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ytw' UBtsW.
.'fcr. Talmage Deplores the Prevail
ing Spirit of Unrest.
OHirUtlnii Stability die Source of Vie
uliic nml llniiilncn Value nf
n Fixed Bplrllnnl Cim
dlllnn. tCopyright, 1000, by, Louis Klopsch
Washington, Nov. 23.
From mi uiuisiinl text Dr. Tnlmagc
fax tills discourse tcbiikcs t lie spirit of
mnrcst which characterizes so mmiy
people, nml shows them the happlnesR
.and usefulness to be found in stability;
itext, Jereniiah2:3G: "Why gnddest thou
bout so much to change thy way?"
Homely is the illustration by which
4Mb prophet of tours deplores the vacil
lation of the nntlon to whom he wrote.
Jfow thev wnnted nlllnncc with Kgypt,
and now with Assjiln, nml now with
13abylou, nnd now they did not know
what they wnnted, nnd the behavior of
the nntlon reminded the prophet oka
man or woiunu who, not satisfied with
tome life, (joes from plnec to plnce, gad
fling nbout, ns we sny, never settled
anywhere or In anything, nnd he cries
out to them: "Why gnddest thou
About so much to change thy wny?"
Well, the world has now ns many gad
abouts ns It hliil In Illble times, and I
think thnt that rnee of people is more
aiumcrous now thnn it ever wns. Gad
abouts among occupations, among re
ligions theories, nmong churches,
among neighborhoods, nnd one of the
greatest wants of the church nnd the
world Is more stendfnstncss nnd more
fixedness of purpose.
It wns no small question thnt
sPhnrnoh put to .Tncob and his eons
when he asked: " lint Is jour occu
pation?" Getting Into the light occu
pation not only decides your temporal
welfare, but may decide jour eternal
destiny. The leason so ninny men nnd
women arc dead fnllures Is because In
stead of asking God what they ought to
be or do they, through some nin ambi
tion or whimsicality, decide what they
ought to be. Let me say to alljoung
men and joung women In homes or In
school or college do not go gnddlng
about among occupations and profes
sions to find what joil are fitted for,
but make humble and direct appeal to
God for direction.
While seeking Divine guidance In
your selection of a lifetime sphere ex
limine your own temperament. The
phrenologist will tell jou your nientnl
-proclivities. The phjsiciloglst will tell
you your physical temperament. Your
enemies will tell you jour weaknesses.
3f you are, ns we say, nervous, do not
"become a surgeon. If jou are coward
ly, do not become an engineer. If jou
re hoping for a large nnd permanent
income, do not seek a governmental
.position. If jou are naturally quick
tempered, do not become a minister ol
Uxe Gospel, for while nnj;one la disad
vantaged bj- ungovernnble disposition
there is hardly anyone who enacts such
an incongruous part ns a mad minister.
Can you make a fine sketch of a ship
ir rock or house or face? He an artist.
Do you find yourself humming en
ilencea, and do the treble clef nnd the
3nuicul bara drop from j-our pen eas
ily, und can you make n tune that
jthanns those who hear It? lie a mus.
clan. Are jou born with a fondness
Cor argument? He an attornej-. Are
you naturally a good nurse and es
peclallj' interested In the relief of
pain? He a physician. Are jou Inter
ested in all questions of trnlllc and In
bargain mnklng? Are you apt to be
successful on a small or large scale?
Be a merchant. Do jou prefer couutrj
life, and do jou like the plow, and do
you hear music In the rustle of n liar
tebt field? He a farmer. Are jou fond
-of mnchlncrj, and are turning wheels
to j'ou n fluctuation, nml uan jou follow
with absorbing Inteiest u new kind oi
thrashing machine hour after hour.1
Jie a mechanic. Ifypuenjoj nnn'.jying
the natural element, and a laboratorj
could entertain jou all daj and all
night, bo a chemist. If jou are In
.qnibl t i e about other world and in
terested in all instruments thnt would
bring them nenier for inspection, be
un astronomer.
