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ni'TtF'i" ii ' i;:
-, , .,-ji- T "Tr'WKS'l'' T1
Entered lu tho ronlofuco at tola, Kma,
Second Olui Matter,
8UB90iurnoN rmoE.
Ono year, In ad?aticu
Six monllm, In advanoo ... ,..,i
Throe monthi, lu advanco
advxatijiho niTKa
Made known on application.
Wm. Coournd, ol LaiiyonvUle, Fell
Into Pit of Hot Ore Ih Un
conscious anil May Die.
Peoplo who nro familiar with tho
smelling plants will ugroo that few
things could bo moro horrtblo than to
fall Into a big bin of hot zinc ore, but
that is what happened to William
Coonrad, an employee of tho Lanyou
Zinc Company's Lanyonvlllo plant.
Tho accident happened Saturday night
and tho unfortunate man Is stilt 1111
uonsclousand scorns llkoly to dlo from
his Injuries.
Coonrad has not been nble to tell
anything about tho accident but it
seems that ho went up on top of tho
pit in which thu new oro from tho
mines Is heated to drivo on" tho mols
turo. Ho er.rrlcd no lantern and in
tho darkness abovo tho pit stopped
over tho brick wall and foil down In
Bido. Arms and legs sunk deep In tho
hot ore, which Is at a temperature to
blister ono's tlosh, md in tho fall his
hoad mustlhavo struck the sldu wall,
stunning him. In tho darkness, aro
nlzcd by his pain, ho stumbled about
blindly and In some way made his
escape from tho llcry pit. Ho was
found by his fellow workmen, waudcr
Ing about outside tho works, wholly
oblivious to bis surroundings, hope
lessly out of his head.
Ho was taken homo and Dr. Cox at
tended him. In addition to sovero
burns on arms and legs ho sulTcrcd
concussion of tho brain from tho strik
ing tho wall. Ho knows nobody, olio
oyo stares wildly and tho other droops
shut. A scar on his head and tho
llowing of blood from his right ear In
dicate whero his head struck tho wall.
All Is bolng dono for him that tho sur
geon's art kn'.iws, but ho has not re
giinol consciousness and has never
recognized his wife. Ho Is a woll
built man of about IS.I years and popu
lar with his fellows.
Tho burns would sot ono wild If
conscious of them hut Coonrad lies
on tho bed totally oblivious to any
pain. In fact ho tears tho bandages
from tho burns unless watched and
takes no notice of what transpires
about him, recognizing no ono. His
brain seems wholly paralyzed and
food has to ho forced down his throat
as ho seems to have forgotten how to
swallow. Tho doctor expresses but
slight hopo of his recovery.
Koiitiiie Council llusliiess.
Tho city council met Monday pur
suant to adjournment.
l'ho petition for a now sldownlk on
tho west side of block 8, of tho old city
plat, which Is north-wost block In tho
city, and along block .'I, signed by J.
V. Funkhouserandtwolvo others, was
read and referred to a committee.
Tho application of C. W. Harris for
permit to build a brick oven on lot I,
block "8, was granted.
Tho application of Margaret Gould
for permit to build an addition to tho
building on lot 8, block 85, was grant
ed. This is Mrs. Golf's millinery
btoro building.
A petition from F. V. Thompson
for a special licenso for Howard &
Co., of Qulney, III., was read and laid
on tho table. Howard & Co. Is an In
stallment houso.
A petition for a crossing on South
Walnut at tho Intersection of Sprueu
was referred to tho committee.
Tho auditing commltleo reported tho
report of city clork of collections for
Juno and of pollco judgo, and city
wolgnmaster for Juuo, correct.
Tho street and alloy committee ro
ported unfavorably on application of
L. I. Drako asking for stono ap
proaches to his walk onwost Madison.
Tho auditing committeo reported tho
roport of tho water and light superin
tendent for tho term ondlng Juno 15
Tho committeo favorably reported
on tho building of a now walk on tho
wost sido of block 8 and west sido of
block three and lots 11-10-11 and 1:2,
bloiK 4 in Goar's addition.
