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jTntorod. la tho 1'ostoffico iat loin, Kansas,
Hccoud Olasa Matter.
Ono year.lu advanco , .
Btz months, lu advance . .
Threo months, lu advance .
Uada known ou application.
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.. 78
. 60
Tlio IIdqistuk telegraph columns
have ulroady rcportodbriolly thojpas
sago of tho now army bill and noted
that it contained u islauso absolutely
prohibiting tho salo of intoxicants of
any kind at tho army canteen. Tho
special correspondent of tho Olobo
Democrat at Washington adds somo
interesting details, shown tho prom
inent part taken in this notable vic
tory for temperanco by the Congress
man for tho Second Kansas district.
Tho dispatch to thu Globo Democrat
reads :ii follows:
Washington, D. (;., (Dec. 0 Uy it
voto of ,1 to 1 tho "lloworsook nntl
canteen bill," us it was commonly
called (luring tho last session, went
into the army reorganisation measure,
which subsequently passed the House.
V session lasting until after dark and.
two roll calls wore iieeessary to settlo
tho question, which vas something of
an issue during tho last campaign.
News of the result was recoiled by
the National convention of tho W. C.
T. U., in session here, with strong
manifestations of satisfaction. Mr.
Howorsock of Kansas, intiodueed tho
canteen bill early last sossion and
nursed it until adjournment for tho
icocss. Petitions praying for the
passage of tho bill camofrom all paits
of tho Union in such numbers us to
iittost4ho widespread interest in the
proposition. Tim provisions wore
drafted to satisfy sentiment opposed
totho salo of alcholiolie drinks on mili
tary leservations. Mr. liowcrsock
endeavored to secure action at tho last
session, but his bill was one of many
svhich woro shoved oer to tho shott
Tills afternoon Mr. Llttlcllcld, of
Malno, who bus shaied with Mr.
Bowersock interest in tho legislation,
offered tho bill nearly in tho original
form as a part of the army reorgani
zation measure. There was some
thing of a sensation. When tho roll
was demanded it icsulted in fewer
than sl.sty Representatives going on
record against tho amendment. The
Fifty-fifth Congresh passed u pro
vision, which, it was supposed, would
prevent tho dispensation of liquor at
-army canteens; but It was so constiued
by tho War Department and by tho
Attorney General as to be totally in
tellective. .Mr. Bowersock put In plain words
svliut tlio temperance people wanted to
accomplish, and Mr. Littlelleld adJed
a Jittlo legal phraseology calculated
to TnuVr tho piohlbitlou fu!l. piohihlt.
In Oils form tho amendment went
through, and by such a oto as indi
cates that it will stay in the bill. The
legislation is of popular intetest. A
controversy cm tlio merits of the uimy
canteen has been going on for yen.
An interesting incident of the d.ij
vas the appearance of l!epiesontntio
liowcrsock befoic tlioW. I .T. I'. con
vention u slioit tiuiepioviomtothovoto
in the House. Mr lioweisooKwas intio
luoed to tho ladies and was received
with enthusiasm, flu spoke of his bill
und tho ofloits iniidu to obtain action
on it. Ho bpoko at some length of the
work of tho W. C. T. U. and congrat
ulated tho ladles upon the lino appear
ance of tho conveutlon. Tho Kansas
Congressman was applauded vigor
It is probablj safe to suy thai To
peka is the onlj largo city now to
inaiulug in tho Stale where anj etlort
is being made to enforce the prohibi
tory law. In all the other big towns,
mid in man) that aio not so big, tlune
is no longer any pietense of enforce
ment, and what were once "joints,''
bidden away and operated b. stealth,
have become to all Intents and pur
poses licensed saloons, doing business
openly and with no one to molest them
and make them nfiatd. Hut in Tope-
Some treasons
Why You Should Insist on Having
Uncoil ikd In am otlur
Renders bird leallur soft.
E-pecralH prepared.
Keeps out water
A htaj bodud oil.
Au escelltnt irescrntic.
Reduces cost of yoir liarness.
Never burns the leather; its,
Eflleieiicv is increased.
Secures best htrvice.
Stitches kept from breaking.
