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Dpntli ofMIIlluunirc IIIcp Is Furnish
ing Abundant Sensational News
for New York Papers
Now Yoik, Nov. 1. The death of
the wealthy Wllllum Marsh Hloc nt
his Madison uvcnuo apartments on
September 2.1; tho attempt of his New
York attorney. Albert'!1. Patrick' to
cash chocks for largo amounts which
purported to ho signed by the million
aire; tho refusal of ono bunk to eu-h
tho cheeks drawn on It, nnd tho dis
covery that Mr. Hico was lying dead
at tho tlnio tho checks weie pteented;
tho subsequent claim by Patrick that
Mr. Kleo had mado him, b, will, the
rustco of his estate, which niu .unts to
any wheio fiom W,000,0()0le jro( 0,000;
tho charge, of forgery both as ugurds
tho checks and the will placed ialjist
Patrick and Mr. Nice's valet, Chailes
F.'Joncs; tho arrest of Patrick nud
Jones and their lodgement in jail,
hao kopt New Yoik Intel es'crt for
over a month In what, by the develop
ments of today, promises to become
tho most celobrated of the many cele
brated crime which the eouits of this
city havo been called on to ln esti
mate The llrst Incident which led up to to
day's climax was tho fact disclosed
yesterday that Valet Jones had been
taken to tho district attorney's olllco
and tho subsequent rumor that he had
made n confession to tho authorities.
Beforo tho public had time to learn if
tho report of a confession was true
cainotho moro startling news that dm -ing
tho night Jones had, in his coll In
the Tombs, attempted siileldo by cut
ting his throat with a penknife given
him, he sajs, b Attorney Patrick,
also confined in tho Tombs, and for
the purpose of getting rid of ono wit
ness to Patrick's alleged crime.
His crime, according to tho confes
sion of Jones, parts of which tho dis
trict attorney's olllco gao out todnj '
was nothing less than tho murder of
tho mllhoualio by Attorney Patrick
and tho purloining of valuable papers
relating to the estate. Tho taking otl
of Mr. Hico, Jones says, was done by
tho Internal administration of some
poisin, supposedly mercury, and tho
final application of a towel saturated
with some anaesthetic, piesumably
chloroform. That poition of the con
fession which has to do with the last
moments of the old man is tho follow
ing, given by tho authorities as com
ing from Jones, tho same taking place
In tho apartments of tho millionaire
and ho lying sick in bed:
"Mi1. UIco said: 'lam very nerv
ous, Mr. Patrick. I wish you would
not ttoublo mo. Please go away.'
"Patrick roplied: 'I huo some
salts here, Mr. nice, that will cuio
your nervousness.'
"Ho produced a bottlu and uncut Iced
it. The contents smellod to mo liko
somo very stiong liniment.
"Then Patrick said to me:
a towol and a sponge.'
"I got him both. Thin
'Get me
said: 'Jonos, you have to leave.'
"I loft. As 1 was loaving Patrick
said: 'I'll remain here till Mr. Pilee
gets to sleop.' He closed the door be
hind ino. '
"I stood in tho hall for a few mln
utos and soon 1 hoard Mr. Hlcoluugh.
I thought this was queer, so t
pushed open tho door. I saw Mr.
UIco lying on his hack In bed. Tho
towol that I had ghen Patrick was
wrapped aiouud tho sponge In a cone
shape. Tills cone was lying diievtly
oor Mr. Pico's oyos and nose. Pat
rick was piosslng it down with his
right hand. Patrick did not see mo,
and, ofcourso, Mr. UIco could not.
After seeing what I had seen, I went
and lay on my bed.
"Mr. UIco grow cry sick. Patrick
said to mo: 'Go got a doctor.'
"I went for ono. Ho pronounced
Mr. Hico dead."
