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VOL. XXXV. No 52
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L. flL. ML. JmL..,.&
Foil President of tbo United States
in 1008, SothLow.
Pool' liail is a mighty good game,
if you escape with your llfo.
What a joko Is would havo been on
tho Turkish brigands if it had happen
ed to bo Mrs. Nation instead of Miss
Col. Ed. Little maintains his re
putation for good senso by firmly de
clining to be tho Fusion candidate for
Congress in the Fifth district.
BARNEY Slir.UIDAN'S now paper is
as protty as u plcturo, and ithasmoro
advertising in it than oyer boforc,
which is better than bolng pretty.
Instead of rubbing out tho defeat
of last year the Nebraska voters seem
to havo rubbed it in. Tho majority
against Mr. Bryan Is twice as great
as it was.
Up at Lawrenco, where all kinds of
dead and living languages are run
ning in rlvulots down Mount Oread,
thoy call tho restaurant-on-wheels an
Senator Cai. Mouhow, of Wash
ington county, is tho last guber
natorial entry. Ho is entered by tho
Topeka oortHtpondents and classed
The oldest son of King Edward,
who until now has been entitled tho
Duko of Cornwall and York, was on
Scturday last made I'rinco of Wales
and Karl of Chester.
The Kansas Day club will holier
for Hantia all right when ho makos a
.speech at tho next banquet; but Kan
sas will vote for Roosevelt in tho 1004
convention just tho samo.
BY moans of disfranchising some
twenty or thirty thousand votes Arth
ur Pue Gorman managed in pull
through In Maryland by soino thirty
thousand majority. Thus wo see that
virtue is its own reward.
Havi: you noticed, dear populist
brother, that In all tho election re
turns with which tho papers havo hcon
filled thoso past few days only two
parties aro named, and ono of them
is not tho Populist party?
Tom Mouoan', who sold tho Demo
cratic Messenger at Eurcku lately,
will go to Arkansns City and start a
Democratic paper, instead of loavlng
tho Stato us originally announced.
Tho Democracy of Kansas is to bo
Unole Paul Kuuoek is willing to
arbitrate tho Boor caso but states very
frankly that if tho decision should br
against them thoy would rosumo fight
ing. There is probably no word for
arbitrate in tho Dutch language and
tho old man is not up very woll on
It will cost tho government $150,000
to hold tho court martial boforo which
Commundor Tllley is to be tried on the
chargo of drunkenness. If ho is found
guilty and tho costs aro taxed up
agutast him, it will keep him reason
ably busy tho remainder of his llfo to
The Lawrenco papers aro never at a
loss for time copy. They are still
running pieces with tho sub-head
"road boforo tho meeting of tho
society of Mors hold on Octobor 20,
, who was ono of tho
principal participants in tho ovents
which ho describes. "
The candidacy of Senator H. B.
Miller, of Osage county for Governor
Is officially announced. Senator
Miller is a comparatively now man to
Stato politics, but has long been
known us a strong man in tho Fourth
district. Ho is a wealthy farmar and
IUciiauij CiiOKKn's comment on tho
result iu Now York was surprisingly
candid. Ho said the people wanted a
chango. And ho further conserved
his reputation for truth and voracity
by refraining from Haying that It was
because thoy woro tired of hoarlng
Crokcr called Tho Just.
Germany has been popularly sup
posed to bo tho lurgosl consumer of
bsor por capita of all nations, but re
cent statistics show that tho pur capita
consumption is greater in both Eng
land and Franco. Tho United States
drinks loss than half as much bocr as
nlthor of the throe nations mentioned,
which Is perhaps ono reason why
England and her continental noigh
born aro just now so much exorclsod
about tho "American invasion" of
tholr markets.
What an empty and hollow sound
thoro Is In tho boom Hint Is started
now and then for somu man's can
didacy on tho Populist or Democratic
ticket in Kansas!
Will White Is making so much
money out of Stratagems and Spoils
that ho Is buying fancy cows in re
mote parts of tho Stato and having
tlicm sent to him by express.
