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Br. Talmage Takes Stand Against
Evolution of Darwin and Huxley.
'Th Theorv nt Involution Oppo.ril to the
Itlhle and to Ileal hclenre Survival of
th Fittest Ii n t ytti nml Natural
selection Mere Words.
Tlio question of human orlpln, so
prominent now In scientific and reli
gions circles. Is discussed In character
istic style by Dr.
Tulmagc In this
discourse, In which
he also advocates
Sthe theory that all
9 the world's prog
ress n as come
through Christian
ity. Text, 1. Tim
othy 0:20: "0 Titn
tothy, keep that
I which Is committed
ito thy trust, avoid
ing oppositions of
rosv. talmaob. science falselv so
called." Dr. Talmage, among other
things said:
There Is no contest between genu
ine science and revelation. The same
flod who by the hand ot prophet
wrote on parchment, by the hand of
the Mtorm wrote on the rock. The
best telescopes and microscopes and
electric batteries and philosophical
apparatus belong to Christian unlver
nlttes. Who gave us magnetic teleg
raphy? Prof. Morse, a Christian.
Who swung the lightnings under the
Mia, cabling the continents together?
Cyrus W. Field, the Christian. Who
discovered the anaesthetlcal proper
ties of chloroform, doing more for the
relief of human pain than any man
that ever lived, driving back nine
tenths of the horrors of surgery?
James Y. Simpson, of Edinburgh, as
eminent for piety as for science; on
week days in the university lecturing
tin profoundest scientific subjects, and
on Sabbaths preaching the gospel of
Jesus Christ to the masses of Edin
At the present time the air is filled
with social and platform and pulpit
talk about evolution, and it is high
time that the people who have not
-time to make investigation for them
tiolves understand that evolution in
the first place is up-and-down, out-and-out
infidelity; in the second place it is
contrary to the facts of science, and
In the third place, that It is brutaliz
ing in its tendencies. I do not argue
that this 1b a genuine book, I do not
nay that the llible is worthy of any
kind of credence those are subjects
for other Sabbaths but I want you to
-understand that Thomas Paine and
.Hume and Voltaire no more thoroughly
disbelieved the Holy Scriptures than
tip all the leading scientists who be
lieve in evolution. And when 1 say
ncientlsts, of course, 1 do not mean
literary men or theologians who in
esay or in sermon, and without giv
ing their life to scientific investiga
tions, look at the subject on this Bide
or that. By scientists'I mean those
who have a specialty In that direction
und who, through zoological garden
und aquarium and astronomical observ
atory, give their life to the study of the
physical earth, Its plants and its anl
tools .and the regions beyond so far as
optical instruments have explored
I 1 put upon the witness stand living
and dead the leading evolutionists
Ernst Hcckel. John Stuart Mill, Hux
ley, Tyndall, Darwin, Spencer. On
.the witness stand, ye men of science,
living nnd dead, answer these ques
tions: Do you believe the Holy Scrip
tures? No. And so they say all. Do
yon believe the llible story of Adam
und Eve in the garden of Eden? No.
And so they say nil. Do you believe
the miracles of the Old und New Tes
JumentV No. And so they say all.
Do you believe that Jesus Christ died
to save the nations? No. And so
they bay nil. Do yon believe In the
regenerating power of the Holy Ghost?
JNo. And so they say all. Do you be
lieve that human supplication directed
heavenward ever makes any differ
ence? No. And so they say all.
Herbert Spencer, in the only ad
dress he inude in this country, in his
Very first sentence ascribes ills physi
cal ailments to fate, und the author
ized report of that address begins the
wdrd fate with u big "F." J'rof.
