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,. Por Sheriff
Iheroby announce myseimcaudldato for tho
onico for Sheriff of Allon county subject to
tno. decision) of tho Republican pilinarfcs.nnd
convention. w. II Ham..
I hereby nnnounce myself s candidate Tor
Bbcrlff of Allen county, subject to the Rcpub
lcan prlmurles and convention.
... .Y. B Wiuuiit.
I hereby announco myself acandldnte for
no offlco of sheriff of Allen county, subject to
tho Republican primaries and convention .
It. A ItlcilMllMON
I hereby announce mvsclf a candidate for
tho oniocot wlierlfl. of Allen county, subject
to the Republican ptlmarlcsnml convention.
IX1N lfOVKll.
I hereby nnnnunco myself a candidate from
Elm township for tho ollloo of nhorlft of Allen
county, subject to tho Republican prliimrlcs
and convention, Oiias. W.'HMmt.
I hereby announco myself n candidate
from Osage township far the onico of hhcrirf
of Allen county, subject to tho decision of
the Rcpuh'lcnn primaries and convention
II. W lIUll'MAN.
Por Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself ns candidate for
tboofllco of Register o( Deeds of Allen conn
ty, from Humboldt township, subject to tho
Republican primaries and convention.
I hereby announco myself a candidate
for ItCKlstcr of Heeds of Allen county subject
toj ,ho Itcpubllcan prlumriCHiind convention
Kohkiit It, THOMPSON
Por County Clerk
I hereby nnnounce myself n cnndldato for
the onlce of County Ulcrk, of Alien county,
hubject to the Itcpubllcan prlni.wlcs and con
vcntlon, J. W. Kw.so.
I hereby announco myself a candidate fo
the odlce of County Clerk of Allen county.sub
Ject to the Itcpubllcan pilinarlcs and conveu
tlon. MCI.YJN FllONK,
lAr Cnnntv Aftnrnev
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
tho olllco of rnuntv Attorticv of Allen County
subject, to the Hcpubllcun prlui.ttlcs and eon
vcntlon. lluitiON U. Oi.ti't'oiui.
I hereby announce myself a candlilalo for
tho olllco of county attorney of Allen county,
subject to tho Itcpubllcan priniailcsand con
vention i:. W. Mvi.hh.
I hereby announco myself a candidate for
tho onico of county attorneyof Allen county
subject to the Itcpubllcan prlm.nlcs and con
vention. COMITON Mooiik.
Por County Superintendent
I hereby announce myself a candidate from
Geneva township for tho olllco of county
superintendent of Allen count" subject to the
Republican primaries and convention.
Mis.sOt.tvu Knowi.ton.
For County Surveyor.
I hereby nnnounce myself as a candidate
for tho olllco of county Surveyor of Allen
county, subject to the decision of the Repub
lican primaries and convention.
I.uikI', Btovuu,
Por County Coroner
I hereby announce myself n candidate forthc
onico of coroner of Allen county, subject to
tho decision of tho Republican primaries and
convention. II, I'. Richards,
Clerk at DUtrict Court.
I hereby nnnounce myself a candidate Tor
renomlnatlon to the onieo of Clerlt of the. Dis
trict Court of Allen county, subject to the Re
publican primaries and convention.
S. O. IlllKWSTEIt.
pnr Probate Judge
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
ofllceot t'robate .ludgeof Allen county sub
Jeet to tho Itcpubllcan primaries and conven
.1. II. Smith
For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce that I will bo n candidate
for re-election to the onico of treasurer of
Allen County subjpet to the decision of the
Republican primaries mid cnmcnlloii.
Police Court Took up (ho (Jrind
AgaiiiHt the Men f!auj;!it in tlio
ltccent Shako Up Four Cubcs
Somo time ago tlio polico court be
gan hearing tho liquor cases of tho
men arrested during tlio recont raid.
Four or flvo were convicted and fined
S70 and costs each ou tho chargo of
maintaining a nuisance. John Ken
nedy, Jlin Allen, C. It. McCarloy and
William iSpeckbottlo were all found
guilty at that timo. Al McCarloy was
cleared. Tho caso against Lyman
Ford, L. D. Montgomery, Jim Mills
and Mr. Drackett were continued un
til Tuosday camo uplin jiolico court
that afternoon.
