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lola Market Huporl 8.
These lrmr'.ictH nro cnrcf ully tnltcn on Thurs
day of each week nnd are from actual vales
made that day In lola. Uatoof tills correction
Fob 20
White, hushel 75a
Yellow, bushel "fits
Oats a."o
Hogs r. SMMO0
Cattle, cow 2 5uB3 2,
Vat stccrH 3 B031 00
Hen A
Turluns ' ()',
Youngi'hlekcns 7H
Country Mutter 20
Eggs 'il
Ileef nnd oxport steers 0 CO
Blockers und feeders !l RO
Hobs 1 (WirtJO 75
Ven Willie's brudor comes -Auli (lull, vn
Urcnt Jubcl mid rejoicings will bo done,
Und ve die Peiilsoli will hat all mi the run,
Ven Willie's luudor onmnl
No odder volh vlll dun lmf any show,
Und P.igocs. Irish and Chinese may ,
Avuy. vav buck nnd sit down far below,
Ven Willie's bruder comas!
Ucniillfler UlciucsUotitimhun bands vlll pluy
"DicWnohtnin Khoin" ntul "Festo Ilura" nil
I'udvc Hhall lmf PliiiMtnllerdltiKsour vav,
Von tlllo's bruder comosl
Ach lllinmel.ulldurblordol shall be drank
Vlll be genug to 1111 a grown-up Uk'
Und crfry sausage mill vlll bust Hi crank,
Von Willie's bruder eomoa'
Du Holier Golt. I'hiut lilutiire up dor I'inml,
A-sUoutln', "Hoeli dor Knlsorl" elcurund loud,
Und Tuldv Ntunrtin' py dnroliin so proud,
Ven Willie's brudur comes!
Und en lur schlff 1st named dor "Alice It.,"
Vlll be grout eelebriitlons near und fur.
Und suengcr clubs -v 111 all l;eoi open bar,
Von Willie's Cruder oniuosl
Dorsoliloeliten dings Chorgu Dowoy said will
Ho thoimli of, but ns hasty tommy-rot,
Und ole Von Dledriohs vlll bo uloaii foigot.
Von Willie's bruder coinos
Ah, Clott scl Dank dot festival 1st hour.
Out llelnrleb II. vlll soon be mil Us here.
TTnil e vlll drink dls country dry of b'or,
Von Willie's brudor cihiiosI
C. L. A'nold Correspondent
Fobr 18. Nollio Hardin sutTcrcd
from a severo attack of tonsilitis sev
eral days recently.
Some of tho neighbors spcnlSunday
at G W earner's.
Mrs Frank Stoddard visited at K V
Bales a day or two last week.
E B Butler passed around a paper
Monday and got about thirty days
work pledged for working down the.
hill on tho road south of tho lako
crossing, In road district No. 5.
Work is already commenced and It is
boped as It progresses othors will do
nate somo musclo toward roraovingtho
WHHo Groves, of La Harpe, was
over to seo tho Hardin young folks
Saturday, and Mr Bair's family, of
Gas City was thoro on Sunday.
Prayer meetings aro being hold oach
evening this weok at tho homes of
those requesting it.
E B Butler has the now four-room
addition to his house completed and
furnished. This gives him a homo
equaled by nono other in tho neigh
borhood. .1 M Preston was somowhttt indis
posed a day or two tho first of tho
Chas and Walter Hush are engaged
in hauling about forty tons of hay to
market, for which thoy llnd ready sale
at fll and $12 a ton.
A number of tho scholars ot Union
school have 'been ou of late on ac
count of sickness, Frank Bliss's boy
has brain fever and for soveral days
last weok it seemed that thoro was no
posslblo show for his rccovory. Ho
is not out of danger yet. Hoy Jlnsc
zard Is at present dangerously sick
with pneumonia fovor. Clara Preston
is also bad with pneumonia, and
Frankio Christy is just recovering
from a like attack,
Tho snow that has laid on tho
ground for several weoks has pro
ducod an enormous crop of sleds.
Frank Christy isnow at work In Mr
S'nloy's mill.
