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lie Sill RAILWAY
YVlmt Cliuinito Thinks of the Proposed
Intcr-Urbiui Electric Car
Speaking of tbo proposed now inter
urban street railway botween Iola,
Humboldt and Chanute, tho Chanuto
Tribune says:
"The electric railway which Chanute
citizens havo been building air cas
tles about tho past year is now an as
BurcU fact. A special from Topoka
Btatos that a charter was issued yes
torday to tho Chanuto and Iola Intor
Urban Electric Railway Co., capital
$300,000. As Is stated in tho charter,
which is given below, tho company is
planning to put in local systems at
Chanute, Iola and Humboldt, in addi
tion to the main lino. A Tribune rep
resentative interviewed a number of
tho local stockholders and directors
this afternoon, and was informed by
them that tho line would bo put in as
Boon as posslblo, so begin saving your
nlcklos. Tho list of directors, as will
"be seen below, contains many Cha
nuto names.
"Tho charter is mighty Interesting
reading and is as follows: Thounder
signed citizens of the State of Kansas
do hereby voluntarily associato our
selves together for tho purposo of
forming a prlvato corporation under
tho laws of the State of Kansas, and
do hereby certify:
"First-Thatltho namo of this cor
poration shall be Tho Chanuto and
Iola Inter-Urban Electric Railroad
"Second-That the purposes for which
this corporation is formed aro to con
struct, maintain and operato an elec
tric railroad system in the city of
Chanuto, Neosho county, Kansas; and
to construct, maintain and operato an
Intor-urban olectric railroad, about 18
miles in length, from tho city of Cha
nute, by way of.tho city of Humboldt,
to tho city of Iola, in Allen county,
Kansas, terminating at a point at or
near tho public squaro in said city of
Iola; also to construct, maintain and
operato an electric Btreet railway sys
tem in each of the said cities of Hum
boldt and Iola, all to form one entlro
electric railway system, with tho nec
essary sidings, turnouts, spurs and
stations for tho transportation of per
sons, goods, waros and merchandise.
"Third-Thottboplace where its bus
iness is to bo transacted is at Cha
nute, Neosho county, Kansas.
'Fourth That the Urm for which
this corporation is to exist is twenty
"Fifth That the number of dlrec
tors shall bo sevenand thoseappointod
for the first lyear are: Clinton D.
Martin, Chanuto; L. Rosenthal, Cha
nuto; L. IJ. Northrup,Iola; C. E. Ben
ion, Ft. Scott; J. H. Light, Chanute;
M. T. Jones, Chanuto; J. 13. F. Cates,
"Sixth That tho capital stock of
this corporation shall boSMO.OOO.and
shall bo divided into 150,000 shares of
510 each.
"Seventh That the stockholders in
addition to tho directors aro as fol
lows: G. N. Lindsay, Chanute; John
C. Carpenter, Chanuto; Chas. E. Mar
tin, Lincoln, 111; Arthur M. Landauor
Lincoln, 111; Frank Hoblitt, Lincoln,
111; J. A. Robinson, Iola; Fred P.
Horton, Iola; C.H. Pratt, Humboldt.
Each of tho stockholders holds 2000
"The charter was sworn to by L.
Itosonthal, M. T. Jones, G. N. Llnd
nav. Chester D. Martin, J. B. F. Cates
and J. H. Light, May 15, 1002, before
Miss Helen Beatty, notary public.
"Under date of May 10, 1002, Geo.
A. Clark alllxed tho seal of tho stato
of Kansas, certifying that tho abovo
Js a correct copy of tho original char
tor, filed In his office for record tho
jiamo dato, and F. E. Grimes, state
treasurer, acknowledges tho receipt of
& $200 charter fee samo date."
Improved Knty Train Service
Tho first' passengor train over tho
Joplln extension of tho Katy arrived
in Joplln Monday evening. Tho ex
tension has beenlpushed from Parsons
In good sbapo and tho now road-bed
is rock-ballasted and in first-class
condition. The (extension was built
with a 'view to completing the work
begun when a line was secured to Iola
and gives tho Katy direct lines from
tho zinc fields to itho smelter district.
