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TH& TOLA BEGH8TER FBI DAY; MAY 2 1902 ;. 3 one)
v t w 1 . i un.i
W. II. Tarrant Arrives Villi Plans
for Suwcr Syjtein tinil Apparatus
for imklntr Survey
Mr. W. 11, Turraut, tho engineer of
Champaign, 111., to whom tho o.ty
council let tho contract for drawing
plans anil speculations for a septic
Bower system for tola, arrived in Iola
this week and will seo tho council
about his his plans and If accepted
will proceed tit onco with tho neces
sary survey before active construction
work will begin.
The plans do not differ very materi
ally from those made by Burns &
McDonnell. The city Is divided Into
four districts, tho south-west pari of
town ,belng District "A," tho north
and north-west being district "0",
tho east and north-east district "13",
and tho southeast "D". Main sewers
run east between Madison and Broad
way across town and between Jackson
and Monroe streets. Tho south-east
part of town will bo emptied into a
basin on Kim creek south-cast of town.
His plans have arranged ;for laterals
completely covering tho town, so that
after the city constructs Its main
sowers tho people in any neighbor
hood can knowijustwhcrc)and how they
will bo able to connect.
And wo certainly want sowers this
year and want them mighty bad.
Their construction will mean work for
a large number of men, for tho work
will be pushed when onco begun, and
tho largo part of tho nionoy spent for
the system will go In pay for labor.
It is to bo hoped tho city council can
get to tho question at an early date.
County W. C. T. U. Institute.
The annual session of tho Allen
county "W. C. T. U. Institute finished
a to dayssesslonWodnesday tho pro
gram having proven most beneficial
and interesting and tho attendance
fair. Tho sessions woro hold at tho
Methodist church and dolegatcs camo
from over tho county.
tiTho program for Tuesday's session
was replete with Interest. In tho after
noon excellent papers woro road pre
senting many now thoughts. Interest
ing discussions followed. A paper by
Dr. Jewell, of Moran, on "Narcotics"
was especially Instructive and awak
ened a new interest in tho uso and
effects of poisonous drugs. A vote of
thanks was tendered Dr. Jewell with
tho request that wo be pormittod to
publish his excellent paper.
An address by Ilov. iGillctto "Aro
Christians responsible for tho desecra
tion of tho Sabbath?" was full of good
thought and called forth an animated
A Parlimentary Drill was a pleas
ant diversion. .Much enthusiasm be
ing manifested when a motion was
made thut "we move as a body on tho
joints that still persist in defying tho
law in a Jtruly Carrio Nation stylo."
Motion prevailed. A motion that
alcohol be used as a remedy for snake
bite resulted in tho discovery of a
number of slmplo remedies that woro
not of alcoholic composition. When
tho vote wrts called for tho motion was
lost. Ono of the pleasant features of
our evening session was tho singing
by a chorus of children under tho
direction of their toacher, Mr. Gambol.
Children aro always wolcomo and an
inspiration to every program. Mrs.
Klnmoro's lecture on "Sclentlllc Tem
perance" was much enjoyed and very
Instructive. She fully demonstrated
or knowledgo of this vital subject.
Morning m sMoit 1 ueviln j April 2
J SO Deiotlons, Mrs Juno Mi'Kco
QOOriMnu'nilaii.Mrs I. II. Viulljee,
IB (M drooling, Mr, I) M OliUcsl
10 30 Question What should bo nruaiiipUahvil
liy this Institution' 1'lisl In niombuishlp.
Mm, Anna Hiker Second In Mibsoilptlons to
the national und hluto jiipcii. Mis, I'.ki
bnniuc). Third, In good results to tholoeul
organizations, Mrs Minnie (Milium,
12 CO Noontide prujer, Mrt,. Mlnulu (milium.
Afternoon seskloiiTuesdiy AprllJJ
2 DO (Jonsoorntlon scrilco, .Mis, Jennie U
2 30 Duties of local trcusurci, Mrs, Susan
2 I01ie value ot A stuto courso of study,
What lines should be ptusucd, Mrs. Ilradlcy.
