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MY 10 1902 1 m
R. n
ft '
Terrible Volcanic Eruption on the
i Island of Martinique
St. Thomas, U. W. I., May 0. It la
now ostlmatod that 40,000 porsons
porishod as a rosult of tho volcanic
eruption in tho island of Martinique).
Paris, May 0 Tho coraraandor of
tho French cruiser Suchot has tolo
graphed to tho minister of marino, M.
do Lanessan, from Port do France,
Island of Murtlniguo, under da to of
Thursday, May 8, at 10 o'clock, as
"Havo justroturncd from St. Pierre,
which has been completely destroyed
by an immonso mass of volcano llro
which fell upon tho town at about 8
o'clock in tho morning. Tho ontlro
population, about 25,000 people, is
supposed to havo perished. I havo
brought back tho few survivors, about
thirty. All tho shipping in tho harbor
has boon destroyed by flro. Tho erup
tion continues."
Captain Freeman of tho Roddam re
ports that almost all tho inhabitants
of St. Piorro are believed to havo been
killed. All tho shipping in tho port
has also boon destroyed.
Tho Quebec Steamship company's
stoamor Roralma, is montionod as
lost with all on board. Tho Uoraima,
Captain Muggah, left New York April
29 for St. Thomas, where sho arrived
May 2, proceeding later to Martinique.
Tho Koddum was almost complotoly
wrocked. Her captain was seriously
burned and sovontoon of hor crow aro
Tho area of volanic disturbance is
incroasing southward of tho island of
St. Vincent. From tho Windward
islands tho volcanic wave has reached
tho Leeward islands and tho British
Wo9t Indian island .of Dominica is
now involved, tho craters of tho
Morne Dlablotln range showing ac
tivity. Tho inhabitants aro greatly
Tho French cruiser Suchet arrived
at Point-a-Pltro, island of Gaudc
ioupo, Fronch West Indies, from Port
do Franco, this morning, bringing
several refugees. Tho Suchet con
firmed tho report that tho town of St.
Pierre, Martinique, was entirely de
stroyed at 8 o'clock Thursday morn
ing by a volcanic eruption. It is sup
posed that most of tho inhabitants of
St. Pierro were killed, that tho neigh
boring parishes woro laid wasto and
that tho residue of tho population of
St. Pierre is without food or shelter.
Tho British Royal Mall stoamer
Esk, which arrived at St. Lucia this
morning reports having passed St.
Pierre last night. The steamer was
covered with ashes though it was live
miles distant from the town was In
impenetrable; darkness. A boat web
sent In as near as possible to tho
shore, but not u living person was
seen ashoro, only llamos. Tho Quebec
Steamship company's steamer Rora
ima was seen to explode aud disap
pear. Tho commander of tho Suchet re
ports that at 1 o'clock Thursday tho
ontiro town of St. Pierro was wrapped
in llamos. Ho endeavored to savo
about thlrtv uorsons. moro or less
burned, from tho vessels In tho har
bor. These olllcersj went .ashoroj in
small boats seeking for survivors, but
were unablo to penetrate tho town.
They saw heaps of bodlos upon tho
wharves and it is boltoved that not a
resident In St. Pierro at tho time of
tho catastropho oscaped. Tho gov
ernor of tho colony, his stall colonel
and his wlfo wero In St. Plor-o and
probably porlshed. Tho extent of tho
catastropho cannot bo Imagined.
"Washington, May 0. Louis II.
Aymo United Statos consul at Ouada
loupo, telegraphed tho Department of
Stato yostorday that great consterna
tion provallB In that locality in conso
quenco of oarthquakes and volcanic
activity. Loud noises aro heard con
tinuously, which aro ascribed to vol
canic action, and tolegraphlc commu
nications with Martiniquo aro broken
in ovory direction. Ho say that ho is
informed that many hundreds of peo
ple havo boon killed in and about
Wn xhlngton, May 0. Tho following
cablegram has just been received at
tho siato department.
Polnto-A-Pitro, May 0.
To tho Secretary o f Stato, Washington.
At 7 o'clock a. m. on tho 8th Inst, a
storm (A steam, mud and flro envel
nned tho oitv of St. Piorro and com
munity, Not moro than twenty per
sons oscaped wlththolr llvos. Eighteen
vessels woro burnod and sunk, with
all on board, Including fpur Amor
loan vessels and a stoamer from
Quobeo named Roralmo. Tho United
Statos consul and family aro reported
among tho victims. A war vossol has
como to Guadaloiip for provisions
and will loavo at 5 tomorrow,
Aymk, Consul.
