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Iola, Allen County, Kansas, Friday, August 2, 1901.
vol. xxxv. No 37
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Tun Kansas City Star advise be
ginning to pray right now for plenty
of rain next summer.
"The sweetest tuno on earth,"
truthfully says tho Atchison Qlobc,
"Is tho patter of rain on tho roof."
Tim only epidemic so far resulting
from tho drouth Is ono of lee plants
which tiro springing up all over tho
Utah experienced a sovcro earth
!U..ko tho other day, but reports do
not toll of any Mormons whoso faith
was shaken.
Tin: beer bottlers of San Francisco
have struck. This Is terrible coming
at a tlmo when thcro is unprecedented
activity among tho cork-millers.
Kansas people aro notor'ously
loyal to their State but rlghtnow there
is a hysterical impulse to raise a
chorus: "I can't tell why I lovo you
but I do-o-o."
The doctors of Now York aro or
ganizing a fight to exterminate tho
mosquito. This Is ono organization
which should most properly bo made
"under the laws of Now Jersoy."
Afti:u long deliberation solcntist
navo decided that huraanlifo Is length
enlng, but tho Lawrence Journal says
this is hardly causo for joy if the
weather is to remain as It now Is.
C. J. DEVLIN' Is In Chicago trying
to get Chicago ice with which to break
the Topoka lco trust. And ho is the
right man to go after tho octopus that
iias been dovclin'tho perspiring popu
lace Satukuay and Sunday tho Stale
was pretty thoroughly soaked bj gen
eral rains. Kansas made not less
than 10 million dollars Saturday. Of
course sho wouldn't make money on
Tin: Missouri Pacific has just paid
the State treasury ji0,200 for the privi
lege of increasing its capital $4.".O00,
OCl). This Is undoubtedly dono so tho
rand can tin up properly to handle tho
jHlg business In Tola.
A ri'.W days ago Congressman
Charlie Curtis received a handsome
Navajo Indian blauketfrom of his red
kin. Tho chances aro Mr. Guru's
would have moro deeply appreciated
tho gift of a breech clout.
Now that Aguiualdo has written a
magazine artlclo tolling how It feels to
bo captured, someono suggests that an
article may bo expected from tho King
of England on "How it feels to bo
Crowned King of England.
Down at Dixon, Missouri, among
the Oarks, water fit to drink is so
scareo it costs a dollar a barrel. But
ou don't hear any howl. A dollar's
worth of drinking water will last the
average Missouri town for a month.
In llola ono day this month one
grocery took in over tho counter
iJOfiO.oO. During July tho factor
ies hero paid out In wages over $00,
000.00. Where, is tho Kansas town of
8 000 population that can duplicate
On Sunday Governor Dockery of
Missouri held prayers at Jefferson
City for rain. On Monday tho ther
mometer at Jefferson City registered
114. Nover has Kansas been so hard
put to it she could not fervently say:
"Poor old Missouri!"
Minneapolis Messenger: Ono man
proposed tho following prayor: "O,
Lord, send rain. If you can't seo fit
to send rain, send a cool wind, and if
this opposes your choice, O, Lord,
put it into tho hearts and minds of the
railroad officials to send mo a pass
NEW courses of Instruction have
been added at Harvard University
until It would take a man 300 years to
take them all. And when ho got
through ho would have to mako his
homo with his brother-in-law who
graduated from tho town high school
or starve.
Moiimon elders tecently at ono sit
ting baptized 1100 converts to tho faith
in Chicago. This seems startling but
Chicago's matrimonial vlows could
b.-rdly bo worse than thoy are now.
What manors it whether tho Chicago
girl gets married on tho wholesale
plan or on tho old retail plan.
On tho fourth of July Robert II.
Ingersoll, president of tho Now York
firm that makes dollar watches, closed
u deal in London for a million of ills
wutchos. This is woll. Tho London
er can now consult his American
watch, catch an American streot car,
and connect with his American train.
