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" .Mry
sm ins.,
1 Emile Gtv.bori.xu
"Wo hnvo hnd enough of this gos
sip." ho said In n disdnlnful tone. "I
will only sny one thing more. Master
Clown, and that is that your tongue is
too long."
"Perhaps, my pretty boy, perhaps,
but my arm Is still longer."
Do Clamcran hastened to end the
"It Is Itnposslblo for one to seek an
explanation from a man who conceals
Ills Idontlty under the gulso of a fool."
"You are at liberty, my lord doge, to
ask tho master of tho houso who I um
If you dure."
"You are," cried Clamcran "you
i A warning look from Itnoul checked
tho forgemnster from using au epi
thet which would hnvo led to an affray
or at least a scandalous scene.
Tho clown stood with a snrdonlc
8iullo and nftcr n moment's sllcnco
stared M. do Clamcran steadily in the
faco and said coolly:
"I was the best friend, monsieur, of
your brother Canton. I was his nd
Macr and tho confidant of his last
Tuer,o few words fell llko a clap of
thunder upon Do Clamernn. lie turn
ed deadly palo and recoiled with bis
bands stretched out before him, as If
bIii inking from n specter. lie tried to
answer, to protest, but the words froze
on his lips.
1 "Come, let us go," said Lagors, who
retained his equanimity.
I And bo dragged Clamernn away, sup
porting him, for ho staggered like a
drunken man nud cluug to the walls to
prevent falling.
j "Oh, bo!" exclaimed tho clown.
I no himself was nlmost as much as
tonished as the forgomaster and stood
stock still, watching the latter as he
slowly left the room. It was with no
decided object In view that be had
ventured to use tho last mysteriously
threatening words, but bo had been In
spired to do so by his wonderful In
stinct, which with htm was llko the
cent of a bloodhound.
"What can this mean?" ho muttered.
"Why was he so frlghtened7 What
terrible memory have I awakened? I
need not boast of my penetration or
"the subtlety of my plans. There Is a
treat master, who without any effort
In an Instant destroys all my chimeras.
He is called chance."
His mind bad wandered far from the
present scene when somo ono touched
iilm on the shoulder, recalling him. It
(was tho man in tbo Venetian cloak.
"Aro you satisfied. M. Verduret?" ho
"Yes and no, monsieur the count
no, becaufeii I havo not completely
achieved tho object 1 had In view
when I asked you to bo nJmlttcd hero
tonight: yes. because these two rascals
bc'lmvcd In a manner which dispels all
,t "And yet you complain"
'' "I do not complain, monsieur tho
count On tbo contrary, I bless chance.
or, rather, I'lovldence. which has Just
revealed to mo the existence of a se
cret that I did not beforu even sus
pect." FIvo or sis guests approached tho
count, interrupting the speakers. IIo
went off with tbeni after giving tho
clown a friendly nod. The latter In
Btautly threw asldo his banner and
started through tho crowd In pursuit
of Mine. Fnuvel. She hnd left tho gal
lery. IIo found her sitting on n sofa
In the largo salon, engaged In un nnl
mated conversation with Madeleine.
Of course," muttered tho clown,
"they nro talking over the scene. But
(what has become of Lngors and Do
IIo soon saw them nnderlng among
tho groups scattered about tho room
and eagerly asking questions.
"Theso honorable gentlemen aro try
ing to And out who I am. Keep It up,
my friends. Ask everybody."
They boon gave It up, but wero so
preoccupied and anxious to he nlono In
order to collect and deliberate that,
without waiting for supper, they took
leavo of Mine. Fnuvel and her niece,
saying they wero going. Tho clown
aw them go up to tho dressing room,
take their clonks, descend tho grand
staircase and depart.
"I havo nothing moro to do here," ho
And, completely covering his dress
with a domino, ho sto.-ted for home.
