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Hntercl In tho Postofflceiat lola, Kansas, m
Becond OUm Matter.
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Ono year, tu aJvAnoo Jl BO
Toko iconthn. In KiWnnco. . W
Mado known on application.
vvuiluiij-iuu, Muy 1. Upon tho
theory that llko attracts liko, It Is not
suprlslng that President Hoosovolt
should havo appointed Hoprosontatlvo
William II. Moody, or Massachusetts,
to succeed John D. Long as Secretary
of tho Navy. Physically Mr. Moody
boars so striking a rosemblanco to tho
President that ho is very commonly
roferred to as tho Prosldont's double.
Ho has many of tho President's montal
and moral characteristics also. lie is
not so impulsive perhaps, or so snappy
and energetic in his movements and
his speech; but ho is just as earnest,
just as honest and takes just as lofty
a view of tho duties and responsibili
ties of American citizenship.
In tho House, where ho has served
for soven yoars, ho has the highest
standing, and his appointmontygavo
unqualified satisfaction to members
on both sidos of tho political aisle
Without assuming any of tho preroga
tives of leadership, ho has yct been
recognized, almost since his Art term,
as a factor with which any one Inter
ested in important legislation had to
reckon. Without being in any sonso
an orator, he has always boon a bio to
command tho attention of tho House,
because on tho fow occaslonswhon ho
arose to spoak, tho members all knew
that ho was expressing the most oarn
est and slncoro convictions, and that
his conclusions had been roaelied only
after an cxhaustlvo study of tho ques
tion undor discussion. Among other
things ho hud made a careful study of
parliamentary practice, and was ono
of tho fow men on tho lloor of tho
Houso recognized as an authority on
that subject. For thlsjreason, as well
as for tho knowledgo that no personal
or partisan sentlmout f could over per
suado him to make a ruling that would
vary tho width of a hair from his con
viction of what was right, ho has been
prominently mentioned as an availablo
candidate for Speaker whonovor tho
present Incumbent should retiro or bo
rotlred. With this prospect boforo
Tnlra In tho House, and with a proud
and enthusiastic constituency behind
him, his congressional future looked
bright indeed, and thero has been no
affectation In tho regret no hu-. fteoly
expressed In making tho change. Ex
pressing thin regret to tlio writer yes
terday, his last day in the House, ho
"It ends a servico which has been
agreeable and inspiring, and sovors
tho relation with a considerate and
gonerous constituency. Hut I take
away many pleasant memories. After
seven yoars' sorvlcohero I havo a linn
and abiding faith In Congress. 1 be
lieve that It Is truly representative of
tho best there is In American life, and
in largo degreo Is composed of men
who aro earnestly striving for tho
public welfare. Through tho wldoly
differing opinions thoro seems to mo
to run a current of devotion to tho
country. It Is not conllned to any
party or any section, and is tho salva
tion of tho republic."
Ho is admirably equipped, however,
for tho now duties upon which ho en
ters. During tho past soven yours ho
lias been a member of tho naval eotn
inltto and on this account he has boon
brought into intimate relations
with the great department ovor which
ho is now to preside. A student by
nature and habit, ho has mado It his
business during all thoso years to
familiarize himself with all tho details
relating to tho support and inanago
meat of tho navy, and' he will bo able
to tako up his now work with a full
ness of Information touching all the
duties It will involve which fow of his
predecessors havo had. That he will
administer tho olllco with discretion,
energy and great wisdom nobody need
have tho least doubt.
Nearly overy visitor who looks In
upon tho Houso of Representatives for
tho llrst tlmo remarks that tho major
ity of tho members aro much younger
men than he expected to see. As a
matter of iact the avorugo ago of tho
members Is forty-nlno yoars. Hut
thoro aro probably more under that
ago than ovor It, a great number of
them being botweon forty und llfty.
Ralph Faxon, Mr. Long's secretary,
took tho troublo to figure this matter
out in homo detail recently and dev
eloped somo rather Interesting facts.
Ho found that out of tho ontlro mem
bership Jlfty-sovon aro men of forty
yours or younger. Of the Kansas
dologojlon, four Mr. Long, Mr.