. ii , ,, a U-uiV.,a j', .. d,i.4.. s wV t. i rf, 1 v Ij'WL - .... -i wSiiW JwW i niiJttufcn tiM.'ffiiiiUUlii r il', JBf.iAfisfrifiTsCvtV'.V li t tyWlsmMmtffilffii ifhrii 'n ijii iWiiBffiillHMwWlh
i li i IflMintmfiliiltWTrflliTWHsWiH 111 i . -'TH" PWWTJtR,-. nui A. . ,Wv, .
Tin: Kansas City Star announces
from reports gathered all over tho
Stato that the eastern counties will
yield from a fourth to a half crop of
TmuTY-riVi: thousand colored olec
trlc lights lllumlnato the electric foun
tain at tho Buffalo oxposltion, but it
required everyone to enablo Chicago
peoplo to seo that tho display sur
passed tho World's Fair exhibit.
IN 180(1 tho world raved over a horse
named Yankee who mudo a mllo in
2:")!). In 1001 Crescous went tho mllo
In 2:02. At tho increased speed
which tho horse is going it soeius prob
ablo ho will bo completely gone by
lOtwiNci from all roports of what
liquid air is, this paper's idea of a
happy medium would bo to mix Qqual
parts of liquid air and tho kind now
at largo In this community. Tho un
ion ought to bo a balmy spriug-tlmo
Hiuu: is Bent Murdock's program:
For president, 1004, Theodore Roose
velt, of New York. Platform: All
North America belongs to the United
States. Got all we can Keep all
we've got. Money 'and tho tariff
Let well enough alone.
It is said that six millions of last
year's corn crop shipped to elevators
In Minneapolis are being shipped
back to Kansas to supply tho deficit.
Now if Kansas farmers had) kept it
they could havo pocketed the thirty
cents profit per bushel.
Still come steamers from Alaska
bringing gold and roports of suffering
from cold. Time was when peoplo
readily bolioved tho tales of suffering
but rather discredited tho gold; now
they believe the gold stories and llnd
it hard to bollovo tho talos of Ice and
Tin: Slato board has found that
while, tho banks of Kansas report 03,
000,000 dollars on doposlt, tho as
sessors found but threo millions. This
doesn't mean that Kansaus lied. They
havo simply been so busy that the
littlo matter of tho sixty millions
slipped their minds.
It would roally bo a great relief to
suffering humanity If Sampson would
follow in tho footstops of his distin
guished ancestor, take a club and
wield it sturdily until tho jawbones of
some of tho asses who aro continually
harping on things connected with tho
dead past in this Sehloy matter.
Geokqi: Ki'.nnan, who gave to the
world a true insight into tho Siberian
prisons operated by Russia in a series
of inagazino articles somo years ago,
tried to enter Hussia a short tlmo ago.
Ho was recognized and ordered out of
tho country. Hussia is having a hard
tlmo to keep from becoming civilized.
Tub war department Is planning to
organlzo "Tho Department of Kan
sas" which Is to lncludo Fort Hiloy,
Fort Leavenworth and smaller forts
at St. Louis and In tho Territory.
Millions aro to bo spent to mako tho
two Kansas posts tho biggest and best
in tho country, tho American Alder
Maui? Twain was invited to attend
"Missouri Day" celobratlon In Kan
sas City, August 10th. But Mark says
he can't como. Says ho must rest. In
his letter to tho committee Mark says
ho will bo 142 years old if ho lives un
til 1077 and these figures admonish
him that ho must tako care of his
When you read In tho city papers
that tho temperaturo is 104 whilo tho
thereraomoter on yourback porch says
110, don't ily to tho city to cool off.
The city thermometer which is con
sulted for bulletins Is perched high
above tho roofs and roally stands for
tho coolest place in town. People may
llvo high in cities, but none live as
high as tho woatherman's thermom
In a recont editorial Mr. Bryan,
enumerating tho ills to which the
American body politic is heir, likens
the protective tariff to the "gripes."
Tho Kansas City Star ingeniously re
plies that if tho diseases wero fully
listed Mr. Bryan himself would come
undor tho catogory of tho vermiform
appendix, and at that ono that had
been most efficiently removed by tho
two electoral operations.
