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ICupyitght, i897 by P Tcnnyjon Necly.
"TlrtV I-injr Is It rlnco you have seen
Hinor Tnppooo,' ns your sinter
calls lirr." asked Mrn ITnl following
the train of womanly thought then
drifting through her howl, as sho set
before her vltdtor o biluuntng goblet
of buttermilk.
"Two ycurs. She was at the Point
n day or two the Minimer of our grad
uation," he answered, eurelessly. "A
Toal little Indian girl t.ho wub, too, bo
dark and shy and hllent, yet I heard
Prof. M ' daughter and others
speak of her Inter; she pleased them
co much, and .IorkIc thinks there's no
girl like her."
"And j on hnven't seen her since
not even her picture?" nRked Mrs, Hal,
rising from her easy-chair, ".lust let
rue hliow you one she sent Hal laBt
week. I tuink there's n surprise In
tore for you, young man," was her
mental addition as she tripped within
The nurse girl, a half-breed, one of
the numerous progenj of thn Trench
trappers and c.ploiers who had mar
lied among the Sioux, was hushing
the burly little son nnd heir to sleep
In his iucl an urndle, crooning some
song nbcut the fireflies nnd Heeclut,
the blg-iyed owl, nnd the mother
stooped to press her lips upon the
rounded check and to flick awny a
tear-drop, for Ilnl second had roared
lustily when on'cud to lis noonday
nap. Awny to the northward the
heavily wooded heights seemed tipped
by lleccv. m mirer clouds, nnd oft -o
the northeast l.ii unle Peak thrust
his dense ciop of june and scrub oak
nlovc the mass of snowy npor that
floated lazily across that grlm-visngcd
.southward scarp. The drowsy hum of
Insects, the plash of cool, running wa
ters fell softly on the ear Hndcr the
hndc of willow nnd cottonwood cattle
nnd horses were lardy switching at
" Wot even her picture?"
the swarm of gnats nnd files or dozing
through the heated hours of the day
Out on the level lint beyond the cor
xal thu troopers had unsaddled, and
the chargers, many of them stopping
to roll In equine ecstasy upon the turf,
were being driven out In one big held
to grave. Without and within the
ranch everything seemed to speak of
peace and M-cur'ty. The master rode
the range long miles nvvay in search
or straying cattle, leaving his loved
ones without thought of danger. The
solemn treaty that bound the Sioux
to keep to Hie north of the Platte
stood sole sentinel over his vine nnd
fig tree. True there had been one or.
two instances of depredation, but
they could be fastened on no particu
lar band, and all the chiefs, even defi
ant lied Cloud nnd insolent, swag
gering l.ittlo l!!g Man, denied all
knowledge of the peipetratois. Spot
ted Tall, It was known, would sevcie
ly punish nny of his people who trans
gressed, but he could do nothing with
the Ognllallas. Xovv they were not
200 miles nvvay to the north, their
rnnks swollen by accessions from all
the disaffected villages and turbulent
young braves of the swarming bands
along the Missouri and Yellow stone,
nnd If their demands were resisted by
the government, or worse, if they
were permitted to have breech-loaders
or magazine rifles, then just coming
into use, no shndovv of doubt remained
that war to the knife would follow.
Then how long would It be before they
-ame chorglng down across the Platte,
east or west of rrayne, and' raiding
those new ranches in the Laramie
Reassuring ns ho meant his words
to be, Marshall Dean himself looked
nnxiously about at the unprotected
vvnlls. Not even the customary "dug
out" or uudeigiound refuge siemed to
huve been prepared, Almost every
homestead, big or little, of those days,
had Its tuuiiil from the cellar to a
dugout near at hand, stocked with
provisions and water and provided
with loopholes commanding the neigh
borhood, a'nd herein the besieged
could take refuge and stnnd off the
rndlans until help should come from
the iienitbt foil "Che name of J'ol
torn Is our sufegunid," said Mis. Hal
in her happy honeymoon dn.vs, but
that was U tore the mother told her
of the threats of liiirnii.g Star or thn
story of tiro Opulliilln girl he vninlv
hkyed. "All thai happened no long ago.
she mui I, mied, when at last the t.ue
was told Put liul should have known,
If she did mil. Unit even when It
m'ciiim to sin ji Indian vengeance i
but gin li g lorce xt rid fury,
i'ltfciutly Mis Jiul came tilpluir
y (4 Vi Yi s
J J( (flu
forlh again, a little carte dc vlsite In
her hand, a smile of no little signifi
cance on her lips. "Now, Mr. l)enn,
will you tell me what y on think of that
for a pappoosc?"