It is understood that as soon as tho
flow line is thoroughly in operation a
passenger train will bo run dally from
Joplln, via Parsons and PIqua
trough Iola to Kansas City, return
ng tho same way. This will givo two
passengor trains dally from Kansas
City to Iola, and tho chair car and
sleeper on tho night train and tho
chair car ion the day train, will bo
transferred at Parsons to tho main
lino train to Galveston. At least this
is tho talk and Iola ls certainly will
ing. 7J-
tbla ljnature 1b on evory box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quininc Tablet.
u remedy tbt ere eold la obo Ub
If you haren't a regular, ltcatthy rooYcmrnt of the
bowel ererr day. you're 111 or will be. Keep your
boweli open, and Im well. Force, In the shape of vio
lent phyilo or pill polf on, Is rfnniferoui. The smooth
Mt,eatlnstt most perfect way oi keeping the bowell
Hear and clean Uto take
ritMtnt, ralntabl., Pottnt. Tut. Ow
H.... Mllrn. Wtabn. r flrln. 10. fir.
Er box. Writs Cor frre .ample, ar uooltltt on
ealth, Addreti U
Hub Clothing Company Dissolves)
Tho Hub Clothing Company has
dissolved partnership, the business
will bo closed up hero and tho remains
of tho stock probably moved to Riley,
Kansas. Tho company was composed
ofT. W. Kitchen and O. W. Shep
hord, tho latter of Manhattan, Kan
sas. Thoy rented tho Northrup build
ing west of the Bank of Allen county
and Installed a llrst-class stock of
gentlemen's furnishing goods and
clothing somo two years ago. Mr.
Kitchen is a traveling clothing sales
man and looked aftet the store but his
duties on the road took him away
much of tho tlmo and while tho store
did a good business tho book ac
counts were growing too largo. Somo
tlmo ago a closing out sale was in
augurated and tbo stock thus reduced
and tbo firm has now dissolved. Mr
Shopherd is horo to look after tho
winding up of itho business and will
probably ship tho remains of the
stock to Riley.
The City Assessor ia.not Through I Yet
Hut has Found U,i!u--Galn
You have been wondering for somo
time, haven't you, just how large a
growthi Iola would show according
to tho spring census taken by the city
assessor? iWell ho is ncaring tho com
pletion of bis work and reports that
he has already found 8,255 people and
still more to he seen and reported.
Even at that figure the town shows a
gain of 1,404 which is a pretty respec
table town by itself.
Hero is Join's rocord for tho years
slnco sho "struck He:"
Population in 1895 was 1567.
Population in 1886 was 1800.
Population in 1807 was 2145.
Population In 1808 was 3531.
Population in 1809 was 4112.
Population in 1900 was 0153.
Population in 1901 was 0821.
Population In 1002 Is 8225.
Mr. Wright says thero are still other
names to bo added to tho consus roll,
but that may mean a doen or two
hundred. Iola township shows a gain
of over 300 for tho past year, largely
on tho east odgo of Iola city.
Ottawa's spring consus showed a
fow hundred more than 7,000 people.
Chanuto hasjjust published her returns,
showing a gain of 490 over last year
and a total present population of
0,4-jj. According to tne (luoi igovcrn
mont listing of Kansas towns Iola
occupied nineteenth place Unless tho
largo towns show remarkable growths,
which isunllkely, Iola will jump past
half a dozen towns this year. Parsons
had 7082, Emporia 8223, Ottawa 0934,
Horton 0398, Newton 0208, Arkansas
City 6140 when Iola was credited with
5701. Tho Register wagers that tho
town passos all of them this year.
Would You Do It?
Would you buy groceries of a grocer
who hud no scales? Would you buy
of a dry goods "merchant who had no
yard measure? Would you employ a
carpenter who had no saw? If such
mon existed would you expect them to
Why then expect a farmer to suo
ceed who does not take a good, Hve,
up-to-date agricultural and ltve-stock
paper. A paper of this cIubs Is just
as much a necessary part of the tools
for tho farm as tho scales for tho
grocery store or,tho saw to tho car
penter. When a man in any kind of business
secures tho necessary tools for that
business he can do better work and lis
surer or success If gets tho best.
When a farmer socures a farm paper
bo should get the ono that is publish
ed in tho territory and by men who
understand tho conditions under which
ho lives.