Owing to tlio fact that prosecuting
attornoy Travis Morso had to sit Jthat
day as roforeo in the l'attorson-Slccp-or'
caso tit tlio court house, II. II. Ben
nett had chargo of tho prosecution of
tho liquor cases in police court.
Tho first caso called was that of Ly
man Ford and the usual testimony
that a pint of whiskey had boon bought
resulted in tlio usual lino of S70 and
costs. His attornoy served notico of
Tuesday afternoon was ono of tho
busiest days tlio polico court of lola
has over experienced, tlioro bolng nino
cases for his honor to attend to.
The liquor cases resulting from tho
recent raid wero finally all disposed
of. Tuesday afternoon Lyman Ford
was found guilty and lined $70 and
costs. Tho next man up was Georgo
Drackett. Ho appoared in court and
stated that ho is a carpontcr working
rogularly at his trado and that ho was
tending shop for a friend whon tho
evidence was secured. Ho denied tlio
sale charged and says ho gavo tho
whiskv to Mr. Blrnbaum. Tlio court
felt Inclined to mercy, but under tlio
now law could not inulco tho lino le"ss
than $25 and so imposed that flno.
Drackett appealed.
L. D. Montgomery was ropresontod
by his attornoy. A. C. Fotterly sworo
to a salo of liquor and tho court lined
Montgomory $70 and costs, total
$71.10. Two sales wero sworn to
aguinst Jim Mills. A. Crotchet and
E. W. Bennett wero tho witnesses and
they seemed to have boon confused as
to tho identity of tho man who waited
on them. At loast Mills' attornoy
wado a strong talk on that lino and
tho court took tho mattor under advise
ment. Wednosday ho saw now it
was and made tho flno $70 and costs in
each caso; total $140.20. All tho mon
havo glvon appoal bonds, it is under
stood, in tho sum of 100 for onch
count and will tako the cases to tho
district court.
Aftor attending to this buslnoss tho
court turnod tho caglo oyo of justlco
upon tho boys who colobratod Monday
uight. Waltor Freeman was fined $7
ttnd costs, total SO, for bolng boister
ous and disorderly. Robert Tipplo
was fined $5 and costs for roslstlng ah
Wo3 Hugglns, tho boy caught riding
$500 REWARDt
Wo will pay tho abovo reward for any case or
Mvcr Complaint, Dynpopda, Sick Headache,
Indlgcttlon, Constipation or CostlvonoM wo
cannot euro with Llvotlta, tho Up-To-Dato
I.lltlo Llvor PHI. when tho dlroctlotui nro strict
ly compiled with. They are puroly Vegetable
and never fall to Rive satisfaction. 23c boxes
contain 100 rills, 10c boxes contain 40 I'M;, Bo
boxes contain 15 Pills, llewaroot substitutions:
and Imitations. Sent by mall. Stamps taken.
NERVITA MI'.DIOAL CO., Cor. Clinton and
4octsou SU Chicago. Ill Sold by
Chas B. Spencer fc Co.
a blcyclo down Walnut street sido
walk, was Ilnod $2 and costs, total $4.
II. K. Vanatta paid $7 for being
caught with a gun on his porson by
tho tiollco Monday nljjht. John Lord
was taxed $5 and costs for being as
full as a lord tho samo evening. All
theso last nainod paid tholr linos and
c East Iola News
C I . II. Lawyer, correspondent.
April 22. Tho now foundry is pro
gresslngnlcoly. Tho first brlckbulldlng
is about ready for tho roof and I havo
been Informed that tlioy added twenty
feet to tho slzo of tlio blacksmith shop
this morning. The manufacturing
plant's machinery Is making music
all day long to keep up with tho
orders, notwithstanding they soon
navo to give way to tho lower story
for tlio foundry.