And with wonderment In his eyes
the young ofllcer stod nnd held it and
riicie stood Pappnose, to be sure,
but what a change! The little maiden
with the dark braids of hair hanging
furbelow hervvnlst had developed Into
a tall 'lender gli 1, with clear-cut oval
face, crowned by n mass of dark tress
es. Her heavy, low -arching brows
spanned the thoughtful deep, dark
brown o.ves that ceeuiid to sp'enk the
soul within nnd the beautiful face was
lighted up with a smile that showed
Just a peep of faultless while teeth,
gleaming through tlio warm etuvesof
her soft, sensitive lips. The foitn was
eMiuIsItcly rounded, jet supple and
"Hasn't Jesrlc written you of how
Nell has giown and Improved?" said
Mrs. Hall with u woman's quick note
of the admiration and surprise in
Dean's regard.
"She must have," was the answer,
"I'm sure she has, but perhaps 1
thought it sclioolglil rhapsody per
hups 1 had too many other things to
think of."
"Perhaps you'll find It superseding
these too many other things, Mr. Sol
dier Hoy," was Mis. Hal's mental com
ment. "Now, kir. If you've gazed
enough perhaps you'll tell me your
plans," and she stietehed forth a re
claiming hand.
Hut he hung on to the prlc. "Let me
keen It n minute," he pleaded. "It's
thclovcllcst thing I've seen In months."
And, studying Ids ubsorbed face, she
yielded, her eyi brows arching, a pret
ty smile of feminine triumph nbout her
lips, and neither ii'itlced the non-com-missioned
ofliei i hiiiiylng within the
gate, nor that li'ilf the men In "C"
troopMit their bivouac along the
stream were n , clr feet and gning
to northeast, thai li.r di wn the valley
a horseman was t-pecdu g li-' 'he
wind, that little pulTs of snu ke were
rising from the crests of the grand
landmnik of the iniige and floating
Into the blue of the henvens. Hoth
stnrted to their feet at the abrupt an
nouncement. "Lieutenant, there are smoke sig
nals on Lnr'mle Penk."
Lieut. Dean's orders required that
he shou'.d march his troop without un
necessary delay to Port Emory'i there
to take stntlon relieving troop F, or
dered to change to Frnyne, which
meant, in so many words, to take the
field. Capt. Brooks, still wrestling with
tin: fever, had retired to his quarters
at the old frontier fort that stood so
long on the blufls overlooking the fords
of the Platte. The surgeon said he
must remain In bed at least a week,
so meantime the troop packed up,
sent its wagons ahead over the range,
bade God speed to F ns It passid
through en route to the front, ex
changed a volley of chaff and chewing
tobacco over the parting game of
"fteee out" fought to a finish on
many nn outspread saddle blanket,
then jogged on toward Gate City,
making wide detour nt the sug
gestion of the field ofllcer in com
mand at Frnyne, that they might
fcout the Laramie plains anil see
that all was well at I'olsom's ranch.
This detour was duly reporled to the
peppery veteran at Port Emory, nn old
colonel whose command was by this
time t educed from "headquarters, field,
staff and band," six companies of In
fantry and four troops of cavalry to
the band and two dct-prately over
worked companies of foot. "Two
nights in bed" were all l.Is men could
hope for, nnd sometimes no more tlinn
one, so gi lev ons was the guard duty.