'lfipkel, in tho very first page of his
tw6 great volumes, sneers at the lli
ble us' H so-called revolution. Tyndall,
ih Ills famous ipruyer test, delicd the
whole of Christendom to show thut
human supplication mude aify differ
ence1 In the result ot things. John
Stuart Mill wrote elaborately against
Christianity, nnd to show that his re
jection of it was complete, ordered
this epitaph for his tombstone: "Most
unhappy." Huley suld that nt the
first reading of Darwin's book he was
convinced of the fact that teleology
hud received its death blow at the
liund of Mr. Darwin All the leading
ncientlsts who believe In evolution,
without onu exception the world overf
arc. infidel. 1 say nothing uguinst in
fidelity, mind you. 1 only wish to
define the belief and meaning of the
Now, I put opposite each other, to
dhow thut evolution is infidelity, the
liible account of how tho human race
started and the evolutionist account
of how the human race started, lfiblu
account; "Clod said, let us make man
in our image, God created man In Ills
own image; rnulo nnd female created
He them." He breathed into him the
breath of life, the whole story setting
'forth the idea thut it was not u perfect
kangorun, or a perfect nnrnng outnng,
but a perfect limn. That Is the llible
account. The evolutionist account:
Away back in the age there were four
or five primal germs, of seminal spores
from Which all the living creatures
Jmve been evolved. (So uway back, and
thnru you will find u vegetable stuff
that might be called a mushroom. This
mushroom by Innate force develops a
tadpole, the tadpole by Innate force
develops a pollywog, the poly wog de
velops a fish, and tho fish by natural
force develops Into a reptile, tho, rep
tllo develops Into a quadruped, the
quadruped develops Into n baboon, the
balionn develops into a man.
Darwin suys thnl the human hnnd Is
only a fish's fin developed He says
that the human lungs are only a swim
bladder sliowlug that we once floated
or were amphibious. He says the hu
man ear could once have been moved
by force of will just as n horse lifts its
ear nt H frightful object. He says tho
human race were originally web
footed. From primal germ to tad
pole, from tadpole to fish, from fish to
reptile, from reptile to wolf, from
wolf to chimpanzee, and from chim
panzee to man. Now, If anybody says
that the llible account of the starting
of the human raco and tho evolution
ist account of the sturting of the hu
man nice, are the same accounts, he
makes an appalling misrepresentation.
Prefer, If you will, Darwin's "Origin
of the Species' to the Itook of Genesis,
but know you are an lufiel. As for
myself, os Herbert Spencer was not
present nt the creation and the Lord
Almighty was present, I prefer to take
the divine account as to what really
occurred on that occasion. To show
that this evolution is only un attempt
to eject God nnd to postpone Him, nnd
to put Hhn clear out of reach, I ask a
question or two. The baboon made
the man und the wolf made the
baboon, and the reptile made the
quadruped, and the fish made tho rep
tile, nnd the tadpole made the fish,
and the primnl germ mad the tadpole.
Who made the primal germ? Most of
the evolutionists sny: "We don't
know." Others say it made itself.
Others say it was spontaneous genera
tion. There is not one of them who
will fairly and openly and frankly and
emphatically say, "God made it."
The nearest to a direct answer is
that made by Herbert Spencer In
which he says it was mude by the
great "unknowable mystery." lint
here comes Huxley with a cup of pro
toplasm to explain the thing. TIiIb
protoplasm, lie sny, is primal life
giving quality with which the rnco
away back in the ages was btarted.
With his protoplasm he proposes to
explain everything. Dear Mr. Hux
ley, who made the protoplasm?
To show you thut evolution is in
fidel, 1 place the liible account of how
the brute creation was started oppo
site to the evolutionist's account of
the way the brute creation was start
ed, liible account: You know the
Hiblc tells how that the birds were
made at one tunc, nnd the cattle made
at another time, and the fish made nt
another lime, nnd that each brought
forth after its kind. Evolutionist's ac
count: From four or five primal germs
or seminal spores nil the living crea
tures evolved. Hundreds of thousands
of species of Insects, of reptiles, of
beasts, of fish, from four germs n
statement flatly contradicting not
only the llible, but the very A 11 C'of
science. A species never develops In
to anything but its own species. In
all the ages aud In all the world there
has never been un exception to it. The
shark never comes of a whale, nor the
pigeon of a vulture, nor the butterfly
of a wasp. Species never cross over.