Attorney Patrick denies having fur
nished Jonos tho ponknlfo and ho also
denies tho statements in tho con
fession. Jones, after his suicidal attempt,
was taken to Hollovuo hospital,
hastily summoned physicians having
just been In tlmo to savo him from
death through loss of blood. At
8 o'clock tonight tho hospital sur
geons said ho was slightly better and
tho chances uro that in a few days he
will again bo returned to tho Tombs.
The coroner's Invostigntlon into tlie
death of Millionaire Ilico, which was
to havo been hold today and which
had previously been adjourned to
await tho report of tho chemist who
had examined portions of tho remains
for tracos of poison, was again nd
journed beeiauso of tho developments
In tho case,
Six Frightful Failures.
Slv torriblo fulluios of six dlllerent
d octors nearly sent AVm, II. Mullen
of Lackland O , to uif early griwo.
All said ho had a fatal lung trouble
and that ho soon must die. But ho
was urged to try Dr. King's New Din
i every for Consumption. After tak
ing' llvo bottlos ho was ontlioly em eel.
It Is postlvoly giiarontoed to euro all
(ii senses of Tilt oat, Chest and Lungs,
including Coughs, Colds, LaGrtppe,
Pneumonia, Uroncliltis, Asthma, Hay
Fever, ( roup, Mioopingeough .ICic
and $1.00 aiKvans Iltotbei's drug
That's the morning call of Chanticleer.
It's a welcome en to a well man. But
to n man whose sleep
seems to hne been
only nil utirefrcshmg
stupor; who wakes
with burning eyes,
throbbing heud and
a bid taste in the
mouth, it means
onlv u new day's
la such n phv steal
condition heilth is
most surclv nud
swiftly restored by
the line of Doctor
I'ierce'sGolilen Med
ical Discovery It
cures tliseases of the
stomnch and organs
of digestion nuil nu
trition, and it cures
through the stomach
diseases of liver,
lungs, kidneys, etc.,
which have their
origin in a diseased condition of the
stomach and other orgnns of digestion
and nutrition It increases the activity
of the blood-making glands, and every
organ is benefited liv the resulting in
crease of rich, pure blood
"Golden Medical Discovery" contains
no alcohol and is entirely free from
opium, cocaine and other narcotics
"Your eSolden VUUIcal UIcotry mid. tlr
Sngt Catarrh keimiiy time tn of ureal
benefit lonif," wrltn (Prof ( I'leasntit A Other
uCVIoli I'ulton Co ArL "Heft-re I ntil the
alxne mentioned mueillcf my leeji wn not
fouml ingestion bail a continual ftcliiic of
misery I now fiel like a new man Auyoue
in nwil of medical treatment Tor uaral catarrh
could do no better than lo lake treatment of
Dr K V Pierce I know Iii medicines are all
right in this ch of d!c.at
The Common Sense Medical Advicr,
cloth binding, sent free by the author,
on receipt of ji one-cent stamps, to pay
expense of mailing oitl). In pjpercovera
ji one-cent stamps. A&drcsa Dr. K. V.
I'leree, Buffalo, N. Y.
Receipts Kvcoetlcd KApeiidittirc
Washington, Nov. 1. The monthly
comparative statement of tho govern
ment receipts and expenditures issued
at tho treasury department today
shows that the total tecelptsfor tho
month of October weio $."il, 020,007,
and -the expendituies $47,0U.'t,0.17, leav
ing a surplus for the month of $.'1,0.(2,-
4110. The receipts for the month were
over $4,000,000 In excess of those for
October last year. The expendl'uies
snow about tne same inciease over
October, lPHO.
During tho last four months the re
ceipts exceeded vhot for tho same
period last year by tj,",ti74.000, and.
the expendituies exeeeded tho-o of tho
same period last year by $7,1)711,000.
Democratic SpuuKer Hopes Our Itoyo
May be .Miinloit'd.
Topeka, Nov. .'.. -G. A. Groot, of
Ohio, an Aguinaldo sympathizer, has
been stumping Kansas under the dl
lection ol the fusion state committee.
Hut tho tusiumsts are now Mirry that
hocHine heie. for he has done their
cause more injury than did Allen O.