Some pcoplo up ut Topeka aro bo
mad tit Sheriff Cook becauso ho did
not let tho convicts kill him that thoy
aro asking him to resign. In other
words somebody wants his job.
AT tho rato at which William Allen
White is mixing up iu Fourth district
politics it seems likely ttiat his noxt
Volume of Stratagems and Spoilsmay
bo written from the standpoint of ux
pnrienco nnd not of observation
The Register congratulates ,1.
Frank Smith, of tho Pleasanton
Observer, upon his election as county
printer. Smith had an Idea it would
work out this way when ho urged tho
passago of tho law; and thus wisdom
is justified of her children, and aho
vlrtuo is its own reward.
Sheriff Cooic, who was captured
by tho convicts and hold as n shield
until tho criminals got away, only did
what any man of sf nso would havo
done; it was only his Jonah luck that
mado him the victim of an episode
over which tho wholo Stato is on a.
broad grin.
The most rocont agitation in Gor
many is a demand for tho ropcal of
all laws restricting trusts and monop
olies in that country. Thoso who ad
vocate sucli action claim that lit is
necossary in order to make, it possiblo
for German manufacturers to meet
American competition.
Nearly every -ay tho public Is
learning something now about Presi
dent Roosevelt that It likes. The
latest In this lino is tho nows that lie
considers it barborous to dock the
tails of horses and will absolute
not consider tho purchase of a bob
tailed team for his carriage.
It is in tho nature of things that a
tariff suhedulo should bo often revised,
for conditions chango in commorco u
woll as in otlter linos of human actlv
ity But tho important thing is that
tno tariff should bo rovlsed by Its
friends and not by its enemies, and
that is what will happen If any change
Is mado by tho present Congress.
Wichita Star: Tho""difforoi:ce bo
tweon a Democratic administration
and a Republican administration is
'hat tho lattor buys In tho bonds that
tho former soils. Democracy was
troubled whero to get gold, and Re
publicanism is troubled in finding
what to do with it. Secretary Gago is
compoilcd to buy bonds, or else build
somo raoro treasury vaults.
Christmas boxes Intended for
soldiers in tho Philippines should be
consigned to Major 0. l Long, San
Francisco, with tho natno of tho officer
or soldier for whom intondod and tho
company and regimentplalnly marked
on tho box, and a notation "Christ
mas box." The box shall not weigh
moro than twenty-five pounds nnd tho
charges to San Francisco must bo pro-
imi -..:
Leavenworth Tinges. Tho man, tho
business which prospers today is that
which Is conducted along tho broad
lines of honesty nnd sobriety, con
servatism and truth. The man who is
a liar, a knuvo, a poltroon or a thlof,
or whosa character stands as a re
proach to tho decent pcoplo can no
longer bo successful in any business
or undertaking, particularly In tho
publication of tin In decent newspaper.
The doath of LI HungChang roealls
his remark that "Gen. Grunt and I
suprossed tho two greatest rebellions
in history." Tho Chinese rebellion to
which Li referred was started' by a
farmer becauso ho failed to gct.a gov
ernment job, and twonty million lives
were suorlllced boforo it was ovor.
Tho robolliou which Gon. Grant sup
pressed cost fewer than half a million
lives but wo thought at tho tlmo it wns
a good doal of a scrap.
Barney Sheridan (Doraoerat): And
now tho Lily White Republicans of
Louisiana aro raising tho dovll be
causo President Roosevolt ate somo
sweet tutors an' possum with Booker
T. Washington at tho kltchon tablo in
the White Houso. It's a small thine;
to ralso such a fuss about and It won't
do tho Lily Whites any good in tho
long run. Bookor is tho follow who
has tho kick coming becauso Toddy
didn't havo William Allen White and
tho rest of tho cabinet at tho 'posBum
Pnoi E. D. Adams, ono of tho most
efficient and popular mombors of tho
Stato University faculty, has accepted
a call to Loland Stanford, whero ho
will havo much loss routine work and
a considerably largor salary. It is
too bad that Kansas cannot pay her
teachers what tliny are worth.
