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lola Market Hcporta
These mir'iot nro OHrefullv taken on Thurs
day of each week ami uro from nctuul sales
mado that day in lola. Iiato of Dils oorrcallon
July 18
White, liuihcl .
Yellow, bushel
Cattle, con . . .
H 2.1
no! no
Fat steers 3 MOM 00
Turkeys ,
Country Huttcr
Kansas crrr maiikft itF.roiiT
Ileef and cxixirt steers
Stockcraiinu feeders.
r. 2s
6 90
Ida M. Hndicott, Correspondent.
July 240 yes It mined at lust after
anoflortof ubouttwoknonths. Monilffy
cvenlne about thrco or four o'clock
this nolghbothood whs visited by wind
and a heavy pour down of rain andhatl.
It rained continually for about thirty
minutes and then all was over. The
hall did considerable damage to corn
and tho wind fulfilled Its duty by
blowing down treos and a few out
buildings, and tho rain of cnurso
which was badly needed did lots of
good but then wo should have had two
or thrco such rains to mako up for all
this dry and hot weather.
Tho threshing tnachlno is making Its
rounds in this valloy. Moat every
one has throshod except a llttlo odd
A llttlo cow-boy or dish-washer wo
have not learned which has como to
mako its homo at Mr and Mrs Ulrlck
Boss' born Sunday July 7.
Several of our people were caught
out In Monday's rain.
Jno Simmons' smoko house blow
over during tho storm.
Your writer spent Sunday with
Vonla Hill.
Mrs Nora Eubanks and children
from Kansas City nro hero visiting her
slstor Mrs Mil. Sbo expects to re
main in this part five or six weeks.
A. W. Dwinnell and fnmlly from
toast of Tlumboldl spent Sunday at
Rov Simmon' visited Emmet Enili
ott Saturday night and Sunday.
Jno Simmons and daughter, Miss
Mortie, drovo to lola and spent the
dnv Sunday.
Nut Kndleott is working with liny
balers In Woodson count this week.
Everybody that hasn't living water
has beon hauling up 'till tho present
time. Wo only hopo for moio rain so
"thai both ponds and cisterns could bo
Wo aio oxpectinir a cousin from
t!ass county this week.
School moetlng will bo hold at Cies
ent Vallnv school house Thursday
evening. July 25. Ono of tho board
Sjtuei out und another elected. Wo
have- not heard of any applications
bolng mado, wo only hopo thoy will
choose a good teacher.
Mrs. O. D. CounTNiiv, Coi respondent.
July 23 Eunico Heed who has beon
visiting Kdlth Klchardson, returned
to her homo in Lcanna Sunday.
Tho week old infant of r and Mrs
Haokett died Saturday and was burled
In the.Mt Hope cemetery Sunday ovc
ning. A llttlo daughter came to live with
Mr and Mrs Stump lawt wcok.
II A llichardson returned from a
trip to Colorado Saturday.
Mr and Mrs It H Oliver went to
Neosho Nails Satmday night wheio
thoy will reside, Mr Oliver having tho
position of tolcgraph operator at that
Tho many friends of Aunt Ilattie
Haymaker, as sho was familiarly
known, will bo soi ry to leain of her
death which occurred last Friday at
tho homo of ner nephew, Fred lla
mnker who lives noar Lcannu.
Mrs Annlo Klchardson and children
who havo Ibeen on their farm; near
Leanna for several months, returned
to their homo at Sallda.SG'olorado,
A D Courtney of Leanna was iu
Savonburg on buslnoss Monday.
Mr and Mrs BortPIgg returned from
Kansas City last week.
Mrs Carrio Haymakor and chlldien
of Pittsburg aro visiting iclatlvos at
Savonburg and Leanna.
"Mus. I'lori E. Johnson, Correspondent.
July 24. Still another nlco shower
out not enough to holp much.
Vegetables of all kinds are scarce
und command a good prlco.
1'rult is almost all ruined in this
com i unity.
Georgo Townsend Is still selling to
matoes In lola for $5 per bushel.
Pearl Townsend and Mary Murphy
uro visiting Miss Ellis of Yates Center
for a fow days.
Mrs Splcer of Gonova passed out
place Wcdnesdayon her way to Mrs J
Heath's with n washing machine, Sho
says pastmes aio dry and thoy havo to
feed block thoro. Our shower did not
roach that far.
P Johnson Is cutting hay for A
Johnson of Hock Crook this week.