Myers, that other Ohio spellbounder,
with his anarchistic and untl-uegio
utterances. Gioot had the gull to
ooruo right out and wlh that the Ta
trill lebels would run tho American
soldlt ri into the sou.
At Washington, Kus., he said:
"Fight on, flghi on, bravo Filipi
nos! May victory be with you! May
success crown your cIToits! Fight on
until you obtain your liberties and
until you dil vq every American sol
dier Into tho sen!"
That ho mado uso of tho above Ian
guago Is attested by the following atll
davit: Stato of Kansas, Washington
County, ss.
S. H. Hamilton and N. U. Need
ham, being first duly sworn do say on
oath, that on this 2l)th day of October,
1000, at Greenleaf, Kas.. tho deno-
nent, S. H. Hamilton, in tho pioseneo
of N. II. Ncedham, presented to tho
said G. A. Groot, a copy of tho above
ond requosted that ho state to him if
at tho tlmo and place ubovo mentioned
ho used said lauguage. After leading
tho same- ho answerdd, "I did, and
hopo wo will bo whipped out of our
Subscribed and swoin to beforo mo
this 30th day of October. 1000.
HAimY o'umr.N,
Notary Public.
My commission expires December
14, 1000.
Geo. A. Points, Upper Sandusky,
'Ohio, writes; "I have been using
For.r.Y's IIoni:y and taii for hoarse
noss aneFUnd It the besttemedy I ever
tried. It stopped tho cough Immedi
ately and relieved till soienost, "
Campbell .t Bun ell.
Ho Dnlji't Cure.
Ilousewlfo My dear, I seo n two-col
limn urtlclo in tho Sunday paper about
how oven Hour Is being udultorutod.
Husband. Well, l don't caie, nor
need you. Wocan'tgit nothin' wrong
with our stomick If wo tnko Dr, (Jahl
well's Hyruj) Pepsin.
All druggists sell lt or sco Chan. B
Sponcer, leiht or Klnne - Son, Mornn
,r. W. Bryan of Lmwlor, Ills.,
writes; "My little boy was very low
with pnoumonla. Unknown to tho
doctor we gave him Foij:'r Honjjy
and Taii The result was magienl
and puzli'd the doitoi, as it iminedl
stopped tho rucking tough and ho
ejulckly tee o voted " I uui bell A
Bun ell.
Old Negro Woman Who Hud Seen
All the l'lcsltlciils Sho
Wanted to
from the nshlriKton Post.
"Mammy Mary," who for three
generations has been a nurso to tho
family of General John II. Gordon,
ofGeoigln, and who Is still in tho
family, had tho distinction of onco
proving that tho mountain would come
to Mohammed.
In the course of her career sho had
met many distinguished people, but
her own importance as a nurse In a
distinguished family pt evented her
from being ovei whelmed by tho honor.
When Mrs. Cleveland, during tho
second term of her husband's piesl
deney, visited the Goidons at tho
governor's mansion at Atlanta sho
expressed tho deslro to sco a genuine
old negro mammy. Tho cairlage was
hitched up and Mammy Mary was
sent for at Sutheiland, the Gordon
country place, which sho prefer! od to
the noiso and excitement of tho olllelal
life at Atlanta.
When tho coachman diew up h
found her smoking her evening pipe.
Not a step would sho budgo. "Sho
done say," said tho unsuccessful en
voy In solemn disgust, "tint she don't
j want to see no mote piesidents; she
done see 'nough piesidents." Mrs.
Cleveland laughed heartily when sho
heind It The next mot nlng sho drove
out to seo Mammy Mary herself.
"I am surprised Mammy Mury,"
said Mrs. Gordon beforo Introducing
her distinguished visitor, thut you
sent s -ch a message. You havo
never been Impolite before."