Is bold in all
Localities .nu6u,urfd,v
Htnmliiril Oil Coiiiimtiy
ka, whilo tho drug store sales aro sub
plclously largo and an occasional
jolntist appears In pollco court, thoro
aro no open saloons, and so far as wo
remembor tho city has novor mado tho
tralllo a sourco of regular monthly
revenue after tho manner of tho other
cities of tho State
Tho law lias not boon enforced In
Topoka, any nioro than in any other
places, without a light. Thero havo
been men just as anxious to vlolato it
thoro aselsowhcro, and tlioy havo been
defeated only by constatil'vlgtlanco on
tlio part of tho good citizens who,
whatever their individual sentiments
on tlio question of prohibition) havo
yet stood by tho simple and unanswer
able proposition that so long as a
law remains on tho, statute books it
should bo enforced. Tho contest has
been a long ono, and it is not over yet.
Ulghl now tho forces of law and order
aro confronted with a situation as
grave as any with which tlioy havo yet
had to contend, and tlioy havo need of
all tho wisdom and courago tlioy can
command. They have need too of tho
encouragement that may come from
tho knowledge) that tholr efforts aro boj
Ing noted with Intcrost ami sympathy
by many friends of temperanco outside
of Topeka.
As a mattei of fact, It is not only
with interest and sympathy that their
ullorts mo being noted, but one might
almost say with appiohensloii also.
For if the struggle Is given up in To
peka, the question may well bo asked,
What ttso to continue it elsewhere? If
the law cannot bo enforced In the capi
tal of the State, whoro public sentiment
is known to sttongly favor it, where
through thocoltiumsof tho leadlngduily
paper of the State, where the counsel
and the power of the executive olllcers
of the State may bo always available
and wheio tlio State Temperance
Union has its headquarters, then It
will certainly avail little to attempt
its cnfoi cement elsewhete. This Is tho
situation as every candid friend of tho
law outside of Topeka lows it. And
it is becnuse tills is the situation, be
cause tho light they aro making is not
onlj to keep thelrownelty clean and
decent, but also to save prohibition to
tlio State, that tho bravo men who aro
leading the contest at Topeka should
luuo and do have the heartfelt sympa
thy of every man and woman who be
lieves that the law is just and
righteous and should bo obeyed.
surrosK we swkak okf.
After all it ought not to be forgot
ten that tliere would bo no troublo
aboul enforcing the prohibitory law
if tliete were nobody to patronize tho
joints. The Rwsistkk knows a mon
who would really llko a glass of beer
once in awhile, and when lie Is in Mis
souri ho boiietlines takes one. Hut
lie has never bought a drop lu Kan
sas since tho prohibitory law-went Into
ellect, for tho simple leasou that ho
did not think it was the part of a loyal
and law-abiding cltlen to tempt nn
other man, or connlvo with another
man to bieak tho law. And that is
the III! :sti:u'.s idea of good citizen
ship. Nobody who pretend-, at all to
he a good citizen would think for a
moment til helping a thief to break
tho law prohibiting larcen.v lv con
cealing the things stolen until thoj
could lio safely disposed of: then why
should a good citizen help a man to
break the law prohibiting the sale of
beer' If tbeie was nobody to buy
liquor the jointlst would 'o out of
business mighty quick; and then there
would be no "temperance crank" to
worry' the people, and no big taxes
to pay for a giand jury, and the coun
ty attorney could bo elected two terms
in succession, und thero would be no
wounds without cause, and no ragged
children and no unhappy women to
speak of. To bo sine tho police judge
would have pietty thin picking, but he
would woiry along somehow. Is
only u littlo while now until the Xew
Year and tho New Century. Supposo
we all swear oil and get rid of this
everlasting joint question!
OP course wo uovi r let on among
strangers that it is anything else than
tlio predestined and foreordained ar
rangcnieut of things; but right heio
among ourselves wo can't help an ex
pression of Mirpiino once in awhile at
the legtilurlty and persistency with
which tlio man from Kansas bobs up.
Frank I). Hrook, of Lawience, Kan
sas, is United States Consul nt
Smyrna, Tut key, whoiotho battleship
Kontui'ky. as Victor Murdock puts it,
has just been whirling a levolvet
at mind Its thumb for the benellt ot
Abdul Humid, it was a Kansas boy
who was the first man In all the armies
of the allies to scale tho wall of
l'i'kiii. and plant tho Hug of the He
public on the ramparts of an imme
morial despotism, us Itoosavelt put It.
V KaiibUb man, ('. A. Doltrlek, reaied
in Atchison, bus just hi en elcctid
Governor of Nebraska. And lliou S.
Biuicr, horn In lliawathn, was in com
mand of tlio 111-staiicd cruiser, Yoe
mito, In the temporary absence of tho
Ciiptain, when sho went down oil the
coast of Guam.