Allco Murphy is homo on a two
week's vacation.
Anna Johnson Is homo this week
und her mother Is staying In her
Mbiuiiobtii Ann, Correspondent.
July 27 Miss Hnttio Olinstead came
out from lola Saturday and made her
parents a pleasant visit. Miss Elllo
Rcmsburg accompanied her.
Mrs Fergus is visiting her son, J H
Miss Cora Ellis Is visiting her cou
sin Miss Mcrlbcth Ator.
J II Cranior and daughter Rosa and
John Mathows took their cattlo to
Greenwood this week to secure pasturo
for them.
Mrs McDowell visited MrslMcKindcr
Llttlo Vera Olmstcad Is spending
this week in lola.
Ituth and Netn Llouranco called at
Mr Cramer's Wcdncsdaj.
C. h. Arnold, Correspondent.
July 21. Mrs Kerns who lias beon
at Mr Hardin's for soino tlmo went to
Crawford county on Wednesday of
last week to remain with hor son In
dollnctely. MIhs Anna Fetheringlll inters lowed
ono or two school boards on tho west
sldo Monday.
Mrs Pearl Hrown was worso ugaln
tho first of tho week which caused a
renewal of visits from tho doctor.
Sho has been sick thrco or four
Ilov. J L Ellis of Pittsburg visited
C L Arnold tho first part of the week.
Sam Adams returned last week from
a trip to Colorado. He has a strong
notion of moving there this fall.
Tho severity of tlio drouth is cans
ing farmers to sell their stock at giuat
loin Concrete Company (icts Contract
lor All Bridges of the Local
Electric Hallway.
Mr. Haumhoir, the gentleman who
took tho bonds of tho lola Electric
Rallwa Company and entered Into
an agreement to build tho lino Includ
ing bridges, last ovenlng let the con
tract for all tho bridges to tho lola
Concrete Company, of which W. H.
-MoCluro is manager, and Chus. (!uj
Theio uio six concreto bridges In the
list and four trostlo brldgos. Tho con
tract specifies that all must he com
ploted within eighty du.vs. Tho Hock
Creek bridge Is the largost and Mil be
of cement, 122 feet between banks. Tho
brldgi) over tho Lnnoiivlllo pond will
bo 22 feet and tho others fourteen to
twenty -two feet. Coon t reek has to
bo bridged four times between lola
and tho rhor.
Tho company intends to make tho
Hock Cicckbridgo a model of its kind
and an object lesson to the country
of what a cement bridge may bo.
Others will probablv follow. The con
tract means tho oxpondltuio of a con
siderable, amount of money among lola
lola Cement Olllco iu St. I.oiih.
President L. C. Ilassett, of tho lola
Portland Cemont Company, loft last
night for St. Louis after a visit at the
works hero. Uuslness Is rushing with
tho plant and overy convenience is
now being sought for facilitating tho
handling of tho tremendous und grow
ing ti ado. Willi this in vlow it has
been decided to establish tho sales
department of the linn at St. Louis,
moving it thero from Chlcugo, and to
also move tho slock department thero
from Detroit. Mr. Hassctt will select
olllces for the company while thoro.
Ho was accompanied by Mr. J. A.
Wheeler, who will havo ehargo of tho
now department, assisted by Mr. A.
J. Hankiti and Mr. McCain. They
will probably tomovo thero within two
ijionths and lola peoplo will bo very
sorr to seo them go.
G. I). Simpson and Blanoho L
Dunn wcro married last evening at the
homo of tho brldo's parents at 517
South JolTcrson avenuo at 8 o'clock
by Uov. John Maclean. Tho cere
mony was performed In tho presenco
of tho family and a fow friends. Mr.
Simpson is employed at ono of tho
smelters. Tho brldo Is tho oldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Justus
Dunn. Tho brides mother leaves to
day for an extended visit with friends
in Iowa and tho young couple will
keep houso until her return.
The Way Lallnrpe Prays.
Tho citizens of this pluco aro ex
ploding a hundred pounds of dyna
mlto in a field near town with tho hopo
of brlnring rain. The monoy to buy
tho oxploslvos was raised by popular
subscription and a commlttco was ap
pointed to do tho work, Tho thermom
eters stand at 110 and overjthlng is
burning up, Tho farmer? aro groatly
worried about water und feed for their
Another Heat Prostration.