"An' dnt ulggah dono toll what I
say? Well, ho novah did have no
sense an' no numnahs! ('o'e I
'spected ho'd say I'sc sony I'so Indis
Serious Accident On 'J he St. I'uiil in
Kew Yoik, Nov. 4, Tho steamship
St. Pntll, of tho Ameilenn line, Capt
ain Ilnbeits In command, arrived In
port today twenty -four 'hours lute,
with her starboard propeller gonoand
her engine loom badly damaged.
Statements of ditTorent olllcials vary
as to tho cause of tho accident, but
the damage sustained by tho steiim
ship will probably amount to scveiul
hundred thousand dollars.
The St. Paul left Southampton and
Cherbo in g on October U7, with a full
cargo, .tin cabin passengers and 2-Hi
In tho steerage. About 8 o'clock on
tho ov ening of Wednesday last, while
somo of the' saloon passengeis weio
still at dinner and o'her passengeis
pi enn entitling, a sudden shock was
fult all over iho ship, although It was
not sulllciently severe localise it panic.
Tho engine weio stopicd In a few
secemds alter the shock, but it is said
thut dm ing that brief time the vvbiil
Ing imii hine'iy, litu ol the weight oi
t he ptei elle l, wioiif;hl Inner in the
engine loom. The c'ltlcials of tho
stetimsbip le'fuseel to allow any one to
inter tho engine loom, dames A.
Wright, ne'cond vieo pii'sldeut ef, the
International Navigation company,
w liieb contiols the American lino, was
a passenger on the steamship, having
gone abioael in October lo bring I5hcl:
his family. Ho said:
"I was stnukii g in my stateioom
u lion 1 felt a slight tiemor tluoiighout
tho ship. I thought thai probably
hoi head hud fallen tiwuy a few points
and that she hail, in cousiipieucel
shipped a big sea. Tho shock was so
s light that the average passenger did
not nppiehend that anything uiiiisiiul
hud ocounod. I went below to llml
out what was tho matter. 1 found
thut the ship had ost her staiboatd
piopeller, together with pint of her
tall shult, and had otherwlso
damaged her machinery.
Jlull'H Gretit Discovery.
Ono small bottle of Hall's Gicnt
Discovery cm es all kidney and blue!
dor troubles, removos gravel, uuies
diabetes, seminal emissions, weak and
lamo hacks, rheumatism and all lr
tegularltles of tho kidneys and blud
dor In both men and women, regulutes
bladder troubles In childien. If not
sold by your druggist will bo sent by
mall on receipt of 1. One small bot
tle Is two months treatment, and will
euro any easo above mentioned. Dr.
B. W. Hull, solo manufacturer, P. O.
Box Gin, St. Louis, Mo. Send for
testimonials. Sold by all druggists,
ltouil This
, I'ittsburir, Knns April 21. 1100
I Have used Hull h Client Discovery for blad
der nnd kldnoj trouble, und woulelnot tnko u
thousand dollars for tho benefit received fiom
iislnu ono bottle I feel th it I am permanently
cured. I inuku tills statment fr inn a senso n
duty thut lowo lo tlmso likowls uunitutcilmi
irtm inui nicy win uihoiiuvuntu no of the 1
formation unit rcullzotlio trutliof my ussertio
J 1' I1A1 L, Contractor
Undo Young Again.
"Ono of Br. Klntr's Now Llfo Pills
oaoh night for two weeks has put mo
in my 'teens' again" writes 1). 11.
Tinner of Bompsoy town, Pa. Thoy'to
tho host In tho world for Liver, Stom
ach and Bowols. Puroly vogotablu.
Never gripo. Only 25o ttt Uvtina
Brother's Drug Store.
Thursday at Lallai po, at tho homo
of tho bride's paients, Mr. M. D.
Beiklblsorand Miss Delia Bllorwero
united In muirioge Tho groom's
mothor, Mi-b. Homer Fowler and Mt.
Fowler attendod from Iola.
Snrn! n Kind Word.
Few people rcttlle how much happi
ness may he promutid by a few words
of cheer Kpnktn In moments of despon
dency, by vvoiils of euctiiirageiiHiit In
vensems of difllciilty, by words of com
mendation when obstacles have been
overcome by clTort and perseverance.