Hence "old PecksnllT.'Mils adjutant nnd
qunrtermnster nnd his two remaining
companies saw fit to tnkc it ns most
unkind in Lieut. Col, Pord to authorize
that diversion of Dean's, nnd highly im
proper on Dean's part to attempt it.
lly this time, too, there wns in cir
culation nt Emory a story thnt this
transfer of (' to interior lines nnd
nvvay from probable contact with the
Sioux wns not so much thai it hnd
done fnr muie thnn Its shnie of that
arduous woik, completely using up Its
captain, as that, now the captain wns
used up, the nuthoi Hies had their
doubts us to the "nerve" of t,lm llett
tennnt In temporary command. A fel
low who didn't enre to come to Emory
and prefened rough duty up along the
Platte must be Incklng In some essen
tial particular, thought the women
folk, and at the very moment that
Marshall Dean snt there ut llnl Fol
soin's ranch, ns brave and linrdy and
capmble a young ofllcer ns ever forded
the Plntte, looking forward wltli pleas
urable anticipations to those days to
come at Emory, with Jessie Jessie
and, of course, Pappoosc so close at
hand In town, there was gaining
ground at the post an impression thnt
the safety of the boaul of oflieers unt
to choose the bite of the new Dig Hum
post had been imperiled by Demi's
weukenlng nt a critical moment in
presence of a band of probably hostile
Sioux, Hurlelgh had plainly intimated
as much to his chief clerk nnd Col,
Stevens, nnd when Lorlug nndi Stone
enme through n dny or two later nnd
questions weie asked about thnt meet
ing, the nid-de-enmp gnve It as dis
tinctly to bu understood that he had
practically assumed command, Demi's
uiperlcnce being tutuJtfiit, and his
uvvn prompt measures Tiifd e.trienUd
llie little detachment from a most deli
cate and dangerous position. The en
glneer, let it be said, did not htar thU
' tutuiient. and the n!U huh veiv-'-'-'e
ml not !' ui.il i it in 1 spies' nee. I'i
was a comparative strnt.gi r, and us ik
one pi i -in nil t qui Minn linn he vi I
i in. , ri it ii i mini minion
i'lni.iiii tu. iv on, 1 1 mui I l ivvn of tl
in. - i' Will Ihjii ' Pi n llllll i'k li ii
tended to rcncli I ort Emory In three
ensy marches. He was anxious to
bring ills horses In In best possible con
dition, despite till their hard service!
yet now, barely two o'clock on this hot
June afternoon, came most unlooked
for, most Importunate Interruption
to lils plans. Springing to the gnte at
the sergeant's summon, he first direct
id his gaze to the distant peaks, recog
nlzedlnstnntly the nature of the smoke
pulls theic ilslng, then turiud for ex
planation to the svvlft-rldlng courier,
whose holme's heels were making the
dust fly from the i.ttn-drled soil. ()n
or two much hnnds.vvlth nnlous fnces
enme hastening over fiotn the eotinl
The darky cook rushed up fiom the
kitchen, rille In linml. Plainly those
fellows were well used to war's alauns.
Mrs. Polsom, with stilling eyes and
drcndfiil anxiety In her face, gazed
only at the huriylug courier, clinging
the while to the pillnr of the portico,
as though needing suppurt. '1 he smoke
pull's on the mountain, the dust-cloud
back of the tearing rider were symp
toms enough for Demi.
"Oct In your herd, sergeant 1" he
shouted, nt the top of his voice; and
over the rushing of the Laramie his
words reached the rousing bivouac,
nnd saddle blankets were sent swing
ing in nlr In signal to the distnnt
guards, and within u few seconds every
horse wns hended for home; nnd then,
to the sound of excited voices was add
ed the rousing thunder of scores of
bounding hoofs, ns, all in u elust-cloud
of their own, the Blxty chnrgeiscame
galloping In, cars erect, eyes ablaze,
nostrils wide, manes and tails stream
ing in the blaze, guldtd by their eager
guards full tilt for camp. Out rnn
their riders, bridles In hand, to meet
and check them, every hone when
within a few yards of his master seem
ing to settle on his hnuncln.s nnd plow
up the turf In the sudden elTort to
check his speid, long months of terv Ice
an the plains and In the heart of Indian
laud having taught them In times of
alarm or peril that the quicker they
reached the guiding hand nnd boie,
each, his soldier on his buck, the
quicker would vanish the common foe.