If you lime no one fncullj- dom
inant nnd nothing in your mnke-up
Bcems to point to this or Unit occupa
tion, shut j-oursclf up in jour own
room, get down on jour knees and rev
rcntlj' ask God what lie made vu
for, and tell Him Unit j-ou aie willing
to do unything He wishes jou to do.
llefore jou lease that room you wilt
find out. Hut far the. sake of your
-usefulness and happiness and jour
temporal and eternal welfare do not
join thnt erowd of people who go
gadding nbout nmong business nnd
occupations, now trj-ing tills und now
trying thnt nnd never accomplishing
Last summer a man of great genius
died. He had the talents of 20 men In
surgical directions, but he did not like
surgery, nnd he wnnted to lie n
preacher. He could not preach. I
told him so. He tried It on both sides
of the sen, but he failed, because lie
turned his back on that niagulfiicnt
profession of surgerj'. which has in
ourtluie made such wonderful achieve
incut thnt It now henls u biokeu neck
nnd by the X raj- explores the tem
ple of the human bodj- ns If it were
a lighted room. For 10 jears lie was
gadding about among the professions,
Vo not Imitate him. Ask Gut! what
you ought to be, and He will tell jou.
It may not be as elegant a style of
work us jou would prefer. It innj
calloiiK nnd begrime your linnds and
711U jou In suffocating atnioxphcre
nnd stand you shoulder to shoulder
with the unrefined nnd niny leave jour
overalls the opposite of aioiiiatle, but
leineiuher that if God calls jou to do
one thing you will never be happy In
doing- something olsu.
All tlin great successes haie been
gained through opposition nnd strug
gle. GhnrlcB Goodyear, thu Inventor,
whose name Is nnv- a synonym till the
world oei for fo.tune nili'eii to for-
. .to..,, JMtmtiim iitfflM -, ' u mki inn 'titf umimm jiff,
tune, waded many yenrs chin deep
through the world's scorn nnd was
thrust in debtors' prison and came
with his fnmlly to the verge of star
vation, but continued his experiments
with vulcanized rubber until he ndded
more thnn enn be estimated to the
world's health and comfort, ns well ns
to his own ndvnntngc. Columbus nnd
John Fitch, and Stephenson nnd Hob
ert llruce, and Cyrus W. Field and 600
others were Illustrations of what te
nacity and pluck can do. "Hnrd pound
ing," snld Wellington nt Wnterloo,
"hnrd pounding, gentlemen, but we
wilt see who enn poiinu the longest."
Yes, my friends, that is the secret,
not flight from obstacles hi the wny,
but "who enn pound the longest."
Tho child had it right when attempt
ing to carry n ton of coal, a shovelful,
nt a time, from the sidewalk to the
cellar, and some one asked her: "Do
jou expect to get nil that coal in with
that little shovel?" And she replied:
"Yes, sir, If I work long enough." lly
the help of God choose your calling
and stick to It. The gadabouts are
fnlluns for this life, to say nothing
of the next.
There nrc mnny who exhibit thU
frnllty In mutters of religion. Thej are
not sure nbout anything that pertains
to their soul or their eternal destinj.
Now they are Unitarians, nnd now thej
nre Uni'ersnlists, nnd now they are
Methodists, nnd now they lire Presby
terians, nnd now they nre nothing at
nil. Thev nre not iiuite sure that the
Bible was Inspired or, If Inspired,
whether the words or the Ideas were
inspired or whether only part of the
Book was Inspired. They think nt one
time that the storv In Genesis nbout
the gnrden of Kden iNnhlstorj.nud the
month after thij think it Is an nlle-
gor.v. At one time ! In J tliniK me uouk
of Job describis what lenllj occurred,
but the next time lhey speak of It they
call it a drama. Now they believe nil
the miracles, but at jour next Inter
view they trj to show how these
scenes had nothing In them supernat
ural, but can be accounted for by nat
ural causes. Gnddlng about ainoug re
ligious thcoi ies und never sntlsllcd. All
the evidence is put before them, and
why do they not lender a verdict? If
they ennuot make up their mind with
nil the dntn put befoic them, thej
never will. There are all the nrchnco
logical confirmations of the Bible
brought to view lij thu "Palestine I'.v
plorntion society;" there are the bricks
of Babylon, the letter "N" Impressed
upon tiiem "X" for Xebuchodiuvrur.
showing that he was not n myth and
the farther the shovel of the antiqua
rian goes down the more Is revealed of
that most wonderful city of nil time.