Dy Bcrlpps-McHue Pre Aaa'n.
Paris, May 10 Slowly but steadily
tho awful fato of St. Piorro is bolng
confirmed. Tho government this
morning rocelvod dispatched from
sovoral islands near Martiniquo.
Governor Merlin cables from Guada
loupo today. "Only thirty porsons
woro rescued and thoso woro taken
from vessols in the harbor. 1
boliovo Governor Moutco and wlfo
and Colonel Gerbant and wife per
ishod with tho population. Tho gun
boat Suchet leaves today for Mar
tiniquo with a full compllmont. A
vossol came hero for provisions and
ordors for rapid landing at Point A
Pltro and Basattoro. AD means of
rescue at your service"
Tho commander of tho war ship Su
chet cabled at two this morning from
Point a Pltro. (Hero Is all Informa
tion obtainable).
''Towards oight o'clock this morning
tho volcano throw up a consldcrablo
volurao of smoke. Immediately aftor
ward a spout of ilamo shot up 'and a
moment later tho entire town was des
troyed by flro. Tho ships in the liar-
bor.woro dismasted and burned. Tho
rain of rocks lasted fifteen minutes. I
reached St. Pierro at two p. m. and
saved a few persons from tho ships.
No living croatnro was vlsiblo In tho
town, which It was lmpossiblo to en
ter. Numerous corpses lay near tho
Sonator Knight, president of tho
council of Martiniquo cables from
Port do Franco this morning that tho
Mornerougo district near St. Piorro
escaped. Perhaps rofugees may havo
found succor there. Plans for sys
tematizing rellof work aro bolng
formed hero.
Tho cabinet today advanced a half
million francs for tho rollef of Mar
tinique. Tho war ship Suchot was or
dered to remain at tho island lnsteud
of going to tho Rochambeau celebra
tion at Washington.
ny Scrlpps-Mcllao Fresa Aaa'n.
Washington, May 12 Louis Ayme,
United States consul at Guadaloupo
who wont to Martiniquo under instruc
tions from Washington, reports by
cablo from Fort Do Franco today as
follows: "Tho disaster is complete.
St. Piorro Is wiped out. Consul
Prontls and family aro dead. Tho
Governor says thirty thousand per
ished. Fifty thousand aro homeless
and hungry. Ho suggosts tho Red
Cross bo asked to send codfish, beans,
rice, salt meats and biscuits as quickly
as possible. A visit ot a war snip
Would bo valuablo."
. -iiwih MrlH Tureen ANtnclnttrm
Purls, May 12 Tho French cable
compuny this morning received from
its manager at Fort De France at Mar
tinique, the following: "I havo sot t an
agent to St. Pierro. Ho was ablo to find
tho company's ollico burled under a
pile of rubbish but could find no trace
of Gonoral Manager Jallabert or tho
porsonnol of tho ollico consisting of
live men. The town was strewn with
corpses, tho cremation of which hus
begun already. Tho cablo ship Pouyer
Quortler is now proceeding to repair
tho cablo from Martiniquo to Hayti
and Now York."
Tho 'commander of tho war ship
Suchet cabled ho explored St. IPlcrre
Saturday with a squad of marines
Tho town was smoking in ruins under
which tho victims wero buried. Ho
found it lmpossiblo to advance to tho
north of tho island owing to a rain of
ashes which was most intense. Tho
volcano still presents a menacing ap-
pearanco ana last night rumblings
accompanied by llashos and projection
of ashes and stouos occurred.
ny Scrlppa-Mcltue Trees Ass'n.
London, May 12 Tho colonial sec
retary is advised that tho death list on
tho island of St. Vincent will roach
llvo hundred. Govornor Lowollyn of
tho Windward Islands cables tho gov
ernment of Barbadoes that ho is send
ing rellof, supplies, doctors and medi
cal equipment by tho mail stoamer
Solent. The governor sailed aboard
tho crulsorlndofutlgablothls morning.
Washington, May 11 Tho stato de
partment received a cablegram today
from United Statos Consul Aymo at
Guudaloupo stating that ho would
leavo for Martinique tonight. Tho
state department cabled Consul Aymo
yostorday to proceed atonco to Marti
niquo and report upon tho situation
there, but it is thought at tho depart
ment that its instructions havo not
yot reached him and that realizing tho
neod of prompt action ho has gono to
Martiniquo of his own volition.