T 10 bill Of W. IJ. Kolloy for $3(1.75
wiii allowed. It was for teaii'ln? on
strict grading, an old bill. Tho Hank
of Allon Covnty was allowed Interest
on unpaid warrants to tho amount of
$:i0,40. W. L. Allison was allowed
expense bill of $:i,5!l.
Tho Judiciary committeo favorably
reported on tho passage of a sanitary
ordinance. Ordinance No, 4-11), to pro
mote tho Bnnltary condition of tho city
was passed,
Tho mayor and clerk wero author
zed to draw up a warrant for $500 to
cover dockot feo and tho city attornoy
was Instructed to arrango for a cost
bond In tho Supremo Court In tho ap
peal of City vs N. F. Acors In tho road
Tho water commtttco roportod that
In every town
and village
may be had
that makes your
horses glad. ;
IWll Mllll
T. J. Staley will pay $200 per year for
water power to operate his mill at tho
dam. Tho clerk was instructed to
notify Mr. Staloy that a rental of
$lfl.flOi would bo collected monthly
from him In advance, tho latter to
surrender possosslon of property at
any time on 110 days notice.
It was moved that tho filling 'of els
tcrius by tho Fire Department bo dis
continued. Tho street and alloy committee was
Instructed to put tllo in on east Madi
son at the intersection of Kim street
On motion tho council adjourned.
The New Sanitary Ordinance.
At Monday night's meeting of the
city council nn ordinance was passed
which alms to preservo tho health of
tho city, keep down the odors which
Insult tho nose and assault tho lives
of citizens.
Tho main provision relates to the
emptying of kitchen slops. All occu
pants of dwollings, restaurants, hotels,
stores, etc., within thodlstrict bounded
by Walnut, Sycamore, Monroe nnd
Hroadwuy streets and all hotels and
restaurants wherever situated lu tho
city, shall provldo and maintain bar
rels with closo fitting tops Into which
all slops contulnlng animals or vege
table mutter orrefuso shall be dumped
and which barrels must be emptied
once oery thrco days from May to
October and once every soen duj.s
tho ro.st of the joar. Such emptying
must bo dono between tho hours of 10
p. m. and 5 a. in. when the lefuso l-
oll'enslvo to oyo or nose. Landlords
uro expected to help enforce the ordi
nance and .$25 Is tho line llxcd for vio
lation of its provintwiis.
Increase at Mhtourf I'acillc.
A great many people in the neigh
borhood of tho Missouri Pacific switch
ingyard who wero kept awako Monday
nleht by the whistling und pulling of
an engine, will bo glad to learn that
they will have to becomo accustomed
to It for It i a permanent thing. The
increase in the business of tho Mis
souri I'acillc has niado It necessary
for a night crew to be put on. A night
crow has been needed for a long time
but It takes a long tlmo to make tho
higher powers reallzo It. Tho day
crew has been working over time for
thrco months and tho rolief will cotno
as a blessing to them.
Chas. L. Woodcock, who has been
head brakeman under Tom Long will
have chargo of tho crow which came
over from Wichita last evening. They
spent most of tho night getting ac
quainted with tho yards but will soon
settlo down to work and customers of
tho road will be given better service
than in tho past.
Tho Increase of business at tho Mo.
I'acitlu Is a matter of pride to all and
it Is to bo hoped that It will not be
long until we get that round house and
other improvements which tho road
has promised.
Would Delay Court Mouse Levy.
The KnuiSTKii is in receipt of the
following --ommunlcutlon from Mr. L.
1$. Pearson, the woll-known resident
of tho south part of the county:
"Editor liuuiSTEu: I would llko to
inakd this suggestion about tho tax
levy for tho new court houso, which Is
that the commissioners do not mako
tho lovy this year, 'the conditions lntho
county bolng such that tho 15,000 that
tho lovy will raise would he much bet
tor In tho hands of those who will have
to pay It than lying in the banks. In
talking with tho peoplo down heio
thoro is a universal sentiment favor
ing this idoa when tho question is put
to them. All say do not mako It this
year. Thoro does not seom to bo any
thing In tho law that requires It to bo
made this year."