3 00 Narcotics, Ur II Jewell.
3 15 Aro druKKils'permllHlonKcrii necessity?
Mrs, .Sophia Jones
3 30 Aro Christians responsible for the dese
cration of tho Habbath' Ilov Clllletto,
100 Whit are thu best methods ot conduct
ing u total abslcnance oaiup Ugn
115 I'arllraentury Drill, Mrs m II Wnllaco,
5 00 Miscellaneous business and adjournment
Evening sesnlon Tuesday April 29,
7 30 Music.
Devotions, D. M. Olilfot
Lecture, Mrs Klnmoro.
Morning Sessslon Wednesday, April 30
0 00 I'raUo service, Mrs. Ulo Hnnklns,
0 15 Secretary's report of previous days
9 30 Duties of the becrotary, MIssEMo Heir-
9 15 Question, Would tho admission of local,
county, district and Hlato Htiperlniendont to
tho executive committee ho benetlelal or
otherwise' Discussion lod by in M M,
10 00 Subject, Kct Kooins, their object, how
conducted nnd with what results" Itev II, O.
Oulbertson. i
10 20 Methods of woilt, Irn. S II. Wallace.
18 30 1'aper. How can wo help Junior and
senior L T. Uiand what hinders their work?
Mrs ArUo Palmer
10 45, (Question Drawer, Mrs. Jennie Kin-
11 15 Tho significance of our twine Why
and when do wo wear It Led by Mrs Ohlfcst
11 30 Devotions, topic I'romlsos that you
have found helpful and noontide prayer. Mrs
Muy Jewell
Afternoon session. Wednesday, April 30
2 00 Devotions, Miss Madeline Southard.
2 15 frco Parllment
(1) How may wo secure a United Chris
tian vote for the enforcement of Hw In
Kansas? Itov. L S. Jones
(2) Should the Kansas women be r mtcd
tho ballot and why? Mrs. Arnold,
(1) Has '.the taxp vying woman a itrlcv
unco? Rev. Wohncr.
(1) Women In tho new century Itev J
0)1 Is the Amcric in liquor traftlo a hind
rance! to the spicadl of the Oospel In
foreign landsf 'Mrs Adda Hublo.
(0) When doos oxpidlency become a
compromise' Hev. W I.. French.
livening Session, April JO.
7 30 Musle.
Devotions, Hci J T. Merry.
Lecture, Mrs S. II. Wallace,
.Secretary's report.
(ilohe Sights.
Behave yourself without a whipping.
What do tho loading Populists lead
People easily spoiled aro of small
Almost everyone has his ideal.
Who is yours?
A man cannot seo that cut glass 1-s
so terribly pretty.
If thcro is anything a boy hatos to
eat, It is health food.
Many a man who is said to bo sour
and cross is really sick.
A town is always thriving as long
as you expect something from It.
Wo wish evory summer wo woro as
popular as strawberries and ice
A man without an occupation Is as
unfortunate as a man without a
Wo always lllw to seo tho barkeeper
at tho front door: it is a sign he Is not
It Is funuy how people will get
ridiculous notions in Uioir heads, and
stick to them.
Nino times Id ten, when a friend
ooks for you it Is to tell you his
Going too fast has its draw backs.
You occasionally catch up with tho
buzz saw.
What has becomo of tho old fash
ioned woman who "waitod" whllo tho
men folks ato?
Tho old fashioned girl who screamod,
seems toihavo been supplantod by tho
ono who shoots.
What has becomo of tho old fash
ioned shrew who couldn't work rap
lillv unless shn was Rnnlillnrr?
It Is as hard for a man of forty to
fall deeply in lovo as It Is for a man
of sixty to get his back warm.
When a son reaches tho ago of
eighteen, peoplo begin to say ho and
his father do not "get on well to
gether." Wo had a horrible droam recently,
that wo woro hearing Kllen Stono
lecture, and that her text was "To
IlavoandTo Hold."
Colorado Oio Heing Smelted.