Two Spaniards wero walking down
a street In Havana after a long ah
sonco, so tho story goes. A foreigner
asked them if it did notmako them sad
to seo tho Stars and Stripes Jloatlng
over Morro castlo. Ono of them re
jilted that it did not. "It makes mo
sud, howovor," ho said, "to seo that
tho Americans havo done moro for
this island in two years thatitho
Spaniards did in almost 400 years."
TiinitK Is a man In California famod
tho country ovor as "Lucky Baldwin"
because, forsooth, ho mado millions
in fortunate gold strikes. But whero
Is hcf the California man, compared
to Baldwin of Kansas, now cavorting
about tho north polo! Lucky Bald
win, the real and oniy, hails from
Theue is talk now that Prof. Frank
W. Blackmar, who has occupleJ tho
chair of political science in the Stuto
University with credit to himself and
institution for years, may succeed
Chancellor Snow. Mr. Blackmar is a
strong man, has won a national repu
tation In his work and has both oxeou
tlvo ability and tho friendship of the
A HocilESTEii firm secured a pic
ture of Miss Itoborsou and had litho
graphs mado to advertlso their llour.
Sho sued and has been awarded $25,-
000 the court holding that one's face
Is private property. Gay boys ofloscu
latory habits should look out for
signs warning tresspassers hereafter.
If no bill boards are up one might
tako chances.
Tin: ways of tho female aro past
finding out. Ono girl at Oklahoma
City wedded the day boforo sho drow a
MO.OOO farm in the lottery. When sho
heard tho nows sho wept. Miss Beals,
of Wichita was engaged to a Kansas
City hotel porter. When sho learned
that sho had drawn a $20,000 farm sho
nearly burst the lacing in her bolt get
ting to tho newspaper olllco to deny
the story of her engagement.
To test the matter, Governor Stau
loy will appoint a man forsherlff from
somo county and tho present incumbent
will rcfuso to vacate The case will
then go to tho courts, which will de
cide us to whethor or not, shoiiffs will
hold oor. Tho ruling In tho oa-o of
iho sheriffs will apply also Jto county
treasurers. Meanwhile, until tho case
is decided thero will bo days of grace
for tho present officers.
Caus on the cog road up Pike's
Peak have been equipped with auto
matic brakes which get busy when a
speed of- over twenty-live milos an
hour is reached. A test was made
Tuesday and tho city editor of tho
Colorado Springs Ouzotto was the
man in tho car which was turned loose
down tho mountain sido. His nerve is
bolug'.Iaudcd, but Jehosophatthe aver
age city editor meets worse experiences
overy day.
Dit. Koch, the eminent specialist,
has just startled the medical world
with what seems concluslvo ovldonco
that humanity is not subject to heredi
tary tuberculosis, nor In daugor of
taking it from animals. Tho chief
danger lies in tho sputem of porsous
already afflicted. The day Is coming
when tho "Don't spit" signs will dis
appear from public place and the
human race will regard spitting as
a gravo social crime.
In a recont Alton wreck two young
ladles enrouto to tho Epworth League
convention lost considerable cutlclo.
In response to a call for volunteers
who would donato a small patch of
hide to bo grafted on the wounds a
woman prisoner in tho Kansas City
jail and an Illinois preacher both
signified willingness. The danger Is
that If ti.tf miiiUteriul patch eer
learned the past of the fair neighbor
iho young lady might be troubled
with proud Un-.li.
It seems that Kansas girls have not
cornered all the grit in tho world. A
few days ago a South Carolina girl
of sixteen summers who had a case
with a man of eighty summers did a
stunt worthy a Kansan. The old boy's
grown children had him locked in a
room upstairs to keop him single, but
tho girl went to tho house at night,
placed a ladder and rescued her
ancient lover. Thoy lied oer the
border and were married, And the
young girl was not deterred by a fear
of being misunderstood because tho
octogenarian is worth a million.
The Registhu has already had
somothlng to say of tho mistake which
farmers mako who are dumping their
stock on tho markot now at any price.
Tho rains havo come, past'res will bo
benefitted, roughness will bo Increased
the railroads aro hustling for corn
and feed from morofavored states and
everything is boing dono to help tho
stockman. Tho Rixii&TEu has hoard
of ono man in the northern part of
this count) who hurried his sheep to
Kansas City becauso ho could seo no
way to keep them, Tho sheep wuro
sold and tills fanner .was called upon
to pay two dollars In addition to what
thoy brought fur tho freight on them.
