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Uisloricnl BoototY
Iola, Allen County, Kansas, Friday, February, 14 1902.
vol. xxxvi No. 13
cvVNyv'vr"-j '
Editorial Correspondence
Washington, Fob. 8. As most of
tho readers of tlio Rixiistku know, tho
writer of these letters spptit lust week
in Kansas u ilay hi Iola, which Is tho
best town in Its class on eaitb;two
duj in Topekn, mixing with about a
thouhi.nl Uopubllouns from all parts
of tho t M , all of tlicin conflilont of a
swooping I -tory tho next campaign;
and another day at Lawrence.
I had not realized whon I left tho
capital that business was particularly
rushing, but when I returned after this
week of absonco, I found my desk so
loaded down with things awaiting and
demanding iintncdluto attention, that
it has taken tho cntlro week to dig out
from under tho accumulation. Hence
tho interruption In theso lettors, which
I am forced to admit, recurring to tho
suggestion of tho Kansas City Jour
nal's Topics man, uro not written In
my sleep.
In tho IIouso this week tho principal
subject of discussion 1ms boc n tho oleo
margarine bill, and tho debato upon
It lias been extended and enthusiastic,
on account of tho very wido differences
existing among tho members as tp tho
host legislation on tho subject. This
agitation was started several years
ago, whon General Grout, of Ver
mont, Introduced a bill, providing
vory brJolly thatoleomar'jarlnmado in
semblance of butter should bo taxed
ten conts per pound, whllo oleomar
garine not in imitation of butter was
to bear a tax of one-fourth of a cent a
pound. Tho bill passed tho IIouso in
that form during tho last session of
tho Fifty-sixth Congress, but failed of
passago in tho Senate. When this
Congress convened, tho first bill in
troduced was an oxact copy of tho
Grout bill. Half dozen other measures
along tho samo lino woro Introduced,
varying butsllghtly from this original.
All theso bills wero referred to the
Agricultural Committee, and tho dif
ferent Interests Involved woro granted
an extended hearing. . After consider
ing tho matter very fully, the ma
jority of tho committee decided to re
port what is known as tho Henry bill,
and which is as follows:
Ho It enacted by tlie Scnnlo and House
of Representatives of tlio United htatcsot
America In congress assembled. That ull
Imitation butter, or Imitation oliccso, or
any substance In the scmblnnco of butter
or checio not tho usual product of tlio
dairy and not made exclusively of pure and
unadulterated milk or cream, transported
Into any Stuto or Territory or the IMstilut
of Columbia, and icinalulng therein for
use, consumption, sale, or storage therein,
shall, upon tho an ival within tho limits of
hucIi Statu or Territoiy or tho District of
Columbia, bo Mibjoct 10 tho operation and
effect of the laws of mich Stuto orTcrrl
tory or tlio District of Columbia, enacted
In tho exercise of Its police powers, to the
hurae extent and in tho iunio manner us
thouifb such urtlclesor subtnnees. had been
produced In such State or Tenltory or
the District of Columbia, nnd shall not ba
exempt therefrom by reason of being intio
duccd therein in original packages or
otherwise: Provided, That nothing In this
act shall bo construoJ to permit any Statu
to forbid tlio manufacture or salo of oleo
margarine in u separate and distinct form
and in such manner ub will advise the con
sumer of Its real character free from col
oiatlon or Ingrcclont thnt eauseslt to look
like butter
Soc. 1. That tho llrst clause of section
threo of an act entitled "An act dellnlng
butter, also Imposing a tax upon and regu
lating tho manufacture, sale, Importation,
nnd exportation of oleomargarine, "bo
umended by adding thereto, after tho word
"oleomargarine." at the end of said clause,
the following words:
"And any person that sells, vends, or
furnishes oleomargarine for tho use and
consumption of others, except to his own
family and guests thereof, without com
pensation, who shall add to or mix with
such oleomargarine any ingredient or col
oration that causes It to look llko butter,
Mhall also be held to bo n manufacturer of
oleomargarine within tho meaning of said
act nnd subject to tho provisions thereof."
