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The Iola register. (Iola, Kan.) 1875-1902, January 27, 1877, Image 3

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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1 I
PASSENGER 9:58 A. m.
FREIGHT. 12:15 r. m.
PASSENGER. 5:20 p. si.
FREIGHT. 2:10 p. si.
THE following table of advertising rates will
enable persona wishing to enjoy the advanta
ge of our columns, to ascertain lor themselves
the exact cost of any amount of advertising for
tTxcn lyr. 2xr. 4w. 2in. 3m. 6m. lyr.
lineh ! GO-9150 WOO $300.9150 SfioO 91000
15 00
20 00
J5 00
Ik) 00
1J0 00
Local and.Special Notices, 10 cents a line.
Legal notices at the rates prescribed !y Ian'.
K"Tnuisient anil Legal advertisements must
be paid for iu advance.
All letters in relation to business in any way
connected with the office should 1 addrcs-cd to
the Publishers and Proprietors.
Do you visit the school occasionally ?
Monday was a cold, disagreeable
day but Tuesday morning it turned off
warm and pleasant.
Suspicious looking drop letters must
dc opened wttn care, lney probably
contain "statements of account.
The encyclopedia has been ordered
for the lola public school by the com
mittee having tbe matter in charge.
Mr. and Mrs. Downer, parents of the
'Downers boys," from Missouri, have
been visiting their relatives, in lola this
2 Inch. 150 225 350 500' 050 1(1 ft
3 inch SH0 300 5 0J 7 ft) 3 50 13 00
4 Inch 250 4 00 C50 la 00 12 Ol 1750
.iCol 350 550 850 120J 15 00 i2 UO
KCol 650 1000 1G00 22O0 2700 3i W
1 Col 10 00 1C 00 2J 00 '.7 00 3S 00 ti I M
W. W. Sain, editor of the Woodson
County Post, has been appointed post
master at Neosho Falls. Accept congratulations.
Judge Talcott went up to Topeka
last Saturday to help out the Legislature
in their trouble to elect a United States
A gold ring which the owner can have by call
ing at this'olSce and paying charges.
Godcy't iMdj't Book lor February has been, re
cciied. This beautiful magazine is a welcome
vii-itor to our exchange table and is well worth
the price asked for it. Among the magazines for
ladies it takes its place iu the front rank, and we
can cordially commend Ihe pure anil health v tone
of its articles.
We are glad to learn that Mrs. J. B.
Myers, who has been very sick with lung
lever for a couple of weeks, has entirely
Any person taking a newspaper regularly from
tbe poatolQce, whether directed to his name or
another's, is responsible for the puymeut.
If a person onler his jraper discontinued he
most pay all arrearages, or the publisher may
continue to send it until the payment is made,
and collect the whole amount, whether the paper
is taken from the ottice or not.
Tbe courts have derided that refusing to take
newspapers aud periodicals from the postoflice. or
removing ana leaving inem uucaiicii lor, is prima
jacit evmencu ut intentional irauii.
Papers may be sent to subscriliers until an
express onler to discontinue is rcn-ired, and all
arrearages are paid as required by law. Merely
returning a numuer oi tne paper is not smucieni.
You can mop your floor clean and
dry without getting your hands wet by
buying one of those scrub machines at
Richards & Cowan's. 4w2
Corner of JeUVrsou avenue and Broadway St.
Services every Sabbath ut Ij,' a. m. and 7 p. m.
Prayer meeting Tliuixlay ctciiiugs at 7 p. m.
II. K. ."Ii;tii. Pastor.
Corner Madison avenue and Western street.
Services 10r it. in. and 7 p. in. Sunday School at
9Xa.ru. -s- Claiik, Pastor. '
On Sycamore street. Praj er meeting and services-
every abbath at 11 o'clock it. in. t-abbath
School at 12 o'clock. Church meeting at 3 p.
:n. onnaturday liefore the Ur.-t Sabbath in eacli
Wood's Ijii'Iuivkd Hah: IIitouative is un
like any other and lias no ciul. The Improved
lias new tcgei.-ib.e wa-c properties; restores gray
liairto a glossv. imtur..l color; restores laded,
dry, Iiar-n ami falling niir;; restores, dresses,
gives vigor to the hair; lestores liair to prema
turely bald head-.; removes danilruO", humors,
aealy" eruptions; remotes irritation, itching and
sralvdr.MH.-s-. X article, produces such Won
derful eiie.-ls. Try it, cull for Wood's Improved
JIair Hi tiuMtue, and don't be put ojf' inA tiny
mthtr article. Sold by all druggists in this place
and dealer every here. Trade supplied at man
ufacturers' pi ire.- by ;. A Co'iit & Co., Chicago,
sole n nts for the I lilted Mates and Cauadas,
andhi .ill Vfii iieslr Druggists. I0:..livrl
We acknowledge the receipt of the
tenth annual report of the Kansas State
Penitentiary, from Maj. Hopkins, the
Warden. There are 40(i inmates.
A. L. Downer, a former resident of
lola, was in town this week visiting old
inenus anil relatives, uv is express
messenger between Kansas (Jity and
Tux Youth's Coiumxion, ot Boston, is a
thoroughly wide-awake paper, having among its
contributors such writers as J. T. Trowbridge,
Edward Eggleston, Edwani Everett Hale, .las.
T. fields, J. U. Whittier, O. A. Stephens, Lou
isa SI. Alcott, llebecca Harding Davis, Julia
Ward Howe, Sirs. A. II. Leonowens, Louise
Chandler -Moultou. No writers more attractive
in the country, and no nublication for voumr
people more enterprising and useful.
the Atlantic Monthly for February has an ex
cellent list of articles which opens with "The
Witch of Wenham," byJohnGreenleaf Whittier
and closing with Dr. Holmes' ioem on the
Presidential question, "How Not to Settle It."
L.ongfeltow, "A
prose articles is a
Political Condition
ofMouth Carolina," and the first installment of
Jia. iioweir story, "Out or the Question."
