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Ifcjf' fi ' 'uw 5."i nffirT GZ-1M3& w(sfi$rv'a.
Menkes CleBtfi Bre&il
With 'Royal rBain .'PowHer Kef (is. n9
(mixing with (the ihands, ,no sweat; tf the
Ibrow. " Perfect' cleanliness; greatest .facility
mesa, dean,, talj&fiiL jfooiL
The"Roya.l Biker any Pastry
Cook" containing over 800
most practical and valuable
cooking receipts Iree to every
patron, Send postal card
with your, lull address.
aof i ! rowou CO., IN
4 ttorod In tho Postofflcc at Iola, Kansas, m
Second Class Matter.
Iustcal In advance ;.tl 60
t months, in advance '. .. 75
r iree months, in advance 60
dado known on application,
Till? WIND ,
I am the wind the wonderful!
The Wind of, Opfl am I;,
And over, tlie curlli nnjl under the stars
On my windy wings I fly;
'I Mutter tile folds bf every1 Hag
And out of my parted lips
Itreathes the brcatb that shall waft to every
The homc-dcslrlng ships.
Tills morning I filled those lips with fcploe
From a grove In green Ceylon!
Tills evening tliu long blue tlcldsof Ice
Shall wnft that fragrunccon;
Last night 1 Imrrlcd u mountain pine
On a high Sierra's crest,
Tonight I will lull where the soft stars
The baby oriole's nest.
I push and shoulder tho heavy licet
Till tho snowy canvas rips;
Then hardly she knos it In kisses
1 melt on a m.ilden's lips,
Today I am north and today I am south,
And tomorrow out of thu west
1 will gather a rose with a rosy mouth,
For dim old Asia's bru.ist.
1 t
And none can cnjl me an English wind,
And none a' wind of France,
For from polo to pole, like a human
I range thfe Lord's free-lance!
They have mupped the earth and chartered
the sea,
, And bound thcrq to man's control;
Hut I am, ,tlo Wind, and the Wind Is
Tho Wind und tho human soul.
Grace Ellery Ohannlng in lloston Journal.
Andrew' CAWnegie has offered to
pay to thlsVbvdmment tho 20 millions
wo paid Spain' aa Indemnity for tho
loss of tho Philippines, on condition
that wo turn the islands loose.
Tuesday, May 20, goes into history
as tho Cuban 4th of July. On that
dato tho government of tho island was
turned over to thu Cubans and thoy
will be given ovory chance to rule
Jim Legate, well known in Kansas
politic's, suffered a stroke of paralysis
at his horrid In Leavenworth the other
day, h,ls tongue being partially para
lyzod. If Providence does make- er
rors, it seems'probablo that this mis--fortune
was really aimed at certain
United Statos Senators somewhat to
tho east.
SOME idea of thu enormous traffic
done by tho big railroad systems of
tho country is gained from tho latest
statement of tho Missouri Paolllo.
During 1901 tho road carried 210,305,
220 passengers and hauled 3,234,221,--805
tons of freight'. The road operated
includes 5,507 miles and over 14 mil
lions wero spent in Improvements,
"" '
Congressman Dolliver voiced tho
sentlmont of tho west when ho said
in Congress tho other day: "Tho
congress of tho United States is more
llkoly to cede back tho valley of tho
Mississippi to tho lawful holrs of Na
poleon, the Groat, than to loavo tho
Philippine archipolugo to becomo tho
prey of anarchy or tho prize of somo
European powor."
Alum Is used Inaomebaktn? powders and
in most 01 the to-called phosphate pow
ders, because It Is cheap, anil makes a
cheaper powder. Uut alum Is a corrosive
poison which, taken In food, acts injur
iously upon the stomach, liver and kidnct.
WIlllUJ IT., mw vosk.