Woids fitly spoken often sink so deep
Into the mind and heart of the person
to whom they are tiddiessid that they
ii'iu.tin a fled, prtclous and oft-re-ciuring
mtmory a continuous sun
shine, lighting up years, pel Imps, aft
er the lips that have utteied them aie
sealed in ileafh. A whole life has hem
changed, exalted, exptmhd mid 1!
luinluid by a slng'c cxprcsslmi of up
pioval falling timely upon a sensitive
and ambitious nature Words of edit er
cost nothing to the speaker. On the
contrary, they arc to him. as well as to
the hearer, a souicr of glint happiness,
to be had for the mere clTort of utter
ing them. The habit of spcnklpg such
woids at apptopuute times Ik easily ne
quiied, while at the tame time It Is of
much Importance that it should be
sedulously cultivated by all. Detroit
Fico 1'iess.
Aunl lliirllin' Storr.
"Yes, children," said good Aunt
Martha, as she took them on her Knees
and glanced at I ne'e Jerry, who hud
just come in and was sitting on the
couch In n half-drunken stupor, "I
will tell you a stury: One dny when
King Knm was out walking in the
Bticets of Calio he spied a hog. The
King tinned to the dragon who was
walking at his side. Tut the chains
on the hog and take him to my pal
ace,' he said. 'Why do you want to
put your chains on me and make mo
your slave, good King Hum?' asked
the hog. 'lit cause 1 am not satisfied
with the hogs I have in my kiugdi n
ami want to make a better hog,' an
swered the king."
"And did the king make n better
hog. aunty?" qucirled little llesslc.
"Yes, deal," answcicd the old ladv.
watching I'ncle .leny, who had start
ed for the door, "and the hogs have
been better to (IiIr day." Indianapolis
A Vow l.lulil fi'inti .SeleniT.
An Illustration of the new lights
which science thiows upon old ques
tions is the model u explanation of an
experiment made nearly three cen
turies ago by the Flemish physician,
Van Helmont In a pot of earth
weighing 200 pounds he planted a wil
low branch weighing Ive pounds. He
kept the plant well vvoteied nnd In
five years the willow line! gained 104
pounds In weight, while the enrth in
the pot had lost only two ounces. Ynn
Helmont inferred that the plant's
gain was due only to the water which
hnd been supplied. Modern bolank'nl
science proves t lint the gain was In n
great mensure due to the cnibon ab
seil bed from the nlr. Little Chronicle.
IIiipIp Sn til's Wnll Hollies,
At the close eif the last fiscal year
there were a,fll7 railway mail routes
in this country, of a total length of
17C,7'-'0.'J3 miles, over which the mall
ears traveled that year SbT.SQI.enu.Sl
miles. The gnviinincnt paid for the
railway post oltice cars $ SO,
anil for the transportation of the mails
J.'tl.Ota 150. SS, or a total to tho lull
revnels of 10,1 17.871 7 1. which was an
nvcinuc of lb' uciiih pet inilo lor
transportation and postal cars com
bined, or 1', edits n mile for tho cais
alone. Albany Argil.
1'crreel Mulit In It me.
It is sigiulie'nnt that pbvslcian who
have been examining the eyes of pu
pils of the public sediools of .leisey
City have found that out of ,131 eliildien
examined only liii hail pel feet sight.
'I he parent' of the children whose
vision is at nil Imperfect will he com
pelled to get g'.nstses for the little nuts.
As this Jersey sehool contains just an
avetage gatheilng of children theiels
suiely a lesson heie foi school boiuds
and parol.-, eveiy where. N. Y. Sun.
Couldn't Miinil Hie U limine.
I.ir bulit (holding the baby) Why
don't yn'r mammy wean dnt baby V
Mali mammy she done w tuned ills
heah chile long 'go.