Mr. Pearsons goes on to state that
ho thinks this sentiment Is general and
that u delay of ono year In making tl o
lovy would go far toward removing
whut llttlo bad fooling may remain
from tho election. Ho cites his own
llnuncos as simply representative of
tho caso of most of his neighbors and
says ho never had a year slnco ho has
boon on tho farm whon tho returns will
bo so small. Out of 100 acres of corn
h 3 questions whether ho will get 100
bushels of corn, Tho Kixjistuu sub
mits Mr, Pearson's suggestion to tho
consideration of tho commissioners
and the men of the county who have
Its Interests at hoart and it will un
doubtedly receive the attention It
w WA V.
8 V Qty'
Oil Co.
In the First Tliouanmt Three Win out
unit at That Kate Thero Will he
no Kick Coining.
The great and onlj topic of conver
sation right now Is tho Kiowa land
drawing, Thoso who registered are
Interested and their friends with them.
The moagro news In Monday's ItiXJ-
lSTi:u, giving tho names of tho first
four lucky ones, brought disappoint
ment for surely nn Iola man should
bavo been in itho bunch. Hut tho
Tuesday papers brought a full roport
of thoso who won in tho first 1,000
names and a careful scanning of the
list soon rovcaled tho name of C. A.
Mr. Savago is a lawyer who has
lived In Iola several years and is a
member oftho llrmof Ewlng& Savage.
Ho went to tho now country with a
party of friends, largely for an outing
and after registering made a trip to
tho Wichita mountains and traveled
over tho country to bo divided up. lie
is tliereforo in a good position to
make a wlso selection. Ho is in tho
Lawton district and will bavo a choice
somowhere between thel2()th and 250th,
which insures a good I GO acres. It
means that C. A. Savage Is probably
worth today from$2,000to $0,000 moro
than ho was yoslerduy, and this will
bo wolcomo to him and good news to
his friends.
And thero was joy In town over tho
news that SamO'Hara, of Mo ran, will
get a choice somo whero between the
251st and tho It'oth In the Kl Keno
district. Sam was an industrious
young carpenter, sturdy and strong.
Ho joined tho 20th Kansas, went to
the Philippines and fought well, a
good soldier as all tho boys agree
Ho came homo broken In health and
could no longer work at his trado and
gradually grow ucakcruntll his friends
feared ho would die. Ho had not the
moans to travel and get tho treatment
ho needed until Dually a hurry-up
pension camo to him. This enabled
him to properly treat himself and he
did greatly to tho Ix-wllt of his health.
And now ho has drawn a good claim
in tho territory and can sell It or farm
Another man, Loster A. Hackara,
of Iola, Is credited with a ticket lu the
Lawton district on the first day's
drawing between the numlers .170 and
500. Nobody hero seems to know him
and he must he a newctmier.
Tuesday was a good day for tho
Iola men. W. H. McCullough, and
John Klinberllng won out In tho Kl
lleno district nnd Krastus Hall drew
down In tho Lawton district. Tho di
rectory does not mention Klmberling,
but McCullough is ono of tho proprie
tors of tho north sido second hand
store. Krastus Hall Is an old soldier
and everybody knows him and shares
with him tho joy of proprietorship of
a farm.
The dispatches also mention that
Oscar Dragoo, of Wlso, this county,
won a homo In tho Kllteno district.
CIllT D. Scott, formerly of this placo
but now of Kansas City, is credited
with a farm in tho Lawton district.
S. K. Toms, of 221 south Tennosseo
street, Hricktown, also gathered in a
homestead In Tuesday's drawing.
A Mr. Clendonnlng, of Iola, was
another lucky man. He, liko soveral
others are doubtless comparative
strangers In Iola, who barely got lo
cated hero nnd then took a try In tho
new country.
Are you runnin' for otllco this year?
No, you durn fool; I'm runnin' to
Chas. H. Spencer, Iola or Klnno fc
Son, Moran for a bottle of Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin to euro this In
The same mlstako Is mado by many
loin people.