Yesterday afternoon thero was
quite an oxcltement among tho women
and children hero on account of tho
hlch wind that was blowing that
snatched a twonty dollar bill out of a
little girl's hand wlillo slio was cross-
Inc Madison avenue near south Ken
tucky street. Just beforo night Mrs.
Charley Squires found tlio bill among
sotno other papers that had col
lected among tlio ruins of tho burned
foundry, about two blocks from where
it was lost and I feel suro Mrs. Squires
felt just as happy to return it to tho
ownor, Mrs. Stillwcll, as Mrs. Stlll
wcll could bo to rccclvo It, so they
both rejoiced together.
'Mrs. A. W. Crawford of Hast Iola
leaves tonight for St. Louis, a del
egate to tlio Twenty-fifth Annual meet
ing of tho Woman's Presbyterian
Board of Foreign Missions of tho
South-west to bo hold in that city
April 2.1-24-2.r).
Mr. Granville Patton of Washing
ton county, Indiana, mentioned In
last week's Hixiistkii has returned
from Frontenac and has rented Dr.
Teas' houso on south Buckeye street
and Is preparing to kcop a boarding
houso as soon as his family arrives
from Indiana. Miss Mario, ono of his
daughters, Is now hero. Sho carco up
from Frontenac where sho has been
visiting her brother, Dr. James Pat
ton. Mr. Patton Is now stopping
with Mr. and Mrs, II. K. Thomas, bo
lng an undo of Mrs. Thomas aud
brother-in-law of tho writer.
Will Noll Was Convicted
Quito a number of Iola people knew
Willis NcfT, tho Garnett boy who has
beon in tholtolls for somo timo on a
chargo of robbing tho malls while act
ing as mail clerk on tho Southern
Kansas. A Topeka dispatch gives tho
following report of tho outcome of tho
Willis F. NolT, of Garnett, for many
years a mail clerk ou tho Southern
Kansas branch of the Santa Fo, be
tween Kansas City and Wellington,
was convicted on three counts of rob
bing tho mail, in tlio federal court this
evening. Thocaso has been ou trial
for four days.
Tho mails on tlio Southern Kansas
wero rilled frequently for sovcral days.
Afler spending much timo working
decoy letters, tho inspectors caught
Noll, who, up to that timo, had been
considered ono of tho best men in tho
service. NelT rccolved a tip that tho
inspectors wero after him the day he
wus arrested, and he dumped tho
money which ho had stolen In a maij
sack. It was found when tho sack
roachod Armour station, KnnsasClty,
Kansas. NolT forgot to get rid of
somo marked half dollars, and they
woro found In his pocket when ho was
arrested. After his conviction to
night, Ju'dgo Hook ordered Marshal
Crum to tako him in custody. Ho was
lodged injjail hero to await sentence,
Tlio penalty runs from ono to flvo
years in prison on each count.
Lunyons' Neodeslia Smelter.
Independence Reporter: An attache
of Tho Roportcr went up to Neodeslia
yesterday to observe tlio progress on
tho smeltorsthoLanyons aro building
thero. Tho smelter Is about a inllo
north of town and has begun to ns
sumo shape, although It Is not expect
ed to bo In running order before Sop
tombor. Tho plat Indicates a plant of
about tho magnltudo of tho one at
Chorryvalo. Considerable building
has boon and Is.bolngdono, ovldently
on tho strongth of' tho smoltor,lfor
thero appoars to bo nothing olso to
warrant It. Tlio JStandard Oil com
pany maintains a rollnory thero which
supplios tho stato of Kansas with po
troloum, but It does not employ over a
half dozen men, and tho only brick
plant tlio town has is bolng torn down
in preparation for removal to Mont
gomery county, Tho houses boiug
constructed aro of modern doslgn,
commodious and well built and indi
cate that thero aro plonty of pcoplo in
Noodosha who havo both faith and
linker University Reunion
Allen County and Iola has about
twenty-five graduates and former stu
dents of Baker and tho most of thorn
wero in attendance at tho Methodist
church last week. Prospective 'stu
dents and friends of tho school swolled
tho crowd till tho main body of tho
church was filled, besides many In tho
Tho occasion was a reception for
Dr. Murlln, president of tho Univer
sity. Tho program was as follws:
Does It Pay?, B. W. Mylor, Why you
woud llko Baker, W. L. French o
LaUarpo. College Spirit, M. P. Hol
mlck, Music, Oscar Brown of La
Uarpo, Baker University, Its prosout
condition and outlook, Dri L. II.