F D Arnold drove down from Cron
dall Tuesday, oxuectlng to rutin n
homo Thursday.
Wednesday's storm eortalnly con
vinced us that wo aro still In the cold
and ley embraco of winter.
Thomas Van Nice, CoriHsnoiuluni
Feb 18 Tho school toachor is board
ing at Mrs DoWltt's at prosent,
J M MolTott lost another steer last
weok. Ho has beon pasturing his
stock fields.
Green Marrs has beon on tho sick
Mist latoly.
Wo understand J L Foster has
purchased a farm, hut wo haven't
learned whoro it is located.
Mr Chicken has purchased tho AIox
Brett farm south of Owl Creok. It will
bo for rem tho coming yoar.
Mr McKlnloy bus sold his homo
placo to an Iowa man. They will
have a publlo salo somotlmo In March.
Thoy will give possession this spring.
Sum Mollott has been selling somo
fodder. W E Woodrull has beon
soiling somo also. It demands a fair
pru e fi om -" to -10 cents per shock.
Quito a numbor uttonded John Shuf
for's sale from North Logan Tuesday.
Mrs. Flora E. Johnson, Correspondent.
Fob 10 Mrs Thomas of Tola accom
panied by u few friends visited Mrs J
B Poos Thursday.
Mrs Mary Neer (tieo Seo) was visit
lng relatives lti this vicinity for a few
days last week. Hor husband and
llttlo daughter accompanied her.
Mrs Murphy and Miss Ellis called
on Mrs Morrill Sunday.
Abo Townscnd lost a cow Monday
by getting down In the- barn and
smothoiing to doath.
George Townsond caught two foxes
Sunday. Ho chased tlioin Into ono of
ho neighbor's barnyards whero ho
captured Ihoin. Ono of them he has
allvo but tho other was killed In trying
to capturo It.
Anna lloush and Mrs Johnson visit
ed Mrs Poos Monday,
Mr Trowbridgo Is ugont for Dr
Ward's romodlos and ouuvussod this
neighborhood Monday. Tie says he
bus had good luek and sold at nearly
every house.
John Shornlok and wife of Cherry
Creak visited yo scribe and family 11
few days hist week.
. The daneo at I'etoi Johnson's Titos
day night was quito it suecosss and
overy one seemed to havo it good time.
Mrs Sam Koush vlsi'ed Mrs Casta
tor Tuesday.
Florence Ulllbrant is helping Mrs
Trior lloathof salom ciiro for that new
girl that cttino tlioro lately.
Mns. IUttii: Gulmitt, Correspondent.
Feb" Fred and Cyo Kessler went
to lola Wednesday to bring a team of
mules buck for Gullett and Wood tha
hey had bought of Mr Harris wost of
lola on Saturday.
Fred Hurrah! and cousin of La
Harpe wero out with u hiu'tstor wagon
Lessoy Nixson was sick a few days
last weok.
Gullett and Wood bought a team of
mules up by Neosho Falls that weighed
twenty-four hundred last week
Charles Hoilllngcr visited .1 R Ste
wart's Tuesday.
Wylcy Mitchell's children visited
him Tuesday.
Myrtoll Muxson, Alford Williams,
Illllio Eagell and John Funk spent
Saturday ovening at Walter Woods'.
Wo had a suro snow In February.
Wo wero sorry to hear of llttlo
Johnnlo Eubank getting burned so
badly at Lallarpo. Mrs Eubank is a
sister of Walter Wood.
Gullett and Wood bought fifty dol
lars worth of fodder of Mr Miner slnco
our lust.
Frank Myers bought a set of
harness of Gullett and Wood.
J T Wood bought two toams of
mules ofGullett and Wood.
.1 W Gulletts' cousin in Chicugo,
Mrs Wilson, Is dead.
Billy Donalds' brother in Craw
ford, county died last week. Mr,
Donald attended tho funeral.
Karl Gullett and Ethel and May
Seymour lmvo hud tho 'grip.
Walter Wood has been layed up
with an inllamcd eyolid.
AnTitun Ci'hmnuium, Correspondent.
