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Trade With
Tho IJest Town on tho Pike iu Glad to
Keo the Visitors From the Host
City on tho Pike.
Rutotod In tbo I'oslofllco 'at Iolu, Khiisri, as
Second Olasa Matter.
-.., , I
I s
f i
Onoyoar, In fulvdtiro ....1160
Blx montlm, In advance 78
Three- months, In advance SO
ADVKRTiama bates
Marto known on application.
Two or thrco years ago tho Bon
Marcho, u great department store in
tho center of Paris, cuught llro whllo
filled with shoppers. Immediately
thoro was tho wlldost panic, women
shrieked nntl ran itindly for tho exits,
men struck women in tho fneo and
pulled them back into tho llamcs that
thoy might oscapo, and a scoro or
moro lives were lost.
A few days ago n crowded thoatro in
Cincinnati caught ilro. Tho first
warning tho itudlcnco hud was a flamo
twotity feet high shooting up in tho
mlddlo of tho auditorium. Thero was
not a shriek, nor uny sign of a panic.
Men and women aroso quietly from
tholr seats and passed out, quickly,
but qulotly and without oven tho jam
that frequontly occurs at tho end of u
play. Mr. Sothorn, who was tho star
In tho play being rendered, in a letter
to tho Boston Transcript writes: "I
never saw nor heard of such an order
ly retreat from a ghastly danger. Tho
names shot up twenty feot high in tho
tho mlddlo of tho auditorium, but tho
pooplo went out without oxcltcraent
and with a calm determination not to
break into a panic that was uflno com
ment on tho character of thoso who
camo to see tho play. I helped u lot of
women over tho footlights. I said to
tho first one of them: 'If you will mo vo
that musician's chair nearer I can
help you up, but wait a minute, fr if
tho others see you getting up here it
may start a panic,' and sho said, just
as if I wero talking at a tea party:
'AH right, Mr. Sothern, tell mo when
you aro ready!' Tho others about her
took tho sumo tone, and In a ininuto I
helped her over. Hundreds of women
wero holped up, all qulto quiet and un
afraid. In tho meautlmo thoso at tho
back of tho auditorium woro ablo to
get out without being crowded. Five
minutes after the Humes hurst through
tho lloor of tho stago. Tho entlro
thoatro was destroyed: not a stick
Tho two cases only tifl'ord another
.of tho innumerable Illustrations of tho
.difference between tho Latin and tho
Anglo-Saxon races. Tho pro-eminent
.characteristic of tho Anglo-Saxon
ruco Is that it keeps Its head; and tho
race that keeps its head shall Inherit
tho earth.
At a mass meeting at Topeku Sun
day afternoon attended by .1000 people,
resolutions wero adopted of which tho
following uro the most emphatic and
To thoso Imiiieillntoly wrttKCd in the
Illicit business, whether wholc-ule or re
tail, wc lue to s:iy th.it the., hum contro
versy of tho public with yon must now
come to un end. You h.ivo openly nnd per
hlstcntly dolled our law: you hive undo
yourselves thoni;cnts of cien Kreiiter
criminals outside of the U"e, who Imve
supported you In your unlawful trafllc,
you lwo k'uthciud ubout you ucilmlnnl
clement that Is u perpetual menace to tho
community, mid huvo nmlnt:ilncd places
that engender and mcour.ii!c all vices; you
huo Introduced the most corrupting and
demoralizing f'lctciin anil Inlluenecslntoour
local politics; ami for years you h.io
scorned all appculs and warnings that h:io
been presented to you by tho virtue IovIiik
portion of the community. Now, we feci
that tho lime has come when we must
spoilt to you peremptorily Wo cease
now to endcaver to persuade; w e com
mand. You must top this lawless and Inqultous
business ami stop It ul onco. And we here
by notify you that wo must have unquest
ionable evidence, absolutely satisfactory
to tho committee of public order which wu
today constitute, that all the associated
UUures and furnishings of the places
where, your unlawful business has been
carried on, shall havo been i emoted and
shipped from tho city, holme i o'clock,
noon, Friday, February 13, 1900. Upon tho
Ktilot and literal observance of this do
muni wo shall Insist, and, HI It Rlmll bo dls
rcuaidcd, wo will tiiko whatever mcastues
lire nooobsury for Its iliild enforcement.