Ex-Senator Edwin Taylor, Popu
list, Is quoted as saying that tho
smart thing for Populists to do now Is
to sit around and wait awhllo. Con
sidering tho fact that tho pcoplo havo
already told tho Populist party to Go
Way Back and Sit Down, the Sena
tor's advice seems rathor superfluous.
Most of tho troubles botwecn men
arotho product of misunderstanding.
When you think a man has wronged
you if you go to him In a good humor
and talk tho thing ovor tho chances
aro nine to ono that you can straight
en it all out without a quarrol. Most
men aro fair nud will meet a fair pro
position fully half way.
The latest thing to bring gray hairs
to tho handsomo hoad of Arthur Cap
per was tho launching In tho Topoka
Capital last Sunday of a boom for
Congress for a man who has been
dead four yoars. That is worse than
crediting a Chanuto gas well with a
daily flow of nino mllllonloublc feet of
TnE pooplo who aro sending Col.
Joo Richards to tho poor house by tho
newspapor route, on nccount of a ro
port that ho now owns a controlling
Interest in tho Fort Scott Monitor,
probably do not know that it runH in
tho Richards blood to muko a barrel
of money out of tho nowspapor busi
ness. Major William Richards mado
thu Indianapolis Nows worth half a
million dollars. Maybo Col. Joo will
Jo tho samo with tho Monitor.
WITH tho city of Now York, which
Is usually good for 10,000 Democratic
majority giving tho Republican candi
date for mayor a majority ofylO.OOO,
and Ohio increasing tho mojorlty it
gave McKlnley by 20,000 and Massa
chusetts rolling up hor usual 70,000
and Iowa breaking all hor records by
doing 90,000 Republican and Nebraska
turning Mr. Bryan down harder than
over, and so on nil round tho olrclo, It
would hardly appoar oil hand as if
Democratio skios woro brightening to
any appreciable extent.
The manner Is which Admiral Dow
ey has conducted himself during the
Scliloy court of inquiry lias gone far
to restoro liini to tho pedestal from
.hlch ho stepped down whon ho allow
ed hiiusolf to bo considered a candi
date for President Inst year. As
president of tho court ho has been tho
embodiment of falrnoss, firmness and
impartiality, and tho Nation lias boon
permitted again to seo tho splendid
(Iguro upon which its oyes woro cen
tered for so long in Manila Bay.
A little whilo ago Mrs. Roosovolt
was quoted as saying that any woman
could dress well enough for any sta
tion in life for $300 a yoar, and now
they say sho has a heavier mail thau
thu President, soveral million of her
countrywomen demanding by letter to
bo shown. Tho subsequent roport
that tho President's wife would spond
a thousand dollars for tho gowns sho
expects to wear this winter was prob
ably sent out as a counter irritant.
Another chapter in Emporia'stown
row was begun last week whon William
Mnrtindale brought suit ugalnst cx
Sonator Battoy, Calvin Hood and I.
E. Lambort, charging them with con
spiracy to soli thoMartindaleproporty
for much loss than It was worth and
demanding damages to tho amount of
$100,500. If half tho things which
havo beon whispered about for thopast
year touching this matter aro brought
to tho light of public record, tho chap
ter will bo tho most distressing ono
yet written.