Prof. Ilellprecht, of the University of
Pennsylvania, presents us tnlilets found
in the fnr cast ratlfjing nnd explain
ing Scrlpturnl passages which were be
fore In mj-stery. As the builders In
Jerusalem to-dny dig for the founda
tion of new- houses they turn up with
their pickaxes the ashes of the nnl
mals that were used for burnt offer
ings in the temple nges ago, demonstrat
ing the truth of the Bible story nbout
the sacrifices of lambs and heifers nnd
pigeons. There is the history by Jo
Bephus, described on uninspiring pnges
scenes which the Bible depicts. On the
banks of the Bend sen there nre pieces
of the verj- brimstone thnt fell in the
sulphurous storm that destroyed Sodom
and Gomorrnh. Make up your mind
whether the Bible Is n glorious reveln
tion of God or the worst imposition of
the centuries. Why go gnddlng nbout
nmong Infidels, ntheists and deists ask
ing questions and surmising nnd guess
ing about the authority and value of a
book which involves the Infinities? It
Is either n good book or n bad bonk.
If It be a bad book, jou do not want
It In jour house nor have jour children
contaminated with Its 'teachings. If
it Is a good book, jour eternal happi
ness depends upon the adoption of Its
teachings. Once nnd foiever makeup
jour mind whether it is the book of
God or the hook of villainous pictend
ers. My text also addresses those who
In senieh of happiness are going
hither Hnd 'jonder looking for that
which they II ml not. Their time is all
taken up with "inuslcales," and "pio
gresstve eiielues," and teas, and j el-low-
luncheons, and "at homes," ami
dances, and operas, and theaters; and,
instead of finding hnpplnci-s, they get
pule checks, anil ln-oiuuia, and indi
gestion, mid neuralgia, and (-linus-flon,
and an abhuilatcd lifetime.
There is more splendid womanhood
sacrificed In thnt way In our cities
than In any other way. The judg
ment ilny only can icveal the awful
holocaust of jangled nerves nnd the
nulcldnl hnblts of much of our soctul
life. The obituary of slioh reads well,
lor the story is suppicssed about how
thej- got their death wlillo stnndlng
in attire of gaue, waiting for the
carriage on a rnvv night, on the front
steps. While In their lifetime they
possessed nil the nblllty for the reltel
of pntn and Impoverishment, yet they
have no time for visitation of the
poor, or to win the blessing of such
ns conies upon those who administer
to those who nre rendj- to perish,
Bnough flowers In their dining hulls
to bewitch n prince, but not one tuft
of heliotrope to perfume the room ol
that ihcuniatlc on the back street, to
whom tho breath of one llower would
be like the opening of the front door
of Henven, Find me one man or one
woman who In nil the lounds of pleas
ure and selfishness hns found a piece
of happiness as large us that half dol
lar which the benevolent nnd Christ-
like soul puts Into the palm of the
hand of that mother whose ehllilien
are crjlng for hi end. Queen Ylctoila
riding in triumph through London at
her jubilee was not so sublime n ilg-
uie ns Queen Yietoiln In a hut near
llalmoi.il cast lo leading the Xew Tes-
tuiucnt to u poor dj lug man. Let all
the gadabouts for happiness know
that in kindness nnd usefulness mid
self-abnegation aie to bu found a sat
isfaction which nil the gajetles of the
world iiggieg.itid cannot nffoid
Among the race of gadabouts nrs
those who neglect their homes In order
that they may attend to Institutions
that are really excellent and do not
w much ask for help as demand it,
I am acquainted, as you nre, with wom
en who are members of so manj- honrds
of direction of benevolent Institutions,
nnd have to stand at n booth In so mnny
fairs, and must collect funds for so
mnny orphnnages, nnd prcsltlo nt so
mnny philanthropic meetings, and are
expected to be In so many different
places at the same time Hint their chil
dren are left to the cure of Irrespon
sible servnnts, and If the little ones
wnltcd to say their prayers nt their
mothers knee they would never snj
their evening prayers nt all. Such
a woman makes her own home so unat
tractive that the husband spends his
evenings at the clubhouse or tho tav
ern. The children of thnt lioue nro
ns thoroughlj' orphans as any of tho
fatherless and motherless little ones
gathered In the orphanage for which
that gadabout woman Is tolling so In
dustriously. By alt means let Chris
Han women foster charitable Institu
tions nnd give them as much of their
time as they can spare, but tho first
duty of thnt mother Is the duty she
owes to her home.