Even before the panting steed of the
hendloug couiicr came within hailing
distance uf the ranch, half the horses
in the troop were caught and the bits
were ratt.llig bctwein their teeth;
then, as the messenger tore along the
gentle slope that ltd to the gateway,
his wearied horse laboring painfully
at the rise, Mrs. Polsom recognized one
of her husband's herdsmen, a man who
hnd lived long years In Wyoming and
could be unnerved by no false aim in,
and her voice went up in n shriek of
fear as she lead the tidings In his al
most ghastly fnce.
"Where is Hul?" she screnmed. "Oh,
what has happened?"
"He's safe," was the answering cnll,
as the rider waved a rtnssurlng hand,
but at the Instant he bent low.
"Thnnk God. vou'ie beie. lieutenant,"
he gasped. "Mount quick. Hal's cor
ralled two miles out theie under the
butte Siou.xl" And then they saw
that he wan swooning, tliat the blood
was stieamlng down the left thigh and
leg, nnd before hand could help him,
he rolled senseless, doublid up in the
dust at his home's feet, nnd the weary
creatine niver even started.
"Saddle up, men!" rang the ordci
across the stream, aiiiI thin while
strong nrms lllti el and bore the wound
ed herdsman to the porch, Deun turned
to the wailing mU trims, who, white
faced and terror-stricken, was wring
ing her bunds mid moaning nnd run
ning wildly up and down the walk and
calling for some one to go and save
her hiiabnud. Dean almost bore her to
n chair and bade her fear nothing. lie
nnd his men would lose not a moment.
On the floor nt her feet lny the little
card photograph, and Dean, hardly
thinking what he did, stooped, picked
it up and placed It In the pocket of his
hunting shirt. Just as the trumpeter
on his plunging gray reached the gate,
Dean's big, hmidsomc charger trotting
swiftly alongside. In an instant the
lleutennnt was In saddle, in another
second n trooper galloped rip with his
belt and carbine. Already the men
were lending into line ncross the
stream, and, bidding the trumpeter tell
Sergt. Shnughnessy to follow at speed
the young ofllcer struck spur to his
horse and, carbine In hand, a single
trooper nt his heels, away he darted'
down the valley. C troop, splashing
through the fold a moment later, took
the direct road past the stockade of
the eon al, disappeared from sight a
moment behind that wooden fortifica
tion nnd, when next It hove in vievv.lt
wns galloping fiont Into line fnr down
th" Lnramlc, then once more vanished
behind its curtain of dust.
"Two miles out there under the
butte," was the only indication the
young ofllcer had of the scene of the
light, for fight he kuew It must be,
and even ns he went bounding down
the valley he lecallcd the story of the
Indian girl, the threats of llurnlng
Star, the vowed vengeance of her
brothers. Could it be that, taking ad
vantage of tills raid of ited Cloud, fur
from ull the reservations, fnr from
possibility of detection by count of pry
lug agents, the tlnce had inihlced'a
gang or daring, devil-may-care young
warriors to slip nvvay from the lllg
Horn with thorn nnd, riding stealthily
away from the beaten trails, to foul
the Platte beyond the ken of wnteli
ful eyes nt Fctteitnan nnd sneak
through the mountain range to the
beniitiful, fertile valy beyond, and
there llo In wait for Hal Polsoni or for
tliose he loved? What wns toptcvent?