Sec. 3. That on and after July llrst,
nineteen hundred and two, tho tax upon
oleomargarine, an prescribed In section
eight of tho act approved August second,
eighteen hundred and eighty-six, and en
titled "An act dellnlng butter, also Impos
ing a tax upon and regulutlug tho manu
facture, sale, impoitatton, and exportation
of oleomargarine," shall bo one-fourth of
one cent per pound whon tho same Is not
Timdo In Imitation of button but when
made In Imitation of butter, tho taxtobu
paid by tlio mnnafaeturorshallbo ten cents
per pound, to be lovlrd and collected In
uccordunco with the provisions of suld act.
Bco, I. That wholesale dealers In oleo
margarlno shall keep such books mid len
der such roturnsln lolatlon theioto us tho
coiumlssiorer of Internal How nuo, with
tho approval of tho Secretary of tlio
Treasury, may, by regulation, iciiulro. and
such hooks shall bo open at ull times to tho
Inspection of any Intornul-iovenuo olllcor
oriigont. And any person who willfully
vlolatosany of tho piovislonsof this sec- '
tlon shall for oioh such offense bo lined not
less than fifty dollars u ml not exceeding
live hundred dollars, und Imprisoned not
loss than thirty days nor irioro tli.int.lx
Tho minority could not approve of
this measure, a a reported as a sub
stitute for It what is known as tho
Wadsworth bill, and which Is as fol
lows: Bo it enacted by the Sonuto and
IIouso of Roprosontutlvesof tho United
States of Amoricu In Congress us
pcinblcd, That sections three and six
or an act entitled "An act dellnlng
butter, also imposing a tax upon and
roguluting tho manufacture, sale, im
portation, and exportation of oleo
margarine, "approted August second,
eighteen hundred and olglity-slx, bo
amended so as to read as follows:
Sec, .'1. That special tax on tho
manufaeturo and salo of oleomargar
ine shall bo Imposed as follows:
"Manufacturers of oleomargarine
shall pay six hundred dollars per
annum. Every parson who manufac
tures olcomargarlno for salo shall bo
deemed a manufacturer thereof.
"Wholesalo dealers In oleomar
garine shall pay four hundred and
olghly dollars per annum, livery per
son who soils or oilers for salo olco
murgarlno in quantities greater than
ten pounds at a timo sliull bo deemed
a wholesale dealer therein; but a
manufacturer of olcomargarlno who
has given tho required bond anil paid
tho required special tux. and who soils
lolcomurgarlno of his own production
only attno piacoor its manufacture in
tho original packages, to which tlio
tax paid stumps uto ulllxcd, shall not
bo required to pay the special tax of
wholosulo dealer on account of such
"Hotail dealers in oleomargarine
shall pay forty-oight dollars per an
num. Kvery person who sells or olTers
for salo oleomurgurino in quantities
not greater than ten pounds lit a timo
shall bo regarded us a rotall dealer
theroln. And sections thirty-two hun
dred and thirty-two, thirty-two hun
dred and thirty-three, thirty-two hun
dred and thirty-four, thirty-two hun
drod and thirty-live, thirty-two hundred
und thirty-six. thirty-two hundred and
thlrty-soven, thirty-two hnndred and
thlrty-olght, thirty-two hundred and
thlrty-nlno, thirty-two hundred und
forty, thirty-two hundred and forty
ono, and thirty-two hundred and forty
three of tho Revised Statutos of tho
United States are, so far as applica
ble, mado to extend to and includo and
apply to tho special taxes imposed by
this section, and to tho persons upon
whom they ore imposed: Provided,
That In case any manufacturer of
oleomargarine commences business
subsequent to tho thirtieth day of Juno
In any year, the special tax shall bo
reckoned from tho llrst day of July
In that year, and shall bo llvo hundred
dol ars."