If there be nn attempt at it, it is
hybrid, nnd the hybrid is always ster
ile and has no descendants.
These men of science tell us that
100,000 species came from four, when
the law all through the universe is
that, starting In one species It keeps
on In that species, and there would be
only four now if there had been four
nt starting. If I should say to you
that the world is flat, and that a circle
and a square arc the same, and that
twice two make 15, I would come just
as near the truth as when these evolu
tionists tell you thnt 100,000 species
cuine from four. Evolution would
have been left out of the question with
its theory flatly contradicting all ob
servation and all science, had not its
authors and their disciples been so set
on ejecting God from the universe und
destroying the Hlblo thut they will go
to any length though It lead them Into
Idiotic absurdity. You see whut the
llible teaches In regard to it, 1 have
shown yon also whutevolntion teaches
in regard to It.
AgassU says thnt he found In a reef
of Florida the remains of insects 30,
000 years old not three, but 30,000
years old and they were just like the
insects now. There has been no
change. All the fncts of ornithology
and s-oology and Ichthyology and con
chology, but un echo of Genesis first
nnd 21st: "Every winged foul after his
kind." Every ereuture after its kind.
When common observation anl science
corroborate the llible I will not stulti
fy myself by surrendering to the elab
orated guesses of evolutionists.
To show thut evolution is infidel I
place also the llible account of how
worlds were made opposite the evolu
tionist's account of how worlds were
mndc. llible account: God made two
great lights tho one to rule the day,
the other to rule the night; he mude
the stars also. Evolutionist account:
Away back in the ages, there was a
fire mist or star dust, and this fire
mist cooled off into granite, nnd then
ths granite by enrthquuke nnd by
storm nnd by light was shaped into
mountains und valleys and sens, and
so whut was originally fire must be
como what wo call the earth.
Who made tho fire mist? Who sot
tho fire mist to world-muking? Who
cooled oil tho fire mist into granite?
Yon hnve pushed God some 00,000,000
or 70,000,000 miles from the earth, but
He Is too near yet for the health of
.So these Infidel evolutionists go wan
dering up und down guessing through
the universe. Anything to push uwny
back Johovah from Ills empire und
muku the one book which Is ills com
munication to the soul of tho human
ruce appear obsolete and delusive. Hut
1 am glad to know that while some of
these scientists have gono Into evolu
tion, there are many that do not be
lieve it. Among thorn, the man who
by most is considered the greatest
scientist wo ever had this Bide of the
water Agasslz, A name thnt makes
every intelligent man the earth over
Agassis says: "Themnnner in which
tho evolution theory in zoology Is
treated leads those who nro not special
zoologists to suppose that observations
hnvo been mnde by which it can be in
ferred that thore is in nature such n
thing as change among organized be
ings nctually taking place. There is
no such thing on record. It Is shift
ing tho ground of observation from
one field of observation to another to
mnko this statement, and when the
assertions go so far as to i-xclude from
the domuiu of science those who will
not be dragged Into this mire of mere
assertion then It is time to protest"
There Is one tenet of evolution which
It is demanded we adopt, thut which
Dnrwln calls "Natural Selection,'' and
that which Wnllaee calls the "Sur
vival of the Fittest." llv tlilt they
mean that the human race und the
brute creation are all the time Improv
ing because the weak die and the
strong live. Tho6e who do not die
survive because they are the fittest.
They sny the breed of sheep and cattle
and dogs and men 1b all the time im
proving, naturally improving. No
need of God, or any llible, or any reli
gion, but just natural progress.
You see the race started with "spon
taneous generation,'' and then It goes
right on until Darwin can take us up
with his "natural selection," and Wal
lace with his "survival of the fittest,"
nnd so we go right on up forever.
Heautlfull Hut do the fittest survive?