London Chronicle: Tho total cost
of our two wars in China and South
Africa up to March 31 is closo on
229,000,000 pounds which is about six
millions moro than Germany received
from Franco in tho' shapo of a war in
demnity. Strictly speaking, that in
demnity only amounted to five mil
liards of francs, or two hundred mil
lions sterling; but Germany recoived
about twonty-three millions sterling
more from her vanquished foes in tho
form of a special contribution from
tho city of Paris, special taxes in
Franco and Interest on tho chtof In-'
demnlty. Out of this all tho oxpenses
of tho war wero ropaid. Somo 28,000,
000 pounds wont to establish a pension
fund forold soldiers; 10,000,000 pounds
were spent on army reorganization;
about 18,000,000 pounds on fortresses;
8,500,006 pounds on strategic railways;
while 0,000,000 pounds wero stored in
gold as an imperial war chest in caso
of emergencies, and this immenso
treasuro is still lying dead in the
vaults of Julius Tower in tho fortress
of Spundau. Hut tho Interesting thing
Is that our Boor war 1ms cost us far
more than their final war of unifica
tion cost tho Germans.
Some ono signing himself "Chris
tian Scientist" contributes a two col
nmn artlclo to tho Mexican Herald
attempting to disprove that'thcro is
any danger that tho volcano Popocat
apetl, abovo tho city, may havo an
eruption and destroy tho city. Such
a fato was predicted yoars ago by
Humboldt, but Christian Solentist
says God has nothing to do with such
things of Itself and that man is re
sponsible by reason of his ovil
thoughts: Here is his conclusions,
which aro interesting: Tho volcano of
Popocatupetl can not erupt of their
volition for thoy havo no volition no
will, no power. Does God or man
bring about such a result? God cer
tainly does not, for His is a naturo of
absoluto love and goodness, and it is
impossible for Him to proclpituto evil
or destruction upon his chidron.
Nolther can man with his material
fingors do so. But, what wo call mor
tal mind (tho absence of tho God
thought) In man is apt to causo any
phase of ovil, and tho law of earth
quakes and other like phenomona, is
human mado. Tho mountains can do
no hurra, and yet peoplo suppose thoy
can. Thoy slumber at tho feet of God,
for they aro his footstool. Realizing
the' counter-fact that God has all
power, man rises into tho realm of tho
real, and has dominion, as God in
tended him to havo, over all tho earth.
Having such dominion, all things
work together for his good, and cover
for his evil or for his undoing.
WHERE Lawrence Journal: , v
Just now, while tjier;p, is quite a
llttlo talk going on lnlroorouco to tho
prohibitory law in 'Kansas, and its
effocts as well as its detects, it is in
teresting to know what other states aro
doing along the lino of reform in
tho liquor traffic. Following are two
extracts, the ono from tho Atlanta
Constitution, in Georgia whoro they
havo local option, and tho other from
a Vermont paper, whero liquor is sold
under the direction of thostatoagenclos.
Tho pocullar thing about both Is that,
if tho papers quotod aro to bo relied
upon, eithor system is moro satisfactory
to the peoplo than prohibition seems
to bo in Kansas, At least there
doesn't seem lobe any social, religious
and political rows on hand all tho
time in those two statos on account of
tho liquor laws, Tho Constitution
gives this view of local option:
"Tho peoplo of, Georgia havo had
seventeen years' trial of local option
and havo becomo satisfied with it.
They havo driven out barrooms from
moro than a hundred counties of tho
Btatc, and tho constituency that abol
ished the barrooms has been able to
cnfor'co their own home mado law. To
disturb that policy now will bo to open
a Pandora's box of agitations and
put in jeopardy th'o local option pro-'
hlbltion of every county that now en
joys it. A state prohibition law, if
put upon communities! whlcn do not
want it, by arbitrary action, will be
como odious, and tho same spirit that
rcpoals it can and probably will put
tho barrooms again upon communi
ties in which they aro now shut out."
And tho St. Johnsbury correspond
ent of tho Vermont Tribune writes as
follows concerning too uusincss there.
"Tho liquor agency changed hands
May 1, C. A. Sylvester, who has had
tho olllco for tho past six years,
stopped out, and Kthan Carr took his
placo. Sylvester sold S400 worth tho
last week he was thcro and is glad of
a chance to rest, Tho business shows
no signs of abating, but will incroaso
somewhat until tho now agent gets tho
run of things and knows how to man
ago different customers. Saturday
afternoon Selectman Carr stepped in
to tho ngenev to sco how the new
agont was progressing, found a crowd
thero waiting to be served, and was at
onco put to work. Ho helped the
agont for a few hours and is now sat
isfied that thero is some work in sell
ing rum, even in a temporance town.