Well they knew the exnet location of
his ranch. They' had fished nnd sport
ed all about It in boy dny n days when
the soldiers nnd the Sioux were nil
good friends, dmy before the mistaken
policy of n post commander had led
to an attack upon a pi nee fnl band, and
that to the niunlilliitmn of the iittuck
Ing pnrtv Prom that fntul dnv of the
Gmttnn i' 'SMicre ten years before
there had I, 'en no real truce with tire
Sioux, and now wns opportunity nf
forded for n long-plot trd revenge
Deun wondered Polsom had not loo I eil
for It Instend of sleeping In fanclei'
A mile nenrer t' e butte nnd. glanc
ing back, he eou d ee his faithful
men come boundinc Pi his trucks
mile ahead, rNPrj "Vuptly from the
general levi'. n ll't'e i. ill or butte
jutted out biyoi.d the i-' nulders of
the foothill and rtood sentinel with
in three 1'iindred yards of the stream
On the ne -r the wrstwir ' side, notli
insj could lie rrvu of horse or ni'in
Something tnld him he would find the
combatants beyond that dead or
alive, Hid Polsom would bo there
awaiting It in-. A glance at nie com
miilidiug heights and the ridge thn
connected it nlth the tumbling wood
oil hills to the north, convinced hlu
that at that moment sojuc of the foe
were linking there, watciiiiig the
westward valley, and by tills time
they knew full well of the coming of
trie cavalry lo the rocue. I!y this
time, more tflan likely, they wen
scurrying of? to Mie mountains again
returning the way they came, with n
stnrl of nt least two miles.
"With or without the coveted
scnlps?" he wondered. Thus fnr he
hnd been riding straight for the butti
The rond wound nrouud nnd ellsnp
pcared behind him, but there wns in
sense In fellow Ing the rond. "Pursue
nnd punish," was the thing -to be
done. Surely not more than n dozen
were In the band, else that courier
could nc;er have hoped to get hi
wounded a he was. The Indians were
too few In number to time follow to
the ranch, .iiardcd as, by almost God
given luck, tl happened to be through
the unlocd-for presence of the
troops, '(, it was a small band
though a during one. Its lookout had
surely wiiiiieel It by tills time of hi
coming, ij.id by tills time, too. nil
save one o two who rode the fleetest
ponies nn'i lingeied probab.y for n
parting sl,f.t nt the foremost of thi
ehnse. ban MMinpercd away beliim
the curtail, of that ridge. Therefore
In long cirvn. never chicking his
magnificent trldc. Dean guided his
hounding buy to the left the north
east and leaded for the lowest point
of t'-e divide.
And then ' all occurred to hi in too
that he wui far In front of 1,1s men
J3 V
T CT 1(-rV
.WI V,
i WN t.H
V-, " HW3.-S
Ile waved ranged object on MIi.
too fnr to be of use to them and just
far enough to be an easy prey for
the lurking foe. Then, too. It occurred
to him that he must not leave the
laneh unpinteete'd. Already he was
within. long rille. range of the height
alieady piohuuly some bendy eye was
glancing through the sights, and the
deadly tube n covering him as he
oamo bounding on. Three hundreel
yards more and his life probably
wouldn't be worth n dollar In con
federate money, nnd wisely the young
lender began to draw rein, nnd, turn
ing lu saddles tdguiile-d to ills single
companion, laboring along one hun
dreel ynielH behind, to hasten to join
him. Presently the trooper came
spurring up,a swarthy young Gor
man, but though straining every
nerve, the troop wns still a mile uwny.
"Hide back, Wcguer, nnd tell the
sergeant to tukn ten men around thnt
side the south side of the bluff," nnd
he pointed with his hand; "the lest to
come straight lo me,"
Oh, well wn it for Denn thnt he
checked ids sped, and ns the young
dragoon went sputtering back, that
lie himself diev rein and vvnltcd lor
the coming of his men Suddenly from
fur out along tlw ridge In front, from
the very crest, there leaped n Jot or
two of fire and smoke. Two little
spurts of duet nkd turf flew up from
the prairie sod n lozen yards In front,
n ilflo bullet wen singing off through
the sunny nlr, IJabb, his handsome
bay, pawed the ground nnd switched
about, nnd up on the crest, riding
boldly in full view, two lithe, nnkeil,
painted vvnrrlors, war bonneto trailing
over their ponies' croups, yelling shrill
insult and derision, went tearing nwny
northward, one of them paining long
enough to wave stimo ragged object
on high nnd give oot ringing, exultant
whoop cro lie dlsa)pcurcd from view,
"It's n scnlp, lieutenant," shouted
the foremost srpjnnt nn lie enme up
to join his chief. "They've got one.