The person who dlstui lied the con
giegation last Sunday by coughing Is
icqiiested to call on Campbell tV llur.
loll and get a bottloof For.nv'sIIo.vr.Y
and Tah. It always gives relief.
Campbell .V Hurrcll.
Don't neglect a
cold. When ex
posed or chilled
take an Orange
iuc powder and
repeat in twenty
If your cold
has started fol
low Orangcinc directions, "One night
cure," found in every package.
Specimen experience.
"The. twst remedr for a cold I ?6r aiw. '
W m. W allor. W cstern Oolf Champion.
' Cured eofen cases of nrlp In my famllr."
. , -Wm.T.bull.Clilraso.
"OomplaUlf removad my entarrh of lowt
(tandlna" F, T.Mcholi, rganaipr A. M.
Xlothschlld A Ooa grocery dept , Chicago
Bold by drufffflata generally In 2' and Wo
packnpra. A trial packairo will bo sent to
any nddroas for 2-ccnt atamp.
Somo News Items of General Interest
Clipped From the KcgiHtcr'B
Moran has rovlved the gas talk and
has subscribed about $800 for the
sinking of another prospect hole. It
should bo located ns far west of town
as practicable.
Tho Modem Woodmen of Mornn
are talking of changing thu Mot an
Hand to a M. W. A. Hand.
Mrs. W. 11. Hhodes, of Snvonburg,
was sovetely injuied whlklielpiiig her
husband do some car pontorwotk. He
stepped on a loose board which Hew
up and drove a nail In tho other end
Into her eye, between tho skull and
eyeball. It is believed that she will
not lose her eyoslght.
Tlio lccent Hie nt Stark, wiped the
business house oh" tho south side of
Main sttret, badly crippling the
town's business. Tho pluckv cltiz.ens
arc already preparing to rebuild in
stone and brick.
.loo Hutler, from Oklahoma, has
started a bakery at Lnllarpo arid J.
Q. Roberts, of the News, who Is a
doughnut lleiul gives him the glad
Iiallarpo News: Tour Anderson
shipped two cars of cattle to Chicago
on Thursday of last week. Ho also
took threo of bis pedigreed Polled An
gus, which lie will exhibit at the stock
show this week.
Can you penetrate the concealed
whatuorts of this jab from tho Elsmore
Enterprise: The Kunsus City Star
says that Iola people will blto at any
kind of an old fake. This reminds us
that when old things get guy aftor a
few years In the back ground any old
thing may be expected to happen.
Humboldt Union: The small pox
cases in Salem township are gqttiug
along allright. Dr. Cope says there
me no new cases, but there- may be as
the time Is not yet up. Every precau
tion bus been taken to prevent Its
Humboldt Herald: The Vorestoil
Company thU week began drilling un
other well on the Fisher place west oi
the river below town. It is slnceielv
hoped thai they will strike a good How
of gas.
Humboldt Union: I'u-ry Stotler left
Wednesday for Kansas City and goes
to one of tho hospitals tlieie for n em
inent. T.ast summer he was hint in
one of Ills hips and has since had to
use ciutches to get atoiind. lingoes
to tho hospital lu the hope of seeming
permanent relief.
The day the Eldorado papeis print
ed McKinley 's message they had just
two items the message and the Mor
rison trial.
to baby's health must be taken before
baby's birth The child can have no
more health than the mother gives it.
A healthy mother, strong of lxjdy .mil
cheerful of iinuil, will endow the child
with her own phy
sical health and
cheerful disposb
tion. Marry n wife
who had dreaded
motherhood be.
cause ot pist ex
periences ot pre
natal misery of
iniiiil nud body
has found a new
era open to her
with the use of
Dr Pierce's Pa
vorrtc Prescrip
tion. It gives
phvsical strength,
soothes the nerves,
and induces re
freshing sleep It
gives vigor niul
elasticity to the
orimiis of mater.
nity, so that the birth hour is practically
without pain or suffering. It enables
the mother to provide a nleiitiful aiumk-
of healthful nourishment for the healthy
child It makes weak
and sick women well.
There is no alcohol In "Pavonto Pre
scription " and it is absolutely free from
opium, cocaine, and all other narcotics.
Kick women are invited to consult Dr
Pierce by letter tree of charge All cor
respondence btnctly private and sacredly
confidential. Address Dr. H. V. Pierce.
HulTalo, N. Y.