The sales for that day wero $114, or
at tho.rnto of $084 a week, or $2,730 a
month, or over $30,000 a year. There
appears to bo no reason for high or
low license, whero tho agency can now
do a business of such a magnitude.
Tho only benefit in having a license
undor such condition would bo to get
somo rovenuo out of it, and give some
Individual a chance to make a profit,
Instead of having it all go to the
ThoREaiSTER has been handed tho
following clipping from 'u Burnett
paper of tho sickness aud funeral of
Miss Laura Voorhees whoso parents
reside in Deer Creek township. Notice
of her death was mado in the Reojs
tkr at tho tlmo Itooeurrcd.
"Miss Laura Voorhees, who went to
St. Mary's hospital, Milwaukee, about
two weeks ago to undorgo an opera
tion died Thursday forenoon, April
17th. As it was supposed showasdoing
well, her death was a great shock to
her many friends in Burtieet. She was
born in Burnett about thirty years
ago and lived with her parents on the
old Voorhees homestead until about
cloven years sinco when thoy removed
to Iola, Kan. Sho returned to Bur
nett early last summer and has sinco
mado her homo with Mr. and Mrs.
John Weston. Sho was very unassum
ing and gentle in her character and
mudo friends of all who knew her.
When a young girl sho took upon her
self tho Christian armor and has been
a devoted follower of Christ ever
since. Sho united with the Prosbytor
ian church and has always maintained
her connection with that denomination.
For tho past year sho has been a re
gular attendant at tho Baptist church
aud Sunday school and will bo greatly
missed at those services. Her funeral
was hold at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Weston, Sunday at 10:30 a. m. und
burial in the Stono cemetery. Rev.
A. V. Parry conducted tho services
choosing his text from 1st Cor. 15:20.
"Thus has pussoOaway a young llfo
of whom it muy bo said sho had many
friends and no enemies. Her parents
and family in Kansas who wero unablo
to bn prosoiit at tho funeral havo tho
deepest sympathy of all their friends
and acquaintances."
Tho Octopus
Ono tcntaclo griping tho stomach,
another tickling tho heart, a third
fumbling around tho liver, tightening
their hold every hour dyspepsia is
tho monster that does all this and
worse. D". Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
will raako It go mighty quick. C. B
B. Spencer & Co,
Tho dispatches bring tho good nows
that an Incroaso In pension of $12 a
month has been grunted to Lewis
Johns, of Humboldt.
Spring Ailments.
There is an achingand tired feollng;
the liver, bowela und kldnoys becomo
sluggish and Inactive, tho digestion
impaired, with llttlo or no appotlto,
nb ambition for anything, and a feol
lng that the whole body and mind
needs'tonlng up. The trouble is, that
during winter, thoro has beon an ac
cumulation of wasto matter in tho sys
tem. Herblno will romove it, socuro
to tho secretions a right exit, and by
its tonic effect, fully restorotho wasted
tlssuos aud glvo strength In placo of
woaknoss. 50o at C. B. Spencer &
Clr-amet arid beatitlnra tha hair.
1'ruinotri a luxuriant growth.
Never Falls to Heatoro Gray
lUlr to Ita Youthful Color.
rrevrnta Irani ruff and 1 air UUlUE
Uv amlIH)tlniri,u, ,
A Texas Wonder
One Hiniill bottle of Hull s Great Discovery
cures all kidney and bladder troubles, remove
gravel, cures diabetes, Remlnal emissions,
weuU and lamu backs, rheumatism and all
Incgularltles of tho kidneys and bladder In
both men nnd women, regulates bladder
troubles In children If not sold by your drug
gist, will be Kent by mall on receipt of (I 00.