Other articles of merit are also worthy of uotice.
Let it be noised abroad throughout the land
that Allen county has a board of commissioners
who have formally denied the statement of a
Saudusky, Ohio, land agency, that cotton,
oranges and lemons are raised in that countv.
The ngures in the circular of the Agency are 100,-
wo itouiiiis couou, aim xv,mi oranges ami lem
ons! I-et the board be mobbed for turning the
tide of emigration elsewhere. Not raise oranges
aud lemons? Hah! In this Italian climate u
ran raise anything tropical, even the devil.
JU'lllctst Kikt'J UlltVll.
1'resiuential question, "How ;
There is also a poem by U. W.
Dutch Picture.'' Among then
very important one on "TheP
To Close Out In The Next
Tho Following Lines Winter Goods.
Centennial Bakery-
s. AND
Having recently purchased John McCoy's
I am prepared to furnish
of the day, and will also keep on band a full
Bread, Cakes, Pies,
Being an old hand at the business will guamn-
Some of the friends of Win. Jones,
out in Marmatou township, called on
turn one evening ot last weet. .iute a
little party and a real good time says our
is tiie time of the fe.ir far Pneumonia,
I,uug Fiver, C.i'ig:i, Colds and fatal results in
predisp iti m i i r lusumptiou ami other throat
and lu 14- ,liej-e.,. 1Jociiek' okiiuax .-v !ii:r
In- !hvu 11-el 1.1 this neishlH.Tho.xl fr theljsi
! tr.Mitvien ivi:!iout:isi!is'efailuietoouiv
si'y iu hive" not u-e.l thisinetieinejouise!!',
to ymi iinu-iis.. J ilia Kranris, loli, lCtnis,
and a-'::.:! f i- woiitlH.-ftil .u.-ces aiiiou hi
cmtoniers. i w. ilo.-e will ii..ce Lie ..i
eu-. 11" y ii -i.ve .1 1 fiit:i iu i.iy ine.liciiie, Jsi-.
Iui tilj:e b I'lent itoiUiee's tietmiu iu,
for ioi-r.il-.aud try it. Ke,nil n" .-ie 'i.itli-, .. c
l m" .uvlr .1 j c lUitb to aie 7 cents.
AVe have received a copy (Vol. 1
No. 1) of George Francis Train's paper,
and any one wishing to see a curious
document can be accommodated by call
ing at this office.
New devices for postage stamps have
been adopted. The color of the three
cent stamps is to be changed, and there
will be an improvement iu the adhesive
compound, something warranted to stick.
Captain Thrasher, while out chop
ping, one day this week, accidentally hov
ered three toes from his right foot. It is
quite a serious and painful wound, and
will imprison him in his house lor Mime
time to come.
St, Xirttolat for February contains several arti
cles of peculiar interest. The most notable is
Thomas Hughes "Talk with Boys"-his text be
ins "Hasten Slowly," and a very stirring, sen
sible and kindly talk it is, full or restraining
i-ouiisel for the too ambitious, and encourage
ment for the timid. Iu the frontiM,;,",-,. "Th
Artist-soldier," and the acconinanvini: sketch
the story of .Major Andre, the ftpv, is told in a
new ami most entertaining way. 'Ihe little ones
will hjve a story about a motherly old hen,
whose Mirtly ixirtrait is given, and several other
things, besides '.liick-in-the-Pulpit," some
music, the Letter and Kiddle Iloxes. This num
ber is no sudden fall from that which ushered in
the "Happy 'ew Year." which was one of the
best, irnot tile very best, or this incomparable
Perhaps a man don't like to get up
these cold niuruings and kindle tlie lire ;
but when he married livr he took her for
"better or for worse," and there she is
sitting up in bed just 1 cad v tu hurl tho-ejcmiiiirt
t.i'i'l. t jiuer an 1 111 other und nianv Ir.endsare
A lieu- line of tf ha wis belling at a great
sacri ice.
A ii-.v sets of .MttlU at less than cost.
Very many different kinds of (Jowls at
less than cost.
All kinds of Goods at vAy low figures.
toyO-tll and examine for yourself.
Stock Raisers look to your interest. I
will ship your hogs aud cattle to Kansas
City and return the net proceeds foroxi:
pee ci:st. For further information call
at Co Operative Store in lola.
I -a me and complete assortment
Brushes of all kinds just received at
John Francis'.
A man-used just a little of it aud be
did not think it helped him. Another
man bought six bottles of Bancroft's
Discovery for $5 and used.it as directed
and he was cured of the worst case of
Rheumatism. Go ye and do likewise.
Bancroft's Liver Pills speak for them,
solves. Give tuem a trial. John braucis
the popular druggist, has a full line of
Bancroft's Family Medicines.
Go to Jno. Francis for your PAINTS.
He has tl)6 largest stock in Allen county
and is selling at the Lowest Prices.
Use Bancroft's Eye Salve.
words at him.
Vt uudcr.-Uii-i the Baptist church
of (i.-irnett have alnui I'muluii.-ii ar
rtingi'mfiiL-t to procure the services of
lii-v. .Ir. Fii-Mtng, ..r lola, to fill th.-ir
pulpit. .Mr Kiel litt i ri'iire-e'iti'-I in
We aie requested to publish the following obit'
uary hich was published iu The Religlout Tele-
tcope, liayton, Ohio, under date of Dec. -A), lSTrf:
KTIIEi:C. AlEMSTIIONU. wileofltobert A. Ann.