Murlln. Short experiences woro given
by Dr. Garllughouso, Prof. Freeman
and Prof. Patton and Rev. Manley
of LaHarpo. Tho address of tho oven
lng was Dr. Murlln's. Dr. Murlln
lias a pleasing address and is a good
speaker. It was a typical college ad
dross and was exceedingly well re
ceived by the audieuco.
Ono of tlio features of tho alTalr was
tho giving of tho college yell several
times. Tiioso present who had never
hoard a collego yell before wore star
tled at first but soon found out that
no harm was meant.
Of Interest to lola Fishermen.
Quite a lot of argument has recently
been going on over tho Stato as to tho
possibility of ralsingbass and croppic
iu still water ponds. Somo assert
that it cannot bo done, but tlio Olatho
Mirror makes a roport that ought to
start the Iola;ike Waltons to thinking
of securing a pond iu this neighbor
hood and stocking It with llsh.
Tho Mirror says: "Four years ago
tho Olatho Boating and Fishing Club,
then a vigorous organization, secured
about 700 bass and cropplo minnows
which were placed iu tho pond. Since
then thero has been a very good sup
ply of bass and croppies for fisher
men, ono expert from Kansas City
having taken thirty bass In ono after
noon. The number of fish, however,
was u matter of conjecture until the
long drouth of tho past year dried up
the pond so that they were all attract
cd into a narrow pool and when tho
water froze the bass wero killed by
thousands. Capt, Dlohi recently
counted 300 largo buss in ono part of
tlio pond which had been frozen to
death. Thoy woro largo, somo of tho
llsh measuring nineteou Inches long
and six Inches In width of body and
weighing six pounds. Thoy wero per
fect In every way and whon tho ponds
woro full thoy wero very game It Is
abundantly proven to Olathe fisher
men that bass can bo successfully
grown In still wator, and hereafter
groat caro will bo taken to protect llsh
planted in ponds hereabouts."
The Veterans are Thankful.
Many will bo glad to know that tho
veterans of McCook Post got tho or
gan donated by popular ballot. It
would havo done your heart good to
havo been in tho Post room when word
was brought in that tho organ was
theirs, to seo their eyes sparkle aud
tho smiles on their facos. They al
most raised tho roof wth tho three
cheers which they gave.
Many thanks to Mrs. II. M. Miller
for hor persistent work in gathering
votos. Sho says sho had no idea sho
was so popular, as votes camo to hor
from all over tho county.
Wo thank all who holpcd us In gath
ering votes nnd wo aro all proud of
tho cliungo in tho hall. Tho Post now
has a reading room with tho Dally
papers, donated by tho city press, al
so magazluos aud stands for games
and rocking chairs. It Is what tho
old boys ought tohavo and Is a good
placo to rest and spin yarns and toll
ofjwhat they havo dono.
Wo aro proud of our boys of the
CO's and sad at the thought of how
fast thoy aro bolng mustered out, ono
every fifteen minutes, four an hour
nlnoty-slx a day. And so It Is well
that thero should bo a new organ at
tho Post hall to support tholr voices
as thoy sing "Tenting Tonighj,,"
"Marching Through Georgia," and
Como out onso a month and holptho
hoys in tholr opon mooting to have a
good time andmako tholr hearts glad.
Again wo thank all who helped gather
M. Ki'I'enauer, E. G. Hough,
Pies. W. R. C. Com. Post.
A Now Gardening Device,
Oa tho train to Ft. Scott last ovon
ing a Register reporter saw some
thing now, which a Wichita man has
patented. Of courso Stove Haydon
has "got down" and owns an intorcst
in and is pushing tho patont. It is a
garden seed plantor. Anybody who
has evor mado garden knows how Im
portant It Is to got tho seeds evenly
scattered In tho rows - and how hard
that it is to do, especially in u wind.