Ho lit a cigar and, walking up St. La
xaro street, crossed the Notro Dame do
Lorotto and made for tho faubourg
Alontmnrtrc. Suddenly as ho entered
Olllvlcr street a man emerged from a
placo of concealment and rushed upon
him with rulbcd arm. Fortunately tho
clown had a catllko Instinct, which en
abled him to protect himself against
Immediate danger and keep a sharp
watch obout him. IIo hod seen, or,
rather, divined, tho man crouching In
tho dark shadow of n houso and hnd
put himself on guard, spreading out
lils arms. This movement certainly
saved bis life. Anger moro than pain
mndo him cry out:
"Ah, you villain!"
Seeing his blow miss, tho assassin
did not roturn to tho attack, but mado
rapidly off and disappeared in tho
Faubourg Montmartro.
"That was certainly Lngors," said tho
clown, "nud Clamcran must bo somo
ivhcro near."
IIo began to suffer from his wound.
IIo stood under n gas lamp to examine
It It did not appear to bo dnngerous,
but tho arm wus cut through to tho
bono. IIo took his handkerchief from
Ills pocket uud tore it into four bands
a - ,.-.. n.sylihiMBuMisMsMMgfct
and tied his arm up with tho dexterity
of a Burgeon.
"I must he on tho track of some
great crime, since these illlulns aro 10
solved upon murder. When such men
nro only In danger df the police court
they do not gratuitously risk tho
chance of being tried for murder."
IIo could not stay where ho was.
Ily enduring a great deal of pain bo
might still uso his arm, so ho started
after his enemy, taking caro to keep
In the mlddlo of tho road and avoid nil
dark corners. Although ho snw no
one, ho was convinced that ho was be
ing followed. When ho rcuched the
Boulevard Montmartre, ho crossed it
and as ho did so distinguished two
shndows which ho recognized. They
crossed tho same street when ho cross
ed, a llttlo higher up.
"I have to deal with desperato men,"
ho muttered. "They do not eon tuko
tho pains to conceal their pursuit of
IIo continued bis way up tho boule
vard and, without turning his head,
was suro that his enemies wero thirty
feet behind him.
"I must get rid of them somehow,"
ho said to himself. "I can neither re
turn homo nor to tho Archnngel with
these devils at my heels. 'j,'hoy nro
following me to Und out where I llvo
and who 1 nm. If they discover that
tho clown Is M. Verduret and tbnt M.
Verduret Is II. Lccoq, there Is an end
to my plans. They will escape abroad
with the money, and I shall bo left to
console myself with a wounded arm."
Tho Idea of Itaoul and Clamernn es
caping so exasperated hltn that for an
Instant ho thought of having them ar
rested at once. This was easy, for ho
only bad to rush upon them, cry for
help, and they would all three be ar
rested and taken to tho station. Tho
pollco often resort to this Ingenious
and simple means of arresting a male
factor for whom they are on tho look
out and whom they cannot seize with
out a warrant. The next day there Is
a general explanation, and the par
ties. If Innocent, nro dismissed. Tho
clown had sufficient proof to sustain
hliu In the arrest of Lagors. He could
show tho letter and the mutilated pray
er book, ho could reveal the existence
of tho pawnbrokers' tickets In tho
house at Veslnot, be could display his
wounded arm. Ilnoul would be com
pelled to confess bow and why he hnd
assumed the name of Lagors nnd to
what cud he was pnbsing himself off
for a relative of M. Pa u vol.
On the other hand, in acting thus
bnstlly he was Insuring tho safety of
tho principal villain. Do Clamcran.
What proofs had he against him? Not
one. IIo had strong suspicions, but no
facts. On reflection he decided that
he would act alone, as he had thus far
done, and would discover tho truth
of his suspicious. Having reacted this
decision, the llrst step to bo taken was
to get rid of bis sliadowers. He walk
ed rapidly up Scbastopol, stepping out
boldly, and, reaching tho square, ho
abruptly stopped. Meeting two ser
geants of police, bo asked some Insig
nificant questions. The maneuver had
the result lie expected. Itaoul and
Clamernn stood perfectly still about
twenty steps off, not during to ml
lance. Twenty steps! That was as
luurli start as the clown wanted.