strong and daughter of David and ICebecca Fuuk
houer, died in great jieacu November JtUh, 176,
ngeil IU years, 1 months, and S days. 6he was
bora iu Mieuaiidoali County, Va. she embraced
religion iu the liRtcntu yearofherage audjoiued
the United lireihteu in Christ. Mie with her
companion moved to Indiana in l&VI, and to
Kansas iu is., wnere she completed her earthly
life. From tpc time ofherconversunn to thed.iv
oflier death her life was devoted to Jod and the
pro-iKTity of the rhiirrh of her rhoice. Her
tiuiue as always the home f Hie wearv itiner
ant. 1 lud the pleasure or i-ilin this "devoted
si-tcr mica dun.i.- her aali.-tion. She was )a
tient .tud joyful, and 11,-un-l us the Lonl was
verj aimd. Whi-ii the last moments came she
.,.1.- teiy happj, and said she conl.l see them in
lie-tiitiiui array. Tho evidence of her acceptance
1.n1 . s irieai neonil II IIOUUI. UII, Mlial a
ictnry . h::e leaves a husband and oue
25 Ladies Wool Knit Sacques, Hand
some, worth $1.50, to be closed at $1.00
25 Misses Wool Kit Sacques, in colors,
worth $1.00, to be closed at 75 c
Ladies All Wool Double Shawls, worth
$3.50 to be closed at $2.75.
Ladies All Wool Heavy Double Shawls
worth $5.00, to be closed at $4.00.
Ladies All Wool Extra Heavy Fine
Double Shawls, worth $G.50, to be closed
at $5.00.
Gents Fine Beaver Overcoats, worth
$18, $17, and $15, to be closed at $15,
$14, and $12.
Heavy Chinchilla Coats, worth $7.50
and $8.50, to be closed at $6.00.
100 Gents Winter Caps, choice for 50
cents, worth 75 c and $1.00.
Pianos & Organs.
Decker Bros., Chickering,
Mathushek, Haines
axd OTiira
Enrdett, Geo. Woods, Esty, Taylor &
Farley, and other
tSrlnstrumenls told on Installments and
taken in ExcIiange."B&
Orders for Small Instruments, Sheet Music und
Music lks carenUly tilled.
Satisfaction guaranteed in every particular.
Call on or address,
Mrs. Julia A. Whitney,
Music Teacher and Agent, lola, Kansas
In the District Court, of Al!en"County,Sta!e of
nausas, gs.
The Sullivan Savings Institution, I'bilittuT,')
M. C. Morris, anil his wife, Louisa Morris,
Defentlants. j
T11K above named defendants, of parts un
known, will take notice that said plaintiff
uiuoii incut ii nay or January, is,,, ii:eni;:i
tioii in the District Court of said Countv an-1
State, against them, setting forth that the said
defendants gavva mortgage to plaintiff on lite
follow in," land In Said Countv and Mate, to wit
The nor:;i halfof tt southwest ouarttr. and the
somn naii oi me nonnwesi quarter ot section
ten (13) township ('24) range twenty-one (21)
east (IM) acres), to secure the payment of tlve
hundred dollars, aecordiug to one proinbso.y
note referred to in mid mortgage, and prjying
that defendant, M. C3Iorris, may pay said sum
with Interest amounting to S.Vj.."ai ; ur that s lid
premises may be scld t pay the same, and the
said defendants are notUI-d that they are reiiuireil
toapiiearand answer said petition oil or before
the 21th day of February, ls. otherwise said
petition will lie taken as true, and judgment ren
dered the nature of which will be a decree onler
ing said premises to be sold and the proeeds ap
plied to the payment of tbe costs, llftv dollars
attorney's fees, and the amount found due on
said note, and that each of the said defendants,
and all tiersons claiming under them, be fore
closed of all equity of redemption, or other in
terest in the said premises.
t , In witness whereof I hereunto set my
seal hand and seal, this 12th day of Januarv
' s- 1S77. C. M. SIMPSON.
Cleric District Court.
Tnr Scrxivajr Savings Ixstitutios,
Mcrbat A Richards,
3 5w Attorneys for riaintiff.
50 Boys Caps, 40 and
and 75 cents.
50 c, worth 50
lef. to mourn; but iu hojie.
its :i a vou:i; iti:t;i i!'iihtl- thu.i ordiiiurv
ibiiitv. (Jvriit.lt Plain Ltdef.
When iti want pure and fre-h
lrttjis, call in at Steveu-ott's ilrti'i store.
He ha- lately got in :i new sttpjdy. and
has as fine a stuck of everything jn'ttain
in tu thai !m-incss as can be (niind in
"ntitliern Kansas. I'rescniitions fare-
fully and correctly compounded. It
Theafliuyup at Hore-t.hoe Bend,
mentioned iu our "Up the lliver" corn's
Hindencc last week, will probably result
in a couple of State cases. One of the
parties had his face horribly mutilated
with an axe, and the other was severely
bruised with a club .o we a-e informed.
In the IV-Iiruiry number of Scribner, Mr. IM
va..l -f..i.nir desenbei 1 rotit-Iihing in the
itajley IjUi (iluiue). t.'en. .McCIellan
'. ..i.erou the Nile," will tie continued; a new
.-.. , ,iv -ii ti.ii -- .i-itk..i- i:....,,. i...
tllliit-e ." v. ift ti.-lieunt alvi :i rJi.iri.iiii itltw.
i ,1-a e.i ,i.iv. .i" ii h. e, of oiborue," ihe lather
. .Vadal,
A Splendid Offer in Rem
nant Dress Goods.
100 yards Remnants Dress Goods for
15 and 20 cts. Short lengths of Goods
we sold for 25 and SO cts. yard.
All Dark Styles Winter Prints closing
at 16 yards for $1.00. This is the last
chance to get cheap prints, New Spring
designs will be advanced to 7 and '8 cts.
These goods are all offered at les3 than
cost to sell and every offer is a Bargain.
Zola Co -Operative
At Scott's Corner, Washington Avenue.)
And all kinds of
Farm implements
S?JW Goods bought and soldor Cash.
South Side Maditon Avenue,
Zola, Kansas.
All kinds of DRIED PRUITS at
Jno. Francis.
Do you buy cheap chromos?
Sieighing is about played out.
What's de badder wid your dose ?