So tho Wichita man mado a machlno
that twists a coll of tlssuolpapor and
drops seeds nt regular intervals in it.
Tho collod paper containing tho seeds
la wrapped on a spool and you can
plant your garden In a cyclono, got
your rows straight and never havo to
thin out. Tho paper draws inolsturo
and tho seed sprouts and ponotrates
tho thin paper.
Why didn't you think of that?
Six Firms Bid, Hut the Nortlmin Bank
Secured the Issue, the Interest
Kate Being -t Per Cent.
Tho Board of Education mot this
weok to open bids for tho Issue of
school bonds recently voted by this
city. Tho lssuo consists of $22,000 worth
of 20-year bonds, which wero not to
draw more than flvo por cent.
Six linns bid for tho bond3, most of
them being Chicago bond brokers,
and while the manner In which tho
bids aro expressed dilTers the olTcrs
made aro pretty closo together. It
was a local firm, however, which made
tho city tho best oiler for tho issuo,
and the bonds will bo sold to tho
Northrup National Bank of this city
at I per cent, which is a very1 good
figuro indeed.
Tho bids submitted aro ns follows:
Trowbridge ft Nlver Coi, Chicago,
offered $100.70 for 5, por cont bonds,
and $102.10 for 4i per cent bonds.
Blddlo it Dunne, of Wichita, of
cred to tako tho issuo at par at 4 por
cent Interest, discounting the price
John Nuveen & Co., Chicago, of
fered f 1,001.80 for the lssuo at 41 per
McDonald, McCoy & Co., Chicago,
oll'ered S239 premium on 4 por cont
bonds and to furnish the bonds.
T. B. Potter, Chicago, offered a pre-
niluiu of i, iSi for f per cent, anu a
premium of $837 for 4$ per cent bonds.
Ho agreed to furnish tho bonds.
Tho Northrup National Bank of
fered to tako tho issuo at 4 per cent,
furnish blank bonds, pay for record
ing same, tho Board to pay them a
commission of $200 for the salo.
This last, being tho best bid. was
accepted by tlio Board, and tlio bonds
will bo issued, dated Juno 1, 1002.
Fire nt Humboldt.
Special to the Register
Humboldt, Kansas, April
Hard work by tho (iro boys
I morning prevented what might have
been one of Humboldt's most dis
astrpus tires. In some manner Dr. II.
A. Brown's stablo caught tiro and
when the alarm was turned in the
building was a mass of llames. The
lire englno mado quick timo and was
soon playing on tlio houso, which was
near tho barn.
A .strong south wind was blowing
and Dr. Brown's residence, Dr. Wil
son's home, the Cottage hotel and
Hackloy's horso stables wero all in
direct lino iof tho fire. The flying
sparks soon sot llro to Hackley'9
stables fand as soon as they could
leave Dr. Brown's the englno was
taken to tho stables a block away and
tho fight renewed.
Tho barn was llllcd with hay and
while tho lire was hard to put out it
was not allowed to gain headway and
an hour's work removed all danger.
Tho .horses In tho Hackloy stables
wero taken out, so that practically
all tho loss Is on Dr. Brown. Had
tho llro not been controlled in timo tho
entiro west end of tho buslnoss part of
Humboldt would havo gone.
The New City Ordinance.
Members of tho new city council aro
now enjoying tho same sweet attention
which tho newspaper man endures tho
j ear round. Tho othor night thoy
voted onla now liquor ordinance, four
voting for It and four against. And
every man on tho council Is bolng
roundly abused for tho way ho voted.
It mado no difference which sido ho
took ho had a cussing coining.
And that ordlnanco, by tho way, Is
nothing now. It was presented to tho
old council about a year ago, soon
after tho onactmont of tho iHurroll
soarcli and seizure law. Tho old coun
cil road it and laid It on tho table,
which was tho samo as killing it. ft
was resurrected and sprung without
warning on tho now council and sailed
Lurge Oro Purchase Made.