"Come on, thtx, and we'll get it
back," was the only answer, ns with
nearly thirty troopers stringing out
behind them, tho two launched out in
ItpcouuiiumlH It To Trainmen
G. II, Iluusaii, Limn, O., Engincor
L. K. & "W. R. R. wrltos: "I Imvobeon
troubled u great deal with backuuhe.
I vvtiH Induced tei try Fouiy's Kii)Ni:v
C'uiin, nnd one bottle entiiely re
lieved mo. I gladly' l euoiume ml it to
any one, especially my frlonds among
the trnin men, who nro usually simi
larly afllioted." Campbell & Riirroll.
Death and a Mr, Fito of Newton nro
enguged In n suvcro tussle.
Even n man wltli ids eyes shut can
rendlly seovvhythu picuuliur at Seneca
chobo lor u lcccnt te.xt: ''Open Eyes,"
Down at Ohetopii Is a, man named
Dam, and. ptoperly enough, ho is oc
cupied right now in setting up stoves.
Several Kansas f aimers lmvo sue
e'Psslully experimented with Angora
Goats to keep mortgages nil thoplace.
The Modem Woodmen society,
which Is strong In Kansas. Issued its
iiisutiinie iit'tillcnte No. 700,000 this
lust week.
A Ilitlil Headed Man's t'lub appear
ed at Ft. Scott, mid a lemaikabli' feu
tinels that overy hairless member has
one or more heirs.
Oplo Ivcittl told u Kansas audience
what real hard times ate. He savs
that in 1NHI he dropped the initial "1"'
f i om his name to stive ink,
A little dude at Sallnii enme trip
ping dtiwn street. "Oh girls, "said
one of the husky Kansas Jimos, "heio
comes our little wuteii ciiium."
A Kansas
the fnimcis
farm journal is urging
to niiinu tneir fauns.
Now look out for nn epidemic ef
Wyndevvood, Brookline, nnd Corn
ell lie.
During the month of October It
took just 4,008 sales of liquor in To
pekn to keep suakes and biliousness
and frog In the throat from hectoring
tho peoplo to death.
Another sign of prosperity nnd other
things: A Winlleld man closed his
nlllco nnd spent a whole day's time and
the cost of a trip to Aikansns City to
recover a pug dog.
A young man at Hronson bet two
to one on Iirynn and his guaidian
took the matter Into thu courts imme
diately on the grounds that the young
man wns mentally screw-loose.
Miss Lottie Garrison, the Ft. Scott
Miss vvhei has just refused $.'100 a week
te sing in an opera troupe, could
doubtless have it chiinceto tefu-oevery
boy In town should sho return home.
So many flies have occuied at Ga
lena lately that insurance men suspect
tliiil lioiiso eiwners are burning their
houses, collecting the money and
escaping fiointowu, the boom being
The very ct editable fairy tale comes
from Emporia of n youth who picked
up ii beer bottle and burned his mouth
badly with lye In the bottle, "trying
to look lu the bottle to see if it wus
The first violent death of an inmatti
of tlie Olutho Deaf mid Dumb Asy luni
occuned tills week. FosterRoss,n 14
year old boy, managed to gel through
a fourth story vvludow grating and
fell to the ground.
A Garnett paper grnvoly asserts
that u couple ivceutly married there
on their wedding tour went through
Niagara Falls and tho east. What it
damp, dismal, dreary twain they must
have been on emerging from tlie Niag
ara rapids.
A liMinotlst and divine healer is
st.pping nt l'rtitt and one of the'
M-tiool boys liuil a tineimitntloiitrance j
in the school room, The unimiigiliu
live teacher In ought him swiftly out
by waving a hlckoiy wand near him.