We bad some premium weather this
The boys are wearing tbe ice of! tbe
There was a dance at Masonic Hall
last night.
The hens are on a strike again and
eggs are scarce.
A wolf was seen just north of town
a few nights ago.
There are a good many "Big Down
ers" in our town.
Don't you think the new born year
was ft "equally" child?
"The cold weather we have had has
run the the wood piles low.
Boys remember that killing snow birds
subjects you to a severe nne.
The finest Rio and Java Coffee in
the market at Richards & Cowan's. 2w
Quite a number of our exchanges
copied the item about Jlr. Uook's big
Hogs are the sheet anchor of West
ern prosperity and corn is the main
T. S. Stover went up to Topeka this
week to help elect a United States Sen
ator. The fruit buds have not suffered to
any extent on account of the late, cold
Attention is called to the advertise
ment of Mr. Loomis' Star Bakery in to
day's paper.
There is not so much complaint of
lack of small change among our mer
chants of late.
Mr. John KpHng isputtingupanew
frame dwelling house on his farm out in
Marsaaton township.
Fire ft gun up your chimney when
it is on fire, and the flames will be in
Stntly extinguished.
The Cily Council failing tu get a
quorum at their regular meeting Inst
Jlonday night, met Wednesday evening.
They appointed N. V. Loomis, City
Ma 'shal, and engaged Mes-srs. Cates &
Keplintrer to look after the interests of
the city in the caeof L. L.Xorthrup v-i.
the County Commissioners et. al.
A boy by the name of Penn, who
has been working at Weith, Robinson &
Cozine's blacksmith shop, left town yes
terday. The cause seems to be that he
was iu the habit of pilfering small arti
cles at the various stores, and Mr. Co
zine getting an inkling of it, investigated
his carpet-sack, which resulted in finding
a miscellaneous lot of traps which the
boy could not account for.
On the second page of to-day's pa
per will be lounil a prospectus ot the
life of Gen. Custer, published by Shel
don & Co., N. Y. From a casual exam
ination of this work, we can heartily re
commend it, and if you want an inter
esting book you can do no better than to
subscribe for it. William Brown has
the agency for this county, and will call
on you during the ensuing week to get
your name.
Look out for fires. The extra heat
engendered during the severe weather
has thoroughly dried all wood work near
pipes and flues. People in extremely
cold weather are apt to neglect precau
tion in their haste to secure the heat
necessary to keep them comfortable. In
their dwellings and stores they fill up
the stove, throw on the draft, and pay
no heed to the fact that the extra heat
may result in conflagration.
Mr. Wolf, living east of lola some
hve or six miles was in town oue day
this week to takeout a warrant charcintr
one Watson'With assault wttn intent to
kill. MriLoomir constable, started out
to interview Mr. Watson but was unable
to find him; reports agreeing that he
had started for a warmer clime Ala
bama. As near as wo can learn Mr.
Wolf was annoyed by Watson's cattle
and drove them home, requesting him to
keep them there. . Watson brandished a
club and told himjust what we don't
know and started Mr. Wolf home. Mr.
Watson is evidently a bull-dozer.
A gentleman by the name of Arnold
has opened up a grocery store at Carlyle.
D. CAdan'is has filled his ice house
with a fine lot of ice for next summer's
use. '
Dr. Vhittaker complains ot dull times
in- hid line of business, therefore, the
community is to be congratulated upon
its good health.
The Gilgison boys are securing their
crop of ice for next summer. Perhaps
David thinks if he should engage in new
relations of life it is well to keep cool.
What about the State Horticultural
Society that met a few weeks ago at Em
poria? If you hear of anythiug they
did, give us the gist I think it will be
interesting news to quite a number of
subscribers. .
r.:i.,u-ii Nutuv.il .listnrv, liv K.
.lUMuri.f s,..utr lmin--iiiiis nl liml m SjcuI
i.iic.'' Oiicuftiit- lirilitcAl tliinn in tliis ntiiii-
l;i will ucaiftmi; !,, .!- Kate Field, of mi iu-iLT.r-.v
with the le-urau tmi-iciaii, Mr Julius
... ..i.i.i ., i.i..iititu0 u n-iiiiuioi.-eiici'a ol ll elier,
IKt-t.i.iu-n, and I'a.ianini. A new otnrv liv ls
. cu will :ii(kmi- in this numlier, called ""limy
Mr Siiinn met liN Dctiny." A new account,
lij an ei c-ilne.-.-, of Karragnt in Mobile ISav, '
will In- une uf the jioints of .-xx-iil interest,
"file MicrjM-Hie aiming the Kluuers," is the
title of Mrs. llerrick'n iMiural history paper,
a:id i.i it -helixes Mime nf the latest news from
the Initaiiii- il uuii'lerliinil. ThenuiiilKrcontains
iithtr notable anicles, including u lSrjr.-a-lirac
study ii .Vriiijii-l:u'li!i dialect entitled, "Vas
Iteuderlleiithpckeil."' Thelatter, UK thought,
is likely "to go the rounds."
Ujtjitiiroirt Magazine for February is especially
strong in Action, lleiidcs the continuation of
George .M.ird.iiuM's herial, "The Marquis of
I.iM'.ic." which is equally jiowerful in incident
anil ilcliiieation of cliaracter, there are two cap
ital chort stories. "Hebe," bv the author or
"lJlimllilt.1." anil "The Cruise of thi H.-r,i..
byJ.unesT. M:a.i , and the opening chapters
of AtierlueliVnew tale, "VoungAlojs: or The
ti.iwkfrom America,'" which may be described
a liiup.-es of t.'erman life through American
siK-ctarlf.. )f the other articles Ihe most notice-
auiearcuaii Hamilton's "Kail road Ketlect ions,"
suggested by a journey on the Union 1'acilic Itail
ro.nl, niidpre-entingu vivid picture or the obsta
cles eni-oiintert-d in the achieiemtnt of that o-reat
enterprise: fie concluding portions of Edward
lung's "Pictures Irom t;pain" and Edwani
Itruce's "KlmirofFire," both full of entertain
ing information and amply illustrated; and a
chularly analysis or the second part of Uoeth's
"Faust," byl'rof W. II. Goodyear. Thereare
several poems in the number.the best being"The
uirisiunts'iree," by l-.inma I-azarus, and a son
rgy-We Keep a Full Assortment-!!