Joplln Nows-Herald (Saturday)
Tlio Lanyon Zinc company today
bought 400 tons of zinc at Nock City,
Including tho Sphinx, tlio Colo &
Ingorsoll and tho M. & I. Tho pur
chase prlco is said to bo $32 por ton
Tho samo company also bought eight
cars at Oronogo, including tho Morn
ing Star and other grade ores at tlio
samo figuro. Tlio Lanyon company
appears to bo scouring the district for
oro and its agents aro picking up
overy bit that can bo found at a prlco
not in keeping with tho demands of tho
producors' pool. It is bolloved that
this Is an Indication that tho Lanyon
company Is determined to not close
down any of its furnacos if it can bo
The 31. K. &T. to Uiileim.
Tim Missouri. Kansas &Toxas Rail
road company has completed its track
laying to Galena, Kansas, olght mllos
from Joplln, and expects to havo tho
Joplln oxtenslon completed this wook.
A largo forco of mon aro working on
tlio lino, putting down rails and tlos
and building bridges arid culvorts.
Tho road will uso tho Missouri Pacific
station for the prosont and will begin
running trains on tho Joplln branch
somo tlniothis month and compoto for
tho buslnoss of tho zlno mining dis
trict, whlco ships an Immcnso quantity
of coal and sends out many Jcars of
oro overy weok.
Competition in this town Is cortalnly
strong and there is a possibility that
It may become unpleasant for tho mon
Friday afternoon T. B. Shannon
tho north side hardware man, forcibly
ejected W. A. Barber from his store
and later filed complaint against him
charging loud talk and a disturbauco
of tlio pcaco. Both mon handlo sowing
machines and Barber conducts an
agency and storo across the street
from Shannon in tho Sleepor block.
Barber says ho will light tho case, his
story bolng thatlho was not interfering.
Ho says ho had sold a machine to a
lady, sho left town, ho recovered tho
machine but did not got to sco her.
Thursday afternoon sho called wlillo
he was out. On his return his clerk
told him tho lady had beon in and,
bolng anxious to renew tho doal for
tho machine, ho hurried after her,
overtaking her In front of Shannon's.
Sho said sho would look at Mr. Shan
non's machines and Barber followed
her and her friend inside. Mr. Shan
non began displaying a machine and
Barber claims ordered him out of tho
storo. Barber refused to go unless
forcibly ejected and that Mr. Shannon
proceeded to do, tho two rolling on
tho lloor insldo and on tho walk out
side tho store. Mr. Shannon claims
that Barber was interfering with his
The caso promises to get into tho
courts and tho ladies will havo an in
teresting time as witnesses. It Is a
very unfortunate all air any way one
looks at It. '
Mrs. Joseph Croker Demi.
Matilda, wlfo Mr. Joseph Croker of
209 south Chestnut street, died at 11:30
last Friday after a lingering lllnoss.
For three years sho has been an In
valid and about a year ago sullored a
stroke of paralysis from which sho has
never fully recovered. Sho rallied
but "creeping paralysis" as tho doc
tors called It began tho advance which
ended in death that morning. Mrs.
Croker was a sister of Mr. William
Cunningham of 'Humboldt and was
sixty-eight years old.
Tho funeral was held Sunday
afternoon, Rev. John Maclean of
delating and tho remains interred in
Iola cemetery.
He Kept His Leg.
Twelvo yoars ago J. W. Sullivan of
Hartford, Conn., scratched his log
with a rusty wire. Inflammation and
blood poisoning set in. For two years
ho suffered intensely. Then 'the best
doctors urged amputation, "but," ho
writes, "I used ono bottlo of Electric
Bitters and 1 boxes of Bucklen's
Arnica Salvo and my leg was sound
and well as over." For eruptions,
eczema, tetter, salt rheum, sores and
all blood disorders Electric Bitters
lias no rival on oarrh. Try them,
Evans Bros, will guarantee satlsfac
lou or refund money. Only 50c.
For Coughs and Colds In Children.