While talking with the sergeants ho
had pulled tbo bell of thu door before
whlchtliey were standing, and Its
Bound apprised him that the door was
open. He stepped Into the house. A
minute later tho sergeants had passed
on, nnd Lagors nnd Clamcran In their
turn rang tho bell. When the porter
appealed, they asked who It was that
had Just gone In disguised as a clown.
They were told that uo masked person
had entered and that none of the lodg
ers had gone out disguised thnt night.
"IKowover," added the concierge, "I
an riot very sure, for this hoiibo has n
back door which opens on St. 1enls
"Wo nro fooled," Interrupted La
gors, "and will never know who tho
clown Is."
"Unless we lenm it too soon for our
own good," bald Clamernn musingly.
While Lagors and the forgeinaster
were full of anxiety the clown hurried
up tho back street and reached tho
Archangel hotel as the clock struck a.
Prosper, who was watching from his
window, saw him lu tho distance and
ran down to open tho door for him and
led him up stairs Impatiently.
"What have you learned?" ho snld.
"What did you find out? Did you seo
Madeleine? Wero Kuoul and Clamcrun
at tho ball?"
Hut M. Verduret was not in tho hab
it of discussing prlvato affairs whero
ho might bo overheard.
"First of all let us go Into your room
nnd get some wnter to wnsh this cut,
which burns llko flro."
"IleuVens! Aro you wounded?"
"Yes; It Is n little souvenir of your
friend Itaoul. Ah, I will soon teach
him better manners!"
Prosper was surprised at the look of
merciless rago on his friend's faco as
ho nnluily washed and dressed his arm.
"Now, Prosper, wo will talk. Our
enemies nro warned, and wo must
crush them with tho rapidity of light
ning." M. Verduret expressed himself In a
quick, Imperious tone, which Prosper
did not understand. '
"I havo mado a mistake. I havo been
on tho wrong track. It Is an nccldont
llablo to happen to any man. no mat
ter how Intelligent ho mny be. I huvo
taken tho effect for tho cause. Tho
day I was convinced that culpablo re
lations existed betweeu Itaoul nnd
Mm, Fnuvel I thought I hold tho end
of tho thread thnt must lead us to tho
truth. I should havo been moro doubt
ful. It was too simple, too natural."
"Do you supposo Mine, Fauvol to bo
"Certainly not, but her guilt is not
such ns I supposed. I imagined that,
infatuated with u scductlvo adventur
er, Mrt, '. Fauvel had first bestowed
roportoa .
upon liim the name or one of her rem
tlves nnd then lntioduccd him ns her
nephew. This was an odrolt strata
gem to gain him admlBsIon to her hus
band's house. She began by glilng
him all tho money she could dispose of,
later her jewels, which ho pawned.
Finally, having nothing more to give,
slio allowed him to steal the money
from her husband's safe. That Is
what I thought."
"And lu this way everything was ex
plained?" "No, this did not explain everything,
as I well knew at tho time. How is
Clamcrnn's position to bo accounted
for under my first theory?"
"Olameran Is Lngors' accomplice."
"Ah, there Is tho mlstako! I for n
long time believed Lagors to bo the
principal person when, In fact, ho la
nothing. Yesterday In n dlsputo be
tween them tho forgomaster said to
his frldid, 'And, above all things, my
friend, I would ndvlso you not to resist
me, for if you do I will crush you.'
Thnt explains nil. Tho elegant Ln
gors Is not tho lover of Mmo. Fnuvel.
but tho tool of Clamcran. Itcsldcs, did
our first suppositions account for the
resigned obedience of Mndelclno? It
is Clamernn, nnd not Lngors. whom
Mndelclno obeys."
Prosper began to remonstrate.