During tho Intcuso heat yesterday
aftoruoon neighbors discovered an old
hid j named Mtnckloy overcome by tho
boat in her back yard at 20i north
Walnut. Sho was sitting in a chair
In tho j ard to escupo tho boat In her
small horn') and when found was un
conscious, her head fallen back ova
tho back of the chair. Dr. Mo.Millen
was summoned and today tho old lady
Is.mucli improved.
In future crop bulletins tho ylold
of 1001 In Kansas will bo spelled
At an outlay of about $50 nor inllo
tho Santa Fo lays tho dust on its lines
with oil. Kansas certainly ought to
try that on its powdored roads.
A Tom show Is touring tho Stato
and strumjo as it may seem doing a
big business Hundieds crowd the
tent nightly just to 6co Eliza cross tho
Being asked by a companion whllo
out driving if sho believed in palmis
try, a Nowton girl is said to havo
answered: "If I could seo tho lines in
ono hand, I could foretell a pleasant
TVo Kansas girls near Llnshurg,
when their father's wheat crop was
going down because ho could not get
harvest hands, went into tho Hold and
shocked 1(10 acres. Tho girls aro aged
15 and 17.
Tho Atchison Gloho says swell Kan
sas society this winter will eat corn
bread. And thoso few plutcs who can
afford canned corn will throw tho cans'
in their front yard to mako tho neigh
bors envious.
Kansans wrlto to iclathcsln Colo
rado to "mail a fow drafts" to cool
tho homo temperaturo; and the Colo
rado visitors write icgularly home to
havo drafts mailed to them. Colorado
Isn't so much.
An Ottawa man who Ihcs between a
barn containing a braying intilo and
tho home of a horn blower, sajs tho
heat is finishing him and he longs to
hear Gabriel's trumpet interrupt tho
nightly concert.
A well-to-do I)ouglascount. farmer,
forced to market his cattlb by tho
drouth, lodo with them to Kansas
C'it Although foity-llo ear of
ago It was his llrst ride on a train.
Giddy, giddy Lawience.
Artlllclal lakes and menageries have
been thought proper parts of public
guukus but at Winfleld the police
havol tcrfeied with small hoys swim
ming In tho park pond andcrv realis
tically Impersonating "bares.'1
The Santa Fo in building new do
pots regularly makes room for a
Harvey eating house and a Y. M. C.
A. room. And this is wise. Tho lat
ter would bo usolcss for good with the
old fashioned grub house In con
nection. Tho day after Missouri piuyed for
rain tho Abilone Helleetor said: "Hear
that squeaky noise In tho cast yester
day? It was tho Mlssoutinns getting
on thoir knees to pray. It had been
so long since the last tlmo that thoir
joints were rust."
Colo Younger, who has been in tho
Michigan pen for twenty-live yours, Is
said to have expressed a wish to see
two things befoio he dios a trollop
ear und a girl on a bicyelo. Those
aio both new tricks sluco ho went be
lilsd tho bars,
A Wlnlleld woman told hor hus
band that when she got to heaven she
Intended asking Shnkospoaio If he
really wroto his plays and when her
husband suggested that
Shukesneaio wouldn't bo
promntiv replied. "Then
theio sho
you ask
President Issues Porto Rican
Authorized by 1111 Act of the
Lust Congress
Whenever the Uka Taxation was
Siillkicut to Meet Necessities of
(!o eminent
111' Ktrllipn-Mcllae IT A"Clatlm.
Washington, July 25. Tho presi
dent's proclamation establishing fiee
trado with Porto Rluo was Issued this
morning. It recitos in tho prcamblo
tho authorl.atlon by congress that
when the legislature of Porto Uico
shall havo put lntoolleet a system of
local taxation sulllcient to meet tho
necessities of government, freo trado
iiinj bo established and then says, "In
pursuunco of tho law, I herob lssuo
this my proclamation abolishing tariff
duties on merchandise going Into
Porto Mco from tho United States or
coming from Porto Rico Into tho Uni
ted States and do doclaro thai civil
government has been organized in ac
cordance with tho provision of tho act
Leading an Invasion
of tho
lly H rllf)H'MclUft Prtiii AMnrlntlnfi
Amsterdam, July 2,"i, Tho llocr
legation says another general in
vasion of Capo Colony has bogun.
It Is presumed Dowel Is commanding
tho invaders.
ti MTlwi-MrFla lrn Anclatlnn
London, July 25. Tho Iirltlsh war
olllco has no information regard
ing tho Invasion of Capo Colony by
American Woolen Company Cuts Fif
teen Per Cent.