It is absurd to seek agricultura
information from a paper published
In another Stato and by mon who
know nothing of Kansas oondltions.
Cash paid for such a paper is a dead
exponso. Cash paid for the homo
printed and progressive paper is an
Tho "Old Rollablo" Kansas Farmer
is tho only paper that exactly meets
the requirements of tho farmors and
live stock men of tho Stato.
Wo havo now perfected arrange
ments by which wo can send you tho
Weekly Register and tho Woekly
Kansas Farmer for $1.00. Send your
name in at once.
Jo Good,
J M cent.
r,',i-l..-.,l"' tptit'-- i ' -a- - i-K-i- irii-tiirv uiikftMih;ritiif li UmI.i Tiiffitlrto frtflftfiriirifi milMTf ' Jii1iBtrYlrtii1rtrMi lii ill iiriirtlAailtijiMMililiMttr i i . ifiiti'KitiiiliiitirttniliHli-r1'1 " ' iiiiiitiKlitf i'Ih )i 'i-j
Brutal Combat Given in Arena at
Juarez, Mex., Before Big Crowd.
Lion Hail II cm Ileored In Cnptlvltjr
anil Hnil to lie (londitd to Alt licit
111 111b Foe Hull Come Oil
The most bloody and brutal en
counter between beasts ever seen in
this tcction of the country took place
in the bull ring at Juarez, Mexico, the
other day between a young Numldlnn
Hon and a Salnmanca bull. Three
thousand persons, principally, Ameri
cans, witnessed the battle from the
grand stand which surrounds the huge
cngo set up in the arena.
The fight lasted nearly an hour and
was finally stopped by the Mexican au
thorities, who admitted that their own
national sport of bull-fighting had
been outclassed in point of brutality.
The bull was a splendid specimen,
and was courageous in the extreme
From tho beginning he recognized in
the lion a deadly enemy, and nttnck'ed
tho king of beasts readily and with
great spirit.
The Hon, which had been reared as a
pet, refused to fight at the outset, and
attempted to break through the bars
to seek refuge beside his keeper, who
stood without and pitilessly goaded
the beast with an iron bar, and poured
vitriol upon the lion's body. Finally,
realizing that escape was hopeless, the
lion crouched for a sprlngand launched
himself into the air, landing upon the
bull's hack, and fastening his teeth in
the bovlnc's neck. Ills hold was in
secure and he was easily shaken off,
hut the bull bled from a number of
The maddened bull attacked fiercely
after that, driving the Hon into his
corner, and goring him repeatedly.
The lion retaliated by seizing the
bull's nose. He lost his held and the
bull gored him repeatedly, breaking
his leg and causing him to roar with
At this juncture, while the excite
ment was at its height, the bugler em
plojcd by the mayor of Juarez, sound
ed a call for the combat to cease, and,
the linn, more dead than alive, was
dragged from the arena. His wound',
it is said, will proTC fatal. The bull
wan game to the last. A Mexican ban
derilla, who was tatting him from the
arena, hal a narrow escape.
American Womnn nobbed by a Cham
bermaid and the Stolon Cooda
Given tn the Thief.
Miss Elsie Daniels, the daughter of
an American merchant at Paris, has
just had an illnstration of French red
tape in all its beauty.
Her chambermaid stole from her
some time ago a sum of money and
jewels. The plunder she still had con
cealed about her person when she was
arrested. On being put in jail the
servant had to deposit with the regis
trar of the prison the valuables she
had with her, and of course she had
to hand oter the stolen piopcrty with
whatever else she had.
The maid was sentenced to prison
for six month", her term expiring the
other day. As soon ns he was re
leased both the sort nnt nnd her former
mistress appealed before the regis
trar to claim their property. The of
ficial, though he well knew the facts,'
argued thnt he imut return the al
uables to tho person holding the re
ceipt for them, and thereupon gn) e the
stolen money and jewels to the thief,
who promptly disappeared. Miss Dan
iels will now sue the state.
Man Cuat Array on Deaert Inlnnd Sev
enteen Venn Akii llem'iied by
a Jiiiiiiiiee Vocl,
By the stenmshlp China comes the
story of a real Japanese llobinson
Crusoe, who lived for 17 years on n de
serted island near Gcnsnn, ofCCorea.