Following tho udoptlon of theso
resolutions an organization was
formed to carry them Into oheot.
Twelve hundred men joined this or
ganization. That settles tho joint businoss in
Topeka. "C'onscicnco doth mako
cowards of us all," and no man or
sot of men will attempt to continue
un Illicit business in doflauco of as
pronounced a public, sentiment us
Sunday's meeting showed to oxlst at
Topeka. Thoro will not bo a joint' in
tho capital of Kansas uftcr 12 o'clock
noon Friday, February 16, 1901.
Topeka has done woll.
An! Carrlo Nation did it with her
1 it tie , h atchct.
WiiiJN President Lincoln was assas
sinated Queen Victoria wroto tho fol
lowing to Mrs. Tjlnooln. "lam over
whelmed, dear Mrs. Lincoln. What
can any earthly being soy to lessen
tho blow that has como upon you In
tho loss, and the loss In such a way,
of your grout and noblo husband?
Accopt with this iny heartfelt sympu-
l IV IfiWittWN ,lml'" rlch nd tirll- jk K
UUUM;W',lRnt- No odor. jtWfciB
OWMW1 Mnn ttles. Bold I jH
thy In your allllctlon, tlnough which
tho good God ulono can guide you to
peaco and resignation. My pooplo
aro shocked by this terrible calamity,
which to mo Is a personal grief. My
tears nnd prayers aro yours. May
Ho comfort and protect you always."
In 1881, when President Gurflold suc
cumbed to tho bullet of an assassin
after a long period of fluttering, tho
Queen wrote Mrs. Garfield this person
al letter: "1 havo watched during tho
last fow sad months with admiration
the patience and Christian fortltudo of
your gallant husband, and learn with
great grief that ho has just passed
away. I, too, know tho sorrow of
such unhappy desolation, and I ask
you to accept my deepest sympathy in
your bercavomont. President Gar
Uold was a goo-I and noblomun. May
God sustain you in your hour of
troublo." It was tho hoart which dic
tated such letters as that that endeared
tho dead Queen to all tho world.
Tun IlraiSTKH. hopos that tho com
munication from Mr. Grlsham, super
intendent of tho Dunkard Hospital,
published In tho KixnsTKit recently,
will attract general attention and ro
sult in such action as will insure tho
continuance of tho hospital. So far
as tho HiMiSTKit has observed or has
been ablo to leurn from inquiry, Mr.
and Mrs. Grisham havo conducted tho
hospital in tho best way posslblo un
der tho circumstances. Thoy havo
spent time and inonoy nnd much labor
for which they havo hud no return,
doing tho work as a Christian duty,
solf-abnegation nnd sacrifice. Tho
hospital will bo needed moro and moro
as tho population of tho cltylncrcasos,
and it ought by no moans to bo al
lowed to closo. Tho IUxiistui earn
estly hopes that generous and philan
thropic people will como to tho uld
of Mr. mid Mrs. Grisham and help
them to carry forward tho good work
which thoy havo begun.
Tin: Itixi!STi:it doesn't know whether
Gen. Frederick Funston wishes to re
main In tho army or not. So far as
wo know ho has nover Intimated his
preference, ono way or tho othor, to
any of his friends; and it Is very cer
tain that he has not a.k l for a com
mission or besought tiny f lus friends
fto Interccdo for him wit the Presi
dent. Nevertheless it i reasonable
to expect that ho would be glad to re
main in tho profession for vdiieh he
has shown such murvolous aptitude,
and it is it disappointment to his
friends that thoro seems likely to bo
no ttdequato recognition of his gullunt
and invnlnnblo services. This disap
pointment is tho moro keen for tho
reason that ut leubt ono other man,
whoso doserts uro poor to thoso of
Funston, has been preferred boforo
him. Tho appointment of Frcdorick
D. Grant to a Brigadier Generalship
is clearly u case of sentiment and
favoritism. Gen. Funston has been
longer in tho Held, has shown moro
conspicuous ability as a commander
and a soldier, and ho should havo re
ceived tho promotion.