Tho HixiiSTEii has assurances from
several sources that strenous efforts
will bo mado to lower and keep down
tho price of feed.
Tho Rkgisteu Is in receipt of tho
following circular lottcr from tho
state board of railway commissioners.
Copies of It wore sent by tho board to
tho general freight agents of all tho
railroads operating in tho stato, and
tho purpose of tho letter is too ovldent
and the great good which it may ac
complish if tho railroads respond, to
need comment. Tho letter Is as fol
"Gentlemen: On accountof tho pro
tracted drouth and tho consequent
scarcity of feed of all kinds in tho
eastern portion of tho State, many
farmers and stockmen liao urged this
Board to mako application totho vari
ous railroads doing business In Kan
sas, for an emergency freight ruto on
hay, straw and other feeds, for tho
purpose of carrying stock through tho
coming fall, winter and spring, and it
has been suggested by prominent rail
road officials that this Hoard sot a
duto to discuss the situation and lay
tho matter befor tho representatives of
tho freight departments of thoso vari
ous railroads.
"Wo accordingly request that you
send a representative of your lino to
meet at the olllco of this Board, in
Topeka, Kansas, on tho 2nd day of
August, 1001, a 10 o'clock a. in., for
tho purposo discussing tho situation
ami taking such stops as tho emer
gency of tho case may seem to requiro.
"This Board realizes that in mak
ing tills suggestion it is not acting in
Its official capacity, but, acting under
numerous requests, voluntarily offers
itself as a medium throughuhlch somo
good results may bo reached.
"Will you kindly adviso us If this
movement meets with your approval
and if the'dato of meeting suggested
is satisfactory to your company."
W. A. White: Generally spoaklng
Kausas politicians are of littlo valuo
to the business man. Usually u poll
ttenn Is to the tax payers what tho old
time alliance orator used to call an
"Inky bust." But ono governor of
Kansas at least Is earning Ills board
and 'keep. That governor Is Stanley.
He is not a brilliant man, ho doesn't
stat tie tho world with dazzling schemes
that won't woik. Hut when ho does
anything, It Is tho thing that should
be dono and what he says is exactly
tho thing to sa.
His recent statement about tho
drouth in Kansas lias been eopiedover
the American continent. It has been
tho subject of Uattering cdltoral com
ment on Kausas 1 1 overy city in tho
land. That lutorview was worth a
million dollars to Kansas tax payers
just as surely as If it had been dump
ed in tho stato troasury. For It con
vinced the financial world of tho
stability and business substanco of
Kausas. It will mako money easy in
the state not only homo money but
foreign credits. That will keep Inter
est rates from jumping and mako tho
drouth a mere detail In tho business
life of the stato.
Governor Stanley Is a valuable man
for Kansas. His public acts and his
public utterances have been sano and
well advised. No other Kansas poli
tician in ten years lias dono as much
for Kansas, by precept and oxamplo
as has Stanloy. If ho desires to go
to tho head of the class ho should go.
He certainly deserves a head mark!
Anotiieii lnstanco going to show
that no particular group of men has
yet succeeded in cornerlnghuman solf
lshnoss is tho easo of General Coxoy.
A few years ago ho w-as leading an
army of tramps to Washington to de
mand work from tho government and
to make tho rich disgorge A few
days ago, he was interviewed about a
new steel plant of which ho is a lead
ing owner and ho said of tho laboring
man's causo: "About tho Amalga
mated association's strike? I don't
understand the question very clearly,
but it looks to mo as if tho manufac
turers had rathor tho best of tho situa
tion if tho dlsputo is over unionism.
I suppose I will have trouble myself
when ray mill starts up."
The drouth has revived intorost in
irrigation and water storing and may
result In groat bonollt to Kansas. It
has been said that tho desert Is not
dry because of ,tho ubsenco of rain,
but that tho absonco of rain Is duo to
the oxlsteuco of tho desert. Along this
theory It Is bolng urged that ovory
farmer construct and maintain a largo
pond on his farm capablo of storing
aovoral times tho amount of water his
slock will noeel. Thon in tlmo of
drouth tho sun's rays will havo some
thing on Which to draw without suck
ing tho sap out of vegetation and rain
will be almost suro to follow a short
hot spell.