It's a common error
To plaster tho aching back,
To rub witn liniment rheumatic joints,
When tho trouble comes Ifrom tho
Donn's Ktdnoy Pills euro all kidney
ills, ,
And aro endorsed by Iola citizens.
Mr, A. C. Patterson, employed In
tho Iola Food Store, living at 510 K.
Spruce Street, says: "For two years
attacks of pain In tho small of tho
back camo gradually on by degrees,
always increasing as tlmo went by and
all of thorn disappearing just ns mys
teriously us thoy originated. Other
symptoms plainly Indicated that my
kidnoys woro at fault and I went to O.
II. Spencer & Co.'s drug storo for
Donn's Kidney Pills. Tho troatmont
helped, I will bo only too ploased to
repout what I havo said abovo to any
resident of Iola,"
For sale by all dealers', price 50
cents. Fostor-Mllburn Co,, Buffalo,
N. Y., sole agents for tho U. S.
Hemembor the namo Doan's und
take no other.
Two Kullrouils Collide.
As noted somo days ago In tho
HraiSTEH thoro has been a prospect
for some tlmo that tho Iola Klectrlc
Hallway and tho Ft. Scott, Iola &
Western would coiuo together In a
clash over tho light of way. Tne ox-
pected hnppened Monday when
the latter road tiled a petition In dis
trict court asking for a permanent in
junction restraining tho electric road
from usinR Third Street In Lan
yonvlllo for Itstrncks.
A Hi-xilsTKit reporter saw Judgo J.
P. Thompson, nttornoy for tho olec
trlc, and asked him about tho Injunc
tion. He said ho didn't sco just whero
tho other road could mako a case. It
based Its claim on tho fact that somo
days ago It tiled a plat showing whero
It expected to pass through Lanyon
vlllo and the alleged fact that tho elec
tric had not compiled with this re
quirement of tho law. Mr. Thompson
says tho electric has dono this and ho
thinks his road will have notroublo In
co lug ahead as It Is now doing and
laying its track and maintaining pos
session of tho street in question.
Mr. French ut Kansas City
The many Iola friends of Mr. J.
W. French and his wlfo will bo Inter
ested to learn that they have, located
in Kansas City and pleased to know
that Mr. French has engaged In busi
ness which promises to give exercise
for his talents and advance him fin
ancially. In a letter to tho Kixiisti:u
ho says that on July 17 ho bought an
Interest lu tho Campbell Hrckerngo
Company and likes tho work. His
family is with him, all in excellent
health. Concluding, be sn.vs: "After
two years of pleasant residence In
Iola, during which tlmo wo gained a
large acquaintance among its best
leople. wo learned to take a deep In
terest in its entcrptisoand phenomenal
growth and now that wo are located
wo feel it would bo a pleasure to have
a dally report of its doings and hence
seek thu columns of tho ItixitSTKit."
And it is written that those who seek,
shall not do so in vain.
The public Is hereby notified, thai
any person or persons putting any
dead animals, carcass or part thereof
Into tho Neosho river or any of Its
tributaries uboo the dam of tho Iola
City water works or knowingly per
mitting any such dead animal, carcass
or part thereof to remain in said liver
or tributary so that tho water in the
reservoir above said dam is or may
bo pointed thereby, will be prosecuted
upon tho discovery of tho ollcnse In
tho state courts. Upon conviction tho
lino for each olTenso Is llxcd by tho
statute at from $1 to $25, and each 21
hours thu condition is allowed to re
main constitutes a separate ollen-e.
I am determined to enforce this law
against all offenders. July 24, 1001.
W. S. Am.iso.V,
Superintendent of Water-works and
Klectrli! Light plant.
Hilly MeClure (Joes to (.'as.
The title of this llttlo ditty is mis
leading. It does not mean that tho
well known youugmnnhas been trans
formed Into a gaseous stato but that
ho will tomorrow go to Gas City. 12..
K. Taylor duke of Uas, finds his
hands more than full of business, n.s
ho Is mixed up with houses, stores.
town lots, gas lands and a gas plant,.