Ono small bottlo Is two months' treatment and
will euro any case above mentioned. Dr-iEt
W. Hall, sole manufacturer, p. Q. Uox 029, jH,
Louis, Mo. Bend for testimonials. Sold by
all druggists. ' '
Nevada, Mo,, July 20, 1901. This is to certi
fy that I have used H battle of Hall's, Great
Discovery. When I begaa I was confined to
my bed. Now lata nolo to walk around, It
Is worth its weight in gold to anyone suffering
with kidney and bladder trouble, I am satis
fied it Is curing mo. Yours truly,
11 S. 1IRYAN.
District Court Cotno.ies.
Judgo Stlllwoll came up from Erlo
Monday and district court wns
called to order next morning at 0
o'clock. Only tho lawjers wcto pres
ent and tho timo was devoted to going
over tho docket and sotting tho timo
for hearing tho cases. The criminal
jury cases will como first und us thcro
Is u long grind of liquor cases It Is
probablo that much of tho court's
timo will bo given to them at tho start.
Tho jurors who will attend tho
session aro:
Georgo McClolland and John Barn,
hart, Iolu township; John Hartwlg,
W. .. Bartols. Chas. II. Smith, Wm.
Yeageur, J. E. Powell, Georgo Free
man, J. K. McQuigg, una J. N.
Rowden of Iola City; Frunk Fuss-
man, J. Stevens, H. W. Goodhue,
Humboldt; Luther Morris, and O.
Michel, Logan township; C. F.
Adams, and Lewis Powell, Kim town
ship; R. Kampiug, Salem township,
H. A. Sawyers and Jno. McCrackcn,
Cottage Grove township; S. B.
Skaggs, Moron; D, T. Smith, Car
lyle; Perry Hoffman, Osage; Allen
Nelson, Blsmoro.
As is the usual case thh first day in
court marked tho settlement of many
cases, somo being settled out of court,
others dismissed and still others con
tinued. Of tho old liquor cases several were
dismissed at defendants' costs. Theso
wero the cases against Cliff McCarloy.
L. D. Montgomery, Goo. Clayton and
Ted Tibbitts. Tho cases against Ed
Rushton, Will Mills and Jim Mills
wero continued, under $200 bond.
Judgment waB rondered against Dan
Ball us per agreement. Hcrschcl Sim
mons and C. U. McCsrloy ploaded
guilty and wero fined $100 and given
forty-fivo days each. Charles Hick
man and Kirk Williams did not ap
pear and their bonds wero forfeited.
All cases of tho City vs tho joint
men wero continued under bond.
These civil cases wero continued:
Tda Clark vs Santa Fc; Reuben Rich
uulson vs Lanyon Zinc Co.: J. W.
Drake vs Iola, continued in nume of
Drako's widow.
Awaiting a decision In a similar
case now pending before suprumocourt
theso caes were held open: William
Strong vs Lanyon Zlnu Company,
Jcnnio Caldwell vs sumo, Joshua
Rumblo vs same, Harriet Means vs
A. L. Taylor, J. W. vs G. W. Fisher.
Jonas Curter was given judgment by
jury for the recovory of goods sold by
his wlfo to J. W. Coffey, or for their
value $0
Tho suits to qulot title wore confirm
ed us follows: Louisa Ottens vs
Alvina Speckbottlo, Rufus Uolmos vs
J. H. Broughton, Frank Osborn vs
heirs of Hyacinth Lasallc, Thos. F.
Zigler vs Nannie M. Proston, Aetna
B. & L. vs U. M. Barker,
II. A. Ballard dismissed his appeal
from justice court in suit with J. W.
Coffey, and Coffey dismissed his
against Ballard.
Several divorce cusos wero settled
out of court: Graco vs Ulyssos Sim
mons, W. R. Hlldreth vs EstelleHil
dreth. Tho suit of Mrs. Burtchby vs her
husband was dismissed.
These cuses wero dismissed: Morgan
Leo vs D. L. Grllllth, Georgo Nichol
son vs Ft. Scott, I. & W.; Gas City vs
same; J. H. Brown vs Edgar & Hamil
ton, C. W. Burnbart vs M. K. & T.