By ecrippa-McHae Preti Aaa'n.
Paris, May 12. Kaiser Wllholm
wired his sympathetic expression to
President Loubot of Franco regarding
tho Martinique disaster, also ton
thousand marks for tho roliof fund,
London, May 12. Tho Purk, Mc
Faydon company, Vost India tradors,
failed this morning for a half a mil
lion. Heavy losses through Iho vol
canlo eruptions was tho cause
Paris. May 12. Even now, whon
fuller details of tho Martiniquo disas
ter aro arriving, tho Parisians sliow
fow outward signs of Interest in tho
alTulr. From tho appearance of tho
streets, whero tho pooplo aro throng
ing the cafes and other placos of pub
lic resort, It would novdr bo supposed
that half of onoof Franco'smost nour
ishing colonics had boon wiped out of
A small crowd gathers dally at tho
ministry of tho colonies waiting for
bullotlns which aroposted as tho West
Indian dispatches arrive. Tho crowd
is composod of natives of Martiniquo,
a number of whom aro atttndlng tho
government schools hero, roportors In
quost of news, and women with rela
tives at St. Piorro.
Tho only signs of public mourning
aro tho half-mastod Hags over tho
govornment buildings. Tho peoplo
present tho'r usual holiday-making
Tho Temps, In an editorial this
morning, remarks that so many mat
ters of public interest havo occurred
this week, railroad accidents, tho dis
aster at Martinique, a hugo swindling
caso and tho elections, that they neu
tralize each other, while had thoycomo
singly each ono would havo monopo
lized tho public mind.
Washington, May 10. Secretary of
tho Navy Moody has cabled tho com
mander of tho cruiser Cincinnati, now
at San Domingo City to proceed to
Martlnquo and render such aid as
Mr. Fairbanks, of Indiana, offered
a bill for which ho requested immedi
ate consideration. It was for tho
bonoflt of tho peoplo of tho French
West Indies aud authorized tho presi
dent of tho United States to cause to
bo purchased such provisions, cloth
ing, medicines and other necossarlos
as ho shall deem advlsahlo and tender
tho samo in tho namo of tho govern
ment of tho United States to tho gov
ernment of Franco for tho rollef of
citizens who havo suffered by tho late
oarthnuako in tho islands of tho
French West Indies.
Tho bill appropriates 81000,000 for
tho purpose and authorizes tho secre
tary of war to uso tho necessary
steamships belonging to tho United
States to carry its purpose into olTeot.
ny Srrlrr-MoH !"! Amflillm
London, May 12 The Colonial
secretary has received an official dis
patch from tho island of Dominica
that tho refugees from tho nortli end
of Martinique say a now crater is
opening in ovory direction. Rivers
aro overfiowing their banks and largo
aroas of tho island aro suhmorged by
tho soa. Almost total darknoss con
tinues. NEW YORK Wir.I. HEM.
Hr Hcllwm-MrHn. !! AMMiatAUuri
Now York, May 12 Mayor Low has
Issued an appoal for aid for the desti
tute at Martinique.
By Bcrlppi-Mcllop Pre Asa'n.
Fort Do Franco, May 12. Every
availublo vessol has been pronsed In
to servlco for relief duty in tho vicinity
of St. Piorro. Food and other sup
plies aro bolng hurried to tho scene.
Great loads of firewood, qulcklimo
and petroloum aro being sontSto aid in
tho disposition of tho bodies, decom
position of which causes tho greatest
dlstross to tho relief forces. It Is
estimated that ono thousand who
escaped tho lava died from hunger,
thirst and injurios. Tho St. Pierro
streets cannot bo traced.
Lava is still llowlng down the
mountain. Tho vaults of tho banks
of Martiniquo wero intact. Thoy con
tained four hundred thousand dollars.
lv Scillilis-McHun ITei Anvoullttlot
Washington, May 12 ThoPresldent
today ordered tho Stato, War and
Navy departments to confer and co
operato In relieving tho distress at
Martinique. Tho gunboat Potomac
sailed fromPortoRico and the cruiser
Cincinnati from Santo Domingo for
Martinique Dixie, an auxiliary
cruiser, will bo ready this ovenlng for
orders to sail from Brooklyn. The
Houso takos up tho bill appropriating
ono hundred thousand dollars this
afternoon. It is beliovcd it will pass.
Company Formed to Opnrato on
Hits Shall' Heils.