Curtis, Mr. Jackson and tho wrltor
wore born In tho sumo year. Mr.
Calderhoad at llfty-olght Is tho oldost,
und Mr. Roedor at flfty-threo is tho
noxt In sonlorlty. Mr. Long Is tho
youngest member of tho delegation
preceding tho wrltor hereof by a mouth
and a wook.
Tho youngest man In tho Houso Is
John J. Fcely, of Chicago, who will
not be twentysovon yoars old until
next August. Tho noxt youngest mem
ber Is Asbury Lover, of South Caro
lina, who was prlvato hccrrtary to his
predecossor, and who passed his
twcnty-Bovonth birthday recently. The
oldest member of tho House is Galusha
A. Grow, of Pennsylvania, father of
tho homestead law, who entered Con
gross for tho llrst tlmo moro thun half
a century ago. Of couso ho has not
boon in continuous service during all
this period, but ho Is now serving hU
fourth consecutive term since his re
juvenation in 1801. Thoro Is no mem
ber of tho House moro punctual and
regular In his attendance thun Mr.
Orow, and In spite of his yours ho is
strong and active, und his mind ap
parently us vigorous und alert as over
Ho does not speak often, but when ho
does address tho Houso his volco rings
out with tho vigor and power of man
hood's prime, and his thought is
logical, clear and strong.
Thoro uro fowor young men in tho
Senate, of course, whero tho member
ship Is restricted to two members from
each state, and whoro ago and experi
ence count for considerable But ovon
comparatively speaking thero aro
fower young men thoro, tho notablo
oxcoptlons bolng Bailey of Texas, who
is thirty-oight, and Bovorldgo, of In
diana, who 1b In his thirty-ninth year.
Balloy has been "prominently men
tioned" as tho Democratic candldato
for Prosldent In 1004, and Boverldge
has been a conspicuous flguro In tho
Scnato ovor slnco his olection In 180!).
Ho has mado soveral notable speeches.
Bovorldgo is tall and slender, und
during tho last Congress was given
the sobriquet of "tho wasp from tho
Wabash," by Tillman, of South Car
olina, whom ho had roferred to as "a
guncap, or a box of matches." Mc
Laurln of South Carolina, Penroso of
Pennsylvania and Kittrcdgo of South
Dakota aro forty-ono yoars old. But
as has been stated, those aro tho ex
ception rather than tho rule, men ripo
in years and length of servico pre
dominating in tho upper houso of Con
gress. Senator Collum, who looks
llko Lincoln, is sovunty-tlireo; Sena
tor Hoar, of Massachusetts is seventy
six, and Senator Pettus, of Alabama
Is oighty-ono. Thero aro many others,
too, who aro veterans In senatorial
servico, and whoso years easily out
number tho allotted three score and
Thirty-seven years ago Kansas had
but ono roprcsontativo in tho Houso.
This lono roprcsontativo was Sidney
Clarko, now a resident of Oklahoma
City, but at present In Washington.
He finds but two men now In Congress
who wero hero when ho represented
tho state in tho Thirty-ninth, Fortieth
and Forty-llrst congresses from 18(i."
to 1871. Senator Allison of Iowu was
hero In tho Houso at tho samo time,
dropping out In 1871 and coining to
tho Senate in 187.'!. Senator Halo of
Maine entered tho JIouso in Clarko's
last torin, 180!) to 1871!, and continued
thero until ho went to tho Scnato in
1881, with ono term's exception. Sen
ator Stewart of Nevada entered tho
Sontito in 18(i,"), when Clarke went in
the Houso, but Stewart was out of tho
Scnato from 1875 to 187".
It would bo- interesting to know of
what stulV their ships wero mado that
they havo been ablo to sail so long
on "tho troacherous vitriol sea."
C. F. S.
Hickory Stuidors Arrested.
Somo weeks ago, possibly a month,
tho Ruqistkk reported an assault
mado on a young man on west Madi
son avenue by a colored mun. Tho
colored party to tho aJTulr was
Hickory Sanders and ho left lola im
mediately und stayed away until Mon
day when ho returned hero and tho
polico nabbed him. Tho story of tho
crime is given by L. D. Ragland, a
young whito man, who says that San
dors approached him ono evening Ion
tho street und demanded a nlcklo.