Tho suit of the Iola Electrto Rail
way ugainst G, W, Baumhoff was re
moved to tho U. S. Circuit court.
W.N. Obordorfand T. J. Staloy
compromised for $14,
Eber Myors, finod $25 for assaulting
Joo Kongorskl at Gas ,City last fall
appoalod to tho district court. When
his caso was called he did not appear
and his bond was declared forfeited.
H, B. Winters was glvon judgment
against Joshua Rumbol for $918.
To Cure a Cold in ono Day
Take Laxatlvo Bromo Quinine Tab
lets All druggists refund tho nymoy
fit falls to cure. E, W. Grove",
ignaturo is on ouoh box. 25c.
Tho Octopus.
Ono tentacle griping tho stomach,
another tickling the heart, a third
tumbling around tho liver, tightening
thoir hold every hour dyspopsla Is
tho monster that does all this and
worso. Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
will make it lot go mighty quick.
C. B. Sponcor&Co., Iola, Kas.,Klnno
& Son Moran. Kus., W. J. Waters &
Co. LaHarpo, Kas,
Death From Horse Kick.
Dr. Fulton was called lust Thurs
day ovenlng to tho homo of Mr. S.
Uenson, two miles west and two miles
south of town, to attend to tho Inju
ries of Georgo Uenson, tho twolvo-yoar-old
son of tho ownor of tho farm,
who was kicked on tho head by ono of
tho farm horses. After learning tho
gravity of tho cubo, Dr. Fulton sum
moned Dr. Coffman, and tho two
worked until late that-night, but with
llttlo hopo of succogs
Tho boy had beep out with a team
cultivating cbrn during Iho afternoon
and roturnod to tho. barn in tho oven
lng; As the horses- wero passing
through' tho gato into tho barnyard
ho slapped ono on tho hip and tho
animal kicked back viciously, striking
tho boy on tho head with ono of his
hind feot. Tho blow foiled tho boy
and rendered him unconscious. Ho
was carried to tho houso and doctors
summoned. Tho physrcianB found
that tho skull had been fractured at
tho top of tho head und tho boy's
bruins wero oozing from tho opening,
Thoy think thoro must havo boon u
fructuro ul tho buso of tho skull also,
us ho bled from tho ears und mouth.
All thut medical science could sug
gest wuh dono for tho boy, but he
died at 4 o'clock Saturday. Tho boy
was U2tlvo and strong und his un
timely death in so horrlblo a manner,
just us ho wus becoming helpful on
tho farm, is very sad.
The futher of tho boy cumo hero
from Iowa a year ago, buying tho
Simpson farm, and Ids brother buy
ing a farm south of town. Tho foijmcr
owner of tho farm was un Iowa man,
who camo to an untimoly death by tho
accidental dischargo of a gun in hie
own hands. Two tragedies in so brlof
a timo on tho same farm aro most un
Llccnso to marry was Issued Tues
day to W. E. Kelso, of Humboldt, and
Alice C. Butler, of Iola.
While in Kansas City Monday a
RiXHSTER reporter saw a twenty-two
horse power Fuirbanks-Morso gas en-
gino loaded on tho cars for shipment
to LaHarpo. It will bo used by tho
waterworks in pumping water.
Ida Allon, of Ablleno, has sued
Georgo J. Allen for divorce. Sho is
tho woman who claims to bo tho wifo
of tho man who married Mrs. Du finer.
After gotting him arrested for bigamy,
sho sues for divorce charging deser
tion of herself and nine children,
Tho First State Bank and tho Na
tional Bank ,of Garnett, both owned
by tho Bank of Gommerco of Kansas
City, havo beon consolidated and will
bo managed by W.' S. Fallis, fdrm
orly of Humboldt, who Is a nephew of
tho president of the Bank of Com
merce. J. M. Preston today mado his re
turns for Iola township, of which ho
in assessor. Ho found a total popu
lation of 1815; u gain i f 343. Thero
wero 4Vi males and 303 femalo voters.
Tho personal property vuluutlon is
&S.",3G0 and tho real property valua
tion $8315,125.