The ItiiaisTiHt wishes again to thank
tho newspapers of Kansas for their
generous mention of tho things that
aro going on at Iola. With tho lino
spirit that cUaraclcrUos tho Kansas
press, tho spirit that prompts tho lend
ing of a helping hand to everything
that looks to tho upbuilding and tho
enrichment of any part of tho Stato,
tho boys tuko freqttont occasion to
toll tholr roadors what Iola is doing
or trying to do. This generosity is
ono of tho largost factors in tho rapid
growth this city has mudo during tho
1 ast ilvo years, for it has interested
thousands of people In tho town who
would otherwlso hardly havo heard of
It. Tho people of Iola appreclatothis
friendliness, and as their mouthploco,
the IIixustuk wishes to mako acknowl
edgement and to return thanks.
A hill which promises to become a
law, and which should most certainly
bo passed, Is ono imposing a license
of $o00 a year upon lightning rod
agents aud steol rango peddlers. Tho
license must bo taken out In each
county in which tho fakir operates,
and must bo paid In full whether ho
works ono day or threo hundred and
sixty-live. The bill might bo amended
so as to allow tho county authorities
to impose a prohibitory tax upon
grafters of all kinds, without doing
any body harm.
Tho Kansas Cl!y Commercial Club
Special, bearing a regiment lof tho
hustling merchants of I'ansas City on
a tour of Inspection of tho outposts
of their territory, pulled Into Iola at
3:37 last Saturday, slopping first at
tho depot where tho reception commit
tee boarded It and stayed with tho vis
itors until thoy left for tholr homo run.
Tho special was switched Into tho
cement plant siding and half an hour
of tho visitors' tlmowns put In In look
Ingthroughthomammothmllliondollar cement works south of town. Nono
of them had ovor seen Its equal, for It
is tho biggest concern of its kind on
earth. They expressed astonishment
and admiration, and will remember
and talk about what thoy saw.
Then tho special was pulled up to
Works No. 1 of thoLanyon ZlncCom
pany's smelters and again tho visitors
alightod and woro shown through tho
plant by Mr. William Lanyon. Nor
did any of them ovor see u larger or
moro clllcicnt smoltlng plant anywhoro
than Is that particular works, oper
ated by gas.
A goodly number of tho Iola edition
of tho Southwest Developer woro dis
tributed through tho train, so that tho
visitors could read ovor whatthoy had
seen for themselves and loam about
tho wonders thoy hadn't scon.
For Iola is liko Sentimental Tommy
und is not afraid to uttract tho atten
tion of tho world and then unblushing
iy say: "Am I not a wonder!" Wo
Tho stop hero was scheduled at
thirty minutes atllrst but was changed
to an hour, and in truth a whole day
would scarcely sulilco to exhibit tho
local attractions und oxpluln tho
reasons why tho thing is but just be
gun. But tho visit wolded n friend
ship which Is mutually helpful and
admiring und tho result cannot but bo
of benefit to Iola. Kansas City is cer
tainly destined to bo tho big distribut
ing point of this country, a city of
hundreds of thousands, but thero Is
nothing in that to preclude loin's be
coming a manufacturing town of
greatness and importance.
So tho two coming powers can shako
hands and felicitate each other over
tholr mutual good fortune.
Tho following is tho list ol tho
visitors: C. .1. Schmolzer, Geo. C.
Smith, C. D. Parker, II. T. Fowler, K.