Garfield dead in September Gulteau
surviving until the following June.
"Survlvnl of the fittest?" Ah! no.
The martyrs, religious and political,
dying for their principles, their bloody
persecutors living on to old age. "Sur
vival of the fittest?" Five hundred
thousand brave northern men march
ing out to meet 600,000 brave southern
men, und die on the battlefield for u
principle. Hundreds of thousands of
them went down into the grave
trenches. We stayed at homo in com
fortable quarters. Did they die be
cause they were not as fit to live as we
who survived? Ah! no; not the "sur
vival of the fittest." Ellsworth and
Nathaniel Lynn falling on the north
ern side. Albert Sidney Johuston nnd
Stonewall Jackson falling on the
southern side. Did they fall because
they were not ns fit to live us the sol
diers nnd the generals who came buck
in safety? No. llltten with the frosts
of the second death be the tongue thut
dares utter It!
lint to show you thnt this doctrine
is antagonistic to the liible und to
common sense I have only to prove to
you that there has been no natural
progress. Vast Improvement from an
other source, but mind you, no natu
ral progress. Whero is the fine horse
In any of our purks whose picture of
eye nnd mnne nnd nostril and neck
und haunches Is worthy of being com
pared to Job's picture of u horse as he
thousands of years ago heard it paw
and neigh und chump its bit for the
buttle? Pigeons of to-day not so
wise us the carrier pigeons of 600
years ago pigeons that carried the
malls from array to army and from
city to city; one of them flung into
the sky at Home or Venice landing
without ship or railtrain In London.
And as to the human race, so far as
mere natural progress Is concerned,
once theie were men ten feet high;
now the average Is about five feet six
Inches. It started with men living 200,
400, bOO, 000 yeurs, aud now So years is
more than the average of human life.
Mighty progress we huve made, haven't
we? 1 went Into the cathedral at
York, Eng., and the best artists in
England had just been painting a win
dow In that cathedrul, und right be
side it wns u window painted -100 years
ago, and there is not a man on eurth
but would say that the modern paint
ing of the window by the best artists
of England Is not worthy of being
compared with the painting of 400
years ago right beside It. Vust Im
provement, as 1 shall show you in a
minute or two, but no nuturnl evolu
tion. Look nt China, where evolution has
had full swing for thousands of years
uninterrupted by any thing except here
und there a mission station with this
defunct book, the llible, but through
the most of the realm not Interfered
with. What has evolution done for
China',' Christian civilization goes in
and builds a railroad; they tear it up.
For 1,000 years the Chinese nntlon,
where it is now Invaded by the gospel,
has not made one five hundredth mil
lion part of nn inch of advancement.
They Worship the- same gods of red
paint. Just us always, they drown the
female children us u nuisance. Just us
always, they eat with chop sticks. So
In India, so In Arabia, so in Turkey, so
everywhere where the gospel has not
inude an invasion.
I tell you, my friends, the natural
evolution Is not upward, but It Is
always downward. Hear Christ's ac
count of It. Matthew 16., 10: "Out of
the heart proceed evil thoughts, mur
ders, adulteries, fornications, thefts,
false witness.-blasphemies." That Is
whut Christ said of evolution, Give
nntural .evolution full swing in our
world 4nd it will evolve luto two hem
ispheres of crime, two hemispheres of
penitentiary, two hemispheres of laz
aretto, two hemispheres of brothel,
New York Tombs, Moynmenslng
prison, Philadelphia; Seven Dials, Lc n
don, and Cowgate, Edtnbiirg, only fes
tering carbuncles on the fuee and neck
of nuturnl evolution. 'See what the Hi 0e
says about tho heart, and then what
evolution says about the heart. Evolu
tion buys "better nnd better and better
gets tho heart by natural improve
ment." Tho Hlblo says: "The heart W
deceitful above all things, nnd desper
ately wicked. Who can know It?"