"I havo not tho slightest hesitancy
in recommending Chamberlain'sCough
Remedy to all who aro suffering
from coughs or colds," says Charles
M. Cramer, Esq., a well known watch
maker, of Colomba Coylon. "It has
becu sotno two years slneo tlio City
Dispensary lirst called my attention to
tills valuable medicine and I havo re
peatedly used It nnd It bus been beno
licial. 'it has cured mo quickly of all
chest colds. It is especially efl'ectlvo
for children and seldom takes more
than ono bottlo to euro them of hoarse
ness. I havo persuaded many to try
this valuablo medicine, and thoy aro
all as well pleased as myself over tho
results." For sale by W. L. Crabb
& Co., Campboll & Burroll.
For $25.00
From Iola; samo reduction
to Pho-nlx, Arizona.
Dally, March 1 to April 30.
Through tourist sleepers
Ottawa to Los Angeles and
San Francisco; also chair cars.
Horaosooker3 tra verso bylthis
lino tho rich San Joaquin Valley;
marvolous results from
intensive farming on Irrigated
lands, ask for book about it.
Santa Fe
It. A. EDGAR, Agent.
Marvelous Elixir of Life Discovered
by Famous Doctor-Scientist That
Cures F.very Known Ailment
Wonderful Cures Aro Effected That
Seem Like Miracles l'erlonuetl
Thc Secret of Long Life of
Olden Times Revived.
Tim Ttmiiailv Iu l,Yiiu 'In All WUn Wn.wl
Nnine unit Address.
After years of patient study, nnrt dellvlni
to the dusty record of tho p.ist, us well at
following modern experiments In the realms
In medical science. t)r. .lames W Kliln, 7301
makes tho startling unnomicment that
ho lus suicly discovered the elixir of life
That lie Is able with tho iild of n mysterious
compound, known only to himself, produced
as u result of the years ho has spent fn search.
ln for this precious 11 fe-Bllni boon, to cure
any nnd c cry disease that Is known to the
human body. There Is no doubt of the doc
tor's earnestness In making his claim nnd tho
rcmaikable leures that he Is dally effecting
kcrins to bear lilm out ery stiongly. His
theory which ho udvanccs is one of reason
and Is based on sound experiences In a medi
cal practice oi many years, it costs nothing
to try his remarkable 'Elixir of l.lte." as he
calls It. for ho sends It fieo, to anyone who no
u suHerer, In sunielcnt quantities to convince
of tin ability to cure so there Is absolutely no
risk to run Homo of the cures cited nro very
remarkable, and but for reliable witnesses
would hardly be credited The lame havo
thrown awayciutchosiind w.ilkedubout aft r
two or three trials of the remedy The sick,
Klveu up by home doctors, have been restoted
to tncii iiimuiesanii menus in perfect health.
Rheumatism, neuralgia, stomurh, lieinl. liver
k dnev. hloou nnd sum r
blood and skin diseases nnd bladder
i disappear as bv ninirlr Headaches.
tumbles disappear as by
backaches nervousness. fecrs,consumutlon,
coughs, colds, asthma, catatrh, bronchitis ami
ullunectlnasof the thiout, lungs or any vital
organs arc ea-slly overcome In a space of timo
that Is simply marvelous.
Partial paralysis, locomotor 'ataxia, dropsy,
gout, scrofula and piles are quickly and por
manently removed. It purifies the entire sys
tem, blood aud tissues, restores nocmal nerve
I lower, circulation ami u state of perfect
lealth Is nroduced at oncu. To the doctorall
systems aro ullku and equally affected by this
great "j-.uxir or i.iio .-enu tor mc remedy
today. It Is freo to overy sutterer. Stato
what you want to be cured of and tho auro
remedy for It will be sent vou free bv return
Sco Tho Groat Hioyclo Whirl pres
ented by four Ladles and four Gentle
men Blcyclo Champions,
A Largo Monagorio of Raro Wild
50 Atonic Stars
10 Funny Clowns.
Dn't fail to see tlio freo morning
Exhibition on tho Show Grounds aftor
tho freo morning Street Parado.
Two Porformaucos, Aftornoon and
Evonlng. Doors open a 1 p. m. and
7 ii. m.
Excursion Rat3s on all Railroads.
A Big
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