But no one can tnke n mother's
place, and It Is an awful mistake that
that mother makes- who sacrifices
home duties for any church meeting,
however important, or any hospital,
however merciful, or any outside benefi
cence, however glorious and grand.
Not understanding this, we mistake
when we try to give statistics as to how
mnny Christians there nre In our
churches and In the world. We un
derstate the fact. We look over our
church audiences on the Sabbath or
our week service nnd conciuuc inni
thev- represent the amount of piety In
thnt neighborhood. Oh, no! Thcroare
manj- most consecrated souls that nro
not found in oh u relies. Look Into
those houses with large fninllies of
ell I hire n and little or no hired help.
For much of the jenr there is some
one 111, and a special guardian care
is requisite. How much time can that
mother give to churches and prnjer
meetings when most of the familj aie
down with scarlet fever or have colds
that threaten now one kind of dis
ease nnd now nnother? That mother
watching ut home as much pleases the
Lord as the mother who ut church
takes the sacrament or In the mission
school tells the wnls of the street how
thej in n j become sons nnd daughter!
of the Lord Almighty. That mother
ut hoinu Is deciding thedcstlnj of the
state bj- the wny she leads that boy
Into right thinking nnd acting and is
deciding the welfure of some future.
home by the example she Is setting that
girl, and though the world does not
appreciate the unobserved work Hear
en watches and rewards. On the other
hund, jou have known women who
are off at meetings humanitarian and
philanthropic, planning for the desti
tute nnd the outcast, while their own
children went unwashed and unkempt,
their garments needing repairs, their
manners Impudent and themselves a
general nuisance to the community
in which thej- live.
One bad habit these gadabouts, mas
culine or feminine, are sure to get,
and that Is of scandal distribution.
They hear so manj- deleterious things
about others and see so much of
wrong behavior thai thej are loaded
up and loaded down with the faults of
others, and thej have their ejes full,
and their ears full, and their hands
full, and their mouths full of defama
tion. Tint woman who is endowed of
gossip can so easily untie her bonnet
strings and sit down to spend the aft
ernoon. A man can affoid you a cigar
as a retainer If J-ou will patlentlj- henr
ill he has to say about those who can
not pn their debts, or are about to
fall, or are guilt y of nioial mishap, or
have aroused suspicion of embezzle
ment. All gadabouts are peddlers,
who unpack in your piesence their
large store of nux vomica nnd night
shade. Such gadabouts have little
prospect of Heaven. If thej- got there
thej- would trj- to create Jealousy
among the different ranks of celes
tials and make trouble among the
lleavenlj neighbors, nnd sturt qunr
rels scruphic, and would be on per
pctuol run, now down UiIh street and
now up Unit, now in the house of
innnj- mansions, nnd now In the choir
of the temple., mid now on tho walls,
nnd now In the gates, until they would
be chased down and pushed out Into
the pandemonium of backbiters and
slanderers after Jeremiah had ad
dressed them In the words: "Why
gaddest thou nbout so much to change
thy way?"