.1. Roe, Ed T. Hubboll, C. C. Norton,
Chas. II. Mooro, C. W. Jenkins,
Richard Gentry, II. S. Lynn, U. T.
Swottord, S. S. Hynes, A. If, Munger,
Goo. B. Richards, P. II. Slattery,
Samuel Rldenour, C. C. Courtney, J.
F. Downing, J. S. Welch, J. D.
Havens, O. W. Fhllbrook, M. V.
Watson, N. S. Moser, J. F. Ray
mond, Hal Gaylord, W. A. Catlln, G
W. Kvuns, M. D. Wood, Thomas B.
Lee, Georgo L. Nellls, T. Mulford,
Geo. Stockhum, Win. Murphy, John
S. Tuft, Gilbert C. Farley, S. S. Bay-
loss, Col. J. G. Stowe, S. A. Pierce,
K. M. Clendennintr. F. P. Neul. W. P.
Trlckett, O. V. Dodge, Geo. A. Bar
ton, W, V. Clark, C. J. Carter, 'W. N.
Robinson, Alox Massoy, J. G. Strean,
Kugono Rust, F. M. Bornardln, C. A.
Juckson, II. D. Cutler.
Emporia boasts of her cookhiL'
school, but tho other day a man of
that pluco got a pleco of plo In a
restaurant served on a pasteboard
plato and uto tho plate under tho Im
pression It was tho pie crust.
"By their fruits ye shall know them."
The way to judge of the value of any
meUlctue Is by its cures. Apply that
test to Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription
aud it is at once lifted high above nil
other put -up medicines designed for
the cure of womanly diseases, Chronic
forms of disease which local physicians
have failed to cure, ami winch have
yielded 'to no other treatment, have been
perfectly nnd permanently cured by the
use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription,
It establishes monthly regularity. It
dries debilitating drains. It heals in
flammation and ulceration and cures
female weakness,
Mrs, Shopshlre, of Ballon, Shelby Co , Ohio,
writcst "My mother had an ovarian tumor
which we thought would result In her death,
but we had read your advertUementa and we
commenced using your ' Favorite Prescription,'
We Rot one dozen bottles to commence with,
and before she had taken three bottles she
began to Improve) she Is llvlnp to-day and we
have Riven your medicine the credit. My
mother was sixty-six years old when the tumor
commenced to growl she is seventy-six now
and the tumor Is all gone. She had gotten
awfully large, and her limbs began to swell
before we began to use your 'I'avotlte Pre
scription.' "
Dr. Pierce'B l'leasant Iellct3 cure bill-ousness.
wMl in
;! Two Big Pains j
seem to be the heritage of lh
" human family everywhere, Yin "
but there la one sura and
prompt cura for both, vln
! St Jacobs Oil I
Ono of the Two Funince lllockH
Jluriicd: to the Ground itt.CJiiK
City Knrly Sunday Morning.
Mr. B. F. Hoburt, of St. Louis,
president of tho Cherokec-Lunyon
Smoltlng Company, reached Gas City
Sunday morning In his private car
just In time to seo tiro destroy part of
tho works.
For somo days tho men havo been
having troublo with tho gas, water
having como up in tho pipo und Inter
fered with tho regulutors. Sunday
morning without nny warning tho
pressuro In tho regulators ran up from
tho normal fiO pounds to 100 pounds
and tho regulator at tho north end of
tho west furnaco exploded. A lighted
torch was burning in tho next room
and tho escaping gas ignited from it
und tho blnzo quickly extended to tho
frame building
The whlstlo screamed out tho news
nnd beforo long half of Gus City was
on tho scene, lighting liko fury to save
tho factory, for on tho two smoltors
tho town depends for life. The two
furnaces aro ut tho north ond of tho
works, tho wind was In tho enst and as
a long hoso with tt force pump wns on
hand tho men fought back tho (lames
and succoded In confining them to tho
ono block. This louvos ono block In
operation aud tuts half tho plant out
of business, 0120 retorts being burned
nnd tbo snmo number left.