In addition to her gold and silver
Colorado has somo rich doposlts of
load and zinc, but thoy aro so often
found In combination with other
metals that tho smelters hero hae
sed hardly any of tho oro. Somo has
been smolted hero and the Cherokce
Lanyon plant at Gas City has experi
mented successfully with a new retort
and may uso Colorado oro altogether,
particularly If tho .Toplln combine
keeps oro prices as high as they now
Speaking of this tho Lead & Zinc
Nows says:
"Shipments of Colorado ore aronow
boinmado to tho Gas City plant of
tho Cherokee-Lanyon Spelter Com
pany. While tho company has been
using homo Colorado ores for somo
yoars past, mostly In an experimental
manner, tho Increased shipments at
this porlod, when tho chaotic condi
tions of tho, Jopliu district mako tho
oro supply low, allord food j for re
flection. Tho company has boon ex
perimenting with tho Sadtler retorts
and thoy aro understood to havo beeu
uniformly successful. From tho Kan
sas gas belt comes rumors that tho
company proposes imuktng oxtenslvo
preparations for handling Colorado
oi es, but It has been impossible to
verify this story."
Tho rumor that tho Chorokoo-Lau-yon
peoplo havo somo Interesting e
tonsions and dovolopmonts up their
sloovo aro current horo and Jit is bo-
Moved that tho full details will bo for
publication soon, although nothing
will bo given out now.
For Thoso Who Live on Farms.
Dr. Cergln, Pana, Ills., writes; "I
havo used Hallard's Snow Liniment;
always recommend It to my frlonds,
as I am conlidont thero Is no bstt&r
mado. It Isa dandy for burns." Thoso
who live on farms areespcclally liable
to many accidental cuts, burns and
bruisos, which heal rapidly when Bal
lard's Snow Liniment Is applied, It
should always bo kopt In tho houso
for cases of oraorgonoy. 25c, 60o and
$1.00 at O. B, Spencer is Co.
A Texas Wonder
One small bottle of HiUs fire it Discovers
oures nil ltlduey mid bladder troubles removes
uravel, cures dlabdos, wmlnil emlsdoiis
wonl; and lame ) tries rheum itlsm und all
lriexularltlos of the kidneys und bladder In
both men nud women, i ovulates bladder
troubles In children If not sold by your drug
gist, will ho sent by mill on receipt of U CO.
On small bottle Is two months' treatment and
will cure tiny ease aboie mentioned Dr H.
W. Hall, solo manufacturer. 1'. 0, llox fiM, St
Louis'. Mo Send for testimonials , Sttld by
Xemdi.Mo July 20 1901 -This Is to certi
fy tint I have used 4 bottle of Halls Groat
Utsoolorj When I began I was confined to
my bed Now I am able to walk aiound It
Is worth lis weight In gold to anyone suffering
with kldnej and bladder trouble I hid sutls
tled ills curing me Yours truly
Hunch of a Dozen Players Here or
Coining to Try lor Places on the
lola League Team.
Handicapped by tho lateness of tho
start and tho fact that tho other teams
In the Missouri Valley League had
secured ten to tlftccn men apiece to
work out, Iola has had a hard rub to
get Into the game. The Iola "mag
nets," as fuoy have been most appro
priately called by several would-be
players, returned from Kansas City
last Tuesday with tea men on their
list. None of them have ever played
in Iola and are uuknown quantities,
but all of them havo played amateur
and professional ball for years and
were selected on strong recommenda
tions by men who aro exports at the
game and know the boys.
Mutabaugh, Mlllsap and Watson,
aro pitchers, Wilson Is the tlrst
baseman applicant, Shumyer second
baseman, Johnson third baseman,
Oswold short stop, and Lucas and
Bales outfielders. All of them, are
desirous of showing their ability,' In
the Hold. Besides these thete are sev
eral players here from out of town
desirous of trying for tho team, and
letter galore arrive dally from play
ers seeking places. All the men are,
of courso, on trial and only those who
provo themselves genuine ball-players
will renfain Thero Is urgent noed of
getting somo kind of a team together
at onco as the seasonopens next Tues
day at Cotroyvlllo, whero Iola plays
three games.