The following Interesting facts aro
taken from tho Kansas City Star
largest cemetery in tho world is th
CImotior Poro Lachalso, in ParlB
Tho city of Paris and suburbs has
about 4 million inhabitants and Poro
Lachalso contains moro graves than
thocity possess Inhabitants. It lies
within tho city walls and contolns
three divisions, ono for Protestants,
ono for Catholics and a third for Ilo
brows. Tho last struggle of tho Paris
Commune occurrod thero and tho last
of tho Communists woro placodugains
a wall near tho crematory and shot to
death by tho Vorsalllos Infantry. A
railroad tunnel paBsos under tho como
tory and escapes the graves by a dis
tance of a fow yards only. Tho tomb
of Sarah Bernhardt is in tills comotery
nnd coutalns tho doatli inscription of
tho famous actress, only tho date bo
lng left blank. Bernhardt comes each
j enr and pi aces a wronth upon hor tomb,
France's bluff worked. Tho Sul
tan of Turkey sent his check when tho
war ships oamo In sight. When Uncle
Sum forced tho Sublimo Porto to pay
up a prece lent was sot which will cost
tho Sick Man a lot of money.
Justices of tho peaco ate a much
abused class of men, but In tho main
they mako up In hard souse what ttioy
may lack in knowlodgo of tho law.
ihorolsthat Labette couuty justico,
for example, before whom a widower
was arraigned, charged with kissing
Ills houso-kcepor who is a widow. Tho
Justico promptly decided, after seolng
the woman in tho oasojand hearing all
thou 'Motive, that inasmuch as tho
kissing had beon dono with tho know
ledge and consent of tho klsseo, no
crime had beon committed. "These
pcoplo havo a right undor tho consti
tution to kiss ono another," said this
Danlol, "and if tho publlcdoesn't liko
It tho public can movo on." What
conclusion could be morosonsiblothan
From Topeka reports it appears
that tho tax commission has prepared
another tax law, tho purpose of which
is to roduca tho presout limit of taxa
tion. Suohablllls certainly a wise
and nocossary measure, if tho pro
posed now tax law is to bo placed on
statuto books. Tho now law is a drag
not which will leave no proporty un
taxed, and that is right. But with
ovory scrap of property assessed at its
actual cash value, tho tax-payer might
bo driven Into bankruptcy unless
somo limit wus placed upon tho rate
of taxation. With property listed at
its fall valuo and tho rato of taxation
limltad by law, say to two per cent,
Kansas will make a good deal bettor
showing, and offer a much moro at
tractive Hold for invostraonts than it
does now.
There has been a groat doal of talk
about poaco iu South Africa, but the
llrst doflnlto proposition camo only
yesterday when it was announced that
ttio Boers woro willing to lay down
tholr arms on condition that England
should withdraw her troops, guaran
tee the nutonomy of tho two republics,
roloaso tho prlsouors and pay for tho
burned farms. In consideration fr
this, tho Boers aro willing to cede to
England a certain gold district, it is
not llkoly that England will accept the
terms for John Bull Is mighty proud
and stiff-necked when ha onco sets his
heart on anything. But it is by no
moans certain that aftor threo yoars
moro of lighting any better terms will
bo obtatnod. It is certalnlyelear that
from a monoy point of vlow England
woulr bo tho winnor by accopting.tho
Not satisfied with disfranchising
thirty thousand negro voters at ono
stroko and thus preventing that many
Republican ballots from gotting into
tho boxes at all, it appears that tho
Democrats of Maryland havo thrown
out soveral thousand Republican votes
that did got into tho ballot boxes.