Now, what Is the practical use of
the present discourse? This: Where
as, so mnny have ruined themselves
nnd ruined ot liars bj- becoming gnd
ibouts nmong occupations, nmong re
ligious theories, nmong churches,
imoug neighborhoods; therefore, re
tolled, that we will concentrate upon
what Is right thought ami right be
havior, nnd waste no time In utellhi
lions and Indecisions nnd tiuccitulu
tles, running about In places where
wu have no business to lie. Life Is so
short we hnve no time to piny with It
the spendthrift. Find out whether
the Bible Is true nnd whether jour
nature is lnunoial, and vvhethor Christ
Is the Divine nnd only Saviour, and
whether jou must have Him or be
dlsconillted, and whether there will
probnblj ever be a more auspicious
moment for your becoming Ills ad
heient, nnd thou make this is o'clock
nt noon of Novcmbor 25, 1900, the most
Illustrious minute that jou will ever
have passed since tho dav of j-nur
birth until the ten millionth ejele of
the coming eternity, beenuse by com
plcte surrender of thought nnd will
and affection nnd life to God through
Jesus Christ you become a new mail,
a new woman, n new soul, nnd God the
Fnther, and God the Son, and God the
Holy Ghost, and all nngcldom, cher
ubim nnd seraphim, and archangel be
came your nllies.
Our Government is Negotiat
ing for Coaling Stations
Some to Guard the Nicara-
gutin Canal, Others in
Xoiioof tho Replies ThtM fur Iiiih Hecn
SutlHfiictory but the Proposi
tions Will tic Renewed
Now York, Nov . 20. Four govern
ments, says tho Wnsbingtoti corre
spondent to tho IJcrnld, linvo been re
quested to authorbo tho United Stntes
to establish coaling stations on their
territory, und a fifth isto boapprotteh
cd. Uecnusoof tho Importance of domi
nating tho termini of tho projected
Nicaragua ennui, tho authorities aro
anxious thnt tho navy shall hnvo con
venient bases from which to operato
for tho defcnRO of tho waterway. It
1ms therofoio been trying to acquire
the Danish West Indies nnd sites on
tho isthmus at Chlrlqul Lagoon and
tho Gulf of Dolco, and ono of tho is
lands of tho Galapagos group. Up to
this time Its efforts have not met with
success, but during tho next few weeks
It Is proposed to lenovv tho attempts.
In theense of the Galapagos islands,
Kcuudor was seemingly suspicious of
tho purposo of tho United States, and
llutly refused. In naval circles tliero
Is apparently no anxiety. with respect
to tlioso islands, tho principal object
of tho submission of tho proposition,
to display un Ititeiostin the group and
prevent Germany or Great Hrltain
from acquiring It, having been attain
Ameilcan Interests In Cliinu'will re
quire, in thooplnion of nuvnl olllclals,
tho maintenance of n strong (licet in
Chinese waters, and Hear Admiral
Uradford Is auxious to locato a coal
pile ut Cho I-'oo. Such station would
bo within tho clrclo of Amerian inllu
ence, considering Manila as tho cen
Joints. HrattonileamTliat Kitchener')
Pollco Armies Will Ride. American
New York, Nov. 20. Horses to tho
number of 60,000 nro to be purchased
in this country in the noxt six months
by agents of the British i government
for tho use of Lord Kitchener's forces
in policing tho Trnnvnal und Orungo
freo State. This novvs hns been an
nounced by John S. Bratton of St.
Louis, who has supplied, directly and
indirectly, to tho British army, In
tho lust two years, many horses suit
ablo for cavalry use. IIo has re
ceived u telegram from ono of his
managers stating that tho British
military purchasing agent will bo nt
his stock yard this wool: to select sad
dle horses for tho immediate shipment
from Now .Orleans to Durban. Mr.
Ilratton's brother Is a member of
l'ai'liament from tho Liberal con
stituencv of MiiL'herugh, County of
Tyrone, It eland.
Tliey liuvu Ilecoino More Active thnn
ever All Round.
llv Sniri'K-McItu- rrri"H Amoclntlon.
London, Nov. 27. A dispatch from
Pretoria to tho Standard says tho
Boers appear to bo taking fieshheurt.