A. I . X A. JUsous meets on the first
and third Saturuays in every month.
Itiethrcn in good standing are invited
to attend.
M. UkMO;S, V. JI.
J. X. White, Sec'y.
Fresh and Salt
And sell at Low Prices
Cash Paid for Hides.
I O. or Odd Fel
lows hold their regular
meetings every '1 ues
dav eveniuir. in their
hall, next door north of the post oilice. Visiting
brethren in good standing, are invited to attend
James Simpsox, Scc'y.
net on "The Wabash,
The "ilonthlv tiossiii'
riety of topics.
by Maurice Thomiison.
presents the usual va-
We have been requested to publish the follow
ing syllabus of the Supreme Court," covering n
similar case tried in this county last year :
1 . Stat utes are not considered to be repealed by
implication unless the repngnancv between the
provisions of the new and the former statute is
plain and irreconcilable, and Held, that the stat
ute authorizing cities of the third class to license
the sale or intoxicating liquors does not retieal
the provisions of the dram shop act of Itm.
2. Different statutes relating io the same sub
ject matter are to be construed together.
3. Cities of the third class have the power to
their limits subiect to a compliance with the pro
visions of the dram shop act of ltwj.
4. The presentation of a ietition to the city
council by a person applying for a dram shop li
cense as required by section 1 of the dramshop
act of lwa, is an essential condition precedent to
the validity of a license to Fell intoxicating liq
uors within the limits of a city orthc third class;
Held, tliat a license granted by the corporate au
thorities of a city of ihe third class iu violation
of the provisions of said act isno protection to
the licences, and Is null and void.
AH the justices concurring.
Veiit Useful to Evert Osb. In no other
way can a person get back so large a profit for a
very little money, as to expend in learning what
to do, when to do it, and how to do it in other
words, to have his brains help his hands. Here
is one way to do this: The small saving or extra
production of less than half acent a day, or three
cents a week, will now iirncun a ln lumti-
ful, cheap journal, for all of 1S77, splendidly
illustrated, with over 6X line original Engrav
ings, and over a thousand columns of the very
wvsi, i'1-.iii, iiiucnuai, irusiwonay lniormatton
about the every day in-door and out-door work
and comfort of every home, in country, village.
auuciiy. inis iniormation is not prepared by
........ ......-.....-?, uu. uj f. iaC 1U1KSU1 1UIC1U-
gent working men and women, who know what
they write about, and they are assisted by many
others, who furnish information from their own
practice arid observation. Such a journal is the
American Aaricalturitt. so nametlliecjiiii star-toil
S3 years ago as a rural journal, but since greatly
enlarged and improved to snit the dally wants of
"iij juaii, nuuisu, auuciiiiu, in cny, country,
and village for the farmer and gardener, the
merchant and mechanic, the professional man
indeed, all classes. It Is packed full of useful
information that every one ought to have. Many
single hints and suggestions will repav more than
a whole year's cost of the paper. 'Its original
engraved plans for buildings and improvements,
with details of cost, etc., and common sense
directions are worth far more than u majority of
the costly works on architecture. Great care is
exercised to have every line in thcpajicr reliable.
Its ronttant, persistent, and full exposure of a
multitude of humbugs and swindles, are alone
worth fir more than its cost, and hava saved to
its readers and to the country millions of dollars
that would have cone into th hmula nf:h,m.pi
The departments for housekeepers" and children
are Tery useful and entertaining. In short, the
mrrican Agrieulturitt is mil of good things, and
ought to be in every house in the land. The cir
culation is so large that the Publishers can sup
ply it at little above cost the cot of the printing
or lour copies
Money in sums from 9M) 00 to $Ti,OM 00
loaned on long time uion improved Farms in
Allen, Anderson, Woodson, and Neosho coun
ties. .
A TTORXEY AT LAW, lola, Kansas. Oilice
Xjlovcp Northmp's Uank.
'Oppotile roslojpce, IVaihinaton Atenne,)
IOLA, - - - - KANSAS.
Is prepared to do Ulacksmitiiixc of all kinds.
Special attention given to IInnsE Siioeixo.
Llimhpr Waornnc
Made to order and warranted better than those
manufactured east
, Grab Plows Made io Order
nnd guaranteed strung ind durable. Repairing
of every description done on short notice and
Satisfaction- Guaranteed.
Waron-, Cauuiacie. Skin- and
Done with Neatness and Dispatch.
State pf Kansas, )
County or Allen, J83"
In the District Court, of the 7th Judicial Dis
trict in and for said county and State.
The Lebanon Savings Bank, Plaintiff,
Joseph Pridhani, Defendant.
By virtue of a Order of Sale in the above enti
tled cause issued out of the District Court, of the
th Judicial District in and for Allen County,
Kansas, 1 will on
Tuesday, February 13th, A. D. 1877,
at 11 o'clock a.m. ofsaiddayat the front door
of the court house of Allen county, in the city of
iota, nansas, oner tor sale at puunc auction to
the highest and best bidder for cash in hand the
followtngdcscribed lands and tenements, to-wit:
The northwest quarter of section five (5) town
ship twenty-live (S), south of range eighteen
(le) east ; also the southwest quarter of the
southwest quarter of section thirty-two (H)
township tweuty-fourf(il);south of range eigh
teen (IS) east ; also, twenty acres in tbe south
west quarter of section seven (7), township
twenty-four (21) south of range teightecn (IS),
descrilied as follows : Commencing at a point
w here the Xeosho River crosses the south line of
the southwest quarter of said section seven (7),
township twenty-four (21), south of range eigh
teen (IS) east, thence down the channel of said
Xeosho River to a point where the south line of
said southwest quarter crosses the said Neosho
1th cr a second time, all of said lands being situ
ated iu the County of Allen and State of Kansas,
and to lie sold withont appraisement to satisfy
said order of sale.
sheriff's oilice, lola, Kan., JTlnuary 12, 1S77.