"All tho cities In tho loaguo havo
posted their forfeit and signed teams
and tho other to wns aro not much bet
tor oft than fola, but havo the advan
tage of a week's extra practice. Men
at Kansas City, who ought to know,
after viewing the list sigued bj Iola,
said thoy thought the team hero stood
an excellent show against the other
tennis. Time will tell the story.
Thero aro still several things to at
tend to. Grounds must be secured,
outfits and sUIts bought, the players
worked out, boarding houses secured
and a thousand details looked after.
Tho management feels gratilled par
ticularly over the fact that a gentlo
manly set of boys has been secured
and rowdyism will not be ono of the
characteristics of the Iola team.
May Horticultural Meeting.
Tho May meeting of tho Allen county
Horticultural Society will bo held at
tho residence of Mr. E. I. Crowell two
and a half miles south of Gas City.
Mr. Crowoll will havo a conveyance at
tho electric depot at 11 o'clock to tako
anyone who wishes to come that way.
Picnic dinner. All invited to bring
your friends, and dinner baskets, and
enjoy a day of rest and learn things
to mako jou happier nil summer
Write to secretary for program which
tells of tho subjects for discussion.
Don't forget the day. Friday May 9th.
B P. Paxcoast. Sec
Cures Whim Dortors Kail
Mrs. Prank Chlasson, Patterson,
La , writes June Kth, l'.IOl- "I had
malaria fever In vory bad form, was
under troatment by doctors, but as
soon as I stopped taking their medi
cine the fever would return. I utod a
samplo bottle of Herblne, found It
holped mo. Then bought two bottles,
which completely cured mo. I feel
grateful to you for furnishing such a
splendid medicine, and can honestly
pecomraend It to thoso suffering from
malaria, as It will sutoly euro them."
Hljrbluo, 50c bottle at C. B. Spencer
& Co.
Do You Know
This Fellow?
One day thete came to "Mother
A child peouli ir from Its birth,
Its health wus good, twas nni er Melt,
And jet fconieliov. 'twould ulu ays kick
It kicked hecauso it could not talk;
It kicked because It could not walk,
Awake asleep by day by night,
It kicked away with all its might.
Tho "kicker" grew to manhood Then
Inbuslnos wcntllko many Jmen;
Hut ovey time ho closed a trado
Ills eve lasting kick was made
He kicked und kicked till life was dono,
He quit because his kicks were gone.
No bells were tolled none Mghed or cried,
The earth was glad the day ho died,
Tho foregoing was handed to tho
llnaisrau by an Iola business man
who believes he knows the "hero" of
tho poem. Still, the kloker ho knows
is not dead. Have you oier seriously
considered how much happier you
will bo If you boost Instead of kick
ing? Try It.
'1 ( .J - kl
..'L..'MMJ.ajsJrajtAJi.tjl r1! intlaHJfcrt'tTnt'iWiMi ntil itilii ' Inn in laHiiHHiflmmitfiMftit lU0nr, '''ii'J'ii- li'ialhJteaJIrAwt.alaaiaaaliaTBafiliaaM 4.
aaaawMwiilfeitafHaBaaafcaaaaaaClnKiSSMariiaWJii....!.'!!!! i n n.;i i m-WEuM'M'WtKKI'fM7MKn 'IL'IJrrfflaaaaaaanaaaaaTaaaaaaC" nni'nni ihmiiihi mt ipwhh
East Iola News S
II Luwyei- correspondent. f
April 2-Mr. GrauvHIo Pulton's
family united from Washington
county Indiana this morning on the
Missouri Pacific. Ills family consists
of wifo and two daughters, Misses
Mario and Grace. As soon as tholr
household Jgoods arrive thoy will
open a boarding housoon south Buuk
eye street in Dr. Teas' houso that was
moved fronl north Buckoyo to mako
room for tho now It. B.
Mr. Glvens who use to work In tho
foundry beforo It butned down has
been In Kansas City employed as a
moulder but has now returned to tako
a position In tho now foundry.