A smart Topeka girl mado a social
hit by giving a "collar party."
At Ottawa everybody is buying gar
den seeds and beginning the season
over again.
Georuo Tourtelot. n Galena man who
tried the Kiowa lottery, confesses that
ho expects to land in tho soup.
Baldwin L'rocer found a iran" of
chinch bugs trying to open his stock
oi canned corn with a coal chisel re
Tho river Is getting so low at Law
rence that the mills aro closing nud
considerable anxiety Is felt for Bow-
ersocK's cnlllsli.
Tho city marshal of Chcrryvalo is
still orderingehickens kept up although
there isn't anything that looks like u
garden In town.
Wiso young men don't hunt for
wives on tho street, says the Marlon
Record. No wiso man over hunted
for a wife anywhere
Living in tho lco plant Is no joko at
Windold. The Courier prints a pic
ture of that institution In Its column
of "Wln'lold Residences."
Tho Lawrence World hasdlscovered
that even knockout drops have their
use When administered by tho
weatherman to a drouth they aro
An Ottawa barber was lined $25 for
having too many empty beer bottlos
In his shop. Collecting beer bottlos
will henceforth bo an unpopular fad
in that town.
Tho Register of Deeds of Osborne
county has bought a newspaper, but
ho will find his now job calls for tho
registering of moro strange deeds than
did his old ono.
A Wichita man has sued for divorce
because his wife called him "a yellow
dog," anil tho Clay Center Times
thinks it would bo a good joko if sho
proved it on him.
When a Leavenworth man got mad
and sarcastically asked tho hollo girl
if thoro was a lunatic at tho end of tho
lino sho sweetly Informed him there
was ono at his end.
Galena's attention hasbeen abstract
ed from tho drouth to a cow with three
horns. This beast with tho "horn a
plenty" they think may bo valuable
In caso of hard times.
A Newton drunk when asked by tho
judge If tho bitters ho claimed to havo
Imbibed wns"Hostetters's," smilingly
roplled "Yes, yer honor, tlostllo Bit
ters." Ho got a small fine
Monday Ed Howoeolobrated tho24th
anniversary of his Atchison Globe
assisted by 10,000 peoplo and a brass
band. Hellstedt's famous band hired
at Howo's expenso furnished music.
A horse thief was caught red handed
at Burlington, nnd desplto his state
ment that ho was an orphan the hard
hearted sheriff locked him up. Ho
was old enough to bo tho sheriff's
Tho failure of several Kansas City
bucket shops lately is ono thing Kan
sas farmers can understand about the
grain dealings on 'change Of course
tho drouth shrunk the staves and tho
bucket shops collapsed.
John Francis to the Rescue.
Dispatches recently told how a State
official had discovered that tho lust
legislature had provided for raising
only $1,000,000 tho next two years and
had appropriated $4,0;i:i,214, conclud
ing that a deficit of some 000,000 was
bound to arise and blaming tho legis
lature for cowardice. The Topeka
Capital Interviewed John Frauds, of
Allen county, chairman of tho Ways
and Means Committee of tho last legis
lature and ho puncturos tho theory.
Taking the figures of tho other man us
correct hesays thero will bo additional
revenuo from tho following sources:
Uovenues from departments $,",0,000
for two years; money on hand $101,
f0:i; balances from appropriations un
used $203,000; grain inspecting $50,-
000. Thon tho last legislature was
confronted with unusual expenses such
us tho Twentieth Kansas, Quantroll
raid claims, governor's mansion,
heating plant, a total of $272,000 which
will not bo figured in tho bills of tho
coming two years. Striking a fair
balance, and arguing from tho past,
Mr. Francis estimates that there Is
moro likely to be u surplus at the end
of two years of ''somo $400,000 than a
deficit of $000,000. Few men hav.e a
more Intimate knowledgo of tho tnattor
and Mr. Francis's figures will bo ac
cepted as correct.