The man was seen by the Japanese
master of a fishing schooner, who
thought him a monster from his wild
appearance nnd did not dare land. Ha
reported to the Japanese government,
which tent a torpedo boat in search of
the man on the island. He was found
nnd brought back to NngaskiS
The man had been so long without
companionship that he w as reduced al
most to imbecility. His hair nnd beard
wero long nnd unkempt, nnd he had
almost lost the power of speech. He
had been cast away on the island 17
years ngo nnd hnd subsisted since thnt
time on senweed and fish, living in a
cae. He was entirely without imple
ments of Iron or any means of utilizing
the scanty materials of nature which
the island furnished.
llecovera Jewelry by Cable,
Mrs. Itobert S. McCormick, wife of
the United Stntcs minister to Aus
tria, recovered a valuable piece of jew
elry by means of the Atlantic cable,
says a New York Herald dispatch from
London. Soon after reaching Lon
don from the United States Mrs.
McCormick missed a beAutlful
emerald ring. Her maid did not re
member putting the ring in with the
other jewelry nt the New York hotel
and, on a venture, Mrs. McCormick de
cided to cable the hotel. To her great
joy a reply wns received in a few
hours saying the ring had been found.
The ring, it is said, cost more than
Jciiloimjr nt Klnir,
King Alfonso is reported to be jeal
ous of King Edward, says tho Chicago
ltecord-Herald. Yet tho latter would
doubtless be glad to give half of his
years and half of his weight to Alf
if it were possible.
Prof. Frederick Starr So Declares
Regarding the Wedding Ring.
Say It Ilepresent the Nonc-lUnar,
Ankle, or Manncle by 'Which the
Sliuc Will Led Away from the
Mart by Ills New Mniter.
The romantic ideals of 75 "co-eds"
in a class of anthropology at the Uni
versity of Chicago recehed a rude
shock at the hands of Prof. Frederick
Starr the other afternoon. Tho cyni
cal professor bluntly declared that the
wedding ring was a relic of barbarism,
an absolutely useless survival of tho
culture of primitive people, and every
young woman in the claba raised her
voice in dissent.
"Undoubtedly," replied the pro
fessor, "the wedding ring is a beauti
ful example of barbaric tradition, liv
ing in this modern twentieth century,
nnd filling no function whatsoever.
Perhaps one of you enn tell me the
origin of the use of the wedding ring?"
He received no answer from the 75
young women.
"The wedding ring represents the
nose ring, ankle or manacle by which
In past ages the sold slac was led
away from the mart by his new mas
ter," he continued, while his audience
shivered with feminine disgust. "Hut
everyone to-day knows that a woman,
when she is given a ring to symbol
ize the wedding sacrament, is by no
means a slave," he added.
The dress coat was also Included in
Trof. Starr's crusade against "relics
of barbarism." Turning to tho men
of his class, he added: "What is the
origin of that absurd garment, tho
dress coat? Nothing less than the
hunting coats of our ancestors, who
divided the tnils of the long frock
coats, cut away the front, sewed but
tons in the hack to hold up the tails,
nnd UFed the coat for a hunting jacket.
The funniest thing about this dress
coat folly is the fact that whenever
a gentleman goes to nn evening party
in his dress clothes, as soon as lie gets
inside the door he meets a man dressed
just like him, who opens the door for
him and helps him off with his over
coat. Now, why Is the servant dressed
in the conventional evening costume
also? Just because he formerly had
to wear out the old hunting coats of
his master. So, you see, the dress
cont In nil Its uses is merely a survival
of barbarism."
A Source of llrnyy Hxpcnse to th
Government, Coating f7,S0O,0O4
Yearly and Returning f 3,000,000.
Germany's efforts to extend acd
open np colonies are not very" success
ful from a financial point of view, says
a Tondon dispatch to tbe New York
Tribune. The total annual revenue of
the eight protectorates which are un
der the mle of the kalter Is only !,
000,000 and the reichstag has to vote
$7,500,000 to support them. Kino
Chan's revenue is $90,000, nnd a sub
sidy of $3,000,000 Is required to mnle
both ends meet. Again the ret enuc of
the protectorate of Southwest Africa
amounts to $150,000, while the total
sum required for its gni eminent is
$2,000,000. Hut eon thc-e jcnrlj sub
sidles do not nlwnjs represent the
full amounts thnt hae to he protided
out of the imperial fund. The esti
mates for the present jear Include the
sum of $SOO,000 to coer deficits that
occurred in 1S9S nnd 1890 in the
budgets of the protectorates of East
Africa, the Cameroons and Southwest
Little Girl, nunsuter of Chimney-
merit, Cninri from Kntclnnd to
Hako Her Home In America.