M. Verduret shrugged his shoulders.
To convince Prosper he had only to
utter ono word. He bad simply to say
that three hours ago Clamcran had an
nounced his coming marriage with
Madeleine. Hut ho did not
"Clamcran," ho continued "Clame
rnn nloun liiiK Mmo. Fnuvel In his now.
cr. Now tho question Is what terrible
secret Is tho basis of bis mysterious
power? I havo posltlvo proof that
they havo not met since their early
jouth until fifteen months ago, and
Mme. Fauvcl's reputation has always
been nbovc tho reach of slander.
Therefore wo shall not know nil till
wo know Clnmcrun's past. Ah, to
night when I mentioned his brother
Gaston's mime ho turned ns white ns
if he hnd seen n ghost And then I re
membered thnt Gaston died suddenly
while his brother Louis wns making
him n visit"
"Do you think he was murdered?"
"I think the men who tried to nssns
slnnto mo would do anything. The
robbery, my friend, has now become a
secondary detail. It Is easily explain
ed, and If that were all to ho account
ed for I would sny to you: 'My task Is
finished. Let us go ask (he Judge of
instruction for a warrant of arrest' "
Prosper started up with swelllug
breast and sparkling eyes.
"Oh. you know Is It possible?"
"Yes. I know who gave tho key, nnd
I know who told tho secret word."
"The key might hnve been M. Fau
vcl's. Hut the word"
"The word you gave. You have for
gotten, 1 suppose. Hut Gipsy remem
bered. You know that two das be
foro tho robbery you took Lagors and
two other friends to sup with Mme.
Gipsy. Nina was sad and reproached
you for not being more deioted to
"Yes. I lemember that."
"Hut do you remember what you re
viled to her?"
Prosper thought n moment.
"Well, you said to Nina. 'You are
unjust lu leproachlng mo with not
thinking constantly of you. for at this
very moment your dear name guards
my chief's safe.' "
Tho truth Middenly burst upon Pros
per. "Yes, oh, yes, I remember now!" ho
"Then you can easily understand tho
rest Ono of tho scoundrels went to
Mine. Fauvel and compelled her to
give up her husband's key. At a ven
turo ho placed the movable buttons on
the name of Gipsy nnd stole the 350,-
000 francs. And Mme. Fauvel must
have yielded to the most terrlblo
threats. Tho day after the robbery
tho poor woman was near dying, nnd
it wns she who, nt tho risk of being
involved, sent you the 10,000 francs."
"Hut which was the thief, Itaoul or
Clamcran? What enables them to
thus tyrannize over Mmo. Fauvel?
And how does Madeleine come to bo
mixed up In the nffulr?"
"These questions, my dear Prosper,
1 cannot yet answer, therefore I nm
not yet rendy to report on tho ense. I
only usk you to wait ten days, and if
I ennnot In that time discover tho solu
tion of the mystery I will return and
go with you to tell M. Patrlgent all
that wo know."
"Aro you going away?"
"In an hour I shall bo on tho road tc
Beaucalre. It was from thnt neigh
borhood thnt Clamcran camo as well
ns Mmo. Fauvel, who was a Mile, do
la Verherle."
"Yes; I knew their families."
"I must go thero to study them. Nei
ther Itaoul nor Clamcran can cscapo
pollco survclllanco during my absence.
Jlut you, Prosper, must bo prudent.
Piomlso mo to remain n prisoner hero
during my trip."
All that M, Verduret asked Prosper
willingly promised.
And ho had tho good sense to follow
tho recommendations of his mentor.
During M. Verduret's nbsenco ho re
mained shut up in tho Archangel, not
oven appearing nt tho windows.
On tho ninth dny of his voluntary
seclusion Prosper bogau to feel rest
less nnd nt 10 o'clock nt night set forth
to tako u walk. IIo had a hcadacho
and thought tho air would do him
Mme. Alexandre, who seemed to
havo somo knowledgo of M. Verduret's
affairs, begged Prosper to remnln at
"What can I risk by taking a walk
at this ilino in a quiet pnrt of tho
city?" ho asked. "I can certainly stroll
as far us tho botanical gardens with
out meeting any one."