Thoy have become oxtrcmoly energetlu
in almost every part of tho Transvaal
und In tho Ornngo Hiver colony.
tiiksi: iiunns wiau: houtiui.
Uy Huipim-Mcltne I'reHB Association.
London, Nov. 27. Slbort rooorts
that Doluroy, with u thousandmciiund
three guns, opposed Clement's match
tovvurd nictfontoin, but that tho Boers
wore c6mplctely dispersed. Tho Brit
ish loss vvus six killed and several
The Corner Stone was Laid at Little
Hock Today.
fly Fcrlpim-Mcltne 1-rvpn AMoclntlon.
Llttlo Bock, Ark., Nov. 27. Tho
corner stono of tho mil t Ion dollar
capltol was laid with appropriate
ceremonies this afternoon under tho
ausplcos of tho Masonic Grand Lodge
of tho Stato of Arkansas.
A FiuiuHi'a fainting
may bo worthmillions or a,blg pump
kin may tako llrst premium, but Br.
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joy every day as it becomes hotter
known and moro generally used for
Constipation, Indigestion, Slckllead
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(Jims. B. Spencer, Iola ami Kinno &
Son, M orn n.
An old English book says It took
IM years to mnko n notgd beauty.
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mako 'cm in in 00 days with Rocky
Mountain Tea. 35c. AskyourDruggi6t.
How lie Was Pemnmlpd ( Work
When He Hnd n liny (o
There was u persistent pop, pop, pop
in the nllej bnck of the house, and Mrs.
rFlynn put her head out of the kitchen
door to see what wns the matter, writes
Hlllott Flower. In the Cpntury.
"What are ve doln' out there, Bar
ney V" she asked.
"I'racttcln' wld me gun," answered
"Oho!" exclnlm-d Mrs. Fljnn.
"Prnctleln' wld jer gun, Is It? Ye're
a new man on the foorce, an' ye think
ye've got to be hkiln' nwoy at lverj
barn dnor In the wn-ard. Tell me, now,
isn't there mi orjinnnce ferninst shoot
In' In theeltj limits?"
At this I'atrolmnn Kljiin thoughtful
ly scratched his head.
"Bight je are," he said at last; "but
'tis for the gnnho wldout the shtnr
thnt the orjiintiec wns made."
"Does j er book tell je that?" de
manded Mrs. I'ljnn.
1'ntrolman I'ljnn pulled n summary
of the iprliirlp il ordinances and the
rules and regulations of the depart
ment from his pocket nnd looked
through it slowly and carefully.
"Does It tell je." demanded Mrs.
Flynn, again, "that an olllcer of tho
In-nw kin make a sliootln' gallery of the
alley bechune his house an' the one
next behlndilt?"
"It docs not." admitted the patrol
man, regret fullj.
"Doesn't It tell ye to pinch the man
that shoots In thecltj limits?"
"Marj, I'll not He to je," answered
Patrolman rijnn, after a moment of
reflection; "It savs thnt same."
"Then 'tis for ye, Harney Flynn." in
serted his better half, ('eeisliely, "to
take vvi self to the station nn'cha-argc
jerelf uld dlorderlv conduct."
Patiolman I'ljnn winced. The rea
soning wns clear, but heobjected'to the
conclusion, t
"I lajfuse." he said, at length, "to go
wid meself."
"Oho!" cried Mrs. I'ljnn. "liafuse
to go, Is it? Here j e nre caught bj j er
self vi'lnttn' an orjinauee. an' je raj
fuse to be nrrlst-c1. Hainej. je'll he
after liailn' the eha-nrge of rajslstin'
an olllcer fernint j er name, too. "Pis
for ye to bat jerself on the head wld a
club nu' Jerk jerself oil' to the station
whether j e will or no."
'"Twould be a shn-nnie. Mnrj," pro
tested! Patrolman Fljnn. "for me, beln'
the fii'nd to meself that I am. to be
th.it rough will meself. Ye'd not have
me be too hu-ard on a frl'nd. would j-e?"