Huglund refused and Sanders struck
him. Ragland sworo out a complaint,
charging .assault and using profane
language on tho street, Ibut Sunders
had disappeared. Ills trial was set
for the aftornoon.
Hickory was turned looso after bo
ing arrested on his own recognizance
and ho ovldontly recognized that ho
was up ugainst it for ho skipped and
did not appear for trial.
Dickey Fighting for Cliauuta Gtis
Ono of tho considerations which In
duced W. S. Dickey to decldo to lo
cate his tllo and brick works at Cha
nuto was tho leaso known us the Colo
leuso which ho isup)osed was coming
to him. On this leaso was drilled
soveral months ago tho best gas woll
in tho Chanuto Hold. Tho Colloyvillo
brick pooplo, however, claim tho sumo
louse und put a gang of fifteen mon
from Independence atiwork, connected
tholr pipes with tho woll and aro prob
ably using It now. They claim to
hold a prior louse on tho land. Tho
Dickey peoplo havo taken legal stops
to oust them but tho ColToyvlllo peo
plo show fight and, having possession
may mako Dickoy a heap of troublo.
Contract for $1000 homo without
interest, In original Home Cooporatlvo
Association of Kunsas City. Nuinbor
undor 413, matures shortly. $120 buys
If tukon soon. Address W. D
Shookmsy. Lullarpo, Kans.
Republican County Central Committee
Met Totliij mill Called it to Meet
at Moi'iiu on June 17.
Thoro was a goodly gathorlng of
old lino Rciiubllcans In town Tuesday
the occasion bolng tho called meeting
of tho fifty or more members 'of tho
county central committee. Tho moet
Ing was held In tho court room tit tho
court houso and tho principal busi
ness of the moot was tho selecting of a
date for holding tho county convention
and primaries.
Tliw . attendance was not full but
thoro woro thirty or forty of tho com
mittee present and Chairman Ewing
called the mooting to order. Tho tlmo
of holding tho convention was discus
sed so as to hold It when tho wheat
and corn crops would not keep tho
farmers from attending and tho can
didates wero called on for expressions
of opinion. Somo favored Juno 7 und
others Juno 21. After a full discus
sion It was decided to hold tho primar
ies on tho 14th und tho convention on
Juno 17.
Morun was selected as tho place for
holding tho convention. ClarkThom
as mado an impassioned plea, setting
forth tho fact that tho Katyhad agreed
to run a special truin to roach Moran
from lola about 10 o'clock, that pro
vision was mado for feeding tho dele
gates and tho train would bring them
back when tho convention adjourned.
Thoro was no other cuudldate und so
tho convention will meet in Morun at
11 a. m. Juno 17.
It was docldcd also to print tho rules
regarding primary olection for tho in
struction of voters who aro uot famil
iar with the system in voguo hore. It
was also ordered that tho secrctnry
havo tho primary tickets printed ten
days boforo tho convention, so candi
dates must have tholr announcements
with him by that tlmo to get on tho
Jlisi Mitchell Kc-L'lecteil
Tho lola board of education met In
Its annual sossion Monday to (con
sider matters of importance to tho
schools of tho city. Reports wero re
ceived and tho board reorganized.
For tho onsulng twdvo months tho
olllcers of tho board will bo E. C.
Remsburg, president, D. P. Northrup,
vlco-prosldent, and G. M. Nolson,
secretary. Mr. John Vannuys, elected
at tho city election last year, holds
ovor as treasurer.