35w MieriA Allen County, Kansas.
rintlie District Courrof Alln County; SMl- v
Kansas, .
The 1'e.iule Saving Dink, rUintiu",
Vs. 1
Narcisi Olden, wife of V. illiani Olden, J
an.l Robert P.Oldeu. hcirs-at-dawerWil- j
liamOlden, deceased, DdcndantSi J
THE above-named iletcn.lmts of patts un
known, will take n::ice that said plaintiff
U.d, i.n the iUth lUrorjanuiry, !J, nie its pe
titiim iu the District Court ot said Connty and
State against them, setting fort.1 that the raid
defendant, Xjrcissa Olden ami the said William
Olden, deceased, gave a mortgage to phiiutuT oir
the wext halt of the nurtheast quarter of section .
tweulv-f.iar, township twenty-sir, range seven
teen (i) acre) in said County of AUcn, State or
Kansas, to secure the payment of live hundred
dollars according to one certain promissory note
referred to in said mortgage.- anil executed by
saM XartrLisa Olden itlid her huiiaud. William
Oiileu, deceased; and praying that defendant
Xarcisna OMen, mav pnv said sum with interest
amounting to SbOi.KJ or that said premises may
be s.ild to pay the same; and tbe said defendants
arcuotilieii that they are required to appear antf
ausuersaid petition en or before theilthil.iy of
February, 1?77, otherwise said petition wilt be
taken as true and judgment rendered, the nature
ofwhich Till be a decree ordering said premises
to be sold and the proceeds applied to the pay
ment of the costs, $.'i0.00 attorneys fe-s, ami the
amount found due on said note, and a decree
entered that each of tbe said defendants, and alt
persons claiming under them lie foreclosed of all
equity of redemption or other interest in the said
1 In witness whereof I have hereunto.
seal I set my hand and seal, lhis 19th day of
January, 1877. C.JLSI3IP80N
Cterk District Court.
Tiuc Peoples Savings Baxk,
3ICDBAT Richard,
Plaintiff's Attorneys. 4w3
In the district court of the 7th Judicial District
sitting in and tor said County and atate :
John II. Moore. Plaintiff, "1
vs. 1
Horatio Bancroft, Amelia Bancroft,
O. II. Harlan, W. C. Jones, aud
Charles E. Briggs, Defendants. J
By virtue of an order of sale in the above enti
tled cause, issued out of the District Court of the
71b Judicial District, in and for Allen County
Kansas, I will on
Tuesday, February 13th, A. D. 1877,
at 11 o'clock a. m. ofsaiddayat the front door of
the Court House of Allen county in the city of
lola, Kansas offer for sale at publicauction to the
highest and best bidder for cash in hand the fol
low iue described lands and tenements, to-wit :
"Lots eleven (11), twelve (12), thirteen (IS),
iiiieeu vii, uimsiAieuii iiu; in uiocx niAi-mu
(lii) in the City of lola, Kansas.
aid land and tenements to lie sold without ap
praisement to satisfy said order of sale.
Sheriff's oilice, lola, Kansas, January 11. 1877.
3."i-w Sheriff Allen County, Kan.
Heads, on standard pa
nameutal, neatly and (he
office. Call and see snecin
paiier. Plain and Orna-
?hcaiilv nrintfil nt thU
Call and see specimens.
State of Kansas, j a
County or Allen, j""-
In the District Court of the'tli Judicial District
within and for said County and State,
L. L. Xorthrup, Plaintiff,
Thomas McCulloch and Nannie P. JIc-
milloch, Defendants.
By virtue of an order of sale in the aliove enti
tled cause, issued out of the District Court of the
7th Judicial Distiir.t lit and for Allen County,
Kansas,;! will on
Tuesday. February 13tb, A. D. 1877,
at 12 o'clock m. ofsaiddayat the front door of
the Court House ofAUen county in the city of
jut.,, nuiisus, iiuer iiil sale ai puunc aiicunil 10
the highest and licst bidder for cash in hand, the
following described lands and tenements, to wit:
Lot numlier live (i) in block number lifty-one
l.uj in me i,ny 01 lout, Alien uouniy, lan-as,
appraised at one huudreil and seventy-live Dollars.
Said land and tenements to be sold to satisfy
said onler or sale.
Sheriff's office, lola, Kan., January 12. 1S7C.
3:5w J. L. WOODIN,
SheriQ of Allen county, Kansas.
In the 7th Judicial District Court sitting in and
for Allen County, Kansas.
The New England Loan Company, Plaintiff,
Joseph II. Barton and Ellen Barton, his (
wife, Defendants. J
TILE above named defendants of parts un
known, will take notice that the said plain
t ffd.idon theOthilay of January, 1877, tile its
letition in said court against them, setting forth
that they gave a mortgage to plaintiff on the
west half of the northeast quarter, and the east
half of the northwest quarter of section nine
teen (19) town3hin twenty-three (2-). range
eighteen (lb) in said County of Allen, to secure
the payment of $400.00 according to theprni isivns
of one promissory note referred toinsaldmort
tgage, and praying that the defendant. Joseph
11. Barton, may pay said sum now due, with in
terest amounting to 8441.50. or that said prem
ises may lie sold to luy the same, aud the said
defendants are notinett that they are lcquired to
appear and answer said petition on or before the
21th day of February, 1377, otherwise slid peti
tion will be taken as true and confessed, anil
judgment rendered, the nature of which will be
a decree orucnng sam premises to tie soul, ami
the proceeds applied to the payment of costs,
forty dollars attorney's fees, an-1 the amount
fount! due on said promissory note, and that
each of the said defendants, and 11 persons
claiming under them, subsequently to the com
mencement of this action, be foreclosed of all
equity of redemption or other intei i-st in the said
i"- -In witness whereof I have set my
seal hand and seal, this Hth ilir of Januarv
' vO 1S77. CM. SIMPSON.