"Oho!" exclaimed Mrs. Flj tin, ngnln,
bj- wnj- of answer. "Derrj llckshiin av
jutj-ltts! 1 kin see ye, Barnej. wnlkin'
the ca-nrpet in the capt'in's ofllce, an'
he tellin' je something av juty an'
frl'ndshlp, nu' that je're laid off foor
dnjs widout pay."
"Anyhow," persisted the patrolman,
"I'm not shtrong enough toarrlst me
self. TIs too tough a job. I'm u
desp'rate man when I'm roused, Marj-,
nn' 'tis not the likes of me nor annjoue
else that kin lay the hand nv the Iii-hw
on meself wldout hnvln' to go to the
"I ee ve now, 'oh, I see je now, Bar
nej," went on Mr. Flynn, "1 see ye
iendln' a notice on the boardiat the sta
tion, an' It says that Ilarnej Flynn Is
discharged from the foorce for cow-anile--
That's what It snjs, Harney;
nu' if s.ijs mole. It sav that Ilarnej
Fljnn Is charged wid disordrrlj con
duct, an' shootin' In t lie eltj limits, an'
rajslstln' an officer, nu' eorriiptin' the
fooice bj wo-orkln' the frl'm'sl.lp rack
et, .in' that aunj officer nteetin' him
will dill the wagon an' run him in."
Patiolman I'ljnn heaved a deep sigh.
"M.iij." he said, "ye wanted me to
don little wo-ork in the house the while
I'm off jutj."
"1 d'd, Ilarnej," she answered.
"i'lldo It'iikkt-rtei' Patrolman I'lj nn
with ..n.ith.mlgh. " 'TIs a tight ho'r I
gut meslf in, Marj. an' m? head's
swimmln' wld all the troubles- an il
rules, "l'lsllkelj a little wo-oik'll nuke
things easier for me."
"TIs likelj It will," retorted Marj
grlm'.j; nnd Patrolman I'ljnn put hi
official digultj 'and his revolver In his
pocket, und tackled the plebeian tuU ot
menillnir a watli tub. meanwhile unit
eilug to hinitclf something about a
woman who h.iil ".i reg-lar ln-awjer'-heml
on her."
Why Un- Ojstcr Crop r.ills.
it Is pointed out that partial fall
in e of the ojster irop In certain jears,
tin- diminution In size of ojstirs on
the market and the extinction ot
manj ojster b;-d. thnt formcilj wen
fninniu tl-e S'udi'le Itoeks. for In
stance have been due to want of ma
teilal Co: the production of the ojster
shell. The IiciIb throughout the ojstir
nelt haie stendllj deteriorated in lute,
M-nrs. and in nuvij eaten become nb
s'lluti'l.v worthless, In spite of the fuel
that food has bei n suppliid uitih-i-lnllj
at gretit 'e.spense and tiouble.
ard wire ftuees have been need to
piotict the ojsterh from the star
ilsh. 1'or thlh trouble the deli'emenl
of the water bv icw.i!;e and wrste of
various miliiufcetiiilng tstablishmcnts
have usun'ly been blamed, sometime!
Instil, io:iieti:ui'.i without cause
Win. t the rU: p'ur.t must have, or
It will peihh, Is a lull supplj of car
bonate of lime with which to build
its shell. .Nun- the mouths of rivers,
where cat donate of lime in mechan
ical solution, ns It lh eNpressed, comes
down fimn the lulls and plains of the
Interior In drainage, the ojster hut
nil the material It needs for building
its house, mid at the same tliueitht
Inflowing tide brings It ample food.
lloston Transcript.
No Keed of Hull,
Crabsliaw 1 don't see where vvomar
acqulied her extravagance In dress
Eve wasn't that wnj.
Mrs.Crabshaw Of course not, There
was only one man in the world toeu
and she had him, 1'uck.
The Skeleton in the Wichita
Closet nt Lust Disclosed.
And Failure to Provide. Mr.
Lease May Not Eight It.
Uy Rcrlrrn-Mcltne 1-rem Axftoclfttlon.