Miss Clifford Mitchell, tho present
superintendent of schools, was re
elected to that olllco. She has becomo
so perfectly .famlllur with the work,
has dono such ell'cctlvo and satisfac
tory work that tho board was a unit
In voting to put her in charge for an
other year. Miss Mltcholl Is claimed
as an lola girl, having lived hero for
ton yoars or moro, and her numorous
friends will bo pleased to know that
her ubility and industry nro recog
nized. Tho board adopted tho Johnson
automatic boat regulating apparatus
for tho now school building. In 'most
buildings each teachor regulates the
temperature of her room, but ono
never notices sucli things until tho
room is too hot or too cold. Tho
automatic contrivanco turns off or
on tho boat as the room requires,
maintaining a fixed temperature
A letter of thanks from Miss Maude
Minrow, who left tho lola schools to
uccopt a bettor position in Kansas
City, thanking tho board for its cor
dial "letter of recommendation was
read by tho board with ploasuro.
Tho treasurer mado his annual re
port of moneys received and expended
and It shows that tho city schools
havo becomo an Important and expon
sivo concorn. For tho year from May
(J, 1001, to May C, 1002, tho books
stand as follows:
Halo of bonds 919.810 CO
Insurance burned building 1,00000
Tuition 267.1X)
Oo.Treas, Clcncrnl Kund 19,(1,13 35
co, Treas. Hood Fund 8,570.53
Hills payable 2,50000
Itent ,10 00
Sale, building 350
nul.onhand last ropoit 8,480.14
Total $00,301.28
Salaries $11,02100
Sundries 15,080.1''
liulldlns: nocounl JM.2SI.7
Horn! account 1,67381
llulunuo on bnnd today 3,usl,r)l
Total $00,301,28
lola Hoys Ilobbetl in Colorado.
R. II. Brown this weok received
a tolegram from Colorado City, Col
orado, which road brloily but oloarly:
"Send llfty. Was robbed last
night. Will bo homo Sunday."
It was signed by his son Garfield
Brown. Ho und his brothor Art left
somo tlmo ngo for Colorudo for tholr
health and to seouro work. They vis
ited Colorado Springs and ovldontly
drifted out to tho half-way town just
ubovo that city. Thoro tho thlovos
fell upon them and stripped, them
clean. Mr. Brown thinks Garflold
had sovoral hundred dollars on his
person and that Art had aboutsoventy.
Money for thorn to return homo was
sent thorn.
Ail Arkatisaslndtistry.
A RraiSTim subscriber whoso busi
ness takes him Into tho Whito river
region of Arkansas, (Ark,,) in a re
cent letter to an lola friend makes tho
following interesting comment:
"It lias been known for soveral
years that thoro woro pearls In tho
Whito river, Arkansas, mussols Jund
notices of valuablo finds havo oc
casionally appeared In tho papers.
But It Is only within tho last year
that tho business of hunting them has
assumed Important proportions. Tho
most productive beds seem to Ho In
tho neighborhood of Newport, Ark.,
and Jacksonport, and somo llftccu or
twenty miles along tho course of tho
stream, and tho peoplo of that vicinity
havo been gradually giving moro lat
tcntion to tho business until within
tho past threo or four months it has
becomo a vorltablocrazo. Everybody
who can get to tho rlvor goes "pearl
ing." Of course it is uncertain busi
ness; ono may work a year and find
nothing and another may find a for
tuno withcry little labor.
"Recently thoy havo been very suc
cessful. Valuablo pearls arc brought
to tho buyers at Newport overy day
and "Slugs" or imperfect pearls aro
in everybody's hands. Of course
overy valuablo find adds to the excite
ment and starts now pearlers Into tho
"WJillo I was thero ono day last
week an old negro woman, who had
thrown up her job as cook in a family
in town to hunt pearls, came In with a
beauty which sho sold for ?1200. ,A
negro man on the samo day found ono
worth two thousand dollars. It
weighed something over ono hundred
grains. . Tho day boforo a whito man,
ijn ex-section foreman found a pearl
valued at $1800. These wsro excep
tionally flno specimens; tho ordinary,
or avorago, bolng worth anywhere
from ten dollars up toono or two hun
dred. "Tho process of getting tho mussels
out is very much llko gathering
oysters. Thoso who can .allord It
havo a Hat boat with a bole through
tho bottom through whluh thoy oper
ato a pair of tongs or grab hooks
which bring up about a pock of shells
at a time. These aro then dumped In
to a vat of hot water kept on board
and as tho shells open tho flesh is
scraped out und tho cleaned shell
thrown aside. Tho fisher then goes
through tho moat carofully after his
pearl, and lastly tho flesh Is turned
ovor to tho hogs.