sec. (I. That all oleomargarine
shall bo put up by tho manufacturer
for salo in packages of ouo und two
pounds, iopucuvol, und in uo other
or larger or smaller package; and up
on every print, brick, roll, or lump of
oleomargarine, before being so put up
forsalo or removal from tho factory,
there shall bo impressed by the manu
facturer tho word "Oleomargarine" in
sunken letters, tho size of which shall
bo prescribed by regulations made by
the Commissioner of Internal Hovenuo
and approved by tho Secretary of tlio
T 0 sury; that overy such print, brick,
ru 1 or lump of oleoraurgarino shall
Hi", t bo wrapped with paper wrapper
with tho woril ''Olcomargarlno" print
ed on tho outsldo thereof In distinct
letters, und said wrappers shall also
boar tho namo of the manufacturcrand
shall then bo put up singly by tho
manufacturer thereof In such wooden
or paperpackago s or in such wrap
pers, and marked, stumped and brand
ed with tho word "Oleomargarine"
printed thereon in distinct letters, and
in such mun-nor as tho Commissioner
of Internal Rovonue, with tho approv
al of tho Secretary of tho Treasury,
shall prescribe, and tlio internal
rovenuo stump snail bo altixcd so as to
surround tho outer wrapper of each
ono and two pound package: Provided,
That any number of such original
stumped packuges may bo put up by
the manufacturer in crates or boxes,
on tho outsldo of which shall bo
marked tho word "Oloomargarlne,"
with such other marks and brands as
tho Commissioner of Internal Revenue
shall, by regulations approved by tho
Secretary of tho Treasury, prescribe.
"Retail dealers In oleomargarine
shall sell only tho original package
to which tho tax-paid stamp Is alllxed.
and shall sell only from tho original
crates or boxes In which thoy receive
tho pound or two pound prints, bricks,
rolls, or lumps; which said orates or
boxes shall bo, at all times, so placed
as to expose to tho customer tho mark
or brand ulllxcd thereon by tho re
quirements of this act.
"Every person who knowingly soils
or oilers for salo, or dollvors or oilers
to dollvor, any oloomorgarlno other
wise than as provided by thlB act, or
contrary to tho regulations of tho
Commissioner of Internal Rovenuo
niudo in pursuanco hereof, or who
pucks in any packago uny olooihar
garino In any manner contrary to law,
or who shall soil or olTor for salo, as
buttor, any olcomargarlno, colored or
uncolored, or who falsoly brands any
packago or alllxos a stamp on any
paokugo donotlng u loss amount
of tax than that required by law, shull
bo lined for' tho llrst ollenso not less
than ono hundred dollars nor moro
than llvo bund red dollars and bo im
prisoned not loss than thirty days nor
moro than six months, and for tho sec
ond and overy subsequent olTonso shall
bo lined not loss than two hundred nor
n.oro than ono thousand dollars and
bo Imprisoned not loss than sixty days
nor moro than two yours."
Neither of those bills Is tho old
Grout bill, but the Henry bill follows
that inoasuro pretty closely Tho ob
jections against tho Honry bill, which
to tho minority of tho commltteo seem
ed lnsuperablo, aro that It Is class
legislation, many of its defendants
openly declaring that tho intention of
tho Mil is to destroy tho olcomargar
lno Industry, and that It attempts to
prevent fraud In tho salo of oleomur
gurino by hampering Its manufaeturo,
rather than by safeguarding Its retail
salo. Nobody ucc'usos tho manufacturer
now of soiling oleomargarine for but
te. Somo unscrupulous retailors un
doubtedly do this, and such sales aro
fraudulent, and ought to bo prevented
or punished. Tho minority of tho
commltteo wero of tho opinion that tho
bill vblch they presented, and which
was druun by tho rovenuo olllcors of
tho government, would do this much
moro elTcotually than tho majority
bill. That view of the case seemed so
clear to mo that I folt constrained to
sign tho minority report, and in order
that thoso of my constituents who tiro
lt'tcrosted In tho matter might know
bxuotly my position on tho question,
and the reasons which inlluonced 1110
in talcing it, I mado a speech upon the
subject, a copy of which I will bo
glad to send to any who requost It I
know that vory many people In Kan
sas have boon led to boiirvo that tho
Grout bill Is the ouly measure pend
ing boforo Congress which seeks to
provent or punish tho fradulcnt salo
of oleomurgurino; and it is to correct
that opinion that 1 havo included In
this letter u copy of both measures
which uro now undor consideration.