Tho Maryland law, following tho usual
Australian ballot laws, providos that
any ballot which bIiows any other
mark than thoso used to Indicate tho
voter's choico of candidates, shall bo
discarded. It is alleged that in somo
of tho counttos sovonty-flvo por cont of
iho Ropublloan votes wore thrown
out becauso of tho violation of this
provision, and tho inferenco naturally
Is that thoy woro marked boforo being
given to tho voter and for tho purpose
of providing un excuso for casting out
tho vote. Mr. Gorman will doubtless
bo agaiu tho Senator from Maryland,
but ho has won tho prize at what to an
honest man would bo doomed a hoavj
.' r-.iu a1 4 ; ! : mV ?"&$ 7s J&$
hi. JS 'i18 11,1" Bn nree28L ,?r-,mYlI Overmycr. tollteU or ub tho Deiuocrutle nominee for
hit tusnttuer, Iturvcy, can curb his Tendency to biciU through the fenoe,
Emporia Gazette: How kind tills
season Isl After the hard wltlioring
summer that shriveled the follago of
tho grnss and trees and cracked tho
earth and destroyed so many growing
things now comes tho mild nnd heal
ing autumn, a pcnltenco of nature for
her iwaywardiiess. Tho leaves that
tho hot winds scorched hang on far
past their wonted tlmo and tho grnss
which lay brown and dry and almost
ashen, today Is green and fresh and
beautiful; and tho -cattle feeding all
day on tho open range, roll languidly
to tho corral at twilight, and when
thoy havo filled tholr paunehos with
water, llo down and moan nnd gronn
in animal contentment through tho
night as though thoy wero on tho now
grass of May. Thoy will go on pas
ture thus till Christmas. Tho Holds
of corn crisped in tho August sun aro
now green ryo fields, and tho fodder
that was;iost;in the summor, tho fall
has restored. Tho herds aro a llttlo
thlnnorthan they were, andj tho bal
nnco of tho farmers' books is kept on
tho good sido; a llttlo loss to feed and
a little less fodder. Everywhere ono
seostblB ovonlng up process of nature
this tempering tho wind to tho sliorn
Tho great stream of ; tendency, the
schomo of things hero, call it "hat
you will fate, destiny, provldenco or
God 1b good. Viewed largely and
from beyond tho shadow of tho passing
hour got away to seo things big and In
perspective, and tho trend of all mo
tion and forco seems good. Nature
bloody with, tooth and claw, as somo
poot has callod her, is at heart and
in tho soul of her Infinitely kind.
Llfo, even tho raoanost llfo, Is a great
oxporlenco; how much better it Is than
not to havo known: and tho saddest
death is so immeasurably better than
endless mortal consciousness nnd
mortal llfo ! "Ho glvolh his bolovcd
Nature is kind. God is love.
Tho Register Is In receipt of a loi
ter from an Allen county boy Bcrvlng
in a regular regiment in tho Philip
pines In which tho statement is mado
that thero aro moro than 800 dis
charged regulars in tho city of Manila
who aro unable to got homo. Tho
letter states that tho army officials
there tell tho soldiers that If tho Gov
ernment takos them homo any tlmo
within a year from tho date of their
dischargo It is complying with its con
tract with thorn aud so transport after
transport Is sent out without a man
on board, and tho soldiers either havo
to pay their own passaco homo on a
mail steamer, at an oxpenso which
leaves nothing out of tholr savings
during tho threo years of tholr enlist
ment, or stay nt Manila whero thov
can find nothing to do and whoro thoy
must necessarily bo at a greater or
less oxpenso. Tho lottor expresses tho
opinion that tho prnctlco seems to bo
a deliberate attempt to forco tho men
to re-cnllst. Tho Register is very
reluctant to crlticlso tho manaccmont
of tho army, but it has every confi
dence In Its correspondent, and feels
certain that thoro must bo uood
ground for tho statements, moro espec
ially aB thoy aro mado by a man who
expects to spend his life In tho army
and will thoreforo novor havo any per
sonal complaint to mako. Whethor
legally bound to do so or not, tho gov
ernment is certainly under moral obli
gation to;roturn discharged soldiers to
tholr homos at tho oarliost reasonable
moment, or allow them travol pay by
which thoy may defray their own ox
ponses, und we uro sure that whon tho
matter is brought to tno attention of
President Roosovolt tho present prac
tice will bo very promptly modified.
