwise, the. quaran-' quires from five to six pounds of
" tine is strict." .Missouri, Iowa and corn alone to produce one pound
Nebraska receive stockers and 'of gain on a shoat weighing about
feeders from here without restric-'one hundred pounds.
tion. The supply today is 8,000 1 Bulletin Xo. 143 from the Ala
cattle, market steady to 15 higher ,bama station, Auburn, stales that
. than last week. Sales under $7.50 one acre of good peanuts are equal
. including butcher grades, got the in feeding value to 3,200 pounds of
lvn,.o l,..,orc mnnnn elnu-Ur Tl . .1 :.. II.:.. ....
when .asking price was above $7.50 periment were young.
Sdme butcher heifers sold at $7.05 1 Bulletin No. 54 from the Ar-
and $7.25 that were like heifers kansas Experiment station reports
loci tvool- ., C7.rvl. lcc T ;,.!, ll,o f
m ! ui iv..i.i. '-"n"1 . mm uiic aiic ui i-miui: f,uc ,.)
.Weight short fed steers at $7 to pounds of gain on pigs, which
$7.50 brought a' litle more than J one acre of corn gave 43(5 pounds.
Jast weeks values. While the
market was some improvement
Authorities Would Postpone Pub
lic Sales.
Ihe 1800 report from the Co
penhagen station states that 4.5
.oyer last week, it was still a dis- bushels of potatoes are about
appointment to most sellers. Runs; equal in feeding value to one bu
were moderate at all points, but shel of corn to growing pigs where
were cumposeu largely oi Killing me potatoes are cooked.
grades. Loth here and at Chicago
The market "situation changes so
often, -and is subject to so niany
active-influences that commission
men hesitate to give advice ' to
shippers, although, their sugges
tions at the close of last week fa
vored staying off thennarket with
cattle for th Pesenl, unless there
vere urgent reasons for .selling.
Hogs sold fie to teji higher on
the early market, to shippers',
ton $fi 9ft. . PnL-prc ,h?r1c nwo
'steady, and bulk of sales ranged
Jti..'n(!'lTn i'' or ri i
iwh wu io ?t).o.). -Lineal) nogs
Where peanuts can be grown
to advantage it is the cheapest
feed for pork production. Pota
toes are too high in price, as a
rule to feed to hogs W. L. Fow
ler, Department of Ahimal Hus
bandry, Oklahoma A. and M. Col
lege, Stillwater.
(From The Philadelphia Record)
Pity is akin to love, but it's a
poor relation.
When love flies 'Out at the win
are blamed for a portion of the ( 0W' alimony walks m at the
Hpnmcmn in nolfla rti.nc hut Anluuul
uviy.i.iiuu lit VUlllV J'llVl.t AJUl Jll
the other hand,J the good demand
for pork, resulting from its cheap
ness makes outlet .for more hogs
at prevailing prices. Cold weath
er makes it. possible for much hog
killing to be done at home, but
.that works In two ways', cutting
down both the supply and demand
Sheep and lambs are weak to 10
lower today, receipts 14,000 head.
Thi market opened slow, with
bids sharply lower, but actual
sales show only the decline indi
cated, half a dozen lots of South
em Colorado lambs selling at
$8.75, the top. Northern Colorado
ewes brought $6.20, weighing 114
and 116 pounds, and some 89 lb.
Northern Colorado lambs brought
$8.4i good to choice yearlings
$755, wethers $6.7o. In spite of
storms, the Northern Roads tfeliv
. ereif their stock early today.
. Many a crop of New Year's res
olutions has already come a crop
. Some people want to pick and
choose, even when they pick a
It is generally when a man is on
the level that he has to put an up
hill fight.
It is really when a fellow is on
his uppers that he is most apt to
look down in the mouth.
Anyone can get into, a fight but
sometimes it takes a lot of cou
rage to keep out of one.
You never can tell. Many j
man who prates of efficiency is of
about as much value to the world
as a 1914 calendar.
lime is money" quoted the
Wise Guy. "Yes, and it's the eas
iest thing in the world to lose
time," added the Simple Mug..
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hamilton
returned the first of- the week
from a short visit with friend
Market Correspondent, in Hutchinson. .
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As the result of bringing intoj
Kansas two herds of Wisconsin
cows affected with the hoof and
mouth disease, a third herd of cat
tle near Mulvane has become in
fected. State and federal inspec
tors say that a part of a herd of
86 cattle belonging to Louis White
a farmer about three miles south
of Mulvane, are infected. Mr.
White discovered that one of his
animals was sick, notified Taylor
Riddle, state live stock sanitary
commissioner at Mulvane. Mr.
Riddle sent Dr. Van Vorhees of
the state's veterinary staff who
made an examination and report
ed that the case was suspicious.