"While thero is no cortainty of
finding tho gems, tho operator Ii sure
of a good day's wagos from the fact
thut tho empty shells find ready mark
et ut nine dollars per ton loaded In
tho car, und a thousand pounds of
shells is only a fair day's work.
"An idea of tho proportions of tho
business can bo gathered from tho
fact that slnco last July over threo
hundred etr loads of shells havo been
shipped from Newport alone. They
go to button factorios in sovoral dif
ferent states, and many (of them aro
shipped to Germany and Austria
"i spoke of getting tho sholls'out by
means of a boat: That Is tho aristo
cratic way of doing it. Gonorally tho
Pearler can afford only hand tools, a
pitch fork or a garden rake and with
these he wades In tho water all day
raking out tho sholls, and saturating
his frame with malaria. Another do
vico is to tako a pleco of gas pipe, bIx
or eight feot long, run a lot of flno
wires through it and mako brush of
them on ono end. This ho prods down
Into tho water und whenever a wire
happens to enter tho 'open shell of a
mussel ho closes on it with what is
literally his doath grip and Is brought
to tho surface and scraped off into
tho hot water bath.
Tho Pearl beds in Whito river seem
to be practically inexhaustible. Tho
banks along that part of tho stream
aro lined with Campers and tho rlvor
covered with boats of all descrlp.
Second District Populists.
Tho Pooplo's party congressional
convention of the Second Kansas dis
trict is to bo hold in Fort Scott, pos
sibly on tho samo day tho Democratic
convention meets thero May 20, This
was tho desire of tho Populists, but it
has gotton so late that thoy bcllovo It
to bo imposslblo to havo county con
ventions to elect congressional delega
tions in time for tho Democratic con
vention, To Cure it Cold in one Day
Tako Laxatlvo Bromo Quinlno Tab
lots All druggists refund tho money
f it fails to cure. K. W. Grove .
ignaturo is on oach box. 25c.
Notice of Hoard of Equalization.
(Klrst published May 9, 1902.)
l'ublto notlco Is hereby given that tho Hoard
ot County oommlbslonerNnfAilenouuuty, Kan
sas, will meet as u Hoard ot Equalization ut
tho olllco of tho county dork, on Monday,
Juno 2, 190', for tho purpose or equalizing tho
value of real and personal pioporty In said
county All persons feeling themselves air
grlovcd may uppeivl and havo all errors In tho
luturns of usucbsors corrected. The Hoard
will bo In Mission Monday, Tuesday aud Wed
ncwlay, tho 2nd, 3rd und 4th days of Juno and
will havo undor consideration on Monday tho
returns of tho assessors of the following town
ships, towlt: Geneva, Oorlylo, Deer Creek,
Osage and Marmaton, On Tuesday Kim, lola
und lola city. On Wcdnosday Logan, Hum
boldt, Salem, Cottage a rove and l'.lsmoro.
And It Is especially recommended and desired
by tho llojtclof Commissioners that tho trustee
of oiioh township bo present on tho day tho
returns of his township uro considered
Given undor my hand undseal this Oih day of
May A,D 1002,
0. A, l'HONK,
County Clerk,
makes Happy Homes
The perfect 'Stove and Range is
distinguished by hove trade mark.
ltwl BUT re M14 fcy
J. "W. Coutant lola, Kansas
Trade with
Agents for the Hale Sectional Book Case.
Up-to-date Ooods In all lines
Four Registered Pharmacists: W. J. Evans, Tell Evans, Lou Evans, J. A. Tuggle
The Home Co-Operative
to pay oil' your mortgago or buy tt
you 10 years and 8 months to pay It
month without Interest. In ease of
deed will ho given.
M h'Ulo
H 4&'
i j tiytc:
Start igSit
"The Katy
jUl if
My chum's
" " COfSLO O-C tC-0'C
A Chance for Boy or Girl 5
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energy will accomplish tho result
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