Ilv Kitiim-Mc!lBft Plea Aaaoolullun.
Now York, July 25 Tho' A merlcan
Woolen Company, othorwiso tho wool
trusts announced a general reduction
of llfteen per cent on all staple linos.
It is brlioved tho object Is to crush In
dependent mills. Tho result Is a cut
In tho tiemendous orders placed,
Almost li0,OO() Have Now
Registered With Two
Days yet to get in
Can't Sell Your Numbers
anyone else
Secretary Hitchcock Says
that there is Absolutely
no use Trying
ItcKisinitlon nt l'. Itcnn jomoiiIiiv lf TOS
At 111 He no. up to (lute, 120 0.17
At Fort Sill jcMinlnjr, I.31.
At l'ort bill, uplodiiie, W.SsS
Totnl both districts up to it.uc, 119 '.!'
El Reno. O. T., July 21. Another
rccoid in registration was broken at
El Reno today, when 1(1,708 home
seekers icccived their certificates for
tho drawing. While registration Is
Inci easing here, It is decreasing at
Foil Sill, toda.v's being tho lowest
there since tho work began.
El Reno is filled to the brim tonight.
Ills estimated that theio are 110,000
strangers in town. Peoplo aio sleep
ing in ha mows, buggy sheds and on
Governor Richards has abandoned
tho idea of holding the drawing In an
open Held. Ho will hold it in the gov
ernment headquarters.
Kansas City, July 21. The lear
guard of tho second big rush to tl.e
Kiown-Comanche country purd
through tho Pnlon depot gates this
morning. While a number. aio sche
duled to go on tho trains to-night the
cinsh is i call over. Pull 4,500 peo
ple left the I'nion depot night between
0 o'clock and 11 o'elok. Tho trains
on the Atchison, Topcka V '.Santa Fo
tallroad the Chicago, Rock Island &
Pacific, an 1 the Kansas City, Port
& Memphis iallroads,weio crowded to
tho plalfoims. Tho Santa Fo and
Roek Island trains carried tho ma
jority ot the passengers. The icdiited
rate went on .voslerday morning and
all day tho depot and tho uptown
ticket olllces were crowded with pur
chasers In a fow seconds; after tho trains
backed Into the depot last night and
this morning the oarswere crowded to
sutlocatlou. Even tho sleepers wero
Invaded by men who had no sleeper
tickets. They refused to get out. Ono
man who could not find even standing
room, tore up his ticket andthen tried
to borrow mone.v of a policeman to get
back home.
Washington, July 24. Secretary
Hitchcock has taken cognlzanco of ro
ports coming from Oklahomathat tho
men who aro registering at Reno and
Fort Sill ate doing so with the Inten
tion of transferring ;tlielritrlghts to
others. "The report," ho says, "is
to tho ollect that the lean and will dis
pose of their numbers at enormous
profits. That Is absurd, bqcauso it Is
Impossible under tho regulations for
them to transfer thoir rights. For any
of them to attempt to do so would ho a
clear violation of tho law. Thoy tako
an oath not to do t-ueh a thing and to
uso thoir tights for thoir own exclusive
benollt. There can bo no speculation
in those numbers."
Tho Secretary said also that repot ts
aro coming to the department of
schemes tor disposing of numerous
townsltes, tho promoters ollering
chuncos to tho public. "Tho only
towusilcs whiohhuvo been authorized,"
tho Secretary said, "aro thoso of tho
threo county seats' No others havo
been sanctioned, Jand no one knows
whero others will bo. Henco all ex
cept thoso threo are bogus and reports
of their establishment should be de
nounced us lntonded to deceive tho
Roforrlng to the suggestion that tho
now lands should bo sold at auction
and tho proceeds of tho sale turned
over to the Indians, tho Socretary
"Thoso lands uro as much govern
ment property as aro any othor part
of tho public domain. Thoy havo been
purchased from tho Indians and title
Is no longer In them. Henco tho plan
is not feasible Moreover, it would
not bo wlso If practicable, for If tho
lands wero put up at auction they
would all fall Into tho hands of men
with monoy and tho poor man would
havo no chance whatovor. Under tho
present plan all havo equal lights re
gaidlcssof conditions of wealth, and
and that UiIb fuel Is recognled Is mado
ovidont by tho largo number taking
advantage of tho oppoitunity for leg
Istrutton." Socretary Hitchcock said, with ref
erence to tho effort to
prevent tho'
opening of tho Oklahoma Indian lands
to settlement by Injunction proceed
ings at El Reno, that the preparations
of tho department for the opening
would proceed as If no suit had begun.