When tho regulator oxplodcd, Bill
Holt, a llrcman, had just stepped into
tho regulator house aud ho was
knocked sonseless by tho concus
sion. Ho recovered consciousness
utter about un hour. He wns, how
ever, qulto sovoroly Injured receiving
a glancing cut about thrco inches long
over tho left eyebrow. It cut through
tho flesh and tho outer pluto of tho
bkull, and had It been a direct blow
would undoubtedly havo been fatul.
Dr. Fulton dressed tho wound uud
hopos recovery will borupid.
Mr. Hoburt and otherlolllccrs of the
works could not bo seon and so no
ollWal expression could be secured,
but thoro Is no doubt that tho works
will bo rebuilt. Tho company has
hut recently killed tho llres in several
coal smelters which thoy own nnd
planned to concentruto tholr works
here, und tho loss is but u small part
of tho value of tho plant.
This is tho third llro which has vis
ited Allen county smoltors and each
time tho rosult bus boon simply un im
mediate rebuilding on a lnrgcr sculo
in a. moro substantial manner. His
tory will doubtless repeat Itself.
All Hilltop mid IUb Simp.
An editor who died of sturvntlon
after making Dr. Tanner ashamed of
himself, was being escorted to Heaven
by un angol who had been sent out for
that purpose.
"May I look at tho other pluco bo
foro wo tthcond to eternal happiness?"
"Easily," said tho angol.
So thoy wont bolow and skirmished
around, taking In the sights. Tho
angol lost track of tho editor, and
went round Hades to hunt him. Ho
found him sitting by u furnace fun
ning himself and gazing with rapturo
upon a lot of people In tho llro. Thoro
was a sign on tho furnaco which read:
"Delinquent subscribers."
"Como," said tho angel, "we must
bo going."
"You go on," suid tho editor, "I'm
not coming. This Is Ilottvon enough
for mo." Wostorn Odd Follow.
Free Delivery fixtnvoa Shipped,
Postmaster Henderson lias boon no
tilled by tho Washington department
that tho llxturos for tho freo dollvory
system to ho established In Iola havo
boon Bhlppod. Those Include somo ap
paratus for tho olllco and tho boxes to
bo put up around town for the reeop
tlon Of mall. No roport has yet boon
mado concerning tho outcome of tho
competitive examination for positions
as carriers and clerks aud It seoms
probablo that tho system will not bo
Installed until a llttlo later than tho
tlmo at first set, March 1st.
Drug Sundries,
Patent Medicines,
Paints and Brushes,
Oils and Varnishes,
Window Glass,
Typo Wrltor supplies,
Wall Paper,
Art Materials,
Blank Books,
School Books,
Sporting Goods.
South Side Square,
rniann....,.... ...... , niittina
Bank of Allen County 1 1
Iola, Kansas. j
I II 1 I
i 'if- ii
Gi:o. A. Bowmjs,
Thos. H. Bowi.us,
.iiBBiiu - aaiinaiini -
u wni iiana
CAPITAL $50f000.00.
Stockholders' Responsibility,
Mury K. Northrup
L. U. Northrnp
J. II. Vannuys
L. A. Northruyi
F. A.
D. P.
A. M.
D. A.
Wo solicit your businoss und will ut
all' times grunt accommodations con
sistent with safo bunking.
. m nim-nmrt miiniTrriin-',rr-rnnn"-iiriir ------ -..
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dealer In this part of tho stato.
Garner Drag Store,
Iola, Kansas.
Transacts a General
Banking Business.
Kxchnngo on Kansas City,
Chicago und New York.
Makes Collection In All
Parts of tho United States.
Corrorspondcnco Solicited.
mjmiiminiuuiiinniimummnaaD - ;
Mary E. Noirrmtup,
F. A. Nouthuup,
D. P. Northkup,
2nd Vice-Pres.
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J. 08
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