When you can evolve fragrance from
raulador, and can evolve un oratorio
from a burzsuw, and can evolve fall
plplns from u basket of decayed crab
apples, then you can by natural evolu
tion from tho human heart develop
goodness! Oh! my friends, natural
evolution Is always downward; it i
never upward.
Id 6oniJy School.
Teacher Who was Ananias?
Bright lioy Some Spaniard, I guess.
-Judge. i
Populist Platform of 1896 Repudi
ated by Its Representatives.
Promises of the AMIcm Ton vent Ion Shu ma-
lolly Plsrecnrileri unit Kverr Mrainri
ltUriiinnd.fi Defeated by Poiiolm
Vote lu tho Legislature.
Before referring to the platform
ndoptcd by the populist state conven
tion yesterday the value of this new
platform may be Indicated by compar
ing the last state platform ndoptcd
with the record of the populist legis
lature, thut party having a two-thirds
majority in the senate and a large
working mnjorlty lu the house.
The platform adopted by the Abi
lene convention which nominated
Leedy and Dosterand the present state
administration, said:
We condemn tbo republican houe tor falling
and refusing to pass tbe bills sent to them from
tbe populist senate, which provided tor the
tttittllon of Judgments, the reduction ot the le
gal rote ot Intercut and provider a penalty tor
usury, placing credits upon an equality with
other property for tbe purposes of taxation,
the antl-I'lnkerton law, the exemption of tbe
personal earnings ot wage-workers and the
maximum freight law.
We favor tbe enactment of a maximum
freight law and the election of a board of rail
road commissioners by the people.
We demand law which shall prevent the
product of convict labor from coming Into com
petition with the products ot free labor and re
ducing its reward.
We demand that all public salaries shall foe.
reuueed to correspond wllb prices of labor and
its products.
We Invite the prayerful considera
tion of all readers of the Capital to
these specific pledges in their order as
adopted by the Abilene convention.
1. The taxation of judgments. This
was proposed in the last legislature in
n bill introduced by Senator Forney,
populist. It was defeated in the sen
ate. Hut getting scared late in the
session, the legislature passed the bill.
It has been held null and void by two
Kansas district judges.
2 The reductiou of the legal rate of
interest. A bill to this effect was In
troduced in both houses of the Inst
legislature. It was overwhelmingly
defeated, after full discussion, by pop
ulist votes.
3 Placing credits upon an equality
with other property for the purpose
of luxation. This was proposed aud
urged In the senate and tho bill was
defeated by populist votes.
4. Passing over the buncombe anti
Pin kerton resolution, the exemption
of wages was defeated by the house.
5. The maximum rate bill. He pub
licans had bten'dcnounced In every
populist platform since lbflO for de
feating populist elTorts to enact such
u law. In n caucus of the populists of
of the senate In the last legislature,
the 26 populist senators being present,
a motion to strike out the maximum
clause in the Harris railway bill was
adopted by 15 votes to 10. The bill,
with the mnxtraum clauso stricken
out, passed both houses by a practical
ly unanimous vote and was vetoed by
the governor.
0. The election of the board of rail
road commissioners by the people.
This was introduced in the senate
and wbs voted down by populist votes.
7. Preventing the product of convict
labor (coal, in this state) from coming
into competition with free labor in
the open market. This could be done
without the enactment of a law,
merely by the consent of the state ad
ministration and its appointees in
charge of tht penitentiary coal mine.
Hut penitentiary coal has not only
been sold In the open market, but It was
sold at a price below the market rate.
It was thrown on the market at the
time of the coal strike. Furthermore,
the penal committee of the senate In
vestigated the penitentiary manage
ment and recommended that peniten
tiary coal be restricted to the use of
the state Institutions und the Leaven
worth market. The recommendation
wns defeated by populist votes.