A lone pnssenger on the Ameri
can liner St. Louis, which arlrved
from Southampton tho other night,
was set en-year-old May Tippin. Tho
little girl, who was in charge of one
of tho liner's stewardesses, was
greatly petted by the passengers,
who did everything that they could
to make her voyage ns pleasant as
possible. J. he child is on her way to
Portland, Ore., where 8he will live
with her aunt, Mrs. Wendt. Her fa
ther Ib a poor chimney sweep in Cole
ford, Gloucester county, England.
Mrs. Wendt. knowing that the Tip
pins had hard work to make ends
meet, thero being four children be
sides Mny in the family, offered to
give the child n home and to see that
she was educated and well cared for.
Miss May will bo put on a trnin for
Portland. The child was nicknamed
"Little Hod Hiding Hood" by the
passengers, because of a red cape and
hood that she wore.
Denies Peers Are Gentlemen.
The Ancestor, a new genealogical
quarterly of London, contains an arti
cle by Sir George Sltwell on "Tho Eng
lish Gentleman,"ln which he maintains
that a gentleman lsnotapersonof her
aldic status, who is entitled to bear
arms, but n freeman whose ancestors
nlways have been free. He makes the
somewhat startling statement that
quite 20 per cent, of British peers are
not gentlemen.
The Collnr-Iliiylnc Ftenfl.
The collar-buying fiend, who usually
buys one shirt collar at a time and
soils half n dozen others with his dirty
hands in the operation, says the Chi
cago Tribune, is coming in at last for
his share of public denunciation.
Gone Out nt S(Ie,
Wits Stone oays that Mine. Tsllka's
baby softened the hearts of tho brig
ands, says tho Chicago Hecord-Hernld.
Ah, what a wonderful thing a baby isl
And what n pity that it has become un
fashionable, j
(I Irat published April 18 100J)
l'lifillciitimi Notice.
HrAlKolf 1UN.SASI.,-
M.l.hN t'otJMVI
111 tho district court for said enuntv.
Muryi., isorwirup, i j. I
.Miriurup, u lj .Minurup
nnd 1). 1'. Northrup,
II. II. Ultimo u Mil MnryE. No. 6707.
il.iyno his wire, James
.1. Wallace nnd Mary A.
Wallace Ids wife, James
Llnilly nnil John 1. Drcs-
Said defendants U, II Haync nnd MaryE.
llajno his wife, James J, Wallace undMnry A.
Wallace bis wife, James Llndly and John 1',
Drcsback will toko notice that they havo been
sued In tho above named Court for a correc
tion of the description I nil ceils and records In
the conveyancing of lands situated In Allen
county State of Kansas described as follows:
40 acres of tho west dido of tho N. 13.1-4 of Seo.
No. 26, Twp. No. 24. Hondo No. 18 enstof 6 1.
M. Commencing nt the s. W. corner of said
quarter section, thence east 40 rods; thence
north 160 rods: thence west 40 rods; thence
south 1ft) rods to tho placo of beginning ns Is In
plaintiff's petition prayed for: und for a decree
quieting tho title of plaintiffs to said lands
against tho defendants or cither of them or
uiiun. iviuimuuin. J
anyono claiming bv, through or under them or
cither or them, nnd ror decrco adjudging and
decreeing the title of plaintiffs In nnd to snld
lands In f co simple firm und st i.hle forever und
must answer tho petition filed therein by said
plaintiffs on or before the thlrty-Ilrst day of
Mil J A. D. 1902. or said tictitlon will bo taken
as true, and judgment for plaintiffs In snld uc-
lion ns in petition pnivcu ror win uo rcnueren
ArrrsT S. C. IIhewsteu.
Seal) Clerk of said Court.
Osenr Koust & Son & Maxtor I). MeClnln, at
torneys for I'liintlffs.
Publication Notice.