Tho bprlng rains, followed by warm
duys are making tho corn in this sec
tion hurt itself growing. Allnor grow
ing spring could not bo dovlsed and
there seems danger of too much ruin
instead of too llttlo. Last night a
dashing shower wet tho ground thor
oughly, u little ball falling with tbo
Mrs. Knable, Hho L,aliarpo woman
who was severely burned by an ex
plosion of pas in tho oven of her
bakery somo days ago, died Tuesday
Sho was badly burned about tho
shoulders, face und arms and it wis
thought at tho timo thut tho Injuries
would very likely provo Ifatal. Tho
remains woro taken to tho old homo
in Nevada, Mo., for burial.
Some tlmo ago tho RuoiSTiiil men
tionod tho probability that a damage
suit would grow out of tho 'leath of
L. n. Endlcott last fall at a Missouri
Pacific crossing in East Iola. Tues
day a suit for such damages was filed
in district court and this morning tho
caso was sottlod, judgment being ren
dored against tho company for 450.
It was undoubtedly a compromise,
Tho campers on tho rlvor aro hav
Ing u moist timo of It. Rain has
fallen both nights tho boys slept out
and yet thoy swear it is mighty flno
living. Tbo cooking is great, the set
lines furnish flsji, and it.is noxt door
to heaven. But they look fagged out
thero Is a sneaking procession going
to tho restuurants of mornings for
breakfast, and the public refuses to
bo convinced.
The othor day a man came storming
to the RIXH3TKR office, no said the
paper was running a "cook waated"
ad., for him that he nevor ordered and
he suspected his boarders of taking
this way of kicking qn tho board.
Tbo papor was sourchod and no such
ad. found. The man Bald his present
cook was so mad sho threatened to
leavo at onco. Tho paper was again
searohod and no such ad, found. It
then dovoloped that tho cook had pick
ed up un old paper, found tho ad.
which was tho causo of hor getting her
prosotit job und jumpod to tho conclu
sion that it was a lute paper and that
tho proprietor was seeking a change.
Dry in tliu EiiHt,
Too Wet nil-
Washington, Muy 20. Tho weather
bureau's weekly summary of crop
conditions is us follows:
Tho drouth conditions provailicg ut
tho closo of tho previous week in tho
South Atlantic and East Gulf states
havo beon largely relieved, except in
Southorn Florida, but tho continued
dry weather ;ln the Ohio valloy and
middle Atlantic Btatcs, with low tem
peratures during tho first half of tho
woek over tho northern portion of tho
mlddlo Atlantic statos and in New
England, havo proved unfavorable,
whllo tho Dakotas, Minnesota and
parts of Iowa havo suffered from ex
cessive moisture. Frosts, moro or
less, wero quite general in the lake
region, Upper Ohio valloy and In tho
northern portion of tho mlddlo Atlan
tic stutes and New England. Tho
temperaturo conditions in tho lowor
Ohio, Mississippi und Missouri val
leys and throughout tho Hastera
Rooky Mountain slopo wero highly
favorublo, but on tho north Pacific
coast and in tho mlddleplatcaudlstricts
tho week was much too cool.
Corn planting has mado favorable
progress In tho Central valleys, ex
cept In Iowa, whero It has been de
layed by rains, and is Hearing com
pletion in Southern Nebraska and
Illinois. The early planted is grow
ing vigorously in Oklahoma, Kansas,
Missouri and Nebraska, and is in fine
condition in Texas, where u conslder
ublo portion of crop is mudo. Cut
worms uro cuuslng considerable dam
age In Northern Missouri and in the
upper Ohio valley, and whllo good
stands aro reported in tho middle
Atlantic states, low temperatures
have beon unfavorable.
Winter wheat has experienced no
material improvements in tho states
of tho Ohio valloy. In Missouri tho
crop continues in exceptionally prom
ising condition, although somo lodg
ing is reported, and further Improve
ment in Nebraska und Arkansas and
moro favorable conditions In Northern
Kansas aro Indicated. Tho crop has
mado vigorous growth in Oklahoma,
and harvesting, with light yields, is
in progress in Texas. On the Paclfie
coust winter wheat has made favor
able advancement und is ripening in.