Fob. 111. B. F. Horry and family
expect to go to California next mouth
and will mako tholr homo on a fruit
G W Dickenson has purchased tho
home ol Hev N V Mooro and will
tiiovo to Humboldt. Hov Mooro will
go to Moran whero ho is putting In a
tolcphono line.
Wilfred Wlthington was at homo
last week nursing a bad cold,
Ed Flfher, Fred Fisher and Mrs
Vincent cinno down from Kansas City
last Friday to attend tho funoral of
tholr llttlo ncphow.
W J Pickoll Is homo from his grand
jury service. Ho says ho onjoyed
himself a great deal more than somo
of tho witnesses did,
Mrs K Armol slipped on tho Ico at
hor homo last Saturday and broko
her arm. Sho is getting along as
well as could bo oxpectcd.
Kov B C McQueston returned Sat
urdayfrom Ossawatomio whoro ho has
been proachlng for tho last two weeks.
Ho roports goodsuccoss in Rov Leon
ard's church.
Populist Party Objects to lleing I c
Ilyered into Democratic Oninp
Topoka, Fob. 20. Thoro is ovory in
dication that tho Populist loaders aro
going to lmvo a hard timotransforring
tho rank and tho Ulo of tho party Into
tho Democratic camp. Practically
every county convention which has
been hold in tho stato has passod reso
lutions favoring tho maintenance of
tho party organization. It is probablo
that John F. W Brlenthal and Chris
IIolTman, who from tho first lmvo op
posed tho Kchemo of going Into tho
Democratic party, will suggost as a
compromise that tho party organiza
tion bo maintained, but thatjtho party
wait and seo what'klnd of ujttckot tho
Democrats put In tho lloldjund, if it is
satisfactory, Indorse It, but othorwlso
to nominate a straight ticket. Tho
Populist stato conforonco ut which
thlsquostion will bo settled will bo
hold hero Friday and Saturday of this
Shot Himself Tliroiiclt tho Ilciut
Early YcHtenlay.Mor l.igiu n limr
Ilooin of his Home Probably
A tragic end to tho domestic troubles
of tho Dulofiun.lyeumoutlto'olookyos-
this morning when LI v Ian Dale shot
himself through tho heart at his homo
a', fill! .lorth Washington aventio. Tho
body was removed lo tho Culbertson
undertaking parlors and tho sad nows
tolographcd to relatives In Iowa.
Tho story of tho events leading up
to tho suicide is a long one. It was
some time last year that domestic
troubles resulted in tho separation of
Mr. and Mrs. Dulo and ho was placed
under a peaeo bond to stay away from
tho house and not worry hor nor try
to collect tho rent of tho houso thoy
ownod next 'to tholr homo. A dlvoreo
suit was boghn by Mrs. Dale and
dragged slowly through tho courts.
Mr. Dale loft town and was absent a
long time but returned recently and
negotiations wore made by his at
torney lo sottlo the trouble Just what
progress had Doen madu along this
line cannot bo learned, but Mr. Dalo
on Tuesday night went to tho houso
and insisted on remaining. Mrs.
Dale is quito ill, being confined to her
lied, and Dalo was urged to remain
away becuuso his pieseuco worried
his wife and inndo hor condition voro.
Ho was removed from the houso by
tin olllcer and takon down town, but
on his promise to remain away and
sleep at a hotel, ho was turned loose.
An hour later ho was back at tho
houso, fussing and threatening. Again
tha olllccrs were summoned and lie was
this time takon to the county jail. Ho
pleaded and begged in a most piteous
way to bo turned loose, saying lie
would bo disgraced for life if locked
up. But ho could not bo trusted to
keep his word to stay away from tho
houso and tho olllccrs all suspected
that ho was mentally unbalanced.
They advised keeping liini In jail, but
in somo way, after a conference of tho
lawyers of all concerned, ho was
turned looso about 2 o'clock Wednes
day afternoon.
About 10 o'clock that night ho again
appeared at his homo, and found tho
doors locked against him. Ho went
around to tho roar of tho houso und
broko open u window. Through this
ho cntcrod tho houso and possessed
himself of tho koyB to tho rear doors.
Deputy Shorllf Conloy was sent for
and hurried to tho houso, but found
that Dalo hud loft.