1,11' Cm della Muli mammy she say
when yo' wean u coon buby he wants
'possum an' watermelon an' chiulicn,
an' she say hit's trouble 'null- ter git
milk. No, 'mlecd; she got expenses
'uulT now. Judge.
Well Supplied,
"ltiedderln," remuiked Deacon Dark
lelgh, "some oh de youngeh members
ob coiigrtgashuu hub been iniikln' fun
ob du sie ob oiuili behibbed pastoah'
feet. I wants ter tell dem dnt ounh pasi
toah Is strlckly la uccuhd wlf Solomon,
who sale': 'Wlf nil dy glttln', git on
duhstnndln'.' " lialtliuore American.
'Hie CSermmi lli'ii.
The common Ucriuuu hen lay a about
000 or 000 eggs In ten yeuis. In the
first year tho number Is only ten to
20, In tho second, third nneF fourth,
100 to 135 each, whence It again di
minishes to ten In the last year.
N. Y. Herald.
IK- VI ml i- u Mvi'i'pliiu; How.
"1 Know that a gieat many people
do not like my business," said the chim
ney sweep, "but It soots me."
After clue acknowledgment of the
couiteou smiles of his audience he
went up the flue. lialtliuore American.
He llelleelx.
"Destiny," said the pensive hoarder,
"Is like a chicken It Isn't eveiybody
who can etiive It to his entile intisfuo
tlon." Fuck.
Muii or Old Ikc.
As u man gt I i Mi i a f i cm vv ilk
on his hind lnngei vutl,u,,t getting
btiishid oil' teiinou C lobe.
(iM'ril liiu It.
Some men iiev t e'o inv thing wl'l -out
ovuilouij n. - L n.biio Duily .ei
I Illlllon n Vciir nn Vrinirn nnd T.t'nr.
Dining the dicade which is closing
(he present century there have been
over n dozen wars, and they have cost
more than 200,0i lives and many hun
dreds of millions of dollius. 'I he most
Important of these aie tho war be
tween China and Japan In ism and
1815, the war between Turkey and
fireece in ISO", the war between Spain
nnd Cuba, the war befwien Spain nnd
the Pnlfid Stales, the war between
the Pulled Stales nnd the Filipinos,
and the war between Client I'lltnm
anil the South Afiiean republic. At
the present time several watt aie go
ing on and mine are thientcned.
til eat tit It it t n has not yet eompiered
the ISocrs; (he United Stales has not
yet conquered the Filipinos: tlrrnt
Ilritaln is fighting In Anluiutl, nud the
situation In China offers all kinds of
complications. The nations aie 'pend
ing over a billion dollais a year on
their armies and wins. Philadelphia
Saturday Fveniiig 1'ost.
A I'eenllfir Cnne.
We often hear It said that an animal
In almost human, mid now and then
one does give evidence of feelings that
eem to tjanreend lit tit e mil lire. Not
long ngo a horse, called I'olndexter,
wa taken 111 In HoMon. 'J lie animal's
nerve's were keyed up to a high pitch
of excitement, and he could not he In
duced to lie down and go to sleep.
The veterinarians' were In despair,
when l'olndetei's deveited gloom
went into the stall and lay down. 'I he
hoise seemed soothed by his presence.
lly degrees he grew calmer, and finally
lying down, laid his head on the man's
shoulder and went to sleep. For three
nights the horfe Mept quietly by his
ft lend, and Uiiib pused through the
critical stages of the diceae. Detioit
Free l'lesx.
Tnst TriitiiH rr I'lnlllnble,
Accoidinglo a en. eolation winch has
recently been made by (lei man i all
way olllciuls the expenses of fast
trains arc 'J3 per cent, less than the ex
penses of slow tiulns. The locomo
tives are not turned to inch good
nccount in slow as In fast trains, the
cars are so much longer on the way
and the servants of the railway after
long journeys require longer rests than
after jturneys with fast trains. The
result of these calculations is that the
railway administrations are being ad
vised to run fast trains wherevei It is
at all possible, instead of the slow
trains at present in use for local ti utile.