A Ft. Scott girl bus bet a kiss I
ngaiiist sweets not se highly rellned
on I'le-etlon. If McKlnley wins she
gives a kiss for every state he entries
nnd if Dry tin wins she get s a pound
ot candy lor overy state he cnirles
If Unit young man's seared, why -
There Is a young lady up at Oxford
who calls ti spado a spade. Recently
a youth told how his dog, after being
chained up, broke loose and followe-d
him fur milus, and asked what she
thought of that. This maid replied
that she "thought ho ought lo take a
Tho story is told of a Parsons edit
orwlio lioiroweda friendly politician's
pass and lodo Into Pittsburg on it.
The conductor cannul thoedltor care
fully and llnally lemarked: "Well
I'm glad to see your leg bus giovvn
out iitrulti." The politician had but
one log.
l,fi00 in rats, is surely spending
money with a free hand. An old
bachelor near Cedarvalo had his
wad of bills to that amount in tlie
house nnd rats found andatethe whole
pile. It .seems probable that the ro
dents now wish that etnreney might
bo cut to 50-cent dollars.
Topeku Capital: While James L.
Mead and his wife, of Wichita were
postering about the crater of Vesuv 1
us a few weeks age) tho old volcano
unexpectedly gavoonoof its sulphur
ous, lava-laden coughs and almost
blew them oil tho fuco of tho earth;
but they luckily escaped all Injury,
ulthough thoy lmvo something of tin
Idea of tho vvny peoplo hunted cover
when Pompeii icceived Its burial
shroud of ashes.
Wichita Eagle: At n spiritualist
meeting in l'rntt county , recently, tho
spirit of Elijah Ciosservvas culled for.
Elijah Grosser had died theie in au
early day, but wits i emembered for ills
Immense statute, 0 feet o Inches. A
voice in the darkness said ho wus
Elijah. "Ate you In heaven?" asked
an old-timer. "Yes," came, tho ans
wer. "Aroyou tin angel, Llge ,J"
"Yes." Tho questioner paused, ovi
cicntly having e.xhaused his fund of
questions und then suddenly inquired:
"Whatdovou ineitsuro from tip to
tip. Ligo 5" .
Hniv-' Explorers.
Liko Stanley nnd Livingston, found
it harder to overcome Malaria, Fever
and Ague, mid Ty phold dusouto germs
than savage eaiinlbal.s; but thousands
have found that Eloctrio Hitters is tt
wonderful euro for till mahuial
doRoasos. If you lmvo chills wlib
fovor, tichos in bnelc of nock and head,
und tired, worn out feeling, atrial
will convincoyou of tlielr.iuorit. W. A,
Null of Webb, 111,, writes: "My chil
dren still ered more than a year with
chills and fever; thou two bottles of
Hot trie UitttrH ciiicd them." Onlv
ri0 cents. Try tl em (Jimi anti e d
S ld by Evans Lrothers, Druggist.
(Ktrst tmulWied October 5Ui l'JOO
r liml Settlement.
Statu of Kansvs, i
I'ountv oi-Nnosiiof"
in tlie l'riihiito Lourt
Ilstiueof William Lvnch deceased
The ercditniN nnd oiheis Interested in
tliuiiliovc tiuincel nsinto will tnkc notice tint
1 Intend to tnuke u Html settlement or siild
ostnto nt tlie next term of said I'lulmtc Court,
held ut loin, Kiuisns, on the Mil dnv of No
vember. A t) IHJU And thnt wild settlement
will lie lnndo nt the hour ot lu o cluck n m.
uf snlddny. John Lvnc ii,
lulu. Knnns, Oct 2nil, line)
(first published October ft WOO )
ruhliciitiou Notice.
SlAlUOt ICaskvh, l
III the District ( ourt Itintid tor the county
I, ,1 Donhim, l'liilntirr, I
Iilu A Diinluim Ilofeudiint, 1
Stute of KiitisiN to the nlmve mimed dc
fciidint Lulu A Ilotihnin liu will tnkc
mil Ice thnt vou lmvo been sued by tlie nbovo
immed iilulmirf, I J Diinlinm in the nfuresutd
court unit J on must unsvvcr the lietltlon tiled
by the iilmve mimed iilnlnlltt on or before the
Sth nl November lino, oi the nllcKiitlotis there
In contained will tie tnken us Hue nnd Judg
ment rendered lumlnst vein, dissolving the
bonds of mutrlmoiiv here-to-fore cxistliii; and
(IHotelrm- said plulntlrt from jeni forever
11 F. Curler, Attorney for l'lnlntUT.
Notice of Appointment.