Unfortunately ho did not strictly fol
low this programme, for, having reach-
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cd tho Orleans rnllway station, ho
went into a cafe near by and called
for a glass of beer.
Ho picked up a dally paper, Tho
Sun, and under the head of "Fashion
able Gossip," signed Jacques Durand,
read tho following:
"It is announced that tho nleco of
ono of our most prominent bankers, M.
Andre Fnuvel, will be shortly mar
ried to M, Ic Marquis Louts do Clame
This news, coming upon him so un
expectedly, proved to Prosper the Just
ness of M. Verduret's calculations.
Alasl Why did not this certainty In
spire him with absolute faith? Why
did it not give him courage to wait, to
do nothing? Frenzied by distress of
mind, ho already saw Madeleine lndls
solubly united to this vlllnln nud,
thinking thnt M. Veiduiet would per
haps arrive too Into to prevent It, de
termined nt nil risks to throw an ob
stacle In the way of the marriage. Ho
called for pen nnd pnper, nnd, forget
ting that no situation can excuse tho
mean cowardice of an nnonymous let
ter, disguising his hand, ho wrote to
M. Fauvel:
Dear Sir You conrlgncd your cashier to prison.
You did well, since )ou Were convinced of his
dishonesty and faithlessness. But even If he stole
SSO.000 franca from 5 our safe, does It follow that
he also stole Mme. Fauvcl's diamonds and pawned
them at the Mont-dc-Plcte, where they now sref
Warned as jou are, in your place, I would not
be the subject of public scandal. I would watch
my wlfo and would be distrustful of handsome
cousins. Moreover, I would before signing the
marriage contract of Mile. Madeleine, request the
prefecture of police to give me tome Information
concerning the noble Marquis de Clamcran.
A FltlCND.
Prosper hastened off to post his let
ter. Fearing that it would not rench
M. Fnuvel in time, ho wnlked up to
Cardinal Lcmoine street and put It
In the main postolllce, so ns to bo cer
tain of Its speedy delivery.
Until then ho hnd not doubted tho
propriety of his action. Hut now ho
had dropped the letter, when ho hoard
it fall Into the box n thousand scruples
camo to him. Wns it not wrong to act
thus hurriedly? Would not this letter
Interfere with M. Verduret's plans?
Upon reaching the hotel his doubts
were changed Into bitter regrets. Jo
seph Dubois wus waiting for him. IIo
had received a dispatch from bis pa
tron saying that his business was fin
ished nnd that he would return tho next
evening nt 1) o'clock by the Lyons
route. Prosper was In despair. IIo
would have given the world to recover
tho nnonymous letter. And ho had
cause for regret
At thnt,! very hour M. Verduret was
taking the train at Tarascon, mcdltnt
ing upon the most advantageous plan
to be adopted In pursuance of his dis
coveries, for lie had discolored every
thing. Adding to what he ahead knew
the stor of un old nurse of Mile, de la
Verherle, the allhliti It of an old sen ant
who had nlwn.is Hi oil in the Clameran
family and the depositions of the Vesl
nct husband and wife, who attended M.
Lagors at his country house deposi
tions sent him by Dubois (Fnnferlot)
with a good deal of Information ol
tallied from tho prefectuio of police,
he had worked up a complete case.
As ho had predicted, he had been com
pelled to search Into the distant past
for the causes of the crime of which
Prosper hud been tho victim.
(To bo Continued)
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ed in tbo territory und by men who
understand tho conditions under which
ho lives.
It is absurd to scok agricultural
information from a papor published
in another State und by men who
know nothing of Kansas conditions.
Cash paid for such a paper Is a doad
oxponso. Cash paid for tho homo
printed and progrosslvo paper is an
Tho "Old Itollublo" Kansas Farmer
is tho only paper that oxnetly meets
tho requirements of tho furmors and
llvo stockmen of tho rJtato.