So ho bus engaged Mr. McCluro to
take charge of the gas plant and Keep
tho books, eolleet tho rentals and look,
after tho plant. Mr. McCluro iscapa
blo of doing the work right as ho was
for years gas. Inspector heroand work
ed with the- plumbers. Ho expects to
live at Gas City and about next elec
tion tlmo it would not bo surprising to
find him mayor.
.May Iuxiko the Law.
Thero is talk that possibly tho pro
posed removal of a part of tho olllces
of tho Iola Portland Comcnt plant
from this city to St. Louis may not bo
carried out owing to u provision lot
tho Kansas law which somo claim will
havo bearing on tho caso, Tho Iujv
provides that corporations operntlng
under a Stato charter must maintain
gcnoral olllces within tho State, and
this law was tested somo years ago
when tho M. K. it T. railway tried to
movo Its olllces from Parsons to Seda
Ha, Mo, Thoy were compolled to stay
or lose their charter. If tho ceraont
company has In view the removal of
what could propwly bo termed tholr
head olllces this law may Interfere.
Cement Employe's Arm llrokcu.
Whllo working among tho machinery
at tho cement plant Sunday, Kdward
Knight, an employe, was caught In
the machlnory and his right arm
broken. Knight's dutlos tnko him In
tho machinery room most of tho tlmo
and so ho was on his guard, but in
somo manner his arm got caught In a
sprocket whool, botwoen the chain and
tho sprockots and tho llesh was badly
torn and tho bonos broken In ono
revolution of tho powerful wheol. Dr.
Cox, company doctor, attended him
and It is hoped the arm will again bo
all right soon.
will bo received for a remedy that Is
equal' to Dr. Caldwoll's Syrup Pepsin.
For particulars ask Chas. II. Spencer
Iola, and Klnno & Son Moran,
Trade With.
Drug Sundries,
Patent Medicines,
Paints and Brushos,
Oils and Varnishes,
Window Glass,
Typo Writer supplies,
Wall Paper,
Art Materials,
Iilank Hooks,
School Hooks,
Sporting Goods.
South Side Square, Iola, Kansas.
II' Dreams ('nine True.
Any time a day passes without the
Ft. Scott paH.'rs haviiigdreams about
Iola It is IwciiiHO tho reporters didn't
sleep soundly enough to dream. That
sleepy old burg Is as anxious to mate
with lusty young Iola as a decrepit
old snort with somo buxom young lass.
Now had you ever lieurd anything
about this from the Ft. Scott Monitor:
It Is learned from a souroo that Is
supposed to be reliable that the man
Crouch who Is building the electric
street railway lino from Iola to La
Harpo Is contemplating connecting
with this- city at some future date and
making it an Inter-urban Hue. This
information was obtained from a Foit
Scott man who was in Iola a few days
ago on business with Mr. Crouch.
Tho movement is being talked of In
Iola, but as yet tho schemo has not
reached an advanced stage.
Mr. Crouch has plenty of monoy at
his beck and call. Ho is putting in a
street railway at Iola and Is to be In
operation soon. It is being financier
ed by some eastern capitalist who It Is
understood has formed a syndicate.
Tho line is now being extended to La
Harpe and tho work will bo completed
In a short time.
It Is believed that an Inter-urban
lino of the kind contemplated will be a
paying Investment. Travel between
Fort Scott and Iola is frequent. The
lino could take In all tho little gas and
smolter towns between Iola and La
Harpo, as Is now tho Intention, und In
the event that the promoters decide to
build to this city it could go througn
Moran, Hronsou and Uniontown and
all other intermediate points.
At present thero is but one train
each way botwecn hero and tho gas
city and iutor-urban lino would bo a
most doslrablo property. It would
mako it convenient for tho wholesale
dealers In Fort Scott who carry on a
largo volurao of business with tho Iola
and Lallarpe merchants.
A couplo of years ago there was
somo talk about connecting tle street
railway lino of Fort Scott and Nev
ada, Mr. Quigley of tho Nevada Hall
way system was enthusiastic over this
proposition but it nover terminated in
anything definite. It if twenty miles
to Nevada and thlrty-llvo to Iola and
It would not bo ut all impractical to
connect all theso cltios with an inter
urban lino of railway.
lulu Men in n Train Wreck.