San Joaquin valloy.
Stops tho Congh
and works off the Cold.
Laxative Brmo-Qulnlno Tablts cura
cld In ono doy. No Onro, No Pa v.
Prlco 25, cooti.
Kcnl Estate Transfers
Below aro given tho deals in dirt
recorded at tho court houso since
tbo last report:
For !12 Ralph McDowell & w to Zuclla W.
McCarley I.ot 10, block 15, Iola wd
I'orrjl C R. McUnrley sold to Zuclla V Mc
Carley Lot 11, block 107, IoU and w 90 feet of
lot 12, block M lias City wd.
For $500 John 1). Rcmsbcrg & w J. IC !-oults
I.otslO-lSlnc, blk 8, Rcrosberg's add to Oas
City wd.
Tor itOO Palmer Oil A. Gas Co , to I.. J. Stuart
Lot 11, block 1, Palmer's l'lrst add to L.t
Haric wd.
For ftOOO Kranklln C Latimer & w sold to
Mary IC. Stcens V H sec 19 26-20 wd.
For $1000 P V Freiert&w sold to P.mtna
Stewart Lots l, 2, 3, 10, 11 and li, block. 7, Al
ger'saddto Humboldt wd.
For $ 210 J K.D.ile and wife sold to O. Helm
lots 4 and 5, block 0, Humboldt.
For J400, F. V. Fret ert sold to c. Helm, lots
3 and part of 3, block Sf, Humboldt.
For $2460 C. D. Kakln and wife sold to c. 11,
McDonald & J. S. Good, lots 1 and 2, block 6.
Plat, named LaOrangc, dedicated by J. H.
Vannuys and Julia E. LnGrange, part of nw cjr
of rectlon 32-21-19.
For J6M0 0O F. S. Ilennettsold to Dorcy
Outtrlm E W of nw (, & w 'A of ne H, & new
of sw H, & nw 1-J of se H sec 30-23-19.
For other property nnd (1,00 Mettle D. Helf
rlch sold to Adeline, V Wadsworth Lot 1, block
6, Hush's addition.
For $700 Atina Thomson sold E. M Chapman
ct ill lot i, block 9, Gas City.
l'orfSOO Aldo Punston and wife to Sarah E.
Miller, lot 1, block 13, Rhoades addition to Iola,
For 1500 John I). Remsburgand wlfo to Sarah
T). Harbaugli lots 4, 6, G and 7, block 7, Items
berg's addition to Oas Olty.
Por HCS Joseph Illeserand wife to Nellie E
Eakln part of 1st Street In Gas City.
D Tor $1,060 F.R. Newton and wife to W'm.
Jones lot 7, block 13, Iola,
For (1,473 J. IC. Soults to L. L. Northrup lots
8 and 9, blocClO, Uus City,
For tiOO W. S. Hendricks 'and wife to L. L.
Northrup lot 4, blootf 5, Gas City.
Por 1125 Hlnncne MoCl.iln and bdsband to
MaryE Northrup lot S.. block 18, Gas City.
For t2S J. M. Llntner and wife to Harry
Dragg lot 12, block's, Humboldt,
For 1200 J. S Winkler & w sold to Bank or
Allen County B H of lot 1, block 3, West side
add to Iola.
$100 Reward, $100
Tho readers of this paper will be
ploaBed to learn that thero is at least
ono droadful disease that scienco has
been able to euro in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Curo
is tbo pnly posltlvo curo known to tho
medical fraternity. Catarrh botng a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken Internally acting di
rectly upon tho blood and mucous
surfaces of tho system, thereby des
troying tho foundation of tbo disease,
and giving tho patient strength by
by building up tho constitution and
usslsting naturo in doing its work.
Tho proprietors have so much faith in
its curative powers, that thoy offor
Ono Hundred Dollars for any caso
that It falls to cure. Send for 11 st of
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
i. ....si.. a -, . ... a-.--jWr.it .IVf -A.-7 Kll
aSUMLLffiiirlBlLJKmj ' JW ' .it
A &wfthtafeW.

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