Topoka, May lO.-Tho Fahrlg Min
ing and Milling Company, with $50
000 capital stock, to operate in the
Trego-Ellis shalo fiolds, was organ
ized horo tonight. It will bo charter
ed under the laws of West Virginia.
Tho stock is divided IntoDOO shares of
$100 each. Tho contributors to tho
experimental mill havo tho preferen
tial rignt to taito ssi.uuu in stock each.
Dr. Fahrlg gets 55,000 in stock for tho
uso of his process. Tho directors of
the concern are: H. P. Dillon, F. V.
Freeman, lCugeno Hagan, W. H, Ross
lngton, C. J, Gantry, B. M. Davles,
W. J. Black, D. W. Mulvano, C. K.
Holiday, T. T. Roily, W. W. Man
spoaker, Charles B. Smith and W. A.
L. Thompson. Tho mon Interested
havo tho utmost confidence In tho gold
-fiflnifMffliiiii i' , ..v.....ithi .'.-fa ,? rfnifaimlrtii-ri-1 -" . i-witn'miti fArrftftiMMMinL-iiiniTf iff. ,-
Twenty-llrst Annual Encampment at
Fort Scott
Fort Scott, May 11. Tho twenty
first annual encampment of tho Kan
sas G. A. R. will bo lipid hcroon,May
20-22. Two important questions will
bo held up for consideration, Ono is,
shall tlio stato reunion bo abandoned?
Tho other is to doviso a plan to ro
duco tho expenses ot tho order.
Interest has lagged In tho stato ro
union proposition for sovcral years
past. Tho reunion hold last yoar at
Hutchinson was almost a comploto
fizzle, On account of tho lack of In
terest thoro is no clamour among the
cltlos, as thoro used to bo, for the
next reunion. Kansas has a number
of successful district, county and
regimental reunions. Tho two largost
probably aro tho Baxter Springs re
union and tho Dodgo City rounion.
Moro pooplo attend tho Baxter rounion
in ono day than tako in tho stato re
union in three years. It Is a common
thing for Baxter to havo .10,000 peo
plo on tho grounds tho big day. Tho
state reunion always costs consldcr
ablo monoy. Tho department has to
stand it. Funds aro now getting low
and rosourccs must bo guarJed care
fully. Tnoroforo it is improhablo that
tho reunion fcaturo will bo dropped
after this year.
Tho G. A. R. membership is on tho
decline With its decrease comes a
decroaso in revenues. Tho expenses
at present aro heavier than ovor.
Something must bo dono or tho order
wlllsoonho bankrupt. Tho department
has two sources of rovonuo per capi
ta tax and salo of supplies. Both aro
dropping oil. Tho stato furnishes
quarters for tho G. A. R. In tho stato
house. Tho only way oxpensos can bo
reduced Is to leut down tho working
forco at headquarters or rcduco salar
ies. Tho loss of membership in tho order
during the past year has been 081
Sinco 1885 there has been a loss of
5,337 or nearly ono-thlrd of tho mem
bership. Thoaveragoagooftho soldiers
now is 03 years. Grand Army men
say that tho ordor will becomo almost
extinct in anothor ten years.
Victory for Kansas County Attorneys
and i'rohato Judges.
Topoka, May 10. Tho supremecourt
did not hand down a decision today
on tho constitutionality of tho Far
roily anti-trust law, enacted in 1879.
Four cases involving tho validity of
tho law wero argued before it last
month. Thrco of tho cases wero de
cided today, but tho decisions did not
touch tho trust features. Tho cases
wont oil' on othor points. Tho fourth
caso tho grain doalors' trust caso
whero tho only point raised was tho
validity of the uiui-trust law, was not
decided. The court btill has it under
consideration. .
Probate judges and county attor
neys of tho stuto woro dealt with kindly
by tho court today. Under tho old
law, probata judgeslworo allowed S15
per thousand inhabitants in tholr
counties for issuing druggists' per
mits to sell liquor. That is, if a coun
ty had 50,000 inhabitants, Us probate
judgo was allowed S7."0 in addition to
his othor salary for looking after
liquor permits. In 18S7, a now foe
and salary law was passed and tho
counties contonded that tho old law
giving probato judgos tho additional
feo was ropoalod by implication. Tho
counties quit paying tho judges tho
fco: J. M. Randall, prob:vto judgo of
Butler county, sued his county for tho
fee, amounting In tlireo years to
,$1,300. Other probato judges helped
him fight tho caso. It was a test caso.