Flrst published Outolier, It), 1U0OI
The state of Kansas, i
Allen Count
In the mutter nt the cstnteof Jucoh Frederick
Itccs, lute of Allen county, Kunsas.
Notice Is hereby ulven, that on the Utli
duv uf October A I) Itniu the urderslnned wus
by the l'rolnte Court of Allen County, K mu.
duly nppolntcd nnd quiiimcd ns Executrix of
the cstule of .lueoli Frederick Hccs, late or
Allen county deceased
All parties Interested In said estate will
tnkc notice und iniv em themselves accord
antly. MlN.MKClio.o. Executrix
(First published October 111, I WO )
Publication .Notice.
State oi-'ICansvs. i
Aii.k CotlMV,
In the Diitilut Court for said county
l.ldit smith, i
I'I ilntllT. I
llenjnmln Smith
Defendiint I
suld defeiidunl llenjnmln Smith will tuke
notice tint lie hits been sued In the uliove
mimed e-ourt for u divorce and must unsvvcr
I the petition llled therein bv sulci plalutliT on
or before the thirtieth dnv of November ICOO
I or said petition nil! lie tuKcti ns true, undludk.'-
me ni for plaintiff in s ml action for a divorce
will tie rendered nee irdlnirlv
Inui Airisr 11 M Mll.ini
( leik of said Court
It II tulllson Mornev for 1'lulntlfT
I dress hoisia' tfitli, and trout all
injuries anil ili-enses
Cuiiffv on Her Tongue Cm od Without
Leave n vvoith, Knnuas.
tati! oi' Kansas, 1
Leuvelivvnrtll (.O, J "
laiioy Purvis, tielng duly sworn ac
cording lo law, deposes "' uys thst
she bull it enner on her tongue n net
was treated Augtut 26, 18"S, liy Dr. .1.
CMcLauglilm, of Kansas i iiy.KiuiB.,
with Ills pinnies-) remedy lor cancer
and tumors; that In about one month
her tongue wus well, iintl Is ouul
and well today. '1 hero wns ho puln
Irniii the iipjillcatloii nf the niodlclne,
ne she could read during tlio peverest
treatment. Janky I'tUlVIS,
8n0 r. Hr.iudwny.
Bworu to me, Tlininas U, JohiiBon,
u uotnrv pulille, tbld 17tti day of
Mnrnh 11)00, Leavenworth, Kaiiti.
(siiAi.) ly connul'slon expires
AtiBiiBt 21, 1000
Clcnnui ami Iviutllic th htlr.
rrontotc aluxurlBTitprowth,
Never lalls to Ilrtor Oray
Ilfiir to lta Youthrul Color
Irvpnta Dnidnitf atiillitlrtaUiug
Wo nlf U'lnHjnigltt.
Attorneys at Law.
Office Over Iola Gns Companv'soflico
bun reoreiicel his ofllee, over Mr Turner'
Mlllencry store, on West iliulUou Avenuo
We Rive in our illustrated catalogue,
FRECf valuable information anil
advice to those contemplating tlie
study of Art. Send postal for catn
logue. HALSKY C. IVUS, Director.
St. Louis, Mo.
Killtor Koch Wonders.
Iklltor W. V. Hurry of Lexington,
Tenn,, in oxplorint? Munnnotli C'uvo,
contracted a severe ciuo of piles. His
quick euro through ithinn: Huoklen's
Arnica Hal vo convinced him it is an
other world's wonder. Cures I'iles,
Injuries, Inllnmatlou, and all Ileidlly
citiptitins. Only 2"ic ut V, ans Bros
Monev to loan on impioved farm
owest rnto. Bobiwick & Acors,
We tfffil&Fx 339zV ""I'mlmS
is v f
icinfcjL. . . 1 , J ... M tf A J K. i . . ....
i .- 1.fcutfWOTJuaaav r

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