"Wo 9hall not let the matter go by
dofault," ho said, "hut wo apprehend
no obstacle from that proceeding.
Any ono can bring a suit."
Slnco July 10 tho thirteen saloons In
El Reno lurvo sold not less than 2,000
half barrels, 102,000 bottles of beer.
At a rough cstlmato this Is (100.000
glusses of beer In fifteen days. Tho
amount of whiskey and other drinks
consumed was largo, but It would be
difllcult to cstlmato It by glasses. The
wholosalo supply depots of leading
browerlos wero eaeli two daS without
beer, which brings tho period of con
sumption down to thirteen days, in-
ciuuing sunnily. Freight tralilc was
so heavy on the railroads thut It was
impossible to get beer shipments de
llveicdon time. Much beer was ie-
celved In express. Notwithstanding
this enormous consumption of Intoxi
cants there was llttlo public drunken
ness and few saloon brawls. The
weather was so hot that men could
drink and lose tho elleets through
picsplration. Had tho weather been
cold It Is a rcttalnty that fights would
havo been numerous.
Tho gambling outfits doing business
on the streets will ho raided before the
hurrah Is at an end. A raid will bo
mado probably to-morrow. The city
treasury Is waiting to have part of tho
gains. The gamblers were raided
once last week.
Fotwlthstnnding the public state
ment ot Secretary Hitchcock that all
pci sons or companies selling lots In
prospective townsltes could bo prose
cuted for fraud, several companies
lieie continue In business. One com
paiiy proposes to establish a rival
townslto near Mountain Vlow, but will
probably full as an influential protest
has been made to the Interior depart
ment asking that the application for
ho now townslto bo refused
The tSi'iinil LodgeCiiose the- Xet Place
of .Meeting.
Milwaukee, July 24.- Salt Lake Cit.v
captured tho next convention of tho
graud lodgo of Elks.
The, Elks elected otllcers as follows:
Giand exalted ruler, Charles !'.. Pick
ett, Waterloo, la.; grand usteemeu
leading knight, A. G. Fluid, Colum
bus, O.; grand esteemed lo.vul knight.
William U Hrock, Lexington, K.:
grand esteemed lecturing icingpi,
Judge A. H. Pickens, Denver; grand
secretarv, Georgo A. Revnclds, Sagi
naw, Mich.; grand treasurer, F. C.
Orris, Meadville, Pa.; grand; trustee,
Henry W. Mears, ISaltlmoie; grand
tlerr Joseph Henning, Anderson, luil.
Yoiinir Ulrl UuusOirWitlt Her Eighty
Year Old Lover
lly Scrllipa-Mrllar l'rM Amnclatlon
Jaclcson, Ky., July 25. Bertha
Robinson, oung and pretty, last
night rescued D. L. Whittaker, aged
eighty and rich, from his twelve chil
dren by a former marriago, who kept
him locked up to provent his wedding
Bertha. Sho took him from a second
story window with a ladder, convey
ing him away with fast horses to an
adjoining county.
Air.iinst Endowment
Ave Made.
(ly hcrliipa-Mcllae I'n-aa Aimoclation.
Chicago, Jul 25. Tho grand jury
to-day icstiined tho consideration of
the charges against John Hinsey and
his associates in the Knights Pthlas
endowment rank troubles. Thecliarges
are bad investments, mysterious dis
appearance of funds, ralsllled ac
counts, unusual loans of money and
tletitious doath lists.
Trust StiirtH Three of Thoni at Wells
villc This Morning.
Hy Bcrlpna-Mcllaa Preaa Annotation.
Wellsvlllo, Ohio, July 25 Tho trust
olllcials aro making somo llttlo suc
cess In running tho mills hero, us threo
started this morning. It looks like
they would run all day. Tho strikers
foar this partial success will ho tho
forerunner of greater ettorts by the
Truflic Temporarily Suspended on a
Portion of It
Hy Bcrlppa-Mcllaa If" Aanociatlnn
Now York, July 25. Brooklyn
brldgo Is not opon to foot tralllo this
morning. A break in the suspenders
on tho north sldo causes thut portion
to be closed to trrlllc. On tho south
sldo half of the regular tralllo Is al
lowed. Tho bridge engineers say tlu
structuio us a wholo Is not endangered
by tho break, hut tho utmost care
must bo taken in making ropalrs,
Cows, calves and yearling heifers
for sale, somo will do for beof. A. J.