Tho houso faces tho cast and tho
room In which Mrs. Dalo is being
cared for Is tho north-east corner
room. Adjoining it on tho south is
tho sitting room. Wost of tho sitting
room Is tho dining room and north of
tho dining room is another bed room.
Tho kitchen is west of tho dinlngroom.
With Mrs. Dalo that night wero Mrs.
William Lanyon, Mrs. R. II.
Lanyon, Mrs. Dounoand Mrs. Palmer,
neighbors. Mr. Doano was also
prosent part of tho time. Tho doors
to tho front of tho houso wero tied by
tho handles with a clothes line so thoy
could not bo opened from tho outside,
for fear Dalo would get in, as ho
threatened to kill everybody present
and stormed about the rear rooms
while in tho house.
Finding that ho had left, Conloy fol
lowed Dulo down town, but did not
overtako him. Dalo wandered abouta
whllound borrowed ten dollars of Ban
ty Kesslor, giving an order on his pay
due next day from tho Lanyon Zinc
Company. Then ho disappeared and
tho next heard of him ho was ut tho
houso again. He tried to get in at tho
front rooms, pleaded and threatened,
but tho guard remained firm. Ollicors
Conloy and Gregg responded to tho
next summons for help, Gregg sta
tlonod himself at tho roar door whllo
Conloy entered tho front door. .
Tho frightened women said Dalo was
In a roar room, that ho had repeatedly
tried to opon tho tlod door and u short
tlmo before tho olllccrs cumo had fired
a shot, probably to scaro tho watchers.
Conloy was let through Into tho dining
room from tho sitting room. Ho found
no ono, a gas lamp lighting tho room.
Tho kitchen, also lighted, was vacant.
Tho bed-room north of tho dining
room was dark aud Conloy decided
that Dalo had gono up tho stairway,
which asconds from tho dining room
between tho bed rooms. Ho lighted a
lamp ho found in tho kitchen to look
up stairs, but boforo going glanced
into tho bed room.
Lying across tho bed with arms out
strotched and a rovolver clasped inhis
right hand lay Dalo. Tho position of
tho body was natural and scorned to
Indicate that ho had wearily thrown
hlmsolf on tho bed. Conloy loft tho
lamp In tho dining room, grasped his
own rovolver In his hand and stoalthl
ly upprouchod tho bed, ready to cover
tho man who ho bolioved to bo insano
and preparing to grab tho hand hold
ing tho revolver. Reaching tho bed
ho solzcd tho armed bund nnd instant
ly know that It was past Inflicting In
jury on anyone Life was just dicker
ing from tho body when tho ofllcor
rouched tho bod,
Conloy callod out that thq man was
dead and tho coroner was summoned.
Dr. Toas arrived and aftor a brief ex
a initiation decided that no Investiga
tion was needed. A bullet wound was
found In the dead man's left broast,
sli ghlly below tho heart. Tho bullet
ranged upward, however, and pene
trated tho hourl. Dr. McMillan, who
has been treating Mrs. Dalo was
hastily summoned, although tho facts
wero kept from her. The remains wero
removed to an undertaking parlor and
later tho nows of what had transpired
was broken to Mrs. Dale.
Ernost Llvlan Dalowus a rollned ap
pearing man, of mcdlumholghth, mild
mannered and almost olleinlnatoly soft
of speech. Ho was, however, ttj ner
vous man and brooded over his
troubles until thoro seems llttlo doubt
that his mind was unbalanced. In
spllo of his mild appearance lie hud a
a quick temper and in his dealings with
otlior men has sevoral times engaged
in fights which disclosed a determined
will and courage.
Mrs. Dale is adatightor of si brother
of Robert Lanyon, father of William
und R. II. Lunyon, Sho ban beon in
poor health for yours and for some
time has boon dangerously 1,111, being
subject to lung trouble, It is feared
the worry and shock of tho recent
tragedy may prove fatal to hor.