Dr. Marion Imes, federal veteri
narian stationed at Wichita, was
notified and he sent Dr. Daniel
Devine, of the federal staff who
confirmed the diagnosis, pro
nouncing the animal as being af
flicted with hoof and mouth di
sease. The entire herd was at
once quarantined. A special
quarantine district two and one-
half miles square was established j
around Mr. hite s farm. The
herd will be appraised and as soon
as the regular trenches can be
excavated the herd will be shot
and buried in quick lime.
Mr. White purchased a load of
attle at the Wichita Union Slock
fards January 21, and shinned
them to Mulvane where they were
unloaded and placed in the San-
la l e yards. This was several
lays after N. W. Wheeler ship
ped his Holstein stock from Wis
consin. Ihese cattle were also
laced in the Santa Fe yards. The
authorities think that White's
attle were either infected from
the Santa Fe yards or nerhans
persons who visited the farm of
N. W. Wheeler, about six miles
from the White farm, carried the
infection in their clothing.
Taylor Riddle yesterday ap
point Geo. T. Donaldson, of
Greensburg, as a deputy state in
spector and sent him to Belvidere
to inspect three car loads of cat
tle belonging to Lyon & Steele.
These cattle passed through the
Mulvane slock yard and are now
being held by the sheriff of Kiowa
Inspectors have auarantined
100 head of. cattle belonging to
Osborn & Rawlings, near Volley
Center; 129 head of cattle belong
ing to Ben Tjaden, in Kechi town
ship; 200 head of cattle belonging
to William Hoofer and J. Areen-
bright, two miles east of the
Wichita Union Stock Yards, and
several cattle near the stock yards
and belonging to Page House. All
these cattle were in the stock
yards recently, when Taylor Rid
dle decided not to allow any more
cattle to move out of the vards.
The cattle are being isolated in
order that their identity may not
be lost.
Dr. Hobbs, assistant state vet
erinarian from Manhattan, was
added to the stale's staff and was
sent to Winfield to relieve Dr.
Schoenleber, state veterinarian,
who comes to Wichita to assist
Taylor Riddle.
H. L. McDonald, a federal ex
pert on disinfecting, has arrived
from Ohio to assist Dr. Marion
Dr. Imes expects other federal
inspectors to arrive from the east
today, and as soon as they all get
here he will organize his field
forces and proceed to disinfect the
farms of N. W. Wheeler, J. C. Du
laney and Louis White.
Taylor Riddle announced that
the quarantine on poultry ship
ments excepting the vicinity of the
quarantined farms had been rais
ed. A proclamation was issued from
the office of Taylor Riddle in To-
peka asking that all public sales
in the stale be discontinued un
til after the hoof and mouth di
sease has been samped out.
Four hogs and a herd of 18
cattle infected with the foot and
mouth disease were slaughtered
late yesterday on he farm of J. C.
Dulaney, near Winfield. This
stock was appraised at about $3,-600.-
N. W Wheeler's herd, near
Mulvane, which was shot and
buried, was. appraised at about
$2,500, making a total value of
about $6,100.
1315 Main
PhhtS9' Mu&m Service.".
Now is the lime to buy auto
supplies. The war has had a
different effect on this class of
merchandise than on many others
It is held as contraband and the
rubber producing countries have
been hit pretty hard so far as a
market place tor their wares are
concerned. The result has been
that they have had to throw the
available supply on the markets
and this has knocked the prices,
much to the benefit of the auto
mobile owner.
The prices on auto supplies are
cut practically in two. The tire
that a short tune ago cost $29 can
now be purchased lor $18. Other
rubber supplies have dropped in
a corresponding measure. Not
only have the new supply prices
dropped, but the local dealers
have received notice that the com
panies will give them credit for
the difference in the present and
former prices on all supplies now
on hand. While the dealer will
gel a much lower price for his
supplies the change will give an
impetus to the automobile busi
ness, for the heavy expense of up
keep has made many a man hesi
tate about owning a machine.
The chances are that this low
price is only temporary. When
the markets of the world are again
open to the rubber producer the
prices will probably soar again.
In the meantime, however, the au
tomobile owner will probablv
make hay while the sun shines
nd lay in a supply.
Mrs. Robert Bean is still slowly
recovering from her recent ill
ness. Claude Baker, of Garden City,
was in the Bend the first of the
week visiting friends.
Fred Galliardt writes from EI
linwood to have his name added
to the list of readers of The
Daily Democrat, and says that if
everyone is of the same opinion
as he is the venture will be a big
success. He has been a reader of
the weekly Democrat for some
lime and is clad of the chan??. In
a daily paper.
Topeka, Feb. 6. A bill to pro
hibit the sale of habit forming
drugs and providing for sending
habitual drug users to state in
stitutions for treatment was in
troduced in the house today bv
Representative Smith of Seward
county. The bill prescribes pen
alty of $1,000 and one year in jail
to any druggist who sells cocaine,
morphine, opium, heroin, codeine,
or any of the salts or deprivatives
of them except under strict regu
lations. Medicines containing not
more than Iwo grains of opium,
a quarter of a grain of morphine,
one-eighth of a grain of heroin or
one grain of codeine may be sold.