Mr. and Mrs D. M. Blxlcr aro get
ting ready to start on the first of May
to lslt tholr son near Chicago and
Mr. Blxler's brother In Chicago,
thence to tholr former home at Brook
Indiana, and may bo gone a month or
six weoks.
Ono car load of rock has been haul
ed to tho new school houso grounds
in East Iola and tho excavation for
tho foundation Is well along.
On the "th of;May somechangos will
take place at tho manufacturing plant
what It will be time will toll. Wo no
tice that they are alroady planing
somo heavy imachlnery In tho lower
story to work something harder than
Tho new buildings for tho foundry
aro progressing nicely.
m So many new houses are going up
In different parts of East Iola wt ds
nut pretond to keep up reporting
Tim Iola Mi-u's Mine.
Tho Dodd Glty (Ark.) Enterprise
has the following to say about the
mlno whlcK Is owned entirely by Iola
parties: i
"At the Iola Consolidated mine,
matters are being shaped up to begin
construction of tho mill. In tho re
cently made cut on that property a
block of 1M0 tons of crushed rock has
beon shapd ready to shoot oR when
tho time arrives. This oro begins at
the grtiss roots and is from 10 to 20
feet in thickness, with a 40 foot faoe
exposure Tho ore is very lino crush
rock, carrying pure reslu jack dls
samlnatod in the satin limestone. Cut
No. 2 on this property shows lead,
zinc carbonate, copper carbonate and
froo jack. Tho cut was mado diagon
ally across tho ore run, this Is a grass
root run also and is at least 9 or 10
feet thick, tho thickness not being fully
ascertained. In tho shaft of which
mention was made last week, a drift
is being run at 20 feet deep into a 0
foot run af ore running 10 to 12 per
cent jack. The Iola Co. have appoint
ed a coramltteo of its members to visit
the mine and, acting In conjunction
with Supt. N. O. Watklns, to decide
upon the situation and plan of pro
ceed uro In erecting the mill on their
tiroperty. This coramltteeconslsts of
Geo. A. Fry, D. P. Northrup, David
Ewart and J. A. Robinson, who will
visit tho property between tho 1st and
10th of May. The Iola Is ono of tho
best properties In the district and will
justify a mill being erected. The
propel ty is in 3j-20-18.
J. W. Coutant Hroke an Ann.
Mr. J. W. Coutant, the hardware
morchant and councilman from the
third ward, met with a trying mishap
last Tuesday Ho was working about
his homo on south Walnut street and
had placed a short ladder on top of a
box, hoping in this way to climb
to the roof of a low wing of
his houss. When ho was part way
up tho ladder, the box beneath tipped
over, precipitating him to tho ground.
He fell on his left arm, which was
badly dislocated at tho elbow and tho
muscles and tendons severely strained.
Medical aid was summoned and ho
was given otery attention.
Wi3 Southard Out East.
Mlks Southard, the young lady who
"started somothing" here in Iola two
weeks ago, Is now working in the east
part of tho county. She held moetlngs
last week at Humboldt and later at
Lallarpe. Monday night she deliver
ed her lecturo at Gas City, her talk
being much after tho style of her talks
hero. There havo been noraoro raids,
for the turvson that either thoro Wfvs no
material to work on or becauso tho
men In business that was raldablo
took alarm at her coming land clo.el
shop. It seems to bo a waiting game
to see whlpK side will glvojup tho fight
Would You Do It?