Mr. and Mrs. Dalo have two child
ren who are living at home
CliiitHT lor li on Rolling Mill
Tlio ltmisTim has already inudo
mention of Mr. Chas. Rifo who has
beon making a tour of tho gas bolt
und was huaded toward lola. Ho was
hero yesterday and In company villi
Mr. Holler mtido a thorough investi
gation of lola and hor resources.
Mr. 'Rife Is secretary and trousuter
or the Progressive Oil Co. or Hartford
City, I ml. His company sent him out
on a prospecting tour looking towards
tlio erection of an Iron Rolling Mill.
Carload aftor carload of scrap iron Is
gathered up over tho country, shipped
otist, worked through tho rolling mills
nnd shipped back west again. Locat
ed hero an industry of that kind would
save money both in fuel and in
tho freight both ways. Tho
plant the company has In mind will
employ 200 men.
Mr. Rifo says that lola is tho best
town in the gas bolt and that ho will
so roport.;j After his report is
filed with tlio company thoy will mako
a proposition of somo sort stattug
what thoy want and what they will do.
Tho idea on which tho company Is
working Is a good ono and as Mr. Rife
has already oxpresscda prefcrenco for
lola it Is worth looking into.
Neighbor!) Ilullt tlio House
Another of thoso stories of human
kindness that warm tho frozen placos
of one's heart comos from Redfield,
over In Burbon county. Last sum
mer a man by tho namo of C. C. Craw
ford camo from Missouri with his
family, rented a house and begun
work In tho Hag stone quarries near
tho village Ho had saved Ills money
and had purchased a couplo of lots
with a view of building a home.
A few days ago ho was notified to
vacatotho houso in which ho was living,
and as thoro wore no vacant houses
in tho vllltilgo, ho was at a loss to
kno.v what to do. Tlisnolghbors wero
not. They got together yesterday,
hauled tho lumber, which thoy helped
him to purchase on time, to his lots
and by night tho new houso, 14 by 10
feet was well under way and will bo
completed by nonn today.' A good
dinner was .served to tho workmen
and a picnic was mado of tho occas
ion. Keviewetl tlio Parade
Last night in tho convontlon hall in
Kansas City General Funston re
viewed tho Third regiment, National
Guard. The Genoral occupied a dec
orated box, with his d ctor and Lieu
tenant Mitchell. Funston was in
evening clothes, his uniform bolng in
San Francisco. When ho appeared
tho band struck up and tho smart reg
iment did somo excellent drilling. As
tho baud started "Tho Star Spangled
Banner," Funston was on his feet first
and the audlenco slowly arose. Aftor
tho parado, Funston was visited by
military men prosent and thoy watched
tho dancing half an hour boforo re
turning to his hotol. Tho modest
hero not only did not wear his medal
of honor but ho declined tho guard of
twenty soldiers olTorod.
All Trains Snow-Hound.
It strains tho memory of tho oldest
Inhabitant to recall a storm which so
complotoly tied up trains around lola
as tho ono Wednosday.
On tho Santa Fe tho south-bound
train duo at 12:52 arrived at 7:50; and
tho ono duo at 2:05 arrlvedat 10:07 last
night. North bound trains managed
to get through as far as lola. Tho
trains wero stoppod on both sides of a
cut driftod full of snow north of Woldn.
Today tho trains woro again running,
nearly on time.
On tho Missouri Pacific, trains
bonded oach way got fast in tho snow
near Bronson. Tlio wost bound train
last ovonlng stuck In a drift oast of
Bronson. Tho oast bound, ovonlng
train, thinking to push through and
holp shovo tho stuck train out. plowod
Into a drift wost of Bronson und stuck.
Trains on this road got clear today,
Our Rubber Department
is Tin,
Felt Boots lor Men and Boys in Two DiHerent Qualities
Men's and Boys' Heavy
In Different
Owinfj to ilio latoness of the season, prices aro placed
these goods thitt will make thorn move.
Veteran's Itoiiinoii
I'roin tlio miii a D.ilK Hfpulilli'.in
Tho executive board having in
charge tho coming meeting of tho For
est Park Veteran's Reunion, which is
to bo held October 1st, 2nd and llrd, is
working with vigor and with a pleas
ing prospect for tho groatest success.