Clerk District Court.
The Xkw England Loax Compasv,
MuiutAV RtciiAitos,
:l 3w Attorneys for Plaintiff,
In the District Court of Allen County, State uf
Kansas, ss.
Thomas Fiske, Plaintiff, )
vs. I
William II. Patterson and Lydia Pat- (
terson, his wife, defendants. J
TIIE above named defendants, of parts un
known, will take uotice that said plaintiff
did, on the loth day of January. 1K77, tile bis i
tition in the District Court of said county nnd
State, against them, setting forth that they gave
a mortgage to plaintiff on the follawiug lands
situate in said Ccunty and State, to wit : The
cast one-half of the northeast qiuiter of section
eight 03) township twenty-four (21) si.uib of
range eighteen (18) east, containing eighty (Sh)
acres, to secure the payment of two bundled dol
lars, according to one certain pxomissrry mile
referred to in said mortgage, and pntjiug that
defendant, Willsam II. Patterson, miy pays rid
sum with interest, amounting to tm'i liunt'.reii
and twenty dollars ; ur tliatsaid premises may Ikt
sold to pay the same ; and t;.e -aid iU'Aiidanls
are notiflcil that they ale required tu np;ear and
answer said petition on or before the Si day nf
February, ISJ7, otherwise said ctition will In
takenis true and judgment reiidere:! urderiiigsaid
premises to be sold, and the proceeds apil:nl ti
the payment of the costs, 94').COattimey's fees,
and the amount found clm-oti tdid mite, and a de
cree entered, that each of the said itrfeudauts.
and all persons claiming under them U- f ircclc.-ed
of all equity of retle'iiptinti, nr other interest iu
tbe a pre mises.
i - In witness whereof, I have hereunt
al (set mv iiiud and seal this lanuarv
1 , ' 10th, 1-77. !. M. SI JIPSOX,
3 w Clerk District ( ollrt.
TIIOMA FISKE, Plaintiff.
3 :(w Atton.ej-'i for Plaintiff.
fOUXTY ATTORNEY, and Counsellor at
Vlovw, iola, KA8. uuice oi tneuourt House.
JUSTICE OF TIIE PEACE. Office over Rich-
J ards A Cowan's grocery and provision store.
A. J. FULTON, JI. D., L. C. P. S.
ONT. CANADA, Gnuluate Jefferson Meilical
College, Philadelphia, 3Iemberof the Alumni
Association Jefferson College. Phvsician. Sur
geon and Accouclier. Office aud residence over
Beck's gram and teed store, Iola, Kansas.
M. DeAIOSS. 31. D.,
OFFICE over Jim. Francis & Co.'s Drugstore
Residence on Washimrton avenue. 2nd door
south Xeosho street.
Iola, Kansas.
TAILOR. Iola, Kansas; can be found at Yates
store. Clothing made to onler in the latest
and best Styles. Satisfaction guaranteed. Clean
ing aud repairing done on short notice.
W. 11. Richards. W. A. Cowan,
Iola, Kansas. " nT lyr.
paper or 81.00 a year postpaid:
.i.i. ii onranvire and send yi
lion i tor 1ST. (t ol, 51) to Okaxrc .IcddICompast
l ou will find it pays
S4 Broadway, New Tork.
ana pays vetii.
Having recently purchased Mrs. Hutchinson's
I am now prepared to furnish
I will also keep on hand a full stock of
Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc.
N. F. L003IIS,
State of Kansas, )
County of Allen. "'
In the District Court of theith Judicial District
in ana ror sam uounty and State.
L. L. Xorthrup, Plaintiff,
Josiah Hoasrland. Jfatrsrie Hoaeland
and Eras tus Richardson, Defendants.
Bv virtne of an order nf asIr in t h aIiata ti.
titled cause issued out of the District Court of the
in judicial District la and for Allen County,
Kansas, I will on
Tuesday; February 13th, A. D. 1877,
at 12 o'clock ra. of said' day. at the front ilonr
off he court house of Allen county, in the city of
.u.d, iiniMiu, uuu km iuiC UK 1IUU.1U ilUtlHIll IO
the highest and liest bidder for cash in hand the
following described lands and tenements, to-wit:
The northeast quarter of section numlier one
(I) in township number twenty-five (IS), south
of range number seventeen (li) east ill Allen
County, Kansas, appraisedat one .thousand
Said lands and tenements to be sold to satisfy
said order of sale.
Sheriff's office, Iola, Kansas, Januarv 12, ls77.
3 5w Sheriff of Allen County, Kansas.
Al corner Madison and Washington Avenue,
Iola, Kansas,
Is positively selling BETTER GOODS and more of them for LESS JIONEY
than at any other Dry Goods establishment in Southern Kansas.
Iffy Stock consists of a fall line of
Which have been selected with great care. A handsome stock of QUEENb
WARE of the best brands. GLASSWARE in all varieties, which
i sett at, unquesitonaDiy luiv PKlUliS.
And LADIES SERGE GAITERS to suit the most fitstidious
In styles to suit the Professional 3Ian, the Business 3Ian, the Farmer,
the Jrechanic and the Plow Boy.
SIS' Window Hollands. Paver Shades and Potion CurfMn FV, -,. ..iu..
in,!' ..... - ,'-:... -"
u fiunu. rruii i ini UliClil lunny.
J. & P. Coats
story is not half told.