II. II. Brown and DutV Paulstiing,
whllo returning from tho Kiowa open
ing, participated in tho wrock on tho
Santa Fo, but for some reason have
been slow about tolling of It. Thoy
mlssod tho passenger at Wlnllold and
took a freight for Chanuto. Thoy
went to slcop In the caboose, but woke
up whon tho train was speodlng down
from tho Hint hills and learned that
tho foro part of tho freight had broken
loose und run ahead to mako a switch
whllo thoy woro sliding rapidly down
hill In spite of sot brakes. Whllo dis
cussing tho matter a following freight
camo down grade full tilt. Paulstiing
told Brown to jump aud did so him
self. Brown took tlmo to get his
punts, coat an shoos and wont straight
Up-to-Date Goods in All Lines,
Whero quality Is of greatest
Importance, wo buy tho best.
Whero demund will justify, we
carry all grades and prices.
Whero price Is tho main consld
earatlou, wo will meet or discount any
dealer In this part of tho state.
Corner Drag Stare.
Dr. Nellie Tanner,
Permanently Located
421 S. Walnut St.
Iola, Kansas.
out of the side door. Fifteen seconds
later, he estimates, tho engine hit tho
caboose anil throw It over his head.
Fight cars were mashed and seeral
trainmen hurt but not 11 person killed.
When Brown rolled over all he could
see was a cloud of steam and when he
emerged from It ho found Puulstrlug
unhurt savo for a slight burn from tho
steam. Trainmen and passengers
held a jubilee over their cscapo aud
all dined together.
New IlDciri- Locates Here.
The IlKGI.STKll Saturday had the
pleasure of making the acquaintance
of Dr. II. K. Cross, who has bought
tho W. F. Crelcbton property at 224
south Cottonwood and will make Iola
his home. He has secured an olllce
over tho Famous. Uuferring to his
doparture from his old home at St.
Ansgar, Iowa, tho Enterprise of that
place says:
"Dr. Cross is getting his goods
ready to depart for south-eastern
Kansas where thero aro somo fin
openings for a physician and whero
the winter does not last six months.
We have transacted business with the
doctor ever since ho has been here
aud in all his dealings with us wo
havo found him to be a perfect gentle
man. Bosldes tho Doctor's profes
sional attainments he Is a man of cul
ture and Mrs. Cross's elocutionary
and musical attainments mako a valu
able addition to tho social llfci of any
city. "Wo wish them joy in their new
Cider Galore: No 'Lasses.
A IltXHSTKU roporter inquired of
Mr. It. H. Claiborne about tho pros
pects for his elder, vinegar, sorghum
and feed busluess for this fall. Ho
says thero will practically be no cauo
and consequently little sorghum mo
lasses. Thero will be a lot of apples,
good for nothing but making Into
cider. Hence ho will have plenty of
Huo elder vluegur. Ho says tliero is a.
good deal of old corn In the county
but farmers are holdlug It. What ho
grinds he ships In from Kansas City
and keops a supplon hand. He Is
grinding some mixed with wheat and
says it makes a good feed.
Cures Hlood Poison. TREATMENT
Blood poison is tho worst disease
on earth vet tho easiest to euro when
B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm) Is
used. Many have pimples, spots
on tho skin, bono pains, rheumatism,
catarrh, eating, bleeding, festering
sores, scrofula, scabs and scales, can
cer, and don't know It is blood
poison. Get Botanio Blood Balm
(B. B. B.)$l. A few Bottles guar
ranteed to euro tho worst cases. Sold
at drug stores. Treatment o' B. B. B.
sent freo und prepaid by w rlting to
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta Ga. De
scribe trouble and free medical advlco
given until cured. B. B. B. thorough
ly tested for 110 years. Cures when
all olso falls. B. B. B, makes the
blood pure and rich heals cvory sore,
aud stops all nehes and pains, B, B,
B. improves tho digestion.
Stops the Cough"
nnd Works oil' the Cold.
Laxatlvo Bromo-Qulnlno Tablets euro
a cold In ono day, No Cure, No Pay
Prico 25 cents.
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