8. The demand that public Salaries
be reduced to correspond with prices
und labor. Not n salary of a state
otllcer was touched. Salaries of the
chancellor and professors of the state
university were severely cut. Salaries
of the fnculty of the state normal and
the agricultural college were materi
ally reduced, though the board of
regents of the latter institution since
it wns de-republlcanlzed have
paid higher salaries than are
provided in the bill. When the sal
aries bill was up a motion was made
by u populist senator, in accordance
with the platform, to reduce the gov
ernor's salary from 3,000 to 2,500. It
was overwhelmingly voted down by
populist votes. No further effort to cut
salaries was attempted. Senator
Jumpor stated in debate that tbe ob
ject could be attained by leaving the
salaries alone, butreduclngthespeclfic
appropriations. This wns done. He
added that owing to their fidelity to
reform principles tho reform officials
would accommodate their drafts on
the treasury to the amounts appropri
ated. The result Is thut every official
whose salary appropriation was re
duced drew his customary monthly al
lowance until the total annual appro
priation wus exhausted and experts to
get the balance of his usual salary
when the trensury Is flush. Ed Little
drew the entire yearly appropriation
for his othce In nine months aud then
went to wnr. His successor finds no
money, but is counting on the next
legislature to reimburse him for work
ing for nothing. A score and more ot
btate officials or appointees are in Iden
tically the biuno position.
So much for the eight principal
pledges of the Abilene platform on
which the present statu officers wero
elected. One was redeemed by the
legislature and seven were flutly voted
down und repudiated. On the reduc
tion of salaries und expenses it may be
added that the legislature put 103 per
sons on its pay roll, 16 more tfian any
previous legislature, and yet a law
passed by the last previous legislature
abolished enrolling clerks altogether.
There were seven more stenographers
in the house alone than In nny previ
ous house. One stenographer, uyoung
lady reformer, was appointed SO days
after the session begnn. Within two
hours after her appointment she had
drawn from the treasury of the state
00 for 20 days' back pay. The com
mittee on public lands, which had not
had a bill before It for 12 years, had a
clerk and a stenographer. On the
slump the populist orators assured the
people thnt when they got control of
the legislature they would abolish nu
merous usulcss olllces, naming among
others aajutnnt general, assistant
adjutant general, board of pardons,
state lubor commissioner, assistant
commissioner, three clerks In the of
fice of state treasurer, one in the office
of attorney general, one in the office
of superintendent of public instruc
tion, one in the office of supperlnlend
ent of Insurance, the Hutchinson re
formatory board, consolidating it with
thf- KtHlf hfi.ird nf nhnrl1.iiH. thn stntH
accountant, the state oil inspector and
two members of the stnte board of
charities Not one of these offices was
abolished, but several new offices were
The platform said nothing about
passes, but the speakers nnd newspa
pers In the campaign made volumtnoui
promises of what the party intended
to do In abolishing the giving of free
passes on railroads. This was pro
posed In a bill und it was voted down
and defected In the populist senate
February IS, by 19 votes to 0. The
preceding platform had come out
s Wrong for woman suffrage. A woman
suffrage resolution was voted down by
populist votes in the house. Senator
Young's bill to reduce sleeping car
rales wns killed in the railroad com
mittee of the senate. Senator Young
brought it up In open senate and it
was voted down. An anti-oleomargarine
bill was voted down.
This Is the way populists fulfill their
most solemn platform and campaign
declarations when given absolute
As to the present platform, it Is ob
servable that very hesitating reference
is made to the last legislature, the
convention cententlng Itself with a
general indorsement of its course in
repudiating pretty nearly the entire
Abilene platform.