Washington, Feb. 8. In tho Senato
this week tho Phlllpplno question has
been tho bono of contention, tho dobato
growing out of tho consideration of
tho bill to provide tarlll legislation
for tho lslauds, and many lively and
interesting tilts havo occurred. Sona
tor Lodgo and Senator Foraker havo
borne tho brunt of tho lighting for tho
bill, whllo Senator Hoar and Senator
Tillman have taken turns in protest
ing against it. Senator Hoar is not
often unhorsed in a political dobato,
but ho BUiTored a hard full tho other
dny. Senator Foraker in thecourso
of his remarks had occasion to quote
that portion of tho civil code now in
forco by order of tho Taft Commission
In tho Philippine islands rolating to
treason and Its punishment. Some of
its provisions were very strict, parti
cularly thoso Imposing penalties for
aid and comfort given to tho enemies
of tho United States, and Senator
Hoar aroso to muko violont and out
raged protest against tho barbarous
severity ot theso provisions. After ho
had thoroughly committed himself on
tho subject,' Senator Forakor quietly
sent to tho desk and hud read a sec
tion of tho Rovised Statutes of tho
United States, which corresponded
word for word with that part of tho
Philippine codo which Senator Hoar
had been so severely criticizing; and it
requlrod all of the laltor's adroltnoss
to explain how it huppens that ho has
silently submitted all his llfo hero at
homo to a law which ho denounced as
tyrranous in its severity whon applied
to his little brown brother across the
What an amusing storv that was in
tho RraiSTKit tho other day, quoted
from Barnoy Sheridan's Paola Spirit.
I moan tho story about tho riotous
and drunken debauch of tho Kansas
Duy Club at Topeka. In his old and
unregonerated days my friend Barnoy
acquired somo Information which ho
may still remember us to tho cost of
malt, vinous and splritous- liquors,
und it would bo interesting to soo how
ho figures It out as possible for such
wildly hilarious scenes as ho pictures
Including tho smashing of half filled
wlno bottles against tho walls, and tho
drinking of six hundred men under tho
tables to bo accomplished at a cost
of two dollars a plate, which, In addi
tion to tho food provided, muBt also
pay for music, printing and other in
cidentals. As a matter of fact, speak
ing seriously, In tho ten years of tho
existence of the Kansas Day Club, not
ono drop of Intoxicating liquor of any
kind has over boon served ut any of
its banquets; and no instance has over
occurred of a man boing romovod
from tho banquet hall on account of
Intoxication. And in this connection,
it may bo of interest to'statn that two
gentlemen from Missouri, who wero
guosts of tho Club at tho lato banquot,
commented with special satisfaction
upon this foaturo of tho meeting. They
stated that In Missouri It was regard
ed as ossontlal to havo intoxicating
drinks of somo kind at any banquot,
and tho result was always moro or los
disorder, frequently resulting in con
fusion which mudo it Impossible for
the speakers to be hoard. The Kan
sas Day Club has demonstrated, ho
said, that thoro could bo u successful
banquet quiet, ordorly und yet en
thusiastic without wine: and although
not hlmsolf a toototalor,ho vory much
hoped that tho Missouri Republican
club would soon como to tho Kansas
way of doing things.