Tho district court hold against him,
but tho supremo court hold that tho
probato judges aro still entitled to tho
fee This means that tho various
counties must now pay tho probato
judges fees for four years buck. In
Wy and otto county, this will amount
to nearly 24,000.
Under tho old law, county attorneys
wero allowed a fco oi ..,lor each con
viction in liquor casos. Thocountlos
claimed that this should bo turned in
to a general fund under tho now fco
and salary law. Jamos T. Nolan,
county attorney of Ellis county,
brought suit to test tho question. Tho
court today hold that county attor
neys aro still entitled to tho fco, in
addition to their other salary. t
Tlio Conductors and Porters
lletter Wage
St. Louis, Mo.. May 8 Tho Pi
Dispatch suys:
A movemont has been quietly start
ed in St. Louis for tho organization
of Pullman conductors and portors
and circulars sotting forth tho necessi
ty for such a union aro now bolng
It is reported furthor that tho con
ductors aro dissatisfied with thu pres
ent wage schudulo and as soon as tho
organization is perfected will in alto a
demand on tho company for mi ad
vanco ranging from $j to $10 a
In tho United Statos therefore 00,000
Pullman conductors and portors and
it is tho intention to bring all of them
Into line
G. A It. SAMPSON IS AT UEST ! ffBESaM!2SB33mffi $ f fl
All Imposing Hiivnl Kuneriil
.in Washington.
Washington, May 0. With a pomp
exceeding that of any naval funoral in
America in recont years, tho body of
tho lato William Thomas Sampson,
roar admiral in tho United Stales
naval forcos upon tho North Atlantic
station in tho war with Spain, was
laid at rest today. Every dopartment
of tho national government was repre
sented tho oxecutlvo by tho Prosldont
and his cabinet and many olllclals of
tho civil servlco, tho legislative by
senators and representatives, tho
judiciary by tho United Statos Su
premo Court and tho military and
naval sorvlces by officers of all ranks.
Tho diplomats attended tho church
Tho military and naval features of
tho ceremonies wero brilliant and Im
pressive Thoy woro conducted under
tho direction of Rear Admiral Terry,
commandant of tho Washington navy
yard, assisted by Lieutenant Henry
George, tho adjutant general. Tho
funeral escort gathered early. It was
composed of tho light battery of
United States artillery, commanded
by Captain Footo and drawn from
Fort Myer; tho naval cadets from An
napolis 247 strong, a corps that never
has paraded in Washington boforo
oxcopt on soveral occasions when a
President was to bo inaugurated; a.
battalion of bluo jackets from tho North
Atlantic squadron of which Admiral
Sampson was commander.
Tho Liquor Men Imst bo lictter
Pittsburg, Kansas, May 8. A pecu
liar kind of a strike is on in Fron
tonac, tho Mount Carmol Coal Com
pany's town, north of this city, and,
as a rosult for tho first time In tho
history of tho town, overy saloon in
Frontcnac Is closed, and there is no
blind tiger, back door or drug store
business conducted cither. Tho
trouble was originally caused by tho
saloonkeepers claiming that they wero
not boing troated fairly by tho city
authorities. They demanded that the
Turner halls bo restricted from doing
a general saloon business and that
thoy bo compelled to remain as club
rooms. Tho saloon men mot and
agreed not to pay any moro fines to
tho town until tho Turner halls were
also fined or restricted. Tho mayor
refused to treat them and four of tho
saloon men wero arrested and ,tho sa
loons will bo kopt closed until a set
tlement is reached. The saloonmen
havo organized a union for so'f-pro-teetion
and doclaro that, whilo aro
willing to pay a heavier city tine, thoy
want tin1 halls put on the same basis
or elsed barred from doing business,
exeppt as private club rooms.
The trouble is not without its hum
orous features. Whon the saloonmen
organized tholr union, tho Teamsters'
union cxtonded sympathy and it was
agreed that no liquor should he
tiuulod to the Turner halls or to in
dividuals so long as thottrikougnlnut
the town continued. Today word was
passed around that a wagonload of
beer was boing driven to the Austrian
Tumor hall. A committee frrm tho
Teamsters' union met tho wagon and
tried to persuade tho driver to aban
don tho loud at tho town limits.
"This town's on a strlko against
'boozcrina,' decclared tho comraitteo.
"Don't ship anytning to this camp;
you'ro scabbing when you haul it."
Tho drivers maintained, howovcr,
that, I thoy did not belong to tho
Teamsters' union and consquently
woro not scabbing. Tho beer was
hauled to tho Turner hall in safety.