Wo havo now perfected arrange
ments by which wo can send you the
Weekly Rixhstur nnd the Weeklj
Kansas Farmer for $1.00. Send your
name- in at onco.
Ilrltlire oiitriftM W intcd
(Mrst publitlicd April T I'M)
Public notli'u It Imroliy kIiod tlmt nt 1
oolookp in Momlny, Mny 4i, Witt, the Hoard
or County ComiuminnorM of AJlen County,
Kiiiis.ih. will ill the ofllcoiif the Cloth of s.ilct
county In the cltv of lulu publicly uwitrd to
the lowest responsible bidder a contract for
11 Ntcol or stone nroh or cement nrch brldue
ncross Deer Creek In Ciirlvlo township on or
near the section lino belw ccn sections 20 nntl
a townshlpat, rane II, I'.nst In Allen county,
Kansas. If steel brlduo Is creotcd bids for
stone abutments wlllbo received nnd contract
awarded nt the same time and place; also at
the sitno placo Immediately following tho
nwnrd of contract for the above mentioned
brldKO bids will bo received and contract
awarded for n steel, stono nrch or cement
arch brldse to bo creotcd across Onion Creek,
In Loitan township on or nenr tho section lino
between section 19 25-18 and section J4-25-17 In
Allen county, Kansas If steel brltmo H erect
ed bids for Mono abutments will bo received
and contrnct awnrded at the same Mmo nnd
place, ff contract for steel brldKCs aro ac
cepted the bridge across Deer Creek will bo
80 foot spin, six panel. hlKh truss, 14 foot road
way, me ono ncross union (.Teen wm no nu
foot span, thrco panel, low truss, 14 foot road
way. Plans and spccllloatlonsfors.ild steel brldue
stono nrch or cement nroh bridges nnd stone
abutments may bo seen nt tho olllce of tho
county clerk
Tho Hoard reserves tho rluht to reject any
or nil bids
Attkst jambs Lockiiaut,
C, A . Fronk. Chairman.
County Clerk.
Sale Notice.
(rirst published May 2. I9M.)
In pursuance of an order made by tho un
nnlmousiotoof the Hoard of County Com
missioners of Allen county, Kansas, the said
commissioners will olfer for fc,ilo und sell to
the highest bidder for cash In hand tho fol
lowing personal property; to-wlt: A two
story frame barn, lu hlonboutlR feet x 20 feet.
Said barn Is In, good condition. Also ono
small frame shed and some short short plno
boards, ench about I feet long und said boards
aro now used ns n fence around tho county
jail yard. Said salo will be held on tho Allen
county Jail premises in Iola city on May 26tb,
11)02 at lu o clock a.m.
County Clerk.
.Tas. Lockiiaut,
Chairman I Id. Co Com.
(First Published Hay 2, 1902.
Mary DollyRlley will takenotlco that she
has been sued as defendant by II. M. Itllcy ns.
plaintiff In civil action No. 5051 in the District
Court of Allen county, Kansas, nnd unless slio
answers bis petition tiled therein on or before
tho 12th day of Juno, 1V02 said petition will be
taken ns truo nnd Judgment and decree will
bo rendered nnd entered therein divorcing
said plalntlrf from said defendant on tho ground
that said defendant lms abandoned saltt plain
iff for one venr and awarding nnd decreeing to
this plaintiff the enre, custody and control of
Opafltlloy. tho child of this plaintiff and de
fendant and granting to plaintiff such other
rcli.'f ns may bo Just ond proper.
sr.ii.1 CAMt'UEi.r, Si Oostionrf
attest: Attorneys forl'lalntllr.
3. C. HllKWSTKIl,
Clerk Dlst. Court.
Publication Notice
(First published April 18, 1802.)
State or K&nsas, lu
Allen County. fKS
In tho district court for said county.