C. F. S.
from the K C. Star
Tho forolgn olllcos of Europo con
tinue to pour Hoods of light upon tho
vexed question of which government
saved tho United States from annihila
tion in tlio Spanish war. Cot tain In
teresting statements in forolgn jour
nals havo been overlooked in tho
United Statos. Hero is what tho Ber
liner Tagoblatt says in an inspired
articlo although all urtiolos in tho
foreign pross aro "inspired," for that
Tho Tagoblatt has Hon unimpeachable
authority that as soon as the Spanish
American trouble developed tho Kaiser
called In llcrr l'oultney lllgolow. his emi
nent American school friend. "Poult, my
bov," snld Ills Majesty with emotion, "let
1110 assure you. as my colloge chum, of my
undying devotion to you. You may use
thlslmonlcw as you think best." Un
doubtedly this Incident prevented the
Drltlsh laKo licet from bombarding
Tho St. Petersburg Novoo Vromya
has another version of tlio ulTulr:
A high olllchil. whose name for obvious
reasons must not bo given, assures the
Novoo Vremya that on February 19. Isw
(old style), tho Curlnn personal Interview
conimunlcat to M. W. T. StoHdlvitchhls
Intention of bombarding Bombay In ease
of a llrltlsh-Austrliiii demonstration nt tlio
Injunction of tlio Missouri and tlio Mississ
ippi. Thus were Lord Salisbury's plots
trust! ulcd
Tho Paris Temps finds both theso
explanations faulty. It3 reporter
gained access to tho foroign olllco by a
ruso and discovered that tho facts wero
really as follows:
The document tabled "23x2," discovered
by our correspondent, contains tho true
history of the Imbroglio. In reality the
Czar assured M. Htcadlvitch that la belle
Franco and la Hussle had always assumed
a negative attitude excepi when there
was a quid pro quo .War 11 1'outranco was
hateful, but sometimes necessalro do la
vie. It can therefore be stated positively
that ull other reportsare canards and that
ales Etats Unls owes undying obligations to
tho dual alliance, Vive la France.
It may bo added that thoso state
ments are all borno out by Interviews
In tho Vienna Post, tho Paris Temps,
tho Populo RomonOjE'. Imparcial, tho
Constantinople Levant Ilorald, tho
Toklo Satsuma and tho Pekln Gazette
Thus it has been proved that had it
not been for Europe the United Statos
would havo beon prevented from fight
ing Spain.
Bon Buhdetti: pays tlio following
tribute to woman: "Truo sho nunnot
sharpen a penciEoutsido of commer
cial circles: sho can't lie a packago to
look llko anything savo a crooked
cross section of chaos; but laud of
miracles, seo what sho can do with a
pin! Sho cannot walk so many miles
around a pool table with nothing to
drink, but sho can walk all night with
a fretful baby. She can rido.'OO miles
without going Into a smoking ,car
to get rest (and get away from tho
children). Sho can enjoy an ovoulng
at homo without smoking half 'a doz
en cigars. Shocan endurotho distrac
tion of a house full of children all
day; while her husband sends them to
bed before ho has been homo an hour,
A boy with a sister is fortunato, a fol
low with a cousin to bo envied, a
young man with a sweotheart is hap
py and ho who lias a good wlfo Is
blessed moro than all."
Tin: possession of a titlo is annual
ly becoming moro and moro of a joko,
yet beautiful Amorican girls continuo
to marry dissipated youths of worn
out European titled families. In a
London newspaper somo old guy with
a fino titlo ollors to marry any woman
who will pay him an eighth of arnilllor.
dollars for tho use of his title. Ho
cares not how sho looks and does not
moan to live with her, but sho can get
the titlo for 3125,000. It Is guaran
teed to bo a good title that will wash.