(First published April 18, 1002.)
State of Kansas, I .
Alkn County fss
In the district court for said county,
Mary 13. Northrup, plulntlff I
vs I
M. E. Merrill nnd tho Mount No. 5708
iiopo ucmuicry company, u I
corporation, defendant. 1
Said defendant, M. K. Merrill, will take no
tice that he has beensued In tho nbo e named
court for tho purpose of quieting title to the
following described land Mtuated In Allen
county, state of Kansas, towlt: The N. 13. 'W
of the S. W. 1-4 of sec. No. 84, twp. 25, range
No, 18 cast of flth I' M, containing 40 acres ac
cording to U S. Gov, survey In plulntin. nnd
barring same from asserting any right, title or
Interest In or to said lanilsor any part of same:
and decreeing title In her snld plaintiff Urm and
stublo In fco simple as In her petition prayed
for und must answer the petition Uled therein
by said plaintiff on or bufore tho thirty-llrst
day of May A D. li)02. or said petition will bo
taken as true, and Judgment for plaintiff In
said notion us Is In herpctltlon prayed for will
bo rendered accordingly.
Attkst: S. C. nnKWRTLit.
(Seal) Clerk of said court.
Oscar Foust i. Son i, llatter D. MoClaln at
torneys for plaintiff.
Uridgo Contracts Wanted
(First publlshedl April 25, 1902)
Public notice Is hereby gUen that nt 1
o'clock p. m. Monday, Mny 20, 1002. the Hoard
of County Commsstoners of Allen County,
Knnsas, will at the offlceof the Clerk of said
county in tho city of Iola publicly award to
tho lowest responsible bidder a contract for
a steel or stone arch or cement arch bridge
across Ucer Creek In Onrlylo township on or
ncur the section line between sections 20 and
2) township 21, range l,Knst In Allen county,
Kunsas. If steer, bridge Is erected bids for
stone abutments wlllbe.recelved and contract
awarded at the same time and place; also ut
the samo place Immediately following the
award of contraot for the above mentioned
bridge bids will be received and contract
awarded for a Heel, stone .arch or cement
arch bridge to be erected across Onion Creek,
In Logan township on or near the section line
between section 19-2V18 and section 14-2V17 In
Allen county, Kansas If steel bridge Is ereot
cd bids for stone abutments will be received
and contract awarded at tbe same time and
placo. If contract for nteel ibrldges are ac
cepted the bridge across Deer Creek will be
SO foot span, six pnnel, high truss, 14 foot road
war, the one across Onion Greek will be M
foot span, three pinol, low truss, 14 fool rood-
rians and soeelfleatlons for said steel brldgss
stone arch or cement arch bridges and stone
abutments may be seen nt the office of the
county clerk.
i ne uojru reserves me ngni to reject, any
or all bids
O. A. Frnnk. Chairman.
County Clerk.
Police of Ilonruof Kiiimli.ittlon.
(I'lrst published May 9, UK.)
l'ubllu nolico Is hereby glun that the Hoard
of Count) coiumlssliiiiersof Allen countv. Kan
ms, u 111 meet as a Hoard of i:qunll7 itlon at
Ibcolllep of the count) cliil.. on Monday,
Junes 1'iOJ, for the purposi of equalizing the
Milue of real and personal properly In said
count) All persons feeling themselves ng
grleve.lmiiynppc.il nndhiuo nil errors In the
iiluns of nssi ssors corrected The llo.ird
win ho In session Monday, Tuesday ami Wed
nosil.iy, the inil, 3rd nnd 4th dii)sof Junennd
will li.no under consideration on Monday tho
returns of tho assessors of tho following town
ships, towlt (lcnca, Curlyle, Deer Creek,
Osige mill Mnrmuton, On Tuesday 131ni. Iola
and Iola city. On Wednesday Log.iu, Hum
boldt, Salem, Cottage Crotonnd Hlsuiore.
And It Is espccinll) recommended mid desired
bv tho UoirdotComrnisslonerslh.it thetrustcc
of each township ho present on tho day the
returns of his township are considered.
Given under my hand und seal this Cth day of
May A.D 1S02,
C A. I'ltONK,
County Clerk,
Sale Notice.
(I'lrst published May 2, 1902.)