N. Y. Times.
Colli Unilrr Ilrr.
That "man gets used to nnv thing"
hns been shown again .by the ex--tiaordlmuy
cases of coolness under
fire at the front in the South Aft lean
war. At I.abupeh.igne's nek a private
in the deadly one of Hie tore open a
letter fitim his sister and began to
lend it eagerly j a wounaed batsman
nt bady smith finished his tun nt
cricket before dropping e'eael; n Hoop
er named Chillies Hands kept his ciga
icttc alight between falling fiom his
horse- with a fractured thigh and be
ing taken to the1 hospital. i. Y. Sun.
An Kitlllnt I'llllillillirnitlMl.
Then; Is a lloiso in Havana, C ub'i,
which pieibably hns saved the liven
of 1.s0(l human beings, 'lhls equine
philanthiopist is kept in Havana's
b..ctiiiole.rl.cjl lab'.:al.-y, vvLilu, himj
the Pasteur Institute, of Italtimoie,
was founded by n newspaper, 'lhls
hoise was riwu to that instltutt in
1SU.1. From that year up to eluti it
is suid to have furnished 71,00!) cubic
eeutlmeteis of nuti-diphthciia si rum,
with a lecoid of l.SCM) cuies. Tin no
ble animal is still in gooel health.
Indianapolis' New.
itiiHiciii rii.ii.
Mnny fish can piodtice musical
sounds. The tilgla win produce long
drawn notes tanging ovei neaily an
octave. Others, notably two spee'les of
ophlelum, have sounil-piodiieiiig appar
atus, consisting of slum, nine able
bones, which can be iiintle to pioditee
n shaip l nttle. The cm ions "drum
ming" made by the species called urn
biivas can he lieaul fiom a depth of
20 fathoms. X. Y. Herald.
MfittNtliN of eYMiiipfrM.
The total number of copies of nevvs
papeis punted throughout the woild
lu one yeat is 12,0O0,(iu0,0OO. To print
these reepilies 7sl,240 tons of paper,
or 1,74,),!77,0U0 pounds, while It would
take the fastest pi esses 333 years to
print a single year's edition, which
ivould produce n stack of papers neai
ly 50 miles high. Chicago Chronicle.
Tin Airhl Volciiiile Irruption,
The et option in liS3 of KraKatua,
n volcano on the Island of that name
In the Mi tilt of Siiuda, which collects
the Java sea with the Indian ocean
between Java and Sumatra, Fast In
dies, was the vvoist ever known, in
cluding that of Vesuvius in 70 A, D.
X. Y. Times.
Vlctorln'N stuck of TiiIuicmiii,
Alt"liough Queen Vlctoiln docs not
permit smoking in her Immedlnte
neighborhood, yet she keeps on hand a
stock of the most stipeib Havana cigars
for her guests, and tho consumption
thereof is about 3,000 u year. Chicago
Sure MK".
Ltury -llooligun mint l.xplct
fortune from th' mild cnunthiu.
Danny 1'hoy sot'
"Keciuis' he is too pioud to wear rid
flaiinlls lily uuiie." Chicago Fvenlng
.No Sj lililtiiliis.
Isaacs I t'ink Jtosenthnl vot going
to fall again.
Coin u I t'ink tot T caoost met
him, undt he vos In very low spirits.
ltiooklyn Life.
e ufte in leeouciks us to cveiy thing.
4 HPU 4V A
I G. fMPg
I PholDgpspti
CaSfsFi! !
MjS Wnnlllnnton Ave. A
Fine Cabinets 1.50 doz g
t noaau supplies ana i
Cameras For Sale. T
o -&-n-& -o-o
m t9
2VX O 'JT i-irrs X !