This 1b certainly! a bargain, for a
dukedom without a Duke ;bea.ts one
with the Duko nlnety-nlnojtiraos out of
a hundred,
A NUMiiuu of groat corporations
havo rocontly provided for tho retire
ment of thoir employes at tho and of a
period of twonty .or thirty yoars'
servlco on ullowaneos which aro sulll
clont to protect them from absoluto
want. Thero Is nothing in life so dis
tressing as tho four of dopondont old
ago, Tl.o man who dovisesju feasible
plan to protect humanity from It will
doservo tho grutltudo of inunkhfd.
Nat Bakniis, postmaster ofJJKans
us Cltj, Kansas,; on fSaturduy last
formally announced hlsoandldaoy for
tho Republican nomination of Con
gressman in tills district to succoed J.
D. Boworsoek. It had; beon thought
that this district wasr going to havo
no Congressional politics, but if Bar
nes and Wyandotte county aro out
thero muy bo moro oandldatos bob up.
Kansas Clips
Mr. Bowell of Paola should havo
his namo operated on for appendi
Hutchinson Is thinking of voting
bonds for buying her water, light and
gas plants for illOO.OOO.
A street arc light at Sallna fell Into
tho front end of a delivery wagon driv
en along tho street by a boy.
Tho Kansas City, Missouri, Com
mercial Club is planning another trade
oxettrslon Into Kansas soon.
Unloss eggs soon decline, tho Wich
ita Eaglo will load a movo to sccuro
government ownership of lions.
Tho Loavonworth high school now
includes a courso in stenography and
commercial book-keeping In Its course.
Somo lioroic soul has started tlio
fourth paper in Loroy, population
i.uuu. it is a roiiglous paper it needs
to bo.
A .'100 aero farm near Wichita lias
been sold to a Nobraska priost for
0000, who says ho buys it as an in
Arcli-dcacon Crawford bollovos that
hohasu good start mado fortho build
ing of u now $10,000 Episcopal church
at Ft. Scott.
Tho city marshal of Bluo Rapids
has bought a $50 guitar. This is sup
posed to moan that henceforth vlolinso
will not bo tolerated.
A Kansas gas town wants all th
gas towns to outer into an ugreoinon
not to give bonuses to factories
Thero is no way to prevent it.
Tho banks of Ltndsborg havo ar
ranged to havo tho iiro whistlo blow
overy timo a thief is discovered In tlio
bank. And somo of tho knockers say
it moans too much nolso. ,
J. N. Stout, formerly editor at Neo
sho Falls, thon at Ottawa, has bought
tho plant of tho Quenemo Tribune und
Is said to bo thinking of starting a
third paper at Yates Center.
Charlio Rico of Waverly shot at a
dying crow and tho descending bullet
lodged in tho leg of Ray Rankin, half
a mllo away. That crow probably
went "ravon" mad over tho joko.
George W. Martin has disposed of
his interost in the Ft. Scott Tribuno
and will rotlro after 25 yoars of actlvo
stronuousnoss. Thero ought to bo a
pension lor veterans of tho pencil.
H A. Perkins, formerly of tho Man
hattan Nationalist, attended tho recent
editorial meeting thero and brought a
trunk full of oranges oil his own
trees irom southern California with
Holton is not so good that her poo-
plo can uppreciato thomerits of under
wear and stockings advertised unless
thero is a human being In tho afore-
saui goous.
Within a radius of llvo miles from
tho center of Wellsvlllo 2,500 people
nvo, out ituring iuui tnero wero nut
14 deaths. Tho mlcrobo and tho doc
tor aro doubtless unknown animals in
that place.
Under a plcturo of Abraham Lin
coln, tlio Columbus Courier prints a
story wnicn begins: "Tho abovo is a
good likeness of W. A. Whlto." It
must havo beon taken sluco Whito's
health failed.
THo prido and joy and support of
Horton, its Rock Island car shops,
went up last Friday in a $250,000
(ire. And already Tonoka Is rais
ing a fund to Induco tho road to re
build In Topeka.