A physician who gives a pre
scription for the habit forming
drugs and for specific treatments
may be punished the same as the
druggist who sells, and in addi
tion the license to practice" as a
physician or as a pharmacist may
be revoked. Drug habitues are to
be taken before the probate court
and a jury of physicians examine
them. If found to be drug users
the patients may be sent to any
state or county, hospital for treatment.
Final Clean-up Sale of Shoes
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For Quality Footwear
That Fits and Satisfies
Trv Ours
Boys' and
. .(55c.
(By The Atchison Globe.)
Some people are always willing
to be helped.
A mathematician usually is so
precise he's a bore.
All teams belong in the first di
vision in a Winter league.
A journalist is always a news
paper man in some other town.
Generally speaking, a luxury is
something you can't afford.
The easiest thing is for the loser
to feel he didn't get a square deal.
Most of the hurrying is devoted
to catching up rather than to get
ting ahead.
Dame Rumor is on old girl who
never pays much attention to the
Boys and old men comprise the
largest proportion of the popula
tion of Lonesome Land.
It is also possible to knock your
enemies so much people will be
gin to sympathize with them.
Why not amend the poor food
law to cover sentiment? People
swallow so much of it that is pois
onous. A man with a vivid imagination
can find symptoms of almost any
disease he happenso read about.
Take it from one who has tried
both, smoking doesn't interfere
with one's work so much as want
ing to smoke.
A learned judge has decided it
is all right for a man to lie to his
wife, which may relieve your con
science a little.
If you are disposed to talk a
good deal without saying any
thing, you might secure employ
ment in the diplomatic corps.
Miss Anderson is again at. her
post of duty in the suit depart
ment of the Born store after an
enforced vacation of a few days'
on account of illness.
John Sessler was up from Co
manche township Saturday for a
visit with his many friends and
to attend to business matters rel
ative to his school district, of(
which he is treasurer. He reports ,
the wheat prospects as all right
down in that part of the county j
and the. roads in bad enough
shape to suit anyone, I
Dodge Cily, Kas., Feb. 6 The
government today stopped a trick
which some of the young men
have been playing on "Dodge City
bootleggers. The fellows would
slip the violator of the Prohibi
tory law a bogus dollar in a dark
alley and get away with a pint of
whisky before the bootleggers dis
covered Ihe deception. Today
Frederick M. Tale, head of the
Kansas Cily branch of the United
Slates Secret Service, arrested Cal
lie Hayes, Clarence Baker and
Thomas Boyd and charged them
with passing counterfeits of gov
ernment coins. They were taken
to Garden Cily and will be arraign
ed before Commissioner B. F.
They say the coins were .found
by Hayes along the railroad track
and that he gave them to the oth
ers. They all deny being-implicated
in their manufacture. Tlie
coins have been in circulation in
Dodge City for several weeks, and
the officers here first found them
in the pockets of suspected boot
leggers whom they arrested.
The lighls were turned on for
trial Friday afternoon and burned
the rest of the day save for sev
eral short stops. The current
was steady as could be desires, the
engines working as smoothly as
clocks. Mr. Stinson has made a
inaiY i .niiuiiuie ami is deserv
ing oi a liberal patronage.'. We
have heard a number express
themselves as to their intention
of having the lights iristalfal in
their homes, who had not previ
ously used them. These are the
indications that point lo a bright
future for Ihe light plant and its
genial proprielor.rTPawnee.'Rock
Mrs. John Berscheidt was up
from El I in wood the first of the
week on a shopping trip and for
a visit with Mr. and Mrs. N'ir
Berscheidt and family.
Mr. artd Mrs. H. J. Remmert and
son were in from, the west side
Monday. Mrs. Remmert has been
in rather poor health for several
weeks and was in to take medical
Mrs. John Connor, of west of
town, has been on the sick list
for several days past, suffering
with a complication of ailments.
She was at first taken down with
an attack of rheumatism, and
has since been undergoing a siege
of the grippe and tonsilitis.
Many A Great Bend Man Knows
How Sure' They Are. '. .
Nothing uncertain about the
work of Doan's Kidney Pills in
Great Bend. There is plenty of"
positive proof of this in, the. tes
timony of citizens. Such .evi
dence should convince the most
skeptical doubter. . ilead ths fol
lowing statement:
Henry Moore, carpenter, 1200
Odell St., Great Bend, says: MI
was laid up with lumbago and for
several days I suffered so intense
ly that I could not. do my house
work. My kidneys were in bad
shape and the kidney secretions
'not only pained in passage, but
l uiuaiiicu ncuiiiiciu. DClIIg aUYlSi
ed to try Doan's Kidney-Pills, I
did and in a few days they put
me, in good health.- I have-had"
iiv uuuuic Hum my uai'K or. Kid
neys since." ' '
Price 50c. at all dealers. 'Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the 'same
that Mr. Moore had. Foster-Mil-burn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. .
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