Tho outcry against tho new ballot,
law becauso a considerable pcrcentagv
of tho voters failed In tho recent elec
tion to mark their ballots properly,
Is not woll founded. Owln?to thn fuel.
that tho election was of so llttlo im
portance but llttlo interest was taken
in it and no uffort was mado bv thn
nowspapcrsornnybodyolseto Instruct
tho voters. Tho voters wont Into tho
booths, many of them, without any
warning that tho manner of voting
had been changed from that to which
thoy wero uccustomed, nnd It is not
surprising that a largo numbor of miH
takes should havo been made. But
noxt yoar, when thoro is a full Statu
ticket In tho field, thoro v ill bo no
trouble. Tho now method is really
tho simplest and easiest wo havo ovor
had since tho Australian law camo
into vogue, and a vorv llttlo instrun-
tlonlwlll mako every voter master of
it. l lie new law is all right.
III a firrht nt. IjintTnnWMl,
killed a Uoir. The dog only succeeded
in wiping live of tho cuts nlnolivesout
ot it.
A young married couple wont from
Eureka to Knnsns nitv mill, ii,( i
on their trunk: "Don't laugh. We
JUDb UWU1UU b IlOip 11,"
In thoSO dAVH nt unnntnllvnlts... f.-lr.
cheorlntr to learn Dint, un v.,... ..,111
contribute to tho Ottawa Republican
aucuiui in liuius un me unuing or mus
slu nearls.
Ahnut tlftv nt llin mnot .....,. ti
ters about Lawrenco mado a blground
up after thoso big timber wolves that
recently appeared west of town. Thnv
got ono scraggy coyote.
A Vflllnrr rnlllllil ilrnrn 11,. 1.. n. r
a In. Scott minister's houso and nt
Minlr rpnilPAt. Hnrn nmnltwl 1... 1.1
Thoy remained in tho buggy and pass-
uiiiujr muwu hi, ma ceremony with in
Tho IIutcliinNnn Nnwa cinnin,i ..
"AlIlOilL' thn Ijllllirpa" nrilim,, C.t..-
day of last week and tho imxt Satur
dnv it had to Usnn n ftmi. .,.... 1..
-. .... ruKv au I lie-
men in order to make brief mention
01 un 01 lliem.
An Independence man has a s.linmi.
for retaining control of tho prico of
wheat by farmers by curtailing the
acreage. If ho can curtail tho drouth
and tho chinch bims and the Hossian
fly tho schomo will work.
Now it dRvelrins Hint. l.nU 11,.. .,.,!.
In tno Kansas (It.v mmcut.... ...!..
guessod on the total vote cast in Ohio
and tho othor half on tho total vote
lor govornor. 100,000 peoplo will be
sure this accounts for thoir not win
ning first prizo.
Tlio nnrllncrtn.. T ., .1 .,.. .1 . i.i.
..... ...... ....,u iiJUUjJCUUUUb KICKS
fn thn irni'iirnmnnt an n.w.-.l...- .1... r
dians in idleness. But, doar brother,
tho Indians had such a peculiar idoa
of supporting themselves. About tho
nnlv thlnir lhn ... . ...
uui; vmiK vuojr uvcr (jruw jouu OI
tviftllnrv una onnlna
1fiO CiC( nnnnla Innnntn.. T t
honn illiinnmmirin1 1r !.. .. -ro
chango of tlmo card which wus made
to Bulttbe neods of a few digger In
dians and prarle dog shippers in Ari-
rtnn Tlm wnua nt .v..
,, T "7" wl lu uvurage
railroad are like, thnsn nf pmi.
Tho town of Highland isquarantined
for8mallpox and an exhangodeclarod
that no trains stop thoro now. High
land is six miles off a railroad and
tho Vldotto declares no trains stop
there, for if ono ovor did wander ovor
thero it would bo lurlatted out by the
Tho State Agricultural college has
decided that what the world needs to
improve it is moro poanuts. In nutri
tive units por pound tho poanut ranks
142i, whilo potatoes aro 182, bacon
1251, boof 530, milk 145. And tho dis
covcro say Kansas cangrowbllllons
of thorn. The man evidently thinks
that tho millonlum moans ono contin
uous circus.
OoTernor. will bo drien UU'lho race Is run, If
"tS.3TO"1' .?'S1 "
- '"ijiUwiiiiiiii m ' ' ; I

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