Tho counties Included in tho (Associa
tion are Johnson, Franklin, Miami,
Linn, Anderson, Bourbon, Allen,
Oatigo, Douglass, I'olTeo and Wyan
Tho president of tho association Is
Major J. B. Remington of Paola, who
as senior vlco commander of tho De
partment of ICunsus, G. A. R., is now
commander of tho department because
of the suspension of Commander Nor
ton. Mr. E. II. Corwln, of this city is sec
retary. Tho vice presidents aro:
George Thorne, Gardner, Johnson
W. K. Kibble, Ottawa, Franklin
J. C. Collins, Paola, Miami, county.
RufuB Thorne, LaCygncs, Linn
Dan Mooro, Garnott, Anderson
I. II. Funston, Carlisle, Allen
J. G. Kills, Quenemo, Osago county.
W. F. Osborne, Baldwin, Douglas
W. H.Dunstnoro, Burlington, Coffee
L. C. True, Kansas City, Kansas,
Wyandotte county.
Tho 12th Kansas regiment, tlio sec
ond .Kansas und tho Xunsus Veteran
Volunteer Association ltavo ouch sot
tho same time and placo for their re
unions. Colonel W. F. Cloud, of
Kansas City, Mo., into Colonol of tho
Second Regiment, is president nnd
Sum Houston, of Lawronco, is secre
tary of tho Second Kansas and tho
Kansas Veteran Volunteer Associa
tions. An idea of what may bo oxpectedof
tho coming lounlon in tho way of at
tendance may bo gathered from tho
fact that as many as -100 soldiers have
attended tho meeting of tho above as
sociations. On December Kith a meeting of tho
oxecutivo bourd of thoForoat park as
sociation was hold In con ferenco with
representatives of tho Ottawa Com
mercial club. Tho support of tho club
was heartily assured for tho reunion.
Acommltteo on speakers was appoint
ed at this meeting, consisting of Col
onol W. F. Clond, Kansas City, Mo.
Major A. W. Benson, Ottawa; G. C.
Smith, Ottawa, and tho president and
secretary ox-olllclo.
Suggestions in regard to reunion
will bo gladly received by tho secro
tary, and will bo roforrod to tho meet-
Ing of tho board
and answer.
for co nsldoration
Three Hon Alter Itowersock.
Tho Congressional situation In tho
Second District is taking on a look
which seoins to Indlcato that tho ox
pectod poacoful ronoralnatlon of J. D,
Boworsock and tho monotony of tho
nominating convontlon may bo irri
descent dreams,
Nat Barnes, postmaster at Kansas
City, has resigned to push his fight to
securo tho twonty-nlno delegates from
Wyandotto county. Ho ontered tho
race last weok. Wednosday Silas
Porter, a Kansas City lawyer, an
nounced himself as In tho raco, deposit
ing $100 with tho committee. Thoy will
light for tho Wyandotto vote.
Over in Bourbon county half adozen
candidates have beon mentioned. Prof.
Langsdon, J. II, Crlder, B. Hudson
and othors aro talked of, but Mr.
Hudson Is tlio only ono who has form
ally announced himself. Ho camo out
Bowcrsockwill probably havo Doug
las county, with 14 votes. Ills friends
claim Anderson count's 7 votos, but
tho opposition say tho delegation will
bodlvi(, 1 Allon county lias 10 votos,
Franklin 11, Miami 15, Linn 0, John
Duck Legging, Made
directive Nov 3
I'nsxMKcr No 201
I'.'"i2 i tn
.... 200pm
10 n in I. I.ou i in
lMsciii(or No 20.1
i No 21!Wreli!lit . .