Wolfe, Gas City, Kansas.
Little Kelief in the Mississ
ippi Valley
Scattered Thunder
in the Northern
Help a Little
Passes 107 the Hottest
Known There
Forty Deaths are Attributed
to the Heat in the Last
Twenty -four Hours
Washington, July 21. Scattered
thunder showers In tho northern tier
of states in tho central West today
gave some relief In that locality from
the Intenso heat. These showers, gen
erally light In character, occurred In
tho Dakotas, Southern Minnesota,
Noithwestern Iowa, tho cxtiemo
northern portion oflllinols, in Minne
sota and In Michigan. More of these
showers, and over a wider area, are
oxpected tomorrow. Their elTect,
however, will botemporary, and warm
weather is again predicted for Fri
day. In tho great corn bolt, tho Intenso
heat still continues and there seem
to bo no Immediate prospect of a gen
eral rain, though the fact that show
ers aro becoming- more general than
for some da s Is encouraging to the
olllcials hcie, who hope they may he
the forerunner of a general breakup
In the heat and drouth conditions,
although tho foiecasters will not sa
that this is a piobabilit.
St. Louis, Mo., Jul 24. St. Louis
was tlio hottest point in tho country
toda, 107.1 degree boing recorded as
the maximum temperature, a figure
never reached befoio In thlscit. No
immedl.ito prospect ot relief is in
sight, and tho indications aie for con
tinued hot and dr.v weather for tho
ifvxt tw ent -four hours at least.
In tho tvveutj-four hours ending at
11 o'clock to-night, forty deaths di
rect lv attributable to the heat had
beu leported. In the sumo period of
time, suM-nty-lho cases of prostration
went on record.
vr. i.ouis l'ltni'AKKS iron it.
Hy hcrtppa-Mcllae ITv Aui-iAlton
St. Louis, July 25. Tho liospltals
have increased pi eparations-toda.v to
bundle the probable heat prostrations.
Tho police department has also en
larged Its facilities. The largo de
partment storos today began to close
early till this Intense heat has passed.
Many of tho wholesale houses und fac
tories do likewise. Yesterday's max
imum of 107 was never equalled here.
iiain in Tin: Noitru.
lly Fcrlnpa Alillae 1Tyh AaMuciallon
Chicago, July 25. A heavy rain
fell last night and this morning in
Iowa. Reports indicate also that re
lief has como to Nebraska, northern
Illinois, tho Dakotas, Southern Min
nesota and Michigan.
coor.KK T ST. r.ouis.
My hirlppa-Mrltai Itpn Association
St. Tnouls, Jul 24 -Abreak occurred
in 'the excessive heat towardsinoon
when tho thermometer only registeied
ninety-two. The foiecaster thinks tho
hot wave Is broken.
Secretary Long Nantes Men Who Are
to CouiK)se It.
Oy Si rlpPK-Mclla lYena AaoiMHtlon
Washington, July 25 Secretary
Long has designated as members of
tho Schley court of inquiry Admiral
Georgo Dewey, President; Rear Ad
miral Lewis A. Klmborey, retired:
Rear Admiral W. E. Benham, re
tired. Tho court convenes hero
Soptember 12th.
Tho court will convene in full naval
uniforms in tho reception hall of tho
Secretary of tho Navy's olllco. Com
mander John Plllsbuty Is designated
judgo advocate of tho court. The
only result of tho court will bo to
honor or arraign Admiral Schley In
tho history. Long's selection of the
members of tho court meets with uni
versal upprovul.
Koicomo.Ind., Aug. 10, 1808.
Pr.rsiN Syhui'Co.,
Dour Sirs: For tho past 10 years I
wus troubled with my stomach. About
i years ago was taken down with
rheumatism; was not abloto do a days
work for .'t years. All medloino seem
ed of no benefit to mo. A oUr ago I
wus advised to take Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin. I truly hollevol would
havo died but for this medlcino. My
rheumatism is entirely gone and my
stomach is in good condition. It has
saved my life and I cannot reeommeud
it too highly, Yours respectfully
Er.wooi) McCitAckhN.
S.old by Chas, B Spencer & Co.
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