"I uhijl) recommend Pr Pierce's I'nvorite
Wncriprluii wriUH Mrs ) W C, Stephens
Mill Northumberland Co, VlrKlnla "llelure
myllilril little lioj writ born I rook klx liolllen
lie U Hie iiiirat ctillil ami ln heen from blrlli.
niul I Biiflereitiiry much lci than j llil bclure
in ronfiiieiiicnt I iinheltnlliRly advise e
Ptmt mother to u the 'l'aorile Pretcrip-
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are a
pleasant and effective laxative iiiediciue.
For Shooting Into a Train.
Tho preliminary hearing of Mal
colm Bliss, tho young man who con
fessed in order to clear tho two boys,
Arthur Olllver and Ed Smith from all
complicity in tho blumo, was held bo
fmo justice Gard Saturday
Hliss llred a load of shot into tho io
ceding north bound passenger train
Thanksgiving day. The shot did littlo
damage but tho company feels that
such practices should bo suppressed.
Afterwards tho samo boy emptied u
band into a south-bound freight, out
of puro boyish wantonness.
Quickly captured tho boys wore ex
amined at tho timo and Hliss honor
ably and honestly cleared his com
panions. Several Santa Fe trainmen
were here to attend tho trial
and In vlow of miss's confession and
tho fact that tho cuso must go to tho
district court, tho uso of the prelimi
nary is questionable. The charge In
cludes tresspass, wounding passengers
and several other vaguo things. The
law provides a penitentiary sentence,
but owing to the'youthfulness of Hliss,
about 17 years, tho reform school
would bo substituted. While nobody
wishes to condone the oHense theio Is
a goneral sentiment In town that a se
vere reprimand would bo siitllcicnt to
couect young Hliss and at the same
time passenger trains lie secured
against being used ns targets by Al
len county boys. It Is a peculiar
bet's Stint it Kuvtoi-j.
The llmisii:it has never as yet re
fused to boom and boost any old en
terprise that seemed to piomise good
for Iola or aid sulleting humanity.
Well-Lewis Collide! has discovered
something. During the arduous dutio
of soldiering In the Philippines he
contracted what Is known to the medi
cal fraternity as corns. Nobody who
has over tried corns has liked them
and many are tho humbug tonicities
irdverCised for- their cute. One lino
night Lewi, in a spirit of gentle in
qiiisltiveness for which ho is famous,
tied a cianberry Jon ono of his corns
before retiring. Next day tho corn
disappeared and hasn't been back
since. Lewis has very logically con
cluded that cranberry Is fatal to tho
coin microbe and will take out a pat-
Vnt oir tho cure. It is rcmarkublothat
in tho lengthy past some barefooted
epicurean has not by accident spilled
cranberry sauce on his be-oorned feet
and thus forestalled the discovery,
but fato has been good to Iola and
henceforth her fame will shine high up
tlio polo as tho homo of Iewisf the dis
coverer of the real, bona-lide, guaran
tee with overv nackaae, corn cine.
People desiring further information
will llml the doctor for the present at
his familiar haunt, the home of his
father, until ho moves Into the ten
story Corn Sanitarium which is Iwing
planned by a company
Itii-iNiill Home Kolihcd.
i moves who uuueu tin malicious
iiess of waiitou destruction to the cuss
eduoss of cupidity enteted the Ilird
sail home on south State street Thurs
day night. Mr. Birdsall iiiueichant
policeman and was absent on the
stteets when the lobbery was commit
ted. Mrs. Hiidsall and one of the
boy s vvero at home, but sound asleep
and hem d nothing. The thief seemed
a bos at a neighbor's house and,
standing on it,iaised a window. Mrs.
Hirdsall's plants stood in the window
and he lifted them outside and set them
ou the lain ban el wheio they were
found fiosted to death nest morning.
Tho house was euteiid and a watch
belonging to ono of tho boys, and sev
eral nieces of men's clothing weio
taken. No clue as yet has been found
o the thieves.
Morrow. Hotel Leased.
Tlio Hotel Moitow which has-been
standing idle and v iicunt for somo
months since the disruption between
Mr. .Moirow and Mr. Maun, will
again assume tin aspect of hospitality,
.lames Mills, who has made a decided
success of the hotel business- on the
north sldo of the square has leased It
for n year look charge Satuiday
Ho will lit It up and begin operating
It us ti l.o0 or $2 a day liouso and ar
gues tioni tho business which came to
him uu tlio ninth side that ho will havo
all he can attend to in tho now loca
tion, despite the load of one f aihn e in
the house.
Itiislni'ss College Kiill.