In pursuance of an order made by the un
nnlmous vote of the Hoard of County Com
niUsloners of Allen county, Kansas, the said
commissioners will oiler for salo und sell to
tho highest bidder for cash In hand tho fol
lowing porsonal property: towlt: A two
story frame barn. In sUonbuutlS feet x'.'O feet.
Snld barn Is In good condition. Also one
small trunio shed und some short short plno
boards, each about 1 feet long und snld boards
are now used us u fitico around the county
juUyiird, Said sale will bo held on the Allen
county Jail premises In Iola city on May '29th,
1902 nt 10 o'clock a. m.
County Clerk.
Chairman ltd. Co Com,
IFirst Published Mny 2, 1W2.
Mary (Dolly Riley will takenntlce that she
has been sued as defendant by II, M. Itlley as
plaintiff in civil action No. S6M In tho District
Court of Allen county, Kansas, nnd unless sho
answers his petition Uled therein on or before
tho 12th day of June, 112 said petition will be
taken as truo und Judgment and decree will
be rendered and entered therein divorcing
said plaintiff fromsald defendant on the ground
that said dofendnnt bns abandoned said plain
iff for one yenrand awarding nnddecrcefng to
this plaintiff tlio care, custody and control of
Opal Itlluy, the child of this plaintiff and de
fendant und granting to plaintiff suoh other
reu.ir as may do just ana proper.
attest: Attorneys for Plaintiff.
S. U. IluuwsTim,
Clerk Dlst. Court.
Holds Up a Congressman
"At tho ondof thecampnlgn," wrltos
Champ Clark, Missouri's brilliant
congressman, "from overwork, nor
ous tension, loss of sleep and constant
speaking I had about utterly collaps
ed. It seemed that all the organs in
ray body wero out of order, but threo
bottlos of Electric Bitters mado mo all
right. It's tho best nll-nround modi
cine ever sold over a druggist's coun
ter." Over worked, run-down mon
and weak, sickly women gain splen
did health and vitality from Electric
Bitters. Try them. Only 50o. Guar
untood by Evans Bros.
For Sult or Trnili'
N, J, Crowell, five miles noutlie tst of loin
Iiub n lot of cane sued for aulo,
Fiir Sale- I'lvo steers und one cow. Wm
OnooMKH, sontlicust of lela.
Harness, Saddles,
Collars, Whips,
Everything Usually Found in a First
Class Ilnrncss Shop.
O. X. H1U0
Buy and Sell
Real Estate
Make Lottnn on FarmtPropertf
And Write Iniurance. . .
Taxes paid and rents collectod foi
non-residents. OUlce: Room 1, Cou
lant building.
h reopened hla office, over Mrs. Turner1
Mu'.enery store, on West Mndlfou Atcduo
CEO. W. COX, M. D.
Kxamlnatlon and Diagnosis ol obicnre .
mado with the aid of X-RAYS. AUo Electro
wherapentlo Ueaunsnt with X-RAY machine
Do you need any re
pairs for machinery? If
so, call at the
Iola Iron and
Metal Works
on South Jefferson Av- h
enue. .rvepaira tor any- y
thing and everything.
mm &)
STEEL DUST is a handsome dark
bay, sired by an imported thorough
bred English Turf Horse, Hlsdamwas
a Kentucky steel dust mare with a rec
ord of 2:28, Eo weighs about 1250 and
is 10 hands high, and is a good all
round general purposo horse. Steel.
Dust was formerly owntd by Joe
Eshbaugh. SE
Steel Dust will mako tbe season
as follows: Mondays and Tuesdays at
tbo James Finley place, five miles east
and one mile south of Humboldt, The
balance of tho week at tbo Iola Pair
Terms: $8.00 to insure living eolt.
When raaro is parted with or moved
from the county the charge for service
becomes immediately due,
Caro will bo taken to prevent acci
dents, but we will not bo responsible
should any occur.
C. D. WRIGHT, Owner,
Wo promptly obtain U. B. and Foreign
Bend model, iketcli or photo ol Invention lor
froereport on patentability. For free book,
No Fake salary dor, but big commsslons for
men to sell poultry mixture In the country
Nevermind stump.
Nrn ek.t Mnfg, Co, Dept. E, East St Louis, It
i i iiiu

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