Don't lt HahrSuffm
for nlillnu the leettilnir process nnel slow
Krou Hi In liif inilH nnd children, nnd tint Is, for
very obvious iciimiiik, eiillrd ANTII'IIUT It
stoiis the frctlini; rcstli ssness, Kcncral feeble
ness, colic unci illurrlineii I'rcvcnts brnln
iremlilc anil convulsions llcmlcrs lancing tho
Kums unnecessiry It lias been estimated that
llo millions of li.ibU'S (lie ilntiu Ulv forvtnntof
mothers knowlair what m do Dentition Is tho
dangerous period of child life fur too serious
tu bo dismissed wit lithe onrclcss remark "Haby
Is cuttinir her teeth " Your child needs bono
innWnK mutcrlal ANTIHtirr supplies this
"lint Is tnstelcsH, dissolves In milk and taken
cnsliv One box will save vour baby untold
misery Sent pustp vie by return mall on ro
eelpt of Bo cents Full Instructions v, lth each
Address INLAND 1)110(1 CO ,2911 Washlngtor.
street, Sun Frum Isco Cat Antlfret so cer
tulnly relieves teething bubies that ve v. Ill on
all puckuitcs sold by mull refund tho money by
scndlnir stamps In full for those returned wfthlr.
.Welnys not over one-fourth used Wo want
one respectable elderly ladv unent In each
town for this nnd our three other wonderfully
effective home cures livery home needs ono
or more of them There fs from J5 to 415 a
month Ir It nt very little effort and It Is clean
humane and honorable Write above address
. -.tfc"CVfet
I Follow
Golf, tennis, polo,
bicycling, fishing, shoot
ing, photographing, sail
ing, mountain climbing,
sea bathing.
Outdoor sports in this
captivating climate oro
unlnterupted by winter
The California Limited,
beginning November 9,
trl-weekly, Chicago to Los
Angeles. Beginning early
in December, dally,
Chicago to Los Angeles
and San Francisco.
Finest train in the wotld.
Only lino under one man
agement, Chirac o to C all
foinla. Santa Fe Route
Ask for illustrated pamphlets.
AtcliFon, Topeka, & Santa Fe
Rail way,
-evt.''VCV. "S.fc'Si.UVS
Ki nit Wit ii I oil
Tho Allen County Horticultoral
Society has a request from the Fruit
Commissioner appointed by the Gov
ei nor for speclmons of winter fruit
fieo fiom blemishes and Insects, to
send to the show nttlio Bullalo Now
ox-position Yoik that commences,
next May.
Tho-to who havo samples howevui
few who will aid in ono of tho biggest
shows America over made, (and only
American f i tilt can compete ) w ill please
bring to B. F. Panconst the custodian
of tho collection any such accompa
nied by their names that tho Indivi
duals may bo credited with their ex
hibit. Wrap each specimen In pnper..
,T. B. Funaufc, J. Y. Johnson,
Lono Dim. Iola.
August Flower.
"It Is a surprising fact," says Prof
Ilouton, "that In my travels In all
Your rads
! In California
parts of tho world, for the last to
years, I havo met moie peoplo having
used Green's August Flower than any
other remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged
liver anel-stomach, and for constipa
tion. I llnd for tourists nnd sales
men, or for persons holding olllco "
positions, vvhero hendue-hes and gen
eral - bad feelings from Irregular
habits exist, that Green's August
Flower Is a grand remedy. It doo3
notlnjuio tho system by fiequent uso
and Is exeollent for sour stomachs
and lndlgostlon," Sample bottles
nreo at Bvtins Bros. Sohl by dealers
II alls olviled countries.
Sovonty pounds of our corn In two
mjnutOH nnd fifty -five seconds, 13
rounds of tho horses. This has been
dono on tho Jnnney feed mill. Glvo
us a ehanco and wo can do it again.
For salo by K, C. Komsburg. Iola
Druggist Moigun ol Crawfordsvllle,
Intl., says: Dr. Caldwell's tivrup Pep
sin Is a medie'lno lean conscientiously
recommend as it does gust what yeni
claim. It is tho host laxative I evfr
saw " Sold by Chas. I) r-ppinci,
Iola, nnd Klnne i: .Son, Mornn.
TntftifWfiiiarf i Vriy

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