Wichita, Kans., 27 Mnry Kllon
Leuso will this week Institute proceed
ings for divorce' from her husband,
charging Incompatibility and falluro
to provide Mrs. Lease is now en
gaged in nowspaper work In New
York. Whether Mr. Lease will eon
test the action is not jet known.
I-'lve Per CcntMoney, Wichita Hankers
Say, (Joes lleggiiur.
Wichita, Nov. 20. As an evidence
of the prosperity of tho Kansas farmer
bnnkers of Wichita say It is almost
Impossible to Invest tho monoy of
Bustern capitalists who aro seeking
farm mortgages at a grenter Interest
than f per cent. In speaking of tho
condition u loading bunker of this city
"Eastern investors who expect to
have their loans gobbled up aro writ
ing many letters urging that their
money bo placed at once, when, us a.
mutter of fact, there is no steady de
mand for tholr funds oven at fi per
cent, hi several Instances that I know
of thero has already been a break to
4i per eont. But It Is not as yet a
general condition. That it will soon
be, however, I have no doubt. And,
us a matter of fact, 1 cannot seo why
It should not bo so. A good farm
loan, judiclouslj nnd honestly placed,
Is gilt edged, and as soon us this is
realicd, with tho changed conditions
in this section, I look for farm lonns
to come into competition with state,
city and county bonds. Kvery day
letters aro received by the bankers of
this city asking that money bo placed
at (i per cent and when this is found to
bo impossible a drop to tho 4 per cent
basis will take place. It will not go
below that, for that is tho basis in tho
East on farm loans."
Sheriff's Sale.
(First published Nov. 10, 1000.)
Statu or Kansas, I .
Allen County, f "
In UiciDlstrlct Court, Seventh Judicial Dis
trict, sluing In nnd tor Allen county, State of
Ksso Kunston, IMalntllls,
John Ottcn, Defendant,
lly virtue of nn order of snlc Issued by tho
Clerk of tho .Seventh Judicial District Court.
in und for Allen county, Stato of Kansas, In
the above entitled cause, und to me directed
und delivered, I will on Tuesduy, November
27. A. D.. 1WX), ot ono o'clock p. m. of said
day, at the front door of tho court house In
inc cuv oi ion, Alien county, niuio ui ivan
s.is. offer for sale and sell to the highest bid
der, for cash In hund, the follow InK described
personal properly, to-u it SOpoumls of ll.ittlo
Ax tub icco, HI pounds of Klin; Jack tobacco,
PICO ' (ienerul Tllley" ciirurs, 200 "General
Crook" elKars, l.'O (-Advance- clcurs, 150
"l'unsv Queen" clears, -M) "Twenty twuCui
rott 'cluars, sou Henry Clny" eltfurs, ico Arab
elt-ars. am " hlto Crook ' ulmirN. 1 1 pounds of
' Stundard Nnvv 'tobieco, m pounds -Sledge"
tobacco, SI pounds Ulsound sliluo tobacco,
800 -'llluo Signet" cigars being thepioperty
seized und now In my possession, byvlrtuo of
unorder of attachment Issued out of the
aforesaid Distilct Court, In the nbuvo entitled
Said personal pioperty w 111 bo sold to satisfy
said order of s lie
II HonviiT. Sheriff Allen County.
M-cr'ff s olllce lolu Kuusix Nov IS.
i:lngA.S.mige, Attys for l'lnlntlft
kyfe.-qwfetqrvfe-sfc- 'svaaa.'''
The Gateway
To the Orient
Numerous prolltablo
business openings in Cali
fornia. Mako monoy in orange and
lemon groves, vineyards,
wineries, orchards.
Make money in eattlo and
sheop ranches, wheat
Holds, beet sugar culturo,
varied farm products.
Muke money in minos, oil
wells, munufnctui-liig,
Tho California Limited
Beginning November 8,
tri-weekly, Chicago to Los
Angeles. Beginning early
In Becomber, dully,
Chicago to Los Angeles
and San Francisco.
Finest train In tho world.
Only lino undor ono man
agement, Chicago to Cali
fornia. Santa Fe Route
Ask for Illustrated pamphlots.
Atclilon, Topeka, & Santa Pe
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