Tho members of tho Austriuu Turner
Society aro all good union men and
members of local 41 J, and thoy declare
that, as tho thirst quenchers do not
havo a charter, thoir union is of no
accouut and they refuse to recognlzo
Gillette, Ileiiuchtuup and l'aucoast the
Now Supremo Justices.
Washington, May 8. ThoPresldent
has appointed Frank E. Glllotte, of
Enid, Jamos K. Bcauchamp of Porry
and J. L. Pancoast of Enid to bo as
sociate justices of tho supremo court
of Oklahoma. Judgo Cilletto is named
tojsucceed Judgo John L. McAteo, ro
signed. Pancoast and Beauchump
aro appointed In compliance wlh tlio
provisions of tho act just passed in
croasing tho membership of tho court
from llvo to seven. This law provldos
that tho members of tho court shall
bo residents of Oklahoma. No such
restriction was connected with tho ap
pointment of Judgo McAteo's suc
cessor, ana tlio selection of an uic-
lahoman for that place indicates tho
President's policy to recognize "homo
rule" in his appointments. Tho threo
judgos appointed today wero all ox
rosldonts of Kansas
'lila Jljnature Is on every bos of tho gonulne
Laxative BroinoQuininc Tawota
to romedy that cures a cold iu ouu day
.Service fti vsazra'BMMBk. wjmwh twhm UJ ,
1 IF1 I ft
11 31He
Cumpteto cntilojjut (hmvfnj
ovor 300 pi miliums tluit may
be secured by wiving tho
wrappers, furnished free up
on request. Sond your nnmo
on a poetnl cmri, nml we will
mml you the catalogue.
Dlamond'"C Soap'or sale by all
Author Shot in Now York by His
Brother, Who Was Insane.
New York, May 8 Paul Iiolcostcr
Ford, tho author, was shot and killed
at his homo in tills city this afternoon
by bis brother Malcom W. Ford, who
then shoUhlmsolf.
Malcom Ford also is dead. Ho was
an athlete, but had been In ill health
for soino time Ho was been onguged
in journalism. Ho was horn in
Brooklyn in 1W12.
Dr. Km.imiel Barium, who a- 1'
Leicester Ford's pnysician, w.w lu.
in at the time of tho shootm : .
said he believed the tragedy w.m
to moulal aberration on tho part
Malcom Ford.
Mr. Ford was an author and his
torian. Ho was bom in Brooki. in
1805. His best known works of fiction
woro: "Tho Honorable Peter Ster
ling" and ".lanico Meredith." Ho
wrote also "Tho Great K. & A. Train
Robbery," "Tho Story of an Untold
Lovo," "Tho True George Washing
ton" and "Tattlo Tales of Cupid." In
September, 1000, ho married Miss
Graco Kidder.
At tho tlmo of tho shootlng'thero
wero in tho houso bosides tho two
brothers Mrs. Paul Leicester Ford,
Miss Ellzahoth It. Hall, tho novollst's
socrotary, and tho sorvunts. Tho
novelist was sitting at his desk in tho
corner of tho library. It is supposed
ho was cngagod in some literary task.
Miss Hall was at her desk in another
cornor of tlio room, about thirty feet
from Mr. Ford. Mrs. Paul Liecestor
Ford was in her own room at tho front
of tho houso on tho third lioor.
Malcom Ford called, as ho had
often dono, and went to his brother at
his desk. Words woro exchangod in
a tono so low that Miss Hall could
not hoar what wasjsaid. Suddenly
thoro was a revolver shot and Miss
Hall, jumping up, darted from tho
room. Then, according to tho 'state
ment of tho police, Miss Hall said to
herself that sho must act moro bravoly
an,d reonter tho library.
Meanwhilo Malcom Ford had called
her. As sho turned toward him ho
placed hiB revolver to his heart, fired
and foil, dying Instantly. Whon Miss
Hall turned to look at Paul, ho was
still standing at hlsdosk, but rapidly
losing strength. Sho helped him to a
sofa, and then ran noxt door for Paul
Ford's physician, Dr. Samuel Baruch.
In loss than llvo minutes Dr. Baruch
arrived and tho dying man, still
conscious, was carried up to a room
besido his wifo's and placed on his
bed. Ho spoko to his wifo, and asked
tho doctor's opinion, showing that ho
oxpostcd doath and was going to moot
it calmly and bravoly. A fow mlnutos
lator, about twenty minutes after ho
was shot, Mr. Ford died.
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