Mary K. Northrup, plaintiff I
M. II. Merrill and tho Mount f No. 5708
Hope Cemetery Company, n I
corporation, defendant. )
Said defendant, M ',. Merrill, will take no
tice that ho has beensued lu the above named
court for the purpose of Mulcting tltlo tothe
following described land situated In Allen
county, state of Kansas, towlt: The N. K. 'X
of tho S. IV. 1-4 of sec. No. 31, twp. 23. range
No. 18 cast of flth 1' M, containing 10 acres ac
cording to U S. Gov. survey In plaintiff, and
barring same from asserting nny right, title or
interest In or to snld landsorany part of samo;
und decreeing title In her said plulntlirilrmnnd
stnble In fee simple as In her petition prujed
for und must nnsw cr the petition filed therein
by said plalutld on or before the thirty-first
dayof May A. D. PH)2. orsdd petition wlllbo
taken ns true, and Judgment for plaintiff In
said action us Is In herpetltlon prayed for will
bo rendered accordingly.
Atti.ht: S. C. Hiicwsthi,
(heal) Clerk of sild tourt
Oonr Toust X. Son A, il.ixtor V. .Met'l.iln at
torney forpl.iltitllT.
(I'irst published April IS 1902)
Publication Notice.
SiArBor Uamiah i m
In the dlstrlut court for said county.
MaiyK. Northrup. V. A.
Tvorthrup, 1, L, :ortnrup
and I). I'. Northrup,
II. 11 llajne and Maiyll. ; No. 5707.
llivne his wlfo, damns I
,1. Wallace anil Miuv A. I
Wull.ici' Ills wife James
Llwlly and John 1. Dies-1
back. Defendants I
SiilclilefiiiiluiilMll.il Ituvnc and Mary H.
llajne his wife, James J Vt allueo uud Mury A.
Wallace his wife, James I.lndlv and John 1'.
Drosbaek will takenotlco thnt the have been
sued lu the above named Couri lor a correc
tion of the description Indceds nnd records In
tho couvuyaiiclug of lands situated lu Allen
county .Stale of Kim-. is described as follows:
4U acres of tho west side of tho J. 13.1-1 of See.
No, 2fi, Twp. No. 24 Itango No 18 castor t) 1'.
M. Commencing ut tho h W corner of said
quarter section, thence east 40 rods, thence
not tli ino rods; thence west 40 rods; tltcnca
south 1C0 rods to tho pluco of beginning ns Is In
plaintiff's petition prayed for: nnd for a decree
quieting tho title of plaintiffs to said lands
against the defendants or either of them or
nnvono claiming liv, through or under them or
cither of them: and for decree adjudging and
decreeing the title of pliilntllls In and to said
lands in fee simple linn und sti ble forever nnd
must answer the petition tiled therein by said
plaintiffs on or before thu thlrty-llrst day ot
May A . D. 1902, or said petition will bo taken
us true, und Judgment for plaintiffs In said ac
tion us In petition pnivtd for will bo rendered
attest S. O. ItUKWSTKU,
heal) Clerk of said Court.
Oscar Toust Si Kon & H.txter I). McClaln, nt
totneys for Plaintiffs.
STEKL DUST is a hnndsomo dark
bay, sired by an imported tborough
broit English Turf Horso, nisduiuwaa
a Kentucky steel dust m nro with a leo
ord of 2:28. Ho neighs about 1250 and
is 10 bands high, and is a good nil
round general purposo horbo. Stkel
Dust was formerly owned by Joo
Steel Dust will mako tho season
as fojlows: Mondays and Tuesdays at
tho James Finloy nlnco, five miles east
and ono mllo south of Humboldt. Tho
balanco of tho weok at the Iola Fair
Tekms: 18.00 to insuro living colt.
When maro is parted with or moiotl
from tho county tho charge for servico
occomes immediately quo
uaro win do tauen to
nrnvnnt neei- sing tills
dents, but wo will not bo responsible! f1"?'!3f"52
should nny occur. ftVes n?2
C. D. WRIUHT, Owner ndZii
I v. .1 ill
u and
'I I
IUUO lla
I, MO. ,
' 1
fn nnd
'mer vv 111

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