H. C. Palmer, a voteran in tho
Loavenworth soldlors' homo, last week
received word that at last his long
sought pension Is granted. It brings
hlra $8 a month and back pay amount
ing to ovor $i,uuu.
From tho Mall & Broezo-
That Awkward Man has
and Comments
A Wellington man claims distinc
tion for having in boyhood lived near
W. J. Bryan's homo and having
"licked him many times." Possibly
that accounts for W. J.'s calmness
under moro recent chustising.
Ottawa is facing a deficit in tho city
treasury, thero being but $3,5000 to
run tho city for n year. And Carne
gie lids ollercd a 815,000 library if tlio
town will support it. Tlio proposition
will bo put to popular voto.
K. C. Journal: "Nothing intoxicat
ing," says a Manhattan paper, "wot,
served to tlio Kansas editors whllo
hero." Which Is a bit singular, con
sidering tho reputation had by Man
hattan cocktails all tho world ovor."
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Moore of Holton,
havo sturted on a tour of tlio Holy
Land. They will also visit Egypt,
and Kansas will await thoir return
witli anxiety to learn If tlio dogs aro
still barking at tho pyramids.
I). W. Kont, the absconding Odd
Fellows treasurer who took $0,000
lodgo funds from Topeka, was seen
recently in Costa Rica, lie says ho is
broko and prospecting for gold.
Thioving very seldom pa) s llnanolally
and nover morally.
Manhattan Nationalist: In enumer
ating tho reasons why Kansas Is In
terested In the Isthmian canul, Sena
tor Harris neglected to mention tho
advantage of having a, waterway for
tho direct shipment of gold from Tre
go county to tlio court of the Arabian
Concordia Empire: Men can and
frequently do make several kinds of
fools of themselves, but wo nover yet
heard of a lot of them clawing and
lighting to kiss tho hand of a long
haired, wlld-oyed traveling musician
who didn't want to bo kissed, as was
done by a lot of women In New York
last week.
It was an Odessa youth, according
to one of tho Lafoyetto county papers,
upon whom this advertisement mado a
deep impression: "Young man somo
woman dearly loves you. Would you
know who sho Is? Sho would like to
bo your only sweetheart. Send 10
cents in stamps to Occult Diviner, ad
dress as oeiow anu learn ner namo."
He sent tho stamps and got his answer.
What was It? ''Mother"
Topeka "Capital:" A correspond
ent for tho Mcado Globo says a
stranger showed up out thero rpcontly
who wished to buy a farm. Ho found
ono which suited him but tho owner re
fused to sell. Tho would-be purchaser
hung on with such persistency tliut
tho farmer was obliged to grab up his
shot gun und drive him away. Aro
wo to hear next of Kansas farmers be
ing obliged to accept gold for their
land at tho point of a gun?
Mrs. Scovil of ColToyvillo wants a
divorce. Her husband was arrested
for theft. Sho moved to Indopondenco
to bo near his jail. Ho was sentenced
to tho Hutchinson reformatory. Sho
moved thoro and worked. Ho was re
leased. Sho wanted him to get work,
offering horsolf to take in washing to
help live down their past. Ho refused.
He was willing to livo in a houso if
sho would provide ono and tho meals.
Now tho cruol woman asks for a dl-
vorco. Poor, lazy, onery man!
Ida and Sadto Workman, two llttlo
girls on their way to school at Over
brook, Friday morning, discovered
that a high woodon trestle on tho K.
N. te D. branch of tho Missouri Paci
fic had been burned from beneath
probably by flro left by a tramp.
Each llttlo tot went up tho track in
different directions from tho bridgo
and when a train carao along it was
llagged and stopped. Thus did two
tiny girls savo tlio lives of a train
crew und a costly wreck. Tho girls
uesorvo a lit reward.
Driven Right over my Pet.
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