Another Soveio Injury.
Thcro is a regular opidemlc of acci
dents, in town right now and hardly a
day passos that some one doos not get
an arm or leg broken or a finger
crushed. Tuesday afternoon about 3
o'clock G. W. Werts, whilo unloading
rails for tho electric lino had his right
arm caught against tho wagon by a
slipping rail and tho bones In his
wrlBt was brokon. Worts is a young
man who came hero recently from Cof
fey county, his family moviug to a
farm noar. Ho has been working on
railroad five days. Dr. Enochs
drossed the injury and ho will soon
Francis Denies there will be
a Tax Deficit
be a Surplus Rather
thim u Shortage
Ways nml Menus Committer Carefully
Considered the Matter of Expen
ditures bust Winter.
Topeka, July 31. Tho publication
not long slnco of the state's tax
revenues for tho two years oommenc
IngMuly 1 and of tho excess of ex
penses over tho resources, has brought
out a statement from John Francis,
chairman of tho house committee of
ways and means last winter. The
publication -vai authorized by the
auditor of stato and tho treasurer of
state, and Mr. Francis denies thoir
premises. In his statement Mr. Fran
cis gives figures which, If correct, will
leave an excess of $100,000 in tho
treasury after tho payment of all ob
ligations authorized by the legisla
ture. In conclusion he says:
"The matter of ways and means was
never moro carofully considered by
any legislature and the charge that It
lost its ncrvo mid did not dare to pro
vide sufficient revenue, is absurd, in
tho face of tho facts in the case"
When tho attention of Treasurer
Grimes and Auditor Cole was called
to the statement of Mr. Francis, thoy
adhered to thoir original interview.
Mr. Grimes said:
"Tho next two fiscal years will bear
out our statement. Tho stato will go
broke and I will havo to stamp war
rants 'not paid for want of funds.'
On the Jfaco of our returns from tho
assessors wo will bo short about JflOO,
000 a year."
Mr. Colo added; "But collection
of fees and licenses will cut that figure
down perhaps half,"
The l'ortiignese Dowager' Nnvrow
E.seape from Assassination.
Alx-los-Balns, Franco, July 31.
Maria Via, queendowagorof Portugal
and mother of tho present King
Carlos, has had a narrow escapo from
assassination. She was taking a
course of baths here, but was so per
turbed by tho attack upon her that she
left Aix hastily for Rome. Details of
tho attempted assasslnatlou aro not
obtainable at present. Tho police aro
said to have a clew. News of tho
affair is beginning to spread among
the visitors. Tho queen dowager wa9
known personally to a number of peo
plo here aud was very democratic in
hor demeanor. She chatted freely
with her fellow bathers.
Queen Maria Pla was a sister of
Humbert of Italy, who 'was assassin
ated by the Anarchist Brescl a year
ago yesterday. Sho Is tho widow of
Don Lois I, tho lato king of Portugal.
Sho was. only 15 years old when sho
was murrled. She is 51 years old
King Transfers All of His Sales
to Another Company.
By Hprlppn-McRa Press Association.
Chicago, August 1. Georgo H. Phil
lips, the corn king, this morning
transferred all of his trades to Mc
Roynolds und Company, but claims
there is fifty thousand dollars profit as
affairs now stund. He admits they
aro badly muddled howover.
The corn king was forced tto trans
fer all of his open trades by gravo
irregularities of tho firm's books,
caused chlolly, Phillip says by the fact
that the clerks wero overwhelmed with
business and wero unable to make
proper entries. What loss thero is,
ho says, will fall on himself. There
is a probable profit in tho transferred
trades of fifty thousand dollars. Tho
firm of Phillips and Company will con
tinue business and has not asked any
extensions from Its creditors.
That is What New Yorkers
are Tuik-
iug Just Now.
H- HrrlppA-McUft I'resi Assuctttlon.
New York, Aug. 1. Austin Fox,
called tho loader of the junior bar of
Now York, is authority for tho state
ment that tho namo of Thomas B.
Reed Is being considered seriously by
antl-Tamany leaders to head their
idayoralty ticket this fall.

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