A plunk Is adopted in the new plat
form for the initiative and referendum
constitutional amendment. A resolu
tion to submit this amendment was
introduced in the lust legislature and
voted down by popullstvotes. Another
plank of the new platform demands
the repeal of the metropolitan police
law. A bill to this effect was proposed
in the last legislature and was voted
down by the populist votes. On Feb
ruary 25, lb07,Senntor Lewelllng moved
to Indefinitely postpone the consid
eration of the bill and his motion
was carried by 21 to 12. Seventeen
populists out of 25 in the senate voted
against abolishing the law and four
populist senators were absent. Only
four populist senators out of 25 were
recorded for abolishment. The new
platform also demands a constitutional
convention, as a bid for democratic
votes. Representative Hackney (pop.)
introduced a resolution calling for a
constitutional convention in the lust
legislature. It was voted down In a
house overwhelmingly populist. When
the resolution was pending the Rice
County Eagle, a strong and Influential
populist paper, warned tbe legislature
that the rank and file of the populists
would not stand It- "Populists in the
legislature," said the Eagle, "only
have to keep up their monkeying with
resubmission und .a constitutional con
vention to disrupt nnd defeat the peo
ple's party." The next legislature. If
populist, will hardly adopt any such
The platform adopted yesterday
doesn't mean anything, because it is
not intended thnt tbe next legislature,
if populist, shall pay any attention to
its pledges. There are no senators to
elect this year excepting In two or
three cases. The senute holds over. It
is in control of the populists by a two
thirds majority. These populists ure
by nn overwhelming majority opposed
to maximum railrond legislation and
will not allow it to get past them at
the next session They nro opposed to
initiative und referendum and will not
permit it to go to the people. They
arc opposed to popular election of rail
road commissioners and will vote It
down If proposed in the next legisla
ture. They are opposed to abolition
of railroad passes and will defeat it
and hold on to their free railrond
transportation. They are opposed to
reduction of salnrles by an over
whelming majority. They ure opposed
to reduction of legal rate of Interest
und restriction of the sale of
the output of the penitentiary
coal mine. They are on record by their
votes ufter full conslderutlon at op
posed practically to the entire pro
gramme of "reform" proposed by yes
terday's platform. In view of the fact
thut these populists control the senate
two to one nnd in view of their votes
und, expressions of opinion in debate,
the delegates to the populist state con
vention can hardly expect tho people
of Kdnsus to take their platform pledg
ing these various rejourns seriously.
The plutform is it platform at bun
combe. It has been officially repudi
ated by representatives of the party lu
advance of its adoption add ltlshurdly
to be supposed that the new things In
tho plutform, such lis slate insurance
und numerous buncombe lubor laws,
will receive any better treatment nt
the hands of populists in the senate or
elected to the house next November
than thu old nnd tried principles that
have figured in blennlul platforms for
bIx or eight years. Topeka Capital,
June 17.
HlBTonv has taught that It is impos
sible for It populist administration to
go for any length of time without un
eruption, Thu one belching out lava
now at the penitentiary arrives about
on schodulo time, und the develop
ments will be placed In the republican
ammunition wagon.
Within two years American farmers
have paid off mortgages amounting to
8100,000,000. The promise of prosper
ity, like all othir republican pledget,
has been redeemed.
His Attempt to Dring the Supremo
Court into the Campaign
Airings tti Light Some Very Interesting:
rignres as tn the Work ut the I'op-
nllit Judges In SqneUhluie
In his speech at the opening of the
campaign In Valley Falls Gov. Leedy
used the following language in refer
ence to Kansas corporations, more par
ticularly referring to the railroad com
panies of tbe state:
"You cannpt dog a corporation into
our state oourt at present. Five or
six years ago, when we began to com
plain about thu regulation of corpora
tions, the corporations rushed into the
stnte supreme court. They said:
'There is our refuge and there Is
where we will go to be protected.'