Would you buy groceries of agrocor
who had no scales? Would you buy
of a dry gioods merchant who had no
yard measure? Would you employ a
carpenter who had no saw? If such
men existed would ybu expect them to
Why then expect a farmer to suc
ceed who doos not takoja good, llvo,
up-to-data agricultural and live-stock
paper. A pajior of this class is just
as much a necessary part of the tools
for the favm as the scales for the
grocery store ortho saw to the car
pontor. When a man lu any kind of business
seaures tho nocessary '.tools for rUat
H- f z ifir ' "Mi x'CSi,r'. Si n!sjR
Wm If yvTiiHkWMKMwvHBIMCv'lK i B won y m w
Klt 1 I AiVb fl aK A 'dtp il UA )H BR A A M
K . ' . ,, JM Thrw nillHoi hi une Mi- HH
iB Per m M rtor ltoin Ot ClVUTCT,
V " V Jm airaNlT ft'd awrf-atanco
B. x -r-f l'K-) yvfl to aay stOTetr raiiKeinndt. Hfl
iBtN W f s yB TlrtonlyMonlliatwlentin- MB
iKaV X.VVJ--tyv-xS5lMH eaf rndintrtttie liwit and HH
j0ii3tB H frtTrat'to uwnttftolute con HI
jHlls VidlHH "1 tovct money every HH
,BMfcgS aJSMMMM tey ty lu perfect com
iHUHhTSS&HI rNution Uw ires real II
MWrWsiTAJMMM m Fire marc lot by
BLKyflflnjE5HkflB leading dcales everywhere.
Jewel Store
J. W. Coutant
Trade with.
Agents for the Hale SecWonal Book Case.
Up-to-dato Ooods In all tines
Four Registered Pharmacists: W. J. Evans, Tell Eans, Lou Eans, J. A. Tugg le
Solodkctronr!r EVANS
The Home Co-Operative
to pay off your mortgage or buy a
you 10 years and 8 months to pay It
month without Interest. In case of
deed will bo given.
Full Stock of Everything connected with the
Saddlery business.
All kinds of Harness, Blankets, Robes, Col
lars, Saddles, Etc.
A. Al. JARNAQIN will do Plrst-Class Shoe Repairing.
3tc crfcctcGcLc"
A Chance for
Do you want to earn a Beautiful
energy will accomplish tho tosult
4 The Eclipse
That Is the namo of
atven Away FttCU OP
CIIAHOU Wrth Over? 10
Subscribers to the Weekly
ukir sulHCrlptlou prloo ottta per year tich, iiMUtnn a tolaWf iJ.'0. nnd Mind us
the iumcxs and addrussoh, together with the money, wo will mall to him or her,
postnRO prepaid, ono "Ecllpso watch as desorlbcd below:
Tho "Ecllpso" watch Is a beautyl Gun metal finish; stem wind and stem set
open face. The "Eclipse" Is a watch that Is a credit to anyone to carry us a
Now, boys ami girls hero Is your ch irree See your neighbors, your friends
your relitlves, and get them to subscribe for the Weekly Journil It will only
tultoyoua llttlo whllo to secmoa list of ten hubsorlbcrs nnd cirri this boautWul
watoh wo aviure yoa Is woll worth tho effort
Make Vour Remittance by Money Order or
Draft and Address All Communications to
J J)m'-J'-JPZmJ)
business he can do better work andls
surer of success if gets tho beat.
When ti farraor secures a farm paper
he should get tho ono that is publish
ed in tho torrltory and by meu who
understand tho conditions under which
ho lives.
It Is absurd to seok agricultural
Information from a papfcr published
In another Stato and by men who
know nothing of Kansas conditions.
Cash paid for such a papor Is a doad
exponso. Cash paid for the homo
printed and progressive paper is an
ro Mid by
Iola, Kansas
South Side Square
Co, win furnish you the money
homo In any locality and ghe
back at the rate of 5.33 per
death or total disability a clear
Boy or Girl 5
Watch? If so u llttlo tlmo and
The Eclipse
tills beautiful watch.
(liven Away PKCU OP
C 11 ARCH! With Hvery 10
Subscribers lo the Weekly
Any boy or bItI who will sccuro for us Ten Subscrip
tions to tho ICantm City WuoUly Journal at the reir
Tho "Old Reliable" Kanaas Farmer
Is tho only paper that exactly meets
tho requirements of tho (armors and
llvo stockmen of tho Stato.
Wo havo now perfectod arrange
ments by which wo can send you tho
Wckkia' UlXJiSTKU and the Weekly
Kansas Parmer for $1.00. Send your
namo in at once,
Stop tho Cough
niul works oil' the Cold.
Ijaxatlvo Brcino-Qaiulno Tablets ou
u cold in ono day. No Cure, No Pay
Price 25 conts.
k ;

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