In the District Ci.urt of Allen Comity, Seventh
Judicial District of the State of Kan-a.-:
E. A. Delaml, i'laistiff,
Gustave Kcehu. Msrie Koehn,
and John rnU llenrr Klin-
ham. Defendants. j
TIIE St He of Kansas, to John Fritz 'Henry
Klinkhjiii. Defendant in said action, greet
ing: You are beiebv notified, that you, to
gether With (iiistave Koehu and Marie Kohn.
have been sued in siid court by E. A. Ik-land,
the plaintiff in said action, and must, ou or
before the ilth day of February, 1jT7, answer
the petition which was ;;ied in the Clerk's
Office' of -aid Court on the I It h day of August,
137C, or said petition willte taken as tine,
and judgment will lie rendered accordingly
against your co-defendant, Uiistate Koehu, lor
8-0,(). with interest thereon at the rate of
twelve per cent, per annum from the 1st day of
June. 17.", upon the note set up in said iHtitmu,
which ra3 executed and delivered by said Gus
tave Koehn to plaintiff, and also for rusts of ac
tion, including Sii.0 as attornevs' fees for foil
closing mortgage, and a decree will be rendereiL
bysaidniurt, foreclosing the mortgage set up in
said ietition aitainst all uf said defeiidaiits. and
declaring faid judgment the best lien uixm the
lands and tenements mentionetl in aid mortgu; v
ar.d de.-cril-cd as follows : 1 tv nnrthvt est iiiarler
of the northwest innuter of the nortliMC-st quar
ter of section numter nineteen intor.i.fhip num
ber twenty-three of range number twenty-one.
i!i Al'e.i Cii'iT. Kausis. nnd an order will hi
made lor the sale of said real e.-fiie, free and
clear of all intr: est (.t each and every nf naiii de
fendants, and they lie barred of all "equity of re
demption thereof, tmsitisly said judgment
- - . lu witness whereof 1 hereunto sign
'seal Jiiiy iisme. and affix the seal of said
' -. court, this ftb dav of Januarr. In77.
C. II. SIMl'MJX. '
Clerk District Court, Alien Co., Kansas.
Mir.ii ay A RiciiAUDs.
3-3w l'laintiff's Attorneys.
and Clark's 0. N. T. Spool Thread in all numbers,
We will prove the facts at the counter.
fc tfl 4111 Pr J' at home. Samples worth SI
tHJ IU iJIU free.STiNsos ACo., l'ortland, Maine.
Wholewle and Betail Daaler is
Groceries & Drugs
Having purchased the interest of the late firm of Jno. Francis & Co. am now pre
pared to offer inducements to dealers and the public generall both
In Price and Quality of Goods.
Am buying from first hands andin Large Quan
tities, paying cash therefor, thereby enabling ?ne
to sell at a very small profit FOR CASH.
Keep constantly on hand the best stock of both
that can be found in the county.
In the District Court of Allen County, State cf
Kansa-, -s.
The Sullivan Savings Institution, l'laintiff,")
vs. t
William A. Doty and Clarissa Dotv. blsf
wiie, iieieii-iaiiis.
TIIE above named defentlants, of parts tin-known.-will
take notice that said laintiff
did, mi the lith day or January, 177, iile its pe
tition in the District Court ot said County and
Male, again-t them, Setting forth that the said
defendants' rave a mortgage to plaintiff on the
follow lug lauds i.i s:d loMity and State: The
sOiUI.e.t--t quarter of section thirty-four (..4)
township twenty-fonr (it) south of range twni-ty-one
(;1) cast (15j acres), to fi-ciire the pay
ment of s-veii hundre-1 dollars, arcording to one
certain promissory note reTened to in said mor:-
fnge;aiul prying that delt-uilant William A.
.ity, may p.iy tuid sum with interest amount
ing to ',l.'iQ, or that sjid pri'inises may be sold
Io Kiy tiiesainc; sdi! Ihe slid defenilams are no-
tieil tu-l tiiey aru ri-imreil to apicar and ap-H-arrnd
answer daid petition on or before the
StdiUy of r'ebrnary. 1-77, otherwise said peti
tion will le taken Js true and judgment rendered
thenatuieof whtel: will lie to decree said prem-i-es
to I sold, and the proceeds applied to the
luyment of the co-W, $70.09 attorney's fees,
and tlironioiin fuad due on said tiote, and that
-aeli nf the ssid ilefenilanl., and all persons
rhilmi.-ig under them, lie foreelo-eil of all equity
of redemption or other inteu-t iu the said prem
. In witne m heri-of, I hereunto set my
; hand and seal, this l-.'ib dav of January
!T7. C. 31. MSH'SOS.
Full and Complete,
And is i-ier the ehsrge of Rn experienced Druggist, Chas. A. Laktx. Parties
aeinng to have prtscrijitions carefully and correctly compounded should call at Ihe
On Price Drug House. "
Keeps a sfoch of Paints, Oils and Glass, which
willbe sold at BED ROCK PRICES FOP. CASH.
The highest market price paid for Produce of all kinds
ti& Goods Delivered in any part of the Cittj.-Q
Clerb District Cnnrl .
Tub Si'ixivav Savix; Iniititctiox,
MriKMV .t Itii:itvRts,
3 iw .Mtoniey for Plalutltr.
Notice of Final NctjLleiHent
The State of Kaiiits. T
Allen County. j
In the FrubatcConrt 1 n and for said connty.
Iu tl.einatterof tkeEctateof)
. W. Oglesby, Deceased. j
Creilitorsnd all other persons Interested in
theafoiesaid estate, are herebv notified, that at
the net regular term of the Probate Court In and
for said County, to 1 liegira und held at the court
room in Iola. County orAIten. State of afbrssaid,
on ttetlrst Monday in the month of April, A. V.
1M77. I sh-tll apply to said court fur a full and
final seltleuu-nt of said Kstate.
Administrator of
January 17th, A. D. 1P77. l:lw
SKNDZietoG. P.HowxtLiCo..Xew-Tork,for
pamphlet of lODpagescontainingliats ofSOOOneira
papers, and estimate showing coat of advertising
tf: !' i ,4naM:Mu"

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