But we turned two of the gentlemen
of that court out and put two other
gentlemen in. Ought that to make
anv difference to these corporation
gentlemen? Why, surely it ought not.
but it does, because during the last
two years we have at no time been
able to dog them into the court of the
stale." There Is no mistaking the Idea that
Gov. Leedy intended to convey in thls
slatement He wished bis hearers to
believe that since the populists secured
u majority of the supreme tourt in
Kansas the decisions of that court had
been so disastrous to the corporations,
that they no longer dared to enter the
court with their litigation. This not
only was the belief Gov. Leedy In
tended to impress upon his hearers,
but Is a belief constantly dwelt upon
by the populist newspapers and un
failingly exploited by the populist
stump speakers. Under the circum
stances It is not to be wondered at if
the public mind has become consider
ably imbued with the same idea. In
the campaigns through which the pop
ulists secured control of tbe Kansas
court It wus promised that the corpo
rations would be slaughtered, ltefore
taking his seat Judge Doster signifi
cantly stated In the public prints that
while he might be hampered by the
decisions and precedents of 200 years
he would search the laws diligently
for some authority with which to curb
the money Interests. It was believed
by nearly everybody thnt an anti-corporation
crusade was about to be in
augurated by the populist supreme
court, nnd we had it from the mouths
of the populists themselves that a rad
ical reorganization of former supreme
court mothods would certainly be car
ried out.
Hut records speak louder than the
words of demagogic politicians, and
we need only go to the docket of the
supreme court to discover the falsity
of Gov. Leedy's statements. Judge
Frank Hosier was seated as chief jus
tice in January of lb'J7. In the year
and six mouths which hare since
elapsed 47 decisions have been ren
dered by the supreme court in cases
between the rallroadB and private citi
zens, and of this number 24 were la
favor of the railroads and 23 la favor
of the citizens. During the correspond
ing period of time when the republic
ans last held control of the court 3X
of the same class of cases were dis
posed of, 11 being in favor of the- rail
roads and 22 In favor of the citizens.
The comparison shows pretty conclu
sively that there is no foundation for
the belief thnt the present court is less
friendly to corporations than its prede
cessor, for under the populists the rail
roads gained 51 per cent, of their cases,
and under the republicans but S3 per
Going buck still further, when Hor
ton, Johnston und Valentine formed
the supreme bench, we find that dur
ing a corresponding period of time the
court passed upon 45 corporation eases,
of which 10 were decided in favor of
the railroads and 20 In favor of the
citizens. Indeed, It la impossible to
find a year since the court was organ
ized, In 1601, when the per cent, of de
cisions In favor of the railroads was
larger than it has been under the pres
ent populist court.
We do not wish to be understood as
regarding these records as Indicative
of anything except the demagogy of
Leedy nnd other populist politicians
So far as appearances go the su
premo court of Kansas, both undor
republican and populist administra
tions, has endeavored to decide- all
oases brought before it according to
law. While the populist politicians,
are virtually declaring that Knaaaa.
has a supreme court that is wllllug to
decide cases according to political
prejudice, they are given the lie, direct
by the records of the populist judges
who seem to bo guided by an honest
purpose to administer the law fairly.
' So far from being ufruid to trust,
their litigation In the hands of this,
populist court, the railroads ure con
vinced thut their rights are as faith
fully guarded now as they ever have
been, und, proportlonutely sitb, other
litigation, they nro tuklnp is many
cases to the supreme court as they
ever did before. Kansas City Journal-
' llmer Has the Clinic's Knif.
I Hong Kong, Aug. 20. A. dlspatcU
I from Manila says that Admiral Dowoy
picked up the end of the severed cable-
on 1 riilay, but that the line Is not yet
111 working order. Merchantmen nro
leuvlng Hong Kong dully for Manila.
A great rush of trade is expected.
EecoujilPt nf Knuttan.
London, Aug. 22. The; Anglo-Egyptian
reconrjuest of the- Soudan ls4
steadily approaching a culmination.
Khartoom will he captured and Mnh
dism smashed within n month, which
will terminate one of the most re
markably successful military entor-
I prises in llrilish history.
As llmitr hnnv Construe ilia Surrender,
".ondon, Aug. 10. The Hong Kong
correspondent ol the Dally Mall says:
"The terms of the capitulation of Ma
nila as agreed upon Saturday between
Gen. JaudencB nnd Gen. Merrltt In
clude the cession of the Philippine
archipelago to the United States.

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