I O.illy except Sunday
I'aosrneor N 202 2.42pm
l'.isscnKcr No20l 1:2.1 n m
t Local freight No 21 G C'30iim MOOOnm
i Daily except Suniluy
No 201 nml 202 onirics free elmlr cars bo
tween Kansas City nml WdlitiKlon, No 203
nml 201 curries elialr ours nnd sleepers be
tween KiuiMis City anil Independence. For
quick service eiut und est und for excursion
tickets see It A Kiltfur intent Santa Fo and
White Star Steamer Lines.
lJWo have doublo train service our tour
1st sleepers between Chicago and California
are models of perfection, there Is no other line
running throUKh trains between Chicago and
California. We run through fnst vestibule
trains between Chicago, Colorado Springs and
Denver and passengers leaving on our 1.20 p. m
train arrive at St, Louis tho next morning at
2 JO. Chicago 9:48, and Toledo at 3:15 pm. Inn
agent for tho White Star Steamer Line nnd
ho Travelers' Insurance Co. It will afford ns
great pleasure to give thoso contemplating to
grip routes and rates. It. A. EDO AH, Agent
No 4 Yates Center, Kansas City it
St. Louis Express. 9.27 a m
No. 10 Colo ti St. L. Mall ,V Kxprcis.,,700 p m
Suburban lola .V Lullarpc lean... .G;21 a m
" U.ftlpni
" " " " 5:30pm
No 122 local freight 30Qpm
No 9 Colo. & St. L. Mull Express. ... r.o o m
No 5 IC. V.. St. Louis & V. C. express 3:52 pm
Suburban Lallarpe& lola arrives H:J5am
" " " I:W! pin
" " " " . ,.B:2." pm
No 121 local freight 10,5Vam
Through sleeper on No 10 to St. Louis on No
OSt. Louis to lola.
Through chair ears on No's 4 nnd 10 lo Kan
sas City and 6 anil 9 Kansas City to Iol.i
First class service nnd equipment on "Tlio
Old Hellable."
See that your tickets for all points cast and
west, north and south are via the Mo. l'.ic.
Meals A Ii Carte. Elegant I'ullman. Ituffet
uitrs, Elui'lilc lights, l'oicelalu lackers, OI
Mirvutlnn Dining Itoom and nwiyihlmt tho
cry latest und best on Ci loriulo tialns of the
Missoun I'liciiio liauvMiy. rne om unu ucie
Via tho Mo. Pue. Hy. between Kansas City
Ft. Scott, Moran, lola, Yates Center, etc.
Leaves Kansas City V 55 n. m. dally. Hcturn
lug, leaves Yates Center 8:45 u, in dally.
Through chair car sen Ico, lola to Kansas
City. St. Louis connections. See that jour
ticket roads via Mo. I'ac. Ity. Tor all Infor
mation seo local ugents or address
II O. Townscnd. O. P. & T. A. St. Louis.
O. E. Styles, A.U.P.A. Kansas City.
son 9, Bourbon 12, nonohavlugsolect
od dolegates.
Tho Olatho Nows-IIerald, lighting '
Bowersock becauso ho appointed tho
editor of tho Mirror postmaster, has
this to say: "Allen county sends word
tha. hor dologatlon will bo divided
evenly. Bowersock's friends concede
that Linn Is lost, Franklin and
Miami will split oron. Johnson, tho
Nows-Horald's county, will nover send
a delegation for Boworsock."
Just how ho discovered that Allen
county was divided nobody knows.
The county central committee will do
cldo that next Tuesday, If Boworsock
gets Douglas and divides Anderson,
Franklin, Johnson, Linn and Miami (
and gets Allen ho will havo 55 votes.
It requires 58 to olect. Wyandotto
and Bourbon are at loggorheads over
a federal court. Thoy will hardly,
stampede to ouch other.
It may requiro moro than ono ballot
to ronomlnato Boworsock, but tlio
Heqisteu (tho now hand at political
guessing at tho holm) cannot seo how
ho Is so suroly defeated as somo poo-,
plo wlsoly hint.
Jones Testifying in tlio Patrick Trial
for Kice'ri .Murder.
Uy Scrlpps-Mcnno Press ABs'n.
Now York, Fob. 20 Chits. Jones,
vulot, continued his tostimony today
against Albert Patrick, who was
charged with tho murder of millionaire
Uice. Tho witness said that Patrick '
asked him for Ulces signature. Ho
gavo him Ills sulary enecK signeii cri
had signed a blank check for tho
amount of .Touo.s, Hiilaryjand cashed HI
Putrick had said thul It would bo is
good thing to get somo forged chocks)
in circulation. !
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