'The atlalrs of thu Iola HiislnesS
College are conducted with nt little
fuss and the students of tho college
have so far exhibited so littlo college
spirit ol collective and partisan
bolsteroiisness that many people aie
unuwiiioof the number of students I
lu attendance. As a nuitlor Of fart '
thero uio tight now fdity students tnk-,
lug (nui't.cn in tlio college and itcvcriil
othMs uro toady to begin. The desk
facilities of tho looms uro crowded
and now ariangeiiieuts will havo to be
mado nesl year It the school Increases
as It has in its lirst two years of life,
llsi'olleui work is being done and
iiiany young people ptopaied to win it
way for themselves.
When lunoss' Hand gave n concert
in r.mporln tho cornet soloUt played
and was encored. Will White trotted
out his musical car and declared that
"Hally lu Otu Alloy" was the encore,
niul of eourso it wusu'l.
im in inrt in it-r "Tnr
tvinriy H. rlonthpup, pko.
P. H. Norithfup, Vloe-Pras.
D. P. flonchnup, 2nd Vioe-Pnas.
. V Ho.
Capital $50,000.00.
Stockholders' Responsibility $500,000.00.
Mary E. Northrup F. A. Northrup L. L. Nortlirup D. P. NorthrHp
J. JJ. Ynnnuys A. H. Northrup L A. Northrup
D. A. Northrup
Wo solicit your business
accommodations consistent with safe banking. f
Geo. A Bowluk, President
Mm. W. M. IUbtmim, Vlco-Prcn.
lank of Allen County
Transacts a General
Exchange on Kansas Crtj, Chicago and Now Tork.
Makes Collections in All Parte ot the United States.
Talking About Candies
Teachers, Sunday School Committees and all others wishing
to buy candies in largo quantities, are especially Invited to
The W. G. Miller Candy Co,
at Iola. Wo make our own candy and by buying of lis you
not only help to build up a home institution, but, you aio
absolutely sine of getting Kltnsit, I'i'm: Camiiks. Our
in ices are sine to suit.
Uemcmher also that we munufactuie
All Kinds Flavoring Extracts
and that we sell at wholesale and retail, Cigars, Confections
The rainous 1'arrot Hi and Peanuts, raw or roasted, and
the Celebrated Kansas Cracker, not 'mado by a titist.
Telephone No. 71.
Send In
me "Angelus
Piano Player
plajrtany IMano Anyone Can Play It
INSTANTLY applied to ny pUno
I rrauri, square or upright making It
a aolf.playlug Instrument. No mimical
talent "ii rbo part of performer required.
child that lia never before aeon a
Blano can. with tho aU of the Angelun
roheitral Piano Player, render the
mntt difficult conipoallloualna munncr
poaelblo to only tho moai acoompltatied
pianists Contains (In addition to piano
olayliiE mechanism) two full aeta of
organ roedn which may be played fopa
ralely or In o inncrtlon with tho ptano
V full description ot the Vii'olus Or
ilii'stiu l'liinoi'luvertsi'oiimlnoiiln 11
lusinited llnnMet V. which will be sent
in uns address upon application
J. H. Vnnnuya, Coahiav,
Ii. U. Northpup, Aia'tCaah'v,
Oasar) Fount & Son, ntt'ya.
5287. JJ4
and will at all timns (trnnt
Tiros. O. Howi.us, Cuhlor
A. 11. CliMrntLL, Attornor
Banking Business.
Your Orders.
Not th Side Square.
The "Symphony"
Product-!. "I Hi the Perfection or
a Good Orchestra tloili Classical
and Populur Slunk.
THE "rtyinpr.ouy"Ia endowed by noted
musicians and musical crlticn the
world over. Tho abaoluto control of ex
preaalou by the performer, Ita rolclnrx
and tho principle upo i which It la con.
atructed, place It lu a class all ita own,
not equalled by any other Instrument
made, Hear It mid convince youraell ot
thla fact. ' Bpmphouiea," from J7ft to
81,600 Send for Illustrated CatslvKtio" A
Manufacturers of "Symphonies," an
"Angelut" Plana Players
Main Office and factory, Moridcu, Cnu
' t li ii r a, til ifin o
i i
iff m$i JjaHftiifffraft-''1' -H
i ,
T""W i Itllatiliflrii. .TlMYifttlilinjf al iMMIiff ff ttlBMall fl iTil II III llllllHrftrfiWtim TTintBB tffi I'MMWUBMaaV liirMi tlifrT-"!B---JMiriti laliarTfiiTff rn ii m I illaWi li flimkrffiM I III III